June 27th, 2009

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The Situation: You walk into the break room to find someone is already in there, reading a book.
How do you proceed?
a) let them enjoy their book
b) start talking about how great Micheal was and how sad it is that he is dead.
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A piece of gauze is stuck to my wound D= How do I get it off without ripping off the scab and causing pain?? And how can I prevent it from getting stuck again? I don't know what else to cover it with...
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Poll #1421788 doin' it

If you were having sex with a new partner for the first time, and they told you they were a virgin, would you feel nervous?

Yes - I would care about them and want their first time to be good
Yes - I wouldn't want them telling their friends
No - They wouldn't know the difference
No - As long as I get there, I don't care

What gender are you, and would you rather be the virgin or the deflowerer?

Woman - Deflowerer
Woman - Virgin
Man - Deflowerer
Man - Virgin
I do not identify with these sexual identities

Cool Quotes....

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women."

I heard this quote tonight and i thought it was hilarious.....

Do you have any better quotes than this or like this?
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i've been dating my boyfriend for about two and a half months now. we had sex for the first time about a month ago and only had it again tonight, due to being busy with work/vacation. how would you feel if during the second time you were having sex with him, he asked you about having a threesome? he said he was interested :/

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did your high school offer dance classes? (as elective courses, not just extra-curricular)

how many high schools do you know that offer dance as an elective course?

where do you live: rural, suburban, or urban?
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Will you tell me about something weird that has happened to you at work?

One time when I was running the self check out, this older man (maybe in his 50s) was reading a weight lifting magazine and he calls to me and points to a picture of a super ripped dude and says "What do you think of this guy? Do you think he's attractive?" and I answered honestly and said "Actually, not really. I'm attracted to chubby dudes." and the guy was like "Oh man. You've hurt my feelings!" and I was like "... why?" and he says "That's me! 20 years ago!" and I was like "NO WAY!" and he showed me his license and it sure as hell WAS him. He thought my answer was so funny he called up his friend and told him the whole story.

It just makes me laugh to think about.
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witholding credits/transcripts from a newly accepted college

i have applied and been accepted to my second 4-year university after going to community college. i only submitted transcripts from the community college because i fucked up at the 1st 4-year university, and was wondering, even though i have been accepted, sent transcripts, sent fafsa and registered for orientation, if i could be penalized or dismissed because I did not tell them about the other school? anyone had a first hand experience in this? thanks.

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My sleep schedule is fucked.

Yesterday, I went to bed at 5am and got up at 2:30. Now it is 3:40am and I am not tired at all. I can see this getting out of hand pretty quickly.

TQC, should I stay up all night to try and get back on schedule? That way I'll be able to fall asleep early? Or, should I go to bed when I'm tired and just try to get up really early?

black holes.

does your belly button stink?
do you collect lint in there?
what else do you find in there?
are you scared to touch the inside of your belly button?

for me, mine never has a smell or lint. sometimes i may find a string that my belly ring snagged. i freely touch the inside of my belly button but then again it's pierced.

my BF belly button stinks, collects lint and hes scared to touch the inside of his belly button. hes reccently been using a q-tip to get rid of stink and clean it out. he refuses to stink his finger while hes in the shower to clean it.

what is he scared of?

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do you think a bug could survive the laundry experience? like if there was a small spider or centipede in your pants pocket and you put them through a cold wash cycle and into the dryer for an hour... what are the chances that the bug would come out of the ordeal alive?
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Im moving from my current home that I shared with a friend and her girlfriend/cuntbag. Whenever I get a little sad about leaving I think of shit the bothers the hell out of me.
Some of the things they do is call each other mama and daddy, and use the phrase "I know, Right??" and "Really, (insert name), Really?" and I hate it. It's constant around here!!!

Question, what do your room mates say/do that just annoys the living crap out of you?
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My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 6 year anniversary today. His band is playing at the South Park Music Festival this weekend, so I won't get to see him at all. Would you be a little bitter in that situation? He was gone on our anniversary last year, too.

When did BBC American start turning to crap? They play the same MAYBE 10 shows now, and they're all reality TV. :(

How would you describe your neighborhood? Do you like it where you live?
The only way to describe mine is as Little Mexico. It's alright. Fits my budget.
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Should I be offended that my SO interpreted my misspelling of 'ton' (in the 'I love you too' context) as a 'who'? Or is he just stupid?
i.e. I sent ' I love you ton' and got back 'who is ton?
' ETA: Stupid sleep-deprived-influenced question!

Have the other persons past experiences ever influenced elements of your relationship?
My SO was cheated on at 17, and I feel like he's just waiting for me to do the same.


Song question, and I do not like wwto.

I heard this song last night and I couldn't make out, like, any lyrics. But I can tell you it was a female, slow piano song, and something in the chorus sounded like "flying... fly-y-ying". It was really pretty but the stupid jukebox decided to break when I went over to see what song it was, and I couldn't figure it out from looking at the selection. Oh and for those who know anything about music, it was in the key of G.

WHAT SONG IS THIS? It sounded like if Regina Spektor, Anna Nalick, and Norah Jones had a baby. But I don't think it's RS because I just checked a bunch of her songs. Halp?

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What was the most confusing city you've ever driven in?

For me, it was Kansas City. Fucking hell, there's SO MANY FUCKING HIGHWAYS, the state line isn't where you'd assume it to be (I thought it was along the river, but noooo), the whole loop is the same highway number, and without mountains, I couldn't find ANYTHING that would help me figure out what direction I was driving in, HOLY SHIT. And people think Denver's a confusing place to drive in...

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Have you noticed a huge number of televisions being thrown away since the DTV switch?
What kind of environmental impact will this have? Is anything being done to address the situation?

I see at least 5 TVs being tossed a day.

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My cousin is graduating from high school tomorrow, and we will be giving him cash. Later this summer my aunt is making him go to some culinary school. Would it be cute or lame as fuck if I gave him a chef hat? I bought one yesterday because I thought it would be cute, but my dad says it's stupid.

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On one of our early dates, after he had paid for everything for me, I offered to split the check with my sortofboyfriend. He agreed but said "I really don't like this". Since then, he has asked me to split the bill with him on every single thing we've done/gone to/eaten since.

Does he think he'll offend me if he pays?
He's not cheap, so do you have any other theories as to why he can't buy his girlfriend a meal or a drink?

I mean this question in the least moochiest way possible. I'm just genuinely curious.
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1. Mustard lovers, what is your favorite type and/or brand of mustard?

I am trying to spread out my taste buds.

2. My computer is broken. The store I bought it from says that it's still under manufacturer's warranty. I called up the maker and they are telling me to go to a local computer tech. That is, they are not going to pay for it. However, it is still under warranty for them.

Long story, short question;

When was the last time someone gave you the run around?
A. What was it for?
B. What happened?
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Looking for Shipwreck songs.

I'm trying to write a book. My characters have ended up in space (long story) on a gazebo (another long story, hey it's fantasy, not sci-fi). They have to stay on for about nine days.

One of the characters asks about music. I wanted another character to go into "The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle," but that would require paying for the rights, and I'm not sure a publisher would spend the money for a first-timer, so I changed it to listing songs you wouldn't want to hear in a gazebo in space. Problem is, I can only list three, and one of them was made up. I can't make up the rest of the list.

So, TQC, do you know any songs you wouldn't want to hear while you're in a gazebo in space?

ETA: I was going for more of a "reminding us that what we're on could go crazy and crash" theme than a "really, really annoying" one.

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Does anyone have the MJ popcorn gif in lj icon size (100x100)? I'm sure it'd be easy to make but I am computer retarded.

How's the weather where you are? It's been raining more than not here in NY. In June. I feel like we're 2 months behind.
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For dinner I'm going to make a strawberry spinach salad. What else should I make?

Do you have any crazy neighbors? Will you tell me about them?

I have one that is ALWAYS writing us passive aggressive notes about things that aren't her business. The latest note complains that we had a basement door unlocked. We had it unlocked for 1 day because we were moving stuff in and it's to OUR part of the basement. Her part is locked off so I don't know why she cares.

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hey gang! in a bit I'm going to a job fair for a new forever 21 that's opening in town. all positions are open, but I'm applying for a sales associate position. I've never worked in retail, so could anyone give me tips for this endeavor? I'm pretty much going in blind, so anything helps.

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What kind of camera do you have, and is it a good one?

I'm thinking of getting a new camera, but I'm not sure what I want. I have a Sony CyberShot that I got maybe four or five years ago, but I'm taking a lot of pictures lately and the places where I volunteer (or just hang) want to use the pictures in books and newsletters, so I want something that'll give me better quality pictures; the one right now makes things kind of grainy, no matter what setting I put it on. Any pointers?

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What's the least funny sitcom you've ever watched?

My 9 yr old cousin is visiting for a couple weeks and is making me watch What I Like About You...and I'm just amazed at how unfunny it is. This show must rely entirely on laugh tracks.

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Say you are looking for a "furnished bedroom" in an apartment. What would you expect a "furnished bedroom" to include?

I'm looking to rent out my bedroom in my current apartment with my bf's furniture (um that's kind of a long story lol); there would be a bed frame/mattress, bedside table, desk/chair, and a bookshelf, in addition to the closet. That's fine, right? K good. :)
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I've downloaded a season of Arrested Development, and my iTunes insists on labeling each episode as a movie. Is there any way for me to get it to store them under the "tv shows" headline? I'll be damned if I can find it.


My flatmate/best friend Paul was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And I don't know what to do.

The anger & cruelness he's displayed in the past 6 months have really made me dislike him & I want to move out but at the same time he's still my best friend & I want to be there for him. Our other friend/ex-flatmate moved out because he couldn't handle Paul anymore & I know that hit him hard. He took it as though our flat mate was leaving him & I don't want him to feel I'm doing the same at a time like this.

I'm so conflicted because I've never been in a situation like this before. I know the horrible behaviour he's been displaying these past months haven't been entirely him but the anger I still hold towards him is hard to get over.

Help! Has anyone been in a situation like this before? Any advice you could pass my way because I'm lost at the moment.

edit: I should add that he's not in any treatment at the moment. He has an appointment on Monday with someone.

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do you think that having a good sense of style is something you carry with you through your whole life, or is it something you lose after a certain point?

what factors do you think might influence whether or not you'll stay stylish for your whole life?
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We're headed to see Shakespeare in the Park (The Tempest, for those of you playing at home), and I'm thinking we should stop for a picnic dinner before...

1. What's your favorite picnic food?

2. What's your favorite Shakespeare play?

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Does anyone speak decent French and want to do a stranger a really really big favor??

ETA:  I have lost my phone in Paris.  I live in the united states.  If someone picks up the phone and turns it on, it can receive calls from the US... but no one who might call my phone speaks any french. (For incoming calls I pay the international roaming fees, but the person calling doesnt).

What should I do?

Iphone and Food

O hay TQC'ers!

I got a new iPhone 3GS today as a birthday present to myself. So, can you tell me what your favourite Apps are, if you have an iPhone? Or even an iPod?

And/or.. What are you eating right now? What are you having for dinner? I can't decide between Nando's, Subway or Pizza =~
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A question from a psych test for a potential job asked if I looked at my poo in the toilet after going.  Do you?  (Ewww, I know)
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I'm starting college in less than two months and am scared shitless. For those who have already gone through their freshman year:

What is the best tip or piece of advice that you can give me for my freshman year?
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What are you doing in the King Of Pops Honor?

 - I download some mp3s and playing them loud and freely with my windows down and subwoofers up.   The looks and smiles are the best.
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Guy (or girl) A - Provides stable future in approx. 5 years, but until then is kind of a bore.
Guy (or girl) B - Provides lots of fun and adventure now and hopefully provides stable future.

Who do you pick to be in a long term committed relationship with?
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Driver's License questions!

Hey TQC!

How old were you when you got your driver's license?
How many times did you have to take the test?
How long did it take your driver's license to get to you, if it was mailed? My WI license hasn't shown up yet and it's been 17 business days. Should I be worried? Am I doomed to never drive again? Should I storm the DMV in leather with a squirt gun?

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What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Should I go to the ice cream store to get some mint chocolate chip?
Speaking of... what do you call 'mint chocolate chip'?

Are you bored out of your mind, too? What are you doing to try to help the situation?
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For those of you who are right handed, when you pick your nose which hand do you use to do it?

Which hand do you use to pick your nose?

right hand
left hand
both hands equally
I don't pick my nose

Cafe Coffee

Heya TQC,
I was wondering, about how much coffee does a reasonably busy cafe go through each day? I realise that "reasonably busy" is inexact at best, but, give me some guesstimates.

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so what exactly happened to Michael Jackson that made him white? i read his wiki and didn't see anything about it(though i suppose i kind of skimmed).

who's going to win tomorrow, the USA or Brazil?

Pennies from...HELL

Do you think it would be a good idea to get rid of 1 cent coins (pennies)?

In Denmark the lowest coin we have is the 50 øre, so if someone's groceries ring up to 90,24 or whatever the customer ends up paying 90,50.

Would eliminating pennies make customers angrier at being "ripped off" a few cents, or would it be more convenient for everyone?
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Do you like opera?

If so, how did you get into it?
I don't know much about it so which one should I see to start with my opera lovin?
Whats the best opera?

If not, you're completely useless for this post, sorry.
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Collapse )
How tacky would it look to wear a tan camisole under the shirt (with a strapless bra underneath)?
The cami would probably come to where the armpits on the model are.

Other than going braless, any suggestions to make this blasted shirt work?

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Will you tell me something weird about yourself?

Me? I have a weird phobia of circle shaped cereals. Cheerios, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, etc. The thought of eating them or actually watching someone eat them turns my stomach.

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1)Do you have a quote journal? What do you put in it?

Yes. Quotes from games, the internet and the radio.

2)If you have a strong startle response, have you ever been able to reduce it?

3)What do you crave right now?

new ds games.