June 26th, 2009

I am hungry and so very happy.

I am going to a 24-hour cafe by my house to celebrate my LSAT score! The trouble is, I can't decide what to eat... everything looks delicious.

what would you order off of this menu?

Also, if you're in Austin and want to help me celebrate by joining me, let me know! :D

if you don't care:

what are you craving currently?


(no subject)

ladies, if you have large breasts but a rather small body, what type of bathing suite do you tend to wear? halter, bandeau, strapless, etc

pictures would really really help

also, how old were you when you lost your virginity?

(no subject)

okay so i want to get a wool trench coat like david from lost boys but i looked all over online and i cant find one that i like enough and the ones i did find they where all large or XL and i need a small or medium. can someone help me find one please? it cant be leather either cause those ones are eww
Butterfly Splash

(no subject)

Do you know of anywhere, especially big chains, that still take the "Free Soda" bottle caps from 20 oz bottles?

Do you save those caps? Or redeem the ones that offer points?

If you don't know/care, what's the best/worst M.J. joke you've heard already? Or is it too soon for jokes?

EDIT: This is a joke I heard at my work last night, and again today. It's apparently making the rounds quickly.

Farrah Fawcett arrived at the Pearly Gates and God welcomed her in there personally, telling her that since she was such an amazing actress, he would grant her one wish.

Farrah thought for a second, before replying "My one wish is that all the children of the world be safe from now on"

God agreed, and Michael Jackson died.

I can't get onto YouTube

I get a message stating:

"Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit."

It then states:

Cookie: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE which is followed by a lot of numbers

Can anyone help?


(no subject)

I've just finished university for the summer, so I'm free until the end of September. I've got some summer work, which will take me a couple of weeks, and then I thought I could start looking for a job. Problem is, I don't think it's going to happen since jobs around here are non-existant, and all the other students in the area will be coming back to look for work too, and I'm only going to want a summer job for a couple of months.
So if I don't manage to get a job, what else could I do with my summer? If I don't have a job, I won't have much money to do stuff with either, so cheap suggestions would be good :) Thanks!

Peter Piper

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.  A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.  If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

And can you successfully perform this toungue twister without saying it really slow?

DId you just say it out loud?

(no subject)

are there any other legit dancers in this community or am i alone?

ETA: what i meant by "legit" is someone who's still actively involved in the dance field... usually when i've seen people ask this question, all the answers i remember are "i was one X years ago" but i don't remember anyone saying they're currently involved.

(no subject)

TQC, this weekend I am going to do a still-life drawing. Will you help me decide which objects to use?

Which objects should I use for my still-life drawing?

crow feathers
dried leaves
empty wine bottle
pine cone
old ballet shoe
liquor flask
any kind of fresh fruit/vegetable (mention in comments)
small clock

(no subject)

I took yesterday off and didn't touch the computer.
Today the first thing I do....TQC!
Am I sick or what?

EDIT: I leave for 24 hours and two people die....coincidence??? I think not

(no subject)

for the past 5 mornings i have been trying to cook the perfect fried egg; completely cooked white with super runny yolk. i finally cooked it the right way this morning and it was delicious.

what is something simple you've accomplished recently that made you feel great?
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(no subject)

My husband and I want to throw a housewarming party to show off our new condo. We're debating the food issue.

-If you're invited to a party that started at 7 or 8pm, would you expect there to be food served? What kinds?

-Is it rude of us to only buy a keg? We'll let people know that they can drink keg-beer for free, or they have to byob. (we will probably end up buying a 2-liter of both Coke and Diet Coke, though).

-We don't want people to bring us gifts. Do we actually say, "No gifts please" or do we just not mention anything at all?

(no subject)

When you cross the border back into America after a vacation in Canada, do they do anything special besides make you wait forever?  Frisking?  Body cavity search?  Quarantine?  Interrogation?  Acts of torture that violate the Geneva Convention?

(no subject)

I throw myself upon the judgement of a jury of my peers in the Court of TQC.

I bought my house a year ago. The previous owner had allowed the neighbor, when installing her sprinkler system, to put one of the heads on his property. It is about 3' or 4' on my side of the property line, RIGHT next (practically butted up against) my driveway. It is also directly behind the parking pad of the driveay. See the [extremely shitty] diagram below:

The red line is the property line. The blue is the outline of my driveway. The yellow dot is the location of the sprinkler head.

Today, when leaving for work, I ran over the sprinkler head, breaking it.

So, my question for all of you: is it my responsibility to fix it (since I hit it), or is it her responsibility (since it's on my property without my consent)?

What say you, jury?

(no subject)

My friend says there is no such thing as a "fear of commitment" - if you really like someone, you will commit.  If you start getting that fear, you're just not that into them.

What are your thoughts on this?

Is it worth calling to complain?

DH and I are building a fence and the end of our property. Before we dug the holes I sent in a request to have all the lines located. Everything came back as not near where we were digging so we went ahead.

Fast forward to two days later, we spent ~2 hours levelling and squaring the posts in the holes. DH goes to work, I hear some banging outside. I go outside and the Rogers guy (our phone, cable, internet provider) is banging away in the hole of one of the posts. Apparently we cut their line, they don't participate in locates. He knocked all sorts of dirt in the hole that then had to be dug out by hand and we had to spend the next afternoon re-leveling the posts.

Do you think I should call and complain? What do you think the chances are of them giving me a discount/money off for the inconvience their tech caused?

(no subject)

I apologize for posting again so soon, but this is slightly urgent and I have no one else to ask.

I have been tasked with picking out sheets online for our wedding registry at Target. The problem is our new mattress: it's one of those super thick foam ones with no box spring. So whatever fitted sheets I get have to be able to cover a 14" thick mattress. None of the sheets have pocket measurements listed. Are "deep pocket" sheets THAT deep...or just a little bit extra deep? WTF is a "dobby" sheet?

Basically, what do I need to look for in the product description to tell me whether or not a given sheet will fit this mattress?

What color is your favorite room painted?
What are your plans for the weekend?
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Traffic question.

Okay, tqc, my family and I are in a disagreement about how traffic flows here. At our nearest on ramp to the freeway, there is a four lane overpass. Plz don't hate my MSPaint skills, it's even worse when you have a touchpad, not a mouse :( So, question is:

No one is coming in the straight lanes, and there is a green light (but not arrow--yield on green, i think is how it's phrased) for left turners (A). There are cars coming up the right turn lane (B) to get on the on-ramp. There is a YIELD sign to their right.

Now, as you hopefully see, there are two lanes on the on ramp...the right lane merges with the left (left has right of way, as the right land visibly ends first) within 50 ft of the ramp.

So if the light is green for all involved parties, does Car A go first, or Car B? Who yields to who in this situation?

I say B yields to A, but I'm told that they do not yield since there are two lanes to the on ramp. Why would they have a YIELD sign then?

(no subject)

3 un-related q's for you guys:

1) What's the longest time you've had a rental item (e.g. movie rental/book from the library)? I'm terrible about this! I've had a copy of the Great Gastby from the library since January now, and two movies from Hollywood Video for.... a couple months, I think. And don't even get me started on Netflix...

2) I'm really keen on doing some simple, cute crafts. Do you guys know of any on the internet I can try? Anything will suit me. But like... simple origami or just really simple paper crafts. Did I mention simple? I'm not looking to build a bird house... just fun little things to do when I'm bored and could possibly give out as little presents!

3) Do any of you have the new Regina Spektor album? I just got it and it's nice! Not as good as Begin to Hope though. What are you favorite tracks if so? For a while I only liked 'Eet' and 'Human of the Year' (<3<3) but the others are really growing on me! I go to sleep to it at night.
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(no subject)

1. Is there any way to look at 10-digit phone number and be able to tell if it's a cell phone or a landline? (I want to text this number, but I don't know if it's a cell phone or not.)

2. Have you ever been on antibiotics for a long time? I'm going on Solodyn/minocycline for acne and I'm wondering if anyone has had any experiences with it?

(no subject)

hello tqc.

ONE. is this computer worth the money? WILL IT RUN WARCRAFT WELL?

2. if humans evolved with an animal survival technique/adaptation, what do you think it would have been? i think like WASP STINGERS.

free. what animal characteristic would you like to have if you could have any?
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(no subject)

Okay, TQC. I have finished the first 2 seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and my season 3 DVDs won't be here until Tuesday or Wednesday. I watched 2 episodes of 30 Rock last night and it wasn't as funny as I had hoped. Do you have any funny show suggestions that will tide me over the weekend? What sitcom do you suggest to the huddled, sitcom-less masses?

(no subject)

If you're talking to someone and you don't quite hear the last thing they said, what do you say to get them to repeat whatever it was?

If you are walking into a building with one entrance and you see several people exiting, do you hold the door and let them out first or try to squeeze through and say 'fuck these losers'?

How often do you say things like please and thank you:
-All the time
-When you're in a polite mood
-Only in a professional setting
-Never, fuck everyone!

How polite of a person would you say you are?

(no subject)

Would you ever wear a tube-top bikini to a waterpark? If y, would you be surprised when the waterslides knock your top down to your waist and your tits fly out?

If you had to choose RIGHT NOW between eating a grilled cheese sandwich (made whatever way you like it) OR mac n' cheese OR mozzarella sticks (the breaded melty oozy kind), which would you choose?

(no subject)

If you were going to attempt to set a world record for something, what would it be?
What kind of odds would you give yourself of actually setting the record?
World Tetris Champ, bitches  ;-)
(I'd say about an 8% chance of pulling it off)

Have you ever been to a gun show?
Lots of 'em...there's one this weekend, too

What is something that you've eaten before that you will never eat again?
Balut is literally the only thing that I will absolutely refuse to ever eat again...fucking disgusting.
Hell - Picasso Devil

(no subject)

Do any of you know this quote I am trying to find?

I am fairly certain it was by Edwin Booth, and he talks about the arts and how the sleepless nights and stresses sometimes give way to great satisfaction and beauty, and how people who aren't involved have no idea what it's like.

Leonard Nimoy used it in an acceptance speech the other night but my feeble brain dumped most of it already :(

(no subject)

Have you ever been kicked out of a bar?

What did you do to get kicked out?

If not a bar specifically, name some places you have been kicked out of and WHY.

Did you ever go back? If you did, did you get away with it or did you get kicked out of it?

And for the sake of keeping this interesting, I'm not looking for who got kicked out of the mall in HS for like, loitering in front of Bath and Body Works or Hot Topic.

Although now I want to know if anyone has ever been kicked out of Hot Topic.

the internet, decide my life!

1)Should I call some weird guy who gave me his number in the library? Pros: practice calling strangers. cons: some weird guy would get my number.

2)When you think about having babies, what emotion do you feel? are you male or female?

sort of grossed out. female.

(no subject)

This has bothering me. Do you think that female and male adults can be good friends? I mean to say, if they're both in committed relationships and assuming they're both straight as well. I asked my parents and they're dead on convinced it can't happen like females and females and males and males can be close buds, because with one of the people in the friendship there's "always something beyond friendship going on,". I thought this was odd, because one of my mom's best friend is a guy, but she says it's okay because my step-dad isn't the "the jealous husband."

I think this is such bullshit! I mean, of course it CAN happen where a guy and and woman will be in a relationship and one will be attracted to the other, but I don't think it's always the case, at all! I have plenty of good guy friends. I can never see the situation being awkward.

So, to sum up, can ladies and mans be good buds as adults? Is saying "no" an old, out of date social protocol, or the cold hard truth? DISCUSS! 

HTML code?

How do I create a html file that has two or three boxes you can fill out and use the data to create text on the same page?
This is what I'm trying to do:
Input A: SKU number
Input B: Size number
Input C: color
Output: Customer wanted SKU 333 in size 7, red. Was not in stock.
Basically this would a tool I could use at work to increase my call handle time.
I could just type in the numbers and copy-paste the output into the system notes.

(no subject)

i called into work yesterday because i wasnt feeling very well.
i have only called into work one time since i started working there a year ago.
im a waitress at a resturant and were not particular busy on thursdays, and yesterday was thursday. i called in two hours before my shift started, and my manager is a complete dick head
he said "this is your last strike!!" and i said "last strike for what?"
last time i checked we didnt get strikes, and i m a very hard worker and am NEVER late and
always wait tables productivly. im a very good waitress, i get compliments all the time by customers.
he said "HOLD ON!!!" and put me on hold, and then said "fine dont come in , well talk tomorrow" and hung up.
im so nervous to go into work today, im scared hes giong to fire me!
the thing is, he lets everyone else slide, he even let a bus boy contiune working there after he got caught stealing and admitted to it!
i dont know whats going to happen, but im preparin myself.
ive never been fired from a job. and i need this job so badly. i live on my own with my bf and his brother and his girlfriend .

Have you ever been fired?
for what reason.

(no subject)

anyone been using their livejournal for a while (3+ years) but is too lazy to transfer to something more "mature" and "bloggy" like blogspot or wordpress, like everyone else?

i've been using this thing since high school, and 7-8 years later i'm still freaking here. what the hell. lots of friends i know have abandoned this thing for greener pastures. i don't really talk politics on my journal, nor do i really have a lot of interesting stuff to say-- not more interesting than the next 20-something anyway. so what's the point- a blog's a blog.

what's your livejournal story?
Donkey Punch

Music Adventure!

Good afternoon, TQC.

My friend Josh is the ultimate guru of all things music and has the anthology of the world stored on his computer and various hard drives.
In exchange for some ice cold brews I'm buying a huge stack of CDs and having him burn me a shit load of stuff.

Yes, I'm a loser, I don't own an Ipod.

What music must I absolutely listen to??

Hopefully asking these questions isn't a violation of any rules, but I have to ask.

When I checked my email today, I had received a message from MollySilva222...apparently this person has been following me on Twitter. When I checked up on MollySilva222, I got this message: "the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity."

My question is, who is this person? Does this sound at all strange?

Does anyone know this person?
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(no subject)

When taking someone new to the area/visiting out to eat where you live, do you have a signature place you take them?

If you could change the color of the sky to any other color than blue, what would you choose?

I bought a Wall-E and Eve pez about a week ago and I can't find them anywhere in my apartment. I need to put them in my pez hutch. Where could they be? =(

(no subject)

1)Do you think it would be boring to be a library security guard? Explain your reasoning.

2)What's with guys trying to pick folks up at the library?

3)In other news, how many people from your high school do you bump into weekly?

Way too many.
Twilight: shit got real

(no subject)

Do you think that Curious George is nice? (the character, not the show)

Also, do you have ginormous bewbs?

And are you able to hold back the snark (when richly deserved) in comms that don't encourage it? I find it really hard.

(no subject)

Have you ever had a teacher, doctor, etc (someone who served you in some kind of professional capacity like that) that you later became friends with and saw socially?

(no subject)

Have you ever had a tooth abscess TQC?

It's not fun, is it? :(

If you have had one, was it severe enough to require dental work on the tooth after? What kind of work did you have done? (root canal, extraction, etc.)

I think the outer tissue of the tooth socket is infected in mine, but not the actual pulp of the root. I'm worried the dentist will say I have to have it taken out after I go see her >:C
mtn, girl

(no subject)

how do you eat pancakes?

Even with them stacked, I eat them one at a time. But I haven't met another person who eats this way.
It seems everyone cuts through all of the layers in each bite.
how do you eat pancakes?

(no subject)

I have this fat dead hornet in my bathroom. I put it under a cup because it was SPAZZING and happened to land on the floor for a sec, and then I had to run out to work and totally forgot to release it into the wild. So it died :(

What is something nice I can do with the body? I don't want to just throw it in the toilet. Perhaps preserve and celebrate this once-angry, now-dead bug?

(no subject)

i'm supposed to choose a movie to go see tonight and i am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to do so. i prefer to defer the decision making to others whenever possible. do you have difficulty making decisions? also, what movie should i see?
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(no subject)

I've been losing weight lately, but I seem to be losing it mostly in my already tiny wrists, which is the one place I don't need to lose it. Why is this?
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Evil Me

(no subject)

So today on the radio they were interviewing someone who was friends with Michael Jackson and this guy said "people who have suffered child abuse develop auto immune diseases". Have you ever heard this before??

Mah jobz

Ugh, I'm getting so sick of people assuming:

1. that I'll eventually go to grad school (I want to, but it's pretty much impossible)
2. that I HAVE TO have a career plan RIGHT NOW

They won't leave me alone when I say "I don't know" when they ask me what I want to do as a career, and they keep asking me the same thing over and over and "Well, you have to have SOME idea of what you want to do!"

The truth is, I plan to get two part-time jobs, make $20K a year and that's it. I don't want a "real" career, I don't want the pressure of having to work toward a career path, at least not for several more years. I can live on very little money. Apartments in my area are cheap and I don't spend that much.

How can I convince them that I don't have to be a super sophisticated career woman to be happy in life? Why won't people accept that I WANT to have retail and food service careers instead of being an office drone?

(no subject)

You guys, I have a confession. I've never really owned a purse.

Where did you get yours? What do you keep in it?
If you are feeling super nice, would you point me in the direction of cute purses online?

(no subject)

settle a bet for me:

is it possible to be a surrogate for more than one couple at a time? the couples each have their own egg and sperm donors

i don't think it is but idk

(no subject)

What do you think of fictional heroes who for some reason "can't" (directly) kill their enemies?

I think it's way too goody-goody of them and it's annoying. Then again, it opens up the opportunity for some creative solutions. But it still annoys me.

(no subject)

What food can you not-fucking-stand?

I'm not talking a list of foods you mildly-dislike. I mean the nasty stuff. The I'd-rather-be-tortured-than-eat-it. Bizzare food does not count (eg. bugs, odd animal parts).

For me it's PICKLES. I HATE PICKLES. With every inch of my body and soul I hate pickles. They're, as someone once said, cucumbers soaked in evil.
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(no subject)

I am in the market for a new purse. I really like the non-flashy or stylish bags that aren't huge, but sizeable enough to hold my keys, wallet, a paperback book, a couple of pens and my phone. I go to school/live in the boondocks and don't have a car down here, so I really need to buy whatever it is I find online. Does anyone know of a good store that sells bags online for relatively cheap (~$20?) that meet what I'm talking about? I had gotten my favorite bag before from target, but target.com either has huge messenger bags or fairly small hobo bags right now, and I don't want either of those.
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(no subject)

I'm home all by myself which hardly ever happens. Do I want to pay to rent Slumdog Millionaire and chance falling asleep, or do I want to keep poking around the internet and listening to music? I'm not going to have a chance to finish the movie tomorrow, if I do fall asleep so that's something to consider.
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(no subject)

If your album is available for sale on iTunes, does that mean you're a legit, signed artist? Or is it possible you're still doing the self-release thing?

How do I amuse myself until bed (2 hours?) with no cable? (nonsrs more than welcome, I'm in a bad mood)

What If ...?

What if you had one day to live.


No super powers, no great riches, you are the same person and everything is the same...just that you have ONE DAY to live.

What would you do?
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amelie flyer

i need a fashionista.

tqc, will you help me pick a dress for a wedding on july 18th?

i've got brown hair, i'm 5'3", and it's louisiana. it's already freakin' hot. one of my recently graduated classmates is getting married. if you have any other suggestions, i'm open to them, but it needs to be plus size, either 16-18 or 1x-ish (think inbetweenie). i don't have a jc penneys here yet, they're reopening at the end of july.

here's some of my ideas so far:

i like this dress but how could i dress it up to make it wedding-ish?

or this pink and orange and white one...

i kinda like this one in the blue, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

also, forgive me if my fashion choice is unforgivably poor.

ETA: what about something like this? i like it, but is that too formal for attending a wedding?

(no subject)

What has been the high light of your week?
I got a second job at Best Buy! I work in the media sales and hand held electronics sales department. What do you know about that area of the store?

I just got into watching Big Love. What show were you late to start watching but now are totally addicted to?

(no subject)

A friend of mine has a boyfriend of about four years. For at least two years, she has been cheating on him with another guy. She has no intention of breaking it off with either of them. Only a couple people know, including me.

Should I tell a close friend of her boyfriend, with the hopes that his friend will eventually tell him? I've managed to stop talking to her all together since I found out, but I'm feeling really bad for her boyfriend because he honestly has no clue what's going on.

If you don't care: I have a huge stack of college text books that are an edition of two too behind to try and sell back to my school. How do I get rid of them besides putting them out for recycling? Or should I just recycle them? I can't think of any place that will take them :/

(no subject)

someone please tell me they know the song in the movie the hangover when they are all by the pool, with the girls in the thongs

i think it's like "what do you say when i touch your girlfriends butt"

i really cant find it anywhere

so help???