June 25th, 2009

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I have the Kodak easyshare V803. The screen is white but the rest of the camera works perfectly. Earlier I took the camera apart and as I pulled the screen out of it a little it started working perfect, but when I put it back in it stopped working again.

What's wrong with my camera/how can I fix it?

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For those of you with varied gardens, how do you keep track of your plants' watering/fertilization schedules?

I have a small but varied indoors collection of succulents, tropical plants, regular temperate-climate plants, etc. I have a really hard time keeping track of that stuff, but especially for when I'm going away and have someone else house/plant/cat-sit, I want some sort of system to easily let them know when to water stuff.

I was thinking color-coding but IDK. I want to maybe make those little stakes with info on them for each pot. Any suggestions?
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One of my best friends was arrested a few days ago and may have to be in jail for a long time. He's 17 and being charged with felony auto entering. I'm going to visit him tomorrow. What can I say/do to possibly make him feel any better?

I apologize in advance

I swear I will eventually post things that are not about ~~DaTiNG~~!!! LOLOLOL

Related questions. Answer whichever strikes your fancy, or make up your own:

If you were a guy who had a mad crush on a girl you're rooming with for the summer, you'd probably wait until you're no longer roommates before trying anything, Y/Y? Not because you aren't interested, but because you are wise?!

Does wisdom in fact dictate that you should not launch into a romantical misadventure with a roommate? Is it better to wait, in a scenario where you have these options?

If you have ever dated a roommate, what advice would you give to others embarking on such a journey? Especially advice concerning the fact that you don't want to get sick of each other since you live together. It's sort of disheartening to want to do something else when this person's around, but if you didn't then OMG YOU WOULD BE TOGETHER ALL THE TIME ACCKKKK. Which seems to spell horrible disaster.

If you have ever postponed showing interest in someone because they were a roommate, how did that work out for you? How did you keep the potential alive while not straying into dangerous / flirtatious / sexy territories?

How convincing is it if I say this has nothing to do with my own personal life?
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ATTN: Any original-fiction writer types at TQC!

If you were to attend a panel called "Original Fiction Q&A", what's one (1) question you would ask? I'm doing a panel at a convention and I need some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Serious answers only please.

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So for $220 I can take a bus somewhere, it's a 12 hour trip, but scenic I've been told.
Or for $330 I can take a 1.5 hour plane there.

Which would you choose?
(Note that the last 2 flights I was on, it felt as if my inner ears were going to explode the whole time. It was really painful. Not that a bus ride doesn't have its share of pain and horror...)
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If you've ever been in love, how long did you wait to say it to your significant other (ETA: I mean from the point after you started dating!)?

What's your favorite museum? If it's in NYC, bonus points for you. I need something to do on Saturday.
I <3 TLV

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Tomorrow is my last full day in NYC! What should I do? So far all I have planned is buying a cheap discman for the bus ride back (I bought World War Z on CD to listen to) and seeing Star Trek in the evening with ships_sail. The weather is going to be excellent so I want to spend a lot of time outside. This is my third trip here so I think I've covered all the touristy spots already (except for the Statue of Liberty because I hate boats). Help me not be bored tomorrow!

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So, it finally happened, I lost my mommy's phone :(

I want to and will buy her a new phone, but she's going on and on about the contract and yada yada, so tqc, I was wondering, does Sprint charge you if you just want to change phones? Don't people do that all the time?? The plan would be the same, just a new phone!
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IE 8

I used Internet Explorer for the past 10 years, and am a recent convert to Firefox (which I LOVE). I rarely use IE anymore. 
Should I still upgrade to Internet Explorer 8?
Why or why not?
What trouble, or good experiences, have you experienced with IE 8?
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what is this song?!

What is that song that samples "Stand By Me" that isn't Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls"? It plays all the time on your local generic radio station that every grocery store and drugstore is tuned to. (You know, the station that also plays "Black Velvet" every second song. There's gotta be one in every town in the world.) It's R&B, can't remember if it's a male or female singer. It is 3 AM and it's driving me insane.
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who else is so bored that you almost wish it was september so you could go back to school and have something to do?

also, where do you go to school and what are you wasting your parents money on studying.

it's been a while...

one of my cats just had a kitten maybe a day or two ago (I don't know the exact time). it's the first time she's ever given birth, but I found it a little odd that she just had ONE kitten. I checked everywhere for others, but alas there were none. I've felt her tummy.. nothing's moving in there. she's acting like normal and doesn't seem to be in any pain. a friend of mine told me I should be worried, but I'm honestly clueless here.

is it normal for a cat to have just one kitten?

ETA: I tried google, thanks. but all I got was a lot of mixed information.

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What tips/tricks have you learned in preventing pick pockets when you travel?

I'm most worried about my DSLR camera. I want to bring it because I'm going sightseeing in Beijing (Bird's Nest, Great Wall, Forbidden Palace, etc). Any tips on that?

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are leftover pizza, lagoustine tails and boiled edamame a really weird breakfast?

what's your standard, in-a-hurry/going-to-work/I-don't-care breakfast?
a bowl of cereal

what's a fancy/time-consuming breakfast you'll eat or make if you have time?
I like making yam home fries with onions and dill and Worcestershire sauce, plus bacon and eggs
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I just got a 580 on my SAT II for Bio (I'm a freshman) and I feel like shit. I studied really hard but bio is just kinda not my thing.
The only thing is that my parents are going to think I'm stupid and I wish they'd just understand that bio doesn't click in my mind.

What is something you wish your parents would understand? or would have?
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Because I am.

My apartment complex has people here frequently to take care of the yards, do maintenance, etc. The guy doing yard work today was a guy I'd never seen before - I'm used to the guy who's always here, as well as his partner who also works for the owners and occasionally fills in, and I've met the people they bring with them when there's a big project.
Anyway, the person there today wasn't someone I'd seen before. A little bit ago, he called someone. I speak almost no Spanish, I can tell you that he called the person "nino" a couple times... Then he kept saying "Siete! Siete, siete!" and then talked about something else, then he said "siete" again. I live in apartment seven.

Should I be creeped the fuck out?
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I haven't had much dating experience, so please forgive me if this sounds really lame/dumb.

I met a lady online, we clicked, and we met in person. We're meeting in public again for our second date. Everything I've read says to make sure to follow a bunch of safety precautions for the first date, but I haven't found any guidelines for subsequent dates. I felt safe with her, and I could see us possibly wanting to go do something else after dinner tonight. I don't want to be presumptuous and offend her by thinking it's okay to suddenly trust each other, when maybe she doesn't feel ready. At the same time, I don't know how long you're supposed to be super cautious.

(1) Do you think it would probably be safe for us to take one car to another public location? Would you?
(2) Do you think it would probably be safe for us to go to my apartment and hang out? What if my roommate is there?

If the answer is "No" for either of these, then at what point is it okay to let down your guard?

Note: We're both female, in case that matters.

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So I'm leaving for Vancouver in about 45 minutes. So this is a last minute question.

I want to take my D60 on my flight, should I take it in it's bag or just take it around my neck?
I'm assuming they will want to x-ray it and stuff.
But I don't really want to have an extra piece of carry on.

What do you think?
My camera will be ok to be x-rayed.. right?

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Why would you go to see a movie you know is going to suck?

Don't you realize the movie makers don't care whether or not you like it, just whether or not they get your money?

Don't you realize that as long as you support horrible movies, you are just allowing the people who make the horrible movies to make more horrible movies?
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/inspired by a previous question/

What are you not looking forward to this weekend?

me: My husband's off to Peru for two weeks - leaving me alone w/crazy new puppy!!
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Would you wear Victoria's Secret garb in the theme of your university?

Alternately, what do you say when somebody sneezes?

Thirdly, how often do you forget to set the post to publish in tqc and it goes to your personal journal instead?

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I just ate a piece of pizza. I have another one. I'm going to run in a half hour. It's going to be a long run. I'm still kinda hungry. Should I eat the other piece?

How much do you sweat when you work out? I sweat a retarded amount. If I work out for an hour it's about like I was running through a sprinkler.

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Does anyone else in the northern hemisphere feel like they have the flu right now? Wtf, it's summer! :(

Do your pets respond differently to you when you're sick?

I have noticed that my dogs and horses have been a lot more gentle with me and behave better when I'm not feeling well. My snake keeps trying to check me out as well right now.
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Have you had an experience with vasectomies?

How much does a vasectomy cost?

Are they ever covered by medicare/medicaid?

Are they really as easily reversible and simple as everyone says they are?
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Okay, so from 2:30 - 3:30 today I get a super awesome one hour massage for FREE, bitches! I am pretty excited, as the preview massage I got from this woman who has studied all over the world, was AMAZING! So, I was wondering, would taking a muscle relaxer before hand make it insanely better? Or is this somehow a baaaad idea that I am too stupid to recognize?

Muscle Relaxer + Massage = ???

Awesome Idea!
Bad Idea. (tsk tsk.)

Also, I had some instant breakfast a few hours ago, should I eat lunch before or after? I feel like being even a little full might be too much, but I'd prefer to save the money and eat at home since right after I have to head to work.

ETA Okay, no muscle relaxer for me... I thought it might allow her to work the muscles deeper, but you guys are probably right that it would be a waste. Feel free to still give me lunch opinions, though.


Is there a rule that if two or more people are standing somewhere where there is plenty of space they MUST be blocking the doorway or the staircase from other people who actually need to get somewhere using it?

Edit: To make this more interesting, if you're from the US, did you learn the "Fifty Nifty" song in school, or learn how to recite all 50 states in alphabetical order? If you're not from the US, did you learn any mnemonic devices or songs to help you recite all of the provinces or countries or cantons or whatever in a specific area?

Laptop help

Mostly srs answers only...I'm poor and am trying not to take it into a store to shell out 200 bucks or whatever to find out it's not really broken.

My laptop has crashed a couple times in the past week or so...but only when not plugged in. When I reboot, the battery is only about half used.

I generally keep lappy plugged in, and I know it's good to let the battery run out every now and then (which I do, but probably not as often as I should....).

Does anyone know what this could be caused from? It doesn't ALWAYS happen, and when it does, it's only when unplugged (but again, not always when unplugged).... I keep it pretty clean, as well (blow it out with air about every 2 weeks or so, don't lay it on surfaces where it could over heat, it rarely gets hot, unless I've missed a cleaning, etc). Could I just need a new battery, as I've either exhausted mine from not unplugging it enough, or too often?

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My boyfriend and I are oicking up his old car from an auto shop that its been at for a few days. His mom took the tag off of the car. It's legal to put it in his rear window right? We have no idea how putting a license plate on works so this may be really dumb. We're assuming you need screws but don't actually know lol. Which is why putting it in the window would be so much easier if it's legal.

We're in Florida.
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Dude, what should I get my mother for her birthday?

She has everything she will ever need- I have vetoed every suggestion everyone else has come up with- apart from giving her makeover.

I know it sounds a bit weird, but she recently got a promotion and should really dress a bit nicer for work. She dresses like someones grandmother. She is only in her 40s! And for awhile people have been buying her books about style and dressing, but it doesn't make any difference.

My idea was to make her a nice breakfast, then sort out her wardrobe- get rid of things that don't fit, she doesn't wear etc, then take her to get a hair cut, new makeup, new clothes and maybe a pair of shoes or 2.

Does that sound like a good idea?
Does it sound like I'm meddling?

Half my friends say yes, half my friends (and my sister!) tell me to go for it

Help me be a better daughter, tqc.

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What should I do today?

eat a lot
clean my room
clean your room
write love songs about my toaster
blow up grapes in the microwave
amputate my slowly-healing sprained foot
adopt a kitten
write a novella
other, which will be posted in comments

my family sucks.

My cousin is always complaning about how tired and busy she is, and how much she needs a vacation, whine whine whine. She went to Vegas for a week in April, just got back from a week in Chicago, and has taken at least 5 other long weekends other places between vegas and now. AND she has another week long trip to Virgina Beach planned. And she's a teacher and is off for the summer.

Do you think you can complain about not going on vacations or being busy when you've had 7 vacations in less than 3 months? How many vacations do you take a year?
just a bill
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tell me what to do, tqc!

So I currently work at a preschool as a teacher's assistant. I'm currently applying for new jobs, and for one job application, it asks about my "accomplishments" at work. Now this isn't the field where you get tangible results, so what could/would/should I say about my accomplishments there?

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My iPod was recently scrutinized during a mini road trip

Is it socially acceptable for a Male to have music by a female artist on their iPod/Zune/nondescript MP3 player of choice?

elliptical machines

From personal experience... do you think elliptical machines work???
I've only been doing the elliptical for a couple days, and I'm really looking to drop these last 10lbs. (I do weight training too)

I've heard a lot of mixed reviews though!
Am I wasting my time with the elliptical?? Or do I just keep at it??
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I dropped $20 in the store today and when I went back to try to find it (like forty seconds later) it was gone.

How can I make myself feel better? I have no money for hookers and blow, obv.
What will the person who found it spend it on?

Will you send me a popsicle?

my head hurts, you guize.

good afternoon, TQC, i have just woken up and saw that my inbox was exploding because of all the wank from early this morning.

when is WLM going to get banned?

should i have scrambled eggs and toast, or leftover spaghetti?

ETA: NVM, my mom brought pad thai and some kind of delicious soup home.
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Inspired by aeolian_harp's post.

For those of you who continued education after high school, why did you choose the school you attend/attended? Was this your first choice?

For everyone else, how's the weather?

It was hailing and storming like crazy here. I prayed to mother nature to make it stop before I have to drive home. It stopped about 5 minutes ago and I have to leave in 20 minutes, yay.
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First question ever.

I'm a business student looking for a good book on the topic of persuasion. Anybody know of one?
Perhaps I was not clear, I'm hoping for a recommendation of a book on persuasion that you have read. My apologies.

A Lady Question

Okay ladies...at what point do you decide that knickers (underwear) need to be thrown away?

I have loads of pairs of knickers that are maybe 9 years old and they still function fine. The elastic isn't gone, there are no holes...but...well it seems a mite skanky? But I can't justify throwing stuff away unless there's something wrong with it.


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My fiance and I are leaving tomorrow, after a long long day of work, and driving 10 hours straight to the beach! We are stoked, but need to pack our ipods full of songs that are upbeat, and will keep us awake. We both like a ton of different music, mostly indie and punk-ish (like taking back sunday, nfg, four year strong) but really, will listen to anything.

Any suggestions for our ipods? We need TEN hours of upbeat music!! Thanks :)

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Man, isn't it awkward when you talk to an old friend after having lost touch for a while (a couple years), and end up wondering why the hell you were even friends with them in the first place?


How's your day been, guys?

What does your bathing suit look like?
Mine is a bright turquoise halter from Old Navy. It doesn't fit right up top and the back is too low for my total liking, but whatevs, it gets the job done.

Do you like waterslides?

If you had a choice between a season pass to an amusement park or a season pass to a water park, which would you choose?

Have you worn any of the newish Old Navy flip flops, the ones that are $6.50/pair and are like jelly plastic? How do you feel about them?
SO COMFY!! I just got a pair today and though I've only worn them for like 10 minutes so far, they are super comfy.

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Hey, maybe someone has experience with this so I wanted to ask. I've been really tired lately. I'd sleep for 10 hours straight and then when I get up, I'd still be tired. In a couple hours, I'd be ready to go to bed again. If I sleep less, I'm even MORE tired. I used to be a light sleeper, like I was never in the REM state. Now I sleep like the dead, which doesn't work for me, it seems. I feel like someone beat me with a baseball bat.
What do you think  of this? Advice?

Also, other stuff started happening, maybe it is connected, maybe not. I've started losing my hair and have been getting heartburn all the time. I started college which required a bit of a change in my lifestyle. I studied way more and one day I slept 4 hours, one day 9, and I commuted 30 miles to lectures at 7:30 AM. I don't see any drastic food differences. I did eat more cafeteria food, but I still had healthy food.

What can you say to all of this?

My Wild Irish Rose

Yes, another nerd post.

On my way to the bookstore today I heard a 8 or 9 year-old girl tell her mom, in perfect confidence, that she was going to be a Jedi when she grew up. 

What was the last awesome/nerd-tastic thing that you witnessed?
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I got a job!

After being off for four weeks, I'm now gainfully employed again. I start on July 6th so I have just over a week. What should I do during my last week of 'vacation'? I know I won't be getting any other time off this summer...
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Did you ever leave your home with essentially no money and still managed to maintain living on your own? How did you do it?

I'm considering doing it after the summer because I think my parents are seriously considering separating and I want to be out of the house before that happens.

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How many of your Facebook friends have made their status something about Michael Jackson? There are atleast 20-25 "RIP MJ D: D: D:" things on my news feed right now.

ETA: I just counted. 35 so far.
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x-posted to whatwasthatone

I'm trying to remember a song. It was very haunting, and the line I seem to remember is "bring it on home." After that line is said, I think back up singers echo with the word "home."

I think it's sung by a woman, and sounds kind of... folk-y.

Do you know what song I'm thinking of?

Edit: Thanks TQC. Now I am feeling quite embarrassed. "Folk-y" and "female singer" actually ended up being... Pendulum. Shhhh.

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I'm creating a project for my critical pedagogy class. I want to put some PowerPoint slides to a song, so things will appear as certain lyrics are sung. I've never done this before, but I've seen some people put a PPT together and then put it in Movie Maker. Have you ever used Movie Maker?

Which should I do?

A) Put a PowerPoint presentation together and let it run on a timer?
B) Put the PowerPoint in Movie Maker?
C) Just use Movie Maker?
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can you think of some titles of books that you think are really good? just the title, not the book.

how important are book titles and cover art/designs to you? show me nice book covers if you'd like.

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Do you have a favourite smell?

I don't mean a perfume or something like that. I mean..

ME: Fresh construction paper, A new box of crayons, cooking noodles.

What's your favourite colour?
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how do u get over a break up?

do you agree with the saying "in order to get over one guy you have to get under another?"

do you like metric? (the band)
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This just in, Michael Jackson apparently left instructions that his body be donated to science and placed on display at the Children's Please Touch Museum in Santa Barbara, CA.

TQC: Too soon?
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 Would you ever have casual unpretected sex with a stranger in a foreign country?

If you could change one thing about your 'first time' what would you change?

Ever lied about not being a virgin? Who too o.o? 

Admitting this shamefully

Have you ever let the entertainment industry dictate major parts of your life?

As much as I (claim I) hate Hollywood, almost every major decision I've made has been based on a movie or a TV series or a celebrity. I went to my first university because one of my favorite actresses went there. I chose where to study abroad because of a film director I liked. I'm going on vacation to somewhere because one of my favorite singers is from there. I wanted to go to Prague solely because of The Unbearable Lightness of Being (okay, that's literature, so I guess slightly better).

Well, it's not so much I do it *solely* because of those things, I'm just heavily influenced by them.


My boyfriend of two years and I just broke up. This was my first real relationship/first love, and I've pretty much been sobbing for the past 2 hours. 

Will you tell me about your worst breakup and how you got over it?
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If someone is going to make a decision you agree with but he/she does it for reasons you absolutely don't agree with, are in fact very much opposed to, would you rather he/she didn't make the decision or would you not care as long as you got the end result you wanted?

I realize that was pretty incoherent- the example I'm thinking of is: a President commutes a death sentence on religious grounds. On the one hand, I'm opposed to the death penalty but on the other hand I'm adamant in the separation of church and state.
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Poll #1421253 CANDAY

Best traditional Starburst flavor?


Best traditional Skittles flavor?


Why don't they sell bags of only Pink Starburst? They are CLEARLY the best flavor. Or even just pink and red.

Did you know that the red Skittle is Strawberry and not Cherry?

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I have a sty coming and my grandma today came in and told me to rub a ring all over my eye, but it had to be a WEDDING RING and no other kind of ring.

Apparently my mother swear by it too, so I had them attacking me with two generations of wedding rings in my face this morning in my kitchen.

Have you ever heard of this cure?

Any other weird family remedies you'd like to share?

Etiquette. Or something.

My dad lent me $3000 in November. I now have the means to start paying him back. He and my mom are visiting me in a few weeks and I wanted to give him $1000 when he gets here.

The thing is, he's also going to be paying for our hotel when we travel together, and paying for all the restaurants where we eat, and probably will end up buying me clothes or food.

Is it strange that I'd begin paying him back on a loan while simultaneously expecting him to treat me to a bunch of stuff?

(for the record, my mom has told me that I don't have to pay him back and I don't think he expects I'm actually going to pay him back in full, but I am)

Also, more TL;DR but due to the fact that I need to close down my bank account I'm going to end up with a hell of a lot of cash soon (all of my final paycheck I'll have to cash out, and my entire apartment deposit will be given back to me in cash) and it would be beneficial of me to get rid of some of it so I don't lose it, blah blah blah, otherwise I would just pay him back in a couple of months.

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Sorry, this is the 3rd time I've posted about this bachelorette party I'm going to in Vegas tomorrow but I need some creative help.

I'm being cheap and making my own "That Guy" card game. Basically I'm going to pass out cards to each girl, and each card will have a type of guy that she will have to find and take a picture with. I'm having trouble thinking of different guys though.

What I have so far:











What else can you think of???? Thanks in advance!!

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I'm going to get my first pretty big paycheck next week. There are a few things that I've been wanting to get for a looooong time and I'll finally be able to.

What do I buy first?
Prescription sunglasses
Digital Camera

What was the last thing you spent more money on than usual?

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My friends and I used the following symbol to signify awkward turtle in text messages: <@>
If you don't know what awkward turtle is, here's a link to help you out.

What kind of symbol combination could we use to represent a man-nod (like the one the main characters of American Pie give each other at the end of the movie)?

If you don't care: Why do you work out?