June 24th, 2009

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this is my first year of college that i'm applying for financial aid and i am kind of stupid at it. my first two years i was in a program that paid for everything so i didn't have to worry about costs.

is it normal for grants alone to pay for everything (tuition, fees, books, etc) and still have $1500 left over? i feel like i am missing something... forgetting to factor in some fees or something. college is not supposed to be free is it?! i am at a state university if it makes a difference.

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1. Will you tell me what you want, what you really really want?
2. Do you wish it was you who bitchslapped Perez Hilton?
3. Boy, why you so obsessed with me?
4. If I threw a party and invited everyone I knew, would the biggest gift be from you?
5. What would the card attached say?
6. How many times did he run into your knife?
7. Are all these references getting old yet?
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Suppose you met a girl when you were out with your friends, and she exchanges phone numbers with you. She also establishes that she's interested in you, and then she says she's going to be somewhere tomorrow. She invites you to come, then extends the invitation to your two friends. What do you think she means?

She wants your friends to come.
She's just being nice and inviting them because they're there.

Let's say you're interested in her too, and think you'd like to see more of her. She tells you she lives one state over but that her job sends her up near where you live for a week out of the month. Are you any less interested in her now?

Yes, that's too far.
No, I don't care.

Bonus question: have you ever asked TQC for dating advice before? How's that working out for you?

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How old are you?

teens (13-19)

Will you tell me your age more specifically in comments along with your favorite time of day? (Morning/afternoon/evening/night/weird time between morning and night ;p )

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inspired by jabre's post lol.

Let's say heaven exists, and when you die you get to choose to either go to heaven, or venture into ~the unknown~. ~The unkown~ could turn out to be as bad as hell, as good as heaven (or better!), or something entirely new and different.

So, which would you pick?
so, wow, hey

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What are some interesting topics that two 17 year olds can talk about while on Skype?  
We don't see each other in person.  It was our first time using the program last night and we didn't have much to say.

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What sorts of things do you write in your journal? 
Do you write about what you did that day, or is it more how you feel or you opinions on things?
Do you write stories or poetry or post art in your livejournal?

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Say there's a guy you've hooked up with a couple times, hung out with over the span of 2 months but then stopped talking to. After the fact, you are in the process of making all new accounts on the internet thanks to the drama spilling over from a previous relationship. You end up making your main account names similar to that of the guy you hooked up with - for example his is 'optimist x JRB' and yours is now 'optimistick'. You feel safe knowing there's hardly a chance he'll decide to look you up to chat with you.

That is until this day, 1.5 years later out of nowhere he IMs you - and you're lost without a clue of how he found your screen name.

Do you think he's creeped out?
Am I screwed?

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please don't be mad... i know how much we all hate these questions...

if i delete a song from my itunes library, does that delete it from my computer too, or only from my itunes library?

if you don't care...

what's your favorite kind of tea?

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What have you eaten lately that brought back memories for you?

This morning I toasted leftover bisuits with butter, sugar, and cinnamon, then ate them with a little bit of cold milk poured over 'em...just like my granddad used to make when I would visit him.

What email provider do you use?

Gmail at home; Outlook at work

Everyone's got at least one word/phrase/insult they like to use that could be considered racist (or just plain offensive) by overly-sensitive types (if you claim otherwise, you're a liar  =P ).  What's yours?

I tend to use "porch monkey" a lot....and "retard"

Do you have a favorite brand of shirt?

Van Heusen

What is something you know how to do that you are particular proud of?

I can weld with any kind of rig (gas, arc, MIG, or TIG)
Twilight: threesome

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If your hands and/or feet are cold, do you torture your loved ones with them?

I think I've created a monster, because I've been doing that to my daughter, and now she does it back to me.

What's your favourite salad?

I bought a salad box when I ordered my groceries online, and I've got a box of assorted salad type vegetables I need to use.

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1)What do you call this current decade?

2)Would you rather work 3 days straight or 2 days with a break before work again?

3)What's the wackiest treatment for an illness you've heard of?

put rubbing alcohol on joints.

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Poll #1420329 Lifestyles of the poor and unpopular

What is the best way to lose weight??

strict diet and exercise
cut off a body part
I know fat vegans!!
I c u fatty!
LOL wut?

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what makes you proud to be an american (if you are)?

on a related note, one of my best friends, who is a lesbian, recently revealed to me that she is now a republican. i can support the libertarian thing (understand it anyway), but she supports sarah palin and i just do not get it. so, any redeeming qualities about sarah palin i should be aware of? particularly any reason why my friend is justified in saying that palin is a "true feminist"??

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I have about 1 hour before I need to drive to work. Should I spent it making an elaborate breakfast of home fries, sausages, eggs, and cheesy toast, or look at TQC for 45 minutes and then scarf down cereal and get dressed poorly and run out the door?


What's the term for a living thing that can move under its own power?

"Mobile" isn't quite right but something along those lines. I think there's a more specific biological term for it.

ETA: I believe "motile" is what I was looking for. Thanks!

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*Geek Alert*

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

Honest opinion, does this look like something you would be interested in buying for yourself or a Harry Potter fan that you know?

How excited are you for the 6th movie??

Will you see it at midnight?

Will you dress up?

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Do you have a Man Cave (or whatever girls would call something comparable)?  What's in it?
Mine has a punching bag, pull-up bar, my gun locker, my computer, work desk, model airplanes, PS2, paintball gear, SCUBA equipment, and archery stuff

What are some good, free online games to play when bored?  Specific games, not just sites with games.  I'm bored with Pop-It and Desktop Tower Defender.

Is there anything that you initially thought was dumb/overrated/etc, but, upon watching or learning about, you decided it was actually kind of interesting?


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So who else didn't understand that last question? :p

And to make this less boring, if you had to pick only one to have for the rest of your life, would you have caffeine or sugar? Why?

3 for now...

1.  Is there a song or two that, you listen to the lyrics, and you're just like "wtf...how did this song ever make it on the radio? Better yet, how did the songwriter ever think it was a good idea to let people hear it?"
--My example:  Paralyzer by Finger Eleven.  What the effing eff?

2.  What is your favorite euphemism for penis/vagina?
--I can't quite think of a favorite for penis, but I love "vertical axe wound" for vagina.

3.  What is your favorite use of the word "fuck"?
(as a reference: http://justin.justnet.com.au/rudestuff/uses-of-the-word-fuck.html)
--I enjoy sticking "fuck" in the middle of other words.  Abso-fucking-lutely.  Un-fucking-believable.

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What can I do to fix a stopped-up bathroom sink? I've DRANO'd it twice, and I tried pouring a can of Coke down it, too, but neither has helped.

I only have $100 to live off of for the next two weeks. Any cheap living tips for me? I'm good as far as food goes, I think-- I have a case of chicken noodle soup, canned veggies, rice, lentils, ramen, and lots of tea-- but I can forsee myself getting REALLY bored.
jim greco

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tqc baristas/anyone who knows:

in your opinion, what is a good device to steam milk at home with?

i've seen the little wands and junk but the reviews are always mixed.
also, i don't drink espresso so i don't want a machine for that but i would buy one if it had good milk steaming capabilities.

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What are some fun things to do in the rain? My friends and I were going to go to the beach this morning, but the rain ruined that idea a bit.

What kind of program do you use to convert video files into an iPod-compatible format? I googled tutorials and get free trial links, but I figure there's gotta be an actual full version somewhere that everyone knows about but me.

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This is a computer-question so apologies if it's not really what you want to see here. Just move along... If you're interested in gummy candy only, you may skip ahead to the last paragraph.

My computer no longer recognizes that my CD and DVD drives exist. The drivers are up to date and I don't have any sort of install disc for them. In fact, my computer is a refurbished HP and I can't seem to find a system reinstall disc. I did a system restore but it didn't work. Am I fucked?

On another note, what's your favorite gummy candy? I could eat piles and piles of Swedish Fish. I knew a guy in college who ate so many that he got a bowel obstruction and needed surgery. True story.

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tqc, i'm going on an 8-10 hour drive alone tomorrow. i'm already going to make an awesome 90s mix CD to sing along to but what songs would you include on a road trip cd?

alternatively, suggest some cool places (ok, clothing stores) i can go to in vancouver, bc. i'll be in the burnaby area and i plan on shopping around granville and robson street.
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1. This is stupid and boring, but how can I change my voicemail recording? I have a Blackberry Storm at the moment.

2. What should I do with my hair, TQC? It's long and brown and I currently have side-bangs, but I'd like to tidy it up a bit. Suggestions, please.

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Old school

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Is it possible for your cell phone to send you texts from itself?

I got a couple texts recently that existed only in my phone's inbox from 2 years ago. They arrived 3 days apart, complete with the incoming text bleep and the appearance of an unopened enevelope.

Has this happened to you?

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what have you done today?

how hot is it where you're at ?

i was one the boat for a couple hours with my boyfriend, my two roomates, (boyfriends brother and his girlfriend) and his friend that owns the boat. then my bf and i went to lunch, and hes going to work and im just going to be drinking and relaxing on my only day off this week. :)
it is 94 degrees today and HUMID than a motherfucker.
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Where do you live? Where have you lived? How old are you?

I live in Quincy, Massachusetts. I've lived in Hull, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, Newport News, Virginia, Williamsburg, Virginia and Gibsonton, Florida. [yes, the carny town]    I'm 22.
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There is a principle in the Bible called Jubilee. According to Deuteronomy 15, every seventh year, called a Sabbath year, creditors are to forgive the debts of their brother or neighbor. It was intended to be practiced by the nation of Israel, but today Israel's a secular nation. For the sake of the questions, let's ignore the pitiful stimulus checks U.S. citizens received from Bush, but at the same time remember how much the most recent one improved GDP the following quarter.

Why doesn't anyone think of the Jubilee when they picket with signs saying "Where's my bailout?"

Should the governments of the world seriously consider implementing something similar to equally relieve citizens of a certain amount of student debt, vehicle debt, or mortgage debt?
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breaking news: South Carolina governor Mark Sanford wasn't actually hiking the Appalachian trail! He was fucking some Argentinian woman instead! On Father's Day! Who is surprised by this?
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Are you such a dreamer to put the world to rights?

What would it take to put the world to rights, anyway?
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Alright, here we go.

I met a guy online almost 2 weeks ago. We emailed back and forth quite a bit and really got along well. We have a ton in common. We started texting daily but didn't talk on the phone. He asked me out and I explained that I'd rather wait and talk on the phone a few times before we meet. He was fine with that. We spoke on the phone four times (each conversation was between one and two and a half hours). Sunday night's conversation was the best one yet. It was 2 and a half hours long and really fun. He mentioned really enjoying it. Monday night rolled up and I texted him to tell him that I was hoping he was having a good night. He responded after a couple hours and seemed distant. I mentioned hanging out and he gave me the option of last night (I couldn't because I had plans) or next week after gets back from vacation. We agreed on next week and that was the end of the conversation. I haven't texted since and neither has he (he's leaving for vaca. tonight and I really don't want to bother him anyway). It's just odd because he was texting me everyday and being much more engaging. Now it's been a couple days and nothing. I don't need to talk to him daily (in fact, I'd prefer not to but that was the pattern we got into). I can understand him needing time to prepare for his vacation but the distance is kind of out of character (or what I know as his "character").

So the question: text him to say "Have fun on your vacation!" or don't text?

TL;DR- Met a guy online, things were going cool, now he's distant, text or no text?

Edit to Add: Ok, so I took the "TEXT HIM" people's advice and did it. I texted him the following
"I hope you have an amazing time in Vegas! Also, I'm really looking forward to meeting you, just wanted to let you know. :)"

and he responded with
"Thanks, we're on our way now. Vacation here I come! Sorry to gloat. Also, sorry we couldn't have met before I left. I should have brought it up sooner but I'm looking forward to it too."

Ok, I feel better. Thank you for everyone's advice.
28 days later

Appropriate date(?) behavior

My friend wanted to set me up with her friend so she brought him to an event she knew I'd be at. We hit it off to a certain degree, but I had to leave early so nothing particularly telling happened. I told my friend that I was kinda into it, and he told my friend that he thought I was cute (which she obviously told me). She encouraged him to get in contact with me, so he sent me an email that was like "You seemed cool, we should be friends, wanna hang out?". So we made plans.

So in reality, it's a date. I know it's a date, but he doesn't know that I know it's a date. HOW SHOULD I BEHAVE ON THIS DATE? I kinda want to keep my cards close to my chest so I don't overcommit.

Also, what do I wear? (edit: sorry sorry sorry, we're going to play pub trivia)

And finally, did that read like a short, teal deer?

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What was the last dream you remember?
I had a dream I was a polar bear and this grizzly bear wanted to sex me up. Apparently I had to do it to get into some special bear club. I feel so dirty now.

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It's hotter than satan's asshole--115 degrees--and I need something to cool off. Should I eat frozen-ish vanilla yogurt with cap'n crunch cereal, a drumstick ice cream, or should I make a popsicle using V8 fusion?

What's the weirdest/cutest mutt you've ever seen? Today I saw a beagle/pug mix, and a family friend has a chihuahua/pitbull mix. It looks like... a chihuahua sized pitbull.

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What should I wear for my date tonight?

Date Details:
First date with 27 y/o dude (I'm 24) who is only 1 inch taller than me (I'm 5'8)
We're meeting at a casual waterfront restaurant that has live music, woo!
It might rain tonight
We met in a club when I was looking all hot in a dress and serious shoes
We might head to the carnival (might) if it doesn't rain

Clothing choices:
1.  White pants with purple shirt with flat white sandals
2.  Casual skinny jeans with black ruffled button down sleeveless shirt with flat gold sandals
3.  Casual a little bit more than boot cut but not quite flar jeans with floral print tank top with ribbon and lace accents with gold sandals

My hair is longish and wavy and brown if that makes a difference...

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CD burning programs

Hey, all!

I have a new car stereo that is not compatible with my iPod and have to burn all the songs to CDs. Grrrrr!

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a decent CD burning software program I can download online for free.

Thank you so much!
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Poll #1420678 Dinnar

What should I have for dinner?

Spicy Chik'n Boca Burger on wheat toast with or without swiss cheese [please specify], probably rice and a vegetable for sides.
Portabello burger on wheat toast with swiss cheese, rice and veggies for sides.
Grilled chicken caesar salad [there's a good amount in the thing I bought].
Other, please specify [this includes if you can suggest some combination of the above somehow].
Nothing, you should starve yourself! :D

Um if you don't care about my foodventures, what was the last thing you got in the mail that wasn't bills or other crappy nonsense?

MLP - pinkie chicken

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Your car has a stuck tape deck so that whenever it's on and running, it loops the same one-song tape over and over (like Marshall's car in How I Met Your Mother). What song would you choose to listen to continuously if you had to in order to drive?

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Last night, my dad and I decided that if I'm ever going to survive in the world of graphic design/art/whatever, I'm going to need to learn how to use a mac properly.  What model would you suggest for a mac newb like me?

For those who don't give a crap, will you name some musicians with unsusual singing voices that you enjoy?
Keyboard Cat

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Is it ticky time?

It is always ticky time.

What are you on?


What do you believe in?

Flying Spaghetti Monster
Psychic powers
Afterlife of some sort

Check all that apply to you / all groups you're a member of.

Vegetarian or vegan
Own a cat
Have a fetish
Disabled in some way
Toliet paper goes OVER not under!
Play a sport
Play a musical instrument
I am/belong to something here but didn't check it because I'm uncomfortable
None of the above, you liar.

What kind of books do you like?

Anything, really
Something else
I don't read books
wut r buks idgi

Best things to see in movies?

Shattering glass
Car chase
Futuristic technology
Space. Just, space.
Fight scene
Impossible Matrix-style moves.
Something else

Assuming it exists, chances you're going to Hell, 1 being perfection, 10 being flame-bait?

Mean: 5.73 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.47

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When you hear a song and decide that you like it, is it the lyrics or the music that *gets* you?
Definitely music, for me. Lyrics come secondarily.

Are you plagued with any chronic health problems? What are they? How do you deal?
I get really awful migraines, like one (which lasts anywhere from 1-5 days) every two or three weeks, and I've never found a preventative OR a non-narcotic that has given me any relief. :( I hate taking narcotics because they pretty much make me incapacitated, so usually I just pop some Aleve and wait in the dark/quiet/cool for the edge to wear off.
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What is the grossest thing you've heard lately?
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What is an old TV show you rediscovered and love?
I bought season 1 of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and forgot just how great this show was!

Are you picky when you go out to eat? What's your "fallback" item--the one you will always order if you don't want anything else?
Yes. I'm horrible. I go with spinach and artichoke dip!
i win!

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Do you have any awesome ideas for exercise machines that don't actually exist (to the best of your knowledge) but you'd totally use the crap out of them if they did?

I think there should be some sort of stationary hand bike thing. You know the thing they have to go across on American Gladiators? There should be one where you stand still and it's either above your head or in front of you, and you can adjust the tension or whatever, and it would be great exercise for your arm muscles. This may or may not be a good idea, and I've never heard of such a thing existing.
...until now. See this is why "to the best of your knowledge" was included in my question! =P

ETA: What TV exercise thing do you want to own or at least try to see if it's as awesome as the commercial/infomercial makes it look? Or do you already own it?

I want to try that Ab Circle thing.
hate pimentos

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I just bought a container of "Spring Mix Lettuces" from the grocery store.  Not a lot of lettuce for $4, but I like foofy lettuce so I buy it.  Anyway, it says it expires July 2nd, and I just opened it up and the middle of the package was all slimy, most of the leaves were mushy and it smelled bad. It looked fine from the outside.

Do you think that, if I took it back to the grocery store, they would give me my money back?  Or at least let me exchange it for a lettuce thing that isn't so gross?  Or am is that just the risk you take when you buy produce? I have returned, oh, maybe one thing my entire life.  I am not familiar with the game.

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So you're driving down the street, minding your own business, when a jerk comes up behind you and starts tailgating.

Do you speed up?
Do you slow down to annoy the driver?
Or do you just ignore it and continue driving normally?

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What grammar/spelling mistakes do you wish people would just correct already?!
I see "definitely" and "ridiculous" misspelled a heck of a lot. Not to mention your/you're, its/it's, and learning pronoun/antecedent rules. Or am I just a grammar nazi?

I'm going to a party!

But I am so confused! It says:
Music begins at 11pm
Admission: 18+, 21+ to Drink; $5/$7

When do you recommend I arrive? How much is $5/$7?! Is that saying admission is less for teetotalers, or is there some mysterious other thing?

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TQC, I want to go to sleep early tonight so I wanted to take an OTC sleeping pill (50mg diphenhydramine HCl, if it matters). The thing is, I think I might have taken one a little while ago (like ~15 mins ago), but I really have no idea if I actually did or not. Should I take (another??) one now, should I wait a little while to see if I feel sleepy (which would indicate that I already took one) and if not take one, or should I just try to go to sleep on my own?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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For those who have taken Greyhound before, what have been your experiences? Generally positive? Negative? Would you recommend it?

Besides AmTrak, Greyhound, and flying, anyone have any other ideas as how a person can get from San Francisco to Los Angeles?

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I moved into the bottom floor of a house converted into a duplex about 2 weeks ago. My upstairs neighbor is moving in right now. He looks to be in his late 30s/early 40s. My roommate and I are 21 and 22. What do you think the chances are that we'll all get along? I'm kinda sad cause I liked being able to be loud, haha.

Will you tell me about your neighbors? Good/bad/crazy/whatever.

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Inspired by another post:

What was your heaviest/most cumbersome books or equipment in college?

I have to carry two volumes of Shakespeare's first folio(one in original and one in modern type) to and from class every day. I don't know how much they weigh, but it's a lot. Plus a bunch of other big books, but those are the worst.
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Am I posting too much tonight?

I am a vegan

What color should I paint my toenails? I wear sandals pretty often, but never to work

Cayenne Pepper
Passion Punch Shimmer
Flaming Sikozu

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I'm going to a big kitchen-wares store tomorrow, they're having a huge sale so I figure I should stock up on the $100+ things while they're discounted to $20.
What are some good things I should invest in? What are some brands to look out for?

When/if you write with your non-dominant hand, what does it look like?
Everything comes out backwards when I do it. =/
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A guy I haven't talked to in about a year (we were friends with benefits) just randomly got in touch with me, he's invited me to his place in the middle of the night to play some video games.

What are his motives, TQC?
Think I'll get lucky?

Srs & non srs answers welcome :D

Edit: You guys made me lol so hard, and I totally ended up getting some. A+ for all of you ;)
yellow submarine

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I'm making a sort of tribute/memorial/remembrance video for someone who died recently and I need a soundtrack for it. If it affects your answer, the guy in question was a hockey player (the video is just a slideshow of pics from his hockey career) and he died at only 29 in a car accident.

So...what songs can you think of that work well to honor someone who's passed away?

(Side question: is it tacky or otherwise not a good idea to use a song that was written in memory of someone else? I wouldn't be using anything where the original subject is too obvious, it's not like I'm going to use "Candle in the Wind" or something, but I figure other memorial songs would work the best. I'm just not sure if that's weird to use.)