June 23rd, 2009


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Is it OK to answer a question with a question?

How do you drink your water?  edit: when I say "how" I mean do you drink bottled water, tap water with ice cubes, room temperature water, filtered water, etc.

Can you touch your toes to your nose?

Did you just try to touch your toes to your nose?


Has anyone ever used bookmooch.com?

I just signed up for it today and added some books to my "inventory" and I already have requests from people who want them!

Any good/bad experiences from this site??

Also, recommend books! Post a picture of the cover if you want. Or a short description.
Bandit Driving

Bachlorette Party

My friend is getting married next month and is coming to visit right before her wedding. We're throwing together a bachlorette party for her, but I need ideas. There probably won't be any strippers. So any ideas or fun things you've done? I've never been to a bachlorette party.
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So, I was going to name my graphic design/invitation/stationary company Interrobang‽ Design Co., but someone already has that name and I am SO PISSED OFF omg.
So I am going with Holly Dolly Design, NYC.
Since I was going to use the interrobang as my logo:

What should I use as my logo now? I want something simple that I can make a stamp out of so I can emboss my stationary and business cards.

NEVERMIND, resolved. No, I'm not that stupid, I'm just tired and frustrated that I had come up with my logo and now I can't use it.

Also, do you have your own business? Have you ever? What do you/did you do?

What's your favorite type of cake? I'm enjoying red velvet right now.
green + tara

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I haven't checked out any new music in a while, so I was wondering:

Would you suggest some bands or really great songs for me to check out? I'll listen to anything and my tastes range from Phil Collins to Cannibal Corpse to Soundgarden and everything in between.
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Does Revolution excite you?

Have you ever dreamed of pitching a rock at a cop through a cloud of smoke in the name of justice?

How can I support Iran, short of flying there and checking my own rocks?

WIll they (Iran) run out of rocks?

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tqc, i am about to get on the exercise bike, but can't decide how long i should stay on it. therefore...

how long should i stay on the exercise bike?

10 minutes
20 minutes
30 minutes
40 minutes
50 minutes
60 minutes
all night, you lazy sod
some other length of time

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How would you feel if you found out your 16 year old daughter wore a strap-on out in public?

Edit: There were a bunch of 16-ish girls wearing strap-ons when I went to see Peaches this weekend. You could tell they thought they were ~edgy~ as fuck.

I wasn't offended, and my sensibilities are not delicate. Thanks.

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Where can I find the USA policy on bringing food/beverages into the US? (I'm looking to bring some snacks for friends from China). I tried looking on the TSA website and googling to no avail. Help me out? Found it!!

what have you snuck through security?
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How would you interpret a dream about not being able to breathe, and nobody notices?

Do you read a lot into your dreams? Do you think they mean something?

Or do you never really remember your dreams?

srs needed & non-srs for the lulz

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What's your favorite kind of cereal?
It used to be Kashi Autumn Wheat or Cinnamon Harvest, but I think I am all Kashied out and I have been eating a giant bag of Cocoa DynoBites (generic Cocoa Pebbles) lately.

What do you put in your scrambled eggs?
Either lots of browned butter and feta cheese, or some kind of cream cheese.

What is your favorite kind of bagel and what do you like to put on it?
Toasted everything with taylor ham and cheese OR toasted everything with scallion cream cheese OR toasted cinnamon raisin with plain cream cheese.

WHat are you looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to my bf being finished with his current dig this weekend so he'll be home for a couple weeks, and I'm looking forward to seeing one of my bffs at the end of July for the first time in more than a year!

What are you NOT looking forward to?
Not looking forward to bf leaving for another dig on the other side of the country in a couple weeks. :(

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In real life, do you know anyone with red hair?

In real life, do you know anyone with blond/e hair and blue eyes?

In real life, do you know anyone who is gay?

Are you close to any of the above people?

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1)Did you sleep through the night last night?

Yes, I did!

2)If you read webcomics, how do you read them? Go to the site, feeds,etc?

3)If you don't read webcomics,why?

I got out of the habit, and so I feel lost.

Nut cake?!?

I'm translating a menu and I have no idea how to translate this into an English that Americans would understand. The literal translation is "nut cake." Is there a better way to express this concept?

Big Love


Will you please post a link to or describe your favorite TQC post/thread/drama/whatever? I can't be the only one that saves links to the shenanigans in this place.

LOL Theory


And of course the legendary spur camping trip and that blowjob picture girl.
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Qs 4 U 2day

How do you measure success? Through money, things, happiness, friends? All of the  above?

What words or phrases do you have trouble saying or pronouncing (example: anemone)?
--I have a hard time saying "community day"...it comes out something like "communinny-nay"

Guys:  Why is it that every guy I know hates tomatoes?  Do you hate tomatoes? 
Girls:  While the guys I know HATE tomatoes, all the females I know could eat tomatoes like apples!  Are you the same way?

What's your favorite salad dressing(s)?
--I'm a fan of ranch and italian.

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Ugh, you guise. I just had one exam (it was administered online and I don't think I did TOO horribly), and I have another one in an hour. Needless to say, I AM STRESSED OUT because my grades in these two classes are based solely on exams (of which there are 4 and 3, respectively). What should I do this afternoon/evening to ~relax~ myself? Srs and non-srs.

Would it be a really bad idea to freeze some (delicious raspberry) wine in a waterbottle into a slushy and take it down to the pool with me and drink it and go swimming?

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Have you ever used the Iron Gym?

I just ordered one on Ebay for real cheap, as I've been needing a pullup bar for my home gym. I figure for $30 it's worth the gamble, but I'm still a bit uneasy about the "As Seen on TV" aspect of it.

Will you tell me some stories about times you bought something based on the advertisement that ended up falling miserably short?
How about stories of something you bought without expecting much from it, only to be pleasantly surprised?

If you don't care/don't have any experience, what's your favorite sport?
Watching: football, hockey, and lacrosse
Playing: football, baseball, and paintball

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Assuming that you have the time to do so, do you prefer to roll around/surf the net/luxuriate/snack/read in bed in the mornings, or do you leap out and get an aggressive start to your day? Sometimes when I don't have work it takes me like 6 hours to really get OUT of bed.

What is a brand of mint chocolate chip ice cream I can get in New England that doesn't taste like freaking toothpaste?
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I hate to be annoying...

How long are you supposed to wait into your wouldbe period before it's safe to take an hpt? Mine usually starts on Monday... but once in a blue moon it has waited till Wednesday... Right now it's tuesday morning, with no signs of a period, or cramps.

I was going to wait till late tonight after work.
Should I wait till tomorrow?

(Augh :/) 

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Are you addicted to any particular drug?
Do you know anyone who is addicted to a drug or drugs?
If yes to either, how do you deal with the situation?

On a lighter note...
What's your ideal activity on a beautiful sunny day?

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I apologize for posting again so soon, but this is really bugging me.

How do you select different user pics to use on different posts/responses? When I use the drop down menu to select a different one, all it gives me are numbers, which I have no real way of knowing which number goes to which picture.

Is there a way other than the drop down menu on the entry page that will show me the pictures so I can see which one I'm selecting, or list them by the comments that I've put on each one to tell me what's what?

Okay, got it.

So...what's the last stupid question you asked that ended up having a real "DUH" answer?


So after years of going back and forth I finally chose and name for my photography company/store.  It's Allie Oop Photography.   But now I'm stuck, I need to make my business cards, and I need to have something to put on the back of my greeting cards which I'm going to sell on etsy but for the life of me I can't come up with a design.  Can you guys help me come up with some ideas?!


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So, when they post the schedules every week at work, there is a little disclaimer at the bottom that says something to the effect of, "Clock-in and -out times may change due to .. the level of business." Or something.

But I keep getting to work (on time, mind you), and my GM tells me I'm not to clock in. I'm just to sit in the office, waiting for it to get busy, until I'm allowed to clock in. Disclaimer or no, this is bullshit, y/y? I mean, if he called and told me to stay at home for another hour, that'd be one thing, but..

Anyway, how should I go about handling this situation? My assistant managers all let me clock in when I get there, it's only my general manager I'm having this problem with.

Your space and face

As I'm sure this question has been asked, I will add more to it.

Do you have a Myspace/Facebook/other?
--I have both.

What do you like about it (the site in general, not your personal account)?  What do you hate about it?
--I hate how Myspace added apps and a chat just like Facebook.  I hate how Facebook is a fickle bitch and can't make up it's mind what kind of layout it wants.
--I don't like Myspace (then why do I have it?), and I like the quiz apps on Facebook because I get terribly bored at work.  Plus, I enjoy creeping on assholes from my high school, so I enjoy status updates (which usually include horrible grammar).

Do most of your friends have one as opposed to the other?
--Most of my friends have a Facebook, and I'm sure a good chunk of them have a Myspace, but I don't really care enough about my account to add them.

If you're on Myspace, how many bands are you "friends" with, approximately?
--I don't know...six?  Two of which are local bands I actually know people from.

If you're on Facebook, how many groups are you in, approximately?
--Psht...I lost track.

What could either of these websites do to improve?
--Myspace is a lost cause, I'd say.  And Facebook could add a "dislike" option.

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Will you post a funny political satire video/cartoon?

*mine's in the comments*

What is your favorite stupid movie to watch when you just feel like putting your brain in neutral, snacking, drinking, and just vegging out?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
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My kind-of-friend, like a really good acquaintance, invited me to her birthday party. However, I never thought she liked me THAT much and I don't really know her friends (she's in the grade above me). I'm almost positive it's not going to be a big party, maybe like 15 girls.
I'm probs not going to go but I'm kinda anti-social anyway. I'd just feel awkward among all these people that I don't really know...

If you were me, would you go?

What was the last socially awkward situation you were in?

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where is the best place to buy a decent mattress?

I've been looking at Overstock.com for a king size mattress. i'm also buying a bed from Room & Board. would it be better to buy the mattress from the same place i'm buying the bed or one of those places that only sells mattresses? i wasn't really sure if those places were rip offs or not.

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1. Do you throw away a frying pan when the non-stick coating starts sticking?

2. Do you know the difference between cyberpunk and steampunk?

3. Say, how 'bout that automatic computerized braking system on the DC Metro-rail?

Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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Has anyone read 'The Queens of K-Town' by Angela Mi Young Hur?

Is it worth reading?
If you haven't read it, can you recommend some books to me? Extra points for feminist or decent quality LGBT literature.
matthew wig

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I had the stomach flu Friday-Monday, started eating solid food Monday night. A coworker came in and brought homemade italian sausage and shared it with everyone. The smart thing would have been to say No, thank you. However, starving and delusional, I ate it. Hours later it's all I smell with all the garlic and spices mixed in and it's making me want to get sick all over again. I don't even eat much red meat to begin with, I was just darn hungry! How do I get rid of this smell ASAP? Ugh, it's disgusting.

And, what's the stupidest decision you've made recently?

What to do when you need lulz

So you're having a pretty shitty day, right? And you figure "some internets will help"...where do you go on these here internets to give you some lulz?

What websites provide constant lulification?

Also, have you noticed that I'm really bored today?  This is my third post.  I hate my job.

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For the married folks among us:

Do you celebrate/acknowledge the anniversary of when you first started dating in addition to your wedding anniversary? Or just your wedding anniversary?

If you aren't married/don't celebrate any of the above, will you tell us your first and middle names?
I'm Kathleen Megan.
I guess., greyskyparadise

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my housemate's boyfriend has been staying with me for almost three weeks, rent free, whilst his girlfriend and the other two housemates are away with university. this morning, the boyfriend came out of the room he's staying in and told me that I'm a bad housemate because I don't "respect the common areas". I feel like I can't really stand up for myself because I am the youngest (18) and he is 23ish.

tqc, 1, what does he mean by "respect the common areas"?
and 2, is he out of line? I didn't really say anything, but my fiance says I should have told him to shove it.
saint with dagger

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Answers are private. ETA: Just cuz.
1 being not lazy at all. 5 being really lazy.

What is your ideal sex-session length? Do NOT count foreplay, just sex. (If you're a lesbian, fingers & strap-ons count, but not oral.)

short & sweet (5-15 minutes)
in between (15-40 minutes)
marathon sex bb! (40-60 minutes)

Unrelated to the first question, how lazy do you consider yourself to be on a scale of 1-5?


Unrelated to the previous two questions, which of these do you enjoy?

carrots & ranch
smoked salmon
wearing hoodies
lying in the sun
washing your car
bleu cheese dressing
being pet-free
dead zone johnny & sarah

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On Thursday I'm going down to London by myself for 3 days. Since I'm by myself I've decided I might as well treat myself to a nicer hotel than I'd usually get. I've never been to London so I'm looking to do some sightseeing obviously.

Which one of these hotels look better in terms of being close to the main sites in London or better in terms of location?
I guess what I'm asking is, which of these two hotels would you rather stay in?

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For those of you that smoke cigarettes (or have in the past), was your first cigarette a clove or flavored cigarette?
What brand was your first cigarette?

Sorry I keep editing my post! Lol :)

Graduation gift card?

So my Little Sister is graduating from grade 8 tonight. I'm SO honored that she asked me to come to her graduation. Anyways I want to give her a card and I was thinking a gift card to somewhere. It will be a small gift as I'm unemployed but I'm not sure where to give it to. Any ideas?

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Suggestions for a brick-and-mortar store where I can find cute, cheap lingerie? Plz?

Specifics: the lingerie sections of the Target and Walmart near me both seem to be geared toward tiny little girls *and tiny little adult women (read: most of the bras there were 32 A or B)... I'm a 38C, which is not giant, so I'm looking for a bra that does not have giant ugly beige cups that come up to my neck, and does have some kind of push-up component. Oh and, this is for fashion rather than function, so it doesn't have to be seamless or invisible under clothes or whatever.

Plz? Halp? :(

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What's the best decorated room you've seen? Pics?
Is there any way you'd like to decorate a room someday?
I've always wanted to decorate a  bathroom with all sorts of old-school medical charts and equipment. I'd put little urine sample jars around, just for funsies. maybe as candle holders... Is that a bit much? Oh, and I would use this cabinet.

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Last week, I scored a second interview for this great job that I really wanted. Today, I found out I didn't get it :(

I feel shitty, and want some comfort food. What should I eat for dinner? It can be homemade or fast food.
Baro Bitch Stare
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Do you sing along to your music in the car?

In the shower?


Are you a good singer?

Do you laugh at the people who sing and dance/air guitar/drum in their cars?

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have you ever been featured in a tqc_drama write up?
yes, when i was a dumb-ass newb who thought trolling was cool.

what will you be eating at your next meal?
bbq chicken, cauliflower and broccoli, and brown rice.

ETA: here's my entry, and yes, i know i was a shithead: http://community.livejournal.com/tqc_drama/170490.html

1000 ways spike tv

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Ever have a deer hit the SIDE of you car (@ No Fault?)

Did you insurance rates go up at all?

Do you have a USB TV Tuner and record shows on your PC?

     Happy Tuesday.
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Do you participate in tqc_anon?

Do you add to the vitriol therein?

If you could have all the time you spent doing things which have very little real value (if any at all), such as watching TV and movies, masturbating to porn, or leaving vitriolic comments in communities, what would you like to use it to accomplish?

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I started volunteering at a library, and I figure when I'm not busy, I can read.
So, what books should I read? They have to be popular because the library is small. I also have to option of ordering books from another library.

What is your favorite movie/show based on a book?

Should I make some kind of dinner, or eat another popsicle?
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i left some smart ass replies on the mcdonald's personality test and they haven't called me back for a job.

how do i show them i mean business?

edit: well by smart ass replies i mean

they asked how difficult it would be for me to get a job if i don't get that one

i circled "difficult" and wrote "it's a recession eh"

edit: duh i applied other places. i fill out applications seriously and NO ONE calls. in interviews i'm relaxed and i make jokes and people love that. i've tried dumbing down my resume, putting all my experience on my resume, leaving college on, taking it off, different formats, cover letters, telling people i'm not going back to school, telling people i AM going back to school, applying at places i consider to be below mcdonald's, etc and i am STILL unemployed. so i don't have much to lose at this point by leaving a couple of haw haw replies on a job application.

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Do usernames that have misspelled words in them (either by accident or because the real version of the word(s) was taken) bother you as much as they do me?

What is something I can do with nearly a full wedge of brie? It's really big and I don't think I can just eat it all straight. I want to use as much as possible in one dish.

What movies from our local $2 movie theater should I watch next Tuesday (6/30/09)? Tuesdays are $1 instead of $2 but today I have something to do.

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So I skipped class to come eat pizza at my parents as I'm chowing down on an egg salad sandwich, I see my 1 yr old puppy, Bella chewing on something that looks like the wrapper off a package of meat. As I go to pull it out of her mouth, my mom screams and I realize I'm holding a bloody pad. I started screaming and dry heaving and that stupid bitch ran away and swallowed it whole.

Is my dog going to die?
Should I try to cast her in the next Twilight movie?
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i have a lightning bolt tattoo(just an outline-bout 2inchs long and 1inch wide) not sure if i like it all that much anymore even though it has sentimental value,what could i get tattooed around it to make it look prettier?

how do you cure colds? i have 1 that wont go away

do you like Jodi Picoult? if you've read "Handle With Care" did you think the last chapter ruined the book? or at least the last few pages?

Help me with my internet fail

I want either an LJ flist filter or preferably, something more universal, that shows all of the webcomics I follow on one nice page.

How do I do this?

ETA I know how to do a flist filter--how do I add webcomics to my flist? Some have LJ feeds linked on their page, but some don't.

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Are you a fan of Gatorade?
If so, have you had G2 yet? Can you tell the difference?


Going off the family questions from yesterday..
Is there something weird that your family does that even if you tried really hard to explain, almost no one would understand? If so..could you try?


If you're a vegetarian..have you had these yet?

If not, they're fucking AMAZING and you MUST try them!
Grammar love!

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Alright TQC. I am a college girl as of this coming fall (U of Illinois at Chicago). My major for now is computer science but I am gonna skedaddle out of that ASAP.


What would I be able to do (in terms of future jobs) with a BS in earth/environmental science with some sort of concentration (hydrology, etc)? Would it be better to do environmental engineering?

Hey, dietitians: will you describe your job to me? Is a bachelor's degree in dietetics worth it in ~this economy~? How about a master's?

I know these questions are Googleable, but it's really giving me no good results and the most recent statistic is from 2006 or so.

Thank you!
housewares, ash

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my friend decided to hate on me for seemingly no reason. i sent her a facebook message on saturday asking what i did wrong. today, she wrote on the walls of 3 people, but did not respond to my message. how much longer until i can officially give up on this friendship? (please, don't spew advice at me. i just want to know an amount in hours, days, weeks, etc).

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Which of these shirts should I get?
I'm thinking either the sleazy for weasley, hotter with potter, or black in the sack.

What are you allergic to?
My nose is really itchy right now and I don't know why :(

What size bed do you sleep in?

What's the last bitchy thing a "friend" has done to you?
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How can I make plain ol' steamed broccoli less.... boring? I put garlic butter on it sometimes, but the butter part is unhealthy and kind of defeats the purpose of steaming it in the first place.

What'd you have for dinner? I had sundried tomato sausage with penne, onion, moar sundried tomato, garlic and feta cheese, and... boring ol' steamed broccoli.

What was the last blast from your past that you experienced? I've been playing Hexic all day for the first time in probably 4 or 5 years.

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this has been stumping me and a friend for half of our roadtrip, soo...

why is it that in Iowa, mid-grade (89 octane) gas is anywhere from 8-10 cents cheaper a gallon than regular (87 octane) gas? and why is it that in colorado, the gas octanes go 85, 87, and 91, while in every state we've been in so far (nebraska, iowa, missouri, and kansas), they go 87, 89, and 91?
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Cadbury Creme Egg

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It's my friend's 30th birthday this week. For her gift, I have a scarf (it's pretty plain; it's cotton and a gorgeous shade of yellow) and I'm going to ger her a cute pair of earrings or a nice necklace. Do you think this is enough? I don't want to over-spend but it is her 30th birthday; I'm worried that earrings and a scarf might seem kind of boring. Should I get her something else? If so, what? (Keep in mind we're going out to a bar to celebrate, so I'll buy her drinks and stuff).

What's the last gift you bought someone?

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So, I'm watching that show about the Duggar family (they have a million kids), and apparently, "the Duggars don't dance." They aren't allowed to dance?? Why?

ETA: Holy jesus, I didn't know dancing leads to sex. Good to know.

What was the last song you danced to? And how exactly did you dance?
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My boyfriend said I should have watched a certain act on America's Got Talent tonight but I was outside. It was of some 100lb girl and 240lb guy together, it was towards the end of the show.
Where can I find a video of it, or is it too soon?
eknock, Ash

I'm so damn bored

Has anyone tried 5's new gum evolve/zing (it's evolve in Canada)? If so, what did you think of it?

I just bought it tonight, and...it's... soapy?! Bleh. :(

What is your favorite kind of gum?

Bubblemint. I always buy it in bulk.

What is your favorite color?


Also, recommend good icons/icon websites?


Has anyone used the Purex 3-in-one laundry sheets?
If so how well did it clean your clothes, did it work well in the dryer, and would you recommend them to others?
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Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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My friend is having his birthday party in a club next Monday.  The invitation said "Dress to impress."  I've never been clubbing in my life.

Can you give me ideas of what a girl would wear to a club?

EDIT: I'm 5'10", 170 and curvy, but definitely don't have the body to wear anything slinky and sexy.
hate pimentos

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I just had a smallish bowl of Edy's Slow-Churned French Silk ice cream.  I desperately want more, but I will get horribly sick if I do, as I am lactose intolerant.  Should I eat some more and endure the constipation and gas sure to come?

Is there a food that you react badly to, but you love it so you eat it anyway?  What is it?
[Merlin] - Gwen

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do jeans from Gap stretch out a lot? I bought a pair tonight for $50 because they fit pretty much perfectly, but I'm afraid that they'll stretch out and get kind of baggy like most of my Old Navy jeans.

what SPF sunscreen do you use?

(no subject)

If a close friend you keep in touch with daily over the phone and internet went MIA without warning, how much time would have to pass before you got worried? What would you do once you got worried?

AVG Inept

I just used AVG Anti-Virus Free for the first time ever today and after it did a scan of the whole computer it says "122 warnings" and lists all these potential threats. What do I do now? I'm given the option of "remove selected infections" or "remove all unhealed infections" and I have no idea what either of those mean.

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I have an interview tomorrow for a bartending position at a new bar opening up near my apartment. A friend of mine told me about the opportunity, he is a applying as well. We were both told to stop by between 12 and 3:30 for an interview...

Would it be inappropriate/unprofessional if we went together?
What should I wear? How professional or not should I dress for a bartending job??
I also know someone who has worked for these guys at a different bar they own, and he says he is in good standing with them as they have just asked him to return and work for them, is it a good idea to name drop?

Wish me luck! I need the money badly!
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don't you judge me!


so during pedicures my friend at school, mike, started singing different songs but changing the words to make them about rimming [he's gay].

so we've been thinking of more and more songs that work when you change certain words to any form of "rim".

such as "whoaaaa you're halfway there... whoaaaa rimmin' on a prayer."
or "you can rim if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, 'cause your friends don't rim, and if they don't rim, then they're no friends of mine."
or "you are an obsession, you're my obsession, who do you want me to be to make you rim with me?"

and many other hits.

what are some other good ones?

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do you ever get motion sickness? have you ever used one of those breathing apparatuses on airplanes?

i got it real bad tonight coming home. i got a foot tattoo and it hurts like the dickens too. jtysk.