June 22nd, 2009

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tqc, i have a brand new bottle of pineapple rum. i do not have any mixers. what should i do?

note: the grocery store is 15 minutes away, but i have permission to use my parents debit card for grocery purchases.

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I heard that on women, their index finger is longer than their ring finger, and on men their index is shorter than their ring. Is this correct for you?

Mine are mostly even if I look at the back, but from my palm, my index is longer.

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Do you ever get really stuffed up or sinus headaches after you've been crying for a long time? Or is my face just weird?

My puppydog's legs are twitching and she is making a really strange noise between a howl, a moan and a growl. What kind of animal is she dreaming about chasing?

What's the last movie you watched at (your or someone else's) home/on your (or someone else's) computer?
I just finished watching Definitely, Maybe. It was adorable.

How about in theaters?

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I don't have HBO, so I couldn't watch True Blood tonight, and when I tried to download the torrent, it tells me that at the rate it's downloading, it'll take forty-three weeks to finish.  I could wait until there are more people seeding the file, but I need instant gratification! Youtube doesn't show anything either. Is there another site where I can watch the new True Blood episode without having to sign up for offers?  Found, thanks! :D

and, on another topic:

what was the last standardized test you took? how did you do on it?

I took the LSAT earlier this month, and I haven't gotten my score back, but I think I did well!

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Answer me honestly, am I being ridiculous for trying to reach a reasonable 'limit' on what goes on at my fiance's stag party? His friends want to have strippers and I'm alright with that. We've gone to clubs before, I've bought him a lapdance, no problem. This isn't a jealousy thing.

It's more that his friends want to take it from fun to raunchy and filthy. Instead of just strippers, they want the strippers that go to town on each other and serve 'cooter shooters'. I don't think that's appropriate when my brother is in the wedding party and attending and both of our dads will be there as well.

Am I being too uptight or do I have a point? If I'm being crazy, I'll honestly back off but I'm usually up for anything but this just seems like a bad idea.
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Do you drink with your pinky lifted?
I do. I'm not sure why.

If you could only drink one drink forever, what would it be?
Pineapple soda is pretty awesome stuff.  <3

Do you buy name brand things over generic ones? How often? What things will you only or absolutely won't buy generic?
I don't mind buying generic things, like sodas, paper towels, or chili.  I actually like generic chili better than the brand names.  xD
We get a few generic things everytime we go to the store.  It's cheaper sometimes... sometimes generic is more expensive than the good stuff.  D:

I won't buy generic deodorant/antiperspirants.  I tried some one time just to see if there was a difference, and a friend pointed out that it doesn't, work very well.

I minimized my text so you can avoid reading it if you only want to answer the questions.  <3
Let me know if it's too small if you do want to read it.  ^^


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hey hope someone can help me. I just got a new desktop computer and I would like to transfer everything over from my old to the new. the old one doesnt work but it still has alot of my music and pics and I would like to keep it all. I was hoping that i wouldnt have to bring it to best buy to do it. Can someone tell me what to do?
SVU wtf?
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Why is Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family right now? It's supposed to be Gilmore Girls! >:(

Now that my morning routine has been completely ruined, should I shower or get another cup of coffee while my son is napping?
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It's a pretty much universally-accepted fact that mothers are craaaazy.
In what ways is your mom craaaaazy?

What is your favorite kind of beer?
I discovered this past weekend that I actually ENJOY Yuengling! It's the first beer that I didn't make a face at after I took a sip.

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What is your concept of quality in a pre-school and what methods would you use to achieve it?

I need help answering this question for a job application, I don't exactly understand what it means. Maybe I'm overthinking it.

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Don't you hate thinking of something while you're falling asleep, then forgetting it by morning?

Does anyone else think The Secret Life of the American Teenager should be named differently? I think it's too generalized.

What should I have for breakfast/brunch/lunch?

ETA: Are there any websites/software/something that I can make a task list on, that has pop-up reminders?

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Looking for...

Say you worked for a theater company, and you were doing a production of "The Full Monty", and you needed to find a sink, two toilets, and two urinals for use as set pieces.

Where would you look and/or who would you call? I'm at a loss. We obviously don't want to buy news ones as that's expensive and they clearly don't need to actually work. Someone suggested I call a plumber but I feel that they would just laugh at me.
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Will you please tell me your stories about bad landlords/apartment management companies?

After being without hot water for a week, I'd like to hear what other people have gone through (which I know may be far worse).
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My laptop's keyboard is apparently failing. I've had this computer for only a year and a month. :( It was kind of overly expensive, my family gave it to me as a graduation gift.

Do you suppose I can get it fixed, or is it probably going to be fucked?

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My Winamp does not play m4a. files at all. I have uninstalled and redownloaded it many times to correct this but it does not help.

Is there anyway I can mass convert all my m4a. files to mp3 files? I hate doing it individually because it takes forever! 

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I have a few random Visa gift cards with small amounts left on them. Combined they'd be good to buy something somewhere I'm sure, but I don't know where online I can use multiple cards. I remember doing it in the past, but have no idea what website accepted multiple forms of payment. I thought Amazon, but that's not right. Any idea where I can use these Visa gift cards online?

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What size bed do you sleep in?
Do you make it up everyday?
What pattern/color/etc are your sheets?
Will you show us a picture of it?
*Bonus points if there are stuffed animals visible*

If you don't care/are creeped the hell out by my being so interested in your bed:

This is my To-Do list for the week (so far). I have time to do any two of these after work today. Which two should I knock out on the first day?

- Laundry
- Clean both bathrooms
- Cut grass
- Clean garbage can
- Wash motorcycle
- Was/vacuum car

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my boyfriend and i are moving in to a house together in a few weeks, and i wanted to know if anyone has any good luck superstitions for new homes or new marriages. we're not getting married, but i don't think there are any old wives tales regarding living in sin, so substitute new marriage charms.
I know about burning white sage, salt, and a new broom, but if anyone has any other good luck charms i would appreciate it.

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My fiance and I have some extra money now on account of my new job. He wants to take me out on a fancy fancy date and I'd rather we split what we have to spend and each get something we want! He says there's nothing he wants right now but to spend money on me.

How bad would it be for me to say 'ok get me something pretty!' and then still use my half to get myself the art supplies I want?!
Should we just go out on the date instead because in three days I'll get fed up of my deteriorating art skills and throw a fit??

What are you munching on right now? I'm feeling a little peckish...

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Do you think that sex is still majorly instinctual in humans? Like, if it weren't shoved in our faces by the media and if our parents never *talked* to us about it, would we still be able to figure out what goes where, etc.?

lol why is the dad in Kung Fu Panda a duck?

ETA: Why are there a million gnats in my bathroom?? What could POSSIBLY be so attractive about my bathroom to them??? >:(

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One of my neighbors is cooking something with grilled onions. I should go stand on my neighbor's porch looking sad and hungry right?

If you like Oreos what's your favorite version? We like Fudgees, Dulce de Leche, candy cane and strawberry best.

Does anyone ever really use swim fins? I see these every so often with the goggles/nose & ear plugs at the store. EDIT: Like flippers not the inflatable arm things or the rings for floating on the surface.

I have asthma. Do you have asthma or other breathing difficulties? Ever worry about emphysema?

What names beginning with K do you like?

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Which actor or actress would you go gay for?  If you're bisexual, give me one of each.  If you're gay, who would you go straight for?

--I'm bi, so Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.  Call me unoriginal, but they've been my favorites since...forever.

What is your favorite internet meme or macro? Post here.

--I am at work, so I am unable to do this, since all of mine are saved on my home computer.

When you were little, what kind of things did you do when you played pretend (alone or with friends)? Details are nice!

--My best friend and I used to play in my back yard.  Her pretend name was Emma Smith and mine was Rachel Bonza.  Back story was that she was in a car accident and killed me (accidentally) and I came back from the dead and kept trying to kill her.  We were in like...second and third grade when we did this, so we were really violent children.  Another game we had was when we pretended to have super powers that controlled the elements (air, water, earth, fire) and our "names" reflected those powers, but I don't remember what those names were :\
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I have my final psychology exam in a few days and I've been kind of neglecting the subject because of a massive work load in another subject.

What is the best way to study/cram at the last minute? What do you do? Does it work?
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My cups and glasses smell bad, like fish or something. No matter how much I wash them or soak them they stink. Google fails me. I do not have a dishwasher, everything I find is about deodorizing the dishwasher.

What can I do?
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I am an intern. Today my older coworker, who works in the same room as me, told me that I smell bad and it is interrupting her ability work. Apparently I smell like I have not showered or am wearing dirty clothes, and this is unprofessional and unacceptable and needs to not happen again. I agree with this idea, in general, except that after I was told this I immediately ran to the bathroom to cry and call my boyfriend and best friends to ask if, HONESTLY, I smelled bad. They all unanimously said no, and that aside from occasionally stinky feet, they cannot recall an occasion of me smelling bad. I obsessively sniffed myself and concluded that I did not smell anything bad. I am chewing gum, so it is not my breath, and I am wearing perfume and deodorant, so it is not my body odor. I genuinely have no idea what this "bad smell" is that only my coworker seems to have smelled.

My questions, TQC:

1. Do I ask other coworkers if they think I smell bad?
2. What could this mysterious smell be?
3. Is my coworker just being needlessly rude? (she did try to be nice about it, I think)
4. What would you do in this situation?


So I am currently playing Pokemon Platinum & I am having trouble deciding what to evolve my EEVEE into...

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TQC, what should I evolve my eevee into? Usefulness is important but so is cuteness.

Also, what is your favorite pokemon?

Venture Brothers question

What is the song that plays during the opening scene of the first episode of the second season of Venture Brothers. The song that plays while Dr. Venture keeps trying to escape from Brock and eventually gets tagged in the rave.

(Post was edited because my roommates are dicks and give me wrong information. Also because I found the answer. Aquagen featuring Rozella.)
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How long does it take to travel 99 miles in a car if you are going on an average of 70 miles per hour?
ETA: EXACTLY how long, in minutes =D

How easy or hard was that question for you?
What is/was your best subject in school?
Favorite class?
Do you have a degree?
If so, what's it in?
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I'm flying out of LAX tomorrow and have seemingly forgotten all of the flight regulations. Has the TSA lifted the ban on liquids yet? I really don't have 200-300 to replace everything if they make me throw it out :(

Your last "oh my god did I really" moment?
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Girly question- Does where you are in your cycle effect how much you need to pee? I need to pee twice as much a few days before my period starts.

General- Grad school, waste of time and money or no?

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I need to get a wireless broadband card for my laptop. I already have a plan and broadband card, and it's a flat $60 a month for the plan. To get a new, upgraded card, I need a new plan, and they charge $60 a month plus 5 cents for every 5MB over 5G transferred. I use the internet on a nightly basis and usually more during the school year. Will I go over 5G a month? This is a new thing and I don't quite understand it.



I am getting a lot of spam replies back on Craigslist!   I have posted 3 ads in the past 2 days and If I email the reply it comes back with spam-bot shit. Anyone else getting this?  ...
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Poll #1419735 Fun with definitions

'Barrel Roll' is ______?

A pastry made popular in 17th century England, its recipe circulated among coopers (barrel makers), giving it its name
A phrase originating from the 80s. If someone was playing Donkey Kong and hopping the barrels well, they're on a 'barrel roll'. Since then the term implies success as in 'you're on a roll'
A kind of tumble
A character from the Guns of the Navarone. Sergeant Clyde 'Barrel' Roll
A racing maneuver, commonly used in stock car racing. It means to crowd another car to the wall.
All of the above definitions are correct
None of the above definitions are correct, you filthy whore-mouthed liar
I really don't understand the question. Please speak slower

A rose by any other name

Is a rename token a waste of money? I mean it's "just a name", right? But I'm tired of my username and want it to be something that doesn't have an underscore and stuff.

Should I rename? I already have an idea of what I would rename to.

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TQC, my friend just ordered our tickets to go a midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! And some of the stuff I've been waiting for came in the mail today! What was the last thing that made you feel really happy/excited?

If you're a party-pooper and haven't been happy or excited about anything lately, what's your favorite not-water beverage?

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I stay at my boyfriend's house sometimes because he lives a block away from my school. He and his brother are going out tonight and leaving while I'm still in class, so BF offered to buy dinner for me and drop it off. I told him I had a short break at 7. How bratty is it of me to be kind of pissed that he didn't come by because he was too busy playing video games?
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Ow fuck. I just sneezed really forcefully and felt this stabbing pain inside my left ear that started snaking down the side of my face. The pain is gone but if I try to pop my ear it just..won't and it feels like there's something wet in there. Or a piece of cotton or something. Tqc wtf? What does this sound like? I know it's lol health problem post to the internet

Where do you turn when something is wrong, even if you know it isn't the best choice?
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Are humans inherently smart or inherently stupid unintelligent?

Would you please share a positive customer experience with me -- one where you're not the customer?

ETA: Why does the sound on YouTube videos not play for me in Firefox or Chrome, but only in IE?
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Why is livejournal broken for me?

Replies are not attaching to comments anymore. They are all just posted one after another, in order.
Here is an example (warning, it's huge). What could be causing this? I have the Greasemonkey LJ Expand thing installed, but it's never done this before.

If you don't know, what's a show I should be watching?

Food, glorious food

Inspired by all the recent food posts.

You know when you have places you go to where you order the exact same thing every single time and never anything different? Where are those places and what are those food items?

At my favorite Indian restaurant I have never ordered any main dish except mushroom masala. I would like to try something else but I would miss the mushroom masala too much.

I go to a bagel place that has a three salad deal and I pretty much always get hummus, a tomato/cucumber salad, and then something else.
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TQC, why does my browser keep twitching/tweaking-out all weird? Everytime I go to load another page, the address bar and toolbars blur-together and kind of twitch. if that makes any sense.

is it because I have IE? I hate IE.

what was the last issue your computer gave you?

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I just found an unopened pack of gum in an old pair of shoes I'm using for a project.
I don't know either.

What's the coolest/weirdest/best/worst thing you've ever found in an article of clothing?
Bundled lavender

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i applied for a job a month ago. i didn't get an interview even though i fit all the qualifications and beyond.

over the past week, i've completely redone my resume, updating it with my current job and all my responsibilities (i even bought a resume book to make it the best resume i could). i'm checking monster.com just now and i saw the same exact job posted again.

should i apply again? i'm conflicted because my resume is way better now, but they rejected me last month.


Where can I see fireflies, and at what time of year? How long does firefly season last?

We don’t get them in SoCal.

Also, are there states aside from Alaska that you can see the aurora borealis from?

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It's summer and I don't have anything to do, anything planned out. I'd like to take up something on my own over the summer. I am an economics major. What do you think would be interesting for me to put my efforts in, to start learning over the summer? Something that would eventually look good in my resume, as well. I'm not looking into doing something for the sole sake of my career, of course I wanna do something I'd also enjoy. :). I'm at a loss, very motivated and bored. Suggestions?

Also welcome: other suggestions for what the heck I should do with myself with no money, sea and friends over the summer! 


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I took an course of live typhoid vaccine capsules orally in August 2007--would the vaccination still be effective now, or should I go through another course? My google-fu is failing me because it's giving me different answers. :\ Some say 2 years, some say 3, some say 4 or even 5.

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There's an interesting (to me, at least) open lecture at my college tomorrow that I'd like to attend, by a professor from the US.  The problem is that I thought it would be held in the big lecture hall, but it's in one of the smallest. I thought I'd go and 'blend in', but now that I know 'everyone' will see me, I'm kind of unsure. I mean, most of the people coming will be either my professors, professionals or grad school students, all old(er). None of the younger students will be attending, as far as I know.

Will I look like a fool in front of all those 'old' people if I go there to listen to this person talk about the 'big stuff' that I may not even understand?

Yeah, I'm full insecurities, tqc. lol.

How would you feel/what would you do?


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Anyone else think the new Futurama cartoons just flat-out suck?

The writers should go snu-snu themselves

Edit: it's really painful to watch. It makes Three and a Half Men look like Monty Python by comparison
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Should I take the job (hostess) I was offered at a nearby pub?  My mom says it would be a good experience but I'm afraid that I won't be outgoing enough.
Also, should I eat?  I feel like it's too late (10:36pm) but I'm somewhat hungry.
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Ring a bell?

I saw a synopsis of this play a few months back. Since then I have been trying to find out what's the title of the play and more information about it, to no avail.

The play is about a girl who witnessed her family or father being murdered when she was a kid. She then spent her whole life tracking down the murderer, but when she finally confronts him/her, she discovers that she might have completely misinterpreted what happened that night her family was murdered, and that her father might have been the villain instead of the murderer.

Does this sound familiar to you? I would love to find out what play this is.
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Do any of you use Newser? (If not I really recommend checking it out: http://www.newser.com)

Newser Users- do you feel like the summaries have gotten crappy the past few days? (I feel like the pop up summaries dont do a good job lately, and neither do the 2 paragraph summary pages. i find myself skipping lots of stories cuz the pop-up doesnt give me a good enough idea what theyre about!)

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When will I see you again?

What are some good bins or boxes I can buy or browse online for many small objects? I need some kind of modular bin system for all my jewelry, makeup, pigment samples, glitter jars, beads, etc. I am going crazy with this ridiculous chaos in my home.

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I plan to wear the following style dress tomorrow for a group picture. I don't have any colored jewelry and I'm not sure what shoes to wear. Would it look stupid to wear a dress like the picture below with the shoes below? I have some simple black heels, but I didn't know if changing the shoes could add color, and I don't have colorful heels.

Collapse )

Plus, I'll be on my feet all day tomorrow...
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For anyone who watches Law & order: SVU, wtf happened to the new DA? I've been watching most of the episodes on my DVR and she just sort of disappeared and Cabot suddenly came back. For that matter, what happened Casey Novak too? I usually keep right up with the show but I got lost this season.

If you don't watch/don't care, do you think its obnoxious or irresponsible to constantly try to donate at blood drives when you already know that they can't take your blood?
(Inspired by an old college roommate who used to march down to the blood drive in our dorm, every quarter, after telling me that this time, she would 'trick them into taking her blood this time' then throw a huge scene when they denied her)

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Background info for the question below:
I'm sure that it is 100% psychological, but I have issues with drinking water and needing to go to bed after being "triggered" to do so.
Essentially, if I read the words "sleepy", "tired" "fatigued", "exhausted", etc., I suddenly get extremely tired, and feel like I HAVE to go to sleep.  This also happens when I am watching a movie and the character/s go to bed.  Same thing with drinking water - the words "thirsty", "dehydrated", "water", etc., makes me need to drink a bunch of water.  I was just watching a movie where a woman is drinking water, and I actually had to get up and get water from the fridge, because I suddenly felt very thirsty.
*No, for those of you who are inevitably going to ask, this reaction does NOT occur with needing to use the bathroom*

So, for my question:
Does anyone else experience this?

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What was the last mistake you made?

I dyed my hair from pink back to brown and I really miss it.  And now I can't go back because I think if I bleach it again it'll fall out!
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