June 21st, 2009

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My boyfriend is currently abroad in Europe, and I am in the states. Last Saturday, he went on a trip to visit older-generation extended family and was internetless for a few days, and on Thursday, when he got back, he messaged me on skype and gchat. I was in a pissy mood, so I didn't reply to either summons. The next day, I find, due to the fact that I have a secondary AIM screen name that no one knows about with a duplicate buddy list, that he has blocked my primary screen name on AIM. He has not, however, blocked me on skype. Yet when I send him a message, he doesn't reply. Granted, it is 1 am on a Friday night and he's the sort who leaved his internet on whether he's there or not, so I figure fine, he might be out. He does have an "away" sign on. Then I attempt to talk to him on skype again the next day at 10 pm his time (perhaps more reasonable, although it is Saturday and he might, again, be out), and he doesn't respond.

How reasonable is it to assume that it's over between us? If it is, why would he block me on one medium of chat and not another? We have had problems about a month ago, as we were of different minds as to where the relationship is and where it should be going, but since then we've resumed our normal level of communication, and had been chatting online and on video several hours a day, until his trip this week.

Should I 1) continue trying to talk to him on skype, 1a) tell him, on skype, that I know he blocked me on aim and ask him, point-blank, what the deal is, 2) IM him on AIM with a different screen name, 3) call him at home 4) do nothing and move on.

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Inspired by the nail-biting post...

What's your worst habit?
Have you ever tried quitting?

I've got a few: cracking my knuckles, picking at the scar tissue around my industrial piercing, popping or picking at pimples. I've tried to stop the zit-popping, but somehow I always find myself going at it again. :(

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dear tqc,

Tonight, I made spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. PROBLEM IS, I made WAY more frosting than I did cupcakes...
What should I do with my leftover cream cheese frosting?!
(ps, the answer is not 'cream cheese frosting is disgusting' because I know for a fact that that is incorrect)

...while we're on the "what should i do with my leftover stuff" theme,
I do crossword puzzles. Daily, in the morning paper. I'm a little neurotic, and I don't like to throw away things that I put effort into/felt accomplished after doing, so I tend to keep the finished ones...and consequently, I have a whole pile of completed-crosswords. Can you think of anything fun/creative/crafty a person could do with old crossword puzzles?
(while the obvious answer would be "put them in the trash" i'd totally try something more interesting first)

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I have an asymmetrical hair cut, and its grown out and looks kinda odd. the short side is to my shoulder and the long side to my collarbone. should I cut it to be even, or should I wait until the short side is longer?
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if you dont care, when was the last time your best friend beat the hell out of you?
charlsrie gave me a bruise on my head.

this ship is fun!

Tattoos and the Aquiring Thereof.

I want to get a tattoo. It will be my first. I've been thinking about it for years, working out what I really want on my body for the rest of my life, and have finally made up my mind and determined to do it. I've done some research and found a tattoo artist in town who's work I like and believe will do a good job with what I want (she won Best Tattoo Artist three years in a row in a local paper). But I am not familiar with how tattoo parlors work. If I want to set up an appointment with her, can I just walk in the door? Should I call instead, or perhaps send her an e-mail directly? The tattoo I want would be a custom job, so I assume there will be a sort of pre-appointment where we I tell her what I want and she works out a drawing I like. Can I expect to get the tattoo directly afterward, or is a second appointment made? I'm probably over thinking this, I'm sorry.

Also, show me cool pics of your tattoos, if you have them, or cool tattoos you've seen, or whatever. I can't sleep.
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Which Transformers series did you enjoy on television?

G1 (regular Transformers)
Beast Wars
Beast Machines
The New One
something else
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1. I can't decide. Is "Canada, eh?" a good name for an indie rock band or just a bad, bad, one?

2. Who are some of your favorite pop artists, that is, creators of modern art, comics, cartoons and what not? Could you post an example of their works?

(I worship the ground that Jamie Hewlett and Jaime Hernandez walk on.)

edit: Outside of "Therapy?", "Does it offend you, Yeah?" and "!!!" are there any other bands that end with punctuation? I can't think of any others.

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TQC, it is nearly 5AM, i have a vicodin in me, my wisdom tooth holes hurt, and i am freaking HUNGRY.

what kind of food do you want RIGHT NOW?
should i go get some mickey d's? i am willing to suffer picking food out of my gums with tweezers if only i get something into my tummy.

ETA: i just made some scrambled eggs and all is well. TY, bbs!

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let's say you or your wife can't conceive, so you get in vitro. about a month later, you find out that there's a small chance that they might've implanted someone else's embryo, and, when the baby is born, the baby is very obviously a different race than either you or your partner. what do you do?

i'm watching a dramatized show where this happened, and the lady that gave birth refuses to give the baby back and refused to do dna testing and is going to beg the courts to let them keep the baby. the show isn't over yet so i don't know how it ends.

eta: the baby eventually went back to the genetic parents, with one of the reasons being the baby needs to be with his genetic parents because they're the same race and the same culture etc.
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Is your father still alive?

If not, how does Father's Day make you feel?


I'm just kind of bummed out this morning, thought I'd take a shot at seeing if anyone's in the same boat as I.

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Have you ever
acted out part of a proverb or saying? Which one/s?

I've swung a cat. I was 3 and I still feel guilty about it. At least here was more than enough room to swing a cat, I suppose.
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If you are someone's mistress, what do you call the married person you are dating?

Does sneezing sap your energy? Not from the effort of the sneeze, just the energy all seems to drain out of you?

What things would cause a scandal if you were to become a politician?
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I've been craving Kraft mac and cheese for about a week.  Today I made some, ate five bites and gave the rest to my dog. 
What's the last thing tqc craved that didn't live up to the hype?
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Where do you hold the steering wheel when you drive?

The most comfortable position for me is to rest my left elbow on the door handle and place my hand on the bottom of the wheel, with my right hand in my lap.

lost my hat

Happy Father's Day!

The economy isn't treating me so bad, so far, but it's only a matter of time given my state has hit the big 11.5% of unemployment levels. Still, all in all, I'm manging to scrape by with what I need for me and mine. My field of work pays better than it should but there is a level of boredom to it that I need to amuse myself sometimes. Like in the following question: is this anywhere near annoying as I think it is?
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at what point in your life did you realize you're not invincible?
you people suck. I didn't mean it in a literal sense. it was more or less, at what point in time did you realize "holy fuck, I cannot face this" or along those lines. what made you start to question existence.

alternatively: what age did you begin to question your existence?

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How hot is it today?
We hit pleasantly balmy 104* F today in FL.

How badly does it suck that our awesome new bed is being delivered next weekend, but that I'm not allowed to sleep in it 'til after the wedding, which is 6 weeks away? (She says that it can't be used at all until it's by both of us.)

Will you please recommend some good sex background songs for me? We're taking an iPod and a docking station on our honeymoon cruise, so I need some good music to load up for it. I need good sweet, romantic stuff...and some wild rough stuff. So...what do you recommend?

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When putting away clothes that you hang, do you put all the clothes on hangers, then hang them up, or do it one item at a time? Or perhaps you do groups?

I do groups because I have so many shirts. First I do tank tops, then short sleeves, then long sleeves, and finally scrubs. Those all get organized by color on my bed before hanging.

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Hey question clubbers,

Do any of you speak/write Persian? I am trying to find the translation for 'Sister' but it is proving problematic as i keep getting ones that when I translate them back they give me The World, Nurse, His Sister etc.....any help would be appreciated.
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I want to watch a musical. What should I watch?

Do you like musicals? 

Does someone want to lend me the energy to go ice the cakes I made my dad? I do still have to make the icing, keep that in mind.

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About a year ago, a married US senator had an affair with a woman on his staff named Cynthia Hampton, and it was announced to the press last week. The woman's husband said "The actions of Senator Ensign have ruined our lives and careers and left my family in shambles".

How much of the life-ruining and family-shambles is the fault of Senator Ensign, and how much is the fault of Mrs. Hampton? Was it a nine month affair, or nine months of forced sex?

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Hello TQC. Tis a Father's day Post.

1.) Will you please post a picture of your dad?

2.) What is your favorite thing about your dad? Least favorite?

3.) If you hung out with your dad today, what did you do?

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my mother and sister went on a trip to Europe 10 days ago and we haven't heard from them at all. it's making me a little nervous because it's unexpected behavior; my sister hasn't called to talk to her kids in all that time. I can't help but be fearful of potential bad things.

2 questions:
1. what bad thing you were worried about really came true? How bad was it?

2. will you make up a story as to what happened to them? (non-serious)

this is my way of coping with the unknown.
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Let's say you've been together with a significant other for a very long time. More than 5 years.

What, if anything, would be a late-term deal breaker that you would uncompromisingly end the relationship for?
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Ipod/Zune/Something else??

What would you say is the best (value for money) video mp3/mp3/whatever player?

Things to consider: I'm not a huge fan of Apple, and I have a 20gig Sony MP3 player I've owned for years that isn't full. I just want to be able to watch movies while running on the treadmill.
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How do I remove the screen from my window? It's reeeally old so it doesn't have those screwy things on either side.

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ETA: I enjoy funny comments as much as the next person but serious/helpful answers would be ideal.
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How many people who went to school with (high school or college) have died so far? How old are you?

I ask because at least 6 kids that were at my small (less than 2000 people) college the same time as me are dead already and I'm 25.
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What is something you thought you lost for good then found, by some stroke of luck?
Last year, I thought my dog had eaten my nana's diamond earring...I searched poo for weeks. My mom just came into my room and found it in the vacuum cleaner pipe downstairs (central vac). The setting is gone, but the diamond still looks flawless. I am so stoked right now!

What magazines do you subscribe to?
Shape, Self, and Real Simple

Are there any magazines that you buy regularly, that you don't subscribe to?

Lady Gaga: Love her, leave her, or loathe her?
Love her music, loathe her lack of pants/over the top style
Legal drug quatresprincess at greatestjo

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For my mom's Birthday/Mother's day I spent about $100, for my dad's Birthday/Father's Day I spent about $50, is that unfair of me?

Do you typically spend more on your mom or dad?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, do you think it'll be great, stupid, or just 2 hours of Megan Fox's ass and Explosions?

Favorite mixed drink using Vodka?

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How's your day goin'?
Meh. I'm wicked tired. I stayed up til three watching movies

Does anything on your body hurt?
Yes. My knee. :(

Do you still like toy stores (like Toys R Us)?
Ugh. No.

its raining

i'm feeling rather bummed today. due to a handful of things.

SO.... should i give up my dreams and become a stay at home mom with billions of children? (not saying thats a bad thing.. i'm just saying it's not what i want for my life)
What should I do with my life?

What are you doing with YOUR life? Is it what you wanted when you were younger?

most importantly.. if things aren't what you wanted when you were younger.. are you happy where you are?

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1. Could you recommend an image hosting site that has free unlimited bandwidth?

2. I'm in a community that is made up of picture posts (we post what we find at thrift stores and whatnot). In that type of community, is it annoying/bad net manners to post a massive picture post (like 70 pictures)? Should I break it up and do half another time?

3. What is the most unusual thing you own?

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Questions about subscriptions:
1. What are your favourite blogs to read?
2. To which RSS feeds do you subscribe?
3. What is your favourite magazine?

Questions about travel:
1. Have you ever been to Norway, particularly Oslo? Any suggestions on things to do and see?
2. Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Any suggestions there?
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People laugh when I tell them I don't drink coffee much because I'm annoying when I'm on caffeine. Why do they laugh? I'm serious.

How do you feel about coffee?

What are you like when caffeinated?

Do you often drink tea? What types?

Edit:How do you post a facebook linky thing with a youtube clip?

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Is mac and cheese the American term for macaroni cheese? As in small tubes of pasta with a cheesy goo on it?

 Due to the amount of Sims talk here, I think you guys might be able to help....
My sim seems unable to cook proper meals. He will prepare anything until it goes into the pan, then he seems unable to put it on the stove. If I ask 'continue cooking' he will pick it up and put it straight back down. Why is this happening?

Pregnancy Question

Is it possible for someone to get pregnant while having an IUD in, if they forgot to replace it after the 1-year mark?

*background, if needed*:
I have an IUD in, I was supposed to get it replaced in April. (I didn't)  My OB/GYN said that that would make it at least somwhat less effective (but I don't know if it's been rendered completely useless).  I have not had a period in about 4 months, even though I still had regular periods while the IUD was in BEFORE April.

Please help.  Thank you in advance to anyone who can give me any help/advice/answers, etc.!

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What are some things that are endlessly entertaining to you for no reason?
I'm really easily entertained sometimes. Right now it's my new icon; i can't look at it without cracking up.
For those of you with multiple icons, is there a trend among them?
A lot of mine seem to have funny faces going on.
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help :/

I really need help on a major decision.
I love to dance! I started dance 5 years ago and I can't get enough.
I tried out for my college dance team & made it, I was beyond ecstatic.
Right away there was tons of conflicts, the practices are 40 minute drives from my house... we have one vehicle in my family so my dad has to fit his work schedule around my practices because if I miss I'm off the team
It's extremely expensive :/ and I know my parent's are paying it just because they know how much I love dancing
I just made a payment of $200 to her about a week ago, and I have to make another of $160 tomorrow...

With the practices, the coach has already said several times that out of the 50 girls there, Im in her bottom 4.
She says she doesn't think she can get me to "performance" level in time to get to perform any games (you audition for every performance)

This $160 I have to pay is absolutely non-refundable and if I pay I won't get anything back for it in return...
If I quit now, for the other money I've already paid I'll get back all the merchandise that it went towards... so it won't be like I wasted that money.

I love to dance, more than anything I love to perform... but if she already sees that she doesn't see me performing this year, is it a safe bet?
Plus this is all money that my family really needs
And once school starts up again, I'll have 17 hour semesters :/

I don't know what to do :/, what would you do if in my situation??

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I want to watch a movie about war. Milliary encounters. Ideally it would be about war in outer space, or with aliens (like Battlestar Galactica only with more battle and less drama, or Starship Troopers if it was like the book and didn't suck, or Halo if that was a movie), but I'll settle for good ol' terrestrial war if necessary.

What movie am I looking for?
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TQC, tomorrow is my friend's birthday, and I made him a bunch of cookies. He's taking classes at the college we attend [I'm not currently there] and I'm heading down there to spend the day with him, and bringing the cookies with me. I'm bringing a cooler, and keeping them there while he is at class, because my car is probably going to be super hot and would otherwise turn the cookies to mush. When I leave and the cookies are in his car, what can he do to keep the cookies from melting under the hot sun?

Also, some of these cookies will be black and white cookies, which is why I'm concerned about the melting. Should I use homemade vanilla and chocolate icing, or should I use dark and white melting chocolate?
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If you're playing war (as in the card game) and one person only has one card left and it happens to match the card the other person plays...then what happens?

Some friends and I were wondering this last night. We figured a black hole would open up and swallow the earth whole or something, but I was thinking "I should ask TQC!"

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How do you usually react to babies? For the purpose of this question, assume they are not your own spawn.

Mean: 5.88 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.76

1 being 'oh god I hate babies they are hideous get it away!'

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today at work my friend said "Nice vest." to me in that like "haha, nice vest." sort of tone. but we're always taking jabs at each other but now i'm all messed up about it. i can't decide if he was making fun of it or not.

do you think he was making fun of my vest or just being like "that's a really purple vest but it looks OK but since the basis of our relationship is teasing each other, hahaha nice vest."?

vest in question


what kinds of shirts should i pair it with? i wore it with a black t-shirt today.


I want to buy a new phone. Due to the plan I'm on my dealer (T-Mobile) only offers me a limited selection. But I can afford better than they offer. Could I buy one I liked from somewhere else, install my SIM card, and go on with my life or am I doomed to be locked into a miserable selection of phones?

Secondly....what phone should I get that would be compatible with T-Mobile?
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lonely planet

1. If you had a $25 gift certificate for lonely planet, what product of their's would you get? 

2. When was the last time you saw a ladybug? What do you feel when you see one (smile or scream, for example)?

3. Can you believe we are already half way through the year?! 

4. If you have a driver's license in the US, did you learn on a stick shift/manual drive or an auto transmission? If you are not in the US, was it required that you learn on stick shift? If not, did you still learn on it anyway or an auto was the choice? (I differentiate because in Malaysia, we had to learn on stick shift to get our license and am not sure if other countries also have that as a requirement).


Who's the weirdest person you ever dreamed you were married to/in a relationship with?

I used to have crazy dreams (at least 3) that I was married to Dan Rather, and I would go on assignment with him, and would worry about him catching cold while reporting from the rooftop of some Middle Eastern country.

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[1] I missed a(n antidepressant) pill last night and woke up feeling like hell, so I took it this morning. I usually take it at night before bed. When should I take the next one?

[2] Favorite original Nintendo (NES) game? What about Sega Genesis?
I could play Super Mario Bros 3 forever...


Okay, so, in 2004 or something I bought this $15 bar of soap from Lush and it melted almost immediately after touching water and since then I've been on an "I HATE LUSH SO MUCH" kick.

But everyone says they're so awesome, and every time I go into a Lush store I never have any idea where to start. So if I were to give it another chance and buy something, what should I buy? I don't take baths, and their lotions are too heavy for me. I've heard they have nice stuff for hair, though.
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I need to start watching supernatural, for reals. Where can I view it online...legally?
eta: wtf, why did this get locked?  yeah, I know it's on itunes, but is there a site that shows the old episodes w/o having to pay for em?  I'd like to start at the beginning.

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Hey guys! I'm asking here because you guys are awesome.

My boyfriend is thinking of a music video/song by this relatively unknown band from the 90's. All he can remember from the video is that the band is in a shack, but the shack looks much bigger on the inside because it's long. There is a female bassist. While they're jamming and partying, outside there is a creepy guy in a bog dragging a bag with a body in it. He says it reminds him of "Sex Type Thing" by STP, but he can't remember any lyrics to help him and I have no idea what he's talking about.

Can you help him identify this song/band/video?

Love you TQC!


Thanks guys! It was Possum Kingdom by Toadies

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Most notable bands, performances, or songs featuring an exceptionally beautiful, moving, or just plain impressive cello solo/feature?

It can be a part, like one phrase in a song or one particular album, or something more specialized and consistent.

Any genre.