June 20th, 2009

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You are a recent college graduate that's jobless but really wanting to live in NYC, one of the most expensive cities in terms of living costs. Which option would you select if you had to?:

1. Try to scrounge up as much money as possible through family or a side job that is irrelevant (ie: waitressing) to what you want to pursue as a career (advertising) all the while trying to pay rent every month (which is expensive in NYC). While doing this, try to find a more serious job relevant to your desired career.


2. Go back home (which is far from NYC) for a little bit and apply to a advertising portfolio program. If I get in, I'd have to live in either Minneapolis, Miami, or San Francisco (although none of which really excite me as much as NYC) but then I'd be able to spend the next year interning in various cities, one of which could be NYC.
Also, the job placement rate for graduates of this program is apparently quite high.
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Type II diabetics

How many of you in here are Type II diabetics?

Is there any sort of specific diet plan you're on for ease of maintenance?
I just got recently diagnosed, and Ive been monitoring to stay down from the high end, but even though I'm insulin resistant I seem to be hitting some lower numbers.
I used to do Atkins a lot but Atkins doesn't offer any remedies for when you're feeling you're about to crash (sugar from a banana or a juice will more than likely break you out of ketosis).

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Is there something (an event, period in time, etc) that neither you nor your friends ever bring up because it's too embarrassing for everyone involved to admit? Would you tell me?

Boxing Question

Hey Boxers,

Do you know if or have you ever tried ever tried hitting someone's arms or shoulders during a fight in order to wear them out of hitting you? If you have has this worked? Did you accomplish what you wanted out of executing the blows in this manner?

I read about this in relation to a move known as the so-called, "Philly Shell". Never tried it myself. Sounds pretty good.

I'm just full of questions tonight.

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TQC, what's your favorite 'controversial' poem? Meaning a poem that caused some particularly shocking press, or even one you just find controversial. (Example 'V' by Tony Harrison.)

This poem stems from the fact they banned Education for Leisure by Carol Ann Duffy frm the syllabus for GCSE English Lit in the UK for its content on knife crime. Do you think banning poetry is effective? Is there a poem that was 'banned' that you think shouldn't have been? Or one you think should be?

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Whatever happened to slurs like, "Peckerhead, Dickhead, Asshole," etc.? Why is everybody so obsessed w/ the term, "douchebag"? which I feel is a little overused.

Kids these days, I swear.

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1. If you're of age, what was your first legal drink? And if you're not of age, what do you want your first legal drink to be?

I'm thinking about ordering an old-fashioned as mine. Good/bad idea?

2. What alcoholic beverages are you stocked up on currently?
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What is your first and primary language?
('cause I know this can go several ways, especially if you were raised with two different languages, which was spoken primarily in your home)

In addition to your first language, how many languages can you speak? What are they?
2; French, and Spanish.

Do you want to learn more languages? What are they?
Yes. Swedish, Italian, Portuguese...the list goes on!

How did you learn your languages?
French and Spanish I took in middle/high school and college. Swedish I am currently trying to teach myself, until I can afford Rosetta Stone or something haha

Are foreign languages easy for you to pick up on, or difficult? Would knowing a foreign language help you advance your career?
French and Spanish are both Latin-based, so after knowing one, it was easier to pick up the other, to follow some of the patterns. Swedish is more difficult, but I'll figure it out. I plan to be a pharmacist, so foreign languages will definitely come in handy!

Do you find yourself more attracted to a person if they speak a certain language? (like how they say Italian is the language of love, etc.)
No, but I am immensely attracted to accents.

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What's your favorite (American) football team?

Is it the 'norm' where you live or do you get a lot of haters?

Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs.
Pittsburgh Steelers.

Lot of haters. I was born and raised in the city where the Cleveland Browns practice (I think my mom even dated a player) and I went to Ohio State. People at OSU hate Florida, lol

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I have to work 12 hours at my first shift with my new job starting at 8am. I have to be up by 7. It's after 3am now!!
I just cannot sleep at all...I've been lying very awake in bed since midnight and it's driving me crazy.

What can I do to help me sleep?

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Your partner has never actually said they don't want you to drink, but because of past experiences, every time you DO drink your partner because moody and withdrawn. Would you continue to indulge with drinking or would you stop to make your partner more comfortable?
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My (jackass/emotionally abusive) ex got married last week. We were together for seven years, and broke up about three years ago.
Am I a terrible person for saying a little thank you prayer that it wasn't me who'd married him?
I haven't talked to him in probably six months, since an ill-advised drunken "Congrats on your engagement, I hope you two will be happy!" phone call, which was our first communication in ages. He called me the night before the wedding.
Is that wildly inappropriate? He didn't leave a voicemail; what do you think he was calling to say? (The more srs, the better, obviously!)
(My personal guess is "haha, cunt, I'm getting married before you!" or some similarly classy gem)

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Does anyone else remember a company that used to make lemon ice cream sandwiches?

On a related note, what's the best ice cream truck treat? (If you haven't had one, convenience store treats will do)


I only have one friend. Would it be a bad idea to ask her to introduce me to her other friends so I could try to have some semblance of a social life? Is it rude? Or even if it isn't rude am I going to end up feeling really left out anyway?
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so i've been feeling awfully anxious for the last 12 hours. my BF dropped the bomb on me that he might have to leave and therefore we might have to do LDR again (we did LDR for 1.5 years and it was shitty). we've only properly settled since february and he suddenly has to leave D: i've been feeling terrible since and i woke up from a 3-in-1 nightmare about an hour ago. my exam's in 3 hours and i dont want to fuck it up because of this.
any suggestions as to how i reduce this gut churning feeling in my stomach? (non srs answers welcome - just make me laugh). am i being irrational? i feel like i'm about to throw up. 

also, unfortunately i don't have pot so that's out of the question.

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I just went to look at my F-list. The top of the page had HUGE font, and as I scrolled down the font got smaller and smaller. The posts at the bottom of the list just looked like dots, the font was so small.

WTF happened?

Also: When was the last time you baked? What did you bake? How did it turn out?

Replace "bake" with "cook" if you've never baked before.
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KINDA TL;DR...but here it goes anyways:

I made an appointment to get my tattoo next Friday, June 26th. I brought in my pictures of the thing I wanted. The guy who took my appt said I should choose the girl standing up because you'll be able to see what she's wearing and whatnot. I was iffy about it but he told me not to worry and that the guy doing my tattoo won't have a problem drawing either one of the girls.

A brilliant idea came to my mind just a few days ago. I emailed one of my favorite illustrators (that I've been a fan of for years) and asked him if he can draw me a piece for my tattoo. He charged me $100 for it. (A bit much but everyone's saying it's reasonable because it's an exclusive drawing and I'll be the only one to have it.) He sent me a pencil sketch of the girl I asked for...and I love it. I'm extremely satisfied.

So you ask, what's the problem? It's just a pencil sketch. Should I even be expecting an ink sketch? Should I wait for him to reply back to me? Or should I just email him myself asking if I'm going to be getting that ink sketch?

(He didn't reply back yesterday...but since it was Friday, I just assumed he would've been out with his friends. And now it's Saturday, and I found out from FB that he's at the Mermaid Parade.)

I don't mind waiting...it's just that I have the tattoo appt. next Friday and I have to call and tell them that I changed my mind about the drawing. Or should I just email them the pencil sketch and they'll work on it?
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should I get a second job? I currently have a part time job in which I work only about 8-10 hours a week. I'm saving up for college and I'm feeling like I need a second job.

What are reasons to get a second job? Do you have a second job?
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When you were a kid, were you allowed to swear? What were the consequences if you were caught swearing?

What were the consequences if you were caught lying?

(this post brought to you by my bff's son who keeps swearing and then lying and insisting he didn't)
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apartments shmapartments

what's the nastiest apartment you've ever been to look at?

i went to see one yesterday and it was basically a rat-infested closet and the woman told me i'd need an electric blanket in the winter and a heater. jeez. the stairs were three feet wide and slanted forward. anyone in toronto looking for a female non-smoking roommate? :P
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I know some of you are/were ChaCha-ers. How's that going for you? Aren't some of you doing KGB? How are you doing with that? ChaCha seems to be getting way slower now that their database is built up so much and they have this new "LuLu" thing. I'm wondering how KGB is. And aren't there other, similar sites?

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So my boss has proven to be dishonest, or at least dilusional, and I'm tired of being jerked around, even though Boss seems like a nice person outside of work.
Do I quit and start looking for work elsewhere? (I can afford to, if I'm frugal.) Or should I stick around and hope for things to get better?

ETA: I will be checking up some job leads I've got on Sunday, and handing in the letter with certain demands and the caveat that if Boss doesn't comply, to consider it my two week's notice. I'm starting to actively look for work immediately, and even so, I can afford to be jobless for a while yet, with what savings I've got and some help from my family.
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advice for refinishing a dresser

I'm refinishing a dresser, and plan to cover the fronts of the drawers with this wallpaper:
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Should I paint the rest of the dresser black, white, or a shade of grey? The dresser is in three pieces and is pretty basic-looking. The pictures on the wallpaper are medium-sized.

Just as an example, here is what a finished dresser done with wallpaper looks like:
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i'm meeting with a girl tomorrow about renting a room with her and her other roommates. she seems nice from her e-mails. but i've never found a place this way so i'm nervous about her not liking me and stuff.

have you ever found roommates through craigslist?
how did the first meeting go?
any advice on how i should conduct myself?

the place is $375 a month, though i'm not sure about utilities. i'm bringing in about $1,000 a month or so(or so being somewhere between $20 and $40 extra). i'm not sure why i'm including that but i'm just completely nervous and not sure what questions to even ask.

I need a drinlk

But I am plagued with indecision.

Vodka and tonic?
shot of whiskey?
Gin and tonic?
vodka and gin?

I would hate to make a suboptimal drink, thus failing to maximize my fun.

So, questions:

1. What should I drink?

2. Do you ever have trouble making a totally trivial decision?

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Inspired by this post, and the answers it got.

Your partner has never said they don't want you to drink, but because of past experiences with you, everytime you do drink, your partner becomes moody and withdrawn. Would you continue drinking or make an effort to stop and make your partner feel more comfortable? Or just drink more so you're drunk and you don't care?

ETA: You have acted poorly in the past while drunk. Interpret as you wish.

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will you tick those that apply to you please?

i wear a watch.
sometimes i don't brush my teeth before bed.
when in the shower, i wash my body and then my hair.
i'm not currently wearing shoes.
i rarely keep anything in the pockets of my jeans.
i drink tea or coffee everyday.
i sleep on one pillow.
i feel sick if i eat too soon after waking up.
i stay up past midnight most nights.
i bought something online recently.
i'd like to go to jamaica.
i've driven a car.
i enjoy writing things down by hand.
there's food near where i am now.
i prefer fruit to vegetables.

Good Forums

Q 1. I want to join some free, yet active forums. And other than my own, I can't find any. So, what are the forums you know about that are free and active? (Don't have to be huge). Any theme or topic, just keep them coming! There have to be some out there!

Q 2. How do you find forums to join?
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Let's say that, upon turning 13, every child-turned-teenager is pulled aside and told the same thing - it's a legal requirement that the child's parents tell them this thing on their 13th birthday - no sooner, no later. What is it?


Here is the story:

On wednesday I developed a cough. And now I've got myself what I think is a head cold. So basically, plugged ears, stuffed nose, cough, sinus pain, a cough with a tiny bit of chest congestion. Common cold.

SO! my mom, genius she is, says this "How many times in a day do you wash your hands? Cause you know the H1N1 virus is going around and old people/people with weak immune systems are the most likely candidates to die from this thing." (she works in a care home herself) and so i gave her "the look" and said very flatly "mom.. i don't have H1N1" and she says "...Ok.." and doesn't bring it up again until tonight. When she starts talking about how it can appear as a respiratory flu or as a head cold (i don't know if that's actually true though).. so i asked her "mom do you think I have H1N1?" and she says "Well, I'm not making any conclusions!"

So here's my question. Based on my symptoms, the fact that i've never been around anyone who has had H1N1, never been to mexico, haven't eaten pork lately, do YOU think I have H1N1? I don't but apparently other people do.


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Lets say you're in love with your best friend, okay?
He tells you (after two years) he's in love with you too!
So, you say "oh..are we together then?" he says "yes!"
Then two days later when he comes over to hang out for the day he says "We're not together. But I still want to marry you. You just need to move up to where I live and we'll get married." THEN! The next day, he says he doesn't want to get married and he's joining the army.

What would you do in that situation?
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I love when my kids watch or play things that I watched/played with when I was a kid. They enjoy Alvin and the Chipmunks, ET, He-Man. Right now they are watching Short Circuit (and loving it) which delights the hell out of me. What else should I introduce 6 and 3 year olds to from around 70s-80s?

What are your favourite, not so well-known sites/blogs?

Pagan/Native American Chants

I'm looking for an album that I liked and had as a copied cassette 20 years ago. I don't think I ever knew the title, but I know that it had a song that was a medley of chants (Pagan and Native American intertwined). I know some of the lyrics, but I can't find the song or the album I'm seeking.

The song was sung by several smaller groups, each with its own verse to contribute at various sections of the song. It started and ended with "We All Come from the Goddess" and included some of the lyrics to it, but it also had "Fire I am. Water I am. Air and Earth and Spirit I am." and so on.

Does anyone know of this album?

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TQC, I have never asked the Internet for fashion advice before, but I am slightly intoxicated and going to an after party and I need to know if I should keep wearing this cute dress or change into something more subdued.

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ETA: Thanks! Leaving now wearing the same dress. :)
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Why don't they make black cherry vanilla coke anymore? I'm a total diet pepsi gal, but... siiiigh. I miss black cherry vanilla coke! :(

Is Marc Anthony good for your hair? At work next week, it's going on buy one get one free (any Canadians who want to know the store, it's red... ;) ), and was eyeing the thickening product- does it work? My hair is stick straight, dammit.

And finally- recommend some good 'chick' novels? Or horror? Or youth, or SOMETHING. Anything but sci-fi, and the 'classics'.
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i have never seen any of the star wars movies. which order should i watch them in?

also, around what time did it get dark where you live tonight?

(i live in northern british columbia, and it's still kind of light out here and it's 10 pm. my grandparents are camping in the yukon so they can see the longest day of the year, apparently the sun doesn't go down for a whole day. that would fucking bug the shit out of me, i told them they were crazy.)

eta: hahaha thanks guys, good lookin' out ;)
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So I need some help and recommendations.

What do you think is the best laptop brand? Which do you like the best, which do you hate the most? Any good/bad experiences? Thanks :)

edit: (Sorry, minus apple labtops)

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What do you do/do you own that makes you feel a little dorky every time you do/use it?

I have a tote with a Giant Pocky print, so it looks like a big container of Pocky. I use it for work. You can imagine the stares I attract on my commute (there isn't much to see, really, so it seems I'm it).
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What was the last song that got stuck in your head? I have New In Town by Little Boots on repeat at the moment.

Did you/or are you planning on seeing any movies in theatres this weekend? I'm going to see Year One tomorrow. What can I say? I need to get my fill of mindless entertainment. I might sneak into something afterwards, suggestions?
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Would you ever buy a bumpit?

Would you ever buy a home made bumpit made out of a strangers hair?

My friend was getting her hair done when the hair stylist tried to sell her one that she made out of hair from a brush. She even demonstrated that it works.

What are your favorite infomercials?

Do you ever watch Pitch Men?
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My hair has been kinda weird lately and I was looking for a good at-home remedy. Its been either really dry and not shiny or it gets really oily a few hours after I've washed it. I dye and highlight my hair every six weeks, so I'm afraid to google something and have it strip my hair. I'd rather try something that somebody's been successful with rather than trial and error.

So does anybody have any good ideas? I want something that will make my hair soft and shiny!

I've heard of washing your hair with beer but I was afraid to try it. Anybody ever have any luck with that?

If you don't care/know... Coke or Pepsi?
(Pepsi is way superior to Coke but Cherry Coke is better than Cherry Pepsi and Vanilla Coke kicked way more ass than the short-lived Vanilla Pepsi, which was gross as hell.)
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So my friend wants me to take care of her dog for about 4 days.
She says she wants to pay me but neither of us know what's a fair price for someone to babysit your dog.
What do you guys think?