June 19th, 2009

Lesbian Sex
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A friend who you haven't seen in a while sends you the myspace page of their new band. You like this person, but their band sucks.


Eta: They want your opinion (not just friending you), and want to keep talking about it in detail. And it's the kind of music that, if they were good, you would like it.
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I am having a hard time finding a summer job, because everywhere that is hiring only takes people for a full year and I am leaving for university in the fall so I can only do seasonal. Should I lie and say I can do full year and when summer ends just tell them something came up and I can't work for them anymore? Have you ever done this?
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As far as I know, all you have to do is go to the syndication page and enter the feed URL and then choose hollydollynyc as the username. My LJ friends I spoke to were complaining that they rarely read blogs outside of LJ.
I'll seriously do something awesome for you.

For those who don't care or don't have a paid account,
What do you have to do tomorrow?

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hey all

i'm looking for some new music...
what are some upbeat, jazzy songs that preferably have some sax in them?... vocals or no vocals, doesn't matter

and on the other end of things, what are some really mellow, trippy electronic-ish songs?

and any other song you think is absolutely worth it to have in my music library :)

edit: and some music that sounds intense like the pink panther theme or the music from the incredibles

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Do you believe that it is useful to have regrets?
If you have any, what would you say is your biggest regret?

I don't really believe in it for myself, and aside from that, I haven't made any decisions that I think would be really worth regretting. I think every experience is valuable, so I don't regret anything.
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TQC, I want to leave my friend a really threatening Facebook wall post for not showing up to kickball and thus squashing our game since he was supposed to bring the fucking ball. What should I write?
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1. You know that line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail that goes, "Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries"?

Has anyone here ever smelled elderberries before?

If so, what exactly do they smell like?

If not, what do you think they smell like?

2. What's the oddest smell that you love?

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tqc, i'm in a really weird mood, like i feel like something bad is going to happen. all i want to do is cuddle with someone and watch a good movie and eat brownies, but i need to go to bed soon. what do i do? : (

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is it weird/unreasonable to stick a note to the front door of my 4-plex asking people not to shut and lock the front door(it locks when you shut it all the way but it doesn't shut all the way by itself anymore) because i've been expecting a package for 2 days and the UPS guy won't leave it outside the building?

it says this:

Please don't shut the door all the way today. I'm expecting a package so the UPS man needs to be able to get in if I'm not home. Thank you! I promise we can shut the door again this evening. :)

cell phone plan question

i have the samsung eternity with the unlimited messaging & data plan through AT&T.

what is exactly 'unlimited' and completely free with this plan?
what about apps like pandora, xm radio, music videos?  when i go to them it says ihave to subscribe for a price, but does that not apply to me?
what about GPS?

all i know right now is that i cant use TV without being charged. is that the only thing i would get charged for with this plan? (besides things like buying ringtones/wallpapers)
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TQC, I have dandruff. I have been using Head and Shoulders for years, and it's always worked. I spent the last three years growing my hair out, and a few months before I got my hair cut short, my dandruff went nuts, and it seemed that no amount of Head and Shoulders could fix it. I thought it was because I just had too much hair on my head and the shampoo wasn't getting down onto my scalp. When I cut my hair to a length where I know Head and Shoulders should work, it's still not. My dandruff is getting everywhere and it is DISGUSTING.

Are there any other haircare products I can use to make the dandruff GO AWAY? Or maybe a different shampoo (but I don't understand why Head and Shoulders would suddenly stop working for me after so many years)? Any suggestions?

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I am going back to my "home" state in about three weeks.

I have a choice as to which bus company to use.

Option 1 PROS
-15 dollars as of now. The prices change the closer you get to the date of departure.
-Has WiFi and electrical outlets
-On the same street as ridiculously cheap Chinese bakery that DOESN'T give me the runs
-The drivers speak clearly

-No real ticket office to speak of, so if I get lost, I'm screwed.
-WiFi means that I'd have another (semi-heavy) bag to lug around
-Buses stop being hourly after the 6:30 bus. I have to take a crosstown bus and a local train to get to the intersection where the bus is, and the C train has a tendency to be a doucherocket. Therefore, I might miss my bus. And then I'd be out fifteen dollars and screwed.

-15 dollars all the time. This means that if I wait until the last minute, I'm not going to pay more than 15 dollars. I will get a seat because I am leaving on a Wednesday.
-It's on a train line I use for work, which means I can take the express almost all the way and then switch to a local and get from where I work to where I need to be in 20 minutes, which (if I run like the dickens) means I could potentially nab a bus an hour earlier.
-It's ALSO near a ridiculously cheap Chinese bakery.

-Bus company has a reputation for flipping over, bursting into flames
-Said Chinese bakery DOES give me the runs
-Can't understand the drivers
-No WiFi, which means I will have nothing to do. I have an iPod, but I haven't listened to music in about a month due to a traumatic event and don't need to have an emotional breakdown on a bus.

Both buses would drop me off at the same place.

WHICH ONE DO I TAKE? Serious and non-serious answers welcome!

ETA: OK, geez. The question was kind of stupid. Y'all don't have to freak out on me.
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Do your friends fight about ridiculous things?

What is the most ridiculous thing you've ever fought about?

Right now, there are two "fights" going on around me.  One friend told another friend's BF, upon finding out that his grandfather was on life support and the family was waiting for him to arrive at the hospital so they could 'let him go', that she didn't care because "everyone dies at some point."  I understand there is some truth behind this but the BF and this friend are supposed to be very close.

Also, I found out today that another friend, who is getting married in a few months, is upset with another group of our friends because they will be in the same country at the time of her honeymoon.



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I'm going to see a band I have loved for 12 years this weekend and I'm so excited! I've never been to a concert though so a few wee questions for those who have?

Who did you see and were they good?

Aside from getting there early, how can I go about squeezing through a shitload of fans and getting to the front? Methods? Success stories?

On another note completly....have you ever used dry shampoo? How good is it?

Thank you!!

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I'm applying for jobs online and there's a question that asks,

"What do you feel would be a minimally acceptable rate of pay? (ex. 8.00)"

And then it gives you $__.__ and you have to fill in the blanks. Is there an appropriate answer for this? I usually put negotiable but that's not an option here
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awkward conversation

When the satellite guy is done, I'm going to head over to my friend's house to hang with him and his kitty. His kitty has had cancer for a year and the meds to slow it and make Gremlin comfortable are beginning to fail, along with his liver. Because of this, he is putting him down either Saturday or Sunday, after spending some extra final time with him. ;_;

When my kitty died in April, we had him cremated at this awesome place - the people there were super nice, there was no pressure to buy anything other than the service, it was done that day and afterwards they made a donation to a local no kill shelter in my kitty's name. I would gladly recommend them to any and everyone who has a pet and is considering cremation.

I want to let him know of them and how great they were so if he needs something like that, he and Gremlin will be treated well. But I don't know how to bring it up without it being weird. He's obviously aware these are his final hours with his little buddy, but I don't want to remind him of how short the time left really is. I don't want to wait too long and risk him doing something before I tell him about them. How would you go about it, TQC?

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1)If you like Discworld, what part of the series do you like best? There's books centering around the city watch, Rincewind, Death, the witches,etc.

City watch first, and then witches. I include the Tiffany Aching books in witches.

2)If you don't read Discworld, would you allow your 16 year old daughter to have boys in her room with the door closed?

3)What is the worst book you've ever read?
Borg Collective

Andorians FTW!

5:00 PM 6/17/09 · I'm currently watching Enterprise and it's the Borg episode, which I know most fans had a huge issue with but I loved it all the same. Fact of the matter is this particular series never really struck me as that big of a stain on the whole Star Trek legacy...

...but I know I'm kind of in the minority on that particular opinion.

As I know some of you have probably never ever watched it, to the rest that did catch more than a few episodes (I've seen the whole series more than once) what particular issues did you have with it? Did species that should not've been encountered so early figure into your dislike of the series or did you enjoy how they handled those situations?

Did any of you actually enjoy Enterprise at all?
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microsoft word help

My Microsoft Word is broken. I can open up a new file but when I try to open an existing document, it stalls and then the program stops responding. I am using Microsoft Office 2004 with a Mac Powerbook that I bought in 2005.

My questions--

1. Has this ever happened to you?

2. What do you think I should do to try to fix it? (I don't have the money to buy a new Microsoft Word, and I lost the installation CD a long time ago)

3. What are my alternatives?

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If you had to surround yourself with only:

A. people who get offended by every little thing, or
B. people who like to make loud and embarrassing asshole statements

With no sort of comfortable medium, which one would you choose and why?

Do you have any anecdotes about people you already know, who fit either of those types?

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I just got a Phillies jersey as a gift and I stupidly removed the washer/dryer info.

This may be a silly question, but I'm challenged in the domestic work department. If it's 100% polyester, is it ok to just throw it in a cold water wash? I'm a little hesitant because it's one of the really expensive replica jerseys and I feel like I should have to do some fancy washing tricks with it.

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is it a good day or a bad day if the boss tells you to put your clothes back on?

(lol, my coworker took off his button up shirt so it wouldn't get wet in the rain, and was walking back to his desk with just a white t-shirt on)
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The government can't even count votes correctly, so why does anybody believe the government knows how to solve problems better than people who actually know what they are doing?

Why is it so hard for people to see that government destroys everything they touch?

*please put politics aside on this one, its not a political debate, its a debate on government

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What should I take to the drive-in tonight?

Should I watch Year One, then The Hangover *or* Up, then Night at the Museum?
Or should I watch Up, then drive over to watch The Hangover?

What was the last movie you saw in theatres?

What was the last movie you rented?

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if a customer came into your place of business (assuming you have a job where you deal with customers--if you don't, pretend) and started speaking with a very thick accent, what kind of accent would they probably have?

eating disorders

I was accepted into a university in May. A friend of mine who I have known since we were 8 years old contacted me and said her flat was big enough for two, extending an offer that was just too good to pass up.

However, I have not seen her in years, and back in the sandbox I didn't show any symptoms of having an eating disorder; I've left her in the dark about it for all these years. We've been distanced for quite some time and have only kept in touch using facebook. We will become roommates soon, and I'm not sure if I should tell her about my disorder.

Would you tell your roommate if you had an eating disorder?

Also, having an eating disorder can be a tremendous inconvenience to other people in addition to the individual with the illness. Assuming the role of my friend, do you think you would honestly feel comfortable sharing a flat with someone like me?
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So i've been in uni for a whole semester now, and I'm wondering whether I should apply for the on-campus accommodation (dorms) for next term.
It's more than double my current rent, but there are 3 meals a day and lots of friends from around the world to make. Do you think it'll be worth it? I don't think I'll be seeing my BF as much though :/ Still, I feel like I'll always regret giving up the opportunity to experience it (accomm here is quite different from accomm in the UK - the ones in aus are more... close knit?)

also, i haven't told my current flatmate and the next term starts in 5 weeks.

what are some additional things i should consider TQC?

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What did you learn from your father?
(I'm looking for good things, though I know some people have shitty fathers, but one positive thing? hopefully?)
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We recently got a new baby cockatiel and he sings ALL THE TIME. So, we want to name him after a singer. I wanted to name him after a composer, but nooo, the boy wants it to be a singer, and it's more his bird than mine so he wins. SO. What singer would you name a baby bird after? Not Elvis, please.
Oh and I ended up naming my baby lionhead bunny Pepper and our Sun Conure, Kirk.

EDIT: My boy read all the comments and has decided on Elton John. Woo! Thanks guys :D

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I'm not sure if this is just a semantic thing, or if it's got something to do with the Jewish culture/language that I'm not knowledgeable about. This part of one of the stories about King Solomon confuses me a little, though;

As soon as Solomon read the inscription, the smile vanished from his face. The jeweler had written three Hebrew letters on the gold band: gimel, zayin, yud, which began the words "Gam zeh ya'avor" -- "This too shall pass."

Is this saying that the ring was basically carved with the WTF of the Jewish days of yore? It was literally the first letter of each word, but it was a common enough phrase that the meaning was easily interpreted?

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I am having Sims 3 problems!  Halp me!

I have two Sims that are engaged.  I'm trying to marry them.  They live together, and when I go to 'romantic' I get a private wedding option.  When I click it they look at each other and then one will talk or think and the other's face will appear in their little balloon before they walk away from each other, still just engaged.  I tried throwing a wedding party and the same thing happened when I selected 'get married'.  How can I marry my Sims to each other?!

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Post office woe!

I firmly take back anything nice I had to say about any/all mail delivery services. Today I got another UPS doortag when I was in the next room, and no one knocked! But much more depressingly, I checked up on a super-important USPS package I've been waiting on and saw that it got delivered A WEEK AGO. I was home and left for work shortly after the time it says it was delivered...plus I stick my head out the window every half hour or hour to check my mailbox...but I never saw it! In fact, I didn't get any mail that day.

I went in to the PO but it looks like there's not much they feel like doing.


wwtqc cook?

I have a shoulder/neck injury, so the husband gave me a bag of frozen veggies wrapped in a towel to hold there to reduce inflammation. By the feel of the bag through the towel I assumed it was green beans and had a dinner plan for them. After the veggies thawed on my shoulder I removed the towel and was going to cook them, but to my horror it wasn’t green beans... it was OKRA!!! WTF do I do with okra!? I don’t want to bread and fry it. I don’t have a bunch of meat to make gumbo with. What should I cook?

Bonus question: Did you know that gumbo file is a carcinogen?

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Did your parents by you a car when you were a teenager?

My sister, 18 years old, is throwing temper tantrums because she expects our parents to by her a vehicle, and they refuse to do it. Not just buy her the car and she'll pay for the rest...she wants them to pay for the car, insurance, and MAYBE she'll buy the gas for it once in a while. She says most kids are treated to this. Obviously, that's bullshit, but I want to see if this ever, in the history of the modern world, has been the case.

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I had a second interview for a customer service position today. When I signed in at the front desk, I noticed that another lady had interviewed before me in the same department as I was going, and that she had been there for 2 hours. Fast forward to my interview. I thought it went very well, but it was finished in 20 minutes. My interviewers told me I should hear from them by next week.

Should I be worried because my interview was so short? Or did they just realize in that short time that I am perfect for the job ;)?

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We adopted our cat today!

Collapse )

The name she had at the shelter was Jelly Bean, but we've been thinking of changing it-- she doesn't respond to it anyway (then again, do cats really ever come when you call?). She's missing a foot so my sister wants to name her Peg-leg, but I think that's too obvious. And I can't think of any famous female pirates besides fictional ones. :(

Does anyone have any name suggestions? Doesn't have to be pirate related!
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I am meeting up with my e-bff (and her boyfriend) in Chicago next weekend. We'll be there for about 24 hours together, leaving late Saturday night. What are some fun (and maybe even free) things we should do/see? We won't have a car at our disposal, so ease of getting there is key.
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Decorating show based on small spaces

About 6-7 years ago they used to air these shows about how to decorate a really small space. I checked the HGTV schedule, and no luck finding anything like that. Do you know of another show still airing about this subject? I don't remember the name but it was some catchy way of saying 'we teach you how to store your shit creatively in a closet-sized apartment.'
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I have been drinking delicious cocktails at work called "blueberry cheesecake" made from vanilla galliano, chambord, butterscotch liqueur and lemon juice, shaken and served in a martini glass. I never pay for them, customers always buy them. The bar girl absolutely HATES making them and I feel guilty, but they are delicious (and incredibly strong).

Can you suggest a different delicious (and strong) drink that will be easier for the bar girl to make?

Is it silly of me to stop drinking them for the bar girls sake?
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How to meet new people

So, TQC I moved to a small town to live with my husband. In the process, I moved away from all my friends/family. I need to make new friends in the new (small) city. How would you suggest I do this?

I am unemployed right now, so I can't meet anyone through work. I volunteer as a Big Sister, but have not been able to make any social connections through that. I looked up my city on meetup.com and there's nothing close to me.

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Who else hates those toilet stalls where the bottom of the door and cubicle walls are rather high off the floor, and the toilet-seat is rather low, leaving you feeling rather exposed, prone to uncomfortable drafts and secretly panicking in case Things Are Visible to All and Sundry while you're trying to do your business? The one at work is driving me nuts every time I have to pee.
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I've been trying to figure it out all day.. is there a way to get ringtones and pictures on your cell phone for free? On my old phone I could, but now I've got a Verizon LG phone, one of those generic ones they give you with a monthly plan, and I hate having to pay $3 for ringtones and stuff.
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Have you kept up with Desperate Housewives?

I haven't, but I'm watching a recent episode now and wow Gabby has a six year old and Lynette's son Preston is 18. Bree wants to divorce Muad'dib!
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SPN: Dean: Dear diary

Blatant attempt at getting help completing an assignment

tqc, are any of you are college students between the ages 18-20?
If you are, which of these statements applies to you most?

a) “I believe that I have made commitments to my future career and life. A while back, however, I had a rough time deciding what I wanted to do with my life.”

b) “I really don’t know what I want to do with my life, but I am trying to make up my mind about my options. I guess I’m having an identity crisis.”

c) “I know what commitments I am going to make in my life. Seems like I always have known where I’m heading. I can’t remember it being very difficult to decide.”

d) “I really don’t know what I want to do with my life, but I’m not losing any sleep over it. Sometime I’ll decide what I want to do, but not right now.”

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Do you know anyone who is over the age of 30 and still living with their parents? What is your view on this? What about if they live with their parents, but have a full time job and can fully support themselves, they're just too scared to be on their own after so many years of living there?
I've got a friend, a great guy, who still lives with his parents- but he makes enough to support himself. His parents never really made him go out on his own, so he's scared now to go out and do anything.
He seems to want to change, or at least find others like him that aren't complete losers, and I really want to help him out but I feel like it's a lost case :(

How old were you when you moved out of your parent's house?
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do you think cats' and dogs' buttcheeks can be cute?

which band with members from blink 182 (angels and airwaves, +44, box car racer, any other band from before then) do you like best?
i'm sure ppl will be annoyed i'm even saying blink 182 or its affiliates are likeable but wtfever, guys.

srsly though, whatever happened to robot jones? i can't find any videos of it online.
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~~~*picture post*~~~

Will you please post a picture of yourself smiling? We will rate your smile from a scale from 1-10. 1 being an ~oh shiiiiiit get that smile fixed~ 10 being a ~damn when can I sit on that smile~

~~~*some of you know that this post means to take a shot*~~~


What do you think would be the best way to get yourself fired from your job without physically/emotionally harming anyone or monetarily harming the corporation?

Like maybe cussing someone out? Showing up several hours late every day? Looking at porn on your work computer?

Which one would be the absolute best?

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TQC, with Father's Day coming up, I want to know...

How many of you still have your biological fathers in your lives? How is your relationship with them? How do you plan on celebrating Father's Day?

If not, why? You don't have to get too specific if you don't want to. Do you have a father figure who is not your biological father?

My father died of cancer when I was 7. Of course when everyone learns that, they act like it's the most tragic thing ever, even though they usually couldn't care less.

Did anyone else here have to deal with a parent's death at a young age? How did you deal with it?

Sorry to be such a downer. I promise I'll make it up next time.:P
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How cool is the new Ghostbusters videogame?

Who was your favorite Ghostbuster?

If you are a freak and don't like Ghostbusters, why are you so lame?
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I have a bad stomach virus, or food poisoning.  I'm not quite sure it just hit me after my family took me out to dinner.  My dad had this same thing a couple of days ago so I'm not really sure.  But anyways...

What have you found that works best for feeling better when you have a stomach virus/food poisoning?

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What's the most disturbing dream you've ever had?

Mine: I just woke up from it this morning. It pretty much revolved around people dying. It started out with Beyonce collapsing on stage(lol, of all people) and dying a few hours later in the hospital, then several other people died until eventually...my mom. That severely freaked me out, I was so relieved when I woke up and saw her walking into my room.

BUT this dream is still bothering me. Do you think a dream about a loved one's death is a bad sign?
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hopefully this will only be a hypothetical question.

You're a senior in college, completed all your major requirements as an education major, and now you're waiting on standardized test results. These results determine whether or not you can student teach in the fall and graduate in December. If you pass, all goes as planned; if you don't, then you don't student teach and have a whole semester in which to pass the test again.

If you don't pass the test, what would you do? Take the semester off? Go to school and take other classes that interest you? You've got the financial aid to go to school, so the cost isn't a direct concern.

And if you do go to school in the fall semester, what kind of courses would you take?

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What kind of pie should I make for my dad for Father's Day?

I am good in the kitchen, have a really fantastic farmer's market (they have fresh fruit of any kind, plus fancy chocolates and a bazillion different kinds of nuts) near me, and my dad likes EVERYTHING, so I am open to all options.

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Is anyone in your family famous?

My uncle (who has since passed on) was on the team that invented the plastic bottle caps that you twist! Everytime I open a water bottle/soda/anything with a twist off cap (so basically everything) I always think of him!

Is this odd?

Is it rare that a person has absolutely no talent for her biggest passion?

I've been a writer basically all my life and have intermittently dreamed of becoming an author since I was about eight years old, but I really suck at writing. Is fate so cruel that the thing I love to do most is something I have zero talent for?

I mean, for the past several years I've barely been able to write at all, but when I do try the quality is extremely poor.