June 18th, 2009

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One of my guy friends yesterday slipped and referred to me as his wife. What does this mean? (We were joking and I pretended to hit him and then we were hugging and then he asks someone about fearing and respecting his wife. He then realizes what he said and goes, I mean a woman. WTF TQC?)

Where can I find a chair like this for cheap? http://www.strafe.com/art/trek/MadisonChair01.jpg My guy friends and I are building a replica of Captain Kirk's chair. (This is what I get for being friends with engineers and Trekkies.)

If you don't care I'm hosting a Beauty Society Skincare party this weekend. what kind of food should I make?

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Why is it that this whole week when I've had fuck-all to do I had no problem sleeping, but now that I have work in the morning I can't fucking relax and sleep?

How likely is it that I will oversleep and be late for work?
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I've just dyed my hair with the rouge henna stuff from Lush. If I go swimming will it turn my hair a funny colour?

What's the funniest/stupidest thing you've ever done/had done to your hair? Pictures or it didn't happen!

ETA: My sub-letting flatmate has been smoking in her room and now it stinks. What is a suitable amount to charge her for "damages"? I obviously can't let the landlady deal with it because then she'd know we're subletting the room!
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I'm supposed to go to the zoo on Saturday with my son but the weather forecast says 98F and Sunny. We were slated to go with a big group and I suppose the tickets have already been paid for. But it's gonna be almost 100 degrees!

Should I go or skip it? I have really low tolerance for high heat. I usually like to go in April or October when the weather is more mild.

Have you been to a zoo?
What zoo is closest to you?
Which is your favorite animal at the zoo?

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I was invited by my boyfriend's mom to his cousin's wedding on Friday. I've never met the cousin, or her fiance. I have no idea if it's formal or not; the only specification I was given was not to wear white or black. ALL of my dresses are white or black, and the only skirt I have is a beachy flower print that's not really wedding material.

I was planning on just buying a new dress to wear, but my bank account is lower than I thought after just paying my phone bill, and I can't really afford spending more than $20 to wear a one-time dress. I don't have a decent pair of heels either and I can't imagine flip flops would be acceptable!

So TQC, should I...
a. not go! I don't even know the damn girl anyways.
b. look at the local thrift store for a dress/shoes.
c. be cheap and wear the flower print skirt with flip-flops.
d. any other ideas? help!
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My air conditioner has been set to about 70 degrees for the past few days. I live on the second floor of a house-turned-apartment and we are the only ones who have central air. The downstairs studios have window units.
It's been humid as hell and over 90 degrees for the past few days. My house has NEVER gotten below the 80 degree mark, despite the setting.
We got our electric bill and it was $170.

I'm only living here for two more months and my landlord is a procrastinator.
I think I should be able to live comfortably in my own house since I pay for the usage. It is currently 2:00am and still 80 degrees in the house, yet set at 65.
Besides calling everyday or multiple times a day, what can I legally do to ensure my comfort considering I pay rent PLUS my utility costs separately? (In Illinois, fyi.)
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Say all you have is a boat. No house, no job, no great belongings. You just have and live on a boat. Without the option of selling it, what do you do with the boat in order to make money?

It's a semi-theoretical question. Feel free to get bizarre.

Edit: lolll, just realized I asked this question after another boat-question. Ha. Silly.

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For those who are married or are getting married in the near future, where did you register?

We did Target, Sears, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

For everyone, what's the weirdest wedding gift you've given, received, or heard of?

I bought my best friend a stripper pole, then went and installed it in her house while she and her husband were on their honeymoon.

What are you going to send me for a wedding present? ;-)

Name that movie!

Ok so Im trying to figure out what movie this came from, but it also might have been a TV show or commercial or maybe just a dream of mine, its pretty fuzzy.  It is a scene about a little kid (not sure if its a boy or a girl) that is at the pound trying to pick out a puppy and the kid goes and looks at all of them but never finds one that he/she likes and when he/she finally picks one it is because the dog winked at him/her.  And the kid was looking for a wink because earlier in the movie someone said something about a wink meaning love.  I lhope that wasnt too confusing but like i said the scene is pretty fuzzy but i appreciate any help this is driving me nuts.  Thank you!


All about you, bb.

If you could, who would you like to stalk? Celebrity, friend, fictional creature or person, ex, enemy, politician, TQCer or other.

Assume you'd get away with the stalking and there would be few, if any, repercussions. You're some kind of sneaky stalking ninja. :D   (Inspired by Hector in
Blades of Glory.)

Edited to add: will you tell us of some of your future stalking antics?

Fine, fine. Will you post a picture of your favorite celebrity and TQC can comment on your taste?

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For those of you who have large tattoos that needed to be done in more than one sitting, how did you decide to split the sessions up? Did it end when it got to be too much, or did you have a certain amount of time per session? Was your artist willing to work with you if you had a limited budget that you could spend per session?

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cubs hat

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Ok, guys, now I need help. I took these keys to Borders this morning, and the owner had never registered their card. So there was no way of tracking them down.

I've already posted to Craigslist in the lost and found, and I'm about to make fliers to go and put up around where I found they keys.

What else can I do?

How long should I hold on to them before giving them to the police?

For those good Googlers, one of the keys has black plastic on it and says 'BELL', but googling Bell Keys brings up musical instruments, not keys. Is it a key brand name? There is a serial number on it, I was thinking if I found the Bell Key Company, I could try that.

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Ok so this is what I posted, sort of:

Will you tell me about the first time you took your car to the shop for an oil change/check up/whatever? I'm going in half an hour and I'm really nervous. I know absolutely nothing about cars, I don't drive very often (I have trouble remembering which side is the gas tank opening is on, which makes for awkward situations at the gas station). I'm going because I'm hearing a suspicious dull clicking noise, and also for an oil change. Will they laugh at my incompetence and rip me off? =(

Are you aversive to getting help as I am? I feel really embarrassed/awkward about asking my amateur-car-mechanic friend for help, even though he's the nicest guy ever and is really willing to help me.

Please help me with my unreasonable anxieties!

Thanks for the great advice, I love you guys. I'm off to the repair shop now, hope all goes well!

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Hit me with your best quick and healthy recipes?

Can be as simple as "tuna!" or as elaborate as "grilled chicken with a dash of paprika and drizzled with a sauce made with alfredo and capers"

Thank youuu

What is the name of this book?

A few years ago I read a book. It was called something like "Lights Out" or "Power Out" or something like that. Maybe it was called that exactly, but it isn't turning up in a search.

Anyway, the cover looked like a field of wheat or something nice and pastoral, and then there was some sort of lightbulb or something superimposed (to illustrate the lights out notion, I suppose).

The book was about this guy and his wife who decide to remove themselves from the modern consumerist lifestyle by renting a farm from an Amish guy and living as the Amish do. They didn't convert or anything, but to be respectful of their community, they tried to blend in as best they could. He talks about the lifestyle and its effect on leisure time, food production, neighborhood community, etc.

In the end, he concludes that the Amish have a lot of things right, and though he didn't stay with the Amish, he moved to a town or something and bought a house with a yard and they still grow their own food, commute with bicycles, etc. Adapting as much of the Amish style culture as they felt was appropriate for their own lives.

I've searched everywhere for this book and I can't find it. Amazon, google, my public library. Can't find it. Searches for "Lights Out" and "power out" show me different books.

Anyone know this book or author? I want to reread it.


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TQC, what is your favorite condiment?
For me, the french fry is merely a vessel for the ketchup. I LOVE ketchup.

What is your favorite thing to order at your favorite fast food place?
Either the #2 combo at Wendy's (double quarter-pounder with cheese and a strawberry shake), or a little bacon cheeseburger with fries from Five Guys.

Where, in your opinion, has the best fries in the entire world?

ETA: Inspired by eeeeeep's post, how do people who write "two thousand" as 2.000 write decimals??

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If you have had a wedding or if you want one-
Will you tell us what you plans are? How many people come? what color are the bridesmaid dresses? How many bridesmaids/groomsmen? What flowers will you have? What will your dinner be? and most importantly- what will your dress look like?

Need food.

Okay guys. My lunch break is in one hour. Usually I bring lunch but today I am forced to purchase something...

Should I ...

A) Get pizza (the pizza place is really good)
B) Get a steak&cheese sub (also really good--the best even)
C) Get a salad somewhere...
D) Get a subpar but filling burrito
E) Chinese food


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What's your biggest fear?

Do you have any phobias?

My biggest fear is coming home to find somebody I love (family member, pet, whoever)... not alive. O_O Silly, right?

Phobia: Cockroaches and centipedes X_X Silent fear lol
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Word 2007 Problem

I googled for about 30 minutes searching for a solution! Halp!

I'm doing a document for work, and all of the sudden my columns stopped working properly.

When I select an amount of data, hit the Columns button, and select 2 to break up the data on the paper, instead of filling all of Column A and then the excess moving to Column B... the data will go back and forth between A and B, only filling up half the page.

If that doesn't make sense, here's what it should look like:

Column A

Column B

And here's what's happening:

Column A

Column B

Why is this happening? How do I fix it?

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Do you ever feel like "what's the POINT of myspace/facebook/twitter"?

like srsly?

like, technology-overload-i-wanna-delete-my-account

and if-you-really-cared-you'd-call-or-talk-irl?
misc - i like this


Oh my god.  My twelve year old cousin just flew in for two weeks.  I didn't realize how hyper she'd be.  I need ideas, guys.  I don't know what to do with her.  

How the do I entertain her??

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A bunch of weeks back, a new participant in my Tuesday night dinner group (let's call him 'T') expressed interest in me to the guy who'd invited him to join the group (let's call him 'J').

So, in mentoning this to me, 'J' says, "You know -- he's uncut." "OK," I respond, "but why do you think I'd be concerned about that?" 'J' replies, "Well, you being Jewish."

I forgot that my Judaism prevents me from eating pork, shellfish and milk with dairy, and, as well, from chewing on foreskin.

Can you describe some innocent, funny things about Jews and Judaism that have been said to you or in earshot of you?

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My neighbors have 3 kids, aged something like 8, 10 and 12, who they always let play in the street, often without even adult supervision. The kid make it hard to drive and are a danger to themselves and everyone else. They even sit down and draw on the road with chalk for hours at a time, making them almost impossible to see. I have had conflicts with these neighbors before. I think they are irresponsible people for many other reasons, too. What should I do about it?

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tv episodes online

my sister told me about a site that features tv series such as weeds online but i can't remember what it was. i'm trying to get a hold of her to ask but until then do any on you know what site it could be?

cars and cupcakes

So this morning when I went out, the "change oil" light on my car went on and didn't turn off, even though I'm still about 800 miles from being "due" for an oil change. If you know anything about cars, can you give me some insight as to wtf...?

Will you tell me about the last fail you had/did/took part in?
Cupcake fail. :( I wanted to bake my bf chocolate cupcakes with mini Reese's cups baked in for his birthday, and first I got the wrong size papers, and THEN in the first batch I made, the Reese's cups sank to the bottom and burned onto the cupcake tin. The second batch I made, I filled the cups WAY too much and it kind of oozed over the sides of the pan onto the floor of the oven. There was enough for 6 more (smaller!!) cupcakes after that, sooo, happy birthday :( lol
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Poll #1417860 Naked time

Which of the following is true for you?

The last time I was completely naked involved showering/bathing
The last time I was completely naked did not involve showering/bathing

You don't need to elaborate at all, unless you REALLY REALLY want to I guess.
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UPDATE:  I said "hey, I really need to start getting ready for work. It's been nice catching up with you, I hope things work out. Talk to you later." and signed the fuck out. She sent me 3 more rambling messages ("i just need to know u no" "i give so much of myself i've never been meen to anyone" and "all i do is help people") before my cursor made its way to close the tab.

New question, TQC: I'm feeling pretty shitty about abandoning her, should I? Was there anything else I could do?


A girl I talked to maybe twice in high school randomly facebook chatted me, and went from 0-crazy in a matter of minutes.

How do I get out of the conversation with this nutjob? She seems desperately lonely, but really, really batshit.

EDIT: the conversation is really, really long, but her end goes like this:

"Can I ask u for advice? I really like this guy but I think my roommate is trying to date him do u think that's right? Do you think they're meant to be? I mean we were shopping and he smiled at us and was nice to me and I asked for his number and he said yes. We went on a date and it was cool until he tried to take my pants off and I said no but he said its cool. But now my roommate is trying to get with him. Should she? Do u think they'll end up? I can't ask her about it because she's mad at me. I used to have a stalking problem but now I'm on medicine and i can stop thinking about guys if i knew there was no chance do u think there's a chance? I NEED TO KNOW. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS? DO U THINK THEY'LL END UP???"

...I don't know what to say or how to get out of it...

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Are there any sane people out there that still believe the modern religion, Wicca, is in any way related to pre-Christian religion? Are there still people who aren't stark raving mad who seriously believe that they've got a magickal lineage that goes back to some mythical ancient Witchcraft cult?

Because, seriously, I think there are pills for that, now.

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Am I stupid for thinking there's only one fix priced, unlimited internet and phone plan available here? I have this  plan (Optus fusion $129 a month). It's expensive but worth it for me since I have school online and pretty much exclusively call mobiles. I've searched around for others but I can't find anything. What plan do you have? Do you like it?

Everyone else:

How much do you pay per month for phone and internet? Is it worth it?

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Stupid question is stupid?

Is there any situation in which it would be a good idea to cite being a Cha Cha guide under "work experience" on a job application?

For instance, if I'm applying to a telemarketing firm, it could show that I can deal with repetitive work and possibly that I have fast fingers.

movie recs plz

What is/are your favorite romantic comedy/ies? I'm in the mood for a chick flick tonight. (In my movies! folder [as far as romantic comedies go] I have 10 Things I Hate About You, 27 Dresses, Bride Wars, Clueless, Grease, He's Just Not That Into You, Love Actually, Sex and the City, She's All That, and the Princess Bride, but I'm not really in the mood for any of those.)
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In his song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", Paul Simon only lists 5 ways:
1. Slip out the back, Jack
2. Make a new plan, Stan
3. You don’t need to be coy, Roy
4. Hop on the bus, Gus
5. Just drop off the key, Lee

What do you think the other 45 are?

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If you get shooting pains in random parts of your body (in other words, it could be your arm one day, your left little toe the next) it's probably in your head right? Why would your brain want you to be in pain?

Your ideal breakfast sandwich?
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I'm going to a friend's going away party tomorrow night, and it's a theme party. Everyone is supposed to come dressed as an American stereotype or a stereotypical "foreigner" of some sort. The only thing I can think of is the traditional "American tourist" get-up, but I don't have a visor or ballcap, khaki shorts, ugly tennis shoes, a camera, OR a fanny pack, so I'd have trouble doing that.
Any ideas? Inexpensive costumes would be preferred, as I'm a broke-ass student.

If you don't care, would you tell me what your favorite play is and why?

gameboy and gameboy colour games

Just wondering how many of your gameboy/gameboy colour games that have a save feature still work (i.e. the battery hasnt gone flat yet)?

If any of them have stopped saving, which are they.?

I have found recently that my pokemon crystal version has lost its save due to the battery going flat,  thereby joining my pokemon gold version which went flat ages ago (though for some reason my silver version is still fine, probably cause it was the one I played the most), though my pokemon yellow version is going fine (mostly beause unlike gold silver and crystal, it doesnt need to use extra battery to keep the clock going).

ETA: question marks.

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My fiancee is a nurse working the 7pm-7am shift in the local NICU. On night's that I don't work the next day, I go up there and have "lunch" with her at 1am. I'm taking tomorrow off, so I'm going tonight. I always take a box of donuts up there to make all her coworkers love me.

So, that got me thinking...what's your favorite kind of donut, TQC?

I'm an apple fritter man, myself.

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Could someone explain to me the technicalities and reasoning for locked posts, screened comments and things like that?
I've googled it but it didn't help =[
ETA: I have realised the benefit of locked posts. Thankyou =]

How can I persuade myself that my final English Literature exam which decides whether I get into uni or not went well?

How can I stop myself from worrying about the results until results day in August?

What are you waiting for?
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I'm pseudo-studying for my biology exam tomorrow. I'm only answering the review package questions that I don't know the answer to.

I'm going to blank on the stuff I think I know and fail, y/y?

What are you up to?

What do you know about plant physiology? Microbiology? CELLULAR FUNCTIONS?
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TQC i've got an exam tomorrow at 11. i haven't woken up that early in weeks, so should i:
- shower tonight and sleep in for a bit tomorrow morning?
- try to wake up super early and shower tomorrow morning?

also, how much trouble would you get into if someone hacked into your:
- facebook
- email
- blog?

i would get into sooooo much shit.


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I just chipped my front tooth eating pizza. It's one of those chips that you don't notice from the front because I took a chunk out of the BACK OF MY TOOTH D:

What was the last really sucky thing that happened to you??
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Can you fill in the blanks in the lyrics to these songs?

Poll #1417895 Sing Along With TQC

Don't scream about, don't think aloud, turn your head, now baby just _________.

Once there was this kid who got into an accident and couldn't come to school, but when he finally came back, his hair had turned from ______ into ________.

Can you take me higher? To a place where blind men see? Can you take me higher? To a place with __________.

I am everything you want, I am everything you need, I am everything ____________ that you wish you could be.

We've all seen the man at the liquor store, begging for your change. The hair on his face is dirty, dreadlocked and full of mange. He ask the man for what he can spare with shame in his eyes. "________________________" all he replied.

For the life of me, I cannot remember, what made us think that we were wise, and we'd never compromise. For the life of me, I cannot believe we'd ever die for these sins: we were merely ______.

im french

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1. So, I'm watching this TV show on NBC called The Listener and I really want to know what music they're playing in the background, but I don't know how to look for this.

It's kind of Massive Attackish, I don't know, it's cool. um, sorry that's boring but help me please.

2. Do you think Renee Zellweger's face (namely, her eyes) is pretty or weird?
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So, Iran's top leaders have warned the US to quit meddling in their current election

Question is, how the devil have we been meddling in their election?

The only thing I've seen was Obama saying that he was going to keep a close eye on Iran. And that's it. Did I miss something?

Or is this a case of Iranian leaders looking for a scapegoat to blame how their county is imploding and exploding at the moment?

Which leads me to the next question, is the US the only country left you can play the blame game with?

And is it the only country you can openly mock and make derogatory remarks about without having someone calling you a bigot? Or is bigotry, bigotry?

edited to make it clearer

Life without bacos is dull and meaningless.

1. State quarter collectors! What has been your most difficult state to get the quarter of?

Illinois here. Took me like 4 years! Currently I'm missing Arizona and that's the last one I need to make a complete set.

2. Collectors of other things! What do you collect?

Ticket stubs. Well, more like I save all mine, but whatevs it still counts.

3. What is your favorite variety of Lean Cuisines?

Salmon with basil.

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I've currently been up for 18 hours.
The goal is to make it another 8.
I have some chores to do to stay busy (laundry, dishes, etc), plus going up to the hospital to hang with my fiancee on her lunch break.

How many pots of coffee do you estimate I'll go through in the next 8 hours?
What is something that's effective at keeping you awake when you've been up for too long?
again., Flapjack

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I am a waitress, but there are some major down times at my work where everyone just sits there with their iPods. I prefer to be productive and do some sort of exercise.

Walking in place is cool, but it's repetitive and just not enough.

Do you have any ideas for little exercises I can do at work when there's nothing else to do? I thought about bringing a jump rope, but I dunno ha