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i have a large top [dd] and a pretty small bottom abt a med and a size 8 or 9. anyways i need some good websites for bathing suits that i would be able to mix and match with. ive searched tons and found a couple, but im looking for something other than pac sun and alloy and delias, one maybe you can only shop online, help????
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TQC, if I said I was going to bring you "a couple" of apples, how many would you expect me to bring?

What if I said I was going to bring "a few"?

And if I said "some"?

And if I couldn't find apples, and instead had to bring you "a little" applesauce, how much would you expect then?

This post brought to you by my boss who ordered "a few" vials of medication, only for me to unpack 10 in our order today...now where to put all this anti-emetic...

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Do you always always wear a seat belt? If no, why not?

People with foot tattoos: on a scale of say, 1-5 (1 being ok/pretty tolerable and 5 being you never want to fucking do that again), how much pain was it for you?

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hypothetically: you are out somewhere and you run into a friend who you haven't seen in a while. their face is mangled and cut up and they have a nose brace on. avoiding them is not an option. you say hi and start having a conversation with them. do you ask what happened or do you decide not to bring it up?
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Can you add a line to an AT&T family plan when you owe them money? I have a current bill and last month's bill due and I've told them I'll be paying that in the next month. They know this. So can I add a line while I have a past due bill?


(And yes, I tried calling. Their call centers are closed for the night. Go figure.)

welcome to drunken nerd time with themistocles

Alright I found out 2 table top games exist that I have not previously played are prevalent at a local club.  The games are battle fleet gothic and battletech.


To give a tiny bit of context:

The advantages of battle tech are as follows.

lower initial cost (40 dollars for everything you need to play the most basic version of the game.

Involves giant robots.

Maybe able to get a buddy to spend money and buy his own tabletop army.

more fluff (aka story line)

more rules and models still being developed.


All the books cost moneys so as I want to go past the initial aka toned down game I have to pay for rules books.

Seems slower paced than bfg.

Could cost more longer term

Hex maps means I either need to buy my own in addition or make my own hex maps (not out of the question)




giant spaceships are a tiny bit cooler to me than giant robots.

Models have far more detail.

All of the rules are free to download legally.

Maps are very easy to construct


higher price to start playing.

slightly less popular

no longer an evolving game as the company that developed it was absorbed by its parent company and will not be putting out new rules.



Overall long term cost may even out

I enjoyed playing both.

i would have a player group no matter which i choose.


Three sentence summary for people one game battletech costs less to start, but the models are poor (aka less detail to paint) . Battlefleet gothic costs more to play initially but all the rules are free (battletechs aren't) . So over time the cost may even out. Also the maps you play these on are harder to make for Battletech. however battletech seems more popular atm. Which shoudl I choose ( im leaning towards space ships)


So which system should I choose the giant robots (the mechwarrior games were based off this tabletop game) or the space ship game (which is set in a universe I am familiar with?)


Alternate question which do you prefer giant robots or massive space ships.


Secondary alternate which day and time should I ask this girl out to cofee that im interested wth? (mind you she may be very anxious and tepid as her last relationship ended poorly and she has some trust issues). Im thinking afternoonish public cofee place shes familiar with can't get that much safer of a date i thought. Tertiary is this a good idea for a first real date? (aka just me and her none of our mutual freinds there)

Splitting rent

If a couple and another person move in to a two bedroom/one bathroom apartment where both room are the same size, how should the rent be split when it's $600.00 a month?
a) Split the rent evenly three ways($200.00 dollars a person).
b) Split the rent by the room($300.00 dollars per room).

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What say you TCQ?


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If you were walking along the street and a complete stranger, dressed in an ordinary t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes, approached you and offered you $1,000 in cash for seemingly no reason, what would you do?
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Question One: Are you familiar with the term shinfo?

Question Two: On a scale of 1-10, how fond are you of television?

Question Three: When someone says "on a scale of 1-10, how much do you like ____," do you assume that 1 means you like the thing very little or that you like the thing a whole lot?

Question Four: How many TQC spinoff communities do you belong to, and which ones are they?

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Have you ever lived in your significant other's parent's house? (assuming your s/o is also living there). Did you contribute rent? How is/was it?

If not, what do you generally think of the idea? Good/bad?

TL;DR. basically help my friend out of post break-up blues, TQC

Is there a lot of hype surrounding Transformers/the movie Transformers 2 coming out? Is it one of those movies that have hardcore fans that will be there for the first showing dressed as a robot(??)?

I ask because my friend and his girlfriend of 2 years broke up about a week ago, and he's pretty down about it. I want to try to cheer him up, and the other day he expressed his excitement about Transformers 2 coming out. Apparently the first Transformers movie was AMAZING!!1!!! (his words not mine..?) and he was pretty much appalled when I told him I hadn't seen it. I was thinking a fun thing to do would be to watch the first movie together and then stencil something about Transformers onto a couple of shirts for opening night. He's the kind of guy who I think would find that funny and not a total waste of time, so even if you all tell me Transformers is a disgrace to all films and that opening night will be empty, should I still suggest this idea to him for the fun of it?

And if so, any funny suggestions for the shirts? I'm running on no sleep so the best I could come up with was for one of the shirts to say, "I heart Transformers" and the other shirt saying, "I heart Transformers Too (I heart Transformers Two? I heart Transformers 2?)" with "TRANSFORMED 26.06.09" on the back. It's a pretty weak joke, I know, I know, so are there any other suggests from the collective minds of TQC?
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Are employers required to pay you for any unused sick time? I have almost 2 weeks saved up, but company policy makes it pretty much impossible to actually USE the time. It would be nice if I can get something out of it.
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I'm getting sushi for lunch tomorrow so...

What's your favorite kind of sushi? What's in it?

(I like a mix of textures. The best ones I've had have been spicy crunchy tuna roll, shrimp tempura roll and spider roll. The first two have obvious ingredients but whatever they use to make it crunchy is amazing. Spider roll is some sort of crab, I think soft-shell, which is amazing as well)

If you hate sushi, what was the best class you ever took in college? Worst? Why?

(Best: Sociology of Men. It focused a lot on the behavior of men in different cultures, sex and sexuality, education and in groups. Very insightful and actually made me want to pursue my education degree.
Worst: toss-up between human nutrition and a sociological research class that was considered my statistics class for my degree. Stats sucked because I struggle with math. Nutrition sucked because the prof was a bitch that told us flat out that college students were inherently lazy so she was intentionally giving us a more difficult workload and tests than necessary because we needed to learn how to work. She also said that she was pretty much planning to fail most of us from the first day of class)

I need a ghostbuster!

Do you believe in ghosts? What's the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

I think the school I work in is haunted. Srsly!! I just started working here like a month ago, and the other teachers have told me all this freaky shit, and they told me how no one comes in really early to work or stay till really late. ALSO, it does not help that we are in the middle of the fucking forest! AND BECAUSE I AM LIVING IN AN ASIAN COUNTRY, I keep envisioning a female ghost with long black hair roaming around with bloodshot eyes! Eeeks!

I'm all alone in the staffroom right now and I feel all jittery...

iphoto screensaver


   I've googled this, but it was no help. I want to have my iphoto library photos as my screensaver, but there are a few pictures that I don't want to show up on the screensaver. I don't want to delete them, and I tried hiding them, but it didn't work. Does anyone know how to make certain photos not show up on your photo library screensaver?


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So, I found an interesting news article that I want to get people's opinions on:

Presumption of Guilt

Do you feel that this was a fair sentence, or are you skeptical? Was it necessary that his prior conviction as a minor be brought up during the trial? Do you think the defendant raped the victim, or is he being falsely accused?

If you don't care about interesting news stories...

Dinner tonight: Thai or sushi?

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Habitual e-mail forwarders: death penalty???? Y/Y

dude...why EXACTLY did you think I needed a Honk Kong sunset/sunrise calculator?? WTF?

EDIT: OK...HONG KONG.....its a typo. Get over it. This is SRS BZNS people...SRSLY!

EDIT: I'm so pussed off I can't tipe straight.

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Have you ever participated in a threesome? What was the....configuration (for lack of a better word)? E.g. MMF, MFF, etc. How did it happen? Did you enjoy it?

Let's say hypothetically me (I'm a girl) and my boyfriend wants to have a threesome with another girl, do you think it would be better to find someone we know personally (like a friend) or a willing stranger (from craiglist or something)?

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TQC, will you describe to me your PERFECT PB&J sandwich?
Fluffy white bread, smooth peanut butter, grape jelly. NOM.

What about your PERFECT grilled cheese sandwich?
White or whole wheat bread, lots of butter, and Kraft singles (this is the only instance in which I will eat that crap), dipped in lots of ketchup. Sometimes adding tomato and/or bacon and/or some oregano if I'm feeling snazzy.

What are your plans for the day?
Shower in a few mins, wait for my check to clear (which it should do by noon), and go SHOPPING omg. Make dinner and study later, maybe watch a movie or two.
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i'm on maternity leave but still pregnant, and i'm superbored.
going places isn't an option because i don't have easy access to transportation most of the time, and walking around at this point SUCKS.
most of my shows are in reruns, and i have a really short attention span for reading, but if you recommend a specific book, i'll definitely consider it once i'm done reading "the bodyguard."
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My husband is constantly tired and achy.  He does put in a lot of hours, and our bed/pillows situation sucks right now because we desperately need a new one but we're moving in 5 weeks and we're not buying a new one and then moving it 2300 miles.  However, he also eats total crap, drinks a lot of soda (and a fair amount of beer) and NEVER drinks water.  I am convinced that if he would just quit eating and drinking like a total asshole for a few days he would feel soooo much better.  I've suggested this to him in a much nicer manner, and he acknowledges that it's a good idea and then turns around and totally does not do that.

My question is, how should I kill him the next time he whines about being tired and achy?  This has been going on for months and I'm ready to murder him.  Also, do you think there may be something else wrong with him that his making him so lethargic and sore?
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I have a problem, TQC. Please help!

My mom was supposed to visit me this weekend but because of some family drama (not from me), I think it is better for her to be at home. Problem is, she has a promotional air-ticket which cannot be refunded and has to travel by June 30.

Question: Do you think if I make up some swine flu case(eg: i came in contact with people infected with swine flu OR my housemate has swine flu so it's risky for my mom to visit), will they allow us to change the dates without penalty?

If this was not urgent, I wouldn't joke about swine flu. :x
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My 63 year old mom has decided she wants to use a computer. She has zero experience with computers. Plus she doesn't really like them. hahah but she's starting to feel left out of the email trend. I have zero patience to teach her. I would like her to take an online tutorial type of thing, does anyone have any experience with that type of thing and have any suggestions as to what a good one might be?
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What do you think of media blaming videogames* or other sources like TV or movies, for the actions of kids/adults that commit crimes?

Do you think parents should be more careful and observant of the ESRB rating a game has when buying them for their children?

Do you pay attention to the ratings your videogames carry?

What is the highest rated videogame you own?

*link to story about "Halo Killer".
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(Inspired by "I Know Who Killed Me", which is a glorious trainwreck of a movie and bad in totally different ways than you expect it to be)

Situation: Guy has been dating this girl for a short period of time, and she won't have sex with him because it's too soon. Then the girl has some tragic experience, which seems to have given her amnesia and makes her think she is no longer her old self, but a street-smart stripper named Dakota who'll do anybody. Guy fucks the shit out of "Dakota".

IMPORTANT ETHICAL QUESTION: Is this cheating.....or rape? o_O

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What was the last weird dream you had?

I just had a really vivid dream of my old boyfriend coming over, and getting back together with me. We basically sat around my living room while I recorded DVDs then my grandma left and I went to put on underwear while he was in the bathroom, he walked into the room, sat down and I woke up. So strange to me.
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My friend spilled taco dip on her passenger side seat. How can she clean it up?
It's a 2009 Civic with a black interior and sport interior trim. It's mostly cleaned up, but some salsa, sour cream and cheese are set into the fabric.

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So, I've decided I need to just be busier and then I wouldn't be so worried about my LDR. I don't start my internship for another two weeks x_X
So TQC, what do you do to keep busy? What are your hobbies?

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TQC, I really want to go to a music festival (that's really expensive) but I don't have anybody to go with (it's in Ireland, where I'll be, but I'll be with my dad and my brother who probably do not want to go). What should I do?
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Hey TQC,

Are any of you familiar with free online games for kids that support early reading skills?  Anything from the single world level up to paragraphs would be great.  I'm doing my googling, promise, but I'm either coming up with just free games (that don't necessarily require a lot of reading) or with reading programs that aren't free. 

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1. Do you want to get married? Why or why not?
2. Do you think the gender generalizations for marriage-- that women want to get married and men don't-- are more or less true, in your experience?
3. What do you think contributes to someone's desire to get married or not get married-- if anything?
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With great power comes great silliness

Like Spiderman, you're about to be bitten by a radioactive creature, but unlike Spidey, you get a choice what bites you. Which creature below will try to nom you? To help make up your mind, I included the primary power and the arch nemesis you'll face

Snake (ability to dislocate jaw and swallow food whole, poison). Arch nemesis: the Black Mongoose
Cricket (ability to make annoying sounds with your legs). Arch nemesis: Man-Spider
Flamingo (ability to turn bright pink, to stand on one leg for inhuman lengths of time). Arch nemesis: Garden Gnome (fellow yard inhabitant)
Penguin (ability to withstand ridiculous levels of cold). Arch nemesis: just the inexplicable undeniable urge to travel to Antartica and march hundreds of miles to the middle of nowhere to have sex
Beaver (ability to topple trees). Arch nemesis: puritans and others who dislike vulgar language
Cardinal (bright red color, flight). Arch nemesis: Professor Window (who seems to suddenly appear in front of you, midflight)
Possum (ability to feign death). Arch nemesis: oncoming traffic
Harp seal (soft, 1,000% more lovable). Arch nemesis: the Clubber
Elephant (super strength, thick hide). Arch nemesis: the Poacher of Doom
Tick (ability to suck blood, burrow unseen). Arch nemesis: Baron Frontline and his insidious collars
Moose (super strength, endurance). Arch nemesis: Boris, Natasha
Stingray (deadly stinger). Arch nemesis: Zombie Steve Irwin
Panda (bearlike strength, possible knack for kung fu). Arch nemesis: Lord/Lady Panda (opposite sex from you. You know how much sex confounds pandas)
Dung beetle (able to subsist on feces, and roll it into a boulder Katamari Damacy-style). Arch nemesis: city santitation, anyone with a nose
Cow (ability to pull heavy things behind you, make your own milk). Arch nemesis: Legion of Infarious Fratboy Cowtippers

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What do you think the distinguishing characteristics are between a live action/animated film and one of the 3928480498014984 movies that has computer graphics or 3D animated monsters/superheros/aliens/other characters/places in it?

Can you think of something other than carnitas to buy when I go grocery shopping today (at TJ's)? It's been a while since my last trip and I've spent much effort eating almost everything that was edible but forgotten/excess, and I need all the basic tasty and fresh foods.


1. What's your favorite song about falling in love?
2. What's your favorite song about falling out of love?
3. Do you and your significant other/best friend/person that you care about have a song? What is it?
4. If you are/were married, what is/was your wedding song?
5. What song do you want played at your funeral?
6. What is your favorite song RIGHT NOW?
7. Do you have a favorite song of all time?
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My best friend and I have been on the rocks for a while now, but today has been like normal (thank god). He's on a flight to Georgia, and I told him I was going to flood his inbox with texts, and was told that they better be sexy pictures.

TQC, what kind of "sexy pictures gone horribly horribly wrong" should I send him? Pictures are good.

Have you ever had a moment where you were trying to be sexy but it didn't work? Stories please.

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I have the old iPhone and I just downloaded and installed the update annnd now my phone won't work. At all. It turns on, but it's locked and basically all I can do is make emergency calls. There's a picture of a USB cord with an arrow pointing to the iTunes logo on the screen but I have it plugged into my computer and it's still not working. Anyone have any idea what I can try? I don't have another phone to make calls with.

What's the last thing that really pissed you off?

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do you ever withdraw yourself from everyone for days/hours? what makes you do this?
how do you feel and react to big changes?
what was the last big change in your life?
do birthdays affect you in a way they make you feel weird? (if it's a big age birthday, or a big milestone)
how comfortable are you with your weight?
is it raining where you live?

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So let's assume you're a pretty decent person. Are you with me? Okay. You're interested in someone, and this person just broke up with whomever they were dating. How long after said break-up would you wait before expressing any sort of interest, so that you don't feel sleazy?

Also, what is the most awesome summer activity that you would recommend to everyone? The less cliched, the better.

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are there any euphemisms for female genitalia that just make you cringe? a guy was trying to talk dirty to me and made a reference to my 'snatch.' i think that's probably one of the least sexy things to call it, ever, and i was immediately turned off. also, wtf beaver? where did that even originate? at least clam makes some kind of sense, but i don't think my vag resembles a beaver in any capacity.

so, worst euphemisms for girl parts?

favorite euphemisms?
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Too sensitive?

Is it normal to get misty-eyed over most movies?
I cried near the end of Marley & Me, someone asked if I was ok since I looked sad at the conclusion of Bolt. A tear actually escaped when I was wrapping up Gran Torino this afternoon. I almost cried in a public theater showing The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

I feel like a wuss for nearly crying at movies. This was never a problem until a few months ago.
Is there a way to be less-sensitive?

I wouldn't mind if I was watching these movies by myself, but I have friends and family around, and I hate having to feign coughing or going to get a drink to conceal my emotions. I'm about ready to keep some liquor on hand to drink during sad films, but I really don't want to do that.

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What's the last thing you bought at WalMart or Target?
I just found my Perfect Summer Dress at WalMart. I hate myself. lol

Does your car have license plates on both the front and back, or just the front/just the back?
Mine only has one on the back. I am pretty sure that where I grew up (NJ) it's illegal to not have plates on the front and back.

Transferring stores, or finding a new job

My new boss is a douche. It's tl;dr but he's changed my work schedule to the most inconvenient, strange hours and claiming that it's the computer that schedules it that way (meanwhile, all my coworkers have kept the same hours they had, and if they have any conflicting event, he alters their schedule).

I can't work there anymore. Fortunately, my old boss works at a store one hour away, and has agreed to let me transfer.

Obviously, it's going to cost a lot of money to drive back and forth to the new store, but I'm going off to college on August 20th, so it might be too late to find a new job.

Has anyone had any luck finding a job that would let them work for two months, and then quit? I'd feel bad about lying on my application, or in the interview.


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hi TQC,
i have just had my wisdom teeth removed and my face is hurty. i am hungry and sort of sleepy from the pain medication. will you recommend to me a movie to watch, and food to eat?

have you had your wisdom teeth out?
will you share your dental horror stories with me?

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Last night after work I drove out into the countryside. At one point there's a gravel track running parallel to the highway. I saw something big and white coming toward me along it. As it got closer I was able to see it was an extremely fat kid in a white shirt, riding a tiny mini-dirtbike.

When was the last time you wished you had a camera? Bonus points if you did have a camera and can show me a picture.

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I'm creating a website for my workplace. I'm fine with that however, i've never had to buy hosting or even a domain before.
Any recommendations on cheap, reliable service?
(The website won't have a lot, nor will it see a lot of traffic, its just for a family run restaurant)

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EW TQC, WHY DID THE SUNBURN ON MY SHOULDERS/BACK TURN INTO TINY LITTLE BLISTERS WHEN I WENT OUTSIDE FOR LIKE 3 SECONDS?? D: I am fairly positive it wasn't blistered before (I got sunburned on Saturday).
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may 14, 1948

Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.

Are you willing to accept that when the Bible verse Isaiah 66:8 was written, it was unheard of for a nation to come into existence in a single day?

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1) what body wash are you currently using, and what is the scent, if there is one?

2)i have very sensitive teeth/gums, because it turns out i have a whopping 10 cavities all inbetween my teeth. a medium soft or even a soft toothbrush will still make my gums bleed or is just uncomfortable. should i suck it up and use a soft one, or should i get maybe a childs one that wont hurt? i got a supersoft from the dentist and loved it, but dropped it on the floor after my toilet overflowed, and cant find an adult sized supersoft in the store. 
Disney: Maleficent turned


I just heard on NPR that my city (Atlanta, GA) is 4th on the list of most road rage. I kind of believe it, though I think Miami should be higher on the list. Probably higher than Atlanta.

Collapse )

If you live in any of these cities, do you agree with its ranking? Why or why not?

If you don't live in any of these cities, have you ever had or been on the receiving end of road rage? What happened?

If you just DGAF, who was the last person to call you? What did they want?

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I accidentally bought some "natural" sugar. Is it going to mess up the muffins and cookies I am about to bake, or will it be okay? Do you buy organic sugar?

The bag says, "Rogers Natural Fine Granulated Sugar. Try our organic sugar from Rogers. Grown and processed responsibly using only natural herbal extracts and vegetable purifiers, Rogers Organic Sugar respects the earth and the people who tend it. It's sugar for our world. Use this pale gold free-flowing sugar as you would refined sugar." (I have trouble believing that last sentence, I don't care what they say).

How often do you get suckered into buying something because it's on sale?
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Mother tongue

What are some of your favourite words/phrases/works etc. in Latin?

Idk if it's a favourite, but Gilmore Girls taught me "In omnia paratus!" :P
However, after looking at this list, I've come to really like "Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur" which means "Anything said in Latin sounds profound", "Non fui, fui, non sum, non curo" , which means "I was not, I was, I am not, I don't care.", and "Iurare in verba magistri", which means "Swear by the words of the teacher."
Also, I've always liked "Post hoc, ergo propter hoc", "After this, therefore because of this"

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Have you ever gotten a flu shot and did it help? So far I have yet to get one and I'm 22. What's having the flu like?

So I'm learning to try new vegetables and I've looked up how to prepare corn on the cob. For boiling; to add sugar, or not to add sugar? Why or why not, which is better? (plz do not say 'it depends on what you like/your tastes' because I've never had it before. also, I know not to add salt while boiling because that makes a tough and sucky corn on the cob.)

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What would you wear to fetish night at a club? I only have the world's tackiest Vicky's corset, and I'm thinking of just wearing a classy black dress, back-seam thigh highs, and super-tall stilletos, but I'm afraid it's too tame.

P.s. thanks everyone who helped me with the "find a club" question last night!

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How old is too old to crawl into bed with your parent(s) after having a horrific nightmare wake you up at four in the morning?

I'm 22 and I did recently, but honestly, I knew I had to get some decent rest before I went to work and it was the only way I was getting back to sleep, then, so, really...it was the responsible thing to do.

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I have a shiny new iphone. I plugged it into my computer and now it works perfectly. The only problem is we have one computer for the whole family and so it uses my brother-in-law's email account (and before you say anything, I didn't set it to do that - it did it automatically). How can I change it to mine? Does Apple not think people share computers?

If you don't know, then what do you think is the worst crime against fashion? And what have you got that would shock the fashion police?


have you ever had hair extentions? did they hurt? did they damage your hair really badly after you took them out, or was your hair able to grow while you had them in? were they worth the money?

thanks for any advice :)
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How does cough syrup make you feel (smell, taste)?
The smell and taste make me feel sorry for myself (lol) and I always make a face when swallowing it down D: It reminds me of my parents having to hold my arms and legs down and forcing me to take cough syrup when I was ill as a kid. I hated the stuff :(

When you're taking medication, what do you wash it down with? 
I never ever wash it down with water, the taste is rancid! I always wash it down with something sweet, but people always freak out when they see me doing that. Why??
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Assistance required!

Basically, I'm going on a two week holiday soon and I only booked 7kgs(15lbs) of travel baggage (carry-on baggage. I used a really cheap airline, so in order to get the usual 20kgs you have to pay extra, which I didn't want to do). 
  • I would really like to bring some 'going out' clothes, because last time  I went to this place I wasnt old enough to go clubbing =( (and now I can!)
  • However, it's pretty cold where I'm going (20C/68F during the day and 8C/46F during the night)
1. What essentials should I bring?
2. What sort of clothes would you pack?

I plan on trying to figure out exactly how much 7kgs worth of clothes actually is (in terms of, how many shirts/pants etc I can actually have...) soon.

Edit: I have friends at the place that I'm going to, so I was thinking that i could just bring my going out stuff and borrow casual/warm stuff from friends? Good idea Y/N ?

Thanks for your help!

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I am cleaning up my room and throwing out a bunch of things, I just found in the corner of my closet about 30 cd cases with the booklets and all. I have the cds on a big cd carrier... I can't decided whether or not I should keep the cd cases anymore or just throw them away.


What is your opinion?
Do you keep old cd cases?

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I may be spending this Saturday and Sunday at Six Flags WhiteWater. I burn RIDICULOUSLY EASILY, and my CVS-brand waterproof spf30 sunscreen didn't do the trick when I was at the beach in FL this past weekend.

So my question, mainly to those of you with really fair skin, is: what, in your experience, is the BEST SUNSCREEN IN THE WORLD? Something waterproof with at least spf45, and I'd prefer not to have to apply it every 10 minutes, but I'll do what I gotta do.

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Personally, (regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not) would you ever want to be involved in a long distance relationship?
Would it depend on the distance? If so how far is too far?
ETA: Would the amount of time change your answer? Let's call 6 months the shortest amount of time that it counts as long distance.

Personally, I don't think I could do it. I find myself starting to forget what people look like after a few days, and i'd find it incredibly hard to maintain interest in someone I was only talking to over the phone. Plus, I can't help but think there would always be an element of jealousy.

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What is your favourite coffee (beans or grinds) brand?

What should I have for dinner? It has to either be something I can buy, or something that's quick and easy to make, I'm not going to make a big meal, it's just me.
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Assuming my work was created and originally registered in, say, 1960, and given the following facts:

-For a work originated before 1978, renewal is optional after 28 years. Not sure what the original term was.
-The 1976 Copyright Act extended the renewal term from 28 to 47 years, for a total protection period of 75 years.
-A 1998 act extended this period another 20 years (to 67) and provided a total term of protection of 95 years.

1. Would you agree my copyright expires in 2055?
2. If I have a Copyright Renewal document executed in 1988, what would you calculate as my new expiration date?

After 1978 the law changed, and for works of the kind I am registering would put expiration of copyright at 95 years from publication or 120 years from creation, whichever comes first. I'm uncertain if my renewal in the 80s counts under the pre- or post-1978 terms. What do you think?

I tried law_questions for this a while ago and got a bunch of guesses, and I think I'd like TQC's guesses and general jiggery-pokery more :D
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need advice because i don't want my stepsisters to die

My stepsisters, who I love to death and are 14(Liz) and 16(Ashley) years old, have started hanging out with these two guys who are 22(Justin) and 23(Matt). Ashley is sleeping with Justin, and I know Matt and Liz have fooled around.

They always tell me these really fucked up stories like how Matt holds Liz down and tells her he's going to rape her while she screams and Ashley has to pull him off. I also know that these guys have illegal guns that they like to get drunk and fuck around with in the apartment while Liz and Ashley are over there.

They keep going back to these guys' place, and think Matt and Justin are "cool" and "gangster." The worst part is that my stepmother knows about 99% of what goes on over there and doesn't care, she just keeps letting them go stay the night with these random guys. I've tried to talk to my dad about it but he tells me that I don't need to worry about it. I am seriously afraid that something terrible is going to happen to Liz or Ashley. Neither of the girls go to school (Liz is on summer break and Ashley is a dropout), so I can't go to a school counselor or anything like that.

Does anyone have any advice before my stepsisters get shot/gangbanged/murdered/etc?

ETA: Talking to these girls isn't going to help. I've tried, and they just become offended and think I'm saying that they're not mature enough or whatever. I'm almost twenty years old and both of them consider themselves to be smarter/more mature/more experienced than me.

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What's the worst name for a school you've seen?
Me, I went to Slaughter Elementary. I hate that name. Hate it. Now I pass it every day and I still go D:

On another note, does anyone know of a good, long lasting black lipstick? I require it for a cosplay of awesome.

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Would you take it as an offensive action if your SO's ex-girlfriend proceeded to tag every picture of them kissing (they broke up over a year ago and she's had these pictures uploaded since then) less than five minutes after you post something on his wall on FB? She also had her best male friend whom I've never met try to add me a good ten times.

Should I rip out her trachea? Y/Y?

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TQC, the 50-something year old guy who lives behind me (our backyards back up to each other) is an obnoxious alcoholic. He's frequently in the backyard yelling at his girlfriend, and right now I can see him walking around, drinking a beer and yelling at inanimate objects. It totally keeps us from enjoying our own backyard, and I can even hear his yelling from inside my house with all the doors and windows shut.

What should I do?

srs/non-srs both appreciated. non-srs probably moreso.

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I had to call Citibank to change my billing address, and I just spent 10 minutes listening to a lady with a VERY thick accent try to convince me to sign up for some new program.  She would stop after each spiel to say, "Would you like me to enroll you in this program?" I kept saying no thank you, I'm not interested, and she would repeat her speech (which I could barely understand) and tell me I could always call and cancel if I didn't like it. After the fourth refusal, she finally gave up and said goodbye, and she sounded pretty annoyed. 

Will you tell me about an annoying experience you've had with customer service?
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A friend of mine has a bunch of the karaoke games for the Xbox 360. She was saying one of them has a crapload of downloadable Sublime songs, but she doesn't remember which one and I can't find anything online. Any idea which game she might be talking about?
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tqc, i am fashion challenged; would you please help me dress myself?
i bought this dress
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for a date (dinner and drinks) and i don't even know if it looks decent at all on me, i never wear dresses. i also have no idea what shoes to wear with it. i have these shoes in silver and i was thinking that might be cute, but would it matter that the sole is that brown color? if that idea sucks, can you recommend some kind of footwear? it's a nice silky fabric and i am wearing a black sweater thing over it during dinner, if that matters.
also, i am very short (5'1) and the dress didn't come in numerical sizes, just small, medium, large, etc. my mom thinks i should get it hemmed a couple of inches or so because it was meant to be a little bit higher and its current length makes me look even shorter. what do you think? or would shorter look skanky? oh man, i should probably just wear jeans. please help :(

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would watching the original Friday the 13th alone on a Friday night be totally awesome and fun or completely depressing and bogus?

i thought it would be a good way to spend a Friday night but then i remembered watching slasher movies alone sucks.

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TQC will you teach me something in another language?

Ex. 勃起, pronounced "bokki", is Japanese for boner.
けつ pron. "ketsu" is Japanese for ass. (Like your bottom, not jackass.)
乳首 pron. "chikubi" is Japanese for nipple.
(I'm clearly learning all the important Japanese words...)
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ipod/itunes problems

so on monday i dropped my ipod on a tile floor, but i used it later that day and it worked fine. anyway, when i got back home i heard weird sounds coming from my ipod and it said i needed to connect it to my computer to restore it. so i open itunes, connect it to my macbook, click restore, click restore again when the "are you sure" message pops up, and every time i have tried this, itunes freezes. i have restarted my macbook, but it does the same thing. it's a 60gig fifth generation.

one possible issue i can think of: when i got this ipod i set it up on a pc i no longer have. is all hope lost?
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I found a set of keys in the street today and picked them up. They have a Borders Rewards tag on them.

If I take them into a Borders, can they look up who they belong to and call them?

Moral ambiguity

So at my job we have this conference starting next week and I thought it was staring on Monday (because that's when they told us it started) but it actually starts on Sunday. I booked myself a vacation until Sunday night and told my boss that I wouldn't be able to make it on Sunday, and she said fine; however, I ended up not actually taking the vacation, meaning I am still in geographical proximity of my work.

I was assigned one task for the conference on Sunday, which is meeting a group of participants at one building and walking them across the street (approximately a one-minute walk) to another building. I figured if I were out of town my work would just figure I wasn't there and find someone else to escort them.

But since I am in town, should I show up and complete this task that will take me all of one minute? Or should I stop feeling guilty and pretend that I'm out of town?

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The opposition movement in Iran isapparently making extensive use of Twitter and Facebook to achieve its political goals in the face of government oppression.

What political movement is going to use TQC to achieve its goals?

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Poll #1417339 lady gaga

how would you describe her?

average looking
better every time you hear her
each new song is worse than the last
something else (in comments)

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Do you feel like the internet knowledgeable crowd is the counterculture of this decade? Like the whole understanding memes, what 4chan is, etc. If not, what is/are this decade's counterculture/s?

Do you feel like there was a better way to word the above question? Please help me.

Do you remember a pre 1998 rap song about some slut named Sally?

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What are you doing tonight? 


I feel like I should do something, but I don't have ANYTHING to do but sit on TQC  or play TS3.  I feel like my nights are empty now that I left my boyfriend. What should I use as filler?

ETA: I'm going to take up boxing and use it on his roommate/the girl he slept with :)
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I just won a free makeover in a contest i didn't even know i was apart of! i went and tried on wedding dresses and apparently was the june winner. I'm getting my free makeover on monday and get to take two friends with me. I'm also getting a gift card (i can't remember how much) to spend on anything there and also have the chance to win more prizes there. I'm super excited because I never win anything.

Tell me TQC, what is the coolest thing you've ever won?
the weirdest?
the most lame?
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How do you define a long term relationship? Do you ascribe the status to a number of weeks/months/years spent together, or is it an emotional thing?

After getting out of a LTR, how long does it take you to want to be in a relationship again? Does it depend entirely on how the LTR ended?

How long do you wait to say "I love you" in a relationship? Are you meticulous in dropping it to your SO, and wait for the opportune moment, or do you say it when you first realize it's true? How many SOs have you said it to?

My answers are all n/a, but I'm curious to how people who engage in relationships feel about the situations above
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What should I eat? I have chips, beef patties, or I can make grilled cheese sandwiches.

What are you eating? What do you want to be eating? 

Do you like Ave Maria?
Edit: Ave Maria is a song. 

Collapse ) Edit II: Am I the only one that Ave Maria doesn't make sad? Haha, maaaybe it's because singing it feels.. liberating. Like I can do anything with my voice. :P
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I have a theory that goes that vanilla is the perfect flavor of ice cream because no matter what you use to top it or mix into it, the vanilla ice cream will be never over powered or mismatched with the new ingredients.

However; I could be wrong.

1. Is there something out there that doesn't go well with vanilla ice cream but does goes well with other flavors? If so, what is it?

2. Who makes the best vanilla ice cream?

3. If the remembered rock sound for the 80's was punk, metal and new wave and for the 90's, it was grunge, britpop and neo-punk, what will be the remembered rock sound for this decade?

4. Which bands' sound of this decade do you think will stand the test of time? What will be our, "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Smells like Teen Spirit"?
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TQC, I'm pretty sure I heard about a plugin/add-on/whatever for Firefox that allows me to access things that are only compatible with IE, which I do not have. I did a search on Firefox's website and I can't find it. If you know what I'm talking about, could you direct me to it? Thanks.