June 15th, 2009

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What phobias do you have?

Public speaking
Confined spaces
Open spaces
The dark

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My boss is really abusive and it's killing what should otherwise be a well-paid easy resume-building job for me. How bad would things have to get for you before you thought about quitting your job, especially ~in this economy~?
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keeping the spooky theme

1. Anyone listen to goth, moodwave or darkwave music?
a. Who do you listen to?
b. What is your favorite song in that genre?

I am looking for new music in those genres to listen to. To give you an example, I love;

Joy Division - "She lost control" Bauhaus - "Passion for Lovers"
Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Israel" Sisters of Mercy - "Body Electric"
VAST - "Pretty when you cry" Dead Can Dance - "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove"

2. You get a chance to go ghosthunting with the TAPS guys anywhere in the world, where do you want to go?

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Do you notice that the lifestyles of various childhood friends who stay friends into their 20s tend to remain similar?

For instance, in my group of friends everyone is not married (most don't even have a serious boyfriend/girlfriend) and we've all graduated from college. Often living with their parents.

In other groups I notice that basically everyone is engaged by the time they graduate and get married when they're around 22 years old.
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WHY WONT MY BROTHER BLOW HIS DAMN NOSE? I'm gonna be sick if I have to listen to him sniff one more time.

What was the last thing that made you feel sick?

What's one thing another person can do that is guaranteed to drive you absolutely batty?


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"Personally I'm rooting for North Korea. They gave fair warning not to be fucked with and I believe every country has the right to defend themselves."

(1) How would you respond to somebody who says this to you?

(2) What was the last thing you purchased?

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My boyfriend's big head just smashed into my nose. It's wicked painful.

(3) When was the last time you were in pain?
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My dad is a CPA and the other day one of his clients was telling him how his step-daughters were doing (I'm sure my dad updated him about how my brother and I are doing as well). I used to know both of them back in high school (one is a year older than me and the other a year younger, each was a friend of a friend). It turns out the younger girl is engaged, but her mother and step-father are not happy about it. She met this guy online who lives in CA (we are in CT) and they talked online for about 6 weeks and then he moved out to CT. They met each other one time and then set a wedding date. They are both unemployed, so I don't know where they plan on living or how they plan on supporting themselves. The guy is, apparently, a Goth minister who has no church, so maybe he plans on starting a Goth church here (there aren't any already here that I know of). This girl has clearly not thought this whole thing through, y/n? What was the last thing you heard about someone you used to know that made you lol? (I loled pretty damn hard about this)
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A couple of friends and I are going to Vancouver, Canada next week for a much needed vacation.  We're driving from Colorado, so we're looking at about a twenty four hour stretch.  What can we do to make the time go faster?

Once we get to Canada, do you have any suggestions of awesome things we should do besides drink?

Have you had poutine?  Did you enjoy it?  I think I am looking most forward to this.
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Do you believe in anything paranormal? If so, what?

I've been given a task to procure dinner this evening by way of delivery, so I've got three choices. Should I go with subs/grinders, pizza, or asian food?

cherry bug

 I was eating some cherries I got from a local farmer when suddenly an incredibly foul smell hit my nose, similar to sweaty feet. Turns out my feet smell fine, so I worry there might be a rotten cherry. By then the smell has dissapeared. I clear out the (perfectly fine) cherries and see a little black bug. First I thought "Surely not.." but when I poked it, the smell came back.

I'm fascinated by this tiny bug, that smells so awful. I want to read about it but don't know what it's called? Tried googling it [bug smells like feet], no luck there. I tried taking a picture, but my macro isn't strong enough. It's black, has a supple hind body and tiny wings that do not seem to work and it's about 4mm/0.15 inches long.

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Which do you think would be worse - telling someone who loves you that you don't love him/her anymore, or being told by someone you love that s/he doesn't love you anymore?

Experiences on either side?

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What do you do when a close friend really likes someone that you like too, and they seem to be on a collision course to hooking up?

Oh and neither of them know how you feel about the guy. Would you say something?

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What's your workout routine? When was the last time you exercised?

Sex does not count as working out in this question!

Well maybe it can - What's the best sex position to tone my ass and my thighs?
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hey TQC, wanna help cheer me up?

When was the last time you totally botched an interview? Will you tell me what happened? (Like what you did to mess it up? And whether it turned out alright in the end?)

Do you think I should adopt a kitty?
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Religious Accommodation and Safety

At what point is Religious Accommodation need to be put to an end for safety?

What specifically prompted this was http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1244371099010&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull in which Sikh soldiers are trying to avoid having to shave, cut their hair or remove their turbans.

Similar cases have happened in BC over Sikh's refusing to wear helmets on motorcycles or carrying kirpans in school.

Oh, if anyone can think of other religious accommodations and safety issues with other religions that would be great, because right now it looks like I am just picking on Sikhs.
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How in the world do I go about reducing my ticket from going to 20 over the speedlimit to 10 over?  I always plead guilty, but I've never had a ticket for going this fast.  I live in NC and they have this thing called Prayer for Judgement but I have no idea how to use it... anyone in NC ever use it?

If you're one of those that always goes the speed limit...

What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
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Can you guys suggest some really pretty sappy love songs?

ex. Bryan Adams - Everything I Do
Shania Twain - Forever and For Always

I'm in that mood today and I would love to make a CD. :)
Kill Bill - Elle
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I have to go grocery shopping because there is nothing to eat here but you have control of the list. What do you make me buy?

We get home from grocery shopping when I realize that I must now cook dinner because your lazy ass isn't going to but still wants to be pleased. What cookbooks do you shove in my hands?
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For fellow LUSH lovers, do you know if the Retro items are going to be on the site forever, or a limited time?

And what's your favorite must have(s) from them?

And least favorite item(s) from them?

Fave discontinued product?

Thanks :)
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Summer Strikes Again

As you all very well know, the economy pretty much sucks right now. And as college students paying for our educations, my boyfriend and I are poor.
And he's a gamer.
So we don't really have the money to do much right now, and his fallback when he's bored is playing online games for HOURS at a time. Leaving me sitting on his bed being bored.

I've gotten a laptop, and put some games on it. I love playing Left4Dead, etc. But I'm still bored, spending so many hours at his house doing nothing.

Does anyone have ideas of cheap things the two of us could do to
1.) get us out of the house, and
2.) keep the both of us entertained for at least a little while?

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Please someone can recommend me an action/crime/noir/thriller manga or anime??? I love action movies and games, and I was thinking about broadem my horizonts in this aspect... but please, I am looking for manga anime free of fantasy/magic/sci-fi stuff!!!! I am looking for just action/thriller etc... the most near the reality possible!!!!! If you guys can help me I'll be grateful!
boobage - behold de power of boobs

Behold de power of boobs!

I've a few friends, all women, that put forth the following notion:

"She with the biggest boobs wins!"

To see who the winner here is, if anybody actually answers this, what's your cup size?

Fat men may share the size of their man boobies if they wish.
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To anyone working in retail or the restaurant industry:

Has a celeb ever come into your place of business? Did you wait on them? If so, what was it like?

I've rung up a few C-listers, but my supervisor rang up Brad Pitt.

One of my best friends from high school got a job at a restaurant and saw Gerard Butler.

If I did that, I'd be really tempted to go: "Sorry, Mr. Butler...we're out of the chicken teriyaki...but THIS IS PASTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
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this might seem a little odd

I'm local to California, SF Bay Area specifically. A friend who moved to Portland from here, awhile ago, is finding herself quite lonely most of the time and I wanted to see what I could do to help her. However, me being here and her being there...I can only do so much.

That's where any of you reading this come in.

What is there to do in Portland?

Where are good places to make friends?

Say if you were presenting the city, and surrounding areas, to a friend to entice them to visit how would you best present the place to lure them in?

Granted, cuz I'll be xposting this to get a wide range of responses, if you currently live in Portland that would be ideal. Still, if you ever lived there that'd probably be okay too.

Thanks in advance!

Oh, on a random note, what exactly does "PDX" stand for?
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Take a Look

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Hey, Dr. TQC!

I have a question for you ladies on Yaz. I've been on it for over a year and I'm noticing while it's done wonders for the crazy moods, my cramps are almost as bad as they were before I went on the pill.

Did your cramps get worse or stayed just as bad, while the the rest of your PMDD symptoms subsided?

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How do you feel/How would you react if someone assumes you are the opposite gender and overtly says so (miss/mister, sir/ma'am, all that jazz)
a) face-to-face?
b) on the internet?
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Do you have pictures from what you did this weekend?

I just wanted to show off the montage I made of my first fishing trip of the season with my dad.

Or do you have a picture of something you want to show off?

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If you're carrying a styrofoam box of food in a plastic bag, how do you hold it to keep it level? Do you bother?

Alternately, what's the goofiest thing you've seen today?

Walking back from the Greek deli, I looped the handles over my wrist and then grabbed some of the bag itself to hold it up. Halfway back, I walked past a construction site and saw a guy with an arc welder in a cherry picker -- with a lovely beach umbrella lashed to the cherry picker.
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You have a busy day of work/school the next day and go into your room to climb into bed, when what do you see? It looks like a giant tarantula the size of your hand! After you get someone to come look at/poke it, that person says that it's no longer a tarantula, but merely it's skin, which it sheds every now and then. The real spider is still somewhere else, but was on your bed long enough to shimmy out of its spring duds. It may still be somewhere really close by. What do you do? Remember you still have a busy day the tomorrow

Go to bed as normal. I don't have time to worry about such things
Sleep in another room
GTFO of there. Either stay at my SO's place, the parents, or a motel
Spend the whole night looking for the spider
Either pay, bribe or promise ludicrous favors to someone who'll capture the thing for you while you sleep in their bed
Acquire something that'll eat it (snake, big lizard, certain birds) and let it loose in your place
Set fire to my bedroom
Set up a tarantula trap so I can capture it, and then, either let it loose or make it a pet
Purchase a shitload of crickets and tape them down in 12" distances from each other, heading towards the front door. The last cricket will be outside and hopefully, once Mr. Spider's there, he won't come back in
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Two Questions

1 - If I can buy 2" playpen balls in boxes of 500 balls each, how many boxes would I have to buy to fill my 11' by 13' room (assuming I want the ball-level about 2 feet high)?

2 - How many people think it would be totally awesome if I did it?


When I moved to Colorado, people told me that we don't get tornadoes this close to the mountains because the mountains inhibit the circular motion of the storm.

Right now, I'm in the basement with the dog and cat 1 in a carrier in a tornado warning. I couldn't catch cat 2 and had to leave her upstairs.

I already heard the vague sound of rumbling a little while ago, but they keep extending the warning. I grew up in Missouri. I've seen 2 tornadoes and lived through one that went over my house. You can't find any news of the warning on the radio. I left the TV up super loud and heard that the storm is still rotating.

What lies have you heard about your current location?

Will you tell me it's going to be okay???

Why is this happening the first time my boyfriend is out of the house and I am alone here??
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If the Real Estate Agent I am planning to use doesn't have any time available to meet with a new client for over a week, should I go with another agent?  I want to get a home ASAP!

What are your favorite daytime TV shows to watch?
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I don't know if I am blind or what, but I cannot find any place to perform a reverse lookup of a phone number in the UK. A number keeps calling my cell phone today and I have no time on my phone to answer it, and I am really curious!I tried Googling everything and the best I can get is that the number is a Stafford, UK number. Can I please be pointed to a place to do a reverse search on this number? The suspense is killing me
Formal Dress
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Hotmail, WTF??????

I haven't been able to access the signin page for hotmail but ONCE in the entire past week. They claim it's for "maintenance" but now that they have all these great new features added, I can't even fucking log on.
Has anybody else had this problem?
I live out in the country and use hotmail to communicate with the rest of the world and for the entire past week every time I try to log in to my email I get this bullshit message about how I may not have an internet connection and how it may be that the site is temporarily down please try later. For a week?????
They are no longer providing customer support so there's no way I can ask because I can't fucking log in to be able to ask.
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Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

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My kid is going to Disney World without me, waaah with her Nana next week. It'll be her first time on an airplane. She's going to be nine in August.

What should be in her carry-on luggage, besides her Nintendo DS and some gum to chew during take-off?

For those of you who don't give a damn and/or are so jealous you can hardly speak:

What is your most memorable trip?
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Say you had a very good friend who moved because they couldn't stand the city you live in. You tried to keep in contact, but they stopped returning calls and emails. Say you hear word this friend has moved back to your city. Would you try to contact them, or would you say fuck them?
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Julia Murney

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What was the last thing to aggravate you?

Our building president needs to get his shit together and get the fire alarms fixed. Twice a day for the past three days the fire alarm has gone off. I can't find the cats' leashes, so I have to fit two almost full-grown cats in a carrier that is not meant to hold them, then carry them down sixteen flights of stairs, and by the time I'm downstairs, we're allowed in the building again.

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You probably don't remember...but a while ago I made this post.

Well, I decided to blow him off because I didn't really need that sort of stress in my life, and I used the excuse that I was called into work to get out of meeting him.

...and then he turned up at my work. o_0
For those of you who hadn't figured out already I am NAKED at work....so it is a little creepy for people I know to visit me. He turned up 3 nights in a row and on the 3rd night the bouncers wouldn't let him in because he kept asking for my address etc.

Also he keeps sending me texts like this:

"I have loved you for one quarter century! If that means nothing to you then perhaps goodbye forever!!!!"


"I'm here with the intention of catching up with you because I care. Yet you are playing games with me! I'm going up north where I'll speak to your mother..."

I have not replied and the texts come in about once every half hour...

How worried should I be?
Do you think he will just go away if I ignore him?
What would you do in this situation?
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Sims 3

I am thinking about purchasing The Sims 3. For those who have played it, what do you think of the game? Is it worth buying in your opinion?

Edit: I looked back a few pages and saw a question about Sims 3. So I am sorry for the repeat.
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For a week or so, my AIM IM windows haven't been blinking in the taskbar when whoever I'm talking to says something. I'm running an old version (5.9.6089). I've tried everything. I uninstalled and reinstalled (clean, deleted every reference to AIM and AOL on my drives and in the registry), I've run TuneUp, TweakUI and CCleaner, I'm running a virus scan now and I'm not expecting anything. I've Googled to no avail. Short of updating to AIM 6, which I really really really don't want to do because it's horrible, what can I do? It's really frustrating. :(
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Isn't Special K with Red Berries delicious? What is your favorite cereal?

Should I move my $$ to a credit union and out of BoA? I'm reading up on them but I suck at finance stuff...all I know is I heard some people talking about credit unions being superior to banks but I don't know why yet.

EDIT: Like, what I don't understand is, if I'm with a credit union can I do things like use ATMs all over the place still?

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How often do you text your significant other?
I send and receive about 400 texts a day and I told him I want to cut it down a little bit and this saddens him. But it seems like a LOT to me.

Hell - Picasso Devil

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Facebook question!

So my friend was sent a Facebook invite by a mutual RL fiend, and the email that came had two friend suggestions at the bottom. She actually knows both of these people, but these people do not know each other, and neither are known by the person who sent the invite. Given that she's never signed up for FB how is this possible? She is minorly disturbed at the all knowingness.

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This person keeps calling my phone over and over asking for the same guy. I've told him every single time that he still has the wrong number, but he says "oh okay, I'll try again." Like it's suddenly going to be the right number. What the hell.

What should I say to this guy to keep him from calling me permanently? Should I pretend I'm this guy he's looking for? Should I threaten to kill him and anyone he's ever loved? Help!

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How often do you eat?
How many of those times are meals? Snacks?
Do you feel like you eat too much, not enough?

1) All. Day.
2) dont know. Mostly snacks.
3) Way too much... I don't even understand how I'm not obese. I need to CHILL! All of a sudden I'm just eating a ridiculous amount.

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Urban Dictionary rejected my definition for a "toaster": (to give a man a hj while wearing a mitten or glove, thus making it "toasty").

Have you ever submitted anything to Urban Dictionary?
way the fuck up my nose

Ooh. Awkward.

Dear TQC,

When slow dancing to Stairway to Heaven, what are you supposed to do when the fast part comes on?

Confused and Embarrassed

In addition, what icon do you never have a use for, and why? Use it now. I’m using mine, from the movie The Lady Killers, but haven’t yet had any issues with LJ people putting their fingers up my friends’ noses, so no occasion to use it.

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My study hall teacher gave me two blank notebooks today.
They're fairly big and have blank pages (not lined).
What would you put/write/draw in them if you received those?

I have some ideas, but they're pretty notebooks and I don't want
to fuck them up.

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Would you be surprised to know Paul of Tarsus (the Bible writer) was said to have kept a Nazirite vow in Acts 21 to prove he didn't teach Jews across Asia Minor to forsake the law of Moses, and in verse 24 it's said he walks in an orderly manner and keeps the law?

Do you think the New Testament teaches people to pay lip service to people?

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I just had like a day and a half full of the kind of body aches and skin soreness I associate with a really bad cold/flu, plus joint pain. No other cold symptoms, though. I had my first cigarette in like two months which did trigger a gross mucus-y cough, but it's very mild. I don't have any other respiratory problems. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Basically I am just hurty and sore all over.

I don't wanna join that nurse community, it's scary.

How do you make french fries at home that are not out of a frozen french fry bag? I assume you par-fry them or w/e but I've just never been able to get crispy ones. I tried baking them once and they were fucking weird.

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What movies should I rent tonight? I just found the most amazing rental place, and they have almost any movie you could ever possibly want, so don't worry if your recommendation is obscure!
is a beaut

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which of the following can you write (draw?) without looking up a reference?

dollar sign
pound sign (the real one)
euro sign
treble clef
infinity sign
therefore sign

when you're listening to music in a fairly private location, do you use headphones or play it from speakers? (like, whilst at your computer)


hey here are a few questions I want some suggestions too. I'm kind of curious at the moment, and I'm mad bored.

Whats the best food for someone who has a cold? I've been sick since Friday night! Eww.

If you went on your boyfriend/girlfriend's MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/ect... and saw that their profile still stated about how much they loved their ex (this means they haven't changed it in a long time since the last relationship they were in) would you be upset about that?

Which would you rather own? Dog, cat, or mouse?

Is it worth going out with a gamer? (Do you even know that term? Not trying to be mean)

On a rainy day, what's your favorite thing to do?

Well that's it. You don't have to answer them all, but I am curious (in a joking mood) as to what you all might say to these questions. :)
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Easy Flattery

They say flattery will get you everywhere. What compliments are you an absolute sucker for? The ones that, if received, absolutely make your day?

I love love love to dance, so telling me I'm a good dancer makes me very happy. Or someone saying that I remind them of Amelie or look like an old-time movie star, because I love those, too.

What are yours? Serious or non-serious answers are fine.
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(1) Ok, so, this is boring and lame but it's a serious problem and I need help, I answer your stupid questions all the time so it's only fair.

So, I'm doing this internship thing, and I have 22 more hours to do. I could easily do that by Thursday and be done. In fact, I HAVE to be done by Friday. HOWEVER, there's this guy I work with who I'd like to "hang out with," and I think he'd also like to hang out with me, too (I know he does), but he won't be in until MONDAY at the earliest. So, if all goes according to plan, I will never see him again in my life. He doesn't have my phone number, so it's important that he gets that, somehow.

HOWEVER2, I have some TVs (long story) to pick up at work. Would it be way too obvious to try and like, take a long weekend and then come in for a short while and pick up TVs? Should I pretend like all 3 of the TVs don't fit in my car, and come back on Tuesday, too? Ideas, please.

(2) In the same vein, I was thinking of writing personal thank-you notes to the people who were really awesome and giving cupcakes to everyone. What's the etiquette regarding this? Could I write a general "thank you all" letter and THEN individual letters + a small platter of mini cupcakes for each department? What do you think? (Could I also include my phone number in his thank-you note?)

if this was tl;dr, did you ever do a long internship? tell me about it

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I'm considering getting my hair cut like this. If I end up looking terrible with bangs, I'm fucked, right? Or is there some relatively easy way they could fix it?

Edit: This is what I look like. I should do it, y/n? Would it make my face look even fatter and rounder than it already is?!

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How the hell do you find a decent under-21 scene in a city you're unfamiliar with? "Just google it" hasn't been too helpful.

I live near Providence, RI, btw, if anyone's local.

At this point, little-miss-law-abiding has started to crave a fake id - and I don't even drink!

Nonsrs/srs answers accepted [preferably nonsrs]

So this girl I like, we [and a bunch of other friends] went to DC Pride over the weekend and we basically spent the entire weekend flirting with each other. Anyway, with the flirting, I had mentioned something insulting about her brand of cigs and she told me "Shut it".
I, being the masochist that I am -she knows this- immediately answered, with an adorable cheeky grin, "Make me".
Her answer? "Wish I could but I'm saving my randiness for the club."

Does this sound like a good thing? I'd think so but then again I may be a little biased. [She also called me cute. :)]

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i might have strep throat or mono AND i just slid down the stairs onto my foot, and i cant move, fyi everyone is asleep including the 15 mnth old so if i made any noise i would have gotten killed

why me, WHY?

validate me tqc

 Tonight my boyfriend and I went out to dinner with another couple. It's my boyfriend's friend and his girlfriend, so the guys decided where to go. My boyfriend suggested moderate to low priced restaurants (think Friday's, Carraba's) and his friend suggested a restaurant that is wayyyy pricier. We agreed to go anyway because 1) we figured we could aim cheap and 2) I had a gift card there.

My boyfriend and I's total cost was $28, but his meal got comped because they forgot to make it, so it came out to only $16. The other couple's total cost was $78. We all split an appetizer that was $10.

I brought a gift card that was $50 and we put $20 of the check of it. Then my boyfriend and I were discussing if it was dick of us to not just use the whole gift card toward the bill. I didn't feel obligated to because most of the gift card would go to their portion of the check as they clearly got things that were way more expensive, and we still have $30 left on the card we could use for a whole other meal. At the same time though, I feel like I looked stingy and I don't really know these people so who knows what they thought.

Was it rude of me not to use the whole gift card toward the check?