June 14th, 2009

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1. How do you feel about political correctness? Do you think that it take away freedom of speech?

2. Is anyone else in the DC area going to the Capital Pride street festival tomorrow? =D

3. Miso is being a spaz and zooming around the room. She just ran headfirst into her scratching post. What's the funniest thing your pet has done lately?

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At what age should two siblings of the same sex stop sharing a bedroom?
At what age should two siblings of opposite sexes stop sharing a bedroom?

If you're listening to music, will you please post a line or two of the lyrics?

ethical dilemma!!!

There's an illegal subletter living in a house. About a week and a half in, there's a horrible case of bed bugs confirmed in the subletter's room. An exterminator concludes that the bed bugs have been there for at least several months, but nobody claims to have had bed bug problems before in this room or house. Now the subletter wants out. The rest of the housemates are worried about being able to cover the rent, now that the subletter is gone.

What should happen? Is the subletter acting immorally by moving out? Should the person who sublet the apartment (the one still on the lease) step in and cover the rent?


I'm sorry if this question bothers anyone lol but I really do need some help on this maths question. I'm not really good so help me pretty please??????

Sunny Sunflowers

Quite curious....

 Do you think someone could have some interest in me if they offered to have me spend the night and by spend the night I don't mean sex I mean offering to let me sleep at their place after I just had one beer and had ate dinner before drinking said beer?  I mean he also seems like a nice guy, so it could just be a gentlemanly gesture?

What do you think?

I know it's fine to let things play out by ear and that's what I'm doing; but having some insight might not be such a bad thing?

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More relationship lulz

Of romantical things that have worked out for you, do your interactions normally start out as flirtatious, or are you often [seemingly] platonic-ish friends with someone for a while before anything works out? Assuming you want to date someone, is one of these approaches more a path to success than the other? Is allowing a friendship to form between you and another person a death sentence for any romantic future?

Related: If you like someone, how often / under what circumstances will you try to get to know them as a friend, rather than hitting on them from the get-go?

Marginally related: is it rude to re-post a question on TQC because you want the opinions of people who are awake at different times of day? 4:19AM does not seem promising for getting a large number of responses.
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typing this away now fingers are all a flurry of precisely played keys to form meaning

though I rather miss learning it, you really had to think of the words when you were hunt and peck typing.

any skills or things you do now that you wish hadn't become autonomous?

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k so i think my boyfriend and I are done (See this post) I confronted him about the whole situation and he got upset that i didn't trust him blahblahblah.

i just got a call from his roommate telling me that I should feel terrible because he's a great guy, and he's currently pretending he doesn't care about the whole situation but only because he's drunk (he wont speak with me at this point).

i'm honestly freaking out. TQC, how do you calm yourself down?
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So, I move into my college dorm tomorrow as a brand spankin' new freshman (short summer semester to get our feet wet). Do you have any college-related advice for me? It can be anything...srs or non-srs.

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Creative type people - How do you deal with blocks? Do you do something that allows you to muscle through them, or do you just sulk and ride it out, like I have?

I haven't gone out and really taken pics in like.. 6 months. I hate everything I take pictures of when I get back home, halp plz.

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Question to all the females, very likely TMI.

So, I am having the worst period ever... body aches, a headache on the right side of my head/tension in that same shoulder, anxiety, depression, crying easily, irritability, so tired that i take naps, something i never do, i am usually great on just 6 hours of sleep a night.

Just wondering, WHY is this period randomly so awful? Usually I have the normal cramps, bloating and breast tenderness and that's it.

And also, any tips to feeling better? Regular Advil did nothing and Pamprin put me to sleep hardcore.

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TQC, if you were to not use sunscreen, does your skin have the tendency to burn or tan in the sun?

I burn... hoooly shit do I burn. Despite reapplying sunscreen every like 30 mins yesterday at the beach, I am a rock lobster right now. :( Even my fucking EYEBALLS are sunburned... I didn't even know that was possible, and I look like I've been crying and/or smoking lots of weed all day.
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I have a lottttt of clothes I'm looking to sell for some fast cash. All the items are worn, but in great condition and are brands like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Juicy, American Apparel, Lacoste, etc.

Where should I sell this stuff? I don't want to donate it. I know there's a Buffalo Exchange around here- how much money have you made selling stuff there? I'd also like to hear about your experiences with Beacon's Closet is applicable.

Any and all advice is welcome.
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let's get physical

Has anyone ever done the crazy P90X training thing? Is it worth trying?

Does anyone have a particular at-home training routine that they are awfully fond of? Perhaps one that only utilizes free weights and/or your body weight?
Sunny Sunflowers

Re-posting to see what other responses I might get....

 Do you think someone could have some interest in me if they offered to have me spend the night and by spend the night I don't mean sex I mean offering to let me sleep at their place after I just had one beer and had ate dinner before drinking said beer?  I mean he also seems like a nice guy, so it could just be a gentlemanly gesture?

What do you think?

I know it's fine to let things play out by ear and that's what I'm doing; but having some insight might not be such a bad thing?
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I know there have been a lot of college-related questions lately, so I'm sorry for adding yet another.

Did any of you double major and minor? In what? How did that go for you?
Oh noes!
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A guy kicks out his eight month pregnant girlfriend because he wants to get with another girl four days after the pregnant girlfriend goes on maternity leave, he then refuses to pay child support until the court demands that he do so. Fast forward a month: the baby is born and the mom doesn't tell the dad that she has been born until the next day, she does not put his name on the birth certificate.

Do you feel bad for the guy?

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Have you ever met someone through a craigslist ad? Like the casual encounters or relationships kind.

Have you ever posted an add on craigslist lookin for sex or a relationship?

Sorry if these are poorly worded, I'm slightly hungover.
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I bought a new carton of light chocolate soymilk last week.  Because my fridge sucks, it is now frozen solid.  Do you think it would be okay if I left it out to thaw? Would it taste funny/grow bacteria/kill me?  Should I just pitch it and buy new stuff?  It's never even been opened!  I hate wasting food.

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Hello TQC. Since it isn't payday until Tuesday and I am dreaming of fresh foods, this is a foody post!

What concoctions/meals/snacks do you eat when "there is nothing to eat in the house"?

What is your favorite ice cream?

Do you read any food blogs? If so, which are your favorites?
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Moral oral

You're in the park one day when you see Michael Jackson running towards you. "The paparazzi are after me! I'm going to hide under this bridge. Here's $1,000. Don't tell anyone where I am!'. He hands you the cash and sashays under the bridge like a troll. Several cameramen come running into the area a couple minutes later. "Hey, did you see Michael Jackson run by here? If you tell us where he went, we'll give you $100'. What do you do?

I took MJ's money and agreed I wouldn't tell anyone where he was. I stand by my word and refuse the $100
I take the hundred and point to the bridge. It's not my business. I just want more money
I collapse on the floor, unable to handle the strain of such a vexing moral challenge

You're still in the park when a man in nice duds approaches you. 'My ex-wife is a bitch. We were only married a year and she took half of everything, even though she was the one who was cheating. And just to spite me, she got custody of Roger, my dog, who I love like a child. I've had him for 10 years and it kills me that I'm not allowed to approach him, thanks to the restraining order she put up. Will you help me? Here's $10,000. She's in the park today. I want you to run over, hit her in the face. Hard. And then, take the dog from her and bring him to me. Will you do it?'

Hell yeah. That bitch is going down
No. I don't want to be in the middle of this
'Make it 20k and you got a deal'
I refuse, and then call 911 and report him for attempted battery or something
I refuse and find the ex-wife and warn her what her ex is planning

On this eventful day at the park, you come across a tall bridge, where a man is standing on the edge, about to jump off. When you ask what he's doing, he tells you his sad story. He's financially ruined, his kids have disowned him, widower, and he fears he may have an STD from one lonely night where he couldn't stand to be alone. Sad. 'I have no one left in my life and no money. The only thing I do have that's still pretty cool is my 2008 Jaguar, parked out front. Listen, if I go through with this, you can have my car'. He seems like he wants you to talk him out of the jump. What do you do?

Try and talk him out of killing himself
'Yeah, your life is pretty fucked up. If I were you, I'd kill myself too. It's all ruined. Where's the keys at?'
Take his car keys and push him off the ledge myself
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I woke up this morning to find my dog cuddled up in my arms with his paws around my neck. Am I the only one who finds that insanely adorable? My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy. :)
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whats the best way to ask for a raise? i've never had to do it before. i've been at my current job for nearly a year and i'm still making a measely 8 bucks an hour. also i'm pretty sure the dude that just started a few weeks ago is making more than me which is totally unfair.

eta: i wouldn't bring up the other guy's wages

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So I got up and put on a face full of makeup, got dressed and ready to head downtown to the library only to find they are closed on Sundays in June.. WTF?

I started making a poll of things to do today outside and what do I hear? THUNDER. The world is laughing at me.

What should I do now, keeping in mind that I have $1.85 to my name?

Any good movie/TV series suggestions?


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For $2,000....would you take a camphoto picture of your next poop, and send it to everybody on your phone list? Accompanying text should say 'does this look healthy to you?' You can't tell anyone you're doing this for money

Yes, I'd do it
No, I wouldn't do it
Honestly, I'd probably do it for a lot less

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BAD NEWS: My vacation dates for Aug have been denied
GOOD NEWS: I can go to AUS in Sept if I choose
BAD NEWS: I'll miss my daughters moving into Uni
GOOD NEWS: I might be able to swap dates with someone else....

SO:Should I strive mightily to get home and see my oldest kid move into Uni....or should I just be selfish and say FUCK IT and go party in either the UK or Aus????
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It's possible that I impulse-bought 2 stuffed dinosaurs at a garage sale today. They are truly epic.

My question, oh mighty Internetz, is what kind of dinosaur *is* this? So far my best guess is a hypacrosaurus.

Collapse )

Also, what should I name him? He has a twin brother and they both fall down a lot.
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What do you think of a liberal arts degree?
I don't mean educationally, because I'm going to a good university and I'll be prepared for whatever, I mean societally.
Does it not look as good as a degree in something specific would?

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Do you ever eat cereal dry? What kinds?

Ever eat cereal with something other than milk?

What's your favorite microwaveable dishes or food items? Any particular brands you'd care to share?

Anyone want to share a dry snack mix recipe?

What color are the soles of your shoes? What color are the uppers? If you're barefoot, do you have hair on your toes?
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Be honest. When was the last time you:

A) Picked your nose?
B) Masturbated?
C) Changed your sheets?
D) Brushed your teeth?
E) Menstruated (for girls, obviously)?
F) Ate fast food?
G) Washed your hair?
H) Took a shower?
I) Faked an orgasm?

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Say you're selling something through a site like kijiji or something. Someone has expressed interest in an item and says they'll be over at 5 to take a look. It's now almost 6. There is another person interested in the same item and wants to know if it's still available.

When would you let them know it's still up for grabs?

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Hmmmm. I need a class to fill a GenEd requirement and I'm stuck between Women of Color: A Cross Cultural Perspective and The Theme of Identity in World Literatures; Race, Gender, and Other Issues of Diversity.

I wanted to take Modern African History but it's all full, so now I have to choose between those two, neither of which I am especially interested in. Which one sounds more interesting? I'm thinking the latter sounds cooler, but it's also a lot bigger (108 students vs. 38)
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for those of you with sibling/s you DON'T get along with, do your parents still try to force you to have a relationship with said sibling/s?
do you have examples of how they try to force the relationship?

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Clueless, Mean Girls, Dazed and Confused or Heathers?

Do you distrust left-handed people?

My mom is convinced she is dying of swine flu and just drove herself to the ER. My dad refused to go with her because she didn't "seem sick at all." Am I an asshole for laughing at this?

Whatever happened to your first girlfriend or boyfriend?

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Why do people bother announcing in a friends-locked post that they've done a friends cut? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to tell the people that they de-friended? Am I supposed to feel lucky I "survived" or something?
Peggy Blink

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If you are fat, do you think Beth Ditto is a great role model for fat empowerment?
Otherwise, what do you think of Beth Ditto?
Collapse )

Who do you think would be a better role model for fat empowerment? This can be someone you know personally, a celebrity we're overlooking, or someone who isn't quite famous yet. And will you tell me why you think that?

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When I typed in "what is an ermine?" into Google, the first thing on the page was:

Web definitions for ermine:
the expensive white fur of the ermine

Is it just me, or is that kinda sad/weird?

ETA: After five IDENTICAL replies, I got the point. It's just me. You can stop replying now.

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My Los Angeles Lakers just beat the Orlando Magic. Does this prove once and for all that Disneyland's better than Disneyworld?

EuroDisney owns all
Is this question about sports? I don't understand

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My roommate is the sweetest girl ever, but she hasn't done her dishes in probably two weeks(which means that we have exactly one bowl and two plates left), and doesn't shower more then once a week. Her bedroom smells unholy since she sleeps in clothes she wore all day, and when she does shower, the bathroom reeks afterward and there's water EVERYWHERE.

TQC, what are some nice ways I can get her to get her act together???

EDIT: No, she's definitely not depressed. I know this for a fact, she's probably one of the happiest people I know, both at home and away.
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Okay, so I'm considering buying tickets from someone on craigslist for a concert on Wednesday night. Is this a horrible idea?

Also, I need a place to meet this guy to get the tickets and pay him in NYC. I'm not super familiar with the city, although I have been there a few times so where would be an easy place to meet him (if I decide to do this)? He says he lives on the Upper East Side.

oh don piano, why i eyes ya.

Lately I've overheard my cat saying 'hello.' It's kind of weird because she doesn't do it too often, but I've noticed that she does it when she's alone, or thinks she's alone. I've tried to record it, but as soon as she knows someone's there, she just meows normally. Basically, if you listen to this cat at about 12 seconds in, he sounds kind of like what my cat is doing.

I've tried Googling it but all I get are videos of cats. Does anyone know why they do that? Alternately, does your pet have any weird habits or tendencies?
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Should I take tomorrow off work, TQC? I am actually quite sick - I'm exhausted even though I've done nothing all weekend, my body aches, my head hurts and my voice is almost completely gone. I have a virus; and not only do I not want to give it to anyone in the office but I'm a receptionist and there's no point in me being there if I can't answer the phone or greet people coming in.

On the downside though, my boss will probably guilt me about it for all eternity, she'll likely email me stuff she wants me to do at home even if I tell her I won't be on the computer; and I don't plan on going to the doctor's (I was already there on Friday!) for a note, so she might think I'm just recovering from a big weekend, and therefore give me hell about it when I return to work.

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So I'm a student living in Orlando Florida with no health insurance, well thats a lie I have my shitty university insurance that doesn't cover much of anything.

I need new glasses.

Where can I get reasonably cheap ones with no insurance coverage? Keep in mind I will also need an eye exam since its been a couple years since my last one.
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When Richard Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard, in a speech he said: Every action I have taken tonight is designed to nurture and stimulate that competitive spirit to help us snap out of self-doubt, the self-disparagement that saps our energy and erodes our confidence in ourselves... Whether the nation stays Number One depends on your competitive spirit, your sense of personal destiny, your pride in your country and yourself.

Ignoring how fiat currencies allow us to bail out banks with newly created money, how could've removing the gold standard nurture and stimulate a competitive spirit?

Have you seen Frost/Nixon?
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Stay classy, Laker fans.

Anyone else watching the rioting in Los Angeles? There's like, hundreds walking down the streets wreaking havok. Nothing is on fire yet, so it's pretty boring, but I'd hate to be driving down that road. Not linking because it's against the rules. Maybe in the comments if anyone's curious. Oh, they just flipped over a roach coach.

If there was a riot going on outside right now, would hide, or be inclined to join?
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I am planning on taking a few grad school courses in the fall, but not actually matriculating into the program I want until later on (probably in the spring and that is only provided my application gets accepted). I checked the Sallie Mae website and it says that they give student loans to both part and full time graduate students, but I couldn't find anything on the website to tell me whether or not part time students had to actually be accepted into a graduate program to get a student loan. Does anyone here know anything about this? Will I be able to get a student loan if I am taking grad school courses but am not actually officially enrolled in the grad school program (which is the ECE/Special Ed Masters program, not that it really makes a difference) yet? I am planning on calling Sallie Mae tomorrow to ask, but I am kind of impatient to find out and start getting things together so I can talk to the school (I wanted to get loan info before I did anything else) so I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone might know anything (and maybe save myself a phone call in the process).
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How do I stop caring what people think about me? I am really scared of telling people anything that I think they won't "approve" of and it is making me on edge and paranoid all the time.

I am probably going to get psychiatric treatment eventually but I can't right now and I need a short-term solution. :(

I am freaking out over really minor things, like the fact that I told my boss I'm going on vacation this week and now I've decided I'm not going to go and I'm afraid to tell her that I didn't go. WHY do I even think she'll care? But it's still making me really, really nervous.

I basically just needed to vent. What's worrying you lately?

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Inspired by the ghost post...

Do strange/freaky things happen to you often?
Not necessarily just ghost related, but anything strange.

Streetlights have a habit of turning off when I drive past them. not every single one obviously, or I think I'd get pulled over driving at night, but the certain ones every single time I go past them at night. It happened when I lived in Miami and it happens here in Cape Coral. It's gotten to the point where I barely even take notice now, I just kind of mark it down mentally like "yep, did it again" and move on, but I told my friend about it and she thought it was extremely freaky.
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Violent-Video-Game-Playing Zombies Know You're A Procrastinating, Vampire-Loving Horror.

TQC, I have been unable to sleep at all, I feel a virus coming on, and the flesh on my right hand is seemingly rotting.
I am turning into a zombie y/n?

I've really been in the mood lately for awesome 80's B-grade horror movies.
Will you recommend me one?
Alternatively or also, will you recommend me a zombie flick?

I've also really been in the mood for video games.
Will you recommend me a game to seek out for my N64?
Should I continue my day of procrastination and break out the N64?
Are you procrastinating right now? If so, what are you putting off and why?

How long do you think it will take for tonight's episode of True Blood to make it online?

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I'm watching my brother's dogs for the next week, one of his dogs is an annoying little fucker who has been barking constantly for the last 2 hours. We walked him in hope that he just needed to go out but he's still barking. I think it's just because he's in an unfamiliar place and is lonely/stressed/anxious or whatever. That being said, it's 11pm and I have neighbors...how can I get him to shut the hell up? What will happen if I give him NyQuil? srs and nonsrs.
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I've been engrossed in BBC Three's 'Blood, Sweat and Takeaways' - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00kpd2z - and have always been an avid supporter of local profuce. However, watching this has made me question my local produce support. What is better: to buy produce that is local and therefore more environmentally friendly (i.e. it doesn't have to fly anywhere) or buy buy (fairtrade) products abroad? Which would have the greater impact? If you don't know, then how much of a twat is that bloke in Bangkok?