June 13th, 2009

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Do you ever get excited about staying up late? (this is late for me)

Do you get confused if you do anything out of order in your daily routine?

During school dances, what song did you always get stuck slow dancing to with the dude with sweaty palms?

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in a week how much do you think you spend on superfluous/unessential things? like going out to eat instead of cooking at home which is cheaper, buying clothes when you have enough, things for fun like movies/popcorn, or buying other things you don't necessarily need?

what do you think is an appropriate amount per week?
do you think you're spending too much or an appropriate amount considering your income/allowance?
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Poll #1415201 Uncomfortable sexual questions

It's payday and you just went to the bank. You had a few errands at some cash-only businesses the next day and you were planning a big trip the next day, so you took out your entire paycheck in cash, however how much that may be. You're walking across the street in the empty lot where you parked your car (the bank's lot was full), when you're approached by a guy with a gun. "So horny', he says. "I gotta get some ass. Either give me all the money you're carrying, or give me oral sex. So....money or honey!" He kind of looks like an even hick-ier version of Larry the Cable Guy. What do you offer him?

Money (all of it)
Honey (you love him long time with your mouth)
Both.(you kind of needed some sex, too, and you were almost willing to pay someone to suck them off)

Ladies, this question is for you. You're having sex with your SO (pretend if you're single), and he/she/it is penetrating you in a new angle. This angle is JUST right and you're suddenly on the quick road to Orgasmville, population: you. It's the best, most intense sexual experience you've ever had and you're about to go buck wild in a minute and counting down. It feels SO DAMN GOOD you almost can't stand it. However, because of this new angle and the peculiar way the penis/finger/strap-on is penetrating you, a lot of air is getting in and you're suddenly aware that you're queefing to beat the band. With each thrust, your orgasm gets closer to Ground Zero, but also, each thrust makes you queef loudly. About another minute to go before you explode in pleasure, but that also means another 20 queefs. Your SO's face somewhere between amusement and disgust. What do you do?

Continue, and ride out this vag-farty express to the biggest O in my life
I stop my SO before I get off, and finish at another angle and settle for a less-than-groundbreaking orgasm
I hop out of bed and lock myself in the bathroom. I'm so embarrassed
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Does anyone know of any method I can hang paintings, mirrors, cork boards etc on walls without puncturing them? I'm moving into a dorm soon and we can't deface the walls in any way.

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i'm skinny. and i have a horrible cardiovascular system. i really want to improve my heart rate, so i've considered running, but i also want to gain weight and i'm afraid running will hinder that goal.

what should i do?
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1. I drew a vampire fan art quiz. (Yeah, I'm a geek. Yeah, I do alot of fan art.) So, can you guess the vampire or vampires and where they come from in the world of pop culture? (Drawings after cut.)

Bonus points if you can guess 5, 6 and 8 right.

2. Speaking of spooky, will you post a scene from a movie or television show that scares, disturbs or otherwise haunts your dreams? Or if you can't find it, will you describe it?

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do you play any of the games on facebook?

i just discovered a bunch of facebook games yesterday at 3am in the morning D: i now play pet society, bejeweled, barn buddy and restaurant city. during my revision period!

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this might get long, stay with me, TQC.

my boyfriend lives in another state, for school. he lives with a friend of his, her sister, and another guy (his friend let him move in even though there's not much room.) My boyfriend and his friend share a bed (They have completely different sleeping schedules and in the month he's been there i think they've only slept in the same bed once). When I'm speaking with him on the phone, and she comes into the room he always says he'll call me back. He says it's because she's always drunk and loud and nosy, but i'm getting a little iffy since this happened today at 1pm..

My question: Am I nutso for being a little jealous and reading to much into this or is it okay for me to be?

if you don't care/didn't read/whatever; do you pee in the shower?

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When I was younger and went to a baby-sitter, a car would stop in front of her house and take pictures of us children while we were swimming.  I just found out that a convicted sex offender (child molestation) lives on the street that she did at the time. 

When was the last time someone did something to you that you later realized was creepy?  What did they do?

Have you ever told someone off for being a creeper?

Have you ever hit it off with someone really  well only to regret it later as they ended up being creepy?

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"Phil" was yammering at me during my work out this morning. So I didn't get a good workout.
Should I
1. work out later tonight?
2. work out tomorrow on my REST day?
3. Just hit it harder on my next session?
4. other?

EDIT: PHIL was obvs homeschooled so I had to educate him about evolution, transgender studies and spatial physics.

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What was the last movie someone was shocked that you hadn't seen?

Have you ever actually seen someone dancing with a lamp shade on their head at a party?

Doing anything fun or interesting today that you'd like to share?
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Where can I find the best ~real Quebec poutine~ in Montreal??

Being able to see a girl's bra under/through her shirt or because of the straps being placed weird... good/bad/ugly/slutty/no big deal/something else?

Validate meeeee

If you SO has a close friend of the opposite sex and you've met her/him ONCE where she/he was not very friendly towards you and then you never again saw her for the four months you and you SO had been dating.. then you go out of town, (still with SO) and he invites his friend to a bar with him..

would you think it a little odd that he only invites her around when you leave but never did when you were around?

in other news, do you think the movie He's Just Not That Into You is accurately portraying different relationship dynamics?
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I have to clean my house up in the next few hours. Which Disney movie should I put on in the background while I clean?

Which movie?

Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Jungle Book
Another Disney Movie
A Pixar Movie

Aladdin it is! Keep voting though, cuz I'll need a second one!

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I'm saving up for a PS3 and LittleBigPlanet! Are you saving up for anything, TQC? What is it?

Is full-time 30 hours a week or 40? I was under the impression that you're technically full-time at 30, and that anything over 40 is overtime, but my friend says I'm wrong.

How much do you spend a month on internet/phone/cable? What company do you have?

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How many tabs do you usually have open?
How do you feel when something happens so that you lose 'em all and have no way to get them all back except by whatever you can remember?

ETA: Why is this person simpleyetluvble adding TQC members to their flist when they're not even in TQC?
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 My daughter is spending the next week with my grandmother. She just called and said she is about to lose her first ever tooth. Which means I won't get to play tooth fairy for the first time. Would you be a little disappointed if it were you? 

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I am soon going to stay in a bed and breakfast where I have to cancel my reservation at the latest a month before I stay there. I am scheduled to fly in on the last flight of the day and I have probable cause to believe that I'll miss this flight due to the airlines changing my schedule to a way too short layover at the last minute.

Do you think the B&B will allow me to not pay for the first night I'm supposed to stay there if I miss my flight? Would it be really stupid of me to e-mail the woman I've been in contact with who runs it and explain my situation ahead of time (I mean obviously it wouldn't do much good since they can't book another guest to stay in that room if I "might" be staying there...)?

What is your favorite kind of berry? Also what is a type of food you've never tried but would like to?
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what goes on inside Rachel's besides lunch buffets and 20 beautiful ladies? do they strip like a typical strip club, or is it just topless girls standing around?

my sister worked at one, but we don't talk so she wouldn't tell me anything except they had to buy really expensive dresses to wear there.

eta: i just realized it's only in florida, so i'm asking the orlandofl comm <3
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This week I had to work from 6:30 am to 6:30 at night, so I didn't get much sleep and yesterday I went to bed at like, 8:30 pm and slept until 11 am.

I feel super sluggish and weird. Does this ever happen to you when you sleep too much? how do I fix this? (already drank mad coffee)

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In 7 days I'm going to Disney World for a whole week. I get to bounce between Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Which parks would you be most excited for?

What's your favorite theme park ever? Why?
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TQC, my inlaws are taking the kids for the evening..so now I need something to do.

Poll #1415404 Night out without the kids!

What movie should we see?

The Hangover
Night at the Museum
Land of the Lost

Where should we eat?

Steak N Shake
Lonestar Steak House
Bob Evan's
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is it ok to ask a married/engaged friend (with whom you've always had a 100% platonic relationship) to be your date at someone's wedding?

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if you've got weddings to go to this summer, what gift(s) are you getting the couple(s)?
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how creepy would it be for me to call this guys house to tell him i like him? even though he didnt give me his number but i called 411 to get it. my friends say just wing it and do i cause ya only live once and i think i should but idk if it would be too creepy? TQC SHOULD I JUST WING IT?
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I really, really need a job. I just graduated yesterday, I'm eighteen, and I have pretty much no work experience, except for helping my dad when he taught tennis camp, maybe a grand total of THREE times. What can I do to better my chances of getting hired? Also, what about temp agencies? How does that work?

(Yes, I should know this stuff. I suck.)

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1)What's a band/artist whose music genre/sub-genre you find hard to describe?
2)What are some bands/artists that you think sound similar to your answer for #1?
come on guys, you can do better than idk. that's a sucky answer. you can say sometimes they sound like joy division and sometimes they sound like johnny cash. or you can say "it's like if a bunch of kindergarteners got together and banged/plucked on instruments while miss piggy did the vocals" something!
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I'm usually not home on the weekends, so today I'm ripping all my favorite DVDs onto my external hard drive so I can have decent stuff to watch on my trips out of town. 

Does anyone else do this?  What program do you use?

Will you post a list/screenshot of the movies you have on your computer?

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What is your favorite song cover? Link?

I love Reel Big Fish's cover of Take on Me.


Have you ever seen a really good cover band? Who were they covering?

Nope, saw a Guns N Roses over band once, but they weren't great.
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I need a far away shot of a dark haired guy in a suit getting shot for a video
anyone know where I can find one? Doesn't matter which movie it is...as long as it's somewhat...like that...

EDIT: if you can also help me with this shot:  a sniper shot of a guy who isn't around a lot of people

thanks a lot folks <3

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have you ever read the children's book The Lonely Doll?
what did you think of it?

if you haven't, get your hands on it because it is fucked. up. i read it to the kids i was babysitting last night and i just sat there the whole time thinking "What the WHAT."
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Someone informed me that my friend's girlfriend is on the porn site bangbus.com. I checked for myself and she actually is. My friend doesn't know about it.
Should I tell him?

ETA: NSFW link in comments.

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Where is a good place to set up a longish webcam? I am fostering an adorable group of kittens and their mommy and I wanted to share the cute with my webcam, but I have no idea where to post it and how to make it a link for lots of people to see and all that.
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What do you do when you find out that one of your friends who you're around all the time likes you? ("Drop your purity ring on the nightstand and swing on that 'til dawn" is not an applicable answer, he's nice but not my type. Also I don't wear one of those.)

Blood removal

Does anyone know the best thing (to purchase) to get blood out of medium colored beige carpet?

Serious answers only, please. I'm renting my place, and there's quiet a bit on the carpet, and I really don't want to lose my deposit.
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i have never been to a bar tqc. soon i may get the opportunity to hang out with some interesting people in a very nice hotel bar. will you share your best bar etiquette with the class? i don't want to look stupid.

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It's my friend's 21st birthday soon, and we're giving her a basket of bacon-related gifts.

So far, we're making bacon brownies, bacon cookies, and I'm making bacon vodka, but we're short of other ideas for things to include.

Do you have any ideas for us, TQC???

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What is your myer-briggs type?

ISTJ- The Duty Fulfillers
ESTJ- The Guardians
ISFJ- The Nurturers
ESFJ- The Caregivers
ISTP- The Mechanics
ESTP- The Doers
ESFP- The Performers
ISFP- The Artists
ENTJ- The Executives
INTJ- The Scientists
ENTP- The Visionaries
INTP- The Thinkers
ENFJ- The Givers
INFJ- The Protectors
ENFP- The Inspirers
INFP- The Idealists

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What typical US treats should I have my parents bring me when they come visit?

So far I think Laffy Taffy and strawberry Nesquik (I don't even like it that much but I'll be damned if I could find it here).

They've already sent me Tootsie Rolls and Twizzlers so I don't need anymore of those.

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How long would the average person have to go without sleep to cause death? Stimulants permitted.

I googled the eff out of this but all I get are other people asking the same question :(

Will you switch from Google to Bing? (assuming you're an avid Google user which most people are)

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How do you personally tell when you're in love with someone?
Do you say "I love you" first?
Do you personally think you can be in love more than once?

Did anything bad happen to you today?

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Which do you think is better to do?

After studying a whole day for a Precalculus II test on Wednesday, at 7:51pm, stop studying, and finish tomorrow(which might be my last chance to really study)


Finishing studies today even if it takes until about 12am, so I can get tomorrow off, so I can go out and have fun with my boyfriend. (I really would like to do this one, but my head hurts, and I'm sick of studying!!!)

Which would you pick?

If you don't care, will you post your favorite picture ever? :) Either yours, or a picture that you've found.


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Does everyone have one of those overly-dramatic, chameleon-type friends?  I keep feeling like I need to kick this chick in the teeth, even though she's 15 years older than I.

How do you deal with passive-aggressive people?

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A guest just called me a "hick ass motherfucker" as he walked away from my desk.

What was the last thing someone called you? Or what was the last thing someone stereotyped you as?

Has God or something of the supernatural ever spoke to you?

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Best way to make your place smell good?

Have you ever touched an artificially enhanced breast?

Would you ever make out with a hot dog?

Is it weird to see a teacher outside of school?

parental relations

When was the last time you had a real heart to heart (I hate that phrase what I mean is a truthful conversation about plans and how your doing)  with you parents?

Mine was about 5 minutes ago. This was with my father and I think it turned out alright mostly about my plans for the future and how I am doing right now. Also it included how great of parents they were and how because of that I am able to keep my life on track.


If you haven't had one recently or needed one recently alternate question, should I start drinking with a buddy of mine?

If yes what should i drink?  Options include beer, whiskey, and vodka.

Second alternate question what was the last play or movie that inspired you to do something?

Mine was Gran Torino and it inspired me to call my father.

Oh hay thar

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This morning I watched two boys kick a dog in the head and neck because it wouldn't keep walking, so I ran out there and yelled at the kids who denied it. We got into an argument and they left. While I have never seen the kids before, I knew exactly whose dog it was and I suspected they were her grandsons. I don't talk to her much, hardly ever, but I have her on my Facebook so I sent her a message telling her what I saw. She actually replied telling me to stay away from her house and the boys from now on.

WTF? Was I out of line?

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Is your figure less than Greek?

Is your mouth a little weak?

When you open it to speak, are you smart?

What are some of your favorite romantic songs? better yet, what era/genre has the best romantic songs?

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Let's say you have a crush on a co-worker/friend of your's. You're pretty good pals and after lending them a CD they say "I'm gonna buy you lunch and we can critique it." Your co-worker said they would "hit you up" on the day you were supposed to hang out, but they wound up canceling. A week later, they say to you that you should hit them up sometime so you can get your CD back.

Is this platonic bullshit or is it a hidden plea to ask him out?

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For those of you who are in college or have gone to college, how many times did you change your major?

Did you end up wasting a lot of money on classes you didn't need?

Do you regret not sticking with your first choice?

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I recently heard a rumor that this kid I've known since sixth grade who's been missing for a few months turned up shot to death.  I feel awful because although I wasn't ever mean to him, I wasn't very nice to him either.  Almost everyone picked on him.  I remember one time in which he fell and hit his head and had a seizure..  A lot of people made fun of him for it.

Were you picked on when you attended school?  If so, by whom were you picked on and what did they do to you?

How guilty should I feel?

Would you tell me a funny story to make me feel better?

Freaking Weird.

The new weird thing in my life is seeing people a week before they die.  Each time I only see the person for 10 mins tops and I never see them untill they die.  Yet, this still freaks me out a bit.

Does this happen to you?   These people were not family either.
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For the sake of this question, assume you are currently employed and work with others. How would you react if one of your coworkers brought a bathtub toy (specifically a wind-up whale) to work?