June 12th, 2009

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1.) What are some of your favorite songs to sing?

Some of my favorites I seem to sing a lot around the house:
First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes
Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen
Johnny & June- Heidi Newfield
along with pretty much any Beatles song stuck in my head on that particular day.

2.) How's your soul?
lead me

volunteering and things of that nature -- show and tell time

For student teaching, I have to complete a "documentation of Christian service" (religious school, blah blah, you've heard it before). It wants me to list my "service in the community, church, mission work, etc." that I would relate to Christian service. They list Sunday school, YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, tutoring, and ministering as examples.

Um... I haven't been to church since middle school, and I don't plan on going back and getting involved anywhere this last semester. So, all I really have to put down here is peer tutoring, which is rather lame. I was considering trying to find a second job this summer, but that's not working out, so I figured... why not consider some volunteering-like things?

What are your suggestions, tqc? I'm interested in kids, music, working with people with special needs, I know braille and sign language, and I have a srs fascination with medicine that is leading me to consider that path a few years down the line.

Do you volunteer anywhere? Tell me about it.

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What's the last album you spent money on?
Do you prefer buying music on itunes or having the physical copy of the album?
What's the most you're willing to pay for a box set put out by your favorite band?

I pre-ordered the Placebo "Battle for the Sun" box set on March 16 and I'm patiently waiting for it to arrive. I spent wayy too much money on it Collapse )
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Could you tell me the link / title of the blog that does a little story about the adventures of some teeth in a guy's apartment, via comic book-style photos?

Somebody posted it in here a few days ago in response to a "shit happened, can you give me something to cheer me up" question and I neglected to bookmark it.

eta: MY MILKY TOOF yay!
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hey there.

If you woke up one day and were suddenly given the power to transform anything with a single thought, how long do you think it would take you to notice that you had this power?

What would you change first?
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Even though its public record, do you think its kind of wrong/nosey to look up your neighbors/coworkers/friends' property records to see what they paid for their home?

Does it matter whether or not you can do the search online versus going to the public records office and doing it there?

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i just ate a box of bagel bites but i'm still hungry. what should i eat next? i just went shopping so i've got a decent selection.

eta: i bought a box of chocolate cake mix. what should i make with it?
The Little Mermaid

Should I be concerned....

 that a good friend that I met online and who I've been talking online and on the phone for the past weeks is unavailable?

And when I say unavailable, his phone says he can't take calls (which isn't completely surprising since he has a phone where you pay to use it and he's low in the cash department), deleted his facebook and okcupid and last time he e-mailed me was last night where he said we would talk yesterday evening and we didn't and he said he was going through lots of stresses.

I'm trying not to over think this, but I am confused?!

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1. What's one gift you've gotten that you'd consider thoughtful?
2. What's one gift you've gotten that wasn't thoughtful?

(Assume here that thoughtful means taking your personality, interests, etc. into account when choosing the gift, and that unthoughtful would be something generic and obviously unlike you.)

gift advice

What do you get a man for his 70th birthday?  Our standard gifts are usually vodka and golf balls, but I want to get him something better this year.

Ideas?  What would you get a favorite old uncle? (he's not related, but he might as well be)
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Can anyone from Seattle tell me what the cheapest hotel would probably be within reasonable walking distance of 1700 1st Ave S?

I'm bussing down to Seattle with my friend for a concert next week and so far the cheapest hotel I've been able to find that's close to the venue is The Roosevelt Hotel for $139/night. Just wondering if anyone would know of anything cheaper or if that's as low a rate as I'm going to get in that area.


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I haven't worn nail polish since 2007 due to the fact that I had a job where I wasn't allowed to wear nail polish and then I just forgot nail polish even existed.

So I own none right now. What color should I get? I'm not a fan of mainstream colors like shades of red but if you have a specific shade that is awesome then you can suggest that.

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You sexual partner can only have one of the two, do you choose:

For those who like men - 5 to 6 inches of perimeter girth with only about 4 inches of length or 7 to 8 inches of length but only about 3 inches of perimeter girth?

For those who like women - an A cup with curvy hips/thighs or a D cup with flat butt/chicken legs?

I like women, so I'll go with the first of those choices, but honestly I think I'd be okay with either.
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If you're into musicals, what are some of your favorite songs from shows?


Unusual Way from Nine
Moonfall from the Mystery of Edwin Drood
The Light in the Piazza from the show of the same name
If Only from The Little Mermaid
Dangerous Game from Jekyll and Hyde
Hey, Big Spender from Sweet Charity
Hey There from the Pajama Game
All Grown Up from Bare

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1 = What do you do about your cuticles?

2 = Do you like TimBits better than regular size? Why? (edit: timbits are like donut holes but in all kinds of flavors from a place called Tim Horton's)

3 = How many dictionaries do you own? Any particular reason? How about encyclopedias or other volumes of gathered information like anthologies, thesaur(-i)(-uses), year books?

4 = How often do you go to a library? What kind of libraries do you frequent?

5 = Do you ever use the self scan at the store? Why?

Dressing for Student Teaching

Come December, I'll start my student teaching placement in secondary English. I was wondering if wearing a nice polo, dress pants, dress shoes, and a belt (and tucking it in!) is something that is acceptable to wear for a teacher? My other friend (who will be doing student teaching with me) said it's a great idea, but my other friend said that it's a terrible idea. I understand it isn't AS dressy as a shirt and tie, but sometimes I really like to mix it up. What do you all think?
The Receptionist Classic

*use your imagination*

Imagine that your great-aunt Matilda died and left you her house and everything inside. One afternoon, as you're sorting through all of her stuff, you find something that reveals a deep, dark, dirty, scandalous family secret. (And not the one about Uncle Bernie dressing up like a panda and jerking off into the frosting - everyone already knows about that.)

What is this juicy secret?

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You and your friends are in an action movie. You're just about to make that iconic getaway, whether you're speeding down the road to flee the enemy (and the police, who're probably out to get you for speeding), or sliding over the hood of your car and taking off after getting into a nasty bar-fight.

What song is playing in the background?

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Idk how to word this correctly so sorry.

Let's say someone posts a question for a specific demographic but you're not part of that demographic, do you care if that demographic is called out since you can't answer or do you not care?

Ex:  For people who like toast, do you prefer butter or jelly?
as opposed to...
Do you prefer butter or jelly on your toast?
which gives *everyone* the opportunity to participate, even if it's just to say "I don't like toast."

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Following the total failure of last years advisory council election LJ has decided to have another. I am giving consideration to standing, but I am curious what sort of policies people would like to see.

Do you have any suggestions?
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Sooo continuation of this question-


I'm blind as a bat without my glasses, can't work, can't drive, can't even really ride the Metro without them.
When I lost my glasses yesterday morning the same guy from that question called out of work for the day so that he could drive me to my moms house and back (~3 hour drive round trip) so I could get my spare pair and still make it to class on time.

New info change your opinion on whats up with this mother fucker?

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I keep having a recurring dream (not sure if it's a nightmare, because I don't really wake up scared shitless) about me and a couple of people being stuck on a little piece on land with what seems to be a little river circling the island type thing.  In the water there is gigantic snake (like the one from Anaconda) that the people and I jump in the water, aggravate, then see if we can hop on the piece of land without dying.  I don't understand it, that's all there is to do in the dream.  The strangest part of the dream is that the little piece of land is inside.

TQC, what does this mean?

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If your driving down the road and you see a big ass turtle (no not big assed, cause that would be weird) in the middle of the road would you pull over, stop traffic, and make everyone drive around it? or would you just grab the thing like how you see on the animal channel by the top of its shell right behind its head and get it out of the road yourself. Keep in mind how long you'd be directing traffic because they walk reeeeeaaaallllly slow.

I was a bit irked by this situation when I was in it and am now thinking I should have pulled over and moved the damn thing myself instead of waiting in a line of cars cause of that we-tad. oh wait I think my boyfriend was driving. Okay im bored. Are you?
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I have to make up 30 minutes for leaving early earlier this week.

Should I:

Take a 30 minute lunch and leave at normal time
Take an hour lunch and leave at 5:15

If it makes any difference, I have no plans after work, my roommate's out of town, and I have no money.
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John Farnham is back... apparently by demand! Whose demand though?

My question: Who actually demanded that John Farnham came out of retirement? Was it you? I am yet to find one person who actually demanded another John Farnham tour, especially after at least 3 farewell tours.

For those who don't know, this is John Farnham...


Car go booM!

How many car accidents have you been in in your life?
How many were you responsible for?
Whats the worst accident you've seen?

I just got into my THIRD accident this year. My insurance company is LOVING ME!
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Collapse )

Do you have any experience with Trek or Giant bikes? I'm considering the Trek Navigator 2.0 and the Giant Suede W. I haven't seen either of them irl yet so I will probably change my mind as soon as I get to the bike store.
Spelling Contest

Curtains for you

Uh oh. Somebody's trying to kill you. Think. Who in your life, past or present, would most want you dead?

My ex. It just wasn't a good breakup
My current SO. Let's face it, I can be difficult
My best friend. We're besties, but there's things I know about that maybe he/she doesn't want to be passed on
My boss. He/she was just an asshole
My ex best friend. There's a reason why we don't hang out anymore
The 'man'. 'They're' out to get me. Seriously
Sibling. I wasn't exactly a role model
Parent. Yeah, I was a shitty kid
Someone in TQC. That comment in anon went too far
Neighbor. Maybe he played his stereo too loud and I complained, maybe I didn't pick up the dog turds that were left in his front lawn. It's something
That one night stand I had that one time. I never called back or I stole a shirt to wear out. For some reason, it's payback
God. I took his name in vain so many times, that it was like the final straw that broke the camel's back
Grade school teacher. I was disruptive and didn't learn much that year. I can't believe you're still holding a grudge
Everybody loves me. No one would want to kill me
Um...why would I think it was just one person who wants to kill me? This should be ticky
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Did you know that no species on this planet can continue to increase the level of its population indefinately without a major cull due to famine or disease?

Did you know that it is very likely that our world population of 7 billion will be around 1 billion by the end of this century?

Does this make you feel any differently about having children, in knowing that they are likely to suffer during this time? If not, why not?
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 do you have any beauty products that you swear by?

i have tried almost all volumising shampoos & conditioners, but none have worked. i tried the burt's bees pomegranate & soy one and a month later my hair is HUGE. i also swear by body shop's tea tree oil blemish stick! or tea tree oil/aloe vera in general.

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A few days ago I was browsing through the (many) tattoo communities, when I saw pictures of a girl who had tattoos of birds from one of the little golden books. She was tattooed at Chapel St, but I don't remember anything else. Does anyone know what comm this was posted in?

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So, I was watching Back to the Future 3 yesterday, and Seamus McFly is played by Michael J. Fox and Seamus's wife Maggie is played by Marty's mom, Lorraine. I was like, "pre-future incest? Gross!".

What part(s) have ever bugged you for being incorrect or messed up?
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Marijuana Interactions?

Hi Everyone,

I have a number of conditions which might benefit from the use of medical marijuana - one of my friends suggested I try it and before I bring it up with my doctor I want to be able to tell her that it works.

That said, I take a lot of other medications and I was wondering if anyone knew if they'd react badly:

Gabapentin - to treat neuropathic pain
Propranolol - to prevent migraines
Citalopram - anti depressent
Diclofenac - to treat joint inflammation/pain
Fiorinal - for pain
Tramacet - for pain

The last two I take "as needed" and the rest I take on a daily basis. I did a quick google search and found pages saying "you'll die" to pages saying "you won't get high" to pages saying "you're fine"

So what's the deal peeps... can I try taking a toke or will it land me in the ER?

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1)How long ago did you get out of high school?

7 years.

2)What is a petty issue that bothers you?

I don't want to have a big party after grad school graduation.

3)what's the worst movie you've ever seen?
Sam outside

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 Why is it that the guy I just went out on a date with was wearing the exact same cologne as my recent ex boyfriend?!

Have you seen the movie UP yet? Did you like it? What about the short before it started?

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Which member of your family are you the most like? Why?

I'm most like my dad: seemingly outgoing, but mostly introverted, charming when we need to be, athletic, short temper...

Which member of your family do you wish you were more like? Why?

I wish I was more like my brother because he's one of those people who just doesn't give a crap about what people think of him and he's someone you either love or hate, but most people love him.

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Do you ever get annoyed when you ask a question that is particularly popular and you get lots of answers but hours later you're so over it, yet you are still getting comments from the conversations it created?
SPN - Winchesters

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What was your favorite movie as a child?

Who is/was your favorite child actor?

Does it bother you to watch people who were once child actors in films that deal with issues like sex/drugs/alcohol?

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If I've never babysat before...it would be a bad idea to apply for babysitting jobs with more than one kid, right?
Did you ever lie about your skills to get a job?

I went on an interview yesterday. The woman said that she would call me back to set up days for a "trial work period". She hasn't called. Should I call her on Monday if I don't hear from her?

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What is the greatest amount of money you have ever had just in coins?

(Right now I have $263, give or take a few pennies. I rolled it myself and I'm thinking that was probably pretty much a waste of time.)

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I'm interested in hearing some good stories.

Have you ever lost a pet? (Not death, but like... run away pet, stolen pet, etc.) What was it like? Did you ever get your pet back?

Have you ever had a bad boss? Dumb boss? Dumb co-workers? What did they do?

Job Search Question

Hi, there.

I'm a college student who recently came home for the summer and really need a summer job. One application I submitted, for a job I really want, is to a local bookstore. I went in and asked for an application, only to hear that the store had run out but the hiring manager told me to bring her a resume. The next day, I brought her my resume, and she told me she would be setting up interviews the following week. So I left my resume with her on a Wednesday and waited until the following Friday to call because I hadn't heard anything.

When I called, one of the employees answered and said that the hiring manager had been out of work sick for a few days and nothing new had happened with the hiring situation. He took down my name and phone number and said he would let her know I called.

Another week later and I haven't heard anything.

Should I assume the opportunity's gone or should I call her one more time? I'd really like the job if I can get it, and I would at least like an interview.
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TQC, my bff's asshole boyfriend dumped her, so I'm making her a little care package. So far I have The Girls Next Door season 4, pizza, and beer. What else should I include? I was thinking one of those eyemask things to help with the puffiness and some aromatherapy crap for the shower, but idk :( she's really upset :(

What is a style/brand of shoe you consider tacky/ugly, but admit to owning?
I think several styles of Ugg boots are HIDEOUS and hate when people wear them over their jeans, but I own a pair of the brown class short ones and they're amazing

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Which is better as far as cost goes?

keeping the AC on all the time, set at the same temperature of 78 degress at all times?
turning off the AC when no one is home and turning it back on when it's too hot to take, and then turning it off again.

I like to keep the AC running but my boyfriend does not because he think it will cost too much.

We live in a pretty small one bedroom apartment and it cools off relatively quickly. Only problem is once the AC is turned back off it gets warm rather quickly.

I know everyone says NOT to do this, but...

Okay, I am really depressed, and it has been raining non-stop for days and it looks like it's not going to let up and I'm going to have to spend the majority of my summer like this.

Some people have said going tanning helps you feel better when the sun isn't out. But then a lot of people are like OMG NO IT'LL GIVE YOU CANCER!!!

Should I try it anyway? I really need to be warm. At work the heat isn't on and it's so cold in my office and it's just like dull and dreary with no hope everywhere.
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1. Have you ever worked overnights? If so, how did you manage that/when did you sleep?

2. Let's say you're a front desk agent at an upscale (but not ZOMG AMAZING) hotel. A guest calls down and says, "Is there a female who could come and help me put my hair in a ponytail? I only have one arm." You are a female and you are not that busy. Do you go to the one-armed woman's room and put her hair in a ponytail?

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1)How often does your area get straight line wind storms?

*I don't know how to describe it- 60 mile per hour winds suddenly come up.

2)How common are tornados in your area?

Every year!

3)What should the news cover more of?

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I'm thinking about switching wireless service providers from AT&T to Verizon wireless.  If you have Verizon, do you think this would be a good choice?
ETA:  What about T-Mobile?

What phone company has the best phones and service?

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How do you feel about totally random friend adds? 

Do you add just anyone to your list? If not what are your requirements? 

Do you ask people before you add them or do you just do it and hope they add you back? Does it depend on something, if so what? 

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I had a 12-inch Subway Melt for dinner, and shouldn't have eaten the whole thing and both cookies.

When is the last time you ate too much and got that "ugh" feeling afterwards?

Is there a food you know you love so much that you always overindulge?
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System Reboot

So I really would like my family to be on a only vegetarian diet 6 months from now. My husband and I know the crap we eat now is terrible, but we are kind of stuck. My first step was buying soy milk.

Are there any good books or plans out there to help in this process?

If you are a vegetarian, do you have any advice?
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1. Do you call it a driver's license, driver license, driver licence, or driving licence?

2. Do you have one?

3. If so, at what age did you obtain one?

4. Was it hard?

5. How did you get the lessons? Who paid for the lessons and who were they with?

6. Do you think it's better to get one as soon as you come of age, versus waiting a couple of years?
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So, I'm moving into an apartment on June 30th. I have the number to the electric company, and I know I have to set up a new account but when do I do that? Should I call TECO before I'm supposed to move in, or after? If before, how soon before?

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about how much gas would it take a car to drive 5 hours?
ETA: the majority of this will be on an interstate. i don't know how many miles the drive is.

have you ever gotten exactly what you wanted after an eternity of waiting for it, but then after it happens, it sucks and you wish you didn't have to deal with it? what was it and why did you feel that way?
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How many countries of the world can you name?
Me: 90/195 :/

And/or if you don't have time for that:

What shows (with at least three seasons or more) have you seen every episode of? 
House, Ugly Betty, That 70's Show, The O.C., Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saved By the Bell, & new Doctor Who
Kissing Parts

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What is the most utterly unhealthy thing that you just LOVE to eat? Have you ever considered giving it up?

Bacon. It needs to be crispy, with lots of grease, and I put it in about fifteen different things. Not to mention using the grease to fry stuff up. I don't think I could give it up if I tried.

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Out of the following, which would you prefer to watch?:

1. Search for Spock
2. Season One of Weeds.
3. The Simpsons.
4. Nightmare on Elm Street 1-4.
5. Office Space.
6. The Burbs.

Bad TV

Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel): Worst TV show ever, y/y?

T/F?: Nothing adds credibility to a statement better than ending it with "bro."

If you disagree with my statement about Ghost Adventures, what's the worst TV show on today?? In history??

Related: What's your opinion on paranormal TV shows? Is anything genuine?

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My boyfriend and I were looking at the CDC website comparing state info on the H1N1 flu (we're in the midst of disaster preparedness training for school), and noticed Wisconsin has a ridiculously high number compared to the rest of the country... we're talking ~3000 when a lot of other states are generally 50-150. There are some outliers in the 1000's, but not nearly 3000.

What the heck is going on with swine flu in Wisconsin?
Are you from Wisconsin? Do you know anyone who is sick?
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What is your opinion on home schooling? Do you think parents who decide to home school their children and then deprive them of a decent education deserve legal punishment?

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I went out to dinner tonight and 3/4 of us were over 21. We all ordered drinks. The girl asked for our IDs and the underage kid said that he forgot his. Our waitress said "Oh, it's okay! The rest of them can vouch for you!"

Not that this would happen but let's say the underage kid gets caught drinking.
Who would get in trouble? I know you can't buy alcohol for a minor but is this whole *vouching* thing along those lines?

What was your last underwhelming meal?
What was your last ass kickin' one?