June 11th, 2009

Self cleaning

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The wording of this is awkward, so please forgive me.

Are there any snack food or junk food items that you cannot get where you live, but are readily available in another country? What are these items, what country to you live in and what country are they available in?

Also, do you like nuts in baked goods (cookies, brownies, banana bread)? What is your favorite kind of nut?
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learning styles!!

I just typed up 10 pages of definitions for the PLT and I'm not even halfway through. What's your learning style, TQC?

Can you guess my learning style? (I've got brownies...)

Poll #1414259 learning styles quiz in the middle of the night!

I think my dominant learning style is...

visual -- I learn by seeing
auditory -- I learn by hearing
tactile -- I learn by touching/hands on
kinesthetic -- I learn by physically doing

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Is this: http://www.kittyapparel.com/product_p/c3362.htm too short to wear to prom/a formal event?

the friends I'm going with are wearing floor-length dresses, but this is the only nice dress I have (I also turned it into a halter). I do have my sister's old dress I could wear, but it's not as nice (the blues in the first dress are really vibrant IRL and I love it)

too short? I have no trashy-gauge...

eta: okay I'm wearing it :D
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totally unrelated

If you've been pregnant where on your stomach/abdomen did you first feel your baby's movements? Low? High? Around your bellybutton?

Could you list off some of your favorite healthy snacks?

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do you have a youtube account?

do you ever receive messages? who are they from and what are they about?

do you ever send messages? who are they to and what are they about?

have you ever made friends with strangers on youtube? i mean like... actual friendships... not just adding them as a friend.

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I have ceiling light fixtures and no easily accessible ladder. My dining room lighting has faulty wiring that causes the light to work some weeks and not turn on other weeks. Just now, when I turned my bedroom lights on, the lights came on for a split second and then turned off. There was no pop or bright flash or loud noise or anything indicative of a bulb going out...it was kinda like when my living room lights decide to stop working.

Is it my wiring or just a blown lightbulb? Is there a way to tell?

If you have takeout of one saucey thing in one plastic tub, and fluffy white rice in another tub, and you wanted to microwave them together in one of the tubs, would you transfer the rice to the sauce tub or the sauce to the rice tub, and why?

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How often do you cut your grass?

In the summer here, with the heat and all the rain we get, I have to do it pretty much every Saturday...every other and the very least. It's been about three weeks now (I'm doing it this afternoon), and the bahia grass is already knee-high.

If you don't cut your grass, what is your least favorite chore?

Have you ever built anything big of which you are particular proud?
I did an 8' long by 7' tall built-in bookcase a few months back. (plus all the houses I built back in my construction days, but they weren't for me, so I don't really count 'em)

Would you like fries with that?

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What should I name my blog? It's mainly about my daughter who's 1 1/2 & activities I'm doing with her. Something to do with Princesses would be perfect :)

Do you have a blog, aside from LJ?

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TQC, what the fuck happened to me?

I had this massive sharp pain in my chest, on the left side around where the heart is. It woke me up in the middle of the night and with every breath I took it only hurt more. I could have screamed, it hurt that fucking bad. I held my breath in bouts and eventually it went away. What the fuck was that?

If you don't care, what did you have for breakfast? I had cinnamon oatmeal with skim milk, fresh strawberries and a soft baked white chocolate chunk chocolate cookie.

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Do you know any titles of novels that have nothing to do with the plot? Do you think it's ever a cool idea to just title a novel something that sounds good instead of something directly related to its contents?
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I'm moving into my first place within the next couple days (!!!). I'm going to meet my landlord at the house today to sign the lease, give her a ridiculously big check, and start moving my stuff in.

Tips? Advice?

Tell me about the first time you moved out (dorms don't count, btw).

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My facebook status was "Scary Sighting of the week: Bumper sticker saying Palin 2012"
I wake up to two responses from my 60-something year old cousin.


I know, I know, I probably shouldn't have posted my horrible political views on my facebook and expect nothing but... is it the caps or is the second comment a little fucking rude?

What would you write back? (Feel free to be creative, I already answered)
Was my status totally out of line?

Ooooh shit guys. I think she's mad.
(Yeah...it's all caps)

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What was the last thing you bought for someone other than yourself?
What was the last thing someone bought for you?

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Since I have no fashion sense, what kind of tights/stockings/whatever would look cute with this dress? I can't seem to get a better picture than that, but it's a dark brown color. I'm fashion-retarded, and I've only really ever worn fishnets (or nude-colored stockings when I needed to dress up) with skirts :-( I know I can/usually will wear it without stockings, but if it's a little chilly out at night, I'd like to have *something* on my legs. And what kind of shoes would look good?

Also, for those of you who sell things online, what site(s) do you prefer other than Etsy? I'm not looking to get rid of anything handmade, so that's the only reason I've ruled Etsy out. I know Ebay is super popular, but is it really worth paying the listing fees?

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I need some opinions, serious and non.

I had a good friend all throughout middle school and into some high school. She became kind of a bitch towards the middle of high school and rumors were spread. A little before this time, I started distancing myself from the general cattiness of that clique and started associating with my AP friends and my bf's friends from a nearby school. She was also a part of the reason of my self conciousness with my looks (she was typical tall, thin, blond hair, blue eyes and I was the short, athletically built, nerdy sidekick) We eventually went our separate ways towards the end of high school much to my parents happiness (she could be a bit unreliable, etc) in 2004 because that sometimes happens with people.

TL;DR aside, she messaged me in 2006 I think it was, saying what's up and we caught up a little and tried to make plans to get together but communication fizzled, I was too busy with university and my full time job and technology has never really been her thing.

I was looking for her on facebook and I found her older brother who I messaged to ask how she and her family was. Should I write her a letter do you think to catch up and see whats been going on? I have nothing to lose really but I know I have a bad habit of being incredibly uncomfortable with just letting things go.

Stuff I probably should have included:
--I didn't directly write her a letter first because she always talked about New Hampshire and how she was planning to move there. I figured she moved because no one from high school has heard from her.
--Chances are high that I will be attending Med or Grad school in another country in the next 2 years so I will be gone for at least 4 years.

If you don't really care about the thing posted above, will you tell me about something someone has done nice for you that really sticks out in your mind?
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• Of those of you who watched the movie Observe & Report, did anyone find that it was surprisingly insightful and way better than you expected?

There was something so depressingly realistic and shocking and unexpected about some of the plot points/acting...having been disappointed almost consistently by movies like Pineapple Express and related movie-cousins, I was quite happy when I went to see it at the $1 theater.

• Should I go get a $12 large pepperoni pizza which will last me several meals or make myself a frozen burger (I have no tomatoes or onions or lettuce)? Imagine that these are the only two options.

• What is a vanity you indulge in? I like to collect bizarrely-colored lipstick. I also discreetly check myself out in almost every reflective surface.

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How many TQC members can you name off the top of your head (excluding yourself)?

shinga, hajiomatic, eleuthreophile, foxlets, foutu, photogfrog, wee_little_me, animeg3282 (did I get the numbers right?), jinxeh13, sarahonlife, vag... ehhh, that clears my memory out.

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So my housing for next year got royally fucked. It was my own fault, but I'm trying to fix it now. I ended up stuck in a crappy place with people I don't get along with, so I waitlisted myself to move to another dorm. I was told when I did this that I should have no problems with it, and if I didn't hear something soon, I should try and get in contact with RPS again. So I waited. I checked my email multiple times a day, blahblahblah. I emailed them asking about it a few weeks ago. I checked the history of it, and turns out three different people read my email but I've gotten no response. I'm considering calling them, but I don't wanna sound like a pest who's just BEGGING to switch rooms. I just wanna know where I'm moving into in the fall.

Do you think it's too soon to call and ask what's up? I'm afraid to wait much longer because the dorm I'm trying to move into is primarily a freshman dorm. I'm afraid that orientation is coming up and then the freshman housing goes out and I'll be shut out. I waitlisted myself in late April, if it matters.

ETA: Okay, okay, yeesh! I was just wondering. xD

Um... how's the weather?



Where life is mediocre.

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You have no money for lunch.
You have soup from yesterdays lunch in the car that you forgot to put in the fridge.
Do you starve to death? or do you take the chance and microwave the crap out of the soup and eat it risking potential death from sitting out all night hoping said overly microwaving kills any lurking germs?

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What song gets to you emotionally (sadness, anger, etc.) but is so good you still love to listen to it?

For me it's "Who Wants to Live Forever?" by Queen

Youtube/Last.fm links and such are welcome but not necessary.
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When you're in a funk, what usually helps you get out of it?

Should I:
1) Work on my summer reading for AP English, which consists of
     a) A Farewell To Arms, which I've already started, or
     b) The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
2) Work on my summer work for AP Spanish, which consists of
     a) defining and memorizing 5 pages of vocabulary, of which I have a substantial amount finished, or
     b) a packet of stories and articles of which I need to choose 5 to read, answer multiple choice questions about, and answer a couple of small essay questions for each
3) Waste the day by dicking around on the computer and avoid cleaning my room
4) Clean my room

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Have you ever taken the bus from Vancouver to Seattle?

I'm gonna be doing it for the first time for a concert on June 20th. Any tips/horror stories/general words of wisdom?
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i just stabbed myself in the roof of my mouth with a shard of chicken bone. like, it went into the meat of my mouth and stayed there and i had to reach in and yank it out with force. it is now bleeding a lot.

what was the last stupid injury you received?

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The other day my fiance formatted my computer.
Now every time I scroll up or down on a page it lags. In general the computer is a lot faster but these little waves on my screen drive me nuts when I'm looking at anything! 

Does anyone know why it's doing this/how I can fix it? 


Thanks everyone! It was the drivers...all fixed now!

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If I signed up for financial aid at one school, but the next semester wanted to go to a different school, could I use that second half of the financial aid at said different school or does it all have to go towards the school I went to when I signed up?
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hi TQC.. i need your help. i'm supposed to help a friend of mine figure out what songs she wants played at her wedding reception.

what are some popular love songs?
what songs would you like (or did you have) played at your wedding?
do you know what my username was before i changed it?

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Do you remember what your first *legal* alcoholic beverage was? What was it?

Is it weird that I've been 21 for almost 2 weeks now and still haven't drank (drunk?) anything yet?

What's the last thing that made you go "aaaaawwwwww"?
My puppydog was asleep on my bed... it's thunderstorming here, and a particularly huge crack of thunder woke her up/startled her. She got up, went underneath my desk and laid down on my feet. :( lol

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TQC. My left upper-eyelid was twitching involuntarily ALL DAY YESTERDAY. WELL IT STARTED UP AGAIN THS AFTERNOON, and it's WAY MORE HARDCORE right now. And way more annoying.


1. How can I get this to fucking stop? Are there any medicines I could find at the drugstore that could take care of this?!??!?!? Or should I get some alcohol and drink until I stop caring?
2. Has this ever happened to you?
3. What weird things does your body do that annoy you?


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It's a zombie apocalypse. What are the steps you would take to deal with the stress involved with the following situations?

1) Zombies attack your house.
2) You get into a fight with a zombie.
3) Zombies are closing in on your neighbourhood. You have less then ten minutes to get away or prepare.

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I was test running a new cotton dress today, and a sudden gust of wind resulted in me showing my little town my knickers.

Would putting some sort of weighting in the bottom hem work?
Any other amusing solutions?
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My boyfriend recently moved in with me. He used to live approximately 3 blocks away. He has an outdoor cat. So far the cat has walked back to the old apartment twice. The old neighbor will find him and call us to come get him. Is there any way we can stop him from walking there?

What are some dumb/cute things your pets do?

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Would you like to play a game where I say a band/artist name and then you respond with a band/artist name that starts with the last letter of the one I gave and someone else will respond to the name you gave with a name that starts with the last letter of that name and so on and so forth without repeating(e.g I say The The, someone else says Echo and the Bunnymen, someone else says Norah Jones, etc.)?

If yes: Danzig

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If you use facemasks, how often do you use them?
If you dont - why dont you use them?
What is your favorite type of face mask?
Have you ever had a professional treatment?
Anything else you would like to say about them?

Edit: Ive used them twice a week for a while, but then stopped. I got myself a new one again and it smells SO GOOD! I've tried the cloth masks and I hated them. They just...sucked. I have the cream ones now from Lush. friggin awesome. I just got cupcake and it seriously smells like a dream. I've had a full body mud treatment once and that included face. That smelled bad. But i was soft afterwards.

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Inspired by the bad birthdays post...

If everyone - all your friends and family - forget your birthday, do you yell at them and make them feel awful for forgetting, or do you sulk and feel sorry for yourself all day (and probably several days afterward) and not mention it to them?

I'd probably do the latter. Fortunately this has never happened to me, but my bf's mom forgot his little brother's birthday this year. :( He made her feel like a total asshole for it, lol.

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TQC, I am home alone tonight, so I shall be cooking myself supper. Whilst tempted to ring for a pizza, I don't want the pizza man to realise i'm young, attractive and home alone, so i've sort of struck that one off.

ETA: It seems TQC has lost its sense of humour since I was last here - i'm joking. Pizza is expensive and unhealthy, thats why it's off.

So, what should I cook for myself? Something simple or have fun making something mad? (If anyone saw my post the other night, I made scalloped potatoes in the end - yummy!)
Or should I have a simple main course and make a fancy dessert?

Anybody good at Red Alert 2?

Is anybody familiar with Red Alert 2? I can't find answers on gamefaqs.

1. What exactly do the Tesla troopers do to a Tesla coil? Do they increase its range or increase its firepower or something?

2. What exactly is the difference between a Harrier jet and a Black Eagle Jet?

3. When you put somethone in a cloning vat, how much money does it give you?

4. What is your favorite realtime battle strategy game? Warcraft, Age of Empires, that sort of game.
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1. How do you format an internship on a resume?

2. What do you think about breeding dogs? Would you adopt a dog from a (reputable/whatever) breeder, or do you find the idea to be fucked up in any ways?

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Do you like the smell of old books?

I do, and my friend says I'm crazy because she thinks old books smell like feet. I think she's the one who's crazy.

What weird smells do you like?

I also like the smell of gasoline, grass, and the ground after it rains.

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I figure there's two ways out of a funk: laugh your way out or see someone way worse off than you and feel better about yourself.


What's the funniest thing you've seen/heard lately?


What's the most horrible thing you've seen/heard of lately?
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Does anyone happen to know how the videos of the beheading of kidnapped Westerners in Iraq were spread? Were they posted on Al Qaeda's own websites, released to Western websites, or what? Although I imagine they spread virally once released.

I am Very Not Interested At All in watching them, but think it could be a good example to use in my Media Studies exam. I can find (apparent) copies of the video but very little about the background of their release, etc.

Edit: God, what a retarded question. I just found multiple websites, I don't know what the hell keywords I was using before.

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I have bed bugs! I think. I recently moved into a house and I have bed bug-like bites all over me. I called an exterminator and they're going to come do an inspection tomorrow. It costs $95. Is this something the landlord should be paying for? Or do I just pay it? I'm actually subletting from a guy and I sent him an email asking whether he'd ever had bed bugs and he hasn't responded. Should he pay for this? what do i do what do i do?? stress stress stress.

ALSO I saw a guy on the metro carrying 6 plastic bags full of artichokes. Why did he need that many artichokes??
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1. If you're running a focus group, what are some ways to get quiet people to speak up?

2. Have you ever been in a focus group? What for?

3. Were you paid or rewarded in some way?

4. Positive experience/negative experience?

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Have you ever been connected with someone on AIM before through a bot?  
ETA: someone randomly IM's you but they claim you randomly IMed them first.  It used to happen a lot a couple of years ago, and this was the first time it happened to me.

At first I thought it was a friend joking around, then I thought it was a bot that hooked us up, but apparently it's happened more than once.  So I don't know.  It was good for a laugh though.

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This is beating a dead horse as I've been in this in two communities today but

A girl is out to eat with her mother, and has visible track marks on her arms. Her waiter, when her mom is paying the bill, comes up to her, whispers "I see the marks on your arms, I've been there and I can help" and slips her his number.

Is this appropriate?

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why does my internet disconnect every time I change my status to anything other than "appear offline" on msn?
this is the only thing that causes it to disconnect and this problem comes and goes every 1.5 months or so for no apparent reason.. I have a feeling it's my router but wtf.
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What are your favorite movies in the suspense genre? Movies along the lines of The Hitcher, Flightplan, Untraceable, Red Eye. They're not exactly scary, they just get your heart racing a little bit.

Do you charge your phone every single night, or do you let it die/battery low signal and then plug it in?

What heat of hot sauce packets do you take if you go to a taco place: mild, hot, extra hot, etc?

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Lets say your town and surrounding areas are taken over by this mysterious mist full of scary human eating creatures. Your in the last moments, its you and your child in the car. You know there is no escape, you've run out of gas, you hear the creatures approaching that you've seen eat many of your friends and family, either your child gets eaten by these horrible creatures or you take their life with the one bullet you have left in your gun while they peacefully sleep. Would you do it?

I already posted this in Ask me anything.
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what is the stupidest excuse you've heard for cheating on an SO?

i know this girl who said she had a good excuse to cheat on her SO because "with a pretty face like mine, what do you expect?"


I just randomly received a Wet N' Wild lipgloss in the mail. I'm not sure if I won it in a contest, if it was a freebie, or if it's laced with anthrax.

Do you enter contests? Where? For what?
Have you ever won anything?

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Do you think Roseanne is funny (the television show)? Everyone tells me I'm ridiculous for liking it but it's such a guilty pleasure. Anyway, I kind of had a girl crush on Darlene.

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What are your guilty pleasures?
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It's almost 12am. Should I go to Cook Out and get a milkshake? They have 41 flavors. Which one should I get? Which would you get?

Is Taco Bell usually open til 12am or 1am? I want a taco, too.

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EDIT: Taco Bell closed at 12am. I went to cookout and got a chocolate shake, a dozen hushpuppies, and a chicken tender sandwich with cheese. MMM!