June 10th, 2009


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I'm not really hungry. In fact, I feel quite comfortably full, but I could probably eat.

Should I order Jimmy Johns?

I would have to dip into my savings to buy it, but it's only six dollars and getting paid real soon.

Eh, eh?


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TQC, I have to walk at my graduation/prom in heels tomorrow. I have never worn heels before. Do you have any tips for making this transaction easy? I really don't want to trip =/

When did you buy your first heels? How did it go?

If you don't care - did you have graduation speakers at your highschool/college grad? Did you learn anything from them?

Ours is going to be the President of WFP, who is also the mother of a graduating student.

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if you were looking for a drug that would keep you happy for like a week straight on vacation that wasn't marijuana and didn't tweak you out and make you want to kill yourself like coke, what would you do?

also, this isn't a particularly serious question. i'm not in the market to be doped up for 7 days straight.

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I hate the words affect and effect because I always use them incorrectly when I'm in a rush.

I also hate the word scrumptious because its seriously the most annoying word ever. If I hear someone use that word, I will automatically write them off as a Grade A Doucher.

So tell me, TQC...
What words do you hate?
What words do you like?
Do you have any phrases or slang that bother you?
Any that you over use? (I'm one of those annoying individuals who says things like "Negative Nancy" or "Grumpy Gus".)
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If I bite my tongue any harder, I am going to draw blood;

1. Is there anyone in your life who treats you like you are a moron for whatever reason (because you are a girl, boy, white, black, young, old, local, foreigner, whatever)?

Who are they?

What do they do to you?

Have you ever spoken to him/her about this or have you held your tongue?

2. And would you please settle this debate;

Does cursing count if you swear in a language that no one around you understands?

(I can swear in Spanish and German and if the people around don't understand me, I don't count it as cursing.)

Do you swear in a different language? If so, which ones?

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Is there a website or a Firefox add-on that I can use to organize a million bookmarks that I have? I want to organize a bunch of teaching resource & craft websites that I have, but the regular Firefox bookmarks thing ain't cutting it.

Do you bookmark a bunch of pages?

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Have you ever had a cashier make a personal comment on the items you've bought?

For example, a few weeks ago I bought lube, pepto bismol and cat treats. When I checked out, the cashier said, "good luck!" as I was leaving.

If you've ever worked retail have you ever said something like that to a customer?
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How many people do you regularly say some form of I love you to? How many of those people are not your SO or related to you?

Do you think that's a lower number than it should be for you?
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tqc, i just moved!

my tv has 3 cords. one for the cable, one for a regular wall socket, and one for a dvd player.
my room doesn't have a circular plug in for the tv cable to hook up to (i don't know what it's called srry). i still want to watch movies though! if i plugged my tv into a regular outlet and then connected the dvd/vhs player, could i get a picture?

i would just do the "trial and error" method but i don't want to bring my million pound tv up 3 flights of stairs if it's not going to end up working.
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I have a cold. It's 8am where I'm at. I already have the day off work. I've only slept for 4 hours.

Should I take some NyQuil to try and get back to sleep?

: I'm taking your advice and going for it. I've discovered I've lost the measuring cup cap, however. The bottle doesn't tell me how much to take.

How much should I take? Serious and non-serious answers welcome (serious first please :( )
Dr Horrible - pain
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You guys, I've got my second ear infection in less than 2 weeks. The first time, my doctor gave me a prescription for ear drops to use for 5 days. Yesterday he gave me the exact same prescription for 7 days.

Two more days is totally going to make a difference, y/n?

If you are heartless and don't care that my ear drum feels like little goblins are stabbing it with pointy things, what are your plans for today?
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My friend's condo is getting put up for sale by her landlord, and the realtor wants to come take pictures of her house today. Another friend says they will only take pictures of the outside. She feels uncomfortable seeing as how they just decided to put it up for sale and she hasn't started packing. I don't blame her, I'd feel a little uncomfortable too. I tried googling, but can't find anything relevant.. We live in British Columbia, Canada if that makes a difference.
so, are there any legalities around taking pictures of the inside of her home?
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Let's play: Name that Kitty!

My husband got a kitten. We already have two dogs, (who hate the cat, btw.. we're working on introducing it to them slowly) named Dakota and Callie.

We are completely different about names, I like names like Dakota and Callie, and he likes names like Mischief (ugh)

So TQC, let's play: Name that Kitty!

The picture is from my Blackberry, so not great quality.

The kitty is a female with cream/white coat with a dark tail and ears and beautiful blue eyes.

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my landlord pays a private garbage disposal to get the dumpsters here. the dumpsters haven't been emptied in over a month and nothing is changing. there's no room left and there's bags of trash and recycle all around the dumpsters.

is there anyone you can call about this when the landlord won't do anything? he's been here and seen it and nothing's happened. also, i live in Wisconsin.
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TQC, do you not find the Voynich manuscript and Serafinis' Codex Serafinianus to be strikingly similar? Do you think that Serafini got his inspiration from the Voynich manuscript? How do you feel about that?

If you could care less, then what is your favorite work of art (be it a painting, song, crayon drawing on your fridge, whatever)? Would you be so kind as to post a photo?

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Basically, what should I do for my cat to make sure she's taken care of for those two days? Should I give one of the volunteers my key anyway and just not say anything about it? Should I suck it up and take her elsewhere? Should I leave extra food out for her? Or should I just stay and make sure she's fed and taken care of? Any advice at all would be appreciated!

(Crossposted because I so trust the sound logic of people I don't even know.)
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If an old school friend was in town and wanted to catch up...but he was insane and has the reputation not only for never leaving once he turns up and also being infested with mega-nits, would you still invite him over?

If not would you meet him in public somewhere? Or would you completely blow him off?
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Have you ever been cited for a noise violation or had the neighbors knock on your door / wall / ceiling / etc. to tell you to STFU? What were the circumstances?

I'm blasting Garbage and No Doubt at work, but the rooms are practically soundproof -- so NBD! Back in my old office (in the music department), though, profs walking by in the hallway would peek in and say "what is this crap you're listening to, you heathen youngster."

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On Saturday, I met this really creepy guy that my friend brought to the mall with him.  Apparently they're cousins, and this guy said he was sixteen but he was obviously not.  My friend described him as "smelling like old mac and cheese" which he did.  He stuck in my memory so much I had a nightmare about him last night where he followed me around and parked on my lawn at night demanding to know why my friend didn't like him.

ANYWAYS, who was the creepiest person you've ever met?

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The local alternative/independent weekly newspaper has a vegetarian food critic. If you were a reader of this publication, how would you feel about this? It caused a bit of a stir in the "letters to the editor" page.

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I recently found out that you need to remove your laptop battery if you're going to have your laptop plugged in for more than two weeks.  Now my battery is in "poor" condition and the help screen says it needs to be replaced.  Oops.

Laptop users:  Do you run your laptop on the battery or do you leave it plugged in?

If you leave it plugged in, do you remove the battery? 

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What was the last nice thing someone did for you unexpectedly?

A company I interviewed at in late May called me earlier this week to "check in" and let me know I was still being considered for the position. I was quite surprised and found it very nice.

Dress me, TQC!

I have a job interview tomorrow and I'm at a loss as to what I should wear. None of my old work-type clothes fit anymore, so I don't have much to choose from. The position I'm interviewing for is at an engineering consulting firm as a environmental/field engineer.

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What do you call it when someone sees a situation with a bias in mind and interprets it (and sees meanings in it) in a way that an objective observer wouldn't? Like for example people who thinks horoscopes are amazing because they always apply to their life (nevermind that it can apply to everyone's lives). I'm looking for a noun.

EDIT: Nevermind, I got it! It's "confirmation bias".
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Which is correct?

more busy
both are correct
neither are correct

If you don't know or don't care, who is your favorite artist? Interpret "artist" as you will, although I was specifically thinking of like painting and drawing and such.

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Was watching a show about obsessive compulsive disorder, where a guy was going to 9 or 10 different gyms for workouts in a day. Which led me to wonder,

What amount of exercise would you consider excessive? for example, running?

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TQC members with multiple kids-

do you honestly, truly love all of your kids equally?

TQC with one or multiple kids- when you found out you were expecting, were you honestly equally excited about having either a boy or a girl (in other words, did you truly have no gender preference)

TQC members who dgaf-what are your plans for tonight?

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To all the TQC Ladies,
I just got my convertible insured, which is awesome, since my 'work' car smells like this cleaning oil you put in your gas tank...Either way, my friends want to go to the beach and lounge while playing tons of summery, top 40 music. The unfortunate thing is, Im a bit more of a metal fan, so I dont know of any music that would be awesome for them. But since I am the only one with a really good computer/burner, I have been told to create a few mix CDs with top 40s/club remixes for summer funness in a convertible. I have been listening to local top 40 radio but a lot of stuff is slow or countryish. They want stuff that is more dance and pop, not Kelly Clarkson. Any great ideas?

So far I have:
Fire burning - Sean Kingston
When I grow up (some remix) - Pussycat Dolls
Bang bang (she shot me) - K'naan ft whoever

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People always say that marriage takes lots of work to succeed. What is this work that is involved?

I'm married and I think it's really easy and lots of fun, so I was just wondering what the work, the difficulties and the challenges are in people's estimations.

Also: are you single or married?

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What would you say the low point of your life has been?

What did you do to pull yourself up and carry on? Inspire me!

If you're lucky and haven't had anything you consider a "low point", what's the most inspiring thing you've heard of/seen lately?

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I want to watch some South Park since I've only seen 1 or 2 episodes (the lice one and the scientologist one) and I just found it online.  (I go to usually go to bed too early to watch it).  Which episode should I watch first?  And/Or which episode is your favorite?
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tissue paper overload

TQC, I have an assload of undamaged pink, purple and patterned tissue paper from my recent baby shower. What should I do with it all?

Save it to wrap other people's presents? Make tissue paper flowers out of it? Throw it away? Something else?

srs and non srs answers welcome
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Im going on a trip in a couple weeks. What should I wear on the plane?

What facts do you know that will reassure me that the plane probably wont crash?

What do you usually do to pass the time on an 8 hour flight?

Im spending four days in Paris. What (other than the obvious touristy stuff) should I do while Im there?


Do you have really lucid and just plain bizzare fucking dreams on your period??
I have been dreaming about talking birds and babies and sex in strangers houses and marrying taxi drivers....:0
What are your weirdest dreams lately?(male and female answers please)

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Should I give away old CDs I haven't listened to in years? Should I give away books I've collected but have honestly never read?
Or should I keep these things because *one day* I may want to listen to them or read them?
Or are they just cluttering up my life?

I'm moving and the lighter the load, the better. But I don't wanna think "what if"

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TQC, I 'm about to bleach my hair. Should I do a strand test and waste an hour when i'm going to put it on anyway?
Also, if it comes out orange, how long should I wait to bleach it again?

ETA: What may influence your answer is how it is two completely differing shades now. Pic beneath the cut.

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OMG you guys I got the job I was wanting!

What should I do to celebrate?

And what should my two-weeks notice letter to my current job say? (Non-serious answers very much appreciated.)

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If my boyfriend has a couple of traffic tickets (happened about 3-4 years ago) that he never took care of in Texas and in counties that does not live in anymore, how would he go about taking care of those? Would he have to go to the individual counties? or can he do it in the city that he currently lives? Do you think he would have to go to jail or maybe just pay a fine? Should I hire a lawyer?

I guess if it matters one ticket was for driving without a lisence and the other is for paraphernalia.
Thank you!

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I just paid 5 bucks for an hour of internet, thinking I was able to buy Brand New tickets. Turns out, there's no special presale for streetteam members and I have to wait until tomorrow.

What was the last BAD news you had?

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Does anybody have any experience with CPAP machines? If so, can you tell me about it? Are they as inconvenient as they seem?

I should probably get one, but I'm not sure I can see myself using it every night for the rest of my life.

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Is it possible to wear heels/wedges so much that when you finally wear flat shoes, it feels like your heels are sinking?
And I'm not talking about going from wearing high heels to flats/no shoes. I'm talking the first pair of shoes you put on that day are flats/sneakers and it feels like your heels are sinking. I know that it's normal if you're wearing heels for a while then take them off.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
As of today, I have 27, and only one pair of them flats.

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We had a rental car last week, and today they told us that they have a bill for us blowing through a toll during the time we had it. We didn't travel anywhere that had a toll! Do we suck it up and pay it ($63) or expect them to believe us?
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Have you ever had a friend get crazy jealous and possessive? My roommate and friend of 10 years is starting to get pissed whenever I tell him a story about another friend, and he's pissed off about all the time I'm spending at school. Hell, he's jealous of my fucking Prof. and get's especially angry when a story involves him. He complains that we don't spend anytime together, but when ever I do see him he just gets pissed about something and ruins our time. I just don't know how to handle him anymore.

Has a friend ever pulled this on you? How should I react? What the hell is wrong with him? ect.

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Ok, so this may be harder to comprehend if you don't have publicly funded health care. In the UK, the NHS is mostly funded by the tax payer. It spends £14 million on religious services within hospitals. i.e Vicars from the major faiths doing rounds, and also on chapels within the hospital.

Do you think this is appropriate, or do you think the money could be spent better else where?
(To put it into perspective, that would pay 1,500 nurses salaries for a year.

Edit to Clarify: The question is not should there or should there not be a religious presence at hospitals, it is should the taxpayer be paying for a service they may not use and may go as far to disagree with?
Personally, I think it should be paid for by those who use the service, I and my family would find a religious service of very little use if any of us were in hospital, so therefore I see this money as being wasted when it could be spent better on getting people out of the hospital.

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Say you have a chance to kill off one very specific group of people.
The group must offend you, but said offense can't be anything like murder or rape. You only get to kill off a group that personally irks you, but doesn't really break any laws.
Who do you choose?

My friend says killing all the line cutters in the world is not an appropriate response. He is obviously not understanding the severity of the situation, y/n?

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If you were getting a Day-Of-Beauty-type package at a day spa but had to get a pregnancy massage instead of the regular Swedish massage that comes in the package, would you expect to pay more?

If the day spa found out that you were in your first trimester and told you that you could go through with the rest of your 4.5 hours of spa and salon services but had to wait until your second trimester to get the massage, all of which has already been paid for by your husband, would your entire day be ruined?
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I was listening to Fresh Air tonight, and one of the guests was Anna Paquin talking about True Blood. I've never seen it--should I start watching, TQC? Do you watch? Why or why not?

If you could be editor in chief of any magazine, what would it be and why?
Real Simple, because I love the tips and tricks it provides me :)

Do you still dress up for Halloween? Are your costumes scary, silly, or slutty? (or a nice healthy blend of the three?)
Yep, a nice mix of silly and slutty, I think.

What was your best Halloween ever?
Probably trick or treating with my two bffs in elementary school--parties are fun and all now but nothing memorable has happened at one yet


Ive been talking to my ex-boyfriend (whos in the army) for a few months now. I thought he was flirting with me at first because he would say I was cute and stuff and he loves when I send him picture messages saying it brightens his day, and he misses me, etc. But then he got busy where he was at and so we didnt get to talk as much and I thought maybe he was pulling away. We tell each other good night every day and last night I txted him saying good night and he didnt respond immediately so i thought maybe he was just not going to respond and i went to sleep. This morning I woke up and saw that he had txted back and it said, "Good Night, baby." This is the first time hes called me baby. I mean obviously he did when we dated but since weve started talking again. I dated him when I was 15 and im 19 now.

Do you think this is a sign that he likes me or am I reading too much into it?
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hair stuff

what's a good leave-in conditioner? i have long, straight hair that is kinda thin, so i need something that will moisturize/detangle, but won't make my hair weighed down. :)
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I have a new album on my ipod, and it plays fine through itunes when the ipod is connected to my computer. The trouble is, when I listen to it on the ipod alone, for some reason the last six seconds of each song are skipped over. The mp3s aren't cut short or anything; as I said, they play fine in sequence through itunes.

Anybody know what the crap is going on?

Got it, thanks.
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Do you wear shoes inside your house or take them off when you come home?

When you were growing up, did your parents have a rule that you had to take off your shoes inside?

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Please help me TQC!

I am trying to describe to my friend this one youtube video I have seen before. It's some kind of Asian pop music video, and the girl is singing and the set is this dinner table set up all fancy-like and these people dressed in black body suits are holding cats and making them dance. Anybody have any idea about what video I am talking about? I am pretty sure I am not making this shit up. If you know of it, could you give me the link? I have searched on google and youtube and all my "asian pop music video dancing cats" entries have turned up weird Turkish videos and anime porn.
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What should I watch

I have a few hours and a day to kill. What should I watch?

And for those of you who don't know what Jack & Bobby is...as stolen from Wiki:

Jack & Bobby - short-lived American television series that aired on The WB network. It featured two brothers, one of whom was destined to become President of the United States, serving from 2041 to 2049.

Poll #1414159 Time To Kill

The Choices

Smallville (Season 1)
Jack & Bobby (Complete Series)

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How fussed are you about seeing live music?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being MUST go, will make any effort pay any amount) for:

1. Your favourite (one of your top 5) bands.

2. A band you like but are not a fan of

3. A new band (new to you that is) that you have heard very little of

Is this different if they are a small band as opposed to a large arena concert?
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Is the question the most useful tool at inspiring answers? Are there any other linguistic methods, in any language, that supercede the question?

 I'm really fascinated by this thought as of late.
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Travel ?s

Why do you think the North & South Terminal economy, daily, and hourly parking lots were completely filled at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta on a Wednesday Afternoon?

When's the last time you flew somewhere?

Where do you want to go today/tomorrow?
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If money was no issue, would you ever buy a kindle? (They're kind of like an ipod for books. I found one on amazon for $489)

Do you think it is worth the cost to load a bunch of books onto something convinient or does it take away from actually reading a book?

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is anybody here familiar with finding molecular weights of compounds?

ETA: i have the formula and i know what to do. i just keep getting this one problem wrong & i'm not sure why:/
if everyone has a problem with questions involving school, there should be a rule against it.
so, wow, hey


Is it stupid that I'm so freaked out to leave my chair because I'm scared of "ghosts" after my friend showed me a mindfuck?  I didn't trust him and thought the mindfuck contained a screamer.  We argued for 10 minutes because I wouldn't open it.  I said "but it might be a screamer!" and a minute later HE opened a screamer and now he's scared.
I'm crazy, aren't I?
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I'm building a website for a friend, and I'm using Microsoft Web Expression to do so. There's an asp.net control for a Tree view link bar. I'm trying to test the website, but when I do, it just gives me an error. Collapse )

Does anyone know how to fix this?
If you don't, do you know of some good websites or communities that could help me with this?
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Twice now, someone has come into my Dunkin Donuts and told me I looked Brazillian, and it's just my eyes that sets it off. I don't take any offense to it, so don't accuse me of that, I've just never heard that before. So I turn to the internetz. Do I look Brazillian?

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, it was taken on my cell phone.

Alternatively, how often do you resort to the air conditioner? Under what conditions? [e.g as soon as it hits 85, it goes on, or something like that]

EDIT: Fine, HTML. Don't work. D: