June 9th, 2009

Spiral of Light

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It's midnight and I have a have to get up at 7am. Falling asleep takes at least one hour, and waking up involves waking up/falling asleep continuously over the course of a couple of hours. Should I pull an all-nighter?
Unnatural love


I hope that reddish-colored shake is _____-flavored?

Pepto Bismal

I hope that brownish-colored shake is _____-flavored?

Soy sauce

I hope that whitish-colored shake is _____-flavored?

White chocolate
Polar bear
Tartar sauce
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I just took this picture about fifteen minutes ago at 12:45 am. I can not figure out if this is the end of the sunset or the beginning of the sunrise. Can you tell?

Nevermind. I'm tired and confused. I still don't know if it's sunset or sunrise. What does it look like outside your window right now?


question for medical people

My mom is in the hospital to be evaluated about an infection.  She had a blood test done in which two people drew blood from her at the same time.. from each hand... because the blood had to be drawn simultaneously.  It wasn't put in the normal test vials either.. she said it was put in a container that I think she said already had a substance in it?? I'm not sure.'

TQC - What was this test? Serious answers are very cool. thank you.
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Have any of you ever had oat milk? Did you like the taste or was it disgusting?

My dad brought some home today and I am debating whether to try it or not. Should I try it, tqc, or not bother?
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Silent Faith

Navy vs Air Force

Which is better in your opinion? What are the pros and cons of each?

Specifically speaking in terms of an Officer in either, not enlisted.

Any information or experience you can pass along is also appreciated, I am very ignorant to all things military.

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1)What sort of movies don't you understand?

I don't get movies like Epic Movie or Dance Flick.

2)What do you own that is older than you?

My bed, and this cup I'm drinking out of references 'American Bell'.

3)I can't sleep. Any help?
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Can I get away with wearing black flip flop sandals to a daytime wedding? Deets: I'll be close to 37 weeks pregnant and I can't fit my hideously swollen feet into anything else I already own, which means either the flip flops I have or biting the bullet and purchasing a pair of large, fancier shoes.

What say you?

ETA: Thanks, everyone! I think I'll wear the flip flops and hope no one notices. Maybe they'll be too distracted by my elephant ankles and calves to notice the shoes.

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the last post made me think of this~

do you have some healthy recipes that you love to make? (easier the better!) i'm trying to lose another 10lbs, but i don't want to limit myself to bland tasteless foods. : )
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What do you think of people who are constantly making excuses for other people?

Backstory! So one of my friends is going through a tough time and she gets really moody but she doesn't mean to, so another one my friends went off at me cos she thinks I'm always taking her side and making excuses for her thus, she thinks I'm really bad cos I'm "encouraging" her. So idk!
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what is the last thing you spent a ridiculous amount of money on?
will you tell us how much you paid?!
feel free to justify the purchase if you're feeling some buyer's remorse.

and i mean something frivolous. not like "i bought a car." that is, unless you bought a car that was way more expensive than necessary.

i just paid almost $400 for two front row center jamie foxx tickets. i'm insane, yes. my justification is that shitty seats would have been over $100 for two so if i'm going to be spending that much money anyway i might as well get the best tickets possible! balls to the wall, baby.
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Long shot -> Have you ever heard of an anime where Trucks with legs play basketball? I wish to make fun of it in class but I can't remember the name. Google's been no help.

What should I have for breakfast?

Opening Up.

Do you consider yourself a trusting person?
How comfortable are you talking about yourself and personal life with friends? family? strangers?
Who would you say knows the most about you besides the obvious, yourself?
Would you say that there IS someone who knows EVERYTHING about you?
Why do you think people believe others care about every little thing they do?

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Ok, so I have these friends that are husband and wife. I was friends with the husband first, but have known the wife for awhile now. We lost touch for a couple years and through a series of bizarre coincidences we all ended up moving to the same city and I’ve started to hang out with them again.

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since we have a recipe theme going...

i have two boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the freezer and some bbq sauce and i was hoping to making something tasty with them.
any suggestions as to how to cook the chicken?

would cutting it up, cooking it in butter and then adding bbq sauce and cooking it for a little while longer be tasty?
is there anything else i could add?
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My lease is up July 1st. I was planning on staying here and replacing the one roommate who is leaving but so far the luck on that is BAD. Also, the roommate who is staying made things awkward by expressing a more-than-friends interest in me yesterday.

Thing is, I don't have a full-time reliable job. All I do is freelance art right now.

I'm thinking two things... one, temp agency. And two, moving out in July to a one-bedroom apartment in the same complex (they are cheap and come with a washer/dryer, so it's the best deal in town).

I want to talk to the apt people about this, and also go to the temp agency today.

Which should I do first? I have enough money saved up to move.
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1. Apart from your computer, what's the most valuable thing (in terms of monetary value) in the room right now?

2. Apart from your computer, what's the most valuable thing (in terms of sentimental value) in the room right now?

3. What would be the hardest thing to replace if you lost it?
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What would you do? What do you think I should do?

EDIT: They just called again, to "sweeten the deal," so to speak. They're offering the nearly $10 an hour pay to me. Better, though because of the cut weeks, I don't know...
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At least once a year, someone breaks into one of our local Buddhist temples and vandalizes and/or burglarizes it. Why would anyone do that?

Do you like iced tea? How do you make it? In the sun? Add lemon and sugar? From a powder? What's your favorite kind?

TQC, decide me day for me. You're better at it than I am.

Should I go see Up again? And if yes, should I see it in 3D or no? They charge a bit more for the 3D because of the glasses. Would they do that if I said I already had the glasses? Because I do. Or should I stay home and read Harry Potter? It's raining, if that makes any difference, but only lightly and I don't care about driving in the rain.

Will you MS Paint a picture of your favorite food for me? And if they're obscure, will everyone else guess what the pictures are of?


What is your current job situation?

I am being laid off starting June 27th and was freaking out for a while. Then all of a sudden, it's as if a job just landed in my lap. My friends own a tattoo parlor about 35 mins from my house and need a receptionist. Photography is my passion and what I really want to do, but I have always wanted to work at a tattoo parlor.

When was the last time something fell into your lap and surprised you?

Serious and non serious answers :)
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Zechariah 14:12 says, And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth. He was preaching those words ~520 B.C. Today they're commonly interpreted as the result of being near the blast of a neutron bomb or nuclear bomb. Neutron bombs would melt people right through the protective armor of tanks without damaging it, and Israel has a stockpile.

Would you want to have the imagination it took for Zechariah to have such a dream?

Has your imagination created anything as crazy as Zechariah's considering the time in which he lived?

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TQC, which one of these usernames should I rename to? These are either purged names or names I already have, but they're not my main journal.

which should i rename to?


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Did your school have a senior prank?
What was it? Have you heard of any really good ones?

My year, a bunch of kids spray painted giant penises all over our football field.
The year after, someone made a collage with the teachers' pictures made into the shape of a huge penis and made hundreds of copies to pass out to everyone.

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What are some specific examples of how celebrities influence our daily lives?  For example, a girl might see lindsey lohan and victoria beckham holding blackberries in a photo and next thing you know she and 10 of her friends need to get blackberries, or the entire celebrity weight obsession

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How do you feel/react at funerals?

Personally i've been to several, and on the whole don't get stressed about them, it's calm, peaceful and a tool for moving on.
My friend is going to one today, and is getting really really wound up about it.
Donkey Punch

Clothing Dilemma!

I'm in a bind here, TQC, and I need your help.
It's that time of year in which North Carolina is just too damn hot to continue wearing my cardigans and layer upon layers of clothing.
I'm searching for some simple, reasonably priced summer clothes for a girl with curves. I'm averaging now around a size 10/12.
It seems ridiculous me to pay $30 for a god damn t-shirt from Urban Outfitters or American Apparel.

If you don't care about my wardrobe, what suggestions do you have for funky jewelry, necklaces, accessories, etc?


And if you don't care about either of those and just want to criticize something, can you please tell me why in the name of GOD these came back in style? And who would/could ever wear them? BTW it's $78.

EDIT: Can you recommend a fashion community? I remember seeing something along the line of "fashionista" but it catered to curvier girls and damn if I can't remember the name.

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Do you have any tips for quitting bad habits along the lines of biting fingernails? For me it's shredding the skin around my fingernails/cuticles and it's really disgusting and I've been trying to stop for a long time.

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What's the last stupid thing that made you lol and roll your eyes?
I just had a post rejected from cooking because it contained the word "shit." lol. They are getting a little ridic with the moderation over there. >:T

What kinds of people-food do your pets enjoy?
My puppydog LOVES fruit and veggies. Her favorites are carrots, red peppers, pieces of apples, cantaloupe and watermelon.
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I'm hosting a baby shower on Saturday and I thought I might get a movie to run on the tv in the background. I want something that's about pregnancy/babies but isn't crude or sad. The only movies I can think of are Baby Momma and Father of the Bride 2. Are there any other movies in this genre I could get?

If you were/are pregnant, did you have a baby shower? What did you do at yours?

If not, have you ever attended a baby shower?

What's your favorite piece of baby clothing? I love little jumpers like this.
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I've got this vague idea about simmering chicken parts in a tomato-based sauce. Will you help me improve it?

I've got:

Chicken parts - a thigh quarter, 4 drumsticks, 2 boneless skinless breasts

Various canned/bottled tomato products - spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, tomato paste, diced tomatoes

Varied spices and herbs

Onions, dried onions, potatoes, carrots

chicken flavoured bouillon cubes

a dutch oven

So I figure I'll put the chicken parts in the dutch oven on top of the stove with some tomato stuff, and some other stuff, and after a few hours it will taste pretty good. All I need are specifics.

scaredy wolfling
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Mad Hatter

1. If you're a female, do you wear baseball caps? Why or why not?

2. What does your favorite hat (ball cap, or beret or whatever) look like?

3. Is there a stigma or some sort of weirdness for women wearing ball caps?
(I ask because I don't see too many women wearing them).
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What's the coolest username you've ever seen on LJ?

What's the coolest username you've ever seen, in general?

If all the LJ accounts were purged today and you could snag any username you wanted, what would it be?

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Greetings TQC. I had my hair dyed last week, and I got bit by the hair colouring bug. I'm planning on doing something WILD and CRAZY with it, but first;

My hair is about a 3 or 4 on the blonde level chart. If I wanted to bleach out some highlights or the whole shebang, how fried do you think my hair would get? (it's very heavy and coarse already, but I condition regularly and haven't had problems with damage before)

If you bleach your hair, do you do it with a home kit or at a salon? How many treatments with either do you have to do to get BLONDE blonde hair?

What kind of crazy shit have you done with your hair? Pics plz.

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 TQC, my dog is acting weird. There was a huge thunderstorm this morning, and he hates thunderstorms. However, it passed about 7-8 hours ago.

He keeps running around the house and wanting to sit with people, which he normally doesn't do (wanting to sit with me= him standing on the side of the couch/staring at me when I'm on the couch, because he can't jump up). When I try to pick him up to come sit with me, 50% of the time he runs away. The other 50% of the time he does sit with me for a little, then goes running around the house again. None of this is done in a very playful manner. 

What's his deal? Usually I'd think he could still hear the storm but it's been so long!

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I'm going to put this as well as I can, so sorry if I sound really dumb.  But I buy lots of brightly colored clothes that, when I wash them, fade quickly.  For example, I had a black sweater from AA and after washing a couple of times it was badly faded and almost grey looking.  The same with many of my polos and other stuff. 

TQC, if you understand what I'm saying, how can I keep my clothes from fading and looking so awful?  Is there a detergent that will do this?  HALP!


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So, I bought awesome tickets today's baseball game. I only have twenty dollars to spend at the ball park. What should I purchase to commemorate this joyous occasion?

Alternately, what kind of extracurricular activities did you do as a child?
Do you still participate in any of these activities?
If you have/want to have kids, what sort of activities/sports/hobbies do you think you would like to/have you introduced them to?

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I am incredibly bored and driving myself crazy waiting for a package at home––the UPS slip said "between 10:30-2" and it's almost 4, I should just stop waiting and go to IKEA right? I have been planning on going for a few weeks but haven't had the time. HOWEVER, it's about 40 minutes out of Providence towards Boston. I don't have work today and my next engagement is at 9 p.m. tonight to go see a $1 movie. Should I go to IKEA?

- far away
- not going to buy much, probably like a few boxes
- might tempt me to spend money

- IKEA is a fun place to kill time
- I need boxes
- also meatballs

thank you TQC
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How annoying is it to get to and from the city centre in London to the Luton airport? Is it worth getting a cheaper flight? Or will I hate myself less by paying a bit more and flying out of Heathrow? Both seem to have good and bad.


Poll #1413514 PDA's - delicious or disgusting?

PDA's (Public Displays of Affection, not Personal Digital Assistants).

Hahahahahahahaha! You guys are KISSSINNNNGGG

PDA's are...

Fun to be in, and I don't care if others carry on in front of me.
Fun to be in, but I don't like others doing so in front of me.
A little embarrassing, both to watch and to be in.
A little embarrassing to watch, but fun to be in.
A little embarrassing to be in, but fun to watch.
Annoying, both to watch and to be in.
Annoying to watch, but embarrassing if it's you.
Whatever. I don't care.

My opinion is: I...

...don't mind PDA's.
...enjoy PDA's.
...don't care about PDA's.
...think PDA's are disgusting.

You are...

lol that's complicated :)

You are...

Happy as is.
Not happy as is.
lol that's complicated.

Any other thoughts? Leave them in the comments below. I'm curious to see what the general opinion is.
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my boyfriend and i want to see a movie. the current options are:
1. away we go
2. drag me to hell
3. the hangover

he really wants to see away we go because he loves dave eggers, but i haven't heard anything about it. i heard drag me to hell was awesome and that the hangover was unexpectedly hilarious. if you've seen any of the above, what'd you think of them?
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Should I sell my university textbooks on amazon or somewhere else like half.com?

I am really not a fan of the cut amazon wants to take out of my used book sale.

Why do porn stars, specifically straight guys/guys topping other guys/girls in the butt, wear watches? Who the fuck wears a watch while fucking?

Will you give me all your Pokemon?
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Do you have a suggestion for a fairly simple recipe I can make for 5 people?

So far my repetoire consists of beef burgers, salmon pasta, meatballs etc, pretty simple things, but I can get the hang of a recipe. I want to do something they haven't had before (i.e. not lasagne, spaghetti bolognese etc) but something I can easily get from the little food shop up the road. I know there's loads of cool American recipes that would be impressive for an English family!!

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Let's say three months into your new job, you start school. Your shift at work ends at 1 and school starts at 1:40. Do you think most places would have a serious problem with you leaving ten minutes early or giving up a break in favor of leaving early?
(I'd be willing to come in early)

Do you think this is going to fuck me up during my interview?
How should I handle this?

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I'm currently on a training course thing for unemployed people. If you've ever seen The Full Monty, think job club!

I'm looking for some good practical jokes I can play, in a kinda office setting. (minus the computers) ?


what book can you read over and over again?

what was your favorite book as a child?

what book are you reading right now?

how long do you give a book to catch your interest before you stop reading it?

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Two jobs I interviewed for told me they'd let me know by the end of this week/beginning of next week. How do I stop myself from going crazy till then?

I do not have a job now so I am doing nothing most of the time and am running out of ways to distract myself. Especially since today the power kept going out and limited my options even more.


Hi tqc, I'm Andy. (tqc: hi Andy.)

What's your opinion on drinking (alcoholic beverages) before 5pm (in your current time zone)?

What's your opinion on teaching other people the right thing to do, sometimes called evangelizing?

eta: please for god's sake somebody play devil's advocate to the entirety of tqc and tell me I'm going to hell for starting my day with Jaegermeister

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I have to do an introductory speech in which I introduce anyone, dead or alive. I was thinking about doing Matthew Shepard in order to further my gay agenda, but I haven't quite decided. Do you guys have any other suggestions?

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At what websites can I find cute one-piece bathing suits? I'm looking for one that has underwire support but not enormous cups. The usual skinny-minny juniors' stores aren't really an option, as I'd need a L/XL/14/16 and I'm considerably curvier than most of their models anyway.
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So, I'm myspace friends with some chick I knew in high school exclusively for the lols.  She's kind of a dumbass and a total drama queen, and her self-centered ranting is priceless. Combine this with a gastric bypass surgery, manic depression and in-laws that she is in CONSTANT battle with, and it is truly my own personal Maury show. She just posted a status update that says this: 

"renewing our vowels on the beach in feb!!! and i want a really really poofy gown!"

What was the last thing that made you LOL way harder than it probably should have? 
Are you "friends" with anyone just for the lols?
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My two roommates and I live in an apartment that's contract is up at the end of the month. The two of them want to leave at the end to go elsewhere but I want a one-bedroom unit in the same apartment complex. The girl up at the office said we still had to give a 60-day notice which means we could be stuck here until August, but she'll waive the staying-past-contract rent increase because I'm getting another unit with them.

Now people are telling me that since I'm staying at the complex they shouldn't need the 60-day notice at ALL, even though I'm the only one of the three staying.

Is this true? I have no idea how this shit works and they're gone for the day so I have to wait until tomorrow to ask them.

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I'm having a (hopefully) mega-mega birthday party! My garden, however, is too small for a bouncy castle. Have you any ideas how to turn a run-of-the-mill birthday party into a mega-mega one? When is your birthday, and what did you do for it?
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Help me, I have the dumb.

How do I work out what mark I need to get in my exam in order to get over 85%?

For example:
Essay worth 40% of total grade = 75%
Exam is worth 60% of total grade

What mark in my exam will I need to get so that my overall mark is 85%?

Luckily, this isn't a maths exam.
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So my sister in law has an obsese chihuaua. Yesterday, she came home from work and had half of a footlong chicken-bacon-ranch sandwich from subway in her bag. She put the bag down on her bed and left the room for a few minutes. When she came back, the dog had got into her room, into the bag and ate the entire sandwich.

Today, we woke up and the dog's eyes are both swollen and the left one is completely clouded over. She doesn't want to keep her eyes open, but she's walking and moving around so we think she can see, but her one eye is a little cloudy and the other is completely clouded over and red in the corners. They're taking her to the vet at 2:30.
What do you think is wrong with the dog? Do you think the sandwich she ate is related to her eye problem or is it just a crazy coincidence?

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i responded to an ad on craigslist to clean this guy's house. essentially, i just told him my name and that i've done professional cleaning before and gave him my phone number. about an hour later, he responded with "HEY! you got the job! give me a call tomorrow and i look forward to seeing you tomorrow!" i was a little confused by his want for me to come over so soon (especially because, in the ad, he mentioned that he had just cleaned so he wouldn't need someone until the next week) and since i didn't want to be in a stranger's house, alone, for 5 hours at a time, i asked if i would be okay if i brought my roommate over just to hang out for the first time so that i feel comfortable. he responded with "oh yeah! sure! safety is important, i totally understand!" i called him later that day to set up a time to come over and check things out and to give an estimate, and he never called back. it's been two weeks. i have a feeling that he began feeling uninterested as soon as i mentioned not wanting to die/be chopped up in bags in his freezer and that's why he got cold feet. do you have any ideas why he'd react that way? serious and non-serious answers are welcome.

i have a friend whose friends sell their old shoes on the internet to pervy men. apparently, they get heels from the thrift store, take a few pictures of the shoes being worn and then sell them off for $50 a pair. HOW DO I GET IN ON THIS? is there a site where i can set this kind of thing up?

if you don't care about either of those, how much did you freak out at the end of last week's law and order: svu? i was CONVINCED that olivia was being serious and that she wasn't going to help out elliot. i've never been so caught up in a TV show.
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It's been a while since I went job-hunting... How long should you wait between applying for a job and doing the follow-up? (By follow-up, I mean a friendly call asking about the status of said job and saying you're still interested.)

I don't want to screw this up - it's as close to a dream job as I'll ever get. *grimface*

Beg for the second question...

What do you do after work?

I'm already in bed. (O'course, my daughter and her friend and my fiance have taken over the front room for video game purposes, so maybe that's for the best.)

(no subject)

What's a good movie to watch while tripping?
I need ideas.
I've seen Yellow Submarine way too many times. And no I'm not watching THE WALL.

for those who are lame and don't do drugs,
what's a good movie for me to watch while sober?


Hello TQC. A friend told me about a rumor going around that someone just filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against our high school history teacher.
1. Do you know if there is a way to see if the lawsuit has actually been filed? We want to verify this for ourselves.
2. Do you have any stories about former teachers of yours that have been fired for sexual harassment? Did you like the teacher when you were in their class?

lol @ me listening to kiss when i was a kid

which of these NUMBER songs have you enjoyed? and yes, i know i left some out.

1234 - feist
52 Girls - the b52s
20 Years of Snow - regina spektor
19th Nervous Breakdown - rolling stones
Christine Sixteen - kiss!
99 Red Balloons - nena
Strawberry Letter 23 - the brothers johnson
Edge of 17 - stevie nicks
500 Miles - the proclaimers
50 Ways to Leave your Lover - paul simon
25 Minutes To Go - johnny cash
Summer of '69 - bryan adams, eh
9 to 5 - dolly parton
1 (Is The Lonliest Number) - three dog night
oh suzer, there are countless ways i enjoy music, but i don't know many of these songs!

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My Dad's best friend was over for dinner, and they're both veteran commercial airline pilots, and so we got to some really interesting stories, which made me wonder --

Where were you on September 11th 2001? What are your memories of that morning?

My mum woke me up before my alarm, told me to come and watch the TV. At school, they put up a bigscreen TV in the main foyer and had it tuned to the news all day. Around my house, there's always aircraft coming and going, and contrails in the sky. That night, and for the next several days, it was silent and empty. My Dad and his friend were both at home, thankfully, but many of their colleagues were stranded after having to divert flights.

One of their colleagues was flying NYC - Calgary and was suddenly told over the radio to divert to Winnipeg and land ASAP. Naturally, he was confused at the request, but they just repeated the order to land immediately, and further requested him to lock down the cockpit, let no one in under any pretext, send a message to the head steward, and make a PA announcement to passengers claiming mechanical difficulties forcing them to land in Winnipeg, making up some excuse about Calgary being locked down or something. Also they told him that there was an F-18 trailing him that had a lock on the jet, and then he saw it pop up on the radar behind him.

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Which of the following movies should I watch tonight?
Collapse )

Should I go out and get a burger at Wendy's for dinner tonight, or just eat a bowl of cereal? :T I don't want cereal, but I don't want to cook and I kind of want a burger.

On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you with being assertive/aggressive toward people in a public situation?
I'm probably about a 6. I'll avoid it if it's possible, because I hate seeming like a demanding lunatic, but it drives me BONKERS if people don't do their jobs right and I will not bear the brunt of that. Today I had to be very firm at my school's financial aid office in telling them that I am very frustrated that NOBODY EVER RESPONDS TO MY EMAILS or RETURNS MY CALLS, and that THEY SHOULD HAVE TAKEN CARE OF MY ISSUE 3 WEEKS AGO WITHOUT ME TELLING THEM TO. THAT'S THEIR JOB. OMG. >:(
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Full-> Today I was in a class taught by my favorite Prof. when he gets a call from the department chair and is pulled out of class, telling us he'd be right back. About 10 mins go by when the Department chair walks in. He tells us due to a situation outside of his control he's been forced to let my Prof. go immediately. Now, my school kind of has this family vide going on and this Prof. is a universal favorite. So, the classroom freaks out. People are crying, this one guy wants to kick the shit out of someone, people are talking about petitions, ect. The Chair calms us down and promises someone else with finish up our class (it's finals week for me) and leaves telling us he's going to fetch our Prof. to let him say goodbye. We sit there stunned for a minute before our Prof bursts in with, "Gullible must start with a 'F' because you're all fucking morons!". He then precedes to lecture on Joseph Campbell with a shit eating grin on his face.

Tl;Dr-> My Profs. are all douche bags.

How pissed would you be if this happened to you?

How can I get revenge?

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i got my ear lobes pierced about two months ago at a good shop. i've been slacking on cleaning them so there's still lymph coming out sometimes. roughly how long until they're done with the lymph? when do you think i could start stretching them? i know everyone's different, but is there a rough timeline for this?

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So, I decided to apply at Starbucks. There's a question on the application that asks if I've ever been to a Starbucks before.

I should put, "Well, I had to go into one to get this application", y/n?

What kind of strange interview questions have you been asked?

Will you tell me about your worst interview ever?

ugh I feel so clueless right now

Does anyone know how to clear out all my old answers to match questions on OKCupid? turns out I was on the right page, but the button is light grey and kinda hard to find

If you've used OKCupid, What's the silliest match question you've seen?

what is the last strange noise you heard?
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I have a ton of tummy-exposing shirts back from when it was cool. How much of a fashion failure would I be if I started wearing them again? It's too hot for long shirts!

Also I need to go to the gym to do weights tonight, but I don't feel like it. Can you please motivate me?

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Family drama:

I have cousin in from Seattle, and my grandmother just called me to invite me to dinner TOMORROW night at 6, when I had plans with friends and I have to be at work at 6 am, which means I need to be up at 5 am. Should I cancel my plans, and go and be exhausted the next day cause I KNOW we won't eat until at least 7, then sit around and then I have an hour drive home?
Does it piss you off when people make plans last minute?
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Let's say you're in this situation, okay?

You were born into a family that was already started. You have the same mom as your older half sister, but you have a different dad. You're half black in a family of nothing but 100% white people. Most of them, racist alcoholics.

You find out your mom is considering divorcing your step dad and you're caught in the middle. They've been married for 24 years.

What do you do?

If you don't give two shits about that up there..

Did you see Taken?
Did you also love it?

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So, I've been sick since Sunday. Fever, sore throat, general feeling of crappiness. I went to the doctor today and he confirmed it as strep. Got some antibiotics prescribed, started dosing tonight, but he said I probably wouldn't start feeling better until Thursday.

I work in a small office (there are seven of us, including my boss). I called out Monday and Tuesday as deathly ill. I'm aware that strep is contagious. At the moment, I feel pretty awful (9:45 on Tuesday evening). I did get a doctor's note and my boss seemed fairly supportive and unperturbed by me being out, and I do have a few sick days, but three days in a row seems a bit excessive, even if I am pretty sick.

Should I tough it out and attempt to go in tomorrow if I still feel awful/possibly contagious? Or if I still feel awful, should I call out?

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How much of a romantic are you, on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 being you're cynical, or else think it's all chemicals, 10 being 'Titanic is the best movie ever'.

It depends on the day you catch me on, but I would say my level of romanticism never exceeds a 5 at the most.

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Did you/do you have any Student Loans? Private or Federal?
Any regrets about them?

I'm starting college in the fall (after a 2-year soul-searching hiatus) and I'm debating about getting a student loan (obviously)

Also, if you have a student loan, can you start paying it off right away? I wouldn't want to have a loan sitting there building up years of interest..I'd like to pay it off as soon as possible.

Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
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Is anybody else out there an FSWEP student (past or present)? I'm working for the government right now (with another student) and I'm finding out that there is a LOT of downtime where I'm at.  The office doesn't have much for me in terms of a project yet, and I've only worked on two assignments so far.. the other times, I just sit in my cubicle and surf CBC.ca. We get small tasks, such as clearing out cubicles (because of new staff coming in) and working the phones when the main admin assistant leaves for the day.
For the past 2 weeks, I have been asking around for work.. but after all of that, I feel ridiculous having to go around day after day checking to see if there is work for me yet.

I want everyone to know that I am free for assignments/projects, but I don't want to continuously pester them daily! 

How did everyone else go about handling this?

(FSWEP: Federal Student Work Experience Program; it's a student internship basically)

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We were talking about Euthanasia today in Psychology class,and it made me wonder how TQC felt about this issue.

Should euthanasia be legal in your country, if it isn't already?
Why or why not?
What restrictions would you put on it?
Should anyone be allowed to kill themselves painlessly and legally, or only people with chronic medical conditions?
If so, do you draw a line between physical and mental conditions? Why?
Should there be a required number of therapy visits before they can choose this procedure?

I'm curious as to how ya'll feel... thanks for your time. :-)

Cherry Tomato Plant

I bought two cherry tomato plants yesterday. It says to plant 60 cm apart. My mom seemed to think that planting them side by side in a pot would be fine. Is this fine? Are my plants not going to grow?

The pot theyre in would technically only fit one just right, according to instructions.
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1) What do you like to eat for breakfast?
2) What did you eat for breakfast today?
3) What are your favourite snacks?
4) How tall are you?
5) How much do you weigh?
6) Is it sunny where you live right now?
7) Do you own a digitalSLR camera? What kind do you have?
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I still can't dress myself.

I realize this would be a million times better with a picture, but that's not possible right now.

I bought a long flowy white skirt with a black floral print. It's too long to wear as a skirt but I think it would be perfect if I wore it as a dress with a belt and a cardigan. What color belt and cardigan would work? A wide belt would be better than a thin belt, right? Or is this question totally pointless without a picture?

I just have a lot of trouble sorting out what colors go, and what colors don't.
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update and new question

Ok, so an update from this post: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/64259050.html

They took the dog to the vet and they did tests for glaucoma and all these different eye problems and they think that she may have fatty deposits in her eyes from eating SO much and gave her drops, but they think she's going to be alright and it'll all clear up. (She also weighed in at 13 pounds) Also, because I got caught up in something and forgot to come back to the post, she wasn't always overweight and actually she used to be completely solid. My in-laws randomly brought home a boxer puppy and the chi HATED him so she started eating anything she could in order to 'starve him out' or something. They put her on a diet and that helped to at least keep her from gaining anymore weight but this dog refuses to be active. We've tried to walk her but she just sits in the driveway and refuses to move once we get her off the lawn. If we put her in the pen to run around, she just lays in the sun or hangs out in the shade. I really don't know what to do because she's not my dog and I've always had extremely active dogs so it's totally unusual to me to have a dog that wants to do nothing but eat and bark. Any suggestions?

Ok, so after that tl:dr update, here's my actual question:
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Thanks for the help!

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TQC, who is right?

Mom usually gets 1% milk, but I prefer skim and she totally hates it so we never get it. By accident I put skim in the cart and I just noticed it in the fridge. I tell my mom we have fat free milk and she doesn't get angry. I reminded her that skim =/= 1% milk, meaning that she wouldn't drink it. She said "but you said it was fat free" to which I reply "fat free milk = skim milk". She doesn't agree, apparently there's a difference. She told me to check the carton to see if it said 'skim' anywhere on it but it just says 'fat free milk'. It has the same nutrition data as skim milk has, isn't it the same?

TL;DR: Is fat free milk the same as skim milk? Am I about to learn something new today?
Woo, I win!

What silly disputes have you been in lately, TQC?