June 8th, 2009

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Do you ever scare yourself or panic yourself? I'm housesitting alone and I'm PRETTY SURE it was the wind but something moved the (hinged) screen door and shut it twice. I AM SUPER SCAREDY CAT and have myself in quite a panic!

Do you guys ever do this?

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What do you think is underrated?

Me, the colors pink and green together in a pattern. I think they look so good together and I don't see enough clothes or other consumer goods matched together in this way.

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What should I do for the next 5 hours? I can't sleep.

Have you met anyone off the internet? How'd that happen? O:

edit: Just thought of another one: Where can I meet people? For friendship o_o I need somes :D
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By most accounts I can manage how to deal with moving on with a boyfriend.....
but how in the hell does someone move on from a best friend?

This.....idk :(
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Let's say you're in a relationship but you don't seem to be falling in love with the person right away. How long do you think you would wait to see if something develops?

What was the coolest thing someone has ever brought back for you from a trip?

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what would you do if you hear car doors, think your sister might have snuck out and find that yes she did, her and your 16 year old cousin (who is spending the summer) have snuck out and put pillows under their blankets to similate bodies?

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I have my first gynocologist appointment tomorrow. I'm really nervous, so much so that I can not sleep.

Will you help me calm down? I called my boyfriend, but he fell asleep on the phone after he said hello. =\

Also- did you know that Bret Michaels was almost beheaded tonight at the Tonys?
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Have any of you participated in the Teach for America program?
Would you recommend it?
What were some of the difficulties you encountered?
Where were you...stationed? (Weird word choice, can't think of another.)

What are some other good programs for a directionless college graduate, to gain some experience before going into the "real world"?
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Inspired by my douchebag hot glue gun and the ~art I made with it...

Do you get verbal when inanimate objects annoy/hurt/inconvenience you?
If yes, do you yell directly at the object (i.e; "god dammit you useless whatever, fuck you!") or just yell in general?

When you start a project (any kind of project really, but mainly the artsy type), do you finish it regardless of whether you like where it's going or not, just to see how it turns out? Or do you ditch it if it isn't working?

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1. What the motherfuck is this iTunes DJ crap? How is it different than Genius?

2. If you are a (natural) redhead, have you ever gotten poison ivy/poison oak?

3. Would you rather know a lot about a few select subjects, or know a little bit about a broad range of subjects?

4. Have you ever been boogie boarding?

5. What is your favorite body of water to swim and/or play in?
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1. I have yet to see the Wolverine Origins movie. Is it worth it?
2.  There's a young adult/ kids novel I read in 5th grade about a boy having precognitive dreams about a ferris wheel, and a girl. The boy meets the girl, and goes to a place with the ferris wheel and I'm not sure, but I think aliens had something to do with it. What the hell is the name of this book?
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Hey there.

If someone slaps you after you purposely insult them, is threatening to kill them a reasonable response??

When someone crosses the line with you how do you stop thinking about a bloody revenge?
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Is there not a difference between being brutally honest and just being a douchebag?
I know this guy that excuses himself on default for just being blunt and truthful, but oftentimes his comments are unwarranted and mean out of spite. I'm out of things to say to him because you can't win with people like that. Not to mention, everytime we get into it he resorts to calling me things like "fucking retarded" which, idk, petty insults in an argument are so lol.

Why are you up?
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What are certain words or phrases your parents use? Have you picked up on any?

I've picked up on my dad's saying "let's went" and "shuffle off to Buffalo". My mom says "dummyshit" which I do not say.
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TQC, I'm required to take this exit exam for my student loans before I graduate from college. They're asking me for two references, and they can't be my parents.  I want to put my best friend and my boyfriend down, but if something bad happens, they're not going to do anything to them, right? Like, if I default on my loans, they're not going to get penalized or anything. They just might call them up and ask them if I'm awesome or not. Is that how it works? Do you think using my best friend and boyfriend as references are OK, or should I find people who are more professional?

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Here's something I don't understand: every time we get a new employee at our workplace, we get an e-mail with an introduction about them like their career background, etc. But something about their SO is ALWAYS included! And often it's very oddly specific, like "she lives on the west side of town with her Dutch husband". Like why do I need to know the guy is Dutch?

Is it strange to you that people include information about their husband/wife/SO in their introduction to a new company when that has nothing to do with their job?

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You encounter a guy you know "vaguely" from work/school.
He is obvously chatting and hitting on you.
Before he leaves he 1.taps you gently on the butt.
What do you think?
OR 2. He places his hand briefly on your lower back.
What do you think?
OR 3. He gently grasps your upper arm.
What do you think???

EDIT: Think of a gentle squeeze rather than a GRASP.

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Should I get off of work early today and go see the reschedule of the baseball game that got rained out in April even though it's kinnda crappy out and a pitcher I only kind of care about is pitching?


Should I buy tickets to tomorrow night's game that are really close to the field and my favorite pitcher will be pitching even though the weather for tomrorow is also looking spotty?

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Hi everyone. Warning you in advance, this is gonna be reeeeeeally long and boring so feel free to skip it. Just looking for some impartial opinions about a situation that's kinda bothering me and I was hoping if someone had a bit of time on their hands they might be able to read through this and give me their opinion.

I've had an argument with one of my friends and I can't work out whether I was justified in acting the way I did or if it was all totally my fault. I'll try not to go into too much irrelevant detail.

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My friend has basically said that he has done absolutely nothing wrong and the only reason I acted the way I did was because I was crazy and weird. I honestly find it difficult to tell whether I had any right to be upset and perhaps he's right. He doesn't seem to want anything to do with me anymore.

Do you think he is right to not want to be friends with me anymore? I'd really appreciate any opinions/advice anyone has to offer - be brutally honest.

Does anyone have any advice about how I can fix this situation? I've tried explaining (which probably isn't going to be very useful given that my behaviour was most likely irrational) and I've apologised loads of times. I don't want to keep bugging him about it, because if he wants to fall out with me over this that's up to him - plus continuing to pester him about it isn't really gonna do me any favours if he already thinks I'm a nutter. Is there anything else I can do?


Please to be making up my mind, TQC!

My sister just got a MacBook. It comes with a free 8 gig Touch. She also has a 16 gig nano that she plans to sell, but I get first dibs. I'm naturally drawn to the Touch because it's pretty and you can use wifi and apps and such, but 16 gigs would be nice to store more music (not that I have enough music to fill up 8 gigs).

SO. Which one should I get?

EDIT TQC has decided that I should get the Touch. :)
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Money money money....MONEY

I just checked my school account, and I've been offered $12,500 in aid. I really only need the subsidized amount, which is about $4500. But if I took it all I could pay off some of my higher interest loans, credit card, buy a laptop, etc.


What would you do TQC?
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So I'm sitting at work and have decided to make a point to drink more water every day. I fill my canteen up with filtered clean water at home, however when I'm done I can either fill it up with tap water or buy a water bottle and fill it up. I'm in downtown Chicago, but generally, would tap water be that bad? (the taste isn't horrible, but I'm curious about the chemicals, etc.)

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What is the difference between being frugal and out and out CHEAP??

EDIT-O-MATIC: So if I choose a resturaunt so I can use a $2 off coupon on our first date....am I frugal? or cheap?

EDIT 2: If I choose a resturaunt with a buy 1 get 1 free entree deal and you can ONLY choose from that entree.....frugal..or CHEAP?

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If you had a choice between buying a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser at a low interest rate OR being pegged with a gigantic black dildo by Bette Midler, every night for an entire year, what is the probability that a lungfish will play bass in a Zydeco-punk band?

Also, do my ears look better up or down?

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lets say a friend you recently met and have been hanging out with frequently (mostly in a group with his/her friends) has a crush on you, but you just want to be friends.

whats the best way to make this clear if he puts the moves on/expresses interest in you?

srs/non-srs answers welcome

a question inspired by my psychology class

In my "Personal Growth and Adjustment" class (my health credit for my AA) we learned about our "actual self", "ideal self" and "ought self".

Will you describe your actual self?
Ideal self?
Ought self?

How close is your actual self to your ideal self? How close is your actual self to your ought self?

How satisfied are you with your life?

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When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought "Daaamn, I look good (well I would if I stood up straight and sucked my gut in a bit and my hair wasn't a huge mess)"? Or just "Daaamn, I look good." What were you wearing at that time?

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Have you ever heard of Jerusalemski sindrom?
Apparently Macaulay Culkin is in it (and i dont care how often he lands in rehab, i will still love him).

Seriously though, anyone like this movie/whateverthefuckitis?

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Why was my toe swollen when I woke up this morning? Why is it still swollen now? It itches D:

Have you ever had something happen to you that seemed like the absolute worst thing in the world at the time, but now it's really funny? What was it?
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TQC, I'm back with another what can I eat post, to help meet our weekly quota! My teeth still hurt badly, but it's manageable now, though I still can't chew. So I've been eating loads of mashed potatoes, soup, and pudding. What else is there, that is vegetarian friendly?

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Which one of your family members do you feel has had the most positive (or just non-negative) influence on you? How did they influence you?

I'd have to say my grandmother on my dad's side. She's from the Deep South,  and spent a lot of her life in New Orleans and jumping between Mississippi and Louisiana. From her I've garnered a real affection for certain aspects of southern 'culture', even though I've only lived in the South myself for 5 years. Food, superstitions, the geography of the southern states, etc. Not to mention, she introduced me to the Golden Girls, and for that alone she should be applauded (because it's simply the best show ever).

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I just put lentils and barley in the crockpot to simmer until the evening. In the meantime, I want to go to the grocery store to get something to accompany it. What do you think would go well with lentils and barley? I was thinking of some kind of green vegetable, but I haven't made up my mind as to what would be good.

Any suggestions, TQC?

What are your plans for dinner?
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I need a paper topic for a 600-word essay. The class is Language and Culture, so as long as the subject has something to do with both or either topic, it'll be fine. My last paper was titled "Tits or GTFO", so anything goes. Suggestions?

Edit. "Tits or GTFO" essay, as requested. It's not as interesting as you would imagine. Collapse )
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My friend is taking the drive test soon. I want to give her a practice test, but it's been a really long time since I took the test myself. So what kind of things should I check for? I tried looking online and in the handbook, and this is what I've come up with so far:

Lane checks
The speed limits
Looking over your shoulder before making a right turn and signaling
Looking over your shoulder before making a left turn and signaling
Checking to make sure her turns are not wide
Backing up
Changing lanes = signal, look in the rear view mirror, look over your shoulder
When you make a right turn go into the lane on the very right
Hand signals

I realize some of these are probably wrong. :O

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I know this has been asked a billion times before, but I can't help but ask again.

How do you get over a broken heart? Feel free to tell me about a specific time if you want. Or be general and vague, whatever.

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TQC, if someone makes fun of you for a solid half an hour even though they're "joking," would you be irked?

Also, I won't get home until super late tonight and I have an exam to study for and a lab write-up to do. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU WERE PANICKED?!

Hail The Mighty Bean?

What do you think about parents who let their preteens/teens regularly drink coffee?

Are you a coffee drinker?
When did you start?
How much do you consume daily?

If you don't drink coffee, then why?
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I am going to look at wedding dresses for the first time tonight and i'm super excited!

Can you show me pictures of your wedding dresses or what you like if you haven't been married yet?

Also, I watched the BTK movie last night and I was wondering if you were married to a serial killer and the police were there to question him if you would help them find him?

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May I ask what the deal is with Anderson Cooper? I mean he's just a journalist. He's not a comedian or musician or anything. No one on LJ is such a huge fan of like Bob Schieffer or Wolf Blitzer or Larry King that they have icons because they're so cool. Nobody is gaga over Serena Altschul or Katie Couric.

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The restaurant I am bringing my boyfriend to for his birthday tonight has a "casual chic" dress code. I have no idea what to wear!

Will you show me some examples of outfits that you consider "casual chic"?

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my cat got one of those chips in him a couple months ago where it has your name and adress and number on it and stuff just in case he gets lost someone can return him to me. well they put the wrong last name, the wrong phone number, and wrong age of my cat on the chip. is there a way to change it or am i just screwed if i ever lose my cat?

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TQC, I am probably way too excited about using my Magic Eraser for the first time. For best results, should I use it on my tub/shower before or after I take a shower? (i.e. when the walls are dry or wet, or does it matter?)

What'd you have for lunch?
I had cheese ravioli, sweet apple chicken sausage, sautéed onions, peppers and sundried tomatoes. om nom nom

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Without saying 'it depends on the individuals', is 8 years too big an age gap between an 18 year old and a romantic interest?
(This is purely hypothetical =] )

ETA: I meant it with the 18 year old being the younger of the parties, but i'm glad you all said no to the reverse!
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Do you find your work affecting you in surprising way?

I tend to drive editors and English majors nuts because I place punctuation outside of quotes unless it was a part of the direct quote. I do this because I program for a living and punctuation means something entirely different in my main language.

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What is the name of the board game where you get given a category like Celebrities Known By One Name for example, and then you have a time limit in which to name the top 10?

Also, what's your favourite board game?

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what do you think about john travolta?

i want to marry john travolta
i love john travolta
john travolta is okay
john travolta is a creep
i fucking hate john travolta
i really dont give two shits about john travolta
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Guys, I'm in a college town for summer classes and the place is pretty deserted. Campus is a graveyard and the actual town is really quiet, too. How can I entertain myself until I manage to get a job?

Favorite cheap meals beside ramen and macaroni and cheese?

How do you like your rum?

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I just moved into my own apartment last month, and I want to get a kitten in the worst way. I adore cats, but could never have them while living with my parents.

My only dilemma is this: I haven't found a job yet. My fiance thinks it would be irresponsible of me to get a cat when I don't have a steady source of income.

What do you think of this? Should I wait until I get a job? Or should I get a kitten now, while I'm home and have the time to get it settled in and acclimated?

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TQC, name my new kitten for me.


I rescued him this morning. The picture isn't that great because I took it with my phone and he's in an oxygenator thingamajig at the vet.

He was hit by a car this morning. Me and another nice person stopped to pick him up. I rushed him to the vet and he should make an almost full recovery. The vet thinks he's gonna have some mental issues from the head trauma. The end of his tail might have to be removed too.

So far the only 2 names I can come up with are offensive (although I've gotten some good suggestions from the SPO community).

The first is Sped for obvious reasons. The second is A.R.K. (Almost Road Kill).

So...what should I name my rescue kitten?

Make way for the teal deer!

TQC, my mom just came into my room crying because she's so stressed and upset over everything that's happening. She thinks my little brother is mad at her [and he probably is] for disappearing most weekends to New Jersey to go job-hunting slash galavanting with who may or may not be her new boyfriend. She just asked me if I was mad at her and I said no, because what am I supposed to do, upset her more by saying yes I've been mad at her for the last year because of what she's doing? I still love her, I just disagree with what she's doing, but I don't wanna get into it right now. Or ever, really. Should I have said something just now? I always feel like an asshat just covering it over as yeah whatever when if I think about it, I'm not really okay with it. What would you do if you were me?

tl;dr-- My mom's upset but I think it's partly her own fault. Should I have told her so when she asked just now?

If you've got any on-hand, will you post something happy and cute for me?

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What does your favorite bag look like?

Is it backpack shaped, or tote-bag shaped, or Vera Bradley, or what?
How many pockets? Do they have zippers or buttons or Velcro or something else?
Color? Pattern?

what's something you have in your pocket right now?
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Do you re-read your books?

What books have you re-read?

What is the most times you've read a book?

ETA: I'm looking for new fantasy books to read. (I like Terry Brooks, Irene Radford, R.A. Salvatore, Robin Hobb). Any suggestions?
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What's the weirdest thing you've ever done on a whim? Would you do it again or was just once enough?

(For the purposes of this post, assume 'weirdest' just means something that's completely unlike what you'd normally do, or be expected to do.)

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Let's say you lived in a foreign country/city for about 3 months. You really enjoyed your time there.

What do you bring back home that will serve as a reminder of the great time(s) you had?

Something of good quality, price is no issue. Either for yourself, or for a close friend/family member.

Also: I've been gone for a while, did I miss anything epic in TQC?
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This is probably a really stupid question...

"All doctoral candidates are required to engage in a minimum of one year of full-time residence on the UCLA campus."

Does the above mean one must live on campus for a minimum of one year during doctoral studies?

EDIT: I'm asking this because a good friend of mine is contemplating applying to the UCLA doctorate program but he has a wife and children. It just seemed odd to me that it would be a requirement for him to have to live on campus but I do realize it makes sense.

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tqc, where did my hamster go? She vanished from her cage at around 11 this morning, and I have no clue how she did it because it appeared completely secure when we discovered she was gone. We have looked everywhere and it's beginning to look hopeless :(

Have you ever lost a pet before? Did you ever find him/her? I feel so awful right now.

edit: I FOUND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

She was in the kitchen running under the stove. omg, I'm so relieved!

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 I'm planning a trip to visit a friend who was relocated to Boston for work. I have never been.

Excluding winter, what do you think is the best time of year to go? (Spring, Summer, or Fall?)

Planning a minimum of 3 days to spend time with my friend, maximum of seven days, and see the sights. What sounds like a good # of days so I can see the sites, spend time with my friend, and not be rushed?


So, my sister is getting a divorce. She's the one who actually wanted it, but I know this is hard on her nonetheless.

How can I help her feel better? (The trick here is that we live a 5 hour drive away and can't really get to each other at the moment)

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tqc, what shade of red should i dye my hair? i want it to look at least mostly natural. here is what my hair looks like right now. Collapse )

feel free to post links to pictures or do whatever else to describe the color you think i should get.

eta: pictures of when i was blonde and when i was a different red. Collapse )
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What are your top five favourite Roald Dahl books?

If you haven't read much by him/don't like him, pick your top five books by an author you do like.

1 - Boy
2 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
3 - Danny the Champion of the World
4 - Matilda
5 - George's Marvellous Medicine
LOL I have no pants!

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Which is better: two days at a music festival or a 4 day weekend in Montreal?

If you've been to/live in Montreal: What do you recommend to do? What hotels do you recommend? (hotels not hostels because the girls I'm traveling with are not the hostel type) Any bars/clubs/stores/etc that we should DEFINITELY see?

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Do you know of any kids rap cds? and I'm not talking Elmo or crap like that. I really want Wyclef Jean to make a childrens album.

I also wish Iwere a rap star. What's your secret dream job?
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Hey, TQC. Does your mp3 player also play videos? What kind of vids (edit: music videos, funny clips off youtube, etc)?

Inspired by that other post, what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?

lost and found

Outside of the (quasi) law, do you believe in the concept of finders, keepers?

Have you ever found something and kept it?
Did you try and find it's original owner first?

Have you ever lost something of value and someone returned it back to you?

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guys, have you had experiences with the coho bot? what was it like? i just got one which says "That message you sent me is uncalled for. My brother killing himself had nothing to do with my mother's terrible parenting." wtf?
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OMG guys, the security guard didn't see me and locked up. I'm trapped in the library!

I have the phone number of the campus cops in my cellphone. They'd probably let me out if I called. I should ignore this and stay in the library until 8am tommmorow, y/y?
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 I cracked a tooth today and exposed a nerve. If I go to a doctor, will they be able to help me, or tell me to go to a dentist? I have medical insurance, not dental. And I have a VERY low pain tolerance. :(
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If an anonymous stranger offered to pay for your wedding, and I'm talking EVERYTHING from the dresses/tuxes, party facilities, food, lodging for guests, etc... under the condition that the event MUST have an unusual theme ("beach wedding" is not a theme)...what theme would you pick?

I think I would have a 90s Nickelodeon themed wedding. I'd get married in the Hidden Temple, my cake would look like the Aggro Crag, my fiance would enter through a window and when they say, "Pam, do you take _____ to be your lawfully wedded husband?" I'd say "I do, I do, I do-oo-oo!"

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Which was the more violent game console?

Super NES
Sega Genesis

this came up at break today when i told my friend that my mom wouldn't get me and my sister anything Nintendo related because she thought it was the more violent game system. we agreed Sega was the more violent one and my mom was cracked.
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When you have a late night snack, do you usually go for something sweet or savory? What is your favorite late night snack?

In general, do you tend to choose sweet or savory snacks?

Is your favorite overall snack food different than your favorite late night snack food?
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Guys and Video Games

Ok so I'm seeing this guy and he is great! He likes to play video games which is fine with me cause I enjoy them too. Usually when we are at his place there is a lot of gaming going on. Tonight we only had like 3 hours to spend together cause we have to be up early for work and the system and PC were not being used for like 20 minutes of the total time we were hanging out. It is great that he has a hobby and likes to game, I just don't want to have to complete with the gaming for his attention. So what would you do if you were in my situation?