June 7th, 2009


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i have short wavy hair. i always straighten it but now i'm bored with that.

i used garnier fructis curl constructing mousse when my hair was long, but it doesn't really work for my short hair. i'm thinking i probably need a gel.

what are the best wave/curl enhancement products?

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Will you tell me about your dream home? Where would it be? What is the layout like? Etc., etc., etc.

I want to have a house somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with lots of windows and a large yard with lots of trees and a garden. It will have a library/reading room, a music room (with recording equipment), and a home bar that branch off the main living room. It'll be decorated in bright and cheery colors. It'll also have a porch/patio with a grill and a hot tub, for fun outside parties.

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1)What do you do when you're tired but don't want to sleep?

I think I'm going to take a bath. I already took a nap.

2)If you had kids, would you be one of those parents that tries to do all the latest parenting 'best practices' [breast feed, give your kids organic baby food,etc] or would you be more relaxed about it?

3)what do you listen to on your commute?

burnt cds of podcasts.
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It's early.  Have some personal drama.

Collapse )

Here's my question: How passive-aggressive can YOU be?  How do you distract yourself from saying shitty things (if you're a terrible person like I am)?  Also, what's your favorite place to go out for lunch on Sundays and what do you order there?



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I'm sorry for posting again so soon, TQC, but the left click of my mouse stopped working almost immediately after my last post!

Could you help me fix this or point me in a direction where I could get help for this issue?

Wedding Stuff

Okay, so I'm at that age where my friends are beginning to get married and I have no idea about all the pre-wedding rituals.

Friend (acquaintance) #1 is having a bridal shower next Saturday. I got the invitation and the only info it has is when and where. Do I need to bring her a gift? Is so, what kind of gift? And what is the usual bridal shower dresscode? What exactly does the brial shower entail and how long do they usually last??

Friend #2 is having her bachelorette party in Vegas in a few weeks. It is my responsibility to think of some fun activities for us all to do. But I'm thinking, since we're in Vegas, won't there be plenty to do there? I don't know if I should plan some, like, in-room games or something. Any suggestions for fun stuff to plan?

I'd love to hear your bachelorette stories!
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So today's my 21st birthday.

My first legal drink last night was a Michelob Ultra. My friend said this was lame.

Do you think my first legal drink choice was lame? Will you validate me, internets?
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Sadly I do not have Swine Flu. I do have just regular influenza though.
I'm so tired of eating strawberry and grape slushies and soup but nothing else sounds good.

What do you like to eat when you're sick?

Are you disappointed I don't have the swine flu like i am?

Can you entertain me, tqc? I'm on day seven of being stuck in my house! i'm going crazy.

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My dad just got me a music subscription for Napster, so I'm working on filling up my music library.  Problem is, I'm stuck at a blank knowing what to put on it.

TQC, what songs should I download?
What are some songs that you believe everyone should have on their iPod?
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I had to reinstall FireFox on my computer after wiping everything clean. What add-ons should I get?

I already have Tabs Mix Plus, Delicious, Foxycast, IE Tab and LastPass. I need good stuff.
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A boy's parents pay for his 5 years in college. It's time for graduation, and the boy refuses attend the ceremony. His father really wants him to go. This boy is a jerk, y/n?

If the boy started bitching about it to you, what would you say to him?

I think he was looking for sympathy, but I wanted to punch him in the face.

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You know how in movies, if a couple are out at a nice restaurant, and the guy says something insulting, the girl will throw a glass of wine/water on his face and leave?

Have any of you done that or seen it happen IRL? Stories?
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ok so, the lady who lives behind me mows her entire fucking lawn (15x25 ft. maybe) with a GODDAM WEED WHACKER. IT'S DRIVING ME FUCKING INSANE





If you could only cook one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Which potato based recipe is your favourite?

Will you post some pretty food related pictures?
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I work 5 days a week where I walk 6-8 miles a day. I also do a lot of lifting (usually no more than 50-75 pounds, but once in a while 100+). That being said, should I [A] start jogging before work (a mile or so) [B] just keep up the walking and weight lifting on my days off, or [C] something else entirely? I've started eating better and lost some weight and toned up since starting work 3 months ago, but I'm still overweight (technically obese if you ask a doctor) and would like to lose about 100 pounds. I plan on talking to my doctor about this when I see her at the end of the month, too.

If you dgaf, what song have you recently rediscovered that you forgot you loved? I can't stop listening to "Standing Outside The Fire" by Garth Brooks. I'm not even a big huge country fan, I just happened upon a Garth Brooks CD and thought "Oh shit, I forgot about this song!"
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Help me out, TQC! What's a snack that's easy to carry around, not messy, and preferably decently healthy?

Please don't tell me I have to start liking raisins :(
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Have you ever heard of Gematria?

Is Nasich Charles mem Wales (נסיך צרלס מוילס), whose name adds up to 666 using the Mispar hechrachi values in that article, the beast of the Bible's Revelation 13:17?

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Alright, so I somehow ended up with a sty on the inside of my eyelid. it's reeeally painful. What is the quickest way to get rid of this thing? my eye is all swolen. Srs and non-srs are equally welcome.

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TQC, I am house/dog sitting, and the woman will be home this evening around 9 pm. Typically, I'll cook a nice meal so they won't have to worry about making a meal this evening and lunch the next day, but my go-to meal is couple-plus sized, whereas it's just going to be one person this time. What in the world should I make? I was thinking something light, like brushcetta, and maybe a tossed salad. She is very health conscious, so it'll have to be something lower fat/calorie, if possible.
I am doing taco night with ground turkey instead of beef, refried beans, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, and diced green, yellow, and red peppers :)

Do you read the obituaries?
No, but all of my family does, and it drives me nuts. IDK it seems really morbid...but my mom loves to laugh at the silly nicknames people had.

Do you have a nickname at all? Would it be printed with your obit, or is it inappropriate for print?
The only nickname I have is Frenchy, because I speak French and would often slip into it in the middle of spanish class :[ Only one person calls me that, so probably not.
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Is there anything that can actually reduce the blackness around eyes, rather than just covering it up with makeup? I always have these dark circles around my eyes and I just wish they would go away =(
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Poll #1412468 It's a "love it or hate it" kind of thing

Country Music

Cop-out Option

Lima Beans



Gimme moar!
If you like Twatlight you are a moron and/or need to read better books/see better movies.
Bonus Neutral option - It's just fun to laugh at all of you.

Blue Cheese Salad Dressing

Om nom nom

Multiple Exclaimation Points!!!!!!


Science Fiction

Omg have you seen all the new Star Trek movie? It is not canon!
Not my thing. Sorry, nerds.
It is over my head and I therefore despise it.

Which one?

Russel's Teapot
Pascal's Wager

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What are some good rock songs along the lines of Stone Cold Crazy by Queen or Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy? Something good to blast while peeling out of the parking lot on the last day of school.

If not, what music do you like to blast?

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how often do you shave your legs?

how long can you go without shaving your legs before you feel "gross"?

if a girl doesn't wear shorts or skirts in public, do you think it's a big deal for her NOT to shave her legs? why, why/not?

Reposted from my f-list

What's a good name for a men's "baby shower"?

I guess the point of a baby shower is that the mother gets "showered" with gifts, which probably wouldn't be the case for this... it's more a gathering of guys to show their support of the father-to-be. And to be manly. Possibly involving a spit-roast. Because they're men. MANLY men.

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Because you've proven to be the voice of reason in my life time and time again TQC, I'm back for some more advice.

I just started dating a girl. She's pretty cool so far and I really don't have any problems with her. But. She said she wasn't out to anyone she knew, and the last time I dated a girl who wasn't out, she'd act like I was the plague whenever her friends were around. Basically, it sucked.

Would it be a good idea to keep dating her anyway since she's not all that bad, or should I jump ship to avoid history repeating itself?

For those without any input to offer, or for those who want to kill some time, feel free to share your own relationship!fail anecdotes with the class club.
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What are some good mail order food places/catalogues (great for gifts for adults you don't know that well would be awesome!) ??

I've seen fairytalebrownies.com, ediblearrangements.com, and I want more along those lines please. Everybody likes food right? lol.

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if you're out at a bar or club (or anywhere, i suppose, this just happens a lot more in those types of environments), what is a polite yet firm way to deflect unwanted advances from others? i'm such an asshole because when guys come up and talk to me, i usually try to be pleasant and polite back because i don't want to assume that they're trying to hit on me right away, but this usually encourages them. so when it becomes increasingly evident that they're trying to get with me, my usual move is to go "oh... um gotta go bye" and awkwardly walk away. i am very awkward, tqc, help me to learn some social skills.
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have you ever been on birth control? (or are you currently?)
how'd you like it? did it have any negative/positive side effects on you?
did you have to try a few out before you found one you liked?
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1. Do you regularly go to your local library? Why or why not?

2. Favorite book-to-film/miniseries adaptation? Least favorite?

3. Do you also keep a separate diary or journal written in a notebook? Is it a general chronicle of your life, or does it have a specific purpose, like a quote journal?
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Will you post a picture from Picture is Unrelated, Photobomb, or any other site so others can make up a context for it?

If not, when was the last time you were disappointed?
I was really excited about touring an apartment today - and even more excited that I found the place without getting lost - and the other girl looking at it was a friend of the landlord so I pretty much never had a shot of renting it. Even though I could have written a check there and then.
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ok, TQC, my husband and I are looking for decorating ideas for our new condo.

1. We want to put pictures of us/family up in the hallway, and want to put a quote above the pictures. But we don't want something that everyone else has. Nothing like, "Families are love". Someone suggested a quote from a not-really-a-romantic type movie, like Star Wars. Something that is cute, but not totally lame. Any ideas?

2. We have a skylight in our entryway. The walls, ceiling, and inside the skylight are all white right now. We are going to paint the walls a light gray, and leave the ceiling white, but aren't sure what to do with the skylight. Leave it white? Paint it the light gray wall color? Paint it the darker gray accent color that the front door and fireplace will be painted?

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So TQC, I got a gorgeous car for my birthday.

When was the last time you felt really lucky?

What ridiculous accessories/bits and bobs should I put in/on it?
So far I have a little pirate flag on my Aerial, a Sean the Sheep air freshener, and a nodding dog. Yes, it looks like the car of a 5 year old =]

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Background info on the question:
I am talking on the phone, walking up the steps to my house, and unlocking the door, and all the while this guy across the street keeps saying things like "Hey, there" and "hi".  I am sorting through my keys with both hands, and my head is tilted way over to one side, so it's pretty obvious that I'm holding my phone that way (so duh, I'm ON the phone).

My question is this:
Is it rude for people to constantly say "hi/hello" to you while you're on the phone, and it's obvious (not the scenario when you walk in the room and say something BEFORE realizing the other person's on the phone)?

What do you do if this happens?

- I was sready to tell the person on the phone I'd call them right back, then say, "Excuse me, I was on the phone, why the fuck would I respond to you when I'm OBVIOUSLY talking to someone else, you dumbshit?"  People in my neighborhood are SOOOOOOOO ignorant!
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Original humans

I remember watching a show but I can't remember what channel or what the name was. Maybe 2 years ago. It was some guy doing genetic testing for DNA, and there was one string in the DNA that he thought related to the original human who left Africa. He traveled the world, testing people/tribes that he thought were related for that string of DNA and he ended up finding it and being able to trace the path that the original humans took to populate the world. Anyone know the name of the show or the guy?

Long stretch, but I'm counting on you, TQC!
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Quick TQC! Help me impress a boy with my amazing math skills.
What is the name of the type of graph that doesn't touch the x or y axis? ...if that even makes sense? That's what he asked me, but I am a retard at maths, so it probably makes perfect sense. 
Asymptotic! Thankyou for the brain efforts peeps ^_^

Do you enjoy reminiscing about your childhood? Are you the type to spend hours youtubing old tv shows, downloading old music, and looking at old photos, to take you back to the ~good old days? Or are you happy just having the memories in your head? I fucking LOVE it, I downloaded some No Doubt today and it is taking me back to being 12 years old.
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Road trip

My buddy and I are driving from New Jersey to Austin, TX tommorow. We have a few days and so far we only plan to go to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Burgess Falls in Tennessee.
So I'm wondering what if anything that any of you think is a must see spot somewhere on that route. We are flexible so totally open to ideas.
We both love nature and animals.
Any ideas?

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If you were a teenager traveling to Colorado with a youth group what are some small items you would like in a gift bag of sorts? They'll be getting the bags the night before we fly out of Michigan.

So far they'll be getting a group t-shirt with their name on it, and a luggage tag. I'm also thinking sun screen.
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Would you date someone with the same name as your sibling and/or close cousin? (If you don't have one of the appropriate gender, pretend you do).

Also, no going around it by saying you would give one of them a nickname- they both go by the same name.

What's your earliest memory?

I think my earliest memory was when I was two, maybe three years old. I snuck into my parents room one early morning and for some reason decided to start talking to my dad. I'm pretty sure he was mostly asleep and I distinctively remember asking if he'd like a drink of water as he was probably thirsty. He made a noise and turned onto his back, and I took it as a yes and grabbed the huge glass of water beside his bed (my parents have always kept water beside their beds at night and still do). However, the glass was too heavy for my hands at the time and the water, instead of pouring into his mouth, POURED all over his face and into the bed. He jumped up screaming, making me scream in turn before dropping the glass onto the floor and running back to my room to hide under the bed.
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What's Grouply and why do people from Yahoo porn usergroups I'm signed up to keep sending me invitations to it? I don't want to click on those links until I find out.
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If you loan someone money, how much money is enough to make you pursue it?

A friend of mine owed my fiance $20 and when he paid up (without asking or prompting) he said (in a nasty way) he figured my fiance would be the type to care. What the hell does that mean?

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guys, i got pretty drunk friday night and threw up. this is the first time i've thrown up from drinking, and the first time i've thrown up in 12 years. i've felt nauseous on and off since then, and it's now sunday night. i felt nauseous pretty much all day today, too. could this have to do with friday night? if not: why have i been nauseous since friday night? i took a pregnancy test 3 weeks ago and it came back negative, so it's probably not that.

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ladies: do you have a mustache? do you wax it?!

edit: i'm asking this because i have a very blonde mustache and i feel like it's getting more noticeable. ): but i'm afraid to wax that shit in case it grows back darker/thicker and i end up like one of those 60 year old ladies with whiskers. i'm trying to prevent that. WHAT DO I DO?
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I'm using the rasterbator to help make my room a little less dull. I was hoping to print my image off somewhere other than with my own printer, but I can't seem to find a way to extract each individual image from the pdf, and I don't think the place I had in mind (Shopper's Drug Mart) will print from a pdf file. For those of you who have used the rasterbator, do you print from your home computer or find somewhere else to print it? It uses a lot of ink, doesn't it?


does anyone else have the recurring problem of the weather on yahoo's homepage defaulting to sunnyvale, ca?

i've reset it, checked that cookies were enabled, deleted other locations, and nothing has worked. harrumph. someone posted about it on the ever-awesome yahoo answers, but no one posted much of a response.

also, if i were to offer you a cookie, would you take the cranberry-white chocolate or the pecan-milk chocolate?

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you date some one for some time and pay for 95% of everything you two do. one day you're in debt to some one else and owe $200 and have your SO loan it to you. that person has the kind of money to loan $200 but not to pay for really anything throughout the relationship. do you still owe this person $200?

ETA: several thousands have been spent on said "some one".

I feel like I'm overreacting...

Assume that, for this question's sake, you have a car with a radio. While driving, your radio is always on. Whenever one of your friends rides in your car with you s/he takes it upon him/herself to assume control of the radio (even though you've expressed some degree of annoyance with this). S/he often blasts songs you dislike and exclaims that some songs you *do* like make his/her ears bleed.

Would this annoy you?
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On a scale of 1-10, one being unicorns and ten being ninja turtles, how lame is still* crying while watching Titanic?

Does it make it more or less lame if you're on your period?

*"still" meaning, c'mon, it's been like a million years since that movie came out.