June 6th, 2009

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I'm thinking of changing my username to adjacentplots, or just something different than my name now.
What do you think, tqc? You know me best. Should I just stick to my current name?

Have you ever got your ass squeezed by sexy cupid? Did he want to play your lovegame?
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What do you sleep in?

T-shirt and shorts
Whatever I pass out in
Birthday suit (in the nood)
Gimp suit (in my little chest in the pawn shop basement)
Straitjacket (they put it on me before they put me back in my cell)
Tonton (it gets cold on Hoth)
My own filth
You think they'll save you.

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Do you know of any good books that have a generally dark and sad mood to it throughout the entire thing? Perhaps a really moody or tragic character? I was just listening to a song that has this sort of feeling and it made me curious.

Annnd, anyone know of any books who's main character is what would most often be the antagonist? Someone evil and exciting? 8D

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Who is your favorite comedian who's/whose? had a Comedy Central Presents?

Mine used to be Dane Cook way back when I was in like...7th grade and no one knew who the fuck he was except for me and the friends I made watch my VHS recording of his 30 minute special. Then it was Daniel Tosh and Stephan Lynch.

Now I think it's Pete Lee.

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Is it worth calling the non-emergency number for the police if two construction workers are possibly drunk, and randomly deciding to cut cement outside your apartment at 12:30am?

They might not be drunk, but who the fuck starts cutting cement at 12am in the middle of a neighborhood?

So, what last woke YOU up, tqc?


TQC, what would you do if you were in my position?

My work contact is ending this August, and my boss has just informed me that they would like to extend the contract to April next year. The problem is, this is a job that I am deeply unhappy with - I have no job satisfaction at all and I dread going to work every day. I couldn't resign prior to this as I was bonded by the contract.

So the flip side is, if I decline to extend the contract, I don't know if I can find another job soon, especially with the economy as it is now. In fact I have been asking around and sending out resumes, but it seems that no one wants me. =(

So should I -

- Extend my contract. At least I have a stable job until April next year.
- Decline to extend. I have to look for a job after April anyway - why put off the inevitable?
- Withdraw savings, buy a ticket, backpack across Asia and get drunk every day until the economy recovers.

Or if the above is tl;dr, will you tell me your favorite rock star?

I love Freddie Mercury. RIP. 
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Has a music group/book/whatever ever been ruined for you because of the fans? Like, did your favorite band become awful since they started getting radio play?

Tell me about it.

BSB fans still suck


Does anyone else get annoyed over how people submit their "FML's" on fmylife.com? Why do people always make their sentences so short and incomplete? For instance:

"Today, I was walking. Down the street. I saw a rat. Near the garbage can. I screamed. It was embarrassing. FML"

People always misuse commas on there too.
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Let's say you live in a flat and share a shower with multiple people. You go to take a shower and find a pube stuck up about shoulder height on the shower wall. Would you prefer it to be the pubes of a girl or a guy? Does it matter? Is one less disgusting than the other?
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This is driving me nuts. Google is no help. 

So, suddenly and out of nowhere, my Photoshop is no longer "respecting" the mask. In other words, I am trying to do a composite, so I have several masked images on different layers. But when I click on the layer (not the mask itself, but the masked image) and apply a tool, it applies it to the entire image, not just the masked portion. It has nothing to with locks or links in the layers palette.  I already tried that.  I also tried returning the entire program to its default settings, also to no avail.

Any idea at all what's wrong here?
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i tried to make blueberry ice cream last night but i didn't use enough blueberries i guess and it's basically just purple vanilla ice cream.

any ideas for ice cream flavors i should make? my current favorite is strawberry.
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What's a song that practically everyone in your generation knows that you'd be surprised that someone of a different generation doesn't know?

I mentioned No Doubt's "Don't Speak" to an older gentleman I know and was baffled when he said he didn't know it.
Peggy Blink

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TQC, I've only been awake one hour, but this morning I:
1) Slept in past a news conference with the Rev. Al Sharpton where he was endorsing my non-profit's mayoral control plan that I REALLY wanted to go to, both to meet Rev. Sharpton, but also to maybe score brownie points for taking time out of my weekend to go to an event I didn't have to go to.
2) Realized my best friend isn't such a good friend at all right now, which is making me cry and inspires me to punch things.
3) Had sour milk in my coffee on accident. UGH.

How do you suggest I cheer myself up?

Will you also post pictures of your idea of perfect beauty?
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What's so bad about your coworkers?
What's so bad about your customers?
What aspect of your job do you feel as though you're the only who cares about doing well?

What's the cutest part of a kitty?

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What movie should I watch today?
Any genre....

Also how much effort do you put into thank you cards?
I have three more to write (after doing about 70) but these are more important because it's to my siblings and their SO's as well as my sister in laws parents. I hate writing these things! 
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How far back into your past have you searched for friends online? I mean, like have you looked up people from elementary or middle school? Just high school/just adult friends? Just family?
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1. Do you drink kombucha? I like kombucha but I can't get over the chunks. How do I get over the chunks?

2. What kind of weird things do you do/eat/drink in the name of health?

3. I'm hanging out on wikihow. I have nothing to do today, what should I learn to do?
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When getting your wisdom teeth out would you prefer going under anasthesia or just getting shots to numb your mouth and still be aware during the procedure?
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What is something that you have experimented with recently and had total success with?

I washed a down comforter in the washing machine and machine dried it and it came out clean and sweet smelling and fluffy with no loss of feathers.

What is something that you have experiment with recently and had total failure with?

I tried to make a single cup of coffee by putting coffee grounds in a tea ball and steeping it in hot water in the mug.

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A couple months ago on sort of an impulse I bought a plane ticket and now I don't really want to go. I can't try to get credit for the ticket or anything since I never plan on using this airline again.

Would it be stupider of me to not go and waste the cost of the plane ticket or to go and potentially waste even more money on a vacation I don't even want to take?

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What makeup are you wearing right now?
Do you just want to talk about your favorite brands of makeup in this post?
Are you wearing any perfume?
If anyone likes BPAL, do you want to recommend me your favorite scent for the next group of imps I buy?

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TQC, its the husband's birthday!

I should totally get him drunk tonight, y/y?

Collapse )

He's a complete dork...do you think he'll love it?

eta: We bought a propane grill. What are the chances I'm going to blow up my grill when I go to use it? Any grilling tips?
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The fan on my desktop was acting up, so my boyfriend went to change it for me, and now the fucking computer won't start as it says "it is really overheating" on bootup and must shut down to prevent overheating. (which isn't true, as it's JUST being turned on it never had the chance to get hot.) Obviously, it's probably some thermometer, or cord or gauge or strip or some techie piece that got dislodged or misplaced or broken when he put the new fan it. Now, best buy geek squad can't tell us much, that some thermal something was broken and we need a new motherboard. I HAVE 5 years of pictures, files, music, movies, and work on that computer. YEARS of stuff that is important to me.

Best buy said they might not need to wipe the hard drive, but they never though they might have to as well. Microcenter claims it can be backed up beforehand, but I'm finding it really hard to trust anyone at this point.

What would you do? Would you take it to a smaller professional pc place like microcenter? Or would you take it to best buy? I want to make it clear that my files come first, before a computer being fixed. What can I do? Is there some way I have have them sign something that guarantees I get all my files back? Something I can take legal action on if they loose all my files? Is there a way to pull the hard drive before sending it in an doing it myself?


why so dead, tqc?

1. what's the last embarrassing thing you did that makes you laugh?
2. if you could go do anything today, anything in the world, what would it be?

1. a week and a half ago i cupped my left boob in front of the guy at work i have a serious crush on. my friends think it's so funny(so do i) they're still asking me to show them exactly what i did. that or they're total pervs(or both?).
2. idk. something awesome, though. i've never been to a Disney owned theme park before.
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Kill Bill - Elle

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Okay I know you guys are going to kill me after a while, but you know the bedding that Urban Outfitters has? Where else can you find things like that? Specifically comforters or duvet covers.

What have you done today that was productive?
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Going Solo

Not really related to my previous post (I'm just going to suck it up and extend and go backpacking in April for six months), but have you ever traveled on your own before?

How was it?

Was it safe? Or you know, if I were female and traveling alone, is there any country you would ask me to avoid?

Any advice for me, or any travel websites that would be great if I were planning to go solo?

If I were to stop by the country you are residing in, can I come meet you and say hello? =D

(I'm probably researching WAY earlier because I'm only planning to go in April but... I'm excited.)

Lil' Fish Prince

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Hey, I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for what play my theatre class could perform next year?

We did Peter Pan last year, and we'd like to try something like it again. So I guess anything with a big cast but no musicals (we just did Les Mis this year).

Any suggestions you have would be a great help. Thanks! <3

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so sorry if this comes out weird but im doing it from my phone.

have you ever been in a friends with benefits type of situation?

how did that start? who initiated it it?

how did it end up for you?

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Have any of you worked in a portrait studio or known anyone who has? Can you please tell me stories of such experiences?

I have an interview with JCPenney on Thursday for their studio, so I'm curious!

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do you believe people are inherently good?

can good people do bad things? are there certain bad things one could do that would make them not a good person in your book, or is it all relative? what characteristics do you use to define a "good" and/or "worthwhile" person?

how do you handle family members who judge constantly and meddle in all your affairs to the point that it significantly impacts your life? brush it off? confront them? edit: imagine a whole triangulation between your SO and a sibling where your sibling tells them bad things about you, tries to get them to not talk to you, draws conclusions based upon half-truths, that sort of thing.

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today i woke up with a bit of blood on my pillow(like a half inch by a half inch and then a little smudge of it right above).

where the hell did it come from? it's right about where i put my mouth. was it my lip ring? i don't know why it would be bleeding, though. it's not new. are my teeth randomly gushing blood and then stopping?

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how do you pronounce the name "Elanna"

how do you pronounce the name "Elanna"



Is it normal not be able to crack body parts anymore?  I used to be able to twist in a desk chair and crack my back.  My neck used to crack all the time. Oh, man......I have done it I think. Help.
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What is the meaning behind graduation stole colours? I was looking at my university's 'yearbook' and noticed that grads had white, blue, gold, or red stoles. What do they mean?

What simple pleasures do you enjoy?
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My doctor prescribed Naproxen for period cramps.  Also found that they help with my headaches.  The thing is, they make me bloated and my tumtum gets upset even when I take it with food.  I'm currently debating whether I should take one to help with my headache or not.  Should I?
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1. What can I do with avocados besides just eat them plain or make guacamole?

2. What should I make for dinner (that is preferably vegetarian)? In addition to avocados, I have mangos, basmati rice, chickpeas, onions, relish, pickles, one tomato, raspberries, chocolate, canned tuna, one sweet potato, whole wheat bread and a small amount of mozzarella cheese (shredded.) I am not opposed to buying more ingredients.

3. I have a 4.5 qt. crockpot. I know it's smaller than most, and I notice most recipes don't specify what size pot they are formulated for. What do I do about this?

you guys give food advice.

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anyone know where i can watch "The Hangover" online? i can't google it because it's blocked here in China along with flickr, postsecret, twitter, etc...

for everyone else: what's your exercise routine?

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I had my tooth pulled yesterday and I'm pretty much miserable. I threw up five times yesterday after eating a turkey sandwich turned my stomach totally sour. I'm weak, but I can't eat anything warm (and fuck, I am CRAVING some homemade macaroni and cheese), and the pain means I can't really eat anything solid today. I'm an incredibly bitchy mood because the only thing my painkillers are doing is making me feel sick since I can't eat. Cooking is pretty much my favorite thing to do, but I can't eat. Nothing is on television. I can't concentrate on books because I feel really restless. I can't go out because I feel too weird and sick.

So, TQCers, I turn to you.

What are your favorite websites for wasting time? I'm especially looking for free flash games and websites that link to a lot of different games/host lots of games. Addictinggames.com kind'f sucks now, but that's more or less the type of game site I'd be interested in.

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if you have a dream where you participate in a threesome with two fairly unattractive women (or men, or both) what does this mean, spiritually?

wabbitsnot needs to know.

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have you ever spent a birthday alone? what did you do? if not, what would you do if you were in this situation (assume you're 21+ if not already)?

anybody want to meet up in chicago and go out for some drinks?
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Anyone else ever seen Tim and Eric Awesome Show? You like it?

I thought it was dumb at first, but when my Prof brought it in for us to watch in class [tangent:I love my school] I was forced to pay attention and it grew on me.

You know any good art critique comms? Not one when you post just for people to tell you how awesome you are, but a place to post WIP and get honest feedback.
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are you an impulsive cook, or a "follow the recipe" cook?

also, do you wonder what happened to the girl who came on here saying her friend had enlarged pupils and pressure on the right side of her head?
lol swine flue

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tqc, i got a speeding ticket in april of 2008. i forgot to go to court and lost the paper ticket. a while later, i went to the town hall and tried to pay it, but the lady told me there was no way for her to look it up. wtf do i do? i just got a new license in the mail (i just turned 21 so i got the over-21 version), which apparently means the state doesn't think i have outstanding tickets. should i actually do something about it? the town where i got pulled over is pretty small and in the middle of the country, if that matters, and also this is in new york state.

eta: if you think i should do something, WHAT should i do?

if you don't care: are we still wearing our flu masks, or is that over with?
tick tock

help me cook tofu

I love tofu when it's cubed, and sort of leathery/chewy on the outside but soft on the inside. I see that a lot in Thai and Chinese food. How do they do it?

I have a block of extra firm tofu in my fridge and I wanna eat it tonight!
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I had dinner an hour or so ago and now really want dessert. I'm going to have to go to the store for whatever I want.

What should I have for dessert that is fairly healthy?
edit: forgot to mention, I want something I don't have to really cook. Nothing that takes more than a few minutes to "make"

Also, do you usually eat dessert?
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Have you ever had the urge or strange compulsion to smell something, even if you knew it was going to be awful?

What was it?

What hygiene thing do you think is the biggest pain in the ass but you still do it so you aren't dirty/gross?

(Yes; piece of skin that fell off of a blister on my toe. Nasty. Hygiene: clipping my toenails)


Does anyone know if Scotland, or the UK in general, has the equivalent of a better business bureau-- a semi-official organization that will try to resolve problems customers have with a business?

I've tried a few search terms on Google and haven't found what I need. (Although, I've never been good at internet research.)

A business in Scotland misrepresented a product; I was told I'd get a refund if I returned the product. I did, but wasn't issued a refund.

I just need a mailing address so I can send all my "supporting documents."


answer me these questions three

1. Do you say hello to strangers? Sometimes? Often? Depending on the stranger?

2. Does the toilet paper go over the roll or down the wall? Give reasons, if you will.

3. Assuming you don't have a dishwasher, have a large single sink, and aren't going to wash the dishes right away (though you may rinse them off), do the dishes go in the sink, or on the counter?
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I asked a lady at the local Barnes and Noble for an application, and after she gave it to me, she told me that the manager would be there on Monday from 1-3p.

Obviously, I want to talk to the manager about a position.

How should I dress, even if it's just for me to ask about my application?
And, stupid question - how should I even ask that? Is a, "Hello, I'm Dorothy and I'd like to ask about a position here at B&N, could we possibly talk about my application?"
Any other advice for something like this? I'm prepared to go on an interview, but.. this isn't really one... so...

And unrelated, is it tacky to use coupons on a first date?

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1) A friend of my s/o bought these Croc Prima flats, but they are too big for her (why buy them, right?), so she gave them to him to give to me. They fit fine, and he said they'd be good for when I'm teaching because I'll be on my feet all day and they're pretty comfortable, but I was told never to wear Crocs because they're dorky. Here are pictures...should I wear these?

Collapse )
2) Comfort or fashion?
3) Do you have a busy schedule where you find yourself having to pack your breakfast, lunch and dinner? What do you usually pack in your lunches?


The Hangover or Night at the Musuem 2?

Have you seen eithe/both? what did you think? I love rauncy comedy, and am totally enamoured of musuems.
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running a 5k.../music

my husband and i are running a 5k in the morning... and i'm getting the playlist in check... should i put only 30 minutes of 'go-go-go! music'... or some calming pace-ing types of music?

basically, does anyone have any suggestions?
or perhaps any tunes they'd suggest?

thanks beforehand - happy saturday night!
we're so not ready for this... we need to get to sleep!

nite-nite! and thanks in advance.
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crash love

Dear TQC!

Did/does your your family at the end of the day sit at the table and eat dinner together and have conversation about there day, home work, feelings?....
Do use the library for reading purposes and if you do do you have any outstanding fees with your library?

Thank you TQC!!!
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Selling the Word.

Do you get door-to-door preachers?
What faiths?
What do you say to them if you're a christian? What do you say to them if you're not?

Do you find it's better to smile and nod or challenge their faith?

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What do you wish could be different about your life, if anything? Or what would you change about your past?

What song (or movie or book or other media outlet) describes your life now, or describes what you want your life to be?
I wish my life could be more like the song "Swing Life Away." Look it up (:
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Guys, ok, so like I'm done with school (for now anyway at this point in my life) and I'm doing an internship and it's coming to an end so I need a job. A REAL PERSON'S job. I'm 21. It's time. I'm excited.

So I'm applying for jobs and I have NO idea what sort of salary I should be expecting/aiming for. For what I want to do, starting is like in the $30,000s to $40,000s a year, but I don't know what that means. Is that a lot of money? It sounds like NOTHING and I'm freaking out, but I could just be really wrong.

Rent is $900 a month and utilities are like $50 a month. So, that's $11,400 that's not really negotiable. Plus... I don't know how much I spend on shit but my dad said I "cost" what is an average Subaru each year. Which is like, $23,000 a year according to the internet. I feel like, there is no way I go through almost $2,000 a month (including rent, clothes, etc.)

How much do you cost? What do you make (compare it to me if you don't feel comfortable sharing)?

What kind of lifestyle can I expect to live on, let's say, $35,000/yr?

any other words of wisdom?

**I live in New York City (Queens), so rent is more money and I guess things like beer is too, but I don't have to drive and spend $120 on transportation tops, so it kind of evens out. I guess. I don't know, I've never lived in another state.
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Body piercings in Los Angeles

I'd like to get my bellybutton pierced, but I'm not familiar with any of the body piercing places in the Los Angeles area (LA, Pasadena, etc.). Can you recommend me a place that is (1) sanitary, (2) professional, and (3) reasonably priced? Details about your experiences and the prices you paid would be great. Or, can anybody rec me appropriate body piercing communities where people could answer this question?

Thanks in advance!