June 5th, 2009


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if you watch porn before sleeping, do you have sex dreams?

ETA: if you went to a restaurant and your waiter was really cool and kept talking about how much he was craving a blizzard from DQ, and you had a friend that works at DQ who could get you free blizzards... would you have gotten him a free blizzard and taken it to the restaurant for him because it makes for a funny story? (we didn't but i'm curious what you'd do.)

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Have you ever had sex inside of bed? You know, like underneath the covers? I just had a realization that I never have.

ALSO, when job hunting, is it best to fill out an application on site, or go somewhere else and hand it in a bit later?

EDIT! What's something nice someone has done for you recently? The guy I'm interested in and I have recently started making out. The first time I got kind of hot and told him so. The next time I visited his house I noticed that it was a lot colder than it normally is and I thought it was kind of sweet.

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It's 12:39 at night.
My room is so messy it's cluttering my mind. I have to walk on my tippy toes in long strides to be able to walk on the actual floor instead of my stuff.

Should I clean my room right now, or wait until tomorrow?

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I have a meeting to go over my thesis bibliography and a few ideas.
I needed 100 sources whittled down to 50. The person I'm meeting with said that I should *start* adding notes to each of my 50 sources.

How many notes would you have done for the meeting tomorrow?
lol swine flue

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let's say your sibling asks you to help set up a party for your niece, and you ask your niece to blow up the non-helium balloons. turns out the niece is allergic to latex and you had no idea. who should pay for the hospital bill?

note: this is based on something from http://fmylife.com, so i don't know how old the kid is, who bought the balloons, etc.
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I remember seeing a movie a few years back that was set in a future where women had taken over the world by trying to wipe men out(and mostly succeeding). There where prostitutes who would cross dress as men(because men where treated like a fetish or something) and babies were made through the power of science. The story followed this one guy who I guess was frozen or something and didn't know that things had changed, I forget. Does anyone know what movie I'm talking about?

If you don't, what was the last book you read? How was it?

last question

I found this image from a TQC comment and thought it was a cute baby seal, so I posted it all over my personal pages on the www, and I got a reply from my step sister asking if it was " :/ dead"?

upon examination, I couldn't figure it out. I asked my BF, and he said, yes it may be dead. I felt really bad for once thinking it was cute. I also felt sick to my stomach in case it was a picture of a real frozen-to-death baby seal.

My question is, is it really dead? What do you think TQC.

I thought it was living because this picture was posted alongside of it

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This question has been bothering me for years:

When I was younger, I found a story that was part of a triology, each about three different girls. The one I read was about a woodland nymph/fairy, who wore like, a green dress and a long navy blue cloak with blonde curly hair on the cover. She had to find a flute of some kind and it was in a tree trunk. I remember another girl in the trilogy wore a pink dress and was a brunet.

Does anyone know what book i'm talking about?

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I'm getting my hair cut on Tuesday. I'll be a counselor at a camp this summer, with very little grooming time (and probably very little urge to groom), so I need to choose: do I keep it long enough for a perpetual boring ponytail, or do I chop it all off super short (but probably still feminine in some way or other)?

Tell me, o wise TQC!

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My mother-in-law is being so kind and taking my children for the weekend. My husband works most of the weekend so I'll be home alone for the most part.

What should I do to keep myself busy?

I'm pregnant and only a month away from my due date, so no drinking or other shenanigans, lol.

Non-serious answers are welcome :)

Need music suggestions!

So I just got an iphone (yay!) which obviously has an ipod built in, but my knowledge of "good" music ended in 2004 when I graduated from college. So I want to expand my knowledge of good music that I've missed pre and post graduation.

What are some of your favourite songs that I should listen to? Genre doesn't matter since my tastes are eclectic.

Edit: P.S. Some good ones I actually know: Lisa Hannigan ("Lille" is the best to me), Meiko, Colin Hay, Plain White T's, Joseph Arthur (I can listen to "In the Sun" over and over), and Soko.

I am a 'fraidy cat

I really want to live in a different part of the US than the one I grew up in, mostly because of the weather and lack of accessibility to things I like to do/see (like natural bodies of water, mountains, major attractions). The problem is, every time I've moved away from home on a non-permanent basis, like to go to school, I've ended up hating it and wanting to move back. I'm afraid that I won't even be able to permanently move out of my parents' house because even living in my own apartment it never feels like "home" to me. Another problem is that I am very, very bad at navigating, have never driven on an interstate because I'd probably get lost, and I don't know how I'd ever find my way around an unfamiliar city. I can barely even find places in my hometown, and I doubt a GPS would enhance my abilities.

Have you ever made a move you thought was permanent but were unable to make it home? How did you deal with it?

How long does it take you for an unfamiliar place to feel like home?

How can I settle someplace else and resist the urge to move back home? Or really, how can I convince myself that I am going to stay and it's not just temporary, and that there is nowhere to go back to?
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it's ok to take a vacation/hiatus from life every once in a while, right?

the reason i'm asking is because i'll be out of a job as of July 31 because my company is going out of business, and my first reaction was to start finding another job ASAP but a part of me just wants to take some time off...i've been working non-stop since school, with pretty much no vacations. it's normal to take time off, right?

also i haven't told my parents this...what's the best way to break bad news like this...should i call and tell them, or tell them in person? (i do live with my parents, i just have trouble finding "the right moment" to tell them)

also...if you're going to see your doctor and you look something up on the internet and you see something you think you have...would you just straight out tell your doctor? or just tell him the symptoms you have and wait for him to diagnose it?

Not sure if anyone can help me

Tomorrow, my husband and I are driving from Binghamton, NY to Bowling Green, OH to pick up a pair of African Greys that need a home. Does anyone here happen to know how much the partial toll road at the exit onto I-90 W toward Toledo will cost, as well as the toll road at the exit onto I-80 W/I-90 W?

I really appreciate it if anyone knows.

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Inspired because two of my friends are "fans" of this on facebook:

Do you flip your pillow over in the middle of the night to get to the cold side?

I never have. I like my pillow just the way it is.

How pissed would you be?

I got hired on at this company two years ago this month. At the time, I was told that, as a junior accountant, I was being trained to replace the Business Manager when he retired "by the end of the year." He is FINALLY pulling the plug next month...after dragging it out for a year longer than I was originally told. The last year or so has been a real headache waiting for him to leave, but I kept telling myself "Once he leaves, I'll have more responsibility and a $10,000 raise, so it's worth it to just push through it now."
Well, our Project Manager just told me that, when the BM leaves next month, they're bringing a lady in from another contract site to take the job. WTF? I've been being trained for 2 years for this job, and they're going to bring someone else in from off-site!!?

TLDR version:
I just got passed over for a promotion that I've been promised for two years.

What should I do tonight? Srs and non srs answers, please.

(I've already put in applications for other companies online out of pure pissed-offedness...and this just further motivates me to go back to school in August.)

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TQC, I had a dream last night that my friend and I decided to take a spontaneous vacation, so we casually went to the airport and sat down with what I guess was a student tour group. We had no luggage, money, or anything. We were just like yeah let's go somewhere.

Is it a sign? Is there spontaneous vacation in my future? =D
Will you tell me about your most recent dream?

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I'm trying to drown myself in the internet, can't you tell?

Yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend, we had only been dating three months. He is a year younger than me and I am a graduating senior at our high school. Saturday is our prom, and we were going to go together. I want to go, but I don't at the same time. I still love him, and I feel terrible for hurting him, but I just couldn't be in a relationship any longer. He is sweet and amazing, but I just couldn't. I feel like the biggest cunt on the face of the planet. Should I go to prom? How much do you think I'm going to cry when I pick up our flowers tomorrow?

What should I do to make myself feel better? Already I'm getting a haircut, watching movies, and going to my best friends house. I am also wearing a really amazing dress all day.

Today my high school is giving out yearbooks, and I'm missing it because I am feeling so worthless. How much am I missing out on? I'll just get everyone I know to sign mine on Monday, right?

/self pitty

I won't really even remember him come September when my school starts. Life will be okay :)

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Dinner with co-workers, end-of-year clambake for everyone in your dept. at school, drinks with your boss, work parties, hanging out with your class + professor...how do these events make you feel?

Out-of-the-ordinary and exciting social interactions, or horribly awkward situations that you NEED to somehow get out of?
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How patient/obsessive are you about things you want/enjoy/hobbies?

For example:
If a new game you're interested in or really want is coming out soon, do you reserve it and pick it up when it's convenient or are you there at the midnight release/when the store opens?

If someone's going to contact you about a job, or a trip or w/e do you sit anxiously by your phone/email or do you just check it when you think about it?

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I bought a flower plant two weeks ago and it's still alive and growing.  I'm very pleased because I've never kept a plant alive long enough to see it grow.

Are you good at keeping plants alive?

If you have any, would you like to show us some pictures of them?
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Have any of you had your silver fillings replaced with the new white fillings?

Did you notice increased sensitivity to those teeth after? It feels like I have open cavities now and I can't really bite down on my new fillings (they're over a week old). Is this normal? I'm a little pissed off!
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Hair color questions today,

My natural color is a darkish brown, but I've been auburn for more than six years now.

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I'm kind of sick of it now and I'd like to go darker for a few months. Maybe up to six months but probably not longer. Maybe a brown darker than my natural or a black. My only problem is that I'm sure that after those few months, I'm going to want to go back to my "natural" auburn- the color that I'm used to.

I know that if I dye my red on top of the black, nothing'll really happen. But since my natural color is already fairly dark and the color I like is from dying over that, I know I don't have to go really light to get back. I've heard about color removers like "Color Oops" that supposedly take you back to your natural color, I'm not sure how much I trust that but all I really need is something a little lighter. Has anyone used these? How do they work and are they particularly damaging? Or how much would it cost to go to a salon? I wouldn't need them to do the red, I've been doing that myself for years, just get that slightly lighter shade so my hair will take the red color. I don't want to go black until I know for sure I'll be able to change it back. Thanks TQC!

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TQC, today is my birthday!
What should I do? I'm going to the movies later with my family, opening presents, and then dinner. Anything I should do before/in between/after?

What are some websites where I can find cheap but still cute and good quality earrings? I recently got back into wearing them but my selection is tiny and consists of earrings from when I was 12. :(
Reed Motherfucking Johnson

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so i am currently waiting for someone to get back to me to tell me if i have swine flu or not. I don't even care at this point wtf is wrong with me if they'd just figure it out and treat me. I don't think i've ever felt this sick before.

Do you think that if they get the results tomorrow or sunday they'll let me know since it's kind of a big deal or will they make me suffer until monday?

When am I going to feel better?

Do i have swine flu or something else? If it's something else what do you think is wrong with me?

What should I do to entertain myself? I'm so tired of tv, I can't concentrate on a book and i'm not allowed to leave my house. (not that i feel like it anyways)

Who thinks that raptorwrath should bring me a slushie?

Can you tell me something funny to entertain me or something to make me feel better?

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What is your favorite thing or something you like about the
in the country you live in?

I realize I'm asking you to generalize a bit here.
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If you got a day with the Stanley Cup, what would you do with it?

I would take it everywhere (even the shower!) with me and probably take pictures of me pretending to drink out of it all over town. I'm pretty sure my husband would eat the world's biggest bowl of cereal out of it.

ETA : Who do you want to win the Cup this year?

LET'S GO PENS!!! Detroit has had it enough! Also, Hossa can suck it for leaving the Thrashers and then leaving the Pens to go to the Wings. BOO URNS.
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Who is one super popular celebrity that you just don't get the hype on?
Brad Pitt. Never saw him as super hot, not in the 90s and definitely not now.

What is a really popular movie that people rave about that you've never seen all the way through?
The Godfather. The horse part creeped me out too much.

Where is your ~happy place~? Plz describe in detail.
Any beach, when the water and sun is warm and the beer and breeze are cool.

When do you clean? As you make a mess, or after the mess has kind of piled up?
After the mess has piled up!

Why does time seem to pass so slowly when you have nothing to do?

How should I pass the next five hours, when it's rainy and I'm trapped in the boondocks, sans ride?
Pitten & Kittens

sad question... :(

What can cause a dead body to bleed from the ears?  Serious answers only please.. the kitten I posted a names request for last week died last night very suddenly and I am wondering if he had a massive stroke.  there was no sign of any broken bones or anything and it was VERY VERY sudden as in I saw him perfectly fine and healthy less than 10 minutes before I found him dead.

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TQC, I want to get a good pair of in-ear earbuds for listening to music with really good bass! Any brand recommendations? I'm looking through amazon.com and don't know what's good. My price limit is ~$65 or so.
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Does anyone remember the 1990s Land of the Lost?
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Now that the movie is coming out, everyone keeps talking about the damn 70s one. I remember LOVING the 90s Land of the Lost so much when I was little. Anyway...

What is the best meal you could cook, only using items that are in your house right now?

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Hypothetically, how long do you think you could hold in having to pee before you let loose and had an accident?

Where is the strangest place you've ever relieved yourself?

Guys: do you ever sit when you pee?
Girls: do you ever stand when you pee or would you ever buy a device that allows you to stand while peeing?

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I'm graduating on Sunday, and my brother is getting me a DS lite plus one game. Which game should I ask for, TQC? I like puzzle games and turn-based RPGs; not so big on real-time action games (unless it's Castlevania. I've played Harmony of Dissonance for GBA and really liked it).
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Ok guys, I'd love some help please. What are good post wisdom tooth extraction foods? I already know of the obvious: soup, mashed potatoes, milk shakes, apple sauce, scrambled eggs and smoothies. Any other suggestions? I'm completely bored with it all already and still can't bite down on anything. Bonus points if it can be heated up! I miss hot food.
Green Bellatrix


What songs make you nostalgic for your pre/early teen years?

Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day
Goo Goo Dolls - Broadway Is Dark Tonight
Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out
Creed - My Sacrifice, and most other Creed songs
Random rap/hip-hop, things my brother would play in his car. Jay-Z and such.
Backstreet Boys, Nsync, etc.
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So over the last few years for my birthdays, my mother has been sending me pieces of turquoise jewelry. WHAT DO I WEAR IT WITH? I have quite a few different necklaces and pendants, and I think they are pretty, but I have absolutely no idea what it goes with, as far as outfits and stuff. I only ever see biker chicks wearing it. Any suggestions as to what type of outfits turquoise jewelry will work with?

What kind of jewelry do you wear?
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I'm dogsitting next weekend for my sister's friend. I'm going to spending two nights there, but the days I don't have to stick around in the house. What should I charge for hanging out with someone's puppy? I've only ever babysat humans before.

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Does anyone here have a cafepress store? What kind? About how much money can you get from it? Will you tell me everything I need to know about getting one?

If not, when was the last time you were thrilled and terrified at the same time?


How long do you wait after you've lost I.D. to replace it? 

I seem to have lost my fiances credit card, my drivers and my health card (which also has our babys info on it). I don't normally keep them together like that but when we went out I just threw everything in my drivers plastic cover since we wouldn't be out long and now it's all missing!  We discovered this late last night and have been looking ever since. We checked and there have been no new purchases on the credit card as of 2 minutes ago.

Should we keep looking until tomorrow or just consider it gone, cancel everything and then probably end up finding it tomorrow?

ETA: We found it. After we cleaned all the rooms, looked anywhere our ferrets might have hidden it and threw out all the trash in the vehicles it was nestled safely in the CD's in our car.

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Hey all. I want to make myself a few high-quality cutting boards/chopping blocks for my kitchen. I'm tired of only finding $30 boards that are just poorly finished planks of wood.

I have solid woodworking knowledge but don't know anything about wood itself. I assume I'd ideally get a hard wood that's also not very porous. Can you help me out further in suggesting types of wood, and what to avoid/look for in terms of how the wood has been treated (or naturally-occurring chemicals in the wood itself)? I'm sure most commercially available woods have very bad toxins and such in them or at least simply aren't food-safe.

I have access to the RISD Metcalf Store which has a selection of fine/rare woods so that might help.

Cross-posted to do_it_yourself. Thank you!

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My cable remote won't program to my TV.
I use a separate remote to control the volume that's not meant for the TV. I don't know where the proper remote for the TV is as the TV was given to me.
My cable remote has periods of time where every time I press a button on it, the volume goes up or down.
What's the deal? Fix it please?
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TQC, I'm having the worst day ever.

1.) Link me to / post something that might make me laugh? I could use it.

2.) How is your day going?

3.) If it's not going well, want to bitch about it?

Come on, TQC. I'll bring the ice cream, you bring the chick flicks. We'll make a day of it.
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I had some pretty costly car problems which ended the life of my vehicle and cost me a couple thousand dollars. Thing is, I didn't have a couple thousand dollars. I make the minimum payments, and I consider myself financially responsible, for the most part.  I was thinking today that I could get a student loan for a couple thousand dollars for a much lower interest rate than my credit card. (about 6% vs. 29% from the credit card). Would it be financially irresponsible to use a student loan (which I haven't taken out yet) to pay off my credit cards and then make payments to the student loan?
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I have:
200gm of chicken tenderloins
4 rashers of bacon
red lentils
4 bean mix
tomato paste
sea salt
vegetable stock
Puff pastry

I would like to make a couple of little chicken pot pies.
Could any of the wonderful people here who know how to cook tell me how to do this with above ingredients?
Or what I could make if pies aren't possible?
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When I was in college, I was fired from a part-time job. How long do I have to check the "yes" box on job applications when it asks if I've ever been fired from a job? In other words, is there a statute of limitations on this?
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Does it make me a bitch that I told work I couldn't come in tomorrow morning?

It's my only day off until next Saturday, and I was really looking forward to the rest. But now I feel guilty for telling them no, even though I already work 43 hours a week. (Though for comparison's sake, it's not even that much -- there are some people who do 50-60 hours a week split between the three stores the owner has.)

Will this refusal hurt my chances of getting a raise and being promoted to shift leader?
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Say I'm a 5 year old child and I'm getting ready to sleep. I ask for a bedtime story and there are no books around. You have to make one up.

What story do you tell me to send me to dreamland?

Also  I finally have a picture of my engagement ring up now. What do you all think? Would a plain wedding band work better than a band full of diamonds? What do you have for your rings?

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I love Mean Girls. But I have to ask, is American high school really like that? really? Do you have The Plastics and The Geeky Ones and The Miscellaneous? Are there really sections of the cafeteria that are out of bounds for certain people? Everyone in my school got along pretty well.
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inspired by a few comments in this post.

-why can so many guys not deal with the mention of the ~female cycle~?
-what is the general reaction from most of the males you know?
-if you're a guy, what's your reaction?

women have to deal with some disgusting things that men do! it just seems a little ridiculous to get disgusted by the simple mention of cramps, etc. my boyfriend is used to it and doesn't get grossed out. that also goes for that majority of guys with girlfriends that i know.

completely unrelated, who did you last see in concert? good/bad?

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I'm more than aware that this question has been asked more than a thousand times but I am absolutely livid right now, so I'm not quite thinking straight.

Which would you prefer :

A 16gb Apple iPod Touch
Or a
8gb Zune?

This is the second iPod Touch in less than a year and I'm so..ugh. I'm SO ready to chuck it into a fucking river.

Will you cheer me up also?

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1) How much of a dick move would it be if I asked someone out who I turned down a while ago when they asked ME out?

2) Does anyone else feel pathetic for always going to the internet with their problems?
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What is your favorite odd alternate use for a household product?

Silicone-based lube is very versatile, as I've discovered. Foot blister prevention, shoe polish, substitute for WD-40....do not ask me how I know this.

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What would you do if you're at a liquor store or something and see your face on a WANTED poster?

What would you do if you heard a knock on the door, and when you open it, it's a giant cockroach trying to say you ordered pizza?

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TQC, will you suggest titles of your/your kids' favorite baby books? My brother and his girlfriend are having a baby late September and while I am usually clueless about babies and the like, I've heard that it's good for parents to read to the baby while it is still in the womb and would like to give them some books as a gift. Halp?
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Bad Joke

What do you think of someone who willingly commits animal cruelty?
Like, oh say, this little jackanape: www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2009/06/05/2009-06-05_evil_teen_who_tossed_cat_in_the_oven.html

What you really need to know, link shy.

"A Bronx teenager roasted her ex-roommate's kitten to death in a stove - then brushed off the incident as a joke when she was busted, authorities said Thursday.

"I hate cats," Cheyenne Cherry, 17, allegedly told investigators when asked about the heartless crime."

Someone beat me to it. My apologies.

Do you think the /b/ will perform internet justice, having already found her Myspace and phone number?
Why do you think many black people dislike cats?
P.S. I'm black and I love them. Don't take the issue of race seriously here.

If you don't care about this particular dead kitten, will you tell me what you think of energy drinks?
How often do you drink them and why?

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I have a bit of a moral dilemma regarding a fanfiction. For some reason, this looks like the best place to ask for help, unless there's a fanfic_queries community I can't find. (If this is so, please point me in the right direction and I'll get my behind out of here in grateful shame.)

There's a fanfic for a fandom I frequent, let's call it A. It's a co-write, written by authors B and C. Author B writes the odd-numbered chapters, Author C the even-numbered ones.
From my standpoint as a reader, this is one of Author B's best works in her fanfic-writing career. However, in my mind, the chapters by Author C... not so. My mind thinks them inferior both in terms of grammar and spelling, and from a stylistic viewpoint.
I'd like to be able to review the fanfic (it's already on my favourites list), but I'm not sure whether I should stick to praising the fic as a whole, or attempt to do a decent con-crit of the chapters by Author C as well as giving praise to the chapters by Author B. On one hand, con-crit is desirable as far as I'm aware, and it might help Author C improve. On the other hand, I might be being unfair to one or both of the authors this way. On a mysterious third hand, I could be accused of bias on the part of Author B.
See, Author B is my cyber-girlfriend too.

Just to clear up something I believe people might be thinking at this point, I believe that I would hold the same opinions of the respective chapters even without the intimate relationship. My opinions of the fanfics she writes are independent of the opinions I hold of Author B as a whole. I just want to be able to praise and concrit the fanfic at the same time without showing any bias towards one author or the other.
Is this possible? And if so, what is the best way to go about this?

Again, if this is in the wrong place, please smack me with a herring - this is my first post in the community. Thank you in advance for the help. :)

Edit for tl;dr summary: should I review a fanfic even with risk of bias?

Edit 2 for extra detail: the fic in question is on fanfiction.net.

Edit 3 to thank the people who have responded so far. Since I'm getting the vibe from some comments that I'm in the wrong place, is there a community that serves a similar purpose for this kind of problem?

Edit 4: So I am misguided and should be more careful (Edit 5: and less wordy) in future. Good to know. Thank you for the help. :) *sincere smile*
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adult: venom cock

Multivitamin recommendation.

I'm looking for a good all-around multivitamin for women, and I'm particularly interested in any that will help strengthen my fingernails. Any recommendations (other than Viactiv, which I don't care for) would be greatly appreciated! :)
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Gaiz, I start my first kgb_ shift in 45 minutes! I'm kinda nervous.

What search engines do you use?

What online resources to you to go to find information?

Do you know of any newer websites that I might find useful?

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1. would it be OK to put the gold fish in tap water for 36-48 hours?

i know you aren't supposed to fill up the fish bowl with tap water because of chlorine and what not, but i'm not going to be able to get filtered water for a day or two.

2. how do you think being divorced would affect a guy when it comes to approaching/getting to know a girl he likes?
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Do you get a sore throat after eating pizza?

I was talking to some co-workers tonight after eating pizza about how I always notice I have a scratchy/sore throat after I eat pizza.  They said they never noticed it before, but yeah, they did, too.  A little soda pop or beer usually makes it better.
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My mom and my stepdad left around noon today to who knows where.  She told me but I was half asleep. :/
It's almost 11:00 PM, they're not home and they're never out this late...(They don't have cell phones)

At what point should I start freaking out?

What sort of situations make you paranoid?

Webcam - Meeting Paper

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You are sitting in traffic on the highway. It is a three lane highway with exits on the right side only. The traffic is that annoying slow moving kind where you are at a complete stop for a few seconds, then you get up to 20mph and start getting excited, but then you come back to a complete stop.

Which lane do you sit in and why? Or are you a lane hopper?
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would you rather...

Would you rather piss your pants in public or shit your pants at home?

You must pick one and if you say 'neither', your bowels and bladder will instantly void.

Also, I'm planning on getting a game of 'I never' going during our Friday night outing. Would it be success, failure or hilarious to start a 'I never', TQC-style?
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Today,  I found out that yet another person I went to high school with has died of a heroin overdose, bringing the total to over a dozen.  I graduated with 80 people; there was about that many per class in my grade 7-12 high school.  We all came from a small series of towns.  The heroin problem around here has been epidemic, yet over the last 5 years nothing has really been done.

TL;DR:  How many people from your graduating high school class have died?  Does there seem to be a pattern?

OR: Have you seen The Presidio?  How awesome is it?

What pissed you off today

I'm pretty pissed as towards the end of the day, my glasses broke. The screw flew out and the lends dropped onto the floor. I lost the screw, but thankfully the lens wasn't broken and I didn't step on itt when I strumbled around in a blind fit. I have to wait until tomorrow when my partner or MIL can drive to the optitions to fix them, and I will be eyeless until then. I can't do a thing until torrow afternoon, and will have to sit and squint at everything. :(

So wat pissed you guys off today? Apologies for spelling errors in this post, I know I've made some but I have trouble reading and I'm not tired enouggh to go to bed.
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