June 4th, 2009

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Google fails since the relevent terms return way too wide an array of topics, so...

Why does the elastic used for women's swimwear harden and crack over time even if the garment is never exposed to either pool chlorine nor detergent? It's the one mystery of clothing fabric and construction properties that I just can't figure out...

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Do you have any "brag attire"?

Some article of clothing that proudly states you were a member of a team/squad/league/club or something, or maybe that you won or attended a prestigious event.
Maybe something that, when you think about it, you think might inspire an admiring glance or two?
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Is there a way to block restricted phone calls on cell phones?

Have you ever taken threatening phone calls seriously? Or am I stupid for getting upset over these?

They seem to come from one person, a man, and have been progressively getting worse. The first ones were just insulting, whereas this last one tonight threatened actual violence against me.
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friday is supposed to hae a high of 75f (24c) and a low of 53f (12c). what temperature do you think it would be between 7pm and 10pm? based on that answer,

what should i wear to the irish pub that night to celebrate my 21st birthday? it will be around 70f/21c when i get there and 60/17c when i leave. if it matters: i am short with big boobs, and will probably be going home with this guy i was seeing a few weeks ago.

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I've been successfully ignoring my ex-boyfriend for a while now but he sent me a text message last week and one just a few minutes ago.

I feel like he's not getting the hint.

Do I text him back and ask him to leave me alone?
Is it crazy of me to try to block his phone number?

What would you do?

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Do you prefer listening to recorded or live music? 

I loath live music....I don't really know why.

Also I think I'm having a mild panic attack and I've been feeling this horribly crushing hopeless feeling all day after dreaming about my ex boyfriend. How do I get rid of it?! 

We've been broken up for years but he's in town this summer and I saw him bike by the other day.
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If you could open any kind of business, what would you open?
Is it actually in your plan to open a business any time in the future? If so, are you doing it due to a financial aspect to make money, or because you're passionate about the product/service that you want to provide people?

It is my goal to own a dog shelter/kennel/groomer/day-care/obstacle course center. :)

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how many siblings do you have? who are you closest to (and what's the age difference between you/them)?

me: 2 brothers and a sister. I'm closest to my youngest brother who's 6 years older, the others are 10 years/12 years older than me. I used to be jealous that they were so much closer in age when I was younger, but we're kind of caught up now.
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I woke up and within 2 minutes found my boyfriend didn't put my clothes in the dryer last night like he promised, so I'll be wearing damp clothes to work, and my dog shit in the bathroom.  Of course nobody bothered cleaning that up, so now it smells horrible in there. :-/

So TQC, how has YOUR day been so far? 

Edit: What is a sure fire way to make you laugh? For me, it's physical humor. Watching somebody fall down makes me laugh for an hour sometimes. 
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Help me out here, hair stylists of TQC.

I have straight, shoulder length hair. Whenever I try to blow dry my own hair, despite doing it in sections and using a big, round brush, it still gets frizzy and flat against my head. I know this is because I use no product in my hair, but whenever I go to the drug store to buy some, I get all overwhelmed. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what hair products I can use to to add volume to my hair and to reduce frizz?

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What do you say when you're asked "where are you from"?

Does your reply depend on where you are or who is asking you? Like, if you're in a different country are you specific with the city/region, or do you just say the country? If you look "ethnic", but where born in-country, do you find that the person asking is really asking where your family is from?
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OK TQC.. I got an interview for the internship! YAY! I'm scheduled to meet her at 2 on Friday.

But I picked up a cold yesterday and I'm all stuffed up and gross. AHHHHH.

Have you ever gone to an interview while sick and gross? Do you have any advice?

I'm not too worried about this, I'm more worried about being unprepared. I don't have a resume made up (doing it tonight) and I've never been interviewed for REAL before. Just stuff for retail jobs.

Tell me about your first serious interview? How did it go?
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TQC, I've been horribly sick since sunday. I feel like total shit. I went to an urgent care center on monday and she told me I had a cold and to drink lots of water and get some rest. =/ WELL, I keep getting worse! I finally called my regular dr last night and told her what was going on and apparently I could have swine flu! Now, i highly doubt that i do because nothing that cool would happen to me. so, while i'm waiting to find a dr to go see could you tell me about the last time you were really sick?
Do you like your doctor?
How often do you usually get sick?

All your grammar are belong to me

How come no one at my work knows how to properly pluralize Latin words?

Our library staff says "compediums" and "compendias", they have no idea what the singular or plural of compendium is. Should I correct them since they make this mistake several times per day or should I just stew silently?
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I don't even understand the difference between an engagement ring and a promise ring. Either you plan to get married or you don't, right?

What sort of ring do you picture when you think of a promise ring?

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on average, how much caffeine do you consume in one day? what is your caffeinated drink of choice? (tea, coffee, soda, etc)

lately, i have been drinking 2 sugar free energy drinks (usually monsters) every morning. i know there's no way it can be good for me, but green tea doesn't help and i hate feeling like a zombie all day.


Okay, so I wake up this morning to find maggots all over my kitchen floor and spilling out into the living room. They swept up to about a hand fulls worth. I have just cleaned the kitchen to find no source. They weren't concentrated anywhere, gave me no clues as to where in the hell they came from... TQC, WHERE IN THE HELL DID THESE FUCKERS COME FROM?! And aside from cleaning everything with bleach water, what can I do?

ETA: Oh yeah, and the bug dude came by and sprayed the kitchen and bathroom yesterday... My boyfriend thinks maybe they got chased out of the walls? Maybe there are dead things in our walls?? Boy, I am glad we're moving next month.
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Why does my doggy come up to me, nose me in the leg, and start barking at me when she wants me to pet her, but then when I go to pet her, she backs away?! >:(

How's the fucking weather today where you live?

What's annoying you?
My stupid financial aid office hasn't responded to my loan lender's request for verification, even though they received it TWO WEEKS ago. There's no reason it shouldn't be done, and the final payment deadline is this Monday. >:( I am NOT paying a late fee for their mistakes... and they've pulled this shit every single semester I've been here. I'm kind of pissed.

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A while ago, one of the teeth in the back of my mouth began to fall apart. Some of the enamel is still there, but there is a hole. (It was never a cavity.)

Should I be expected to get a filling or root canal?

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I'm waiting for my stand test to tell me how long I should leave bleach on my hair for. Is it going to break the trend and NOT go orange for once?

Will The Sims 3 run on my Mac that only has 1 of the reccommended 2 gb of RAM?

Scratched Glasses

So yesterday I totally dropped my glasses behind my bed. My boobs are too big to allow me to wiggle under there in shame to retrieve them (feel free to laugh at this ludicrous situation - I can only imagine how it must have looked), so I had to use my bat to slide them to me. Because my life is a sitcom only those close to me get to watch, of course they were lenses down. Now the right lens has about four slight but effective scratches right in the middle of it. Is there anything, aside from not tell this story when I go to get new lenses, I can do to make them better? I'm sure the answer is LOL NO, but thought I'd check.

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Through some twisted Alternate Universe -type events, you end up in front of the Wicked Witch of the West and you have no red shoes(/ruby slippers).

What do you do?
What does your little dog do?
(points for creativity)

EDIT: anyone read Wicked? Is it worth reading? Seen the production? good?

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How full of awesome would you be if you saved yourself from muggers by whipping off your baseball cap with razorblades sewn to the back of it and beating/slashing said would-be muggers with it, thereby keeping your wallet full of cash?

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1)What consumer products make you boggle?

Scented tampons. I know that some people aren't sensitive there I guess, but it just makes me think 'itchy'

2)Do you prefer to read books online or in paper form?

paper form.

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Last night I dreamt I was a large black woman. I went adventuring (there was an obstacle course involved), had sexy times with a dude (totally pg-13 though), and went through emotional romantic drama. TQC, WTF WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?

I'm watching Secretary for the 3rd time, and I realized it's one of my favorite romantic movies. What's the "weirdest" or most unconventional movie you like? Bonus question: Would you let James Spader jerk off on your back?


I am testing out a Nikon D200, and I accidently shot a whole lot of really amazing pictures without a memory card! :(

I don't have the manual, the internet won't let me download it online...is there any way to retreive the images from the internal memory? I tried plugging it in to open the drive, but it just asks to insert a disk into the drive. I can't find anything on the menu that I can be sure that will retreive the images.

Anyone know?

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Does anyone here play any tabletop war games?

 If so what do you play?


Is there any place in Boston where people play Battlefleet Gothic regularly? (I want to start)


Non-Nerdy question

How do I get my cat to love me again? He had an ear infection and hated having the medicine put in his ears, I've tried cuddling him extra but he still runs in fear from me.


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Hello there. I've never posted to this community before, but now I'm in need of some help.

I adopted a 9 week old kitten about four days ago. I took her to the vet, he did a check up and said she was fine. Yesterday she started sneezing a lot. Today, it sounds like her nose is stuffed up a bit. When she sneezes, it's clear. She's eating normal, and she when she's not asleep, she's playful as usual.

Like I said, she was just at the vet, and in a week I'll be taking her back to get her stitches removed. When I tried to find info online, everywhere said to take her to the vet. I would prefer not to take her to the vet three times in less than two weeks if I can help it.

So, basically, I'm hoping someone here has had this happen and can give me some advice on how to help her get better faster. What can I do to make her feel better, or get rid of her cold faster without taking her to the vet right now?

Thanks everyone, I called my vet and decided to wait it out a couple more days to see if she gets better/worse.

Uh... y'all can post pictures of your pets and/or something cute so this post doesn't go to waste. Or not, idc.

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So, I've been nauseous since Sunday night. I think a lot of it is nerves, as I have senior prom this weekend, I just registered for classes today for college, I graduate from high school next week, and this morning I was getting chills, had a fever, and horrid painful diarrhea. This isn't morning sickness, right? Remember, horrible painful diarrhea, chills, fever, vomit.

I'm only taking 13 credits a quarter, this doesn't seem like a lot to me, as it is only math, english, and ballet. Is this normal?

music music music

What is a band that you would recommend to anyone regardless of their music taste?
What is your favorite kind of music?
What is your favorite album cover ever?
What do you think is the greatest song of all time?
Is there any band that you have tried to love, but just can't seem to get into?

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Quick resume question.

Back in 2006, I worked at the Bass Pro corporate call center for about a year before moving back to my hometown. Before I moved, my boss put in the paperwork to transfer me into a retail store located in the area I was moving to and I was hired immediately. I worked there in retail hell for another year before drama within the company caused me to peace the hell out on my own accord.

Since I worked for the same company for two years, I'm confused as to whether I should keep them as one job or split it into two on my resume.

IF you don't give a fuck about me landing a dream job: Are you 3008 or so 2000 & late?
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I have lots and lots of movies recorded on my DVR that I have yet to watch. I'm free all night, so I figure I'll try to knock out one or two of them.

So, TQC, which obviously-gonna-be-a-POS movie should I watch first?

- The Marine (John Cena...seriously?)
- BloodMonkey (admit it...it sounds awesome in a really shitty sort of way)

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I have hurt my back and will probably be spending the next two days stuck in bed.

What can I do to entertain myself?
What are good movies to watch when you are in a lot of pain?
Do you tolerate pain well or are you a cry baby?
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computer shit

so my mom is at her house trying to set up our old dell. it's probably 4 years old or so and hasn't been used in over a year. anyway, she is trying to get the wireless mouse and keyboard to work, and they both have fresh batteries. the mouse has a sensor light on, but she says it doesn't seem to show up on the screen. she also doesn't know how to get the wireless keyboard to turn on and work. any help? she said the keyboard says rev a00 on it.

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My BFF is super super sick and lives too far for me to visit. What's something I can email or IM her that would cheer her spirits immensely yet still possibly make fun of her a little for being sick?

Next Friday is the Dyke March in Boston. Should I play it cool and dress casual or go all out in high-femme drag?

These honey mustard pringles are terrible, what snackfood should I get to replace them?
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Do you have free outdoor concerts where you live? Are you excited to see anyone this summer?

There are free concerts in the Buffalo area almost every day of the week. I'm seeing The Disco Biscuits tonight.
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Do you use this smiley?


What expression or emotion are you attempting to convey when you use it? For people who don't use this smiley, what expression or emotion does it convey when you see it?

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In my dream last night, a psychic told me I am going to die on December 2, 2038 in a car crash.

How would you react to this news, TQC?
What should I do on December 2, 2038? Avoid cars? Go about my day as usual? Something else?
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Is my refrigerator broken? I noticed about 1:30 that the light wasn't running. I assumed it was the bulb, took the bulb out, and put it into a lamp. The bulb was working fine. I double checked that it was plugged in, and it was. I put something else into the same outlet, and it did not turn on. I figured it was a fuse. I called my landlord to find out where my fuse box is- there are no fuses tripped, but just to be sure, I turned everything off, and then back on. Did I mention that this was the fuse box for the entire building? The refrigerator still isn't working.

I have like, $100 of food in there. Chicken breasts, and ground beef, ice cream, salad, and all sorts of shit. How long until it starts to go bad, assuming minimal door opening?

If I close the door of my bedroom, my landlord has no right to look in there since the complaint is in the kitchen, right? (I have my boyfriend staying with me for a little bit while he's unemployed - but my boyfriend isn't on the lease, which goes against the terms of the lease. I can pretend that I'm a pig and that's why the front room is messy, but I can't really pretend I wear men's clothing) (Also, the extra cat!)
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Should I charge my Mohawk today? There is a chance of rain so.....that would make it a waste of time.

EDIT: Charging a Mohawk is when you make is stand up straight. Here is a image. Photobucket
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i'm seeing Spring Awakening for the first time tonight, and we've got on-stage seating tickets.

has anyone ever sat on stage at a show before? experiences? pros/cons? i feel like it'll be awkward, like everyone's going to be looking at me haha. eek.

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What do you do when people borrow your stuff, assure you they have it and are keeping it safely, and then when you go to get it they say, "Um, I lost it, sorry"?

I hate being like "give me cash money then," and I can probably find a replacement (it was a very pretty SIGG bottle my mom got me, if you care...all pink and flowery and stuff), but I just hate that I have to spend money because the other person doesn't seem to think they're responsible for it.

Get over it and buy myself a new one, right? :(

I have pre-cooked ribs in the oven, plus some corn + peas with butter and garlic, and I have left over jasmine rice that's still hot from the rice cooker. How can I Americanize my rice to make a tasty side for the ribs? I was thinking spicy/cheesy, but I don't know what else to do with it.
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Do you like pigeons?

Yes, but only the pretty/fancy ones
Yes, I like all kinds of pigeons including the Rock Pigeons you usually see in cities.
No, I hate them all.
I have never seen a pigeon and will therefore abstain from judging them.

What's your favorite kind of bird?

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What was your favorite announcement at E3 this year? What new game are you most looking forward to?

How often do you drink any sort of alcoholic beverage?

What is your ideal breakfast?

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One of my good friends is getting engaged tonight. I'm alone at my boyfriend's house while he's away at his little brother's high school graduation because I'm too overloaded with schoolwork trying to get my bachelor's ASAP. It's sort of bumming me out.

I'm 23. Taking as many credits as I can whenever I can, I'll probably graduate in spring of 2011. Does it seem sensible to overload myself with schoolwork like this so I can get my bachelor's ASAP while I live with my parents and work barely enough to cover my car payments? Or to go to school part time so I can work more than 25 hours per week and be able to save money for my future?

What would you do? If you've been in a similar situation, what did you do? How did it work out?

ETA: The engaged thing is relevant because she's also trying to juggle working and getting a degree. And it's depressing when all of your good friends are advancing in their lives and you're sitting alone watching Golden Girls.

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I've started working in retail for the first time in a few years and I am enjoying it. Thing is, when customer says 'thank you' I usually reply with 'no problem' which I don't  really like saying as someone told me that the customer might focus on the 'problem' part. So what else can I say? (other than the obvious 'you're welcome')

What do you put on your salads?

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Aside from gift cards and money, what are the most useful gifts you've ever gotten?

One year, my sister got me an alarm clock. At first, I thought it was really bizarre, but turned out to be a pretty cool gift.

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So I'm reading my way back through The Chronicles of Narnia for at least the next week (I'm averaging one a day, at work.) Which in the series is your favourite? Why? Which is your favourite character?

I'm torn between The Horse and His Boy and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, personally. And Reepicheep pwns.

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Forgive me for the ignorant question, but I'm watching season 3 of ER, and I'm curious. Jeanie's ex cheated on her when she was married to him. He gets AIDS. She finds out she's HIV+.

1) If she were to have sex with him, knowing that he has AIDS...would she get AIDS or still be HIV+?
2) If two people are HIV+, and they have sex,  does it increase their risk of making it worse?
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Should I start applying for jobs now even though I won't even be able to interview for another few weeks? I assume I won't hear back right away, so I want to apply. But at the same time, if they do call me, I can't interview until the end of June because I live five hours from the jobs I'm applying to. I'm taking a summer class five days a week which is why I can't travel until it's done.

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Help me, TQC-ers.

I want to write a short story, but can't think of anything to write about. So, will you help me out and give me topics to write about? Be specific: abortion vs. a teenager girl gets preggers and decides to have an abortion then decides against it at the last moment.

tl;dr. Will you give me something to write about?

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To the surprising number of you who don't drive:

Do you take public transportation?
How do you get around?

To those of you who do drive:
Does it irk you when non-drivers ask for rides on a consistent basis?
Do you ask for gas money?
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Unemployed of TQC, are you unemployed or are you funemployed?
Do you know anyone who's "funemployed"?
(I'm unemployed/applying for dozens of jobs each day, but I do take a little time most days to see my nephews and my sister - the boys are only young once, I don't want to miss anything. I was just wondering if this was real or something that like, 35 people in LA are doing, and therefore we're pretending it's a real thing?)
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I have to buy a uniform for my summer camp job but I'm in between sizes right now:

The small blouse is tight around my shoulders and upper back, but looks fine everywhere else.
The medium is a relax fit but it's way too baggy and since we have to tuck it in, it's not a good look either...
Actually the whole outfit is fug. (I should have taken some pictures)

Which size should I get? Or should I get both since they've got a BOGO promotion going on?


What are your plans for the summer?
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What's the last stupid question you were asked?

I'm at work at the bookstore right now and some lady just asked me if the book "90 Minutes in Heaven" was religious because the back cover talks about God and stuff.

Considering it's about a guy who had a near-death experience and was "born again", I find that question to be really, really stupid.
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Online Master Degrees:

Love them? Hate them? Why?

There are no Grad schools near me that offer the graduate degree I am interested in so I am thinking of turning to online schools. Not Phoenix or anything but actual 4 year schools that have online degrees as well (George Washington, Univ. South Carolina, Clemson, NYU, etc). I have heard mixed reviews though....

± : amnesia · suck it heffer

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1) Come the end of this month I'll be moving to Charlotte, NC (28217). Any insight as to what I'm in for? I love my mom but I know she's totally capable of lying to me as far as if she's living in the ghetto just to get me to move with her. She says it rains a lot too, common?

2) I've decided to go the craigslist route to get rid of some things for some extra cash. I have one TV that has a dvd player built-in, thing is I got a DVD stuck in a couple weeks ago. Should I just advertise it as a stand-alone tv, or mention that it has a built-in dvd player that just doesn't work (and add that they get a free season three, disc two dvd of How I Met Your Mother!!)? The TV works great, it's just that little problem and when pricing it I'm pricing it as if it were just a regular TV.

3) What was the last thing you ate peanut butter with?
Eggo Cinnamon Waffles. :)

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question for girls:

you're sleeping with a good guy friend and you get your period. you get some blood on his sheets, it mostly comes out in the wash, he's not too bothered. do you offer to buy new sheets? if he were my boyfriend i would probably say suck it up, but i do not know what the proper etiquette for this is.

guys: would you ask the girl to get you new sheets?
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Ever since we moved into this flat, someone has not been replacing the empty toilet paper rolls.  They seem to have begun leaving one single piece balanced precariously on the roll as some kind of justification for not changing it! 

As far as I know Sheryl Crow does not live here. No one is using a single piece of toilet paper and it just means the next person has to put on a new roll. We ALWAYS have at least 4 extra rolls right behind it (you can see one in the picture). It keeps happening just like in that picture. Would you let it slide time after time, or is it passive-aggressive note time?


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Let's say you come across a blank check from your ex's account.

(Not that you would ever steal money)
But in an ideal world, where you would never get caught...

how much would you write the check out for?


How much is public transportation where you live? How far will it get you?

It's $2.50 for the bus, or $16.50 for me to go 35 miles into Manhattan (round trip) on the train
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For those of you who do use or have ever used self-tanner:

Do you recommend a certain brand?
Is there a particular brand that you hate?
Do you have any tricks to keep from getting your hands all streaky/avoid any other problems you notice crop up from self-tanners?
Have you ever had a really terrible experience, or do you swear by the stuff?

I haven't used a self-tanner since I was fourteen, but since it is so chilly around here lately, and I just moved to an apartment where the balcony is unusable right now, I haven't gotten any sun this summer and am looking ghostly.
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What's that website where you tell them what kind of food you have at the moment, and they tell you what you can do with it?

Do you believe the rumors that Vitas was castrated? How does he sing like that, anyway? (If you're not familiar with him, watch this, starting around 2:45, or other videos.)
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I'm killing time before I can to go the ER. I have a fractured tooth that won't stop pounding and I seriously think I'm going crazy. I'm wavering between a 7 and a 10 on the pain scale.

What is the worst pain you've ever been in? Elaborate pls.
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ah another dream questionaire

1. For the past 3 nights I have dreamt I cheated on my boyfriend. For the past 3 nights he's dreamt I am cheating on him. What the HELL does this mean??
We are both a bit freaked out over this.

2. If you dreamt your significant other was cheating on you would it make you suspicious in real life?

3. Have you and a friend ever dreamt the same thing? What was the dream about?
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In your dreams, are you yourself most of the time, or do you play "roles" of other people?

If you're not usually yourself in your dreams, do the roles you play have a lot in common with who you are in the waking world, or are they widely varied and different?

EDIT: If you're ever not yourself, what's the weirdest role you've played?
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1)What's an amusing story you've read in a crime report?

'Missing student found studying with friends in the library'

2)What is your opinion on Fox news?

3)What cleaning task gives you the most trouble?

(no subject)

I have to send a resume through email, and I'm not sure what to do about the cover letter. Should I type it out in the actual email part, or include it with the resume as an attachment? If the latter, do I still need to put "Enclosure" at the end of the cover letter?
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If I fell off tomorrow would you still love me?

If I ain't rap 'cause I flipped burgers at Burger King
would you be ashamed to tell your friends you feelin' me?

In bed if I used to my tongue, would you like that?
If I wrote you a love letter would you write back?

(no subject)

Have any of you read Edgar Huntly; Or, Memoirs of a Sleepwalker? Thoughts? Reviews?

Can you reccommend any good fiction books? I've reached a point where I have no idea what to read next, and I want to take a break from my usual, beloved authors.

(no subject)

Is it normal to still be excited about holding hands with your SO two years into the relationship?
If you don't give a damn, what's your favorite animal? Would you keep it as a pet? Do you has pics?

(no subject)

What is the best way to explain on a application that I already have a job but my hours are still flexible? And that they should consider me anyway, because I am really awesome and desperately need a second job?!
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Have you ever attended a wedding where someone spoke up when they asked if anyone objected to the wedding?

What happened next?

If not, share your most outrageous wedding story.
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TQC, how are you spending your evening?
I'm avoiding the rain and in the middle of a tug of war championship with this handsome fellow.

If you could live in a badass treehouse, a la Swiss Family Robinson, would you do it? (You'd still have access to modern plumbing and electricity, but it would still be totally open, for all intents and purposes)
Fuck yes I would!

What is your dream job?
Trophy wife or something which required minimal effort for maximum payout, idk.

I got braces today, TQC. They said I'd have them for about 14 months. Everyone I've talked to says orthodontists are big liars and that usually means the original time, plus half. For those of you who are/were metalmouths, do you find that true? What was your original treatment time supposed to be and what did it end up taking?

What is the likelihood that I can call up my doctor and request a script for vicodin to knock out this pain, which tylenol, advil, motrin, and aleve don't? Will they think that I am an addict or will they possibly acquiesce?


Have you ever reached a point in your life where you realized that you need people more than you originally thought for moral support and stuff?

If so, how did that realization occur?
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Have you played Myst and/or any of the sequels and spin-offs?
Any thought or memories you want to share about it?

I just got it for my iPhone and I'm kind of hooked on it now.
I did read the books and really enjoyed them. I had Riven but never really got far with it and gave up but now I want to go see if I can dig it up somewhere. But I never played the original until now.
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If people use Monistat Chafing Relief as a cheaper substitute for Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, does that mean I could use the Photo Finish on my coot if it became necessary?

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How come when I had regular Comcast cable, I had a few HD channels available (I think included for my city or something), but now I don't with the stupid box? I have more channels, but no HD kind of makes me sad.

Why does my left ovary hurt? Is an egg popping out?

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A few months ago an old friend (who I haven't seen in a year or so) and I talked about going to a concert together. I haven't spoken to her since then and the concert is tomorrow night. I pretty much thought that she forgot about it but I just got a text from her saying that she is so excited for tomorrow and wants to leave around 6. I kind of don't want to go. I don't have a lot of money and I'm leaving home for 2 months bright and early the next morning. I really like the band playing but we've already seen them live 5-6 times...buh.

Should I go to the concert or not?