June 3rd, 2009

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Okay, so there's this stray we've been feeding (you know where this is headed, right?) and tonight when we went out to give him his kitty ration and water, he was limping. I had already given him some flea medicine last week, so I was already going down this path, so we brought him in to "look him over." Now he's in our bathroom (having been tended to) and we're seeing how the sniffing by other animals through the door goes. So what should we call him? My husband's been calling him Creature Cat/Kitty, but that's not a proper name. Pic of his handsome green eyed kitty face behind the cut, if you need that sort of thing before having an idea.

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Do you know of a website where you can plot the places you have visited (or alternatively are planning to visit) on a map, and it draws lines of your travel route(s), from point to point?

TQC, will you feed my cat while I'm away this weekend?
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I have made a lot of boiled eggs the last couple of days and they have all been perfectly cooked and none of them have cracked. I hadn't ever made them myself before this week. When my mom makes deviled eggs she always has like 6 or 7 of them crack while she's boiling them.

Do you wind up cracking eggs when you boil them? Do they just bump together and crack? Do you heat them up too quickly? Do you drop them in after you start boiling the water? How does that happen?
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Do you know of any (preferably all female) string quartets? I already have everything by Bond and Escala.

What about bands that feature mainly string instruments (preferably with female vocalists, eg. The Veronicas)?

What's your favourite instrumental song?

I have a question too... I'm very worried

Do you guys think they can treat prostate cancer nowadays? It turns out my grandfather has it. :( :( He's 85. I don't want him to go.

Also idk if I should discuss anything with my grandparents. I've been trying to contact my father, and I'm thinking this is what caused grandpa's cancer. I'm scared. I know cancer can be caused by stress.

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1) what is your earliest memory?

2) are you good at pissing people off?

3) boyfriend is constantly bugging me to "ask a question" or "tell a secret"
i can never think of questions other than random things (favorite color, what are you wearing [;)], etc) and he says he doesn't feel like i want to know anything about him.
so my question, what are some questions you would ask to get to know someone on a..."deeper" level? haha
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My grandparents have put my vibrator somewhere. I've torn apart my room looking for it with no success, and have no money to buy another. Only option left is asking.

How do I approach the subject without dying a horrible, embarrassing death?

Yes, I know, ridiculous question is ridiculous.
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 Bananas Foster Cappuccino = best thing ever to come from 7-11, or do I have an unhealthy obsession with fake banana flavoring?

In your opinion, what are the perfect weather conditions? If I'm going outside, give me high 70's and partly cloudy. If I have nowhere to go, bring on the Thunderstorms. :)

I have to leave for work in 35 minutes, and still need to dry my hair, get dressed, and make sure I have all my stuff. How much time can I spend dawdling online? 
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i made a facebook event a few hours ago to invite some friends to a local bar cause i'm turning 21 on friday. someone that i didn't even invite wrote on the wall and said "Nothing personal against you, but no one ever wanted to go to any bars with me my past two birthdays, so I just don't celebrate anyone's birthday anymore," and then clicked the "not attending" button.

what the hell? why did he do that? would i be out of line if i wrote back and said something about how i didn't even invite him because i knew he wouldn't come? i mean wtf.

eta: while we're talking about it, what should my first legal drink be?

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1)I'm having a hard time relaxing, even though I watch movies, and goof off and attempt to meditate and do relaxation techniques? Any help?

2)How far away would you relocate for a job? *is thinking about it, but maybe I should be close to my family*
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Years ago when I was seeing a psychologist, she had me try this method for treating anxiety. It was a pair of glasses wired up to a machine that created different patterns of pulsating light, and it was paired with a white noise machine. I would love to get one for my own personal use but I have no idea what it might be called. Does anyone know? I've tried googling "light therapy glasses" to no avail.

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My fiancee and I are going to be in Memphis this weekend, and Sunday afternoon/evening is free on our schedule. Do any of you know any good local restaurants (or anything else that'd be fun to do) in Memphis, TN?

If you don't know or don't care, will you tell us about your favorite local place to go for food/drinks/live music?

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For those of you who are not in high school.

Do you live with your parents? 

When did you decide to move out? 

Did you have to pay your parents rent? 

When do you think people should move away from their parents? 

Do you get tired of yes/no questions?


Have you ever purchased something like a cooling pad to help keep your laptop from overheating and shutting down? I think I need to get something like this, but I don't want to spend $50 on something that doesn't work very well. I need recommendations, if you have any.

computer trouble

I've suddenly got what looks like a bubble in the lower left-hand corner of my screen. I don't know how it got there; I just woke up and opened the laptop this morning, and there it was. It doesn't move much if I press it but it makes everything look brighter. It's just this tiny spot of discoloration a little bit smaller than my thumb, but since the area around it looks slightly darker, it looks like it might be 3D or like it's popping out of the screen. I don't know what it is.

I've tried googling it but all I got were articles about LCD screen protectors (probably against stuff like this OTL) so I'm pretty much at a loss for what it is. I don't really want to take it to get fixed because I just sent it in for repair not two months ago. Any idea what it is? Or how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
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911, GUYS

Dear club of questions,

We have a friend over and we want to watch something good while drinking ourselves to hopefully a near-coma state. Do you know anything good? We were thinking of doing drinking games to Scrubs but instead are opting for a movie.

We had nothing else to come up with so we're watching Idle Hands.

Any suggestions? My liver is waiting.


Something obviously horrible (why I mentioned Idle Hands) High School Musical was a good recommendation.
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Do you graciously accept any gift (birthday/christmas) given to you or do you like a bit of thought being put in?

ETA:i.e., would you rather a gift you weren't so keen on, because thought has been put in, or just have money chucked at you?

On the whole, I hate being given presents because I feel like I don't deserve them, however, I have one friend who is incredibly begrudging at giving gifts, which makes it all the more uncomfortable. 
I'm being given money for my driving test from someone very close to me. I hate to whinge but my parents wanted to pay for it, and i'm months away from taking it. It feels like a get out from having to think about a gift.

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computa computa

does anyone own a sony vaio? would you recommend it to someone getting a new computer?
-i'm considering this one. i think they are nice looking, and i hear sony's products last a ridiculous amount of years.

if you don't own one, what brand computer do you have? are you happy or disgusted with it?
-i have a dell inspiron that is about 2-3 years old. it is dreadful.

if you don't care about computers, what is your favorite place to shop?
-forever21, target!
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 My mom just dropped off two boxes full of all my old soccer and little league trophies from when I was a kid. I had completely forgotten about all of them and have no desire to keep any of them.

-What do I do with them? Should I just throw them all away or is there a place to donate them?

-What was the last compliment you received? Who was it from?

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The VP of my company's division is coming to Boston to 'visit'. It was recommended that I meet her. Personally I'd rather not, but people were saying it might be a opportunity for a promotion. But I'll also have to wash my work uniform and I don't feel like doing that.
Should I go meet the VP of the company?

If you don't care about my work wank:
Why do people no longer care about being loud at the library?
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Context: "Chillin' at the bar or the coffee house is what we do best on the South side. Meet with other girls/broads/ladies/women/females/tomatahs to discuss city living, kids, relationships, politics, beer, whatever."

What the hell is a tomatah? What other words for girls (or boys) have you heard that make no sense to you at all?

Mine is a thunderstorm!

Will you tell me what your favorite weather occurance is and give me three adjectives describing why it's your favorite?

ETA: Apparently TQC is very experienced between the sheets: this question is supposed to reveal how you are in bed.

Way to displace residents, hurricane girl! :)

My cartilage piercing stuck, infected, sucked into my ear

I haven't frequented TQC in a good three years, but I figured that this would be the best palce to pose this question.

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Edit: Thanks for the help guys. I've removed some of the hair from the piercing, which has removed some of the pressure on the piercing. I pretty much just need to get the ball out at this point, which is easier now that it's not held back by the hair. It seems like there's scaring around the ball, which I'm going to try to alleviate by using vinegar.

Is it OK to ask actors about pairings/ships?

A lot of people ship characters with other characters in movies/TV shows/cartoons/books/etc

I was wondering if you ever meet an actor at a convention is it OK to ask them what they think of a certain pairing/ship that one of their characters is a part of?

Like asking Christopher Heyerdahl or Joe Flanigan what they think of the Sheppard/Todd ship in Stargate Atlantis

Or asking Scott McNeil or Chiara Zanni what they think of the Stork/Piper ship on Storm Hawks?

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What is the legal drinking age in your country?


When did you first start drinking? (Semi-regularly, as in, not a glass of wine when you were 4)

15-16 ish

ETA: How old are you now?

3 days away from 18
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Any suggestions on somewhere in Washington (or maybe Idaho or Oregon) to take a cute and fun 3 or 4 day vacation?

I want to suggest a weekend vacation to my SO (I've never traveled with a SO before) and I live in Western Washington and would want to drive instead of fly somewhere.

And if you have no suggestions in particular, where would I look for ideas?

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So everyone in my group of people (including those I have not been in physical contact with) seems to be catching the same bug: throwing up violently once, then sleeping for a week only waking up to shit and fart like crazy.

It's really pleasant.

Anyone else having a full-body exodus at the moment?
Which is worse, vomiting or diarrhea?
Ever try to juggle those two at the same time?

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As a former waitress, I read this story and became worried. Most supervisors and managers make a good percentage more hourly than their employees, especially in the service industry.

Do you think supervisors deserve a share of the tips?
Do you think other service industry jobs that allow tipping will start this?
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On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy your sneezes?
If someone around you has to say something when you sneeze (it's a compulsion or an ingrained habit - they mean no offense whatsoever), what would you have them say if you could control their words?

example: my sister and a friend sometimes say "you're soooo good looking!" which is kind of fun. 8)
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Have you ever been to Medieval Times?

Would you rather spend the day at Disneyland (or Disneyland California Adventure, whatever that place is called now) or Universal Studios Hollywood? You must pick one, as you will need to decompress before heading home and there's nothing like pissing your pants on Splash Mountain or coming face-to-face with King Kong to get the stress out.

Do you like mead? (The beverage, not the paper product brand.)
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Question for the men of TQC.

So, I'm a girl. And when we go to the toilet, we piss, and if we have to crap, the act of pissing often begins the crapping process. This of course is usually ok, as we are already sitting on a toilet.

But typically, you men are at a urinal, or at the very least, standing up at a toilet. When you begin to piss, and if you have to crap, what do you do? Does it stay in there? Do you rush to a stall? Do you clench?


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My rat is old and has a hard time doing very basic tasks. He seems listless, doesn't eat very much, hardly drinks water, and has a hard time moving. Not sick, I don't think, since I keep his cage clean and he doesn't show any signs of the dreaded rat cough. Just really old (2+ years, has traveled cross-country, has changed ownership a couple of times and lived in some rough conditions).

Do I euthanize him?
Just let him get older and feebler until he starves to death?


Sorry if you also read my personal journal and just got a double-dose of rodent tragedy.

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I'm watching Mystery Diagnosis right now.

Will you tell me about your favorite episode of Mystery Diagnosis?
If you've never seen the show/don't care, will you tell me about your own real-life mystery diagnosis?


Is there anywhere you can take your dog when it's raining and he really needs a walk?
My parents just left on vacation and I have the house to my self (well me and the puppy) what should i do?
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is there any community on livejournal where people share exercise videos?

you know how there are communities where people share music, and tv shows and movies (even porn). is there one where exercise dvds/videos are shared?

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1. So my sister, my mom and I end up wearing each other's underwear a lot. It's no big deal for us, but one of my friends thinks it's weird. Are we freaks, TQC?
edit: Lol, yeah it's clean underwear. If it wasn't, I wouldn't have to ask if we're freaks, I'd know.

2. What instruments do they use in that Postal Service song "Nothing Better"? It's just keyboard, yes/no?

3. Ok, what the hell happens at the end of Neil Gaiman's Good Omens? Do they confront Satan? How do they win (because I just assume they do)? My fucking book is missing the last few pages.

weird late comment

So I just received an email notification for a post/question from almost three years ago.
From what I can tell, this comment was made today.

Why did brightflight make a comment on a 2 and a half year old thread?
Do you think she was scouring TQC archives for pot-related posts?

Have you ever looked at the archives (like really OLD ones)? Why?
Have you ever made comments are super-duper old threads? Why?

Do you want to see the post I am talking about? Definitely some lol-worthy stuff.

Also: just to bring up the wank again, do you think people should be smoking weed and operating a motor-vehicle?
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Do you sing in the shower?

Will you make a guess at when Stephen Colbert is going to the Persian Gulf, and what country he's going to? Even if you have no clue what I'm talking about.

Have you watched Conan O'Brien in his new habitat? What do you think so far?

Do you give a fuck that it's Anderson Cooper's, John Hodgman's, and Jason Jones's (Jones' ?) birthday today?

Also, thanks for all the support last night! I feel a lot better knowing there are strangers out there who would care if some random girl on the internet got her heart broken. :)


When you answer the phone, and the person on the other end says 'sorry wrong number' and then waits for you to answer them, what do you say??

I chose 'thank you', but i wasn't sure why.
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Where, in your estimation, does the line between "lower-middle-class" and "poor" lie?

What is a good pandora.com equivalent? (I know this has been asked before)

Would you most prefer a blueberry scone, blueberry muffin, or slice of blueberry coffee cake?

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Whats a good gift i can spend zero dollars on and can send my friend who moved to FL as a gift for her 19th birthday?

I was thinking about getting fabric markers somehow and making her a shirt with "skank burger with cheese" wrote on it (thats the nickname i gave her years ago, back then she was a "jr skank burger with cheese").

i was thinking about going outside and making some crazy jewelry out of found objects from outside and wherever. I did make her a picture of two cats that said "retarded kittens" because thats out nick name for eachother with oil pastels and a birthday card but somehow those got thrown awayy... ugh jerkss.

help me come up with ideas. i'm kinda stuck.
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Is there anything that someone could do that, though the action clearly inandofitself demonstrates that the person is clinically ill, that you would not want them to get mental help and just want them to be severely punished?

How could I have better phrased that question?
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Are shoes that are measured in cm measured on the inside of the shoe, or the bottom? What size in cm best fits a size 6.5 US? (women's) Google gives between 22.5cm and 25cm - for people who have shoes in both kinds of sizing, which have you found to be the closest cm measurement?
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kittysitting question

I have a dilemma.

Say you have a good friend who is being deployed soon-ish. He has a boy cat who cannot can't stay with his girlfriend as her apartment doesn't allow pets and his parents later said they will watch only watch him IF he gets declawed (which they offered to pay for). Your friend doesn't want the cat to be declawed and realizes his parents have never actually *had* a cat and would require a lot of basic "this is how you clean a litter box" lessons that you already know, having had eleventy cats. You offer to take the cat and your friend accepts the offer and now wants to pay you.

You'd be traveling about 10 hours one way to pick the kitty up and would be watching him for the length of your friend's deployment which obviously can vary.

How much do you think is fair? What would you want to be paid? The kitty in question doesn't have any medication needs and only requires a special food (hairball formula) because he is a longhair. He's just over a year old.

Thanks TQC :)
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I playfully made a joke about a friend of mine. Two of my other friends laughed at the joke. The person I made the joke about got offended. My two other friends who were laughing at the joke earlier are now acting like what they did wasn't as bad as me telling the joke. Do you believe this to be true?
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Am I the only person in the world that just doesn't like movies? I mean, I can appreciate a really good one every now and again but in general, I just don't like to spend hours of my time watching movies - I'd rather read a story than watch one. It seems like no one else understands this concept.

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If there is a job ad asking for people with specific requirements, do people who blatantly NOT have these requirements (like a certain level of education or a minimum number of years experience in such and such) have any business applying?

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1)How are you a special snowflake?

I can read fast. I bet nobody in the whole world can read fast! </sarcasm>

2)Do you have any special talents that you'd like to share?

I can repeat things that I've memorized.

3) Do you think that American comic book companies should give up on floppies and just release a graphic novel whenever they have 200 pages of story?

I do. Floppies are expensive and even harder to store than GNs.

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There is a crazy awesome thunderstorm with nickel-sized hail going on RIGHT NOW. It is June and practically summer, plus it's been in the 90s all week and HOLY SHIT BIG ASS LIGHTNING RIGHT OUTSIDE.

Um anyway. Do you like thunderstorms?
Do you have any WTF weather stories?
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I have a large stuffed penguin seat belted into the passenger's seat in my car. He's been there for a few months. Should I remove him?

I'm pretty sure the man at the gas station today thought I was crazy.

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Hey TQC, i havent asked a question in yonks, but i have one now. hopefully someone can give an awsome idea.
The thing is, I am throwing a birthday party in a few weeks in a bar function room. the room itself is fairly non-descript so obviously i want to decorate it. however its not just an ordinary birthday party as i am attempting to recreate the feel of a rock night club (me and the majority of my friends spent our late teens to early twenties in rock clubs.). i have already made a huge poster to go behind the DJ area, but now im stumped.

can any of you think of anything that would make it look and feel a bit more nightclub-esque? ideally something very very cheap and easy to get a hold of. danke!

Pool Owners

We finally have our pool ready (first year with it) and I'm wanting to get in. The temperature is like 60F and it's 18C out. Is this too cold? I don't wanna get sick because I have graduation on Saturday lol

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my boyfriend and i HATE doing dishes. that's really the only household chore that we can't stand. unfortunately, our new apartment didn't come with a dishwasher. we were thinking of getting one that you don't have to install (just the type that hooks up to the sink).

the landlord told us that it uses up a lot of water and therefore doesn't want us to have one. someone else told me that it actually saves water and that doing dishes in the sink uses more water than the dishwasher.

who's right?

wants a good relationship

i'm 18 years old dating a 24 year old for around 11 months.
he's unemployed collecting unemployment checks every month.
he couldn't help he got laid off, well no one really can.

anyways, he treats me well for the most part. but here for the past 3 months we havn't done anything but gone out to eat once.

he can find money for other things such as weed, but our days consist of waking up, hanging out, he smokes a blunt, have sex, have lunch (he feeds me in bed), occasionally go to his friends house, and then rent a movie and go home.

i don't know if i'm being unapprecaitive or if i'm just with a dead beat. what should i do? it seems like all my friends are in way better relationships than me

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Ugh. Is sudoku really supposed to exercise your brain?? Because it's making me feel like a fucking idiot for not being able to figure out one the book is calling "easy." :(

What is your favorite/least favorite word game/puzzle?
Favorite: Word searches!! Least favorite: Crossword and sudoku. Both of them make me feel like a huge idiot.

What is your favorite granola bar? Brand and variety, plz!
I loooove Quaker's Chewy Dark Chocolate Cherry ones. OM NOM NOM. I got 3 boxes on clearance for $1.50 at Target today :)

Do you have a favorite Pepperidge Farm cookie?
My favorites are mint Milanos and original Brussels.

ETA: Will you tell me some "cures" for hiccups that you've heard?! The sillier the better.
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my side hurts from a weak ass crash on my skates yesterday. it's 8:30pm and my friend leaves to Arizona for two weeks tomorrow.
should I skate down there to visit him?
would you?

I'm not going to go :(

how are you doing right now?

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where do you draw the line between short hair and long hair on a girl?

what about on a guy?

(please pretend that medium-length hair doesn't exist. you can only classify hair as "short" or "long.")

picture examples might be nice.

ETA: i mean just for classifying... not for whether or not it looks good.
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Is anyone else watching the Make Me a Supermodel finale?

Who do you think is going to win?

I want Jonathan to win!!!!!

If you don't care, how was your day?


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Is it worth it to upgrade to Vista?

Details: My brother just got a new computer, but he had it downgraded to XP, so we have a Vista install CD floating around and I'm wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade by circa 2005 Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop from XP to Vista?
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1. TQC, I've noticed when baking thin crust pizzas (from the frozen food section), the directions indicate that "for best results" you should place the pizza directly onto the racks in the oven and forgo a cookie/baking sheet. How the hell does one do this without massacring the inside of your oven?

2. Today, my little brother rear ended someone. This is the second time in less than two months. His car (which was involved in an accident May 6th) is currently undriveable because the headlight won't pop open, so he's been driving my dad's 1997 Chevy Tahoe. Today, he supposedly rear ended a Honda Civic. He said the brakes weren't working. The bug shield is shatter in half and the whole front end of the Tahoe will have to be replaced (the bumper, hood, and grate thingy). According to my little brother, the Honda's bumper is the only part that took any damage.

He is a freaking liar, y/y? Is it because he hit something other than the Honda, or because the damage is hella worse than he wants to admit?

3. It is supposed to be raining tomorrow, but I have the day off and want to go swimming. If it's not thundering/lightning, what's the harm in swimming in the rain?

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Something's wrong with my computer.  My computer's not playing the audio in vidoes.  I just downloaded a trojan horse on accident, but I deleted it from my computer and now I can't hear any audio in youtube, google, or videos featured on MSN.  What's wrong?  Should I try to restart my computer and see if that will fix it?  I don't know anything about computers, to be honest.  Sorry if these are stupid questions!

ETA: Is it possible that I deleted an important file from my computer on accident?  Like, the trojan horse that I deleted was in a file that I needed to listen to the audio?  When I restarted my computer, it told me that c:/windows/qonnkh.dll could not be found.  What did I just do?  Fuckkkk.
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do you ever get distracted by smells? Do you connect smells with memories? do people ever look at you weird when you say something like, "it smells like the summer of aught-5 in here..."

i'm tryyyyying to write an essay, but someone put on some lotion that i used a lot when i first started dating my boyfriend, and now i can't stop reminiscing about days gone past.

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Poll #1410734 TWINS!

Are you a twin?

No, I had the womb to myself
No, I shared the womb with more than one other person

If you are not a twin/multiple, did you ever wish you were?

I am a cyborg who does not understand the concept of "wishing"