June 2nd, 2009


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So there's a song that starts out with only violin then becomes a metal song and has the violin going throughout the song...

I can't remember any lyrics and don't know the band name or song title...so I can't find it...

Do any of you know what this song is?
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tqc, my sim just bought a 2005 mercedes-benz roadster for her little brother's birthday. what color should it be? the colors are:

greyish blue
light grey
gunmetal grey
almost black
medium grey

if it matters, they already have a 2008 aston martin, and it's red.

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TQC HELP! My friend's right pupil has swelled to almost covering her entire iris. Her vision is blurry, her eye scratches, and she feels pressure on the right side of her head. She should go to the ER, YES?!

[edit: I'm talking to her on fb and can't convince her to go in. guh]
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out of every ten fights you get yourself into (meaning you started it), how many are resolved by you conceding first?

out of every ten fights you are forced into (meaning the person you're fighting with started it), how many are resolved by you conceding first?

basically, i want the percentage of fights in which you are made the other person's bitch.
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I have an appointment to start seeing a new doctor on Thursday.  My previous doctor had been my doctor since I was born, so I've got a lot of hypochondriac stuff to catch up my new doc with.  What should I tell her to make her aware of how ridiculous I am?

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To those of you who've already gotten their hands on Sims 3, what's your processor?

Mine is1.9 GHz, while the system requirements for Sims 3 says that it needs to be at least 2.4 GHz. I'm sort of hoping that I'd be okay, since everything else checks out. Should I bother getting it, or would I be better off passing?

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I have to sleep in the front room tonight.

Would you prefer to sleep on a loveseat, 3 cushion couch or 1 cushion couch with a fairly large ottoman?

The arms of the chairs are fairly squishy and comfortable, kinda like this if that influences your decision.

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do you ever feel like you seem to attract all the wrong people (romantically or non-)?

if you listen to Placebo, what's your favourite song by them?

(me: YES. :( and I like the entire Sleeping With Ghosts album)
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Marriage and teens

Opinions needed!

A 19 year old girl (not me, fuck no) meets a 20 year old boy (who is studying in college aboard in the US from England). They know each other for three months and began dating shortly after they met. He lives with the girl and her family for two and a half of that. Now, they want to marry in December. Both sets of parents are alright with this. The girl states they've prayed, and they both know what they want.

Should they get married or not? Why or why not?
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What's the most recent night out you had?

(also; I apologise for this if it goes against the rules of the group or anything, but, could you only respond if you do not mind your answer being used a study I am doing. None of your personal details will be used, just the responses themselves.)

I'd really appreciate your help, tqc! :)

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1) Why is there a message in my inbox that says "You are not authorized to veiw this entry"? How do i fix this?

2) what time is it where you are? what are you doing awake? what were you doing at 3:50am?

3) Do you have home remedies for a head cold? (stuffy nose, tired, groggy, mild chest congestion blahblahblah)

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If you could magically have any celebrity appear before you to hang out with, who would it be and what would you do?

Mine is for sure Josh Groban and he'd have his doggie with him. We'd be in a park playing with his doggie...fetch, ect...having a fun time. ^^

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Whats YOUR power???

Bet you didn't think I knew how to rock 'n' roll.
Oh, I got the boogie-woogie right down in my very soul.
There ain't no need for me to be a wallflower,
'Cause now I'm living on blues power.

I knew all the time but now I'm gonna let you know:
I'm gonna keep on rocking, no matter if it's fast or slow.
Ain't gonna stop until the twenty-fifth hour,
'Cause now I'm living on blues power.

Talking to you, now.
The boogie's gonna pull me through.
Keep on, keep on, keep on keeping on.
Keep on keeping on, keep on keeping on.

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I was invited to a graduation party for my brother's sister-in-law and thought a good gift would be to put together a sort of College Survival Kit for her.

So far, I have on my list to include:
- Caffeinated Breath Mints
- McDonald's Gift Card
- iTunes Gift Card
- Stress Ball
- Cough Drops
- Travel Mug
- Bookmarks

What else should I add?

And if you don't care, good morning to those of you in my general time zone (CST)! What sounds/noise/smells/sensations did you wake up to this morning?
My cat pounced my head at about 5:15 today, ugh.
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i had a "fantastic interview" with an engraving store in february. they turned me down because of my availability. they're now hiring *part* time. i want this job.

do you think i should go back? i feel like a creeper.


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Last night I woke up because my throat tickled a lot and I couldn't stop coughing for several minutes. My first thought was that there was some poisonous chemical in the air. Then I thought, what if I swallowed the daddy longlegs that inhabits my room?

So, TQC, what else could it have been?

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1:  When you're driving, do you ever get the urge to swerve into oncoming traffic?

2:  Have you memorized phone numbers in your cell phone address book?

3:  I woke up and went back to sleep because I was still sleepy.  Two hours later, I woke up to an itchy bug bite.  My sheets are khaki and it would be easy to spot a bug but I haven't seen one.  Where did the bite come from?

4:  My wedding ring has tiny diamonds going across the top.  Sometimes the top slides to the middle or bottom of my finger.  A few nights ago, I noticed the diamonds pressed against my middle finger and now I have a small callus but it feels like it's growing.  How do I get rid of it and prevent it from happening again?

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I took a message for my mother last night from some lady around 9PM. She left her house phone, and I told her that my mother wouldn't be home for a while. She said that it was fine, and to just have my mom give her a call. My mother didn't get home util 11PM last night, so she decided not to call.
My mother called this morning, and the lady said "Why did you call here? This is my HOUSE phone." This was the only number that she left me.

Don't you hate when people give you an answer or information and then pretend the next day that you're the one who screwed up?
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to preface this, i'm due july 1st and have been working part-time for the past two weeks.
we're financially able to handle it either way, but i'm worried about having the baby early and not being able to give sufficient notice and/or being totally bored with using maternity leave before i have the baby.
i also have to deal with gestational diabetes, which means i have to time when i eat and be able to test my blood sugar 1 hour afterwards, which work interferes with.

Poll #1409835 maternity leave

when should i start my maternity leave?

at the end of this week
at the end of next week
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What's the longest you've gone without brushing your teeth?

Without taking a shower/bath/cleaning yourself?

What were the circumstances?

Teeth - 2 days. Shower - 5 days. I was traveling all across Europe to get home and our trains/boats/planes were all delayed. I felt so damn gross.


yikes! bikes!

Please tell me you are a safe biker and I have just had bad luck running into the minority who are jerks?

Collapse )

Do you ride a bike?
Do you observe the rules of the road while on your bike?
Have you ever hit anyone on your bike or visa versa?
Do you feel a douche-baggy type of entitlement because you ride a bike and don't own a car?

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Hi guys!!
So my parents are going to Jamica tomorrow for their 30th anniversary. My sister is basically broke rightnow due to gradschool and the economy and is going to make my parents a nice dinner when she comes home for the summer. I don't want to spend TOOO much money but what could I get them or do for their anniversary since it's such a special one?

While they are out of town what are some fun lunches or dinners I should/can make?

What are your favorite things or things you always do when you have the house to your self for a week?

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I have about 40 minutes left in class and nothing to do. Most of the good internet sites are blocked.

WHAT SHOULD I DO TO OCCUPY MY TIME TQC? I have access to a printer and standard office supplies and that's about it.

TQC'ers with long hair...

Do you have any recommendations for hair accessories or good ways to wear long hair? I pretty much just default to buns/ponytails and need a little variety. I have tried random clips and barrettes and have been rather disappointed with either how they look or how they work. TQC is great for these word-of-mouth recommendations, so I thought I'd ask.

If you don't give a shit about your hair, what DO you give a shit about?
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I'm having severe roommate issues. HALP, TEA-CUE-SEE.

Collapse )

Long story short: how do you politely tell someone they need to move out ASAP and pay you the back rent/utilities they owe you?

What's the most a roommate has ever owed you and never paid back?

How old were you when you first moved out? How long did you stay moved out?
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we are a wonky bunch

Doing a lot of mood themes I often come back to this one section that makes me ponder a bit...cuz I fit into one of the three categories. Mood themes are 132 different moods which are on a branching display so you can cover all of it with just 35 moods.

One of the branches is "nerdy". It covers "dorky" & "geeky". I'm a geek. It's just that I'm not always sure everyone defines these words the same way I do so I thought I'd give you what I got and then you can give me what you got.
  • Nerds: big into computers

    • Dorks: gamers, LARPers, RPG types

    • Geeks: fanboys & girls of movies, comics, TV, etc

How do you define these words?
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cooking suggestions...?

So I'm moving across the country soon for a summer job, and I'm going to need to cook for myself for the first time in my life...

1) any suggestions for easy affordable meals? 

2) how old were you when you moved out "on your own" and what staple foods could you have not lived without?

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Something is wrong with my mouse. I'm on a laptop and whenever I try to left click, it double clicks. I have to just barely touch it to keep it from double clicking, but then I am never sure if I clicked or not for a few moments.
Is there a way for me to fix this? Like, to change the pressure settings for my mouse? Or should I just learn to tap the pad and not the buttons?
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Have you ever eaten at Taco Johns?

What do you like from there?

I just had lunch there and because they messed up on my order they gave me some free sopapilla bites. I'd never had them before but now I'm wondering where they've been all my life. OM NOM NOM

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Ugh due to some unsavory long-winded returns on items I paid for with my own money, not gifts, I now have $150 on a gift card to a dildo megastore and $50 on a gift card to Apple. How can I turn this into ~*real money*~? I found websites where they give you like 60% of the balance. But if I do this through Craigslist/internet (where I offer like a 10% discount or w/e), how can the buyer verify the balance?

Potatos vs. yams––what is your stance?

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Do you wear Jean Nate scented products?

Does (did) your mother?

How about your grandmothers?

(A box of Jean Nate powder, with powder puff, has just appeared in our house, and it seems the sort of thing my mother had about her, oh around 1970 or so.)


Who is your favorite Blues Brother?


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1)I've never played Pokemon before. What Pokemon game should I get for the DS?

2)Anatomical hearts or the classic 'heart shape'? which looks better?


3)Would you wear a knit necklace?


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1)When you go see bands/musical artists do you dress in consideration of who you are seeing? For instance it it's some industrial band, you dress in black; if you're seeing some hipster band, you dress like a hipster; etc.

2)If you started a gang, what would your gang name be?
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what exactly is the point of pic spams?

especially when they're just a bunch of screencaps of a TV show, with the colours messed up. for some reason they get posted to TV and icon communities, which i otherwise enjoy having on my friends list.

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have you taken Microlut the mini-pill? how did you find it? doc put me on it today but might ask to switch to something else. any good pills for someone who gets migrains and has strokes in the family?

what are you up to today?

what should i buy in safeway? feeling hungry

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I'm looking for a matte, bright yellow (like a banana or lemon, not neon) nail polish. I have no idea where to even start because I usually paint my nails black or blue. Any recommendations or color swatches of good colors?

ETA: I won't lie, I was watching 'New York Goes to Work' and I was fixated on her yellow nails. I want nails like New York =(
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I am alone in a room with two huge wasp/bee things. I don't know what they are but they're horrifying and I'm scared.

HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM? I have no bug sprays. D:

also can I please borrow someone's bravery? because I'm REALLY SCARED OF THEM and don't want to get close enough to smash them with a shoe but I guess I will have to. D: D: D:

ETA: I killed one of them. I gave a great battle cry* and attacked it with a clog.
The other is now hiding.


*Actually I just screamed because I was scared

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On Tuesday I saw NIN, Jane's Addiction and Street Sweeper Social Club, It was fucking AMAZING! What's something you want to brag about or had a crazy awesome time doing?

Also, I've been incredibly bitchy lately. What's something you do to relax and get in a better mood before everyone around you kills you? 
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are you good at reading out loud? do you pause appropriately, pronounce things the right way, etc.
if you've taken foreign language classes were you good at reading out loud in those, too?
does it bother you when people are terrible at reading out loud?

i read well, but fast...
i adlibbed presentations in french because i can't read out loud in french at all, lol.
it drives me nuts! when you read shakespeare for example you don't halt at the end of the line

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My daddy passed away this morning, TQC. Will you post some funny/cute macros to cheer me up? Lolcats preferred.

What was the last thing that happened that made you really sad, really pissed off, and really relieved all at the same time?
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TQC, I really want to do something different with my hair. I like my hair long, but it's super thin, so if it gets much longer than it is now, it looks weird. I also have a long face. I was thinking of cutting it short, and I want a different color too, cause it always fades to this nasty blonde. Do you think I'd look good with a pixie cut? If not, how do you think I should style it?

Here's what I look like now, more or less: in the middle, on the right, and a picture I just took.

Edit: HTML fail. Fixed.
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I was all set to buy the Sims 3 today and I went to the evil bank of evil to deposit my paycheck and the $$ won't be available for like three days, and I don't really want to by the game before that. And then the banker, who incidentally was my friend's date to a party @ my house once was all "lets sit down and have a talk, are you ok?" And I was like "because I'm TOTALLY going to talk about my shitty day to a BANKER. go away." (Only not in those exact words) 

Those were like two of the twenty zillion things that went wrong today. So here's the Q: What do you do to stop a seemingly unending stream of bad luck? 


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My mom is looking for a movie.

It's about a woman in her 20-30's who finds out she has cancer, and she tries alternative methods of healing, such as macrobiotic diet, meditation, she even has an oriental healer come in. He works with her and my mom's pretty sure she gets healed in the end. It's from the 80's, 90's.

Anyone have any clue?

(I already asked in whatwasthatone, and it's not Crazy Sexy Cancer.)
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There is a stray cat that hangs outside my house, and I've fed him a few times. He's really sick, and close to dying. I don't know whats wrong with him, nor do I have the money to take him to the vet and find out - the vet wont do anything it for free, I've already asked.
My question is, are there any organizations that will come out and pick up sick, stray cats, maybe even put him down and end his suffering?

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Are there any special, non-alcoholic drinks that you make for yourself? (Recipes?)

I make Thai iced tea for myself quite a bit. I use the mix that you can buy at World Market, which isn't exactly what you'd get in a restaurant, but is still super tasty.

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have you ever seen rock a doodle? did you like it?
what about cats don't dance?

what is that movie called where there are these nice dinosaurs that are friends with these kids but then this evil dude captures them and gives them these pills and they are all vicious and evil in cages?

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i was supposed to road trip home tonight but there's really awful weather (severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, etc) literally along almost my entire route. needless to say, i'm not leaving tonight (probably not until fucking thursday night, blah) and sort of in denial about it because my car is freaking halfway packed! i actually got stuff done!
what is the universe trying to tell me, tqc?

what is your favorite poem? why do you like it so much?

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awhile ago i wrote a post on craigslist looking for friends in my area. i got a ton of replies and now tonight on a whim i decided to agree to hang out with a group of people who live down the street. i figure i can at least get drunk before i go to calm my nerves and provide some social lubrication (they're drinking and watching a hockey game.)

am i going to have a good time, tqc?

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Are you in the habit of/were you ever in the habit of calling kids/girls/anyone by a certain name? Lately I've been calling every kid 'darlin' (I called a kid that today- 'excuse me, darlin', and after I passed them his friend was like, 'that's not nice!' lol.) and when I was in kindergarten my teacher called everyone ladybug.
Do you have pet names for your SO? Mine gets called cupcake/pumpkin/sweetie/darlin/whatever I feel like calling him. He only gets called his name when he's in trouble D:
Also, when was the last time you had a sunburn? How bad was it?

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I'm supposed to give a 5 minute speech tomorrow about anything at all- but i'm having trouble thinking of a good topic. I want to avoid the typical speech topics (gay rights, affirmative action, abortion, etc. etc.) and honestly i'm looking for something a little more casual in topic. Any suggestions?

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1.) If you could give one piece of advice (or fuck, several) to someone trying to figure out what colleges to apply to next year, what would it be?

2.) Grab the nearest book, flip to page sixty-six, and type out the sixth sentence. What is Satan trying to tell you ?

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have you ever known someone who you were completely convinced would be famous someday? will you tell me a little about them? are they famous or getting famous yet, or are they totally off track of where you thought they would be?

also... do you think non-english-speakers think english is a pretty language?

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I'm flying from Denmark (where I'll have been for 13 months) to Canada on August 25th and then I get back home to the US on August 31st at about 7:30 p.m.

I originally intended to sign up for a creative writing class that begins on September 1st at around 11 a.m. and is twice a week at a community college. But now I don't think I want to anymore. I could probably sign up for another class in November, when the winter term starts, but I'm not 100% positive they'll be offering it then. Most likely, though.

So, should I sign up for the September class or wait until November?

Pros to signing up for September:

- I'll have "something to do" when I get back home
- I probably won't be jet-lagged due to having been in North America for a week already
- I really want to be inspired to write again
- I might meet new people

Cons to signing up in September:

- it might be "too soon" and I'll just want to relax the day after I get home instead of making myself do something
- it costs money and I'm probably going to be unemployed all of September and am trying to save up money
- I sort of forgot how to drive to the campus and I won't have a chance to do a "test run" (I know, stupid excuse)
- it might be better for me to get a job before committing to a two-month class because of whatever schedule I may have
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Dear Hair styling experts at TQC,
Can I pull off straight bangs? If not, what could I do to change my hair style around just a bit?! Pictures would help!!!

Ugh, dreams ruined. You guys are right.

Who's hair do you wish you could have?

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What's the last thing you ate? Did it satisfy you?
I'm eating a bowl of Kashi Autumn Wheat with blueberries, and NO, not even close. D: I am only eating it because I was too lazy to go to the store to buy some cake... Kashi =/=!!! cake.

Will you tell me about the last momentary lapse of judgment you had?
I put 4 paper towels down the toilet, and expected it to flush. LOL. I plunged it so the toilet isn't clogged anymore, but the paper towels are still sitting in the toilet bowl.

If I leave them in the toilet water for a few hours (okay, probably like 10 or 12 or so), will they break down enough to be flushable? I am just really not keen on sticking my hand in a toilet, ever, at all, for any purpose (even if it is to remedy my own dumbassity).


How do you make feelings for someone who has NO interest in you (at least romantically) go away?

Especially after you slept with them?
I know I was stupid, I just need to make these feelings go away. :(
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I saw a website once that had all kinds of pop,rock, alternative, etc. songs, only in different versions like string quartet, piano, and a lot of others.

Do you know what it is???
just a bill
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Can you tell me about the last time you went out and saw something you just had to get a picture of with your cell phone/camera right then and there? Better yet can you show me the picture?

I just sat three feet away from the "get free money from the government guy in the question mark suit" for two hours today:

anja rubik editorial

A matter of taste.

If someone were to say to you, "Oh I really enjoy ________!" what word in the blank would make you reply, "You have great taste!"?

So basically, what are your (high-brow?) interests, so when you meet another fan, you're impressed/satisfied?

e.g. People are automatically awarded cool points by me if they enjoy The Moth podcast, or the tv shows Freaks and Geeks and Arrested Development. Or if they like astronomy. :)

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So I'm on a diet, and I've been very very good. Salad, fruit, lots and lots of water. Went swimming for the first time today. (Only for twenty minutes, but damn, it was kind of cold in thar.)

...and yet, it seems, at least once a week, this woman I work with brings in a platter of danishes and strudels to share.

I've tried "no thanks." I've tried repeating it. I've tried explaining I'm on a diet. It seems she will not take no for an answer in that "oh, come on, live a little..." kind of laughing way. And she really is a genuinely sweet person, all told.

How do I say no so it counts? Yeah, it's me taking the danish every time, I acknowledge that, but damn, I feel like I'm doing it to get her to leave me alone; and she can see my entire workspace so she'll know if I just trash it. :( And plus it's always around that mid-morning break-y time when I am feeling rather snacky and the willpower is so eager to ebb...
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Have you ever stopped smoking? How did you do it?

My fiancee needs to stop, we can't afford it and it's gross but she's tried the patches and the gum and prescription Chantix and she just can't fucking stop.
Flaming Sikozu

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Say you have a profile up on a personals site and somebody tells you they think the photo you have up isn't that great. You just ignore them as it's one of the very few pictures of yourself that you think looks decent. A few days later you get another message from this person and they've taken your photo without you permission and fiddled with it. Admittedly it does look better, they haven't altered the way you look just evened out the colours and tones a bit.

How would you feel?
What would you do?
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