June 1st, 2009

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 did you watch the mtv movie awards?

are you surprised twilight got best movie instead of dark knight?

personally I love twilight but i dont think the movie was that great, dark knight is 10x better. such a shame...

The living dead seek to make the living dead

Poll #1409043 Zombilaya

The dead are rising from their graves everywhere! Larger cities with a larger population and considerable history are the most threatening. The zombies seek to eat the living or munch on their brains or something equally nefarious. As members of the living, what will you do?

Hole up in my home. Board the windows, bar the door
Same as above, except I'll hole up somewhere that offers more protection, like a bank or library
There's chaos in the streets! Time for a goshdarn looting spree
Armed with guns, bludgeoned objects and whatever else, I join the volunteer militia in wiping out these afterlife flip-floppers
The end is near! I fuck the first thing that moves, and if I'm not dead yet then I'll fuck the second thing that moves, and keep on this pace until the world ends
Travel by car to someplace safer, like the mountains or small new towns with no cemetary
With my trusty camera, my friends and I make a few zombie Punk'd videos which we'll put up on youtube
High-powered rifle, check. Crate of bullets so big a gorilla could sleep in it, check. Rooftop, check. This'll be way more fun than Halo
Go to church and pray for humanity's sins, that they be forgiven and God's wrath be diffused
Honestly, I don't watch the news or get out much. There's a good chance I might not even notice the dead were on the march
Go to my nearest pub with my best friend, my best girl, her roommate, roommate's SO and my mom, and we hole up while enjoying a few pints
THIS IS AWESOME! Mass chaos like this means I won't have to work anymore, won't have to worry about rent or money or student loans. I'm finally FREE!
If you can't beat em, join em. I put on my zombie makeup and walk among their ranks, groaning pathetically. Eventually, they'll leave town or get bored and go back to the grave and life will be normal again
Zombies obviously don't know any better. Brains? Raw human flesh? Barf. I make them some of my yummy burgers and that'll be enough to make them swear off human meat
lol swine flue

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what do you do when you're in a really pissy mood for no good reason? i have weed but i only have like a shot of vodka, so i guess drinking is out.

eta: what movie should i watch? these are my options:

28 days later*
28 weeks latter*
the handmaid's tale
harry potter #1-5*
lord of the rings #1-3*
pan's labyrinth*
the simpsons movie

* = i've seen it before
I <3 TLV

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What's the dumbest comment you've received lately?

Mine: "Excessive weight loos can cause major helth problems latter in live." (In a post in which I asked for advice regarding high calorie snacks)

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Should I go to the natural history museum today or tomorrow?

Collapse )

Also, I live in Orange County, the museum is in LA, and I want to be there when it opens at 9:30. How horrible do you think traffic will be (morning rush hour), and how early should I leave? I don't mind sitting in the car forever.
cedar point

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Situation: we're down to one roll of toilet paper. There's 5 people in the house. My father in law made a rule that nobody poops until we get more tp. It's almost 2am and he will be gone by 7, my sister in law will leave around the same time and MIL will be gone by 11. I have to poop. There's still almost the whole roll left. I don't use a lot of tp at all. We will have more tp by noon. Do I break the poop rule, y/y?

Srs and non srs because both are generally entertaining.

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 Is there a word for farting and then leaving the room right away, leaving everyone else to deal with the smell?

ETA: It was crop-dusting! I should've posted this to whatwasthatone.


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What'd you do this weekend?
I babysat my dad (he's recovering from abdominal surgery), so we hung out at my house and watched old war movies all day on Saturday. It kinda sucked being inside all day on a PERFECT day, but it was nice to hang out with him anyway.

What's the last good deal you got that really made your day?
I got 6 dress shirts, 2 casual button-downs, a pair of jeans, and a pair of shorts for a hair under $200 yesterday. Pretty out of character since I almost NEVER buy more than one item when I get drug out shopping.

For those of you with a spouse/SO, does your family, as a whole, like them?
All of my family likes her...she's meeting the last grandmother tonight.

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1) Do you prefer to listen to the lyrics or the instrumentals/backup of the song?

2) Can you name me a song where the lyrics blow, but the backing music blows you away? How about vice versa?

3) Got any suggestions for a "Summertime" playlist? Y'know, bouncy songs you can jump off the wall to.

Alternately, if you don't listen to music:
B 1) Do boys open doors for girls where you live?

B 2) Are you above or below the Mason-Dixon line living in the South in the US?

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 I made a friend about 9 months ago. We were pretty close considering how new the relationship was. Then I found out I was pregnant and pretty much curled into a ball and slept for months on end. Now that the baby is two months old I'm slowly starting to feel like my old self.

I lost contact with this person while in hibernation and I want to contact him again because we were pretty awesome together. I am hesitant though because it's been so long and I sorta just up and left (he knew I was pregnant). 

What is the best way? He doesn't use email so thats out and I lost his cell number. He has a landline shared with three other roommates (one I really do not want to speak to) or I could bike over to his place in 20 minutes and leave a fancy letter for him with my new contact info on it. 

What do you think? 
Maynard pen
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What are some commercials you just cannot stand?

I hate mascara commercials because they always do this weird thing where they zoom in on the eyelashes and then they start expanding or whatever, and it grosses me out.
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Have you ever offered someone advice on matters of the heart and/or gonads, which you believe actually influenced them?

I think almost all the time, people are simply going to do what their heart and/or gonads tell them. Advice is usually pointless.
James Franco joint

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So, I lost my debit card, and Wachovia sent me a new one. Only...it's a Miami Dolphins card. I HATE the Dolphins. Would it be a dick move to call Wachovia and be like "Look, thanks for assuming that because I live in Florida, I like the Dolphins, but I DO NOT. Please send me a plain card or a sunset or something"?

Alternatively, what does your debit/credit card look like?
cheesin' for Disney

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what is your favorite trashy/ghetto/grammatically incorrect phrase?
"I've been knowing him for X years."

what is your favorite trashy/ghetto food?
when i ate meat, it was balogna. i still love american cheese. and nacho cheese. so pasteurized processed cheese food.


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I have a 14 day vacation in Sep.
Where should I take it???

Poll #1409002 Where to go?

Should I travel to:

Home with family
Other-in comments

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I'm brewing beer, a pale ale with 2 weeks planned for fermentation. It's been a week. The primary fermenter is a plastic bucket with a spigot. As of yesterday the airlock was still bubbling about 10 times per minute. I'm not sure why it hasn't dropped off yet.

Should I rack into my 5 gallon glass carboy as a secondary fermenter, or leave it alone?

If I leave it alone, should I just use the carboy as a bottling bucket? Not as convenient as the plastic bucket with spigot...

If you don't like beer... why not? How old are you? Are you male or female?

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Would it be bad to eat lunchables that have been sitting in a car for a few days? I mean technically it's probably bad for me anyway, and the meat and cheese is so processed. Should I throw them away or risk death by cheap food?


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On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot do you consider yourself?

Which three politicians would you like a free pass to punch in the face, kick in the shins, whatever you'd choose to do to someone you don't like?
noblet and jerri
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I'm going to Bonnaroo this summer with a bunch of people, but of course we want to spend the least amount of money as possible, which means not paying for the food there.

For those of you who have been, and for those who are wise and knowledgeable in general, what kind of non-perishable food would you suggest packing? We need food that's going to keep us going. Brand names are appreciated.

Also, can you give me some other words of wisdom about Bonnaroo? I'm going with some people who have been before, but anything you could offer would be greaaaat.

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PayPal is driving me crazy. The site is so difficult to get actual information from. I was trying to read about what exactly a premier account is, and then I ACCIDENTALLY UPGRADED TO ONE. I never found out how much it costs.

ferris wheel

Convention Season - Help Me TQC!

I'm going to a sci-fi/gamer/geek convention 4th of July weekend. The theme this year is time travel. I'm not wearing anything skin-tight or see-through (I wear an 18), and I don't have a lot of money, so these would be thrifted/clearance outfits.

What kind of costumes can you think of?
luna lovegood

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1. Once a cheater, always a cheater?
2. You can't make a ho a housewife: true or false?
3. Would you forgive your SO for cheating on you?
4. Have you ever cheated/been cheated on?
5. Which are you more likely to forgive: an indiscretion after 5 years or an indiscretion after 5 months?

Star Wars

I'm always been a geeky kind of girl but for some reason I haven't seen even one of the Star Wars movies which makes me feel like I missed something, I only know the tidbits I gotten from the Internet, I know a little about the main characters and some quotations like "Luke, I'm your father" and such.

I want to see them though but I don't know which one I should start with, do you suggest I start with the one that came out first or the one that comes first chronologically?

What movies that you think you *should* have watched, have you never seen?

I'm playing Lego Star Wars on my Nintendo DS all day and even if I known that Darth Vader is from the dark side for a long time, I never heard him breathing before and seriously it sounds severally strained like he would need to see a doctor.

What would you diagnose him with and how much would it hurt his image as a badass to get some kind of inhalator? ;)

edited because of English fail on my part.
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Is there a way to make Podcasts loop so that it moves onto the next podcast episode in my iPod? I have a 30GB video iPod, and I can't seem to figure it out. It will only play one at a time, and I have to physically change to the next one if I want to continue. I'd like them to play like music because I listen to them at work. I did look on Apple's website, but didn't see the answer I was looking for. Any ideas?
Kill Bill - Elle
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TQC, I work a four and a half hour shift tonight. Should I call-in?
I just finished my 80th hour (in two weeks) yesterday.
I have room to get away with this and I have never done it before (I worked three days last week sicker than shit)
I need to finish packing my room for moving
I work an eight hour shift tomorrow anyway

I will only have 20.5 scheduled (they always add more, well..usually but I'm not so sure) hours this week
I'm trying to become PK certified - it's an in-store optional associate training program to expand outside of your department, but it gets you greatly recognized
I really don't want to call-in I just need time I don't have

Would you like to tell me how stupid I'm being? Would you like to tell someone else how stupid they are?
garden state flower

very important decision?

Has anyone seen Up in 3-D? Should my friends and I see it in 3-D or not?

If you don't care about Up, what was the last movie you saw on dvd? In theaters?

edit: also, why does my bluetooth on my phone not want to connect to my computer? it was working before :(

I'm going to Italy!

I'll be in Italy for 6 weeks this summer as part of a study abroad nutrition program. Any tips? What kind of shoes/clothes should I take? Should I be taking a small backpack around with me? (we'll be doing excursions as part of the program)

Ever been to Europe & where?

What's one TV show you can watch endlessly, even reruns?

Cutest dog breed?
profile, b&W

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What weird home remedies have you tried? Did they work? (mixing household food items to improve your skin, hair, etc?)

I have weird discoloration above my chin and around my nostrils from my skin getting badly burned using products with salicylic acid.
(From quite a few years ago, when "Pure Zone" came out, and each of the 3 steps had 2% salicylic acid in it, including the moisturizer)'
Now the skin can't hold moisture and I'm constantly reapplying moisturizer (Mmm Jergens). For the longest time I tried Vitamin E oil, but it basically just comes back.
I don't have a dermatologist where I live..
I looked online and I've decided to try either: white sugar and olive oil with a bit of lime juice, or olive oil with lemon juice and an egg white.

Does anyone have any suggestions? :(
Genghis Kong

Your poop loves you, your poop loves me

The day after eating garden salad and 2 pieces of this tasty, peculiar grape cake, you take a poop. When you're done, you gaze into the toilet and you see something amazing. Your poop is PURPLE and it's fallen in such a way that it looks like Barney! And 2 kernals of corn have landed in the exact place where the eyes would be. This will never happen again. Who do you show this to?

Significant other
Best friend
The neighbors
Postman (if he happens to be walking by at the time)
Everybody on your flist (take a picture)
Youtube members
Not a soul, but I will tell everybody
Not a soul and no one will ever know that my behind can make dinosaur-themed poops
Everybody I know! I'll scoop it out and put it in a box and bring it to work/school/church/etc
The Moon
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Of Life, Shoes and Pictures

How do you think the world will end?

Do you think the web of life is fragile or tough?

What style and kind of shoe do you usually wear?

What is the story behind your default icon? 

If it's available online will you please link to the original picture(s) that your icon is taken from?

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This is kind of a shot in the dark, but does anyone know what "aceite de hwngwra wi" is? Tried google, nothing came up. What I do know is that it is some sort of herbal medicine (or possibly a hair product) from the Amazon. I believe "aceite" is oil in Spanish, and the rest looks like Quechua to me but I'm not sure.

What is something that we currently pay money for that you feel should be free? Me, the internet. There's talk these days saying internet access should be a human right and I have half a mind to agree.

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I've been wanting to ask these since I joined. I don't think I've ever seen anyone ask so...

1. What is your favorite word?
2. What is your least favorite word?
3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
4. What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
5. What sound or noise do you love?
6. What sound or noise do you hate?
7. What is your favorite curse word?
8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
9. What profession would you not like to do?
10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

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To those of you in Europe, do you want to see an amazing concert?

06.24 - London, UK @ The Scala
06.25 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkweg
06.26 - Borlange, Sweden @ Peace & Love Festival
06.28 - Helsinki, Finland @ Pitka Kuuma Kesa Festival
07.03 - Paris, France @ Glazart
07.05 - Koln, Germany @ Summer Jam Festival
07.07 - Heidelberg, Germany @ Karlstorbahnof
07.08 - Hamburg, Germany @ Knust
07.09 - Berlin, Germany @ Lido
07.10 - Munich, Germany @ Muffathalle
07.11 - Leipzig, Germany @ Splash Festival

Atmosphere. Check 'em out because you will love it.

If you dgaf, what are you doing right now?
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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I've decided to stretch my ears but I'm not sure what gauge I want to stretch them to just yet...

  • Have you stretched your ears? If so, what gauge?
  • Will you show me some pictures of your ears with and without jewellery?
  • If you've stretched your ears and then decided to un-stretch them, did they go back to a more conventional size?
jim greco

hey, tqc!

say you met a new person. they are pretty attractive and your type. they are also 6 years older than you. this person cannot behave in public. they are rude to waitresses, salespeople, etc. it is very embarrassing and uncalled for. would you still want to go on dates with them?
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I just logged into my wells fargo bank account. And under pending transactions there is one saying "TELLER CASHED CHECK # 5763" And it was a withdrawal of $40.00.

What the fuck is this?? I have never used my check book, I dont write checks... what could this be? Identity theft or something?? =/

In case you dont want to answer my stupid question. Ever had your identity stolen?

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Hypothetical situation.
You're a priest/whatever and you're marrying a couple (be it strait, gay, interspecies, you pick) and the Pope walks in.

1 - what is the Pope doing there?
2 - what is your reaction?
3 - who brought dip?

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Car question: My '94 Honda Accord hasn't been run for several days, I just went out today to start it and it turns over and fires up for roughly 2 seconds and then dies immediately. I've tried pushing on the gas peddle a little while turning the key - which did nothing to help. Anyone ever have any experiences like this? I'm clueless and have no money right now to take it to a shop.

If you don't care - would you ever wear plaid?

Buddhism Question

My co-worker said something interesting today and I want to find out if it's true. She said that she just turned Buddhist last year and is not allowed to have pictures taken of her. Is this true? Do Buddhists not allow pictures to be taken of them?
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How does Kramer in Seinfeld make a living? He's unemployed and has been unemployed seemingly forever, except for his brief stint at the bagel place in the Festivus episode (purportedly he's unemployed because the bagel place has been on strike... but still, if they're on strike he wouldn't be getting paid). He doesn't seem like the practical type who might have put away money at an earlier time of life. He's estranged from his mother so it's unlikely she supports him. Even if he borrows a lot of stuff (i.e. food) from Jerry, and dresses as if he hasn't shopped for clothes since the 70's, he still has to pay rent and utilities, which can be pretty stiff in New York City. He seems to have a gambling addiction, but I think he loses more than he gains in that, or else he wouldn't be trying to quit. Maybe he's certified cuckoo (not hard to believe) and on disability? Any theories?

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Shame on FX for playing an episode from the last season of That 70's Show, yes? Worst episodes ever, imo.

If you don't know, or care, about the "Randy episodes," - what website to do you visit the most?

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So tomorrow I have a job interview at Hollister, and while this isn't my first job interview, I (unfortunately) have no work experience whatsoever. I think it's almost inevitable that the interviewer will ask me why I have no prior job experience, so if it does happen what's a good way to answer that question? If it helps, i've been continuously applying at places and job-hunting for 6-months, just no calls, so maybe that shows initiative/commitment?

Also how do you suggest I dress for an interview at Hollister? Does a button-up shirt and dark jeans sound fine?

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I work for an animal shelter and am working on a project to promote eleven animals that need surgery, hopefully ending in raising enough money to cover the costs. I need a clever name for this group of animals for their section on the website, kind of like how Best Friends Animal Sanctuary refers to its severely special needs animals as Guardian Angels. What would you suggest as a hopefully-not-too-punny name for these guys?
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Calling all techies: Is there a way to set up Adobe Acrobat so that whenever you create a PDF the file name will appear somewhere on the page(s) of the file? I'm basically looking for a way to be able to identify the hard copy version of a PDF.

I've Googled this like there's no tomorrow but either you can't do it or no one has ever discussed doing it on the interwebs using the words "Adobe Acrobat PDF file name".


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TQC, I have next to no clean clothes. I should go deposit a check, get some cash, and do my laundry, right? :T

How have you been a lazy bum today?
I have been sitting around watching movies/surfing the intertubes, debating whether or not I should do my damn laundry.
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My dad has Fox News on downstairs, and apparently the guy in charge of GM through their bankruptcy stuff is illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant at the courthouse or wherever they are.  They were playing live feeds from it and all that, and then some nice guy decided he'd mention it to a police officer, who took the license plate number.  I don't know if they'll tow the car or not, but there was some guy sitting in it talking on a cell phone in the passenger seat.  I stopped watching at that point, but you could tell the news guys were all excited to have this story to put out there.  It was on for at least five minutes, probably mention on and off before my dad turned to that station.

What's your view on this, TQC?  Is it funny, stupid, waste of time, what?  The news station obviously has plenty of time to fill, because they play news and people's takes on the news all day long. 

The guy drives a Chevy Malibou.  What do you think of that car?  What kinds of cars do you have, TQC? Or if you don't have a car, how do you get places, and is it convenient?

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The guy who I was sort of dating came back from a trip. We left it off that I needed to work on myself but that he still might want to date me. He initiated conversation with me yesterday, told me he missed me and asked to see me next weekend. Do you think the relationship is salvageable?


What the hell are you having for your next meal?
I'm hungry :/


Okay. I am a very short person. I have a plus sized-proportioned body, but I am about 8 sizes too small to fit into plus-sized clothing; however, because of my body shape, I look like an idiot in regular clothes, but have no choice but to buy them. Then of course they accentuate all my fat. I've been in fat denial for a long time but now "sucking in" just doesn't work anymore.

Where should I look for clothes?

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Do you tend to take the blame for things out of your control, especially at work?

The FDA enacted a new rule that changed a lot of stuff at my job and made it take a LOOOONG time to donate plasma (some people were turned away it was taking so long) and a random donor points at me and goes, "You! You're always here when this kind of thing happens! You always try to keep me from donating." And another said, "I realize you are busy, but you can't just turn me away because of that!" (We turned him away because we had evidence of him donating elsewhere but couldn't verify it that day) So apparently, I am in charge of the FDA now. It's a nice promotion.
hate pimentos

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I have eggs that expired May 11.  I put an egg in a pan of cold water and it did not float, but it did stand on its end.  I cracked it into a dish and it doesn't smell whatsoever.  I'm good to go, right?
butterfly kisses.

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I need some opinions. I'm buying a Mazda 3 in the next week or two but I just can't make up my mind on the color. Help! 

Collapse )

Also, do you prefer sedans or hatchbacks? Four doors or two doors? [I'm a four door sedan girl - as the pictures would indicate.]

And for good measure... what's your favourite Dairy Queen Blizzard flavour? [Peanut Butter Oreo or Raspberry Cheesequake for me! I want one badly.]

firearm ownership.



I have been thinking about purchasing my first firearm, the weapon in question is the http://www.kel-tec-cnc.com/su16a.htm.

I will be getting the requisite license and taking safety courses. My question for people who know anything about guns, is this a good beginner weapon? It seems to be that it would be based the probably inadequate research I have done. This is due to me being not quite being sure what I should be looking for, however I have had the following suggested to me: get a rifle, get one in a smaller caliber, get a weapon that is simple to operate and maintain, and make sure you are comfortable holding/firing it. I have also been told the marlin 60 is another good first weapon.

Alternate questions.

How do you feel in general about gun control, should there be more or less restrictions, ie. should automatic weapons be easier to obtain legally or should certain types of guns be harder to obtain?

Finally how do you feel about current gun regulations, are they effective or are they ineffective?

Do they restrict the right kind of features on weapons or are some of the restrictions too arbitrary? (such as color)

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Are there any religious images or symbols you love even though you don't subscribe to that particular religion or denomination?

I'm not Catholic, but I find Our Lady of Guadalupe quite beautiful.

(no subject)

Do you collect anything?
If so, whats your favourite thing from your collection?
What's your weirdest?

I collect anything and everything Panda related! I have a panda made out of frosting and a gumball and a parachutin' panda!

Do you remember any random theme songs by heart?

I don't think it's a theme song, but the Scruff McGruff song!!

(no subject)

What's your favorite poem by Robert Frost? Or by Edwin Arlington Robinson?

I'm partial to "The Road Not Taken" and "Richard Cory" myself. (look them up :D!)

Or what is your favorite poem in general?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)


1. What was that license plate trying to say?

2. If you were to get a text tattoo just above (below?) your elbow on your inner forearm, horizontally, would you have the text face inwards, to you, or outwards, to other people?

(no subject)

1)When writing, do you work on multiple projects at once or one at a time?

2)Do you prefer drama or comedy?


3)I am finding that the fact that this is my last week of my last summer vacation ever is very stressful. How can I forget about this and relax?

ETA: I have summer internship. Sorry to not add that.
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Ok TQC, I told myself I'd email my professor about the internship interview she said she'd schedule for me about a month ago.. If it got to the 1st without hearing from her. I need help, though.

Collapse )

Collapse )

I think I should adjust it at least somewhat.. I just don't know how to start it and get this across without being too "HEY. HEY DID YOU FORGET? :( SADFACE PLZ CALL ME." Suggestions? Help?

I would email my college advisor for advice, but he is also this woman's husband and I don't think I really can. :C small schools blow a little bit.

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I've asked about this before but I'm curious.
I'm tutoring a kid who needs to pass a state exam that he has already failed twice. His mother has canceled at least five of our sessions so I've only seen him about four times.
He really doesn't know anything.

I plan on directly telling his mom that I don't think he will pass but do you think I should have her sign something saying that we've discussed this? I'm afraid she's going to come after me when her son fails.

Any suggestions?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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TQC, all I've eaten today is two pieces of toast, eight ounces of yogurt, some guacamole with chips, a Snickers bar, and a handful of gummy rings. I ate those last two things three hours ago.

Why aren't I hungry?
oh mr. tea

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Poll #1409536 Car talk

What should I do?

Buy a new-to-me (used) Yaris this weekend and be broke for about 2 months (I can afford the monthly payments, but the downpayment's a bitch)
Wait and drive my 1995 Volvo that didn't pass inspection unti I have more available funds to buy the new car (risk: getting a ticket for driving failed car)
Buy a crappy used car again that will also cause me years of financial woe like my Volvo
Parasail to work, fuck getting a car.
Buy a horse.
doctor who - tardis

(no subject)

What do you think of people who participate in pro-life rallies?

Would you look down on a friend if they told you they were pro-life?

And if there are any pro-life people in the house (I would be surprised) would you defend your position using only anecdotes, metaphores, similies, and analogies? (for shits and giggles)
Cadbury Creme Egg

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I was supposed to be going to North Korea for a week this August. Given recent events, do you think I should still go? (I won't be paying for anything until the last second, obvs, so I can pretty much decide at the end of July whether or not I'm going).

If I don't go there, where should I go instead? Continental Asia would be great. I've been thinking Mongolia maybe.


la la la~

How many times do you have to listen to a song to memorize the lyrics?

What is your top played song on iTunes or whatever you use? How many times has it been played? Are you surprised?
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oh the joys of being irish..>

i have been searching the web literally ALL day looking for quotes for car insurance!!
The cheapest quote i got was 1418 euros the dearest being 4587euros!!!
oh dear god HOW am i going to afford this?
I know its my 1st time with my own policy but COME ON!!!
How much did you pay for your first insurance in your own name??(Im not really sure how insurance works in America but i guess it has the same basic principals?)
Anyone have any idea where im going to find 2 and a half grand asap? or where i can purchase an opel corsa, 5 door, 1.1 litre for 300 euro?:)

plus im extrememly badly sun burnt..other than aloe vera how can i stop my skin blistering? and how can i actually get a tan and not just fade to white again?
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How old do you think the Muppets (from the movies and Sesame Street) are supposed to be?  For example how old do you think Kermit is supposed to be in most of the movies? Or Miss Piggy? Grover? Telly? Oscar? Gonzo? Do you see them as all the same age? Or different ages?
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What are primarily 'guy' interests?

X-men movies
Power tools
Megan Fox
Poker nights
I like most of these things and I'm a girl
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I have to write a persuasive speech for my speech class.

Should I do "Why it's important to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior" or "Why everyone should be a vegan"?

Which would you find more offensive?

Who annoys you more- Christians or Vegans?

Hiring practices?

So the economy is bad. Businesses aren't pulling in as much money as usual. What do you think is the most ethical or socially just course for a business to take with regard to its employees? (Note that I'm not necessarily asking for the most economically feasible -- which do you think reflects the best treatment and concern for the employees?)

1) Employ as many people as they can, knowing that they will not be able to give them very good pay/hours/benefits, but something is better than nothing.

2) Keep all their current employees, but don't hire anyone new. Cut benefits/pay/hours until they are in line with the budget.

3) Let go of some employees, until they can afford to retain those they have left with the same level of pay and benefits as they had before the economy went to shit.
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guys my roomie hasn't gotten her period in like 2 months and I finally got her to take a test and it's positive :(

What do I doooooo this is so awkward?!

*This was totally a coincidence that tonight is abortion night or whatever on TQC. (She's getting an abortion.)


After an extremely harsh and tough break up i am kinda trying to take stock of my life a bit. Since the relationship ended I have found sex quite emotionally hard with other people(well except for steven but thats a WHOLE other story) anyway since then i have decided to go..semi celibate you could say. I have decided I'm not just gonna go out and just fuck but im gonna try at least to hold off on  sex for a little while. I do feel my head is clearing slightly since. I kinda have it in my head that if im really lonely i can always give an old lover a booty call but if i meet someone nice i will hold off!

I was just wondering have any of you decided to go celibate after a break up or at other times in your lives?
Did you think it was helpful to you in anyway??
Did you find it as tough as me? haha
juat what do you think about the whole issue of female celibacy and celibacy in general?
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is there a food that you don't like, but you wish you did?

i don't like tomatoes, but i wish i did because there are so many recipes that call for them that would probably be fantastic... if i liked tomatoes.

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The other day my Dad was talking about peanut butter and mentioned his favorite peanut butter growing up discontinued. Well, I googled it and they started remaking it 2 years ago so I ordered him some for father's day as a small extra present. What else can go along with it giftwise?  He already has tons of jams/jellies, and the only thing he uses peanut butter for is PB&J.
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One of my mom's best friends died today, he was only 56.

I'm at school an hour away, and as much as I'd like to run down there it's finals time for me and she'd be MORE upset if I failed all my classes. In fact she's already banned me from doing so. Using $100 dollars or less what can I do to make her feel better from afar?