May 31st, 2009

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This is a little random, tiredness and curious too. Also, I am in a joking mood! I know love, compassion, trust and everything else is more important! I just want to see what you guys will say. LoL. So here's the question:
I am a taurus, and my boyfriend is a scorpio. Are we meant to be, or are there going to be too many problems to work out to last? What's your opinion?
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TQC, help me settle a bet.

Tonight at the bar, there was a REALLY cute bartender. I ordered a rum and cranberry, and we started talking while I paid and he made it. He handed me a drink, but it was NOT was I ordered. He took it back, smelled it, dumped it and made me another one, while laughing about his mistake. He made the same thing again, and I gave it back, and he smelled and dumped it again. This happened a third time. Finally he got it right and gave me my drink, and then said "Wow, I made you a rum and clamato." We laughed a little and I left. I ordered a vodka later and the conversation resumed. At the end of the night, I returned my glass and he said "Oh hey! See you again, yeah?"

Also, I'd never been to this bar before, and my good friend is the bouncer, who I hung out with all night in plain view.

The question: My roommate thinks he was flirting with me, I say he was trying to get a bigger tip. WHO IS RIGHT?

TL:DR - Cute bartender mixes up my drink three times while talking to me, and then after another conversation later, says "I'll see you again, yeah?"

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What happened to that post about "philosophy is to science as something something masturbation"?
I still want to know what C/D means.

Edit: Why did the person that made the post, h2ok, also delete their journal? I am so confused.

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i'm going out this Wednesday (it's penny drafts night) if I decide not to drink crappy beer, what would you suggest i drink instead?

what new drinks are you there?
what is your favorite drink?

I really want to try watermelon beer
I love VooDoo (mountian dew and vodka)

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1) Have you ever not used the most fitting word in spoken communication because you either were unsure how to pronounce it correctly or you knew you would be unable to pronounce it? If you remember some examples, please share.

2) Of which magazine do you possess the most number of copies? (e.g., is there a Vogue in every corner? Perhaps you collect National Geographic?)

hair help?!

Hi TQC, I want to change my hair up for the summer. I'm considering going blonde but I'm really bad at picturing myself with different hair. So can you tell me if you think this will look okay? And if you don't like it, do you have any suggestions for a new style/colour?
And because just posting pictures of myself makes me feel awkward, will you post a picture where you're making a funny face?

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Guys, I’m staying with my friend as her wedding is coming up in 6 days. Only problem is, so are her dad and girlfriend. And our mutual friend and her mother. And soon, the grooms parents. And his brother. And another friend from Canada. Oh, and the bride to be’s two year year old daughter is also here. In a very small house with one bathroom.

I’m recovering from her hens night as the two year old plays with a rather loud recorder… anyone got any suggestions on what I ought to do for the next two weeks?! Srs and non srs answers plz!

If you don’t care, will you post an awesome macro instead?

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What is the worst thing about your favorite thing?

For example, I love to paint, but none of my clothes are nice at ALL anymore, because I get little dabs of paint on everything. :/

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My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to DC in August (I know, it will be scorching hot and we are insane), but I've never been. I'm looking for a decent hotel in a safe neighborhood, within a ten minute walk to a metro station. Looking to spend up to $100/night, max.

My boyfriend and I can be a little picky as we both graduated from a hospitality college, but we're not packing the blacklight or anything extreme. Just looking to get what we pay for. Any recommendations?


I was going to post this to law questions...

If a cop catches you on June 1st with a freshly expired inspection sticker, will s/he give you 24 hours to get an inspection or write you a ticket then and there? I have been told 2 different things and the dmv site isn't much help.

Do you let other people drive your car are are you really picky about it? There is only one person who I let drive my car (aside from mechanics, etc) and that's only when I can't park or I'm impaired or something.

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For whatever reasons, I'm feeling kind of ornery, maybe even spiteful. So, a couple of queries related to that -

What's your best way to get out of an ornery or contrary mood?
Or if you decide to indulge said mood, what are some ways you do so?

in honor of the movie UP, which is awesome and you should all see.

which of these UP songs have you ever enjoyed?

What's Up - 4 non blondes
Up Where We Belong - joe cocker & jennifer warnes
Wise Up - aimee mann
Growin' Up - bruce springsteen
Stir it Up - bob marley
Everything's Coming Up Roses - ethel merman
Tagled Up in Blue - bob dylan
Shut Up and Let Me Go - the ting tings
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - wham!
Burnin' Up - madonna
Up on a Roof - the drifters
All Shook Up - elvis
Straight Up - paula abdul
Never Gonna Give You Up - rick astley
oh suzer, i am DOWN with many of these, but will have to look UP some of these songs.
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If you were at a houseparty, what song[s] would you be delighted to have played?

How old were you when you gave/received your first blow job?

Do you use Pandora? What's your favorite music channel?

What's your favorite machine at the gym?
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Do you have a job?

If y, what do you do? Do you like it?

If n, are you looking for one? --> if y, do you get pissed when people (such as my mother) tell you that "if you'd actually BEEN LOOKING for a job all this time, you'd have found one by now"?

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Is there a time of year that is particularly hard for you? If so, How do you deal/cope with it?

I ask because Father's Day is always extremely hard for me. This year I have been in a really great place mentally and emotionally and I wish that I could just erase that whole month. I have EDNOS, GAD and struggle with Depression, but this year has been So Good and I have had so few symptoms that I really would like advice as how to not dread it/let it fuck me up.

Thanks so much guys in advance.

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Should I go see Disney Pixar's "Up" in 3d, or regular?

I've never seen a movie in 3d before, but those glasses look super annoying, especially to put on over my actual glasses, but 3d seems cool, so I don't know, which should I go see?
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So TCQ, I just got an underage drinking ticket. No driving, just house party busted. Is there a possibility that my college scholarships will get revoked?

EDIT: Okay guys, I know this is my fault. But I'm not bitching or complaining. I'm asking.

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What are some of your favorite soundtracks?

Mine: Garden State, Amelie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Elizabethtown, Juno, and any of the Pirates of Caribbean movie soundtracks.

Edited to apologize for posting again so soon! Forgot I posted a little bit ago.
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1) Have you ever had your bank/credit card stolen? If so, were you able to get the money back? And how long did it take?

2) I have about $20 to my name right now and all I've had to eat in the past 2 days are Ramon Noodles and Pizza Puffs. Should I spend $8-$10 on take-out? I'm going to the grocery store to buy stuff so I can make ground beef nachos.

3) Has anyone here tried the Special K Challenge? If so, what was your experience with losing weight and/or being hungry? If not, would you consider trying it?

4) What's the last funny book you read? I really need some humor right now!

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one of my dogs pissed in my room when i was away yesterday. the whole place smells like pee. how do I get the smell out? I just febreezed the hell out of the room, and its better, but id rather get the pee out of the carpet, if I can find the general area where it was
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Are you a guy or a girl?

If a best-guy friend of yours wanted you to talk to his girlfriend to smooth over a drunken make-out with some other girl, would you?

Would you think friends who refused are bad friends?

Why are bro-friendships so different than opposite-gender friendships?

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my friend said he had to make a choice: he could either smoke weed or drink, but not both. he doesn't do either to excess so neither activity was getting in the way of his day to day life or responsibilities, so it's not like he's trying to clean up or something.

why did he come up with this and then implement it?
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When you see someone dressed in retro/vintage clothing (male or female), with complete hair/makeup...what is your reaction? do you think they look foolish, or that it's a neat homage to the past?

When you finish a class, do you save your notes/papers or toss 'em? If you save them, do you save them for yourself, or pass them on to a friend who is taking the class?

What kind of day planner do you have, and where did you get it? Mine got ruined :( and I haven't found another that I like yet.

I am in the mood for a fun, lighthearted movie day. I own the following, but have never watched them. Which are musts for today:
13 Going on 30, Bull Durham, Chasing Liberty, Edward Scissorhands, Elizabethtown, Heathers, Lars and the Real Girl, Pleasantville, Say Anything.

Are you excited about Toy Story 3? Did you like Toy Story 2?

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TL;DR - Guy drives fast, nearly takes out any number of other drivers, pedestrians, and several hapless pigeons.


1) Driving fast: thrilling rush or reckless terror?

2) Speeding tickets: how many in your lifetime?

3) Pigeons: cute birds or rats of the air?

Dear Answer-ers,

What would happen if one were to have all or part of their bodies crushed by some sort of machine (machinery with moving parts, factory stuff, wood chipper etc.)?

Thank you.

Edit: I mean in detail. Christ, internetz. But lols were certainly induced.


Plan my vacation for me TQC!!!!

My family is going on a road trip starting the 3rd, this Wednesday, and I just need to be back by late the 10th. I just spend 90 minutes on the phone with my family trying to figure out what the hell we are going to go and we got nowhere. We are leaving from South Michigan, and any direction is fine. We cannot go to Canada, because starting tomorrow you need a passport, and my dad doesn't have one.

Options are>
Mackinac Island for a day or two.
Niagara Falls
North Carolina

My brother and dad want to see a museum for a day. I want to see an insane asylum/anything to do with a serial killer for a day. I also would like to swim outside one or two of these days.

What would you guys do?
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I'm doing the Couch to 5K program, and on off days, I go (speed) walking or use the elliptical. However, I'm feeling lazy today. Should I not go walking/speed walking today?

Do you find that you pee almost every hour when you drink a lot of water?

What is your favorite pastry or dessert?

Does a plate of bacon and a milkshake sound good to you?

What are good songs to learn on bass guitar?

Can you tell me a positive story?
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I'm bored and looking for things to do this summer with friends. Any suggestions? (Especially around the Boston area would be great...)

We are already planning on going to two concerts, going skydiving, and several beach trips. We are all over 18 but not quite 21.

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

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Hi TQC. I've just (as in, within the last two hours) been dumped by my boyfriend of 14 months. I'd go out with my friends, but they're all hundreds of miles away at university, or getting ready for final exams which start tomorrow and I don't want to disturb them. So, can you can suggest a way for me to cheer myself up? Or failing that, could you cheer me up?

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1)Do you have any weird food sensitivities?

aspartame gives me headaches, caffiene makes me nervous, and bananas make my mouth itch.

2)What's the worst comic you've ever read?

I really dislike Family Circle.

tell me about your bookz

1. About how many books do you own?
2. What are the main categories that make up your collection?  (e.g., literature, science, history, bdsm erotica, etc...)
3a. Do you keep all the books that you buy, or do you sell them/give them away?
3b. If you don't keep them, how do you decide which ones to keep?
4. Will you tell me about a book you've read recently?

1. I would say close to 500, maybe somewhat more.
2. Literary fiction, philosophy, fantasy lit, and foreign languages.
3a. I mostly keep everything except for the books that I know without a doubt I will never read again in my life. Otherwise, it's hard for me to let go of books.
3b. I take them to a used bookstore, where I get store credit in exchange.
4. I just started a book called "The Solitary Vice: Against Reading", which talks about how reading has been perceived as a threat, an indulgence, and more recently, as a cure-all for all life's woes. I'm only thirty pages in, but it's really interesting so far.

Kill Bill - Elle
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Hey I'm looking for somewhere (online) that carries really cute (think modern [geometric prints or abstract florals in neutrals or gray hues of colors if that makes any damn sense] maybe or chic?) sheets, specifically a bed skirt and a comforter. Any suggestions?

Are Ikea dressers sturdy?

Your last "omg idk what I'm doing moment"?

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It's been 4 days since I broke up with my SO of a year, and i'm coping really badly. (Especially after being dragged into the same pub as him last night)
Is it a desperately bad idea to send him a message along the lines of, 'I miss you, I don't like not talking'?
And how do I stop myself from bursting into tears every 5 minutes?

I know I did the right thing but I just keep remembering that at the end of the day, he was a nice guy.
ETA: Thankyou for being so nice =] I know i've got to hurt for a while, it's just...hurting hurts!
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For those in long-distance relationships: What do you do when your SO hasn't contacted you in a week or longer?

My bf seems to be in a nasty habit of only texting or calling once every few days, but now I haven't heard from him in a week. He hasn't updated his Facebook in that time either. :/
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I'm 27, a female, and non-smoker... except I quit a 10 year addiction to weed about 82 days ago, so YAY me! I recently smoked about 10 cigs in the span of 3 hours on a trip home from Wisonsin back to Chicago. Ever since then, this voice has been nagging me to buy a pack. The cigs didn't do anything much for me, except when I got down near the filter I got a bit light headed.. So TQC, I have a few questions for you and keep in mind if I did buy a pack I'd buy menthol!

1) The Newport Lights burn so fast! What cigs burn slow and taste good? The Newport lights tasted ok to me..

2) What type of buzz do you get from smoking cigs? Cause for me, it just kinda replaced that feeling of smoking a joint, you know holding a cig, inhaling, lighting it... The cigarettes did make me a little light headed/dizzy but the feeling only lasted for seconds.

3) Do you smoke cigarettes more for the physical effects, or is it just a habit/ritual?

4) I guess this is like number 1, but what are your favorite brand of cigarettes to smoke?

So, bring on the telling mr not to start smoking at age 27 after quitting the weed thing. Can you also answer my questions, too?

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1. What is your favourite thing to cook?
Either cake or soup
2. What time it is?
3. What was the last thing you did for charity and/or opinion on charities?
I walked 10km in a pig suit. I'm annoyed that the government doesn't provide enough money for charity/community groups here as some have an important function.

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Who is the weirdest pair of people you could imagine or desire for a threesome?

Simultaneous lovin' with Miley Cyrus and Ann Coulter has to be the most obnoxious combination ever.
is a beaut

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what do you keep your pens and pencils in?
how do you store your clothes?

do you lay your underwear flat in the drawer or just stuff it in?

i don't own underwear

p.s do you have frazzles crips/chips in america? they're like bacon. i must know.

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I really need to get things repacked so I can finally get my ass moved out.

Will you yell at me to get my ass up and moving? Will you tell me horrible things that might happen if I don't?
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Hypothetical situation: (yes, really)

Housemate A gets a dog. Housemate B leaves their headset on the floor. The dog chews on the cord, rendering the headset useless.

Should Housemate A reimburse Housemate B for the destroyed headset because it's their dog's fault or should Housemate B just learn not to leave their things at dog level?
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Hay, TQC. I'm by myself for another week, and my stupid bf left his phone in my car so I won't even get to talk to him while he's gone. >:( lol. What's the last thing that annoyed you? How about the last thing that amused you?

This evening should I take an OTC sleep aid (I haven't been sleeping too well lately) and watch a movie until I fall asleep, or should I break open the hopefully delicious bottle of raspberry wine I bought yesterday as my first ~legal~ alcohol purchase and drunk TQC?

What are your plans for the week?
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MISC; Toooom and a lamp

dorm life

It's my first year at school, away from home, and I'm living in a communal dorm.
What are some things (material possessions or ideas) that will make dorm life easier?
What should I MAKE DAMN SURE to bring with me?

Also, has anyone lived in a triple with 2 roomates? Share some horror stories pleasee.
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what is your favorite commercial, currently?
what is your least favorite?

i like the credit score commercial where the score is like a dog.

the mcdonald's coffee commercials make me want to gouge out my ear drums so that i don't have to hear their stupidity.
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I have a relative who claims to be in the Army. We are starting to have our doubts and were wondering- is there an online search where Army/military personnel can be searched for? If so- what is that site? TIA!

I know I ask this all the time, but

as a fatty, I am usually curious regarding other gastrophiles' meals.

What did you have for dinner?

I am currently eating:
- Tilapia, which was baked in a parchment paper pouch and topped with garlic butter, lemon pepper, sundried tomatoes, sliced vidalia onions, and sliced summer squash
- Garlic toast, which was made with the extra compound butter from the fish
- Steamed broccoli

What Should We Do Tomorrow?

My (new) boyfriend and I are hanging out tomorrow because we both get out early from uni. We have from 1-6 pm. At 6 we're going to our dancing lesson. What should we do between that time? We want to cook a soup, but that will only take a few hours up. It's also quite cold (Australia) right now.
We were considering going and finding some autumn leaves to play in. What else? Random, non sexual ideas would be good!

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i know a guy who is in a band, and they are getting new t-shirts made. the shirts are gonna be of them playing on a stage with all their friends and girlfriends in the audience, and everyone is gonna be a cartoon. the guy told me the person making the t-shirt needs a picture of my face and two pictures of my FEET, one of the tops and one of the bottoms, to make me into a character. WTF, TQC? he said the computer program uses the foot picture to make the body of the character.

so has anyone ever heard of this?
or is this guy (or the t-shirt creator guy) just a foot fetish creeper?
is it worth it to get a free shirt?

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This guy I've had a crush on for quite some time now, was supposed to take me out to lunch today. I didn't hear a word from him and he finally called around 9pm saying he blacked out last night and someone took his phone and he just got it back. I'm pretty sure he went to a graduation party last night so the chances of him blacking out from drinking are extremely high.

Would this be a turn off for you?
Would you give him a second chance if he called anyway, was semi apologetic, and made instant plans for the next day?

For those of you who saw my post earlier today about revenge on being stood up, this is the same guy. Even though he called and explained, some of those ideas will still be considered.

not drunk or drinking

Excuse me for being incredibly vague but this is driving me crazy.

There is this commercial for a bank, (or mutual funds or something) and this old guy is rambling on about his life and something about it being autobiographical and happy or sad depending on the moment.

Does anyone know what commercial I am talking about?

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How should you feel when a parent is dying?

Should I get an iPhone or an LG Dare in October? The plan + extras for the Dare is way cheaper than the iPhone, but it won't come with all the apps or ability to use iTunes to sync my music and movies. And I'd have to switch over from Telus to Rogers or Fido for the iPhone.

How many nosebleeds on average do you get in a month?
I <3 TLV

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1. My mom's puppy Ivy starts barking and going nuts when her pal Charger is on the sidewalk outside the house. It doesn't matter where in the house Ivy is or if she's near a window, she always knows when Charger is there.

Is a dog's sense of smell really that good? Or is Ivy clairvoyant?

2. What's the dumbest thing to have an argument over?


1. Any bad experiences with a doctor?

2. Ever known someone who has sued for malpractice & why?

3. What do you think is the least glamorous medical field to practice in?
I think being a gastro doc would be no fun.

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1. Are there any nurses here in TQC? If so, what kind of cozy shoes do you wear whilst working (I start my clinical rotations in a few days, and have needy feets)?

2. For those of you who are not nurses or don't care, what commonly used word is hardest for you to spell?

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When I go to the lj homepage, all that appears on my screen is a mccain/palin icon in the top left corner. If I go to any other page within lj, it's normal. The url still displays as , but view page source is greyed out of the right click options.

Is this happening to anyone else? Am I loosing my mind? Does my computer have some nasty? I'm running avast, but it's not picking anything up...

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I want to assemble a group of doctors/scientists/researchers, what have you, in New York City to study natural remedies and potential cures for cancer that pharmaceutical companies have ignored.

Is there a place already like this? What/where/when?

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What do you do for a living? How many hours a week?

I sell sugar-y carnival-style junk food (slushies, miniature donuts, sno-cones, etc.) at a summertime outdoor marketplace, Monday to Friday. My hours are still settling into a routine, but it's about 35-40 hours a week so far, and will be getting longer days as business picks up.
Certain days of the week are bound to be slow, though; especially in poor weather. I'm writing a novel by hand entirely during working hours when there's nothing left to do and I would not be surprised if I'm finished by the end of the summer. :\

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Poll #1408984 Fondue party!

What will you dip into the cheese fondue?

Assorted veggies
Deli meats
Pieces of cheese (cheese-covered cheese)
Slim Jims
Diced apples
French fries
Pot roast
Otter Pops
I'm lactose intolerant, you fuck

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How important is a common meeting place for a relationship? I live at home on the couch at the moment and this guy I really really like does the same, is it stupid ever to consider dating? How would it work?!

Also what's a lie, or an untrue story you often tell about yourself?

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I have made the decision to go and visit my boyfriend in July. I haven't seen him since January 2008 (mostly due to financial situations we both had).
It's going to be a short stay, since I know he is coming out this winter for a bit.

Should I pick the cheaper flight and head out rather early the day I am leaving, or pay an extra 40 or so bucks to stay and head out in the late evening?
if I leave early morning, I can just take the T back home, which would save me the hassle. If I leave late at night, I'll have to have someone pick me up at the airport, since the bus doesn't run after midnight. However, I would have more time to spend with him that day.

I am thinking leaving later that day, but help sway my mind completely, please.