May 30th, 2009


Pack It Up

What are some of your best packing ideas for an entire household move?

I've found that randomly throwing hangers into garbage bags is Collapse ) whereas tying about eight to ten of them together at all three points makes for a much more manageable mess.

Also, Collapse ) creates very portable and space-efficient storage. I can fit these on the empty book shelves in the moving van pretty easily.

Any other amazingly inspired ideas for packing? Or, conversely, any moving horror stories to share?
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Have you ever had to raise a significant amount of money for a charity? How did you go about doing it?

Last night I signed up to rappel down a 23 story building for charity and I need to raise $1,500. I'm at total loss.

Also, Collapse )
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I feel fat

What's your most recent accomplishment?

Also, I feel really depressed after going swimsuit shopping. I'm so much bigger than I was last year....

What do you do to improve your self-image?
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How much do you drink? How much does your significant other (if you have one of course) drink?

If alcoholism runs in someones family, how do they determine how much / how often is safe without increasing their risks of dependency or alcoholism?

How much beer do you think most men drink in a day/week/month whatever?
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It has recently been brought to my attention that some people prefer Weather Underground to Can someone explain why? I have nothing but love for, and feel like WU is really disorganized...any simple explanation I'm missing?

Have you ever seen the end of a rainbow?

Most people (who have an opinion) fall into one of two camps: they love Zoolander, or hate it. Which are you?
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In the case of mental illness (depression, schizophrenia), addiction, certain physical conditions (cancer, obesity, heart disease), how much stock do you put in genetics over environment?

Basically, what do you think will prevail- genetics or lifestyle? In what cases? Is it 50/50?

I think about this a lot but I never know how to articulate it.

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I can't get LJ to load on one of my computers. I can get it to load on the other one. They're both using Firefox and the same (fast) ethernet connection. The non-connecting computer is the one with a static IP. Does anyone have an explanation as to why this is occuring?

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Tonight I had 2 white russians and 3 Makers & diet coke. I was fine and surprisingly sober. Then I had a Corona to settle down with and after a handful of swigs, I was tipsy. What gives?

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I'm looking for a video, maybe you guys can help.
It's an asian woman, who is explaining (in English) that she gives good head, her friends give good head, and her relatives give good head.

any help? :)

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TQC, I'm drunk. This is my first drunken post (comment or otherwise). Will you congratulate me?

What inspires people to communicate on the internet whilst inebriated?
What's the funniest/most horrendous story you have of being drunk online?

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what is your favorite flavor of kool-aid? mine is ice blue raspberry lemonade. uggghhh its the liquid of my dreams.

do you know of any sites where you can find coupons on prescription medicine? i'm looking at OPTIMIZERx, a supposedly helpful site, but i'm not finding anyting.

on a laptop with an additional mouse in the middle of the keyboard, what do you call that mouse?
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Another food question because the Sonic post made me think.

Should I go to Jack in the Box today for lunch?

I just moved to an area that actually has them....I've never been to one before but have heard great things about it.

--If I go what should I get?

What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

What is your favorite chain sit down place (ie Applebees, Olive Garden)??
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My boyfriend has just recently moved, and we've taken to camming at nights to be able to "see" each other with such a distance between us. Unfortunately, he moved to a college with awful Internet, and his cam barely functions (aka: freezes constantly and will show maybe 3 or 4 frames before freezing again for a good 10 minutes). Is there any way this can be circumvented, or is it stuck the way it is? I would hate to go the next 2 years he's there with no way of camming.

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So an aquaintance of mine just blithely admitted they've had The Sims 3 "for a while".

...can this be legal? Or was/is there a way to get an advance copy outside of the developers/reviewers?

What are your thoughts on game piracy? What about media piracy in general?

Are you excited for The Sims 3, or do you not really care?


what kind of deodorant/anti-perspirant do you use?
do you sweat a lot?

im thinking i need to graduate to something stronger since im outside and moving around full days on summer days, but i dont know which ones work well! help??

do you have a smelly friend?
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Long distance relationship question

Backround info for the question: My friend has been in a long distance 4 and a half year relationship. She lives in Illinois, he lives in North Carolina. They talk on the phone everyday. He has flown out to see her once, she has flown out to see him 5 times in the course of the relationship. She's 27 years old, he's 36 years old.  Now, to the question.

 He recently made a facebook page and made his relationship status as "single".
TQC, what is your opinion on their relationship? Please be as detailed as possible with your answer, and why you feel that way. I can edit any facts in you want to know.

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TQC, decide my day for me...

I need to:
Go to Home Depot and buy a new screen door
Go grocery shopping
Pick up my husband's birthday present (no clue there...gonna be 27...ideas?)

I want to:
Continue to set up my new laptop
Take a nap

So...what should I do?! funnel cake kit just came!!! Should I say eff everything else and make funnel cakes?!

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lol guys help. tomorrow my family's going out for lunch for my birthday, so i have to decide where we're going. i have 24 hours left and i have no idea where we're going. can you help? these are my options:

olive garden
the distillery
eta: famous dave's

also, we'll be going to rochester, ny, for lunch, so if any of you know of other good restaurants, feel free to mention them too.

i also have to decide what to get for dessert. we can either eat dessert at the restaurant, or go back out a few hours later. we have a coldstone creamery nearby, but i've never been there.

what do you suggest i do?

eta: what do you all think of famous dave's? i'm leaning toward it right now.

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There's a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera on my shelf, haunting me because I read half of it a year ago and then stopped for some reason even though it was really good, and I haven't since finished it, even though I've read innumerable books since.

What was the last thing to haunt you?

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I have been on a crazy TV watching spree this summer, and I need more things to watch! Shows I've watched and enjoyed are Six Feet Under, Dexter, Rome, How I Met Your Mother, the Big Bang Theory, Reaper, Mad Men, Firefly, Carnivale, Coupling, and True Blood. 

What series should I watch next?

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how much is 1/5 of a carat diamond worth? anything?

my mother felt guilty (or something) so she sent me a package of worthless/semi-worthless crap....what should i do with it? (yeah, there was a diaomond ring in there...but that's the only thing i'll ever use)

Collapse )
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Okay so I got firefox installed on my laptop but for some crazy reason, it won't connect to the internet anymore because of proxy-somethingsomething, when I switch to the guest account however, firefox works fine and nothing is wrong here. I tried to re-instal it but it didn't work. Wtf is up with it?

FIXED; thank you all for trying to help
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When was the last time you urinated?

If there were a magical bumble bee and he gave you sage advice and the best of friendship, would you mind him buzzing about your ear for the rest of your life?
Would you rather have a very obvious talking hamster then you fucking git?
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Can you dry swallow pills?

If not, do you sip water first, pop pill, and guzzle water to swallow. Or pop pill and guzzle water?

Anyone else watching the House marathon today?

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I just got a stabbing pain up through my entire tooth and gums on the upper left side of my mouth, about halfway back, when I bit down on a crouton.

A few minute later, it happened again, though much fainter, though similar pain in the same spot, when I wasn't even chewing anything.

I won't have dental coverage until September.

Should I suck it up and go pay whatever bucks to get it checked out?
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How do you feel about onions (any variety)?

I used to not like them but now I do
I used to like them but now I don't
I hate them and always have.
I have never ever not loved onions.

edit:I have never ever not loved onions.=I have always loved onions. Terribly sorry this was so confusing. I obv. fail at polls.

Customer Sexual Harassment

Situation: A woman works behind the counter at a movie rental store of no small renown. There is this one creep of a fellow who keeps coming in and hitting on her. She dislikes this and finds it extremely uncomfortable and says so to the jackass. When he doesn't stop, she wants to refuse service but her boss says she has to serve him and treat him with respect, just like every other customer.

Question: Do you think she has a decent chance in court against the company at this point?

(This question is only for entertainment purposes.)

(no subject)

What was the name of that flash game that used to be around that was something like pictionary or Win Lose or Draw that you could chat online while you played?

Also, who are what were you named after if you're named after anything?
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I'm biased because I'm a math teacher, but this is what one those things that I thought everyone remembered, so I figured that I'd ask.

Do you know how to find the radius if you are given the diameter?


(no subject)

1)What everyday annoyances do your neighbors visit on you?

I wish their cat would not live in our yard.

2)What makes you flinch when you see it on tv?

people injecting themselves with needles, waterboarding.

3)Does your part of the country have a tradition of 8th grade graduation? Tell me about it.

It seems like it. My mom is off at one now.

(no subject)

I had a job interview Thursday for a job I would really enjoy having. However, they told me before the interview even started that they are interviewing through June so they aren't making a decision for a bit. Are they trying to torture me?

What are you waiting for?
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TQC, here is my dilemma:

A friend of ours is flying in to Pittsburgh from Calgary.  We're going to hang out for a few days.  He's going to spend one night here (at our house, which is in a shit hole town an hour north of Pittsburgh), and then one night in Pittsburgh.  I am going to have to cook for him at least once, probably dinner.  He is what you'd call a pescetarian, I think.  He is primarily vegetarian but he eats dairy, eggs and occasionally fish.  Husband and I are both omnivores.  I usually don't cook anything vegetarian for dinner, simply because Husband isn't big on veg-only dinners.  I am a rather skilled cook, but I will probably not have much time from the time I get home from work until he comes to the house. Also, Husband will NOT eat anything with ANY kind of bean (aside from green beans) in it, or tofu.  I am not big on mushrooms.

Does anyone have a recipe or meal idea to share that I could make for dinner on Monday night?

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tqc, i need you to tell me if i'm being unreasonable. my family has a tradition of going out for lunch to celebrate birthdays, and the birthday person gets to pick where we go. i usually don't tell everyone where we're going until about an hour or so before we have to be there (partly because i usually don't decide more than 24 hours in advance), but none of my family lives more than 10 minutes from where we usual go. one set of aunt and uncle and my grandma seem to think they NEED to know on friday or saturday (we always go on sundays).

am i being unreasonable by not telling them a few days in advance?


What do you want done with your body after you die?

Where, if anywhere, do you think your soul will go when you die?

Sorry if these are worded wierd, I think they make sense though.

srs/ non srs answers welcome!

on horrible vermon that come into your home

which do you hate more?

rats(sewer rats, not pet ones)

i am scared to fucking death of rats. everything else i can handle. like i'll scream and flail around but i will kill the centipede in a timely fashion if i can catch it. but rats just... ugh. last summer i saw one swimming in the lake and i screamed and ran.
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do you ever get really sick of gossip? not celebrity gossip, but gossip between friends and such.

have you ever been in a situation where someone you knew wrecked a portion of someone's life because of vicious gossip?

i'm in a situation right now where the last 2 weeks of my second year of college are getting kind of fucked because of gossip. it sucks. i never want to gossip about anyone ever again.
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Will you please complete the following scenarios?

Someone runs to the store to buy chips to go with French Onion Dip.  They come back with a bag of Fritos.  You are:

A. Annoyed, Fritos don't go with French Onion Dip
B. Stoked.  Fritos are awesome!
C. Indifferent.

Someone goes to the store to buy brie and crackers.  They come home with brie and a bag of "Wheat Thins Chips."  You are:

A. Annoyed.  Wheat Thins aren't good with brie,and those aren't even crackers to begin with, they're chips.
B. Stoked.  Yay, Wheat Thins!
C. Indifferent.
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What is the name of that techno-ish band that was popular in the late 90's, that had music videos that were animated... and one of the cartoon dude's names was Simon?

[edit - Prozzak! Thank you!]
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How insane would it look if I had my son in a backpack carrier while I push his stroller with his huge carseat in it?
I'm leaving back home to Texas for a MONTH, so all of this is necessary.  I bought a bag to carry the carseat as a backpack but the carseat was too big.  So BLAH.  I hate traveling by myself.

What's the longest layover you've had to endure?
 I have a 3 hour layover this time in Houston, but the longest was 7 hours in Atlanta.

Do you have any strange travel stories?

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(no subject)

Any advice for friends that you continuously pour time into, only to realize that they never reciprocate?

I feel like this is an ongoing occurance with multiple friends. I feel underappreciated, and while I know the clear cut answer is "get new friends ", it's hard when you've invested so much time into making them a friend. Can anyone relate?
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TQC, do any of you know the name of the tribe that lives in an all-circular society and are unfamiliar with corners and edges of rooms and buildings? sorry for the vague question but i can't word it any better!
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Poll #1408470 Boogers

Do you pick your nose?

Only when absolutely necessary

If you do pick your nose, do you eat the boogies?

On occasion

If you do not pick your nose, do you find the practice of eating the boogies disgusting?


EDIT: I didn't realize there were so many booger-haters out there. I just wanted to point out that're going to end up eating most of them anyway, unless you blow your nose obsessively.
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(no subject)

continuing the Netflix theme..
Poll #1408434 Netflix!

Do you have Netflix?


If yes, what plan would you recommend?

1 DVD at a time, unlimited per month
2 DVDs at a time, unlimited per month
3 DVDs at a time, unlimited per month
1 DVD at a time, 2 per month

also, i'm wondering how getting DVDs of TV shows works. if you have the 1 DVD at a time plan do they just send you the first DVD of the set or is one set considered a single DVD?
anybody know?

(no subject)

My friend and I are having an argument and I need TQC to decide who is right:

Do you eat condiments straight?
Do you eat preserves/jelly/jam straight?

Would you consider it abnormal for a person to eat either of those alone?

Edit: TQC, this is why I love you.
Thank you for helping me win a completely meaningless & unnecessary debate. <3

(no subject)

My friend just said this to me online and then signed off... I guess I missed a previous message so I don't know what he's talking about. What do you think he's referring to, TQC?

"I wanted to explain why I'm gonna do what I'm about to do but you're not there I guess and if I dont' do it now i'll lose my nerve I don't know, sorry."

I don't know anything about makeup okay.

Hay TQC sort out my face and things for me.

1. How much makeup do you wear on a day-to-day basis?

2. Do you know any nice makeup styles that you can wear pretty much every day without looking creepy and overdone? Can you wear eyeshadow every day? (And what colour eyeshadow goes well with grey eyes anyway?)

3. What is one makeup item you would reccommend to everyone?

4. How often do you shave?

5. What kind of face wash and moisturiser and whatnot do you use?

(no subject)

Is anyone from the Scottsdale/Pheonix, AZ, area?

Tell me what you love, or hate, about the place. Looks like I'll be moving there in July from the east coast and wondering what to expect =)
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