May 29th, 2009


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What's with all the pollution face mask thingies on icons?

My ex of 1 day has sent me a message saying more or less, 'you said we could be friends, why aren't you being my friend?'
I'm not the only one who thinks it's completely ridiculous to suggest being friends after so short a time am I?
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How do I convince my travel buddy to go with me to Kowloon Hong Kong to look at awesome buildings (one being the building where they filmed The Dark Knight) and visit one of the largest malls in the city instead of looking for a non-polluted beach?
lol swine flue

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should i get on the exercise bike for half an hour? i feel like i should because i'm a mod at tqc_exercise so i should set a good example, but i'm tired. : /

should i play with my sims tonight? if i do, my game takes half an hour to load. what should i do in the mean time?

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Hey everyone, I have a problem. I suspect someone I work with of being lazy.

So should I stalk around her cubicle humming the Mission Impossible theme and try to catch her using Twitter?

How can I hack someone's Twitter account?

Should I wear my ninja outfit to do this?

I pile, then toss.

You are home sick. One of your symptoms is a runny nose....

Do you...

(a) create a pile of snotty tissues for entertainment?

(b) attempt to throw each tissue as used into the nearest trash bin?

(c) somewhat randomly scatter the tissues around you and pick them up/trash them later?

(d) something else entirely?

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I'm only 19 and all my roommates are 21. So I offered to be their designated driver tonight and drop them off at the bar and stay up to wait for them to call to come pick them up.

My roommate texts me to come get them. Then when I leave and get there he tells me to go home. Which I do after telling them to get in my car (via texts). I get home to have them tell me to come back and I do. Then they tell me to go home again.

WTF? Am I being irrationally angry or does that seem like a load of bullshit to you all also.

If you care less, what is your favorite time of day, and why? ex. 3pm.
marble we go!

1. When you clasp your hands, which thumb is on top? Left or right?

2. When you hold hands, whose hand is in front? Yours or the other person's, usually?

3. When you cross your arms, which hand is on top? Left or right?

4. When you sit cross-legged, which shin goes over the other? Left or right?

5. After taking a dump and you turn to wipe that spot (you know what I mean), which way do you turn? Left or right?

6. Are you left-handed or right-handed?

7. What else did I miss?

ETA: Oooh thanks to russophile:
8. Which hand do you masturbate with? Or are you a double-hander?
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Will gradually (as in, over a few weeks/months) unlocking a large amount of posts in my LJ set to my view only bog my friend's F-lists up? Even if these posts were posted all in one day/over a period of a few days prior to starting to unlock them?

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I woke up drunk, smelly, nauseous, and only remembering the most embarrassing bits of what happened at last night's cast party :(

What's eating you, today?

Also, what can I do (if anything) to relieve this nausea? Going back to sleep is not an option.

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I am interning for an educational institute and sometimes I have to e-mail students before the semester begins and ask them questions about what their level of a language they are at so we can place them in the proper class. Well, my boss has just asked me to e-mail this girl that I happen to know because we were camp counselors together two years ago at a language immersion camp for this language.

Normally when I send an e-mail like this to students I say something like:

Dear blah blah,

My name is blah blah from blah blah. In order to assure you are put in the right level of language course, please inform me what previous experience you've had with the language and send documentation, etc.

Well, I don't think this girl even knows I work here but it would be strange to be like, "Hey, it's me. I work for the place where you're coming to study in the fall. I know you've taken this language before but I need proof of what level you're in."

How should I phrase this e-mail so it doesn't sound weird/stalkerish?

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From today's Chicago Red Eye:
A 12-year-old girl was left in tears at the Deerfield Baskin Robbins after a woman swiped her ice cream money, police said. The victim placed a $20 bill on the counter when another customer, described as a blond woman in the 40's, distracted the girl by asking about her favorite ice cream flavor. Grabbing her own ice cream and the girl's money from the counter in the same motion, the woman exited the store with three young children in tow, police said.

What kind of person actually steals a little girl's ice cream money?
What would you do if some bitch stole your ice cream money?
What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

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My doctor prescribed tetracylcine for a week, two pills a day. I don't have an infection, but he prescribed it to me to prevent an infection after my procedure on Tuesday. I forgot to take my second pill last night (just kinda zonked off of the couch). Are all the pills rendered useless? I took my morning pill this morning.

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Parents: at what age did your children first learn to read? Did you teach them yourself or did they learn at school?

Where was your first trip abroad?
If you've never traveled internationally, where would you like to go?

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I am trying to think of a name for my candle/reed diffuser/soap/various crafts business. I'm starting out with and need a user name. I am thinking it could be something to do with Harry Potter/fantasy because a lot of my crafts have to do with that. CAN YOU HELP ME, TQC?

blinkymakesit was the name of my graphics website. Should I just stick with that, or come up with something new?

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I am putting together music to work out too. So far I have Somebody Told Me by The Killers. It has a good beat and I like the futuristic feel it has to it. So, my question is:

What other songs can you recommend that are similar in style and pace?

only a trekkie would understand

Star Trek: where are they now?

George Takei has popped up sporadically on Heroes, since Boston Legal ended William Shatner has largely been doing Priceline commercials, Dominic Keating is often seen on commercials at the movie theater portraying the agent of a chimpanzee, and the season ender for Fringe finally showed the elusive William Bell to be Leonard Nimoy.

Outside of any of the Star Trek series, where have you been seeing their cast members lately?
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So I did my taxes with TUrboTax, and mailed the paperwork admittedly close to the deadline (I think I put them in the mailbox at the post office on the 14th). I opted for the "direct deposit into your bank account" option, and I have yet to see anything. For those of you who chose this option, how long after you filed your taxes did your return appear in your bank account?

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1)Where does it hurt?

Currently, my shoulder, back,ankle, and head.

2)Do you replay video games? Why so?

Yes. To improve over my first play through.

3)What is your favorite form of ravoli?

spinach and cheese.

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1. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

2. Yellow, brown, green, or chunky?

3. Oxford comma?

4. What sort of accent was that the Amelia Earhart character had in Night at the Museum - Smithsonian?

h/w batman and robin

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For those of you who don't care to read my teal deer, if you fuck a situation up, do you try to make things better, or do you let them play out as they will, figuring you've caused enough damage?

For those of you who dgaf, what's your favourite ColdStone ice cream creation?
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If you were getting a little girl sugar glider and already had a boy named Bug, what would you name her?

I've played with naming her something that goes with Bug like Lady or June. I might just name her something unrelated though.

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Hi TQC. I'm home alone, but I'm going out in about two hours. Leaving me half an hour to get ready, what can I do in an hour and a half to entertain myself? I've already cleaned the house, and had a shower.

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How long is the longest your bathroom has ever gone between cleanings?

I really hope there is someone in here that is grosser than I am, because I'm feeling pretty gnarly right now. D:

Also, how the motherfuck can I get mold stains off the caulk between my bathtub and the shower walls?? Bleach and a scrubby sponge didn't do it.

post office

If you were approached by someone who was deaf and they were asking you a question, how long would you play charades with them before you looked for a pen and a piece of paper to write (assume you only know how to spell your name in sign language)?
mirror marilyn

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did you know TQC was on encyclopedia dramatica???! (n/m oh I am so in the past)

If you don't care...what is your best quality?
What completely inappropriate thing would you like to put in your cv/resume?
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Do you relate to people your own age well?
What about when you were younger?
What generation do you think you most closely relate to besides your own?
If you could magically choose when you were born, when would you want to live out your life?

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Do your animals ever just go totally nuts when you touch their stomach? My boy cat just started kicking, clawing, licking and biting me––but all sort of softly/tentatively––when I scritched his belly.

Is it the equivalent to when people get tickled and they laugh and convulse and cry?

Also, I take back defending the USPS workers. They keep leaving "We Missed You!" slips when I am totally home and doing stuff near the door. They NEVER KNOCK. What's the last bad experience you had as a customer/receiving a service?

Finally, do you like Judas Priest? Iron Maiden? I'm so rocking out right now.

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I was going to go to the pool with my family today for the first swim of the summer, and I realized I'm out of contacts and my vision is worse than ever.

I started off at -.75 with contacts freshman year of high school, and now I'm at -4.75 after freshman year of college.
This means I can't see for shit without my glasses. I'm pretty bummed about it.

Should I just wear my glasses in the pool, and not swim much, as annoying as it would be?
Do you have a problem with vision and swimming?

I want to actually swim and be able to seeeeeeeeeeee. :[

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Did you guys know that Gillette makes a razor for gamers?

Does this make any sense to you or do you think they're just assholes? Five blades btw.

Do you remember the SNL commercial from a while back that was for a 3-bladed razor, and wrapped up with "Three blades- because you'll buy anything!"

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1. I feel like this was asked recently, but there are so many posts I don't feel like looking for it. What is the best at home teeth whitening kit?

2. What's your favorite website? The one you check obsessively, besides TQC, of course.

3. What's something fun to do on a night in with your best friend?


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Should I make a carrot cake, apple walnut cake, or some other kind of cake? (if other, suggestions would be awesome)

Are you a chocolate or vanilla person when it comes to desserts such as ice cream?

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Inspired by my last post about this woman!

Let's say you're staying at your grandmother's home, and she's MIA (hospitalized, etc). Said neighbor knows what time of day you're home/not home.

You come home to a greeting card stuck in your door, saying that she cut down a bunch of bushes in your grandmother's yard, and planted some hostas.

You look back there and she BUTCHERED the bushes, left the stumps, and half-heartedly planted four hostas (one of which already looks dead).

WTF would you do?

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All-Knowing Psychic TQC, I'm supposed to close Dunkin Donuts by myself tomorrow night for the first time. Am I going to do something stupid like leave the coffee brewers on, or will all go as planned?

Will you help me make tqc_fashion   better/correct? I've never made a community before, and I wanna do a good job. =D I don't know if that question falls under the community promo rule or not. I don't wanna get in trouble. :(

For those who shave: how often do you do so?

And finally, are you more likely to buy something cheap and plain, or are you willing to spend the little bit of extra money to get the same thing but it looks cooler? ...That question is worded retarded. Halp?

ETA: What is your favorite place to buy movies/video games/whatever else it is you buy?

Which of these three pictures do you like better?

I'm going through old shots from my uncle's wedding back in september. I'm going to get some prints made to put in an album to try to promote myself.

I have this shot of the flowergirl blowing bubbles. I cropped it and threw in a vignette. Then I experimented with using the smooth skin brushstroke in lightroom. I was wondering what you guys thought of each version. HCW is specifically requested, on anything do with them.
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Lol. When my puppydog sees another dog outside, she gets really excited and makes this really strange noise... I can only describe it as a cross between an old man groan, and a noise that a wookie would make. What kinds of weird noises do your pets make?

What should my first *legal* drink be tomorrow?!
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I have somehow lost the ability to ctrl+v!! What did I do? How do I fix this??

EDIT: I restarted! It fixed itself. Weird.

Uhm... For those who play Sims, What sort of names do you give your Sims? I have a Sierra Mist and a Susie Queue right now.
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Do you think it's unethical/wrong to omit or downplay your degrees, awards, accomplishments, or experience on a resume while applying for jobs?

EDIT: I'm asking this because I'm finding, as I apply for jobs, that my Masters degree might be a liability -- because I'm applying for some jobs that I'm overqualified for and the employer would be afraid that I would leave as soon as something better comes up.
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If you ordered takeout and then got home and realized they left something out, would you go back to get it or write it off as a loss?

In this instance, you forgot the sodas and the restaurant is 1.5 miles away.


EDIT: The soda is delicious. What is not delicious is that some glass or something fell off some dude's truck and hit my car. WTF? No damage, far as I can tell.

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1) Which Disney animated character would you have sex with, if you had to choose one?

2) Which anthropomorphized Disney animal character would you have sex with, if you had to choose one? (And I don't mean just any animal that talks, although...I guess, if you want to pick from amongst those you can, but I'm thinking the ones that walk on their hind legs and wear clothing and living in humanoid dwellings like in Robin Hood.)

ETA: Alright, let's say plain old talking animals count, too. I was just wondering if the ones that acted more like humans were more line-blurringly attractive.
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1. Have you ever had cosmetic surgery, botox injections, or anything like that?

1A. What did you have done?

1B. What was the healing time like?

1C. How did it turn out?

1D. Would you do it again?


2. If you haven't had cosmetic surgery or some bodily/facial alteration, would you? Why or why not?

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I just moved from Long Island, where I've lived all my life, to Wisconsin. I only know one person in the state, and I'm starting to get really homesick, even though I like it here.

What would you do in my situation to make yourself feel better?

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1)Any reactions on the right wing Sotomayor[sp?] rhetoric? If you don't know who that is, who is your favorite Supreme Court Justice?

My mom's eyes crossed involuntarily when that Tancredo said she was in the Latino KKK.

2)Does the salary requirements blank on job applications make you nervous?

Yes...what are you supposed to put? And what if you were in another state with higher wages?

3)Do you think yoga works best in a class or is it fine on your own?

ETA:How do you clean your yoga mat? soap and water? sponge? dishrag? cleansers?

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Who do you think is the most disturbing character from a movie ever?

I'd say Captain Vidal from Pan's Labyrinth. He's the scariest, most sadistic son of a bitch ever.

What's your favorite scene from the original Fantasia?

I'd have to say the scene with the centaurs (even though the pastoral symphony is not my favorite song from the movie).

Paging Dr. LJ

On Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat. On Thursday I woke up with a sore throat and congestion. Today I'm completely congested and coughing and my throat is still sore and my boss even sent me home from work.

On Sunday I have to go on an all-day outing. Am I going to feel well enough to do it?

Also today after I got sent home I went on an hour-long walk because I felt less congested standing up. Is it a good idea to do this again?

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Dear tqc,

My dog is afraid of thunderstorms, and I have been getting lots of storms here lately. What are some things I could do to help her feel a little more calm? She just sits in the corner and sheds and looks sad, so I don't think drugging her is called for yet.

Will you post pictures of your pets? Or small children. They count as pets.

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I grew up eating pancakes ONLY as a dinner food. I never knew that people ate them for breakfast until I was like 13-14, and I still thought that that was really strange. I really still do think pancakes for breakfast is really weird.

My roommate says this is crazy, and that anyone who eats pancakes for dinner is insane.

Am I the only one who thinks of pancakes as a dinner food???
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Not asking you to internet diagnose, but srsly u guiz I know nothing about illness because I'm never sick. So general malaise (or weakness or feeling like shit and being tired or whatever) plus a sore throat plus shittons of phlegm plus sinus problems = what usually?
The underside of my chin itches, too, and I can't get a good breath in.

If you could shit any three colors, which three would you shit?
Plz 2 b creative


Does anyone know how to make a diptych or triptych in adobe lightroom?
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One of my favorite songs is Drops of Jupiter by Train. There's a particular line that I really love, and I eventually want it tattooed on me.

Now that shes back in the atmosphere
I'm afraid that she might think of me as plain ol jane
Told a story about a man who is too afraid to fly so he never did land

(The bolded part is the part I want tattooed). However my brother thinks it means one thing and I think it means another (his is more negative while mine is positive). Could you tell me what you think it means so I can make sure I'm not misreading it? Thanks :-)
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did fantasia freak anybody else's shit as a child?

any segments in particular?

any other kiddie movies freak you the fuck out?

Kill Bill - Elle
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I need new bras and pants, and want new perfume. Which should I buy? Will you scare me out of being such a tight ass?

What kind of ridiculous shit do you do with your money?


I've got diarrhea from an unknown bug, Tums-defying heartburn from the last food I attempted (like 8 hours ago), and I'm

Any recent wtf moments you'd like to share?

ETA: Swine Flu, Y/Y?

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It seems like my love life goes one of two ways.
1) I feel safe and comfortable with a guy, but BORED. So bored!
or 2) I feel excited and passionate but so worried with another guy.
(This is not a real situation just hypothetical)
What should I pursue? Should I go after the guy who scares me to death even if it could really hurt me?

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Ever consumed something that really ought to be combined with something else, in its proper form? Like, drank Tabasco or ate a lump of butter?

I don't know if eating a wad of peanut butter off a spoon counts, because it seems just FINE on its own, thankyouverymuch.