May 28th, 2009


midnight baking

i just made chocolate cupcakes for my coworkers.

Should I start a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins now? it's 12:30am, and I'll have to wash everything I used to make cupcakes so I can do muffins. And then wash it all again when I'm done, so my roommates don't wake up to a mess.

also, i have eggs and pumpkin I need to use up. So they'll get made sometime in the next couple days...
isaac brock sexy ass motherfucker

Another Sim 3 question.

Okay, understand this: I NEED to get the Sims 3 on Tuesday. I will explode if I don't play it the day it comes out.

Should I pre-order it from Best Buy? Or should I trust that Wal-Mart will have enough? (I will go promptly at 12:35, as soon as the first episode of the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (!!!) goes off.) I don't want to have to wait until 8am or whatever the hell time Best Buy opens to get the game, but I don't want Wal-Mart to have none and me be fucked.


Secret Menus

So, I stumbled across the Wikipedia article for secret menus, which got me thinking...

What sort of "secret items" have you ordered at fast food places/chain restaurants before?

When I go to Dairy Queen, I get frozen hot chocolate. :)


(no subject)

I would like to learn the dance from the credits of Slumdog Millionaire. None of my male friends are willing to learn it with me.

Craigslist, yes?

Have you ever learned a dance? Which and.. why?

Senior Prom

I'm sure this has been asked before but...

Did you go to your senior prom or are you going to?

I decided that I do not want to go to mine next month.

is it true that I will regret it, as many people have said before?
I don't think I will, honestly------
my reasons being:
-my boyfriend will not be there
-my best friends will be going with their boyfriends and I don't want them worrying about me feeling like a 5th wheel
-I dislike 3/4th of my class and I don't want to spend 3-4 hours with them at a crappy hotel dance room
-I know the DJ is awful
-I don't want to spend the money on the affair. I am going to Europe the day after I graduate for 11 days and I want to spend money on that.

I feel like prom is a dead tradition, but I don't know what it's like at other schools.
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(no subject)

There is a salsa step I am trying to remember the name of. Like a cross body lead the lady crosses in front of the man, but instead of just stepping past him she turns her back to him before she is on the other side. Anyone know what step that is?

(no subject)

I just recently removed all my furniture and put in my newer stuff. While cleaning yesterday I found my old PS2. I didn't have any games or cords and got sad. Today I found the only game that matters, Crash Bandicoot 3. Then just a few minutes ago I found a controller. But now I can't find my PS2.

Where could my PS2 have gone? It's not hiding in my room, there's nowhere for it to hide.

Am I doomed to play this Gift of the Magi game with myself forever?

What will I find/lose next?

Obvs this is just for fun, I'm not really expecting any psychics to find my missing shit. But I won't mind if you do.
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(no subject)

do you guys manage to pay full attention to your lectures and absorb everything?

i'm finding it really hard for Psych stats lectures and end up making a dumbass out of myself in the tutorials. i go through the lecture notes later on though and find it's much easier to go on my own pace (which is like 4 hours of focusing on a 1.5 hour lecture).

just wondering if anyone finds it difficult too.
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(no subject)

I'm paranoid. A few days ago I got this painful to the touch pink bump on my elbow. IS IT STAPH? :O I'm scurred.

If you're on break now, what have you been doing with your free time? Got anything big planned? I've been sitting around and eating lots of chocolate. I need to get out more.

Waxing poetic

I want to lick this guy's ear. I've slept with him once and he was very clean, but I'm not sure if that means that his ears are clean.

If I just go for the ear, the next time we're around each other and we're making out, it could be dirty (gross for me) and he could get embarrassed.
So, what do I do about that?

Do I pack a travel size of Johnson and Johnson Baby Wash (I clean my ears and lady bits with that stuff)and tell him what I plan on doing?
Do I tell him to clean his ear prior to our meeting up?
I don't want to kill the mood, but if it comes out of nowhere, it could be bad for both of us.

(no subject)

What is the functional difference between screen -xR and screen -xRR? They both seem to do the same thing, but are specified differently (but vaguely) in the documentation. Argh! *head asplodes*
Keyboard Cat

(no subject)

Why are you so tired? What'd you do all last night?

Read a book.
Study. And by "study" I mean "bar hopping."
Drug of choice.
Obligatory Other option

Paging Dr. TQC

So yesterday my mister and I were having a bit of fun, and I went to change positions, but sort of bent my back while trying to do it. Immediately, this sharp, deep pain lit up my left side, the left lower back area. In between whimpering with pain, I realized that when he put his hand on my back, it felt better, so I had him massage the area a bit and the pain lessened considerably. It didn't come back all night, but when I woke up this morning I was (and still am) sore. I'm going to pop a few Advil and rest it as much as possible, but does anyone have any inkling as to what I did to my back, and how to not do it again? TIA.

ebay assistance!

Hey everyone =)

I recently (yesterday) got an ebay account after my friend sent me a link to this very awesome vintage dress that i decided i *had* to have. The bet was supposed to close today at 730pmAEST. Currently, its about 10am. I wasnt going to bid until today because I didnt want the price to just keep going up,.I was going to bid in the last few hours.

However! I went to check on it today, to see if anyone bid overnight etc, and its gone! Ebay says:

"This listing (220416936719) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number.
If the listing was removed by eBay, consider it cancelled. Note: Listings that have ended more than 90 days ago will no longer appear on eBay."

I saved the link to the dress yesterday to my favorites, and it was working yesterday. When i clicked it today thats what came up.. It certainly wasnt a listing that ended 90 days ago because it was suppsed to end this evening! 

My friend also wanted a dress from the same person, and I tried looking for the dress my friend wanted so  I could contact the seller, but her's doesnt seem to be around either =S

What has happened here? Is there anything I can do?

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(no subject)

I have a day off, a broken heart and the blessing of my mom to charge a present to her credit card as a cheer-me-up gift (as if letting go after five years of deep love and heartbreak can be eased by a present).

Where should I go?
What present should I get myself?

I live in NYC.

ETA: I don't drink.
ETA: I also don't masturbate (just a personal preference) so toys of that nature are out.
ETA: I can't leave NY because I have work tomorrow...that means no going home and no standing outside heartbreaker's window John Cusack style.

(no subject)

I'm about to have to call the IRS and tell them what a bunch of 'tards they are regarding the notice they just sent us. They seem to think I filled out our company's quarterly 941 tax return wrong...but it's the same as it has been every quarter for the 2 years I've been submitting them, and it agrees perfectly with the payroll reports that it is supposed to be based off of.

What was the last frustrating/annoying phone call you recieved/made?
(I figure this one will be, since it's always a PITA to explain anything to those people.)

What was the last enjoyable phone call you received/made?

Have you seen the new Wolverine, Terminator, or Star Trek movies? What did you think of them?
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(no subject)

I hate my job (I work for my stepfather's law firm, and it's not a good environment) and want to go back to school. I miss school so goddamn much it's not even funny. I'm thinking about switching to full time overnight stocking and doing school during the day.

Has anyone ever worked overnight stocking? where? What did you think of it?

(no subject)

How often do you sweep, vacuum, and mop?

I got in the habit of sweeping and vacuuming daily, but I'm wondering if that is overkill. We have 2 cats, if that makes any difference.
Mopping is about once a month.

(no subject)

i want to plan a trip for the end of july and i'm wondering what websites are good for booking hotels for cheap etc? is expedia good? i'm in canada if that makes a difference but i'm thinking of going to vegas or maybe vancouver.

or if you don't care: will you tell me your favourite road trip song(s)?

(no subject)

So, my parents made less money this year, and while I am working, I basically have no money now. I filled out my financial aid, and I was denied aid. They said that I am able to put in $23,000. lol, okay government- we can hardly afford everything we have now.
Is there anyway to get this over turned? Has this happened to anyone? Without financial aid, I won't be able to go to school.

I just emailed my university financial aid department, but I need to calm my nerves down a bit.
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(no subject)

Do you ever make up original songs in your dreams?

What's something that people wouldn't guess makes you feel nauseous?

I feel like I worded those questions clumsily. Is there a better way I might have arranged the sentences?


Yes, sometimes I'll hear a song in a dream and I know it's not one I've heard before.

Half-eaten cereal, where it's all soggy and floating in the milk. D:
Self cleaning

(no subject)

So I am watching TV and the channel I'm watching is showing "You've Got Mail" tonight and touting it as the most romantic movie of all time. Do you agree? If not, what do you think is the most romantic movie ever made?
Dr Horrible - hammer/penis
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(no subject)

Pig tails on adults, yea or nay?

I put my hair up in pig tails last night to lounge around and my husband thought it was the hottest thing ever. Now I'm wondering if he's really a creepster in disguise.
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(no subject)

I am really hungover at work. I feel like I'm going to throw up or have acid reflux (which may, in part, be due to the nasty Hot Pocket I ate).

How can I make this feeling go away? I have been drinking tons of water and don't have any Tums.

Are you allowed to wear flip flops where you work?

Dress problem

I'm graduating from high school this Saturday and of course after the formal festivities we are going clubbing to celebrate it. The problem is I have just bought two new dresses and I can't decide which one I should wear.

Collapse )
PotC Compass

(no subject)

Hi TQC! I'm organising the quiz night for my uni's Computer Science Student's Club this year. It's a few months away yet, but do you guys have any suggestions for questions? Especially for the General Knowledge, Hard and Logic rounds. Thanks!
Quinn Twin

Darlin' don't you go and cut your hair...

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, mainly because I need to clean up the damage to the ends from bleaching the hell out of it. I'm trying to keep most of the length as I need to be able to do pigtails in September, so that's my main concern. I need something that can still be pulled back now for working out, though if it needs pins for a few weeks, that's cool. I also need something that can be worn wavy or straight. Collapse )

Sorry for the huge pics, I'm getting ready for work and didn't want to take the time to resize. SUPER SRS ANSWERS ONLY U GUISE! /wtfevs
Spelling Contest

Dead men don't wear plaid....or much else

After a night of drinking, you wake up the next morning naked next to a naked man. You try and think about what happened the night before and you can't. You try and wake him and find out...HE'S DEAD! What do you do now?

Call 911 and report this and hope it goes well
Keep running around my bedroom going OMGOMG, panicking. This may take over an hour for me to process
Set my house/apartment on fire and hope that it takes care of the body
Call up a friend and together we'll sneak the body out and dispose of it somewhere
Kick it out of bed and put it with the others in the crawlspace
Tie his arm and leg to mine, and go out and have adventures, Weekend at Bernie-style
Acquire a chainsaw and dissect the body so it'll be easier to dispose of
Drag him out to the trash cans and stuff him inside. It's garbage day
Eww. I spend the next 3 hours in the bathtub, scrubbing myself raw
I'll take care of this soon enough but, so this is what necrophilia's like. Interesting! Time for some quality time with the stiff

An hour later, you get a phone call from a friend. Apparently, he knows someone who works in a morgue and got him to loan him a body, which he placed in your bed. You didn't have sex with someone who ended up dead the next morning. Your friend wants the body back, so he can return it. Depending on what you were doing for question 1, what will you say to your friend?

"Hahaha. OMG. What a relief. You totally got me good"
"What body? I woke up alone, buster"
"You're the one that undressed me? You saw me naked? PERV!"
"I'm not finished with him yet. We're going buck-wild. This is really hot"
"Um...think your friend will mind much if the body's returned in pieces?"
"Our friendship is SO over"

(no subject)

1. Have you or anyone you know ever been in an open relationship? Did it work? Why/why not?

2. What do you think of open relationships in general?

3. Do you think humans are naturally monogamous or polygamous (but perhaps practice monogamy because of the values of society)?
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I want to butttt~

Last summer I went away to Rome/Venice for a week, and then I spent 3 weeks in a vacation home in Mexico. (For two of those weeks I was joined by my brother and boyfriend.) That trip was luckily funded by my parents.

This summer my dad (and probably my mom) wants me to go away again. But he also wants me to pay him back eventually. TBH I'm bad at paying anything back, but usually those things get forgotten. My parents seem to know that I won't do it anyways.
So I am thinking of going to London, Paris, and Madrid, for a week in each. What do you think?
(I also wanna go to the Forbidden Corner but I'm not sure how much of a trip out of London that would be.)

I want to drag my bf along too. However, he doesn't have any money, and says that he won't accept money from me/my parents. If I do pay this all off, I would pay for him also.
I reallllyyy want him to come with me. Should I keep begging him to join? Or is it not nice to beg him to come when he doesn't really have enough money?
I told him that if he wanted to, he could pay me back over time.


Sorryyy, I hid my questions.
Should I take a trip this summer?
Should I bring my boyfriend with me, even though he doesn't have the money atm?

(no subject)

Inspired by a few comments from my financial aid post-

Would you rather have a lot of debt because of schooling, or try to have as little debt as possible, even if it means taking a semester off or trying to haggle with financial aid departmentss?
I know we have one vote for high interest rates, since it appears cbpiz really wants to be in debt, since that is apparently the way you grow up and stuff.

(no subject)

1) I'm running Vista (not by choice,) on a spanky new system and trying to edit .avi files in Windows Movie Maker; the preview window is showing me nothing but black. The timer runs when I hit play, but visually--nada. Any ideas what could be going on or what I need to do to fix this? Do I need to convert the .avi to something else? If so, what extension?

2) What's your garden look like? Post photos, if you can! (If you don't have a garden, photos of the closest thing. Pot of herbs in the kitchen. Weeds growing in the cracks of the cement. Flowers painted on something. Whatever.)

(no subject)

How are you currently feeling about life?

I'm feeling terribly stuck and flat-out bored with everyone and everything and upset at myself for not being excited about life currently.
crash love

Dear TQC

I love this community! But it seems that if I go to work and come home I have to go through about 10 friends pages to see them all. Do you have any tips on how to make the friends page a little um...less full?
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(no subject)

I have a lot of writing to do in the next few hours, and have found that it is really difficult for me to concentrate while listening to music with lyrics.  Can anyone recommend any good instrumental music/artists?
dear diary
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(no subject)

Does anyone know if there's some sort of group (online or otherwise) for support for people who had to make the choice to "pull the plug" as they say? I am still feeling a bit of guilt over deciding to end my mom's life last fall and even though it wasn't my decision alone and I know it was the right thing it still haunts me.
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(no subject)

1) What are the first 5 things you think of when you hear the word "Canadian"?

2) Do you know anyone who has Irritable Bowel Syndrome? How much does it affect their life/how much of an annoyance is it for them?

3) Ever been hang gliding? What was it like? I'm going next month and starting to wonder what I got myself into. :)

4) If you won the lottery, would you a) Quit your job respectfully, b) Quit your job after doing something vindictive (if this one please elaborate on the vindictive act in question), c) Switch to part-time at your job so you'd still have something to do when you're not eating caviar and lobster, d) Keep working full-time at your job, e) Get a new job, either full time or part time (if this one what would the job be?)?

5) How long (either a period of time or a number of dates) after the first date should two people wait to have sex, assuming that a lasting relationship is the goal for both of them? Have you ever dated anyone who had a different idea of how long this period of time should be than you did? What happened?

6) Would you ever dump someone if they didn't put out early enough (assuming that the person is not a virgin, not waiting until marriage, and not a freak, but just has a different idea of how long one should wait before putting out than you do)? We're talking two months or so here, not a year or anything crazy.
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(no subject)

are there any websites you know of that sell typewriters for reasonable prices?

i want a vintage one, if i can find it, but all the sites i've found so far sell them for $400 or more. i really can't afford to pay that much.

also, i'd like to avoid ebay, if i can. and i've already searched craigslist. i'm at a loss, tqc! help!
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(no subject)

tqc, let's say you and your husband own a huge house, but are getting on in years and need to decide what will happen to the house when you're gone. you have twin girls, both married. one daughter has two small children and a husband with not much motivation to get promoted at work, and the other daughter has no children with a very driven husband who's a general practitioner and makes decent money. so: what do you do with the house?

yes, this is about the sims again, lol.
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(no subject)

1. I just found ~$500 (CAD) in my paypal account. I already bought everything on my wish lists and still have $100 left. What should I buy (eBay or etsy)?

eta I really don't need to save it for anything. I have a really great summer job and would just spend the money on something offline this weekend anyway.

2. What is on your wish lists?
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(no subject)

 Can you go to a doctor and tell them that you have a yeast infection and just have them write you a prescription? (I know there are OTC cures, but the oral stuff works better and faster. And I don't like the idea of stuffing goop up my vagina.)

(no subject)

How often do you let psychological barriers prevent you from doing anything?

So often if I don't go to the gym or do my school work, instead I'll just shut myself at home and feel miserable because I *should* be doing those things.

What do you do in ruts like these? Please someone post that nic cage bird macro again.
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(no subject)

I need to take a math course for the summer (I suck in math). An online one would be very convenient. However, the only one I can get into is Intro to Statistics. Does statistics really suck that much?

(no subject)

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm going to be an RA this fall. I'm supposed to make a group on Facebook for my residents, but I don't know what to call it... our floor is 3 North but "3 North" by itself is a boring name. So, TQC, what should I call my group? Srs answers only, plz.

(no subject)

1. Say you (and your family, SO, whatever) were going away for a week on vacation, and you hired a friend to pet-sit and generally take care of your house for you while you're gone.

a) Would you invite them to sleep in your bed while you are away, or would you make guest-friendly accomodations?

b) What would you do if you found out they had sex in your bed? Would you not care or be completey disgusted? They did wash the sheets aftewards, though, if it matters.

2. Say you were house-sitting for a friend of a friend. You only vaguely know these people, but they are really close to your mutual friend, enough they would trust you to stay at their place. If they offered to let you sleep in their bed while they were away, would you?

(no subject)

Hay TQC. So tonight for dinner I'm gonna do tilapia with butter, lemon juice, garlic, and sundried tomatoes, topped with summer squash and onion, baked in a foil pouch. My q is, should I stick the butter, lemon juice, garlic and sundried tomatoes in the food processor for a couple seconds to make like a butter purée(?? lol), or should I just pile it all on top of the fish?

What are YOU having for dinner?

(no subject)

Is there any complex species of animal that has very little to no altruism or working together at all? Like they don't communicate with each other and they entirely fend for themselves from birth on?

(no subject)

I'm looking at a used vehicle (because I figure it's probably cheaper than buying a brand new car, plus I'm only sixteen so why would I need something brand new to start with?) and I made an attempt at getting the CarFax.  However, when I put in the VIN number on the site it then said that I would have to pay $29.99 for one!

What do I do, TQC?  I really would like to see the CarFax!


(no subject)

If you could go to any concert, I mean ANY concert, (whether the band is still together or not, dead or alive, past or present) who would you want to see?

Who would you NEVER go see, even if you had free front row tickets?

Need to cheer up the husband...

So my brother-in-law is being a massive douche.

The husband has been pretty sick for a little over a week, so Tuesday he went to the doctor, doctor suspects pneumonia, chest x-ray confirms it.

Everyone in his family knows and has been calling and texting to see how he is doing, including my brother-in-law.

Wednesday morning, after years and years of saying she doesn't want to get married because getting a divorce is too expensive, my bil's gf asks my bil to marry him. They decide to get married this Friday at the court house.

Whoopty do.

The problem is, my bil is wanting the husband to be the witness. Except the husband is on bedrest until he goes back to see the doctor at the end of next week. My bil is freaking out and being a complete ass to my husband. This is upsetting the husband, which isn't helping his recovery.

So...TQC what should I do to cheer up the husband? I've already stocked him up with junk food and rentals from Redbox. Sexy time is out at the moment with how bad he feels.

Is my bil being unreasonable? Or should the husband try to suck it up and go?
I already know how I feel about the subject...just looking for some outside opinions..
Should I go kick my bil in the balls? Woohoo for him getting married an all, but they knew how sick the husband was before they decided on their spur of the moment, courthouse wedding.

(no subject)

I spoke with my recruiter today and I found that the Navy is far more relaxed than I was expecting. Yet, I'm very excited about enlisting.

What are you excited about?
Has anything shocked you today?

What do you have against the armed forces?
Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

You guys, help. I'm going to be moving into a house with some other girls my age (yay roomies!) and I'm trying to start eating a lot more healthily. My goal is little to no pre-packaged products, incorporating vegetables in the most I can, fruit in the morning, preparing meals myself..stuff like that. I just don't how to grocery shop. Do you have any tips or advice? Is there a website that, I don't know, prepares grocery lists for idiots? Can you help a seesta out?

What did you do today, otherwise? Anything exciting~?
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(no subject)

hi TQC :-)

okay so my best friend sent me these store-bought Victoria cakes. it arrived on the 25th and i picked it up today (28). the thing is, its expiry date is 24 may. would you still consume these scrumptious things? there's no mould or anything but i don't want to get/feel sick.


Have you ever has laser hair removal treatments?  Would you say it's worth the price?

If you continually over pluck your eyebrows, will they stay that way? Would filling them in with eyeliner make you look like a tool?

Do you have a rogue hair you wish to tell us about?

I have two that I know of! One on the underside of my right forearm and one (this is the real champ) on the right side of my neck. Just one, but if I forget to take care of it, it can grown really long. Like, at least 2 inches. Maybe more. I've never found out.


(no subject)

You must pick one or the other as your permanent career (you'll be doing it from now until ~65):

A funeral home director: you're the dude/dudine who arranges coffins, gravestones, flowers, etc. for the deceased's family and runs the funeral home. You don't have any direct contact with dead bodies (you're only a director), but you're called upon to help facilitate the grieving process and will come in contact with a lot of crying, hysterical, grieving people.

An embalmer: you're the dude/dudine who prepares the body for viewing and burial (cleaning, embalming, dressing, reconstruction, makeup, etc.). You never have to come in contact with the families of the deceased, but you'll probably have to fix up young people, children, babies, car accident victims, drowning victims, and other assorted "gross" bodies, not just people who died of old age.

Which would you pick? I'd be an embalmer, because the really gross and really sad cases probably won't bother me, and it would be interesting in a really weird morbid way.

What are the last two articles you've read on Wikipedia? The article on morticians and embalming (ha ha), and the article on the Mark series British WWI tanks.
crash love


I got fish and a frog today for my tank and....well my frog is not in the tank!!! I put it in the tank and he was hanging out in there and now he/she is gone!!! Where the hell did my frog go? Is he hiding in the rocks at the bottom? I looked everywhere. Even outside of the tank. All over!!!


EDIT: Frog was found. He was under this tube thing. By boyfriend likes to have earth tones and he blended right in. Little fucker.
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Evil Me

(no subject)

1. Would you willingly live close to a nuclear power plant? Why/why not?

2. Do you think it's "weird" for someone to grow their hair long "just to see how long it will get"?

3. Do any of you use "alternative deodorants"? ie, something that's not a cream or gel in a plastic tube. What is it, and how do you find it works?
splat cupcake


I have this diamond ring I want to sell. I know I should get it appraised, and will. But I can't go anywhere tonight so I was wondering if anyone could tell me a place on line where I can compare prices that I might get for my ring? All Im finding is what I can buy from dealers and I doubt my resale is going to bring down that much.
  • h2ok

(no subject)

Will you post a picture with you wearing your glasses (preferably corrective lenses, but sunglasses work too!)?
(I'm looking to get a new pair and looking for ideas ;])

the kind you find in a second hand store

What is your favorite Prince song?
Who is your favorite Disney Prince?

I've been hearing a lot about this Evercleanse. Has anyone tried this? Does it just make you poop a whole lot? It sounds crazy and reminds me of the stuff they give you when you have a colonoscopy. D=

ETA: What's with everyone not diggin' Prince?


1) I have short, light eyelashes. It sucks! What is the best/your favorite mascara that you've used?

2) If you're in college or were, what did you major in?

3) Why am I procrastinating!?!?!?! Ugh.
Tim onstage!

(no subject)

TQC, last night I caught my pinky toe around the corner of my doorframe, and broke it. Of course I didn't go to the ER, since there's nothing they can do for it anyway, but...ouch. I've been hobbling around all day, wincing in pain.

Ten minutes ago, I caught my toe around one of the heavy lifting weights my father left lying around on the ground - the same damn toe. I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy. I'm done with this day. Screw it, I'm just done.

When's the last time you just gave up on a day, and why?
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Boring research question, sorry. So I'm almost done with my final stats paper where I'm talking about the difference between self-perception of appearance and intelligence in boys vs. girls at my school. I'll spare you the details but right now I'm urgently looking for a study which I know I've read about concerning gender differences in learning math. It basically said that while there is no/very little difference in actual performance between boys and girls, the difference is in the attitude; namely who is blamed for poor performance. For example, if a boy and a girl get back a math test with a low grade, the boy tends to say "I have a bad teacher, we never learned this material, etc.", while the girl tends to say "I'm bad at math". Does anyone know where I can find this study, and if not, at least an article that describes it? I kind of need it ASAP and I've tried pretty much every verbal combination in Google.

And just because that was the most boring question ever, what was your first R-rated movie? How old were you?

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So I just got an e-mail from a ... that is 3 hearts, my e-mail address without the at the end of it, --- I loooove you, three more hearts, all of that in caps. What the fuck is it? It got past my spam filters. Is it going to eat my computer? Is it some known thing going around or am I just special?

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Do you prefer getting laid at home or at your sex partner's place? Do you have roommates/neighbors?

I guess I'm curious if you're an exhibitionist type who would get sad if your roommates never heard you getting lucky and/or whatever else hang-ups and preferences you may have.

Also: has anyone ever tried Trader Joe's vacuum-packed carnitas? Isn't it SO GOOD? I'm sorry I'm always going on about Trader Joe's but we just got one last year and it's like this weird ethereal experience of disbelief/pure joy every time I make the pilgrimage.
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TQC, we have a problem.

I have about ten red dots on my legs and they're all itchy. They're smaller than bug bites. They seem to show up when...I eat chocolate.

Are these hives?! These dots are only on my legs, and I always assumed that hives showed up all over your body. They MIGHT be bug bites, but...I've never had an allergic reaction to chocolate in my life! Ever! Why would I suddenly develop an allergy over night?

OMG if these are hives I'm going to be like...I don't even know.
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Heterosexual female tqcers with fathers who are active in your lives:

Did your dad ever raise objection to your dating? I ask because in TV and stuff fathers always get all worked up when their teenage daughters have boyfriends, express concern that their daughters might be having sex, etc, and my own father never seemed to care in the slightest.

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1)When you organize CDs wherever you store them, I'm assuming you do it alphabetically or by genre and alphabetically. So when you do that, do you put artists like Tori Amos and Fiona Apple in the As or do you go by first name and put Tori in T and Fiona in F?
1)What are your top 5 songs about death?
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I went to a concert with some friends a few days ago, and one of them made out (and possibly more) with some random girl there. He seemed a bit tipsy at the time, but now claims he was black-out drunk. He apparently has been exclusively dating some girl and never told any of us, and she found out about his concert shenanigans and is understandably upset.

He's asked me to talk to this girl (on the phone, I assume, since we live in different cities), to explain to her that he was super drunk and didn't mean it.

Should I? I'm leaning toward "not", but I might just be a bad friend.
Baro Bitch Stare
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Am I an idiot who was living in the dark ages because I didn't realize what cisgendered meant?

Do you know what it means?

Do you feel that people who are cisgendered have privileges inherent to them because of being cisgendered?

What do you think of the word privileges being thrown around when concerning discrimination? Do you believe certain people are just more privileged than others just because of how they were born or what they believe?
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WHY do I keep getting slugs in my house??? Where are they coming from, and how do I get RID of them?

Do you recycle? I live in Alabama currently, and I don't think they believe in being kind to the earth down here.
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Do you know the name of this game? They give you a big shape (bird, flower, etc) and you fill it in with small random shapes (square, triange, etc) that are given. It kinda looks like a stained glass window.

If not, do you tend to watch one channel?
I watch USA because I love House, NCIS, Law & Order.