May 27th, 2009

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TQC, have you taken the GRE? I know this gets asked at least once or twice every few months, but I am really curious tonight.

How was it?

I can register for it at a test facility at any time, right? I AM SO WORRIED I'M GOING TO DO IT WRONG.

Also, I am waiting for an internship interview that I was supposed to get scheduled after my professor got back from a conference. She'd be gone about three weeks, and she should be back by now. She said to email her with my contact information, and I did, and she'd get back to me upon her return. I am freaking out because I really want this internship and I think she might have forgotten. The email was sent at the end of April, which was a while to keep and remember a student that didn't ask until the end of the class about an internship. Should I email her again? HELP ME MAKE DECISIONS, INTERNET.

teal deer:
Are there any alcoholic beverages you cannot drink, for they will destroy you?
I <3 TLV

Mainly for New Yorkers

This summer I'm planning on driving to Boston from DC, stopping for a few days in Philly and NYC on the way. This would mean driving in Manhattan. Is this a terrible idea? Would I have to be crazy to drive there? (I avoid driving in DC whenever possible) I've taken the bus to NYC a couple times before, but driving seems like it would be more convenient for this trip.

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When you're making grilled cheese, do you butter the bread and then put it in the pan or put butter in the pan and just pop the bread in?

If you don't do it either of those ways, how do you do it?

I was watching Rachael Ray this morning and she buttered the bread and patted herself on the back as if she thought it's the way I learned how to make grilled cheese so I know I can't be the only one.
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What would you think of someone who decided to sit out their high school graduation? How about college graduation? They still get their diploma/degree; they just opt out of the ceremony.

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What are some books you'll never understand/like?

Shakespeare and A Clockwork Orange went completely over my head. I don't like Catch-22 even though I really wanted to. (Edit) OH! And Tess of the D'Urbevilles. Urrrrgh.

And picture post! Will you post the most recent photo you've uploaded?
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Ok, this is possibly a really dumb question, but I'd like answer.

I work with this girl (I am pretty sure she is a girl- she has a feminine name and wears eye makeup. Otherwise, she is sort of ambiguous in build and voice) who has facial hair. Like, it's pretty obvious that she has facial hair and shaves it.

Why would a woman have facial hair? And forreal, this ain't no 'stache, it's a beard.

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What are you munching on right now? 
I'm licking a veggie bouillon cube right now. It's pretty salty and fun but I think it'll give me heartburn because it's so strong! :(

What are some stupid pet owner stories you know of personally?
We got a ferret today from a lady who bought it for her 11 year old. They were bored of it and it was living alone caged in the closet with no interaction. She's aggressive  because she's so scared but we're going to work with her!

When you're reading a book and you've lost interest in it do you just stop and forget it or do you force yourself to finish it?

We didn't name her Pudding though! I didn't pay for her so I didn't get a say. Her name is 'Allah Kali the Cosmic Destroyer'...or Kali for short.
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MLP - pinkie chicken

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I interviewed for a job last Wednesday, and last Friday I got an email from the woman in charge saying that she would like to offer me a position and to email her back if I accept or not, ASAP, so we can get the ball rolling on some paperwork so I can start working soon. I emailed her back almost immediately saying yes, absolutely, what should my next step be. She still hasn't replied to me. How long is tactful to wait before I send another message or call and leave a voicemail? What do I include in it? I don't want to piss her off and lose this job offer, but it's been what feels like just enough time to make me wonder what's going on.


Is anyone else on TQC connected with the Kerrville Folk Festival? If so, are you sad that you're not there? I hate being away from the ranch during the festival so much.

For you non-Kerrverts, have you ever been to a music festival? What kind of music was it? Did you camp on site? Did you play music there? Did you have fun? Would you post a photo or a video from the festival?

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What are some weird things you have in common with family?

All of the women on my mom's side have had this one freaking hair that grows on our chins in the exact same spot on all of us. Also, my mom, aunt and my grandmother all like the coffee prepared the same way.
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Got Rat


Why does salty water leak our eyes when we cry from laughter, anger or sadness? Why have we evolved this? How have we evolved this? Why don't other animals cry in the same way?

My Google Fu is lacking and I mainly get results for Far Cry Evolution or an explanation as to why babies make a lot of noise when they cry.
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LiveJournal questions.

01. Think about your favorite LJ Friend. Why is he/she your favorite?

02. What entries do you enjoy most from your LJ Friends?

03. How do you usually end up adding people to your Friends List?

04. If you use Friends Filters, what kind do you have?

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Say you got paid today. It's short $120. You call payroll and find out a garnishment you paid off a couple months ago is now charging you interest and didn't tell you about it. What would you do?

If you don't care about the above question, tell me what you *DO* care about.

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so, what exactly should i say to this tool in an email response to his craigslist ad? i understand his frustration. jobs are hard to come by for anyone, no matter how qualified they are. yes, he made a bad decision 8 years ago and is sorry for it and has moved on and bettered his life yadda yadda but that's a choice he'll have to live with for the rest of his life. to compare not being able to find a job with a felony record to the horror that HIV/AIDS patients have to live with?

if you don't care about that, what is your teeth/mouth care routine? do you floss once a day and brush your teeth three times a day? mouthwash? what kind of toothpaste do you use? i like crest with scope and i need to buy some new toothpaste soon.
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my husband told me yesterday that i need to stop being so infuriated at everything but i think that it's not my fault that everything is so fucking infuriating!! what can i do to keep a handle on my fury?

one infuriating thing is that a girl on my flist participated in what i consider to be extremely unethical behavior - it's nothing illegal. at the beginning of the whole situation, one could've passed it off as an accident but it's becoming clear that she's just a shitty person. should i just unfriend her? should i unleash a wad of fury at her? i really am saddened and angered by her behavior.

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BORING TECH Q: I have a phpbb3 board on my website. I forgot to moderate it because no one uses it (it is a project for future times) and when I came back after, like, six months, 5000 spam threads had been posted. I deleted the spammers + all related threads using the prune users function in the admin control panel. But the thread count still shows up as 4876 or whatever when you visit the forum. How do I get rid of that? Is there a way to reset counts?

FOOD Q: What should I make for breakfast? I was thinking coddled eggs and popovers and be all British about it, but I dunno. I have no breakfast meats :(, but I have a bunch of vegs.

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If you knew someone's SO was cheating on them would you tell them?

Would the person's relationship to you make a differnce? Why or why not? Like if the person being cheated on was just an acquaintance? What if the cheater was closer to you than their SO?

ETA: what I meant by the last question is that you are closer to the cheater than you are to the SO

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At work, there is a woman in the next cube over from me. She frequently has guests in her cube and they carry on long whispered conversations. So I can't tell what they're talking about but I can hear whispering.

How would you feel about this? Is this better or worse than her conversing in a normal voice?

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Can you tell me where the fuck I can watch (either streaming or downloading without having to sign up for anything) episode 3 of the Real Housewives of NJ? >:( Stupid STILL only has the pilot online... and that was 2 weeks ago.

If ydgaf, how did you feel when you woke up this morning? Physically and/or emotionally.

i'm still a little ruffled

have you ever been attacked by an animal?

i just got attacked by an angry goose because it thought i was threatening its young. i also was once jumped on by a baby squirrel because i think it wanted me to give it food.
so yeah, lets hear some of your animal attack stories.

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I just opened my fortune cookie, and it had two fortunes in it. That's never happened before. But the truly awesome part is that one of them said "You are going to get laid tonight." Even though I know it's not true, it lightens my day to realize that my local Chinese takeout place is awesome enough to sell me a fortune cookie with "You are going to get laid tonight" in it.

What has made your day better today?

On second you think they KNOW that it's not true, and they are just trying to rub it in?
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can anyone tell me what this tool is called?:

it looks like a little screw driver with a clear handle and when you stick the metal tip into an electrical socket or touch a wire with it or something, a light in the end of the handle will light up if there is electricity going through what you are touching with that tip.

gasp zooey

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I got up at 7:00am today because I was supposed to start my first day of work, but they called and said we have to reschedule because of a "conflict".  I've exhausted everything I can possibly think of doing to fill my day, but I am out of ideas.

Should I watch tv or try to take a nap?  Or do you have other suggestions? (I've already cleaned the house and gone to the gym)

They're still hiring me, right?

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TQC, how much can you tell me about tanning?

I am going to California in 3 weeks and today I am going tanning (in a tanning bed) for the first time ever. What do I need to know? How long should I tan for? Do I really need that lotion stuff? Do I just wear my bikini under my clothes, or do I take it with me and change there? I have 4 free coupons through the end of June. How many times/how often should I go?

I am really pale because I don't go outside much. When I was little I had olive skin that could tan really easily. I am going for a nice, natural looking tan. Nothing too brown or orange. Help?

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What do you think of sluts?
I'm not talking about someone who looks and acts slutty at school or in clubs.
I am refering to ACTUAL sluts. Ones that ARE sluts, behave like sluts behind closed doors, and maybe even enjoy it (or don't realize they don't enjoy it, dont realize they are doing something wrong, dont realize they are sluts, etc).


I know one
I've fucked one
I like them
I have no respect for them
I am one
I am with one
I dont like them
I need one
I wish I was one
I used to be one
I know someone who used to be one
I respect them
I regret being one
I will be one
I don't really know what a 'slut' is

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TQC, I am trying to find intensive counseling for my depression/eating disorder. I have tried several variations of "intensive counseling illinois" and other keywords but am not having very much luck. I have also tried "inpatient counseling illinois" and such, but mostly get addiction recovery centers, and I am not addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Can you recommend any keywords I use to find specific help? I'm looking for treatment at least three times a week, but am willing to be hospitalized or go every day if necessary.
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1) Help me TQC? I need a quick and dirty musical education for The Strokes, M83 and similar artists. Mainly what should I listen to?

Any good punk rock bands?

2) What's a movie you've seen recently that you thought would suck but actually liked?
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With Star Wars so often winning the Star Wars vs Star Trek question, have you ever wondered how it makes sense that a light saber could be intense enough to burn through metal, but for whatever reason, the only thing that can physically stop a light saber is another light saber?

What keeps the light from going on forever instead of making the saber?
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I've had Paint Shop Pro XI installed on my computer for a few years. Recently I had to re-program my computer so all the programs were erased. I managed to find the PSP CD to reinstall it on my computer, but it's asking for User Name, Organization, and Serial Number, which were only found on the box the CD came in. I no longer have that box so I don't know the User Name, Organization, or Serial Number. Does this mean I cannot install my PSP? Or is there another way?
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I want to get a tattoo. I am iffy about walking into any tattoo parlor. 

Could you guys reccomend any GOOD tattoo parlors in New York City?

That you might experience in, or heard stories....

Im Googling too, but if you have any specific "NOs" or "YES" places, please let me know :D
I have no idea what I'm getting into.


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anyone here make smoothies? any ideas?

I usually put a ton of nuts and fruit in, but would love to try and get some veggies in. Any ideas for some good healthy veggies that won't overwhelm the taste?

thanks guys!

Customer Services

In the UK we have notoriously poor customer services in the retail sector. Although I am occassionally scared by the customer service in the US, I do find that I am MUCH less likely to exit the store feeling grumpy and peeved. I also feel that because people in the UK generally expect lower service, they often go on to give lower service if they begin to work in retail. My friend says that customer service doesn't really matter as long as you manage to buy what you wanted.

What do you think?

I should perhaps point out that I work retail in the UK and have done for 5 years, giving a mixture of British and US service, because sometimes the day is just bad.
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What is your favorite song to have sex to (realistically or theoretically)? Will you send it to me?

Hiraeth, a longing or homesickness.
"It is difficult to define hiraeth, but to me it means the consciousness of man being out of his home area and that which is dear to him. That is why it can be felt even among a host of peoples amidst nature's beauty; like a Christian yearning for heaven." --D. Martyn Lloyd Jones.

^Have you ever felt anything like that?


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I get super anxious when calling people I don't know on the phone. :/ I want to call and check up on a job I was offered two weeks ago. They sent off the background check & got my application then. What should I say? Please help TQC, I fail at phone conversations :(

Also, do you get anxious/nervous when calling people you don't know?

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I hate myself for asking a question like this AGAIN, but surprise surprise, another hiccup.
Would it be really unfair for me to break up with someone who's grandmother has just been put on life support, has had to have heart tests and go to hospital, who's organised/helped organise my birthday (would have to tell his friends not to come and that he's been dumped) and who says 'it's all falling apart'?

Yes, I know that looks like a list of lies and reasons why I can't break up with him. Crafty.

ETA: If you dont care/are sick of me, do you enjoy your job?
Do you like the people you work with?
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I got this phone call today from a NH # when I was in the shower. My dad lives in NH, but it wasn't his number, so I googled it. It came up as a pay phone at the municipal airport in the town my dad lives in, but the person didn't leave a voicemail.

I called my dad but he's at work so his phone is off. I also just got off the phone with my step mom and she doesn't know anything about it.

Who the hell called me, TQC?
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On Saturday night I went to a bar in my hometown with my alcoholic friends, and I was super tired and they kept giving me shots, so I did them and got super drunk. But not in a fun way. I tried to walk it off but I got home and tried to go to sleep, but got the spins and ended up puking in a plastic bag, which is stuffed in a Nordstrom bag, lol.

I stuffed it under my bed and sort of forgot about it, which is gross, I know.

So then my mom finds it, okay? And I come home last night and she is all "ARE YOU AN ALCOHOLIC OR A BULIMIC BECAUSE I FOUND THAT BARF AND IT'S FREAKING ME OUT" and she was crying and shit and I was just like "no mom it's really not like that" but she didn't believe me and now she's all like "you're going to therapy." But I don't want to go to therapy.

It sucks because she has reasons to believe that I am lying and do have some sort of problem, and my cousin died of bulimia so she's super paranoid about that. But that's not the case and I don't want my mom to freak out!

wdid? I posted this in anon but it's not really the right topic for anything posts.

srs/non-srs answers only.

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I had trouble sleeping last night because it was ridiculously noisy. I kept hearing machinery cycling on and off in the basement, trains going by lying on their horns seemingly every 10 minutes, and approximately 57 garbage trucks squealing and clattering their way through my parking lot. I've lived here for 2 weeks, and I've never heard any of this before.

TQC, have I developed superhuman hearing? Has this ever happened to you?

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There's a concert at my school tonight. The school website says that it starts at 6:30, an email that I got from the school says that it starts at 6. I need to buy my ticket at the door.

When the hell should I get there?
My friend says 6 but I feel like I should go at 5:30.

Anyone else looking for a job right now?
What kind of job are you looking for?
Where are you looking?

The Gosselins

So Jon and Kate Gosselin have been all over the tabloids lately. What accusations do you guys believe and not believe of what is being said about them? I just wanted to see what other people think, fan or not.

The media seems to love to accuse them of being greedy, kind of bad parents. The Us Weekly issue that is out now is saying Kate was eating at restaurant while one of the boys - I didnt check to see who or what happened -was rushed to the emergency room and that for Kate all she cares about how she looks and all the money they get from their show.

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lol swine flue

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let's say you marry an old rich dude when you're about 25. you move into his huge house, which he shares his 30 year old daughter, her husband, and their children. old rich dude dies a few years later. do you stay living in the house, or do you take the millions from life insurance and move into your own house?

aka: run my sims lives for me plz.
The Dude Abides

3 ?s

How long does it take you to get ready for work/school?

Are there any movies you wish were remade?

If you had to answer with either (Good, Bad, or Ugly) how would you say has your day been so far?


When someone keeps offending you again and again, what would you to this fuckhead? The case is complicated with the fact that he lives in another town\country. This asshole just can't understand, that he's already an enemy in my eyes and keeps cracking stupid jokes, as stupid as he is.
I told him: "The Earth is round, the world is small, soon or later we'll meet each other and I just kill you, do you get it?"
I've never seen him before, he started first and it just makes me furious. What the fuck? Who are you? What the fuck do you want from me, you stupid motherfucker?
The only thing I know about him is his name and place of work. It's not too much, but sometimes I think it would be god damn cool, if I suddenly appear right in front of him and smash his fucking head to pieces.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not an angry person, I just can't forgive the evil, especially when I see it too often.
So what would you to this fuckhead?

Virginity question.


  At what age do you begin to consider it weird for someone to to have not lost their virginity, assuming they have no religious or moral beliefs about waiting until marriage or wish to remain celibate? 


If you don't want to wade into that what is your favorite alternate future setting or favorite spaceship /mech?   Icon related.

Edit atrocious spelling.

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Travelers of TQC,

In September, I am going to be flying from Boston to Madrid.  The cheapest flight I've found (and it's considerable, $1200 less than the next cheapest) has only a 65 minute layover.  I'm not familiar with the Dublin airport and their website isn't too helpful.  Does a 65 minute layover (assuming everything is on time) sound reasonable?  Since it looks like there is only one terminal, will I need to go through security or anything again or will I be able to simply walk from my arrival gate to my departure gate?

If you don't know/care... are you planning a trip to anywhere fun soon?

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i have been very unhappy lately, and run down. i think it is because i am lonely, but i'm not very good with meeting new people and making new friends. i am considering joining some kind of knitting group, or volunteering somewhere, good idea y/n?

how do you get over a bad case of the sads?
crash love


What movie should I watch on comcast on demand? The free ones.
Or is there any good movies on tonight? (Movie channels included.)
Im in Oregon and its 5:06PM here.
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I read in the Wall Street Journal today that some banks are lobbying the government to use TARP money to buy their own troubled assets. The article quoted someone saying it would look awful in the public eyes to have banks bidding with government money on their own assets.

What do you think about banks asking for government money to buy their own assets, which the article said they believe are currently undervalued and don't want to sell yet?

Fuck the people; they can rent while the banks have both the money and the house?
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Do you have a Twitter? (edit: a Twitter account, smartasses)
Are you following the Bones character-twitters?
What about the NCIS-character twitters?

Besides LJ, where do you spend the most of your internet time?

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I have a $40 gift card for Target. Should I buy Sims 3 when it comes out? I haven't played the Sims since Sims 1, but I remember it being pretty fun. IDK WHAT TO DO, TQC.

ETA: do you guys know if it runs on Macs?
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God damn, you mother fuckers make me question so many things. In the best way, though.

1. If you have a job, how many hours a week do you work, on average?

2. What are your five favorite bands? No more than five, no less than five. Mine are Modest Mouse, Tool, Pearl Jam, The Raconteurs, and Wolfmother. Your turn.

3. I have a few cavities, unfortunately. I haven't been to the dentist in a while. How much should I expect to pay to have a few fillings and a cleaning? I know it depends on a dentist-by-dentist basis, but maybe just a rough estimate? Or what you have paid recently to have some minor dental work done? I just got a credit card with a $700 limit - this should be enough, should it not?

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YOU GUYS! I really want this shirt from threadless to wear to Chicago's gay pride but they only have XL/XXl sizes left in mens. If i was going to buy the "girly AA design", how would I go about finding what size to get?

Collapse )

Also, I'm getting ready to move and this time I have a roomate. I am set on moving to the downtown area but she barely works because she's a full-time student and doesn't want to spend more than $350 a month. Would it be completely out of line for me to offer pay $100 more just so we can live in a nice loft?

If you dgaf, what is your favorite t-shirt that you own?

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1) Because I recently heard an infuriating discussion of this on the radio, I now ask you, TQC:
Can guys and chicks truly be "just friends"? Why/why not?

2) If you were going to call in sick to work for one day, what would your excuse be? (how spur!) (That's not old yet, is it?)


Apparently I don't have enough RAM for the Sims. (eta: Sims 3 requires 2GB, I have 1GB)

Should I buy more RAM, or just get something else with my gift card?

When was the last time technology pissed you off?

i am a dog freak now :-)

Is your dog "potty shy"? Does he or she only want to go when no one is looking, or in a hidden area? My puppy seems to be favoring this at the moment. :-)

If you don't have a dog, how was your day? What did you do? What did you plan to do but didn't end up doing?
I <3 TLV

wtf happened

The kitchen sink at work mysteriously filled with pink water, which spilled on the floor and kept coming. Where did this water come from?? Why is it pink?? The floor is all wet now =(

[EDIT: Do you think a ghost would haunt a sink? How do you preform an exorcism on a sink? Has anything in your house ever been haunted?]
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1)What's there to like about the Country Music Awards? Does anyone watch that? I'd rate it even less entertaining than the Grammys and that's pretty unentertaining.
2)What's your favorite awards show?
3)When you were a kid, did you ever want to be on Double Dare?
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So this question was asked on Yahoo! answers, but I was wondering what the wise TQC Oracle thought.

Let's say you have a chicken, and the chicken eats a condom that is full of HIV-infected semen. If people were to kill the chicken and eat its meat, would they contract the HIV virus? Assume that the chicken has successfully consumed the condom, and that the condom has burst.
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Ok TQC here's a doozy for you:

 Let's say that you have this friend from England that you used to chat with on MSN years ago, back in your middle school/early high school days, but you lost touch with that person...

....then one day, around seven years later, you notice her on the friends list of one of your high school friends on Facebook

Would you try to re-establish contact? How would you go about it? Should you say anything to the high school buddy that *somehow* is friends with someone from another country that you knew?

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I think this is the only time I have ever posted 2 posts in like an 8-post block but I was dying to know

When ice cream factories package multi-flavored ice creams, like rainbow sherbet or Neapolitan ice cream, do you think they program it so an equal amount goes into each container, or do you think it's just a free-for-all? I wonder if they calibrate their high-tech flavor-equalizing machines to have the same amount of each flavor down to the milligram.

Do you eat multi-flavor ice creams so a little bit is on your spoon from each flavor, or eat each flavor on its own?

Should I pre-order The Sims 3 (super high-techy version that needs new computer technology and might lag because it's on a Mac and Macs get shitty video cards) or get the entire collection of The Sims + all expansion packs (outdated graphics, but it's like 8 expansions, plus it'll probably run great on my new comp)? They are both $49.95.

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Imagine the person you love the most in the world. Now imagine a zombie attack! Oh no, your loved one has been bitten! Thankfully, you have a shotgun. Do you dispatch them immediately or wait for them to turn and then shoot them? OR some other bizarre choice?

Ok, forget about the zombies. Oh crap, vampire attack, what are the chances! Do you stake your loved one, or hope they turn out to be one of those nice-type True Blood/Twilight vampires? This could cost you your life, or it could be an awesome adventure...

All right, fuck vampires. Son of a bitch, it's a werewolf! And it's bitten your loved one, holy craps. Silver bullet to the heart, or do you buy them a collar and hope they can quench their bloodlust on cattle and your neighbor's pets?

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So. Me and a friend are having a long-running argument:

Men's nipples: sensitive or not sensitive?

I know it varies from person to person, but exes of mine have enjoyed a bit of nipple stiimulation and really the argument seems to be about how common it is.
So boys, are your nipples an erogenous zone or does it do nothing for you? And girls, what are your experiences with teh menz and their nipples?


I recently met someone in person that I knew from a message board. She has not since contacted me or mentioned anything about it or even acknowledged that we did, in fact, meet, after I posted a picture of us there. She was the one who originally invited me to meet up with her when she found out I was coming to her city, btw.

Is this indicative that she didn't like meeting me or am I just reading too much into it? I am pretty shy when I meet new people and I feel like she would have at least said something if she had had fun.


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin?

Have you ever lived in Wisconsin? If so, did/do you like it?

If not, would you ever consider moving there? Why or why not?

Inspired by the chicks and dudes question...

1)Does anyone else have more friends of the oppisite[or same, if you aren't a hetro] gender without any sexual attraction than friends of the desired gender with sexual attraction?

2)What shows do you see over breaks that you don't see usually?

I'll go back to not seeing the Keith Olbermann show in less than a week....

3)Do your ears pop a lot?


(no subject)

 If you regularly wear contacts and/or glasses, how often do you get an eye exam? Do you go once a year or only when you have a noticeable change in your prescription?

For those that don't, what made you smile recently?
hammer time

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Have you ever had a dream where you killed somebody?

In my dream last night I pushed a man down a flight of stairs because he annoyed me, and then I got sent to prison. I didn't really care, though. In fact, being sent to prison seemed like an inconvenience more than anything else.
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I'm going to France for a month and I need comfortable shoes, but I don't have money for anything that's been recommended to me so far (Birkenstocks, etc.). I'm also pretty much down to the last possible second, as I'm leaving Friday, but I've been scouring every store in my area and haven't found anything great. Obviously tomorrow I have to pick something and go buy it, so clearly it's time to ask the internet.


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TQC, I did it! Something that needed to be done (and that i've yanked all your ears (eyes??) about for ages).
I ended an unhealthy and unhappy relationship.

What have you done recently that you're proud of?
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Two Geeky Questions

I know the basics of SEO, but not nearly enough. What are some good (as in, you've used them and would recommend them) online resources or books to learn more about the topic?

And for you non-SEO folks: One phrase I hear a lot in fandom is "s/he's the _____ to my ______." As in, he's the Doctor to my Rose, the Wilson to my House, etc. Is there a fictional relationship, friendship, whatever that parallels one in your life? If so, which characters and why?
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 I have this little stool my uncle's made for me when I was little. It's wood painted orange and it has my name on it. My boyfriend and his dad want to refurnish it and put our daughter's name on, since she's the one who uses it now. I completely understand that, but it's hard to see my name vanish after 23+ years. 

So dear TQC, should I let them refurnish it for my daughter, or should I keep it the way it is for sentimental reasons?

Edit: My name takes up almost the entire stool, so adding her name is pretty much impossible unless it's really tiny. :-/
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We're headed to Portland, OR tomorrow for 4 days and are looking for quirky places to go/see, yummy food to eat, and anything a bit off the beaten path. I've got a list of restaurants, and we'll drink lots of beer, see the CSI exhibit at OMSI, and spend hours in Powell's Books. Any recommendations?

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1. Do you ever intentionally pop your ears?
(This is a habit I've had since I was little and I'm worried that it's damaging to my ears/hearing. X-|)

2. What is one of your favorite vacation spots?

3. What do you do to unwind at the end of the day?

That must be Nigel with the brie!

TQC, there's a large-ish bump on my forehead just above my right eyebrow... I think I must have smacked my forehead on something in the recent past. What the hell did I smack my head on? Srs and non-srs.

From tomorrow through July 28, I'm taking summer classes on Tues and Thurs from 8am-1:45pm. How much is this going to suck?

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Who out there watches Make Me a Supermodel? Who do you want to win?
Jonathan, his devotion to family and maddd modeling skillz has made me love him.

Should I go to the gym in 20 mins (11pm) or should I take a shower and go to bed??

secret parties


    I've been invited to a "secret" or pleasure party, which I am told is sort of like a Mary Kay or Tupperware party but with adult toys and items in place of makeup or containers. I'm trying to decide whether or not to go, and what I should expect. I am recently single, so it may be in my best interest to check it out, haha.

Have you ever been to such a party?
If so, what were your experiences? Was it fun?
Did you buy anything? 
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I just changed my Facebook profile picture and a few of my closest friends are saying that it looks "harsh" and "mean" and "intimidating"...Not at all what I was going for!

Collapse )

Is this a bad picture, TQC?


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My fiance and I picked our wedding date for Oct 9 2010. I'm pretty excited! How stressful is planning a wedding?! In Canada is Oct too cold to have an outdoor wedding?

I need to lose some serious weight before then as well.
And by serious weight I mean at least 70lbs or as much as possible before the wedding!! I can't put off the wedding another year because my sister is getting hitched in 2011!

So what is helpful advice as far as losing that much weight? 

And my brother and sister in law found out they're pregnant. My SIL has always been a huge ugly bitch and now she's saying if she has a girl she wants to name her the same name my fiance and I chose for a girl if we had one (we had a boy but still wanted to use the name if we eventually have a girl. We're planning on having another baby within two years).

I know I will really really hate her for a long time if she takes the name since I've been set on it as a child. How can I mention to her (even though she knows) that using that name if she had a daughter would cause conflict? Obviously I'm trying to persuade her not too.

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What is a good homemade alternative to SlimFast?

Something about the taste grosses me out, but I liked the old-school blend-with-milk powdered SlimFast when I tried it. It's a system that works pretty well for me––I lost about 20 lbs. with it in high school but gave up. I'm not too overweight or anything but I do want to lose my belly, and my belly is the first to go when I lose 5-10 lbs.

So...smoothies? Milkshakes? I dunno. I'm also Googling & looking up recipes and stuff, but I was hoping some of you had tried a similar meal replacement thing at home.

I trust you guys.

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Have you taken the SAT? How many times?
How old were you/what grade were you in?
edit: What'd you get? :P

I'm a Sophomore and I'm talking the SAT for the first time in a week and a half. I don't expect to do well - not at all - nor do I care either way. I'm mostly just taking it to prepare myself for next year, as well as for some lols. But everyone is putting all this pressure on me and expecting me to do well. It's scaring the hell out of me and causing me to ferociously attack the SAT Practice Guide (which, of course, causes people to think I'll do even better, when in reality, not so much). How do I calm myself down before the test?