May 26th, 2009

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If you were at McDonald's (or, okay, pretty much anywhere) and the nice and friendly cashier handling your money accidentally closed the drawer without giving you your FIVE CENTS in change back, would you actually take the time and wait for him/her to go get a key from the manager and retrieve your nickel for you? 

What's the lowest amount of change that you would wait for? Do you ever tell the cashier to keep the change, and if so, up to how much?

freedom to Palestine

slightly esoteric, but --

Does 'travel writing' ever come across as objectifying of peoples/cultures of whatever nation is visited to anyone here? Regardless of Y or N, can anyone think of any ways to make sure narrative in travel writing does not objectify or come across as colonialist; tips like word choice or attitude?

Elaboration: I'm going to Europe soon and am going to visit Central/Eastern Europe, and I've never been in this area. I want to write about it in narrative-style BUT I've always had trouble reading other people's travel writings, because so often they come across as sounding like they objectify people and see them as little more than quaint eye candy or something; many times it seems like people fall into this hole of not thinking to/knowing how to bridge distances (especially in way exotic/different nations), and they make up for it by staying just that: an outsider, watching everything happen superficially.

Sorry if this is a little vague; I just don't want to come across as a completely ignorant/bigoted idiot when talking about things I admit I, as a traveler, cannot fully understand.
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 I, along with two of my friends, saw John Oliver from The Daily Show perform tonight in Nashville, TN. The opening act was high as a kite (seriously, he was stoned out of his mind). 

What's the last thing that made you lol?
lol swine flue

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tqc, i am going to put together a hangover prevention/treatment bag. i will take with me when i'm drinking and crashing somewhere else. so far, it will contain a toothbrush and aspirin. what other things do you think i should have in it?

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do you ever sleep a lot just cause you are bored and there is nothing else to do?
i slept already since 3pm yesterday but now its 4 am and im up and there is nothing to do, i want to go back to sleep but i cant.
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My sister in law and I want to buy a 3 person slip and slide to add to our regular, 1 lane version so we can have races in the front yard. We are both 22.

What kinds of 'kid stuff' do you still love to do in the summer even as an adult?

We do the slip and slide, water balloons and last night we were having a grad party and ran to the ice cream truck with change in one hand and a PBR in the other, lol

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I am getting a fox red labrador soon and I wish to name him after the French writer Flaubert. I figure I could call him just the "bert" (like bear) for short. I thought it'd be kinda cute since he'll be like the color of a teddy bear.

Anyway, it can either be a cute/original name or it can come off as horribly pretentious and lame.

I want to know what you'd think if you heard someone calling their dog Flaubert. What would you think? Can you think of a better literary alternative (I'm kind of stuck on the literature thing: writers or characters of mainly 18th/19th century literature).

And yes, I know how that last part sounds so let's just try to focus on thinking of a name for the dog and not me.

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Do you tidy and clean your room continuously, or do you let it get really bad and then tidy?

Have you or anyone you know of ever gone through a really radical personality change? Tell me about it!

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This morning I awoke with a sinus infection and went to the doctor at 9am. I got about 3 hours of sleep.

I work as a hostess at a restaurant where I have to stand nonstop until they decide I'm done, which could be in 3 hours or 9. What the hell do I do at work to keep myself from dieing?

I have to stand and greet people. Who would want to eat at a restaurant where the host is all sniffly and sick?

To my more important question.

What car do you drive?
Does your car affect your attitude?

For instance I drive a 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer (in a perddy yellow) and I admit to being a bitch when I drive.

But when I had my old car, a 1989 Dodge Omni I was never aggressive, probably because I knew one accident in that car and I would be mush.

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Sorry if it's too soon since my last post, but:

I've really been stressing over work lately. I've come to the realization that I don't like my field (accounting) at all. I am considering going back to school, starting over, and going the RN route...that I came real close to doing originally anyway. The problem is finances (my wife and I both being students without me working full-time), and the fact that walking away from a good, steady job is something I've never done before.

So, my question:
Have you ever done a complete career change? How did it work out for you?

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I work in a seven person office. My position is data coordinator, so I primarily stick with computer stuff. Everyone else just went off to a meeting at another clinic and had me stay behind incase patients call or show up early.

Now that I have the office to myself for a couple hours, what should I do?

What's your favorite kind of M&M?

What do you like more: Sony PSP or Nintendo DS?

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1)How much money would you say constitutes a major purchase for you?
2)Do you do internet research into certain products before you buy them? Or do you dismiss brand names you've never heard of and just count on certain brand names to always be reliable, no research on customer reviews necessary?

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So my boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage lately. He's not all that social, and would hate it if we were to have a ceremony with a reception. I, on the other hand, would like a reception with our friends and family.

If you were in my situation, how would you reach a compromise that would make both of you happy?

boob questions

For the ladies:

1. How much cleavage are you comfortable showing on a day to day basis? Not at work or anything, just doing your personal business—shopping, hanging out with friends, etc. Verbal or photographic examples accepted.

2. How about when you go out? If you had a dress that looked FUCKING AMAZING on you but showed a fair bit of sexy boobage (let's say it was v-necked halfway down your tits, with good coverage on the sides, but the middle of your chest is perfectly framed), would you wear it to a club with your girlfriends? Even if you weren't trying to get hit on?

For the men and gay women:

3. Do you like boobs?

For everyone:

4. Do you think larger women can get away with showing more cleavage without it looking cheap/skanky/attention-whorish, just 'cause they have more boob to begin with?

5. What are your favorite and least favorite slang terms for a woman's breasts?

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I have a burning desire to go swimming.  It's all I've been able to think about since the weekend.  The beach is too cold and I don't know anyone with a pool.  I'm giving up trying to find something equally satisfying and I'm about to start cleaning my room and doing laundry.

When you want to do something really bad but you can't, what do you turn to? 


Which soup should I have for lunch in 33 minutes?

Beef & Barley
Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla
Chicken Corn Chowder
Fajita Chicken Soup
Split Pea & Ham
Chicken & Long Grain Rice
Chicken Broccoli Cheese & Potato

ETA: As per the poll results, I chose the Chicken, Cheese, Broccoli & Potato. It's quite good. Thank you for taking the decision off my hands. I think I had too many soups to choose from in my desk drawer. :)

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I'm worried that my laptop won't have the right requirements to run Sims 3.

These are the requirements:

* Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
* 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
* 1 GB RAM
* At least 6.5 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content
* 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0

How do I figure out what my laptop's shit is? lol.

Ball Joint Doll Making

Hey guys. I have a few questions about ball joint doll making[ this is my first time ever making one]
What are the best materials to use? Do I need a lot of equipment? If so what equipment would I need? Any advice would help from anyone with experience in this.

I have been looking up info online but its all so varied I am having a hard time really knowing what to do or start with.
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Which should I not take with me when I travel to Dallas: acoustic guitar or bottle of sangria?

When traveling, do you under pack or over pack? under

Have you ever been wrangled into a trip, and you're not quite sure why? I'm going to A-Kon, I don't even like anime...
you sicken me

respond with pictures

A lot of people use pictures in their comments for 'Epic Fails' or to otherwise criticize someone for something dumb they might've said. If you're the type to do this, what image do you usually use?
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so bored today...

Why is the cheese in Annie's Organic Shells and White Cheddar always too thin?? I've tried making it with less liquid but it still wont stick to the shells :( It's so tasty, but what the hell yo?

What is your favorite summertime outdoor activity?

Where can I find a nice wine rack that holds bottles and wine glasses?
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Do you feel obligated/have any desire to bring coworkers souvenirs from vacations? How about bringing family/friends souvenirs from business trips?

Will you post your most recent picture, as well as a picture from approximately a year ago, and a picture from approximately 5 years ago?

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For anyone who knows anything about either, how will Reading Festival compare to Glastonbury?

I went to Glasto last year and am seriously pining for it. I want to be more excited about Reading!
Genghis Kong

The Nude Testament

TQC strip poker! What are you willing to take off?

Hair (hand me the razor)
At a TQC meetup I probably wouldn't be wearing many clothes anyway
I'll remove nothing, thank you very much
credit to <lj comm="secdoover_gphix">

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I'm looking for an animated gif, it's Lady Gaga (i think?) on the street with two backing dancers and they are doing this really creepy dance move towards the camera. They also all have sunglasses on. I know that's a useless description but it's driving me insane. Does anyone know the one i am talking about?

Legal drug quatresprincess at greatestjo

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Which character design do you like best?


direct link since shit seems to be fucking up

Collapse )

I'm not really asking about how good the art is, they're all just sketches, just what color pallet, hair style and face shape do you like best. Any features I should swap between them?

Edit: Photobucket has chosen this moment to fail me for some unknown reason. If you cant see the picks, I am the sorry.

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a) do you smoke (EDIT: yes, cigarettes)? if yes, continue to b, if no continue to e.

b) do your parents know you smoke?

c) how did you tell your parents that you smoke? how did they react?

d) do your parents smoke? do you think their reaction would have been different if they did/didn't?

e) this one is long.. in January, I lent my DS and a game to a friend so he could play. We didn't talk very much because school for him started again. Recently I've been trying to get it back. he does not answer my calls, or texts. I've had other friends try to talk to him about it and he acts like he has no idea what they're talking about. I'm not sure what to do about it at this there anything i can do?
apparently, he lurks TQC, and brought it over when law and court were mentioned ;)

f) how did you decided what to take in college/what you wanted to do career-wise?

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Say you work in an office doing office-type things. There is an empty desk next to you that will be filled with a new starter.
What kind of person would you prefer:

A - this person is thick as shit. Obviously sheltered their entire lives. Very opinionated. Friendly yet cynical. Gossip all the time and talk about people behind their back, a general great source of information on office politics. This person blames others for their own failures and they barely work.

B - this person has no personality. They come in, do their work, and go home. They barely talk, they smile but dont engage in much conversation. They dont talk about themselves, and dont ask questions about others. They take full responsibility for their own failures, and dont defend themselves when a co-worker/manager gets on their case - even if its something you know is not their fault.

Which would you prefer in a colleague?

Option A
Option B
the space race

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A U.S. employer paid his employees with U.S. gold and silver coins and told them to report their income using the face value on the coins. The jury found in favor of the employer's argument, and now he's having to deal with it again.

Further, the $50 gold coins and the silver dollars Kahre used for payroll are designated by Congress as legal tender, so people are entitled to value them at their stamped denominations, he also contends. Taken at face value, each defendant's annual coin income placed him below the threshold for filing a federal tax return.

Is the government wrong for putting a face value on the coins then saying you can't claim the face value as the income when income is reported in dollars?

Does that mean our government is only as intelligent as the collective that makes the laws?
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Do you tend to lose stuff a lot?
What was the last thing you lost?
What was the most expensive thing you've ever lost?

I never lose stuff...yet I seem to have misplaced my prescription sunglasses. Very bad and very expensive :(

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TQC, I dislike the feeling of being stoned. Is there something wrong w/ me? Does anyone else feel this way?

Similarly, what are some things in life that others love but you don't see the appeal of?



I am taking my A+ (Ess & IT Tech) exams tomorrow and I have crazy test anxiety.

When was the last time you freaked out over something? What was it?

For those who spotted my retardation over in TQC Drama, do you hate me now? :-P

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My milk says it doesn't expire until June 2nd. It wasn't opened. I opened it and poured myself a mug. There's weird... white stuff... ontop of it. What the fuck is that white stuff? It doesn't taste or smell weird. Am I going to die? Or have weird cow babies?
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yummy beer!, yummy

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I ask you to bear with my geeky excitement for a moment, please - is anyone else STOKED about Obama nominating Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court Justice position??
I am quite, quite pleased! Placing justices on the high court is one of the most influential tasks our presidents face, and I am rather excited.

Early guesses - do you see her getting confirmed fairly easily, or do you foresee potential snags* anywhere yet?

*edit: I should probably have said serious snags - I'm to the point of thinking that if Thomas can get confirmed, it might take a HELL of a lot to actually prevent a potential appointee with no serious skeletons.

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Did your parents have a lot of books when you were growing up?


Did anyone read to you when you were growing up?


Did you enjoy reading books as a young person (say 15 and under)?


Do you currently enjoy reading books?


If applicable, who read to you when you were young?


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Netflix decided to highlight for me this crappy-looking movie: Next, starring Nicholas Cage, Julianne Moore, and Jessica Biel. It looks freaking awful to me, almost the exact opposite of a movie I want to see, and is making me distrust Netflix's selection algorithms.

So I decided to make up this fun game instead: Who would you rather share a bed with, Nicholas Cage, Julianne Moore, or Jessica Biel?


i broke up w my bf to go out with another guy.

he winds up stalking me back to my house, he got out of the car and had a hoodie on, (may i remind u its' 90 degrees here)

come to find out he had a gun in his jacket.

he cried telling me i'm so bad for going out with another guy (bc i'm not happy with him)

he called me a slut and a bitch, but he still wants to be with me,

wtf though was he really gonna shoot somebody??? what should i do? i love him but for some reason i fucked up and went out with another guy. i wanted to be free.

what do i do? i wanna b with him but shits so complicated!
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TQC, I just had a nice low blood sugar (I'm diabetic), so I'm hungry like crazy.  I've already eaten a handful of maple brown sugar quaker life cereal yum, a glass of milk + a half ton of hersey syrup, and a sugarfree gello with whipcream.

(and for those of you who know something about having a low blood sugar, yes the fast carb items here did come first, and the tons of extra carb will be covered with my magic insulin that I must have taken too much of some time earlier, damn it)

EDIT: I'm a dumb ass who forgot the question, what else should I eat?

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what do you do when someone really wants to hang out with you but you really don't want to hang out with him?

(also, you haven't seen him in 3 years, you don't know what his intentions are, you're both single, and he is unattractive.)

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I found a listing on Craig's List that I'm interested in buying.  I would like to check it out first, however, he hasn't provided a contact phone number.  I am assuming that he'll just respond back the e-mails he gets.  However, I couldn't figure out how to reply to the post via Craig's List so I copy and pasted his sale e-mail and sent him a message through my Yahoo. 

Will this work?
Have I just wasted my time?

luna lovegood

daily commute

1. How far is too far of a commute, in your opinion?

2. I've been having a really, really difficult time finding a teaching position. I've applied to several districts and haven't even got one single interview. I found a job at a place that, most likely, nobody else in my program will find or apply to. The catch is that it's about 2 hours of driving, mostly interstate, meaning I could make it there in probably 1 h 30 m. Should I apply?

3. How far do you commute every day?

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So my boyfriend and I are sitting in the kitchen when I notice a bunch of large ants crawling around the wall. My boyfriend gets out a frying pan and puts some oil in it. "They be eatin' my food, so I be eatin' them!" he says. Apparently they're good fried and covered in chocolate.

Is this disgusting or completely awesome?


Does your town have annoying amber alerts come on the TV screen?

Twice this week near NJ.
Now, its the same tone if a thunderstorm comes! (That annoying weather channel buzzer fucking noise) 

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Man... I've been catching up with old high school buddies on facebook- all of them are getting married and settling down in their careers and having kids and stuff. I'm still working my way through my lower division college courses. It's so weird to see everyone in a different place than I am... they're all in the SAME place... are you currently doing something completely different than all the people you knew in high school?

Some of you may have seen my recent posts about my puppy. Well, I got her today and she is soooo cute!

What was your first day/night like with your dog? Blossom is very very timid right now, I guess she's still getting used to her new surroundings. She is always wanting physical contact with me and my boyfriend. I'm worrying about her becoming too dependent on us for attention so I'm not always letting her crawl into my lap and lean on me. Should I be worried? She took to the crate very well, she loves chilling in it. She played outside in the yard for a long time, being all cute, and didn't want to come back in the house. I had to carry her back inside. I know she's just a puppy and this is her first day here but I guess I'm going through an overprotective worrying-mommy syndrome, I worry about her not being a good dog; I really want her to be a well adjusted dog. I am going to take her to obedience classes and we are going to do agility training as well so I am taking steps in that direction. Am I worrying too much? I know it's only the first day. Will you tell me to chill out?

Anyway, onto the cuteness- here are the pictures!

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Guys, I'm in Australia and will probably be dragged out to bars and clubs.

I'm a short and slightly chubby girl with no fashion sense or experience in the pub crawl scene. What should I wear?

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I want to trade in my car and get a new one. My old one (99 ford taurus) is pretty beat up in the front and some on the sides from the previous owner. Should I wait and spend the couple of hundred to fix it up, then trade it in, or just try and trade it in? I dunno what kind of car I want yet but I want something that has better gas mileage than 20 mpg :(

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Have you/do you gotten/get blackout drunk? The kind where you remember bits and pieces, or the kind where past a certain point, your brain just stopped committing things to memory?

Are you a mean drunk? Sometimes? Ever?

What's the best story someone has told you about yourself the day after?

For the nondrinkers, this guy I work with admitted to going to parties and walking around with a plastic cup of water and acting like he was drinking. Would you ever do this?

I got the second kind of blackout drunk on Saturday when I had a few people over. I had to walk around my apartment the next morning putting together clues to sort out the evening. Ha ha. I didn't get too far. I'm concerned because none of the people who were there are giving me more than 1 word responses to my texts and I have been known to be a cranky drunk when also sleepy.

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Which quote do you like best?

"A loving heart is the truest wisdom"- Dickens
"You are what you believe"
"Winter always turns to Spring"- Nichiren

I was just invited to an *adult toy* party.
Have you ever been to one?
Should I go?!

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How do I get over obsessively thinking about my boyfriend? Particularly, thinking that he is cheating on me/wants to? He has never done anything wrong to me. I just don't trust girls and I feel like he's too good for me.
lead me

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a. who else got praxis scores back today? how'd you do?

b. have you ever had a close encounter with a wild owl? i keep thinking i hear one outside, and before we cut down the tree outside my window i used to hear mating owls all the time.

c. if i make a video of my ittybittybaby angelfish (plural), does anyone wanna watch it? they're about the size of nickels and they're so flippin' cute.

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Sooo. TQC. Do you ever plan out what time of day you ask your questions? Like, you prefer to ask questions in the evening because you think there are more people on, or the late afternoon because you figure people are bored and browsing at work?

It's possible to lose 10 pounds in a month and a half if you work out every day and eat healthy, y/n?
EDIT: Eh, my friend'll be starting at 135 and 5'4. She didn't think it was possible, but I feel validated that you guys agree with me for the most part :)

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do you think people should be able to block off their viewing/seating section via tape for a parade days/hours before they parade starts and still have their reservation honored? 

(no subject)

how much would you charge for 30 minutes of private swim lessons?

It would be going on twice a week for about 6 weeks (for 2 kids, each a half hour) What is a good price in total or per lesson?

(no subject)

1. does anyone else notice the increase in the deployment of emergency vehicles when it's rainy?

2. today i almost ran into my crush(literally) at work. we both apologized and he said, "Go ahead!" and motioned for me to go on ahead. you know in those situations you might put your hand on your chest in a "OH, dearie me!" sort of fashion? well, i totally cupped my left boob instead.

would you be embarrassed, amused or both?
is a beaut

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what songs do you think (almost) everyone would know/have heard/be able to recognise? recorded songs by artists, not like happy birthday.

(pipe up if you don't know one someone names!)
B&W Face

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TQC,  I want to buy lots of dresses this summer.  I haven't typically worn dresses so I'm clueless, sadly.  What kinds of bras can you wear with strappy little dresses?  I've found tube bras and stick on things, but I'm hoping for some tried and true type stuff.  Going without a bra is not an option.  I would definitely need some sort of support.   Basically, I'm hoping there's some amazing freaking bra out there that I've not found yet that one of you knows about and could clue me in on.  :D

Btw, I googled earlier and found this:
Collapse )

The little things

What is your favorite little (possibly weird) object you have sitting in your house/apartment? Perhaps something you randomly got a while ago? Why do you like it so much?

For me, I'm going to have to say it's my Collapse )
I like it so much because an identical one appears on the kitchen wall on the TV show All in the Family. For some reason this amuses me.

What say you, TQC? Bonus points for photos of said object.

Edit: Yes, when baked, it resembles a penis, but it's supposed to be a lobster.

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What's the strangest thing that happened to you today? I found a pubic hair in my CD player. This must be my brother's. The strange thing is that all my brother listens to is his Limp Bizkit CD . . .
Kill Bill - Elle

(no subject)

Is there anything on your body that you are ashamed of that is of the unconventional sort? As in, instead of disliking your lopsided breasts, you really hate that small pock mark above your left eye.

How tired are you?

(no subject)

Have you ever had foie gras?

Would you feel comfortable at a dinner party if it was served?

What do you feel about snobbery? Is it something you've ever experienced?

How about reverse snobbery?