May 25th, 2009


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So I mentioned this morning that we were getting more ferrets and that's not the case anymore.

The lady was supposed to drop them off around noon. She seemed to be desperate to get rid of these ferrets and we had agreed to take them above the other people wanting to dispose of their pets.
She called around 2 saying she was sorry she didn't show up and forgot to call. She said she was with her friend. She then said she hoped she could still drop them off that evening. At this point my fiance and I were making plans because we thought she was a no show and she said that she would call back in an hour after showering and getting them ready and she'd head over. We waited until 7pm for her call which never came.

By now we've decided we aren't playing phone tag and we're going to decline on the whole agreement.

Do  you think we should wait for her explanation or tell her sorry and we're going to decline at this point because we've had other more willing people waiting? Is it unfair to just cancel all plans with her because we haven't heard her side of the story yet?

I feel kinda bad but she's making promises and not keeping them or being reliable at all....she didn't even call and we wasted such a nice day inside waiting for her.
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I just made my brother and his two friends watch an episode of A Haunting (Where Demons Dwell, specifically), and they're sufficiently freaked out now. What are the chances they'll try to scare me in the middle of the night now?

What youtube videos never fail to make you laugh? For me, it's this one.


When you are at a public event, such as a concert or a sports game, and the national anthem begins to play, or the pledge of allegiance is said, how do you react?

How do you feel about people who do not show their 'respect' during the national anthem or pledge of allegiance?

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without the use of drugs, what can I do to make my back/shoulders/arms stop hurting? :(

when was the last time you played musical chairs?

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tqc, do you prefer to have sex with the lights on or off?
does you SO share the same preference?

i prefer to have the lights off or very little light. bright sunlight kind of bothers me, idk why.
my bf always wants the lights on and i hate it!

French Lesson

How do you say, "I'm not french" or "I don't speak French" in French? I was in Cherbourg once, and was told to say something along the lines of "Bon bon non-francais." I even told this to someone in France. I'm still left wondering if he even understood what I said. Note: I don't trust Google Translator. It'll probably give you an all-too literal translation of the text.

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Ever wonder about those people who spend $2 a piece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward.
Are there any quotes you have recently seen on the internets that have intrigued you? Will you please share?
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Do you think religious Jews will ever be jealous of Christianity?

If as Deuteronomy 32:21 and Romans 10:19 say, that the God of the Bible will entice Israel to jealousy with a "foolish nation", how do you think that would eventually happen?

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If you could change one thing about human nature/humanity, what would it be and why?

For me, I'd eliminate PRIDE. As far as I can tell, far too much unnecessary hostility and closed-mindedness stems from pride. Removing it would make people more open minded, less hesitant to correct the error of their ways. Generally reduces a lot of tension.

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Dear tqc,
We are at a riverside restaurant drinking and eating outside. I rarely eat seafood.
Which of the following things I never eat should I get?
A dozen clams for 10 bucks
1.5 lbs of snow crab legs for 16.95?


Say that your SO tells you that something you're doing really bothers them, and after a Talk, you agree to not do this thing anymore. Does that mean that you don't do it at all period, or does this mean that you can still do it as long as your SO doesn't find out about it...?
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What song(s) do you have stuck in your head right now?
Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Also. I was trying to burn a label on to a CD, but apparently I bought the wrong CD. It's currently stuck in my disc drive, upside down. How do I get it out?
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My roommate and I were just chillin' until he suddenly got a call and got up and left the apartment. When I asked what was up he refused to tell me where he was going, or who he was going with.

What do you think he's doing? My current theory involves tranny hookers.
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 Say you're at an outdoor concert and you're dancing your ass off. It starts pouring. Are you the type of person who will go seek shelter, or will you keep dancing your ass off in the rain?

I'm soaking wet right now, so I'll let you guys figure out which type I am. :)

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What today has / had  you  grrrrr or....slightly pissed off?

Me?  ....The fact I broke 2 vacuum lines in my old car and there is oil crusted behind my engine that I can't remove. YUCK!

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For anyone who's been following my pathetic little drama, I've decided definitely that I have to end my relationship.
However, should I end it before my birthday (2 weeks time) or sometime after that?

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My ear piercings have gone through hell. I'm allergic to nearly everything, so I'm often irritated by my cheaper jewelry. I also am forgetful so I've had to re-pierce (not with an actual needle, but just break the plug of skin with an earring) slightly closed-up holes multiple times.

I think one of my holes has had enough, and has started to form what looks like a mild keloid. I've never had a keloid but it looks like maybe the beginning stage of one––the area around the piercing has thickened and sort of grown up around the earring.

Right now I have a silver earring in, which I'm not allergic to. I don't bother it and I put some Neosporin on it from time to time. Do you think the keloid will continue to grow, or just kinda stay where it is (at an acceptable level)?

Have you ever had PARTY CAKE ice cream? OH MY GOD. It is sooooo gooooood and also really pretty.
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I somehow have really dark hair on my arms despite the fact that I am a redhead. How do I get rid of it/lighten it?

Are there any hair removal products/devices (like some kind of gel or that abrasive pad thing they sell on TV) that actually work?

If not, what's a really good razor to use?

Can you tell that I hate shaving?

ETA: I do not intend to shave my arms. The other questions are related to my legs and so on.

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Would you date a twenty-five year old virgin? Why or why not?

eta: everyone here is a lot more forgiving than me
I guess I believe if you haven't had sex by 25 in most cases you probably have some social issues. Not ALL people of course, but it is a red flag.

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What was the last movie you went to go see, only to discover when you got there that it was sold out?

I just went to try and see Night At The Museum. Supposedly, it's been sold out all weekend. Luckily, I knew the guy, and he gave me matinee prices for the 7:00 tonight. :)

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Inspired by anon:

What's the longest amount of time you've had sex with the same person?
(As in being sexually involved for a length of time, not the act of sex itself)

What was sex like with the next person after your longest sexual relationship?
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Poll #1405649 Dickdickdickdickdickdickdick

Your first name is Dick. You cannot go by Richard or Buzz or anything else. You must be a Dick. What would be the worst last name to have?

Oooh! I have a better idea! And I'll put it in a comment, too!

Dinna time!

I love cooking. Will you give me a link to your favorite recipe? Bonus points if it's Indian food.

I'm about to make Chicken Sautee with Mango Sauce. Do you want some? It's dericioussssss.
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help! i've been trying to paint my nails, and i just bought brand new polish, but every time, the polish never dries and ends up smudging on something. it's so frustrating! does anyone know why it's doing this, and how i can fix it?
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1. What is your birthstone? Do you like it? My birthstone is garnet and I think it's ugly.

2. Do you believe that certain crystals have healing powers?

3. What's your favorite gemstone to wear in jewelry? (Pics if you've got 'em)

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Will you be watching/are you excited for the Jon & Kate + 8 season premiere tonight?

What do you think it'll be like the first time they ~face each other~?

Omg is she going to kill him with her eyes???

Do you think the whole Jon cheating on Kate thing may be a popularity stunt to get people (like me) to watch the season **premiere (d'oh) tonight? It is season **5 after all...

Man, I suck tonight lol. I thought it was season 8 but IT'S NOT, IT'S SEASON 5, says IMDB. I could have sworn I heard something about it being season 8 on the commercial for it the other day... guess not.

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I want to try growing chilis on my windowsill. I can either buy a 'chili growing kit' like this which are marketed as gifts and may be unlikely to work, or buy some chili plants by mail order. However I'm totally clueless about this sort of thing. The website says 'the plants are supplied as 3cm plugs'. What does this mean? What would I need to do with them? What equipment etc would I need to get? I've tried googling but can't make enough sense of the websites to answer my questions.

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I'm watching Oprah...don't judge.
I know a lot of us are around the same age and I'm watching a show on breast cancer.

When do you think you will go for your first mammogram?
If you've already gone for one, how old were you?

What are some of your favorite charities?

Vroom, vroom~

This rain down here in Charlotte is killing me, guys, killing my new-found love for Nascar. If you're watching/paying attention to the Coca Cola 600, who are you pulling for? Do you think the race will ever start again or is it going to be rescheduled (AGAIN)?

I'm pulling for #18 Kyle Busch.

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When you introduce yourself to new people, how often do you give your first and last name? Does the social setting have something to do with your decision?

(I just realized that I usually introduce myself by my full name, even when it's just a casual hang out. I think I'm the weird one here...)
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How much is sales tax where you live?

Down here in Alabama it's 9% and I think that's so high, because in Massachusetts it's only 5%!

Also, would it be weird/not OK to register for video games for my wedding registry? We already have a lot of regular household stuff.

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I was killing time browsing Craigslist, and I found a post on the "Strictly Platonic" section that went as follows:

I was pay $50 for a favor - w4w

I will call you tomorrow or you can call me, and say a few things about a phone. Can explain in more detail. I can pay in moneyorder or any way you like.

What do you think this person is up to?

Also, will you post links to cryptic, amusing, or horrifying posts from your local Craigslist?
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i live in england and want to send cheese to america (in a box with other things). is that possible at all? how do i pack it so it won't go bad and furry and horrible? it'll be block cheese if that makes a difference. help me, i really want to send this cheese and it needs to be edible when it gets there!

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So, I don't drive.

My regular ride to work is out of town for the week and the sucktackular public transportation in the suburban hell to which I am damned is no help, so a good friend is going out of her way to drive me to work and pick me up for three days this week, to the point of leaving her home two hours before she even needs to be at work.

What should I do to thank her?
Gift to buy, etc?
Friend in question is 55, very Christian and has a new grandchild on the way.
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When someone gets you an expensive present for your birthday or something, do you feel like you have to buy that person something of comparable value for their birthday or some other gift giving occasion?

if this is the worst my life gets, it ain't so bad

crappy behavior or not?

i'm parking on the street, just about to pull forward to even out the car when a pedestrian walks into the space my was about to occupy with out so much as a look or acknowledgment, forcing me to wait.

which is the way to see it?

1. She coulda walked past the car in front of mine, so it was an expression of contempt for my time and safety. she took space that it was my turn to use, knowing i couldn't do shit about it.

2. i should get over my damn self cuz there are real problems in the world.
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I'm brand new to renting an apartment, so I come to you, O Wise TQC.

We moved in at the start of May. The landlord offered to reimburse me for painting supplies if I chose to paint my room. It was in rough shape, so I took him up on the offer. I spent just over $100 on painting supplies and paint.

I have subleasers coming in for the summer, since I'll be in Kentucky doing the Army ROTC thing. They are getting here tomorrow. I will be gone until they leave August 8.

I gave the receipts to the landlord on May 15. I reminded him about the reimbursement on May 20. He hasn't gotten back to me either way about it.

I have two options right now:

Should I contact him about it, and essentially demand reimbursement before I leave on Wednesday?


Since he offered to take it off my rent, should I have the subleasers pay $106 less rent to him, and give it to me instead (notifying him of this change tomorrow)?

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To the writers out there...

I want to get back into the habit of writing everyday, but I don't know how to motivate myself/overcome writer's block.  Do you have any tips to keep me writing daily?

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Computer-savvy folks of TQC, help me out. Why the fuck is my EMPTY 1GB flash drive telling me that there are only 278.1MB of space available??? >:(

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Are there like hidden files somewhere on my flashdrive?? How the fuck do I clear the rest of the space??



What is your favorite dessert?!

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i take 7 pills every night and no matter what i try, i can't seem to swallow them easily. i take them with dinner, so it's not like it's on an empty stomach. i usually swallow them with water, but i'm going to make more of an effort to do it with milk but we haven't had any around the house lately. i have no problem actually swallowing them, but after they hit my throat is when the trouble starts. i feel nauseous and it's probably my least favorite part of the day. do you have any tips for me? how can i make this a more enjoyable? none of them are capsules, so i can't empty the powder into applesauce and i can't chew them. they're not big (the biggest around the size of a 200 mg tylenol) and taking them while drinking out of a straw doesn't seem to do much. ice water and holding my nose don't work. i have so much anxiety about how it later makes my stomach feel that sometimes i just won't take them at all, which is usually a reeeally bad idea. what do i do? any ideas for me?

if you don't care about that, what's your favorite side dish at a barbecue or cookout? i just had caramel apple salad for the first time a few weeks ago and i've been dreaming about it ever since. i also love strawberry jello pretzel cake and crunchy coleslaw.

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Since Firefox apparently hates me, I'm trying to switch to Google Chrome. I've downloaded it and everything is working fine for me, except for the fact that there is no "home" button! What the crap? In pictures there is one...did it just not download properly? What do you think about Google Chrome?

And if you don't use it/don't care, then would you like a free cat? She's driving me INSANE. She looks cute, sure, but really she can be a little devil.
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Are there any songs you like because of how you hear the lyrics, not because of what the lyrics actually are?

I love Blinded by the Light because I always hear it as "wrapped up like a douche".

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1. what's the policy on raises at your work?
2. those who get insurance through work, how much do they take out of your check?
3. how long did you have to be working there to get insurance, and do you have to be full time?