May 24th, 2009

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I'm going skydiving next month. The option I'm getting (the cheapest one) costs $220 after taxes and all. That's already quite a chunk out of my savings account, but this is something I've always wanted to do. I'd love to have proof of the jump, but it's an additional $80 for a video (or pictures). Should I stop being cheap and get the video or decide I've spent enough as it is?
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My friend wants to know: "If our boobs sag because of gravity, would walking on our hands for a couple of years reverse the saggage?"

lol @ you guys thinking this is a serious question :D

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if you were talking to someone online... who you hooked up with a few months ago... and they started talking about the time you hooked up... and then they said they missed it... and then they said "tell me a story" what would you think of that? would you think they wanted a sexy cyber-sex-like story to jerk off to? if not, what do you think that means?
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Have you ever had a bad dream where you fuck something up (at work, school, wherever), and you wake up convinced that you really fucked it up? Afterward, is it difficult for you to go back to sleep?

What is your favorite feel-good movie? For whenever you're feeling down and want to be cheered up :)

Do you have a secret cash stash? Somewhere in your apartment, room, or house that you hide extra cash? Is it just for rainy days, or is it for a specific purpose?

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Do you know anyone who has had a raccoon for a pet? Would you?

There's a very sad racoon in my backyard staring at me. I would never let him inside but I feel sorry for him and it made me wonder if people actually do that sort of thing. Their little claw-y fingers look scary.

What's your favourite chocolate bar?

I don't drink coffee but I love Coffee Crisp. Ilu Canada.

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My fiance and I are getting two more ferrets tomorrow (lord help us) bringing our total up to 4 ferrets. They are rescues and we know there is one white male and one sable female.

What should we name them?

Our white male is named Rupert and our girl is named Applesauce.

What was the last book you read? What book are you reading now? Do you read more than one book at a time? 
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When a couple has been together for a few years, do you think that it's normal to go through 'dry spells' where one half isn't as interested or in the mood for sex as the other, say for a month or so? Is it a sign that the relationship isn't as good/satisfying as it once was or is it just relative to a rise and fall of moods and desires?

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i drink sugarfree rockstars all the time (energy drink). when i start one and for whatever reason can't drink it straight away i stick it in the fridge (comes in a can) and it goes flat in the fridge. i drink it when all the others are gone. if i stuck a carbonation tablet in there would it go fizzy again? or would it be like that bicarb and vinegar trick?

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1. BREAKFAST: peanut butter Cap'n Crunch, Kashi Autumn Wheat, or toast with peanut butter & banana?

2. WHAT MOVIE SHOULD I WATCH: Lars and the Real Girl, Charlie Bartlett, Love Actually, or Sex and the City?

3. What are you looking forward to? What are you NOT looking forward to?

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So what did you all think of the new Star Trek movie? 

Did the young Spock (Zachary Quinto) not make you cream your pants as well? haha! 

My fiance didn't think it had enough of the TNG rational calm to it. He was disappointed that it was so action-y.
I loved it on the other hand! 
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A friend of mine is going on a three hour road trip to get to an airport, to fly to her home town, to attend her father's funeral.
She's going to be emotional on the trip and she's going by herself.

I want to send her a text message with some nice words, but I cant think of the right ones.

Can you suggest some nice words for me?
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I just found an unopened 31.7-ounce jar of whole wheat couscous. It says "best if used by May 13, 2008." Should I toss it, or do you think it's still OK? Serious answers preferred, although I'll take some humor.

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how much wet food and dry food do you give your cat each day?

i give my cat like 1 to 1 and a half can of the smalls cans of cat food a day and maybe a half cup of dry food but hes turning into a little chubbylumpkins so i think i might have to cut back.
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Should I go out for breakfast and get pancakes (or maybe even a waffle)?

How long do you think it will take for my Mom to remember its my birthday? (I'm 26, I don't live at home, but we've spoken on the phone 3 times so far today because we're having a picnic at my cousin's later today and I'm trying to figure out what to make.)


What should I take to my family's Memorial Day picnic (not taco dip, not baked beans and not a dessert).


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I'm thinking of moving out once I graduate(or a few months after that). I've never lived alone or lived in a dorm or with friends because my parents home is a 30 minutes drive from my campus.

For a girl moving out for the first time, should I become housemates with:
a) Friends?
b) Total strangers?
c) Boyfriend of two years(who is also moving out for the first time)?

Alternate question- Do you carry around a pendrive/flashdrive? What brand and how big is it?

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Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Who has the better deal in society overall - men or women?

What do you think needs to change in order for society to treat men and women as equals?

Misc Question:
What's your favourite cocktail?
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I read in Scientific American Mind today that female bonobos will rub genitals to make up after having a fight.

Do you think you girls could [publicly] rub genitals with khendrix since you all dissed her and argued with her?
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For those of you who played (or still play) the Pokemon Game Boy games,

What did you name yourself?

Your rival?

Who did you choose as your starter?

Which game was your favorite?
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Next year I'll be going on a six month exchange, on the other side of the world (New Zealand to France).

How do you prepare for something like that? What do I take? what do I expect? how do I deal with homesickness?

I'm excited but also bewildered...
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Ok, TQC, I have a whole closed pack of varied deli ham that expired May 13 2009.
Will I die if I make myself a sandwhich with that ham?
Or should I stop being a lazy bum, toss it out and go get some new ham?

ETA: Problem solved.

What wouldn't you eat for a million dollars?
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oh hay tqc

What digital camera should I get? I'll be workin with around 250-300 dollars. I know what cameras there are, I'm just curious if there's one you would recommend. I kind of like the idea of lots of zoom. 

Also, I'm sure this has been asked a bazillion times before, but direct me to some time consuming safe for work sites (besides TQC)?

Tell me a good joke?

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Anyone else loving The Fashion Show on Bravo as much as I am?

Are you going to watch Project Runway on Lifetime?

If you don't care, what is your favorite kind of fruit?
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I am needing help from someone who knows computers.

I don't know if I downloaded something (a virus) but my computer has decided to get a mind of its own. My homepage has always been MSN but now its goes to the site. The biggest thing that is torking me off is, I play pogo quite a bit but when I click on the game I want to play, as soon as the little game screen comes on to download, it shuts down all my tabs?! I tried to do a system restore but it won't let me do that saying there has been an error.

Does anybody know something I can try to do to fix this? I also can't use my unistall program. Does this just mean I need to take it to a professional?

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Can you guys name the tripping/getting high episodes from various TV shows? South Park had the cough syrup/t.v. show episode, Daria had the one where the whole family eats druggy berries, I think Homer licks a frog and gets high or whatever.

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If you are renting a room from someone and actually live with that person (sharing the kitchen, common room(s)), is it fair that they impose rules on you so that you have fewer rights than they do?

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Do you have some private info, gross info, useless info or anything you would like to share with the class today ?

I have a huge pimple right under my nose that isn't ready to pop, but it's hard and hurts like a bitch, and I don't know what to do about it.

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Can we please, please, PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON IT quit with the sex in public restrooms? Seriously, please? I'm not trying to pick on gay people here -- I know straight people fuck in bathroom stalls, too, the only difference being that straight guys usually have to *pay* to have some chick suck his cock through the glory hole. The reason I bring this up was that I was just at the mall, and I really, REALLY needed to drop a stinky load, so I went to the restroom and, LOW AND BEHOLD, in order, apparently, to curb the amount of hardcore clandestine sex that was going on, they've lowered the walls on the stall to the point where they're basically waist height when you're standing up. ANYONE can just walk by and watch me birthing a chocolate baby. That's not cool. So, please... use the bushes, go get a motel room, do it in the back of a van down by the river... whatever... but keep it out of the bathrooms! Some of us actually need to use them for what they're intended for!

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1. I just finished having an argument with someone on whether or not Virginia is a "true Southern state". (I am from VA. I say it is. She says it's not.)

So, I ask you, especially Southern TQCers, what makes a Southern state, southern?

2. For those who don't care, have you seen those Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World commercials? (Stay thirsty, my friends...)

a. Who is the most interesting person you know? What makes them so interesting?

b. What is the most interesting thing about yourself?

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When you make plans with friends, do you show up on time or are you late?

If you usually arrive late, about how late are you? 10 minutes? 15? etc...

Is it acceptable to show up an hour to an hour and a half late for a gathering?

I hate being late for stuff. (Unless it is work, but one of my bosses is a douche). The husband and I made plans with my friend and her family today..but because of him being totally unprepared, we'd be extremely late..which is not cool with me.

edited because I left out a word

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im playing fall out 3 and im in megaton and i need to either disable or blow up the atomic bomb!
how do i improve my explosive skills? cause i need level 25 and i dont know what to do. google isnt helping.

also should i blow it up or disarm it?

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I just made some delicious guacamole.

Should I eat the guacamole by itself, or put it in a 7 layer bean dip?

I love both, I just don't know which one to pick right now, so TQC, pick for me, please! [:

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I'm renting Hamlet 2 tonight, because I can't stop singing "Rock Me Sexy Jesus!".  What else should I rent along with it?  Preferably something like it...if there is something like it.

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Why am I allowed to check like 40kg worth of baggage when going to the states but only allowed 20kg worth of checked baggage when going to europe? The planes are the same size, they hold the same amount of people, and tickets are about the same price. Can anyone explain this?

What do you think I'm forgetting to pack? 

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When they say "I'll call you today or tomorrow" after you just had an that a good sign?

Do you ever get the TV/Movie interview where they go "You're hired!" when you finish up?

How has your job hunt been going?
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Reed Motherfucking Johnson

A couple different questions.

So i want to sell my scrubs on craigslist but i have no idea how much to price them at. How much would you try and get out of them?

secondly, I'm going to chicago in september and i'm having trouble finding a hotel. It HAS to be by a bus route or preferably the L. I'm staying for a week so I'd like to keep the cost down while it still being clean! Anyone have any recommendations?

Also, I use to use this website that had a trip planner on it to plan trips using the L or bus route but I can't find it. All i can come up with is using google maps which isn't as user friendly to me. Did they get rid of this and just switch the using google maps or am i just failing at finding it?

and finally! if you were going to chicago and had an afternoon to waste what would you do?
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I was going go to a book signing tonight at 7pm EST. My friend bailed on me. I'm not sure if I want to go alone now.

Should I go?


Whichever wins in the next 10 minutes decides my fate!

Alright, I'm going!

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I will be having breakfast for dinner tonight.

Should I have blueberry pancakes or scrambled eggs and cheese?  Both options will have a side of turkey bacon.

For those of you who don't care, will you tell me about your best vacation?  Where did you go? What made it so great?

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Do you know how to swim?

If so, how often (or not often) do you go?

Do you do most of your swimming in the pool or in oceans/lakes/other large bodies of water?

Do you prefer pools or oceans/lakes/other large bodies of water?
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grilled cheeeeese sammich

so, i am alone in the house, which means i make good food that no one else eats... ;)

my sandwich has turkey, generic cheese slices, cheddar, green chiles and laughing cow wedge on sourdough. to go with my tomato soup.  only way it could be better is with fancier cheese, but i didn't want to drive to three stores today...

what's your favorite version of grilled cheese? soup? if yes, tomato?
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So, the intercom at my place of employment plays terrible music. Just recently, it started playing the WORST cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song "Maps" EVER. I must find it to prove its existence to other people, but I've had no luck yet. Does anyone know who the cover artist might be? The vocals are male.

Relatedly, what's the worst song you've ever heard?

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1)Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of entertainment out there?


2)What sort of odd folk cures have you been exposed to?

apparently I'm supposed to put rubbing alcohol on my joints to cure my pain.

3)Any odd illness causes you've heard of?

Apparently my arm hurts because of 'cold in my bones'.
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Do you know someone that a lot of people dislike, but you can't for the life of you understand why? One of my coworkers is very nice and honestly sweet and kind and friendly, but a lot of my younger coworkers don't like her and always say mean (and occasionally racist) things behind her back.

Do you know someone that a lot of people like, but you can't for the life of you understand why?

Edit: Tell me about them!

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TQC, what are you procrastinating on/what should you be doing?

I need to clean my bathroom. IT'S SO GROSS. I've been putting it off for forEVER, and even though I've been in a total cleaning mood today, I just can't make myself do it. D:

i've been asking a lot of dog related questions lately

I am happy to report that I have found the doggie for me! Some of you may have seen my post the other day where I was whining about being patient in my search for the perfect puppy ( I don't have any pictures yet as she is still at the shelter, waiting on her last vaccination. I will be picking her up on Tuesday or Wednesday! I will share some pictures of her with you all next week (with a question, of course)! She is part border collie, part kelpie, and yes, I do have the room and energy to keep her happy. We are going to start agility training next month when she is old enough. :-) :-)

Alright, I will stop rambling now (I'm so excited, I can't help it!!) and get on wit bizness.

How did you housetrain your dog? Is she/he indoor or outdoor trained? Did you crate train her/him or did you use some other method? Were you successful or do accidents still happen? I have the Housetraining for Dummies book and another book, The Everything New Puppy Book, and both of them illustrate different methods for what I want; outdoor training.

Have a great Memorial Day, everyone! :-)


What exactly does a purity ring denote? Is it like a chastity ring or are you allowed to have sex before marriage but just not before you're "ready" or what's the deal?

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Random random question, because a friend and I are trying to remember what this is called...

Do you know what I'm talking about when I say there was a macabre kind of fairy tale for kids that had things like "A is for Annie who..." (and inserted a brutal / dark humor way of being killed/hurt) and they'd do this for every child name from A-Z?!?!?

It was called something like "the ___ tales"... What was it?!

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My senior prom is on Friday, and I was asked by a guy that I barely know...he's friends with all of my guy friends, but he has very few female friends because he's EXTREMELY quiet and unexperienced with girls. He asked me because someone told him I didn't have a date, if it makes any difference; not because he's interested in me. I've heard he's a nice guy, so I said yes, but now I'm wondering...

What is prom etiquette in this situation? We're going to someone's house beforehand, but once we get to prom, is it ok if we split up? I don't mean I'm going to abandon him entirely, but I'm not the dance-with-a-guy-I'm-not-dating kind of girl, and I already told him that. So in your opinion, would it be ok for me to just dance with my friends if I make an effort to talk to him throughout the night and make sure he's having fun too (ie, I don't intend to ditch him)?

Hmmmmm. I'm new at this type of thing. Help?

[EDIT:] I'll definitely sit next to him at dinner, talk to him, ask him about the first slow dance!! As I said above, I don't intend to ditch him. What I meant is that at my school, most of the dancing between guys and girls is gross grinding-type dancing, and I'm not really into that, especially with a guy I barely know. So I'm just wondering if it's ok for me to split up when the fast songs come and dance with my friends.

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Why don't you have a significant other? ("I do, he/she...." is not a suitable answer)

What song makes your ears bleed?

What is your favorite cover song?

Heidi Montag or Paris Hilton's music career?
Georgie - Smiles

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Generally speaking, does the presence of a LBGTQ storyline in a movie/book/TV show make you less interested in the show, or more interested in it? Why?

Which of the 'Megacities' in this list would you rather live in?
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One of my supervisors "fell off a ladder" (a couple of us think it was something else) and her birthday is Tuesday. She should be back to work by then. I want to get her something small, but plants are on my hitlist because I don't want her to think I just grabbed something from our work. Ideas?

Have you ever had other management get jealous if you've done something like this?

How badly do your feet hurt?
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What's a good bargain you've found recently?

I got a set of oil paints and pastels, complete with brushes, today for 5 dollars. The art supplies store near my house was having a crazy blowout sale.

I don't even paint. I guess I will now.

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1. How do you define the term, "going out"? If someone told you that he/she and person X were going out, how would you interpret their relationship?

2. Say you have been dating someone for about 4 months, but there was no official conversation of what your status was. You act like a couple, and spend tons of time together. Finally, in casual conversation, he/she asks, "do your parents know that we're going out?" This is the extent of any kind of discussion on status. So yes, you two are going out.

Based on the above information (in question #2), would it be questionable to leave your facebook relationship status set as "single"?

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1. Have you ever gotten your hairz cut at a Great Clips/Super Cuts/etc. type place? Were you happy with the results? How would you compare it to a ~higher end~ salon?

2. What's the last delicious thing you ate?

3. If you had a choice between Luigi's lemon Italian ice, Luigi's strawberry Italian ice, or Haagen Dasz (sp?) chocolate peanut butter ice cream for dessert, which would you choose?!

4. What's the last stupid thing you saw?
My dog is running like a crazydog around the bedroom (SUPER fast), and she took a running leap onto the bed but didn't stop in time, so she face planted into my bookshelf. lolol. I think it stunned her for a second coz she just stopped cold turkey (but she's at it again now).

coug it

Yesterday my buddy and I went on a motorcycle ride out to Leavenworth and had lunch at Ducks & Drakes. While there I witnessed the most incredible reverse-cougaring I've ever even heard of.

This pretty good-looking woman, I'd put her in her early forties, almost stumbles in the door and finds a seat at the bar. She's wearing a summery dress, low-cut in the front, and she's clearly been doing what you do in Leavenworth in the afternoon, i.e. drinking. A few minutes later, this guy in his mid-twenties walks in, he looks pretty carefully put together, clean-shaven, tan, button-up white shirt, carefully done hair, generally looking pretty good except for his scrubby friend. He immediately sets his sights on middle-aged hottie and strikes up a conversation. As we finished our lunch I was still paying attention and it was pretty clear to me he was really going for it. We had to stretch our legs before getting back on the bikes, so I didn't get to finish watching the show... but riding out of town I saw scrubby guy walking home alone. Hot.

What's the biggest age gap you've ever had? Bonus points if you've got a good bar pickup story to go with it.

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I'm pleasantly drunk.

How drunk are you?

Happy Memorial Day Eve, Americans! lol

Happy Sunday night that I'm allowed to get wasted for once!

How do you feel about Eminem?

Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex just because you were drunk?

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Is there anything strange that you're excited for?

I'm excited to buy a new bra! I was recently fitted--I went from a 32A to a 32B!! Big news for little boobs.

Also, having kids with my fiance so they can call my fiance's dad "papou."

what the what

TQC, what is this?

I am a white professional male that has a two year old son (50% custody). I live seven blocks from the Capital just off the Bay in Madison. I have a two bedroom house. Rent is very neg if you could help out around dinner time a couple of times a week and road trip with us. Rent includes all utilities, cable, parking and laundry. Let me know if you are interested.
I <3 TLV

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Here's the scenario - your SO wants you to go with them to spend time with a group of their friends. You don't like their friends, and would rather stay home and read. Your SO insists you come anyway, but says you can bring your book and read there.

Do you think it would be rude if you did this?

This happened with my husband and I over the weekend and it seemed extremely rude to me to go and just read. But he doesn't think it's rude at all.

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My friend is having a horrible day, and now she has to go work the night shift at the McDonald's Drive-thru..

What should I bring her to cheer her up? I'm going to bring her a coffee from her favourite place, but what else says "cheer up, you're great?"

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This oven-bakeable food I got (little puff pastries) comes in a plastic tray. It says to put the plastic tray on a baking tray and bake it at 400° F. The instructions make it sound like the metal baking tray is going to prevent it from melting, but how?? Since when is it legit/possible to put plastic in the oven?

I can tell it's actually plastic because it has the number with the triangle around it plus the PETE stamp.

EDIT They cooked perfectly and look delicious and don't smell like cancerous death. I still want to know what's up with that tho.

Washington University in St. Louis

Don't research these questions; just answer from your own experience.

1. Have you heard of Washington University in St. Louis?
2. If so, what have you heard about it?
3. What other schools do you think have similar reputations to Washington University in St. Louis? (Again, don't research, but just say what comes to mind.)

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Would you stop going to an amusement park if you found out that someone died due to mechanical failure or park negligence?

Do you know anyone who was injured in a park ride?

If  you were stuck for hours on end in a rollercoaster, would you stop riding rollercoasters? Would you stop going to amusement parks?

Do you think people should be allowed to win settlement money if their relative was at fault for their death on an amusement park ride (for example, they try to switch seats while the rollercoaster is operating...they jump two fences and get decapitated by a rollercoaster, etc)?

Do you have any interesting stories about amusement parks?

Should I stop looking at Why or why not?