May 23rd, 2009

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I can't sleep tonight not knowing the name of this band. Does anyone remember mid-late 90s, a possible one-hit wonder band named Johnny ________? It wasn't a last name, it was a word, I believe, and the song that made this band somewhat popular had the same name as the band. The video to this song took place in the 50s outside of a diner I think and he repeated his name often in the song. Also, he had weird hair. I had a CD store guy search earlier tonight and nothing is coming up on Google. PLEASE PLEASE HELP

thank you witchbabywigg it is JIMMY RAY


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Have you ever thought someone was being original, clever or poetic, then found out at a later date they were simply directly quoting a movie/book/song/something else, thus making you feel stupid?

On a related note, I've just realised that on my date two nights ago the guy was constantly quoting Twilight. How should I feel? Embarassed? Afraid? Dirty?

Can I receive my e-mail messages through SMS (text messaging)?

Hey Folks,
I was wondering if anyone knew if  there is a way to have my e-mails forwarded to my phone via text messages (SMS) - text only? I still want to receive my e-mails through my regular online inbox, but I would like a copy to be sent to my phone via text messages. Thanks!
p.s. If it's relevant: I use gmail, I have ATT cellphone service, and my mobile phone is Samsung Propel.

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What do you do when you haven't slept in a day or so and need to be awake for the next 12ish hours (rather functionally)?

Besides the obvious things like coffee, would a cold shower help or something? or would that just make me more tired? insomniacs, give me your personal advice please (I googled)

help me plan my day

Say you are in the market for a new puppy. Which numbers would you call from this list? Pretend that you are like me and can't adopt from a shelter because you rent and don't have a fenced yard.

I guess I'll ETA: I'm just looking at puppies. Not actually buying. Think about it like I'm test driving cars. Looking, seeing what's out there, weighing my options. I shouldn't have made the sweeping statement "can't adopt from a shelter". Sorry. I have looked, am familiar with the procedures, I know it's not totally out of the picture...

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How do I become a more outgoing, 'loud in public',and fun type of person?

How do I get over the Embarrassment of shopping alone?

What small things do you do to improve your overall quality of life?
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When you were growing up, how often did you see your dad/stepdad/whatever shirtless? If you didn't have such a person in your life, what do you typically have for breakfast?
hate pimentos

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Have you ever done something that you know would end a friendship (like, say, fucked their SO? left them at the mall? not show up for their wedding for no reason other than you're pissed at them and don't want to go)?  How did that work out?  Did you regret it?

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Is there a performance by an actor/actress that you think should have won them awards but didn't?

I can think of a lot of them, but one would have to be Cloe Sevigny in Boys Don't Cry. I think she should have got Best Supporting (she was nominated, but didn't win).
Evil Me

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Poll #1404472 WAKE UP!!!

When your alarm goes off in the morning, what do you (usually) do?

Hit snooze once and get up when it rings for the second time.
Hit snooze twice then get up
Hit snooze 3 or more times
Get up right away!
I don't need an alarm clock. EVER.
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how long should i wait to call my friend again about a movie this afternoon?

there's a slight time crunch, otherwise i'd just wait for her to call. i called her around 11 and left a message 'cause her phone was dead.

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The grocery store is approximately 4.5 miles (of highway, which is a bitch to deal with) away.  It's a nice day.  It just started raining, guys.  wtf.  Either way it would be about 30 minutes to get there.  Should I bike or take the bus?

What's on your grocery list?
When you want a treat from the grocery store, what do you get?
Would you bike if you were wearing a skirt/dress?

exoctic pets

what is a good low-maintenance exotic pet? or tell me your experiences/show pictures of your spider, lizard, snake, whatever. as long as it's not like a cat or dog or anything like that.

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My parents are currently having this little mini-argument. I figured TQC could settle it for them.

My little sister asked my father, "Do you want to play with Mom and I?" My mother corrected her and said it's "Mom and me," while my father maintains that it's "Mom and I."

Which one is grammatically correct?
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I am graduating from college tomorrow. I was given 8 tickets and 2 parking passes that state that a car using the parking pass must have 3 or more people in it. 5 of us are going in one car, two are coming a bit later and parking off campus and two are coming in a separate car. The two in the separate car are getting a parking pass because my best friend (the driver) is 7 and 1/2 months pregnant so she really can't walk that far and she doesn't want to car pool because she has major motion sickness compounded by being pregnant. Do you think the university is going to let them park with the parking pass if she goes "I'm 7 and 1/2 months pregnant, that counts as the third occupant!" or do you think they are going to turn them away?

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Do you think opposites attract? In what ways do you think it's good to be opposites, and what ways do you think it isn't?

Are you an your SO opposites, or are you almost the same?

What is the most adrenaline rush giving activity you have ever done?
blair & chuck

Bass Guitar

Hi all,

I saw a beautiful second hand electric bass guitar for  $150 today. It's electric blue, but the only problem it's got a small dent, about a quarter of an inch on the face of the guitar, near the pickups. It plays fine, and it's probably a steal.

Should I get the guitar, even though there's a cosmetic blemish?

This is not a question for the uneducated proletariat.

Collapse )

This is a piece of art that I created a while ago. I named it "Politics, by Addie." Sure, "Politics, by Addie" is a simple name, but it is one that conveys much emotion and meaning. The problem is, though, that few people seem to appreciate it for what this is: a work of art which says something about politics in America today. They question: "Oh, Addie, what is this? Why are you wasting your time on these silly pictures? You can't survive as an artist. You have school work to do." They are all the same, souless creatures comforming, denying and suppressing my creativity! So my question is, how can I get people to appreciate my suffering artistic person?
How do those living in New York feel about this piece? I understand that a lot of us live in that breathing, beautiful city.

ETA: Will you show me your attempt at drawing a cat in MSPaint with your eyes closed?

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Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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I have an imac with Pages, and whilst I really love Pages, every time I have to export a document, all the formatting looks ugly. So...

Is it worth buying Microsoft Office for Students? At the moment, it's $195.00 Australian ($152.00 US) and comes with a free Microsoft Arc mouse.

Anybody used it? Is it good? Or is there a way to make pages documents look nice after they're exported?

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1.What's the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

I got hot butter chicken sauce poured on my arm at work when the restaurant door hit me in the butt. It's the shape of a kiwi bird.

2.What's the weather like today?

Rain, wind and close to freezing. Miserable really.

Baseball T-Bones
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What would be a good name for a midseason fantasy baseball league I'm starting up? You don't really have to know baseball to come up with a good name-- just be somewhat creative.
Quinn Twin

Another exciting round of TQC, plz decide my life!

So it's a three day weekend here in America. Hooray!

My friend Kim, who is new at work and new in town, is having an impromptu bbq with some drinking and game playing later tonight. But we were already thinking of driving up to TN to see our friend Spam, who I've known since I was 19. If we wanted, we could do the bbq tonight and crash Knoxvegas tomorrow, but I'm wondering if that won't be a lot going on. So, like all the other cool kids, I ask - WWTQCD?

Keep in mind that we have two doggos we'd have to figure out something with (but that could be taken care of relatively easily) and I had to spend about $100 I wasn't expecting on Wednesday for a vet bill and then another $50 the next night for a friend's birthday. I still have enough to go and be plenty fine, I just tend to be conservative.

Poll #1404593 Should I stay or should I go now?

to TN or not to TN, that is the question!

to the Volunteer state, away!
don't cross state lines like every other asshole on Memorial Day.
bbq today, TN tomorrow!


On the show House, why do you think Dr. House uses the Hanson song 'MMMbop' as his ring tone?  Is there a special reason for this? ..other than because he's amazing

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If you got something at a restaurant that had food you didn't like in it, would you pick it out or throw it away/order something else? How much work would you do to pick out food you didn't like before you decided it was something that was not worth eating?

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Your friend offers you use of his beach house, which is right on the shore and very pretty. However you know for a fact that he gets off on voyeur porn and are concerned that he will have rigged the house with cameras. Do you take him up on his offer and go with your significant other?
Miria - while our blood's still young

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Guys - Should bragging about the size of your be penis be considered a sport?

Girls - Have you ever been around when your SO or any other guy was bragging about the size of his penis? How did you feel?

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I have been strictly a Mac user since birth. Even all my school computers have been Macs. My current laptop is dying and I want to get a really compact one that can basically surf the internet and word process, also maybe play movies and do slideshows through a VGA projector. However, the only compact laptop Apple makes is the Air which is a piece of crap.

What is a super-awesome compact WINDOWS-RUNNING laptop that I can get? I will say price doesn't matter, since it'll probably still be cheaper than an Air, so you can suggest fancy/expensive ones.

I was looking at VAIOs but my mom's crapped out really quickly so IDK.

Also what version of Windows should it run? And will it get bogged down with viruses if I don't look at porn and don't visit anything other than like LJ and Facebook?

Also, are there any romantic comedies that don't totally suck? I can only think of one, which is Love Actually. I am sort of in the mood for a nice satisfying rom-com but it can't be horrible or have J.Lo in it.


You're eating something and a piece of it drops onto the floor. Do you pick it up and eat it, or do you leave it/throw it away?

Inspired by a piece of sesame snap falling onto the bedroom floor.
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1. The other day I was driving when I saw a school bus with, "Triad Catholic School" written on the side. On the back in cursive was a banner that said, "GO VILLAINS!"

Is that the best name for a Catholic school sports team or what? Or do you think you can beat that?

And what do you think their mascot looks like?

2. I have not received LJ e-mail notifications in over three weeks. It's LJ's fault because I've tried everything but swinging a dead chicken over my head to correct this. Oh, I have no problem getting the, "You or someone has changed the e-mail to your LJ account" LJ notifications but nothing else.

Will I ever see another notification again or should I switch to using carrier pigeons? I have enough bird seed.

What is the longest you've gone without getting notifications?

Hardwood floors?

I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with getting permission to have hardwood floors installed in a rental apartment?

Background:  I have been in my apartment for a year, and while I love it, I hate that it has carpet. I'd rather not have to move, and am considering asking the apartment manager to install hardwood or vinyl-mock-hardwood floors throughout.  I'm going to offer to sign a 2-year lease in exchange, and maybe even pay for half or pay a little more in rent to cover half.
I'm going to ask when they open on Tuesday, but just wanted to see if anyone has been able to do this before.

Xposted to saucyhelp

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Do you feel that any of your relationships are dysfunctional? It can be any kind of relationship, family, friendship or a romantic relationship.

If so, why?

If you don't care, is there anything good on TV right now?
lol swine flue

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i posted a few days ago about a stray cat that thinks he lives here. he pretty much meows constantly when he's on the porch. i've petted him, i fed him, i can't let him inside cause he might spray... so wtf do i do? i feel really bad, he sounds so pitiful. : (

eta: for people who didn't see my other post, we're going to take him to the vet the next time he's around our house during business hours, and we'll probably end up fixing him and keeping him. he just sounds so pitiful right now! i don't know what to do.


My 91-year-old grandmother competed today on the Finnish Veteran Athletics Union's competition and won (suprisingly for she was the only 90+ in the competition)!

She competed in the discus throw (22.24 ft / 6.78m) and shot put (12.07 ft / 3.68m).

Now how awesome is that?

Do any of you have an athlete grandparent?

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What are some websites regarding belief of souls or spirits? Or anything such as that? (Basically supernatural phenomena).

I've been wanting to read up on it recently, but don't know where to begin.

Or, what do you believe personally?

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What is your favorite 'teen' movie?

What is your favorite movie spoof (ex Scary Movie or Naked Gun)?

Do you plan on seeing Dance Flick?

Yes (or I already have seen it)
No or I don't plan on seeing it either
Never heard of it

pit bull mix?

As I mentioned yesterday, we're looking for a friend for our adult St. Bernard rescue, Baloo. (see icon.)

I happened to go to the county shelter today with my mom, who's also looking for a dog, and fell in love with a 1 year old dog who's had 2 owners (owner release from someone who got her without being allowed to have dogs), whose questionaiire was AMAZING. well behaved, sweet dog good with other dogs, good with children, and the sweetest dog EVER. She's already had puppies and I just feel so bad for her.

The "down side"? Her questionaire from the previous owner says 'pit bull mix". I.. don't think she's actually pit; I think based on her coat and her facial structure that it's more likely a boxer mix of some sort. Either way, I have always been "hesitant" toward pits - i know some are sweet but I myself have avoided owning them.

My question: I can't stop thinking about the dog. Is it worth the "risk" of getting a pound dog when I was planning on going through a rescue group and getting a dog who the rescue knows a little better? I feel like the dog is at risk of being euthanized if we don't. :\

Baked Potatoes

I have bought a huge bag of baking potatoes as they were on special offer. What do you eat with your baked potato? Baked beans and cheese seems a bit too obvious and I think my parents might get hacked off if I keep serving the same thing.
doctor who - tardis

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1. Whenever I click on 'Manage Userpics', I get the heading, but the rest of the screen is blank. What's going on?

2. My boyfriend hasn't responded to my calls/texts in about four days. What's the worst thing that could've happened to him? non-srs answers welcome

lame question maybe

hey, I'm on my brother's Nintendo DS right now and I was wondering how the online stuff kind of works. how can i chat with other people on pictochat? Do people need to be in the same room., or do i have to be close to an internet source or something else?
Just curious
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what kind of clothes do you consider business casual?

i'm starting an internship on tuesday and i'm not really sure what i should wear. i've gone and purchased a bunch of dress slacks, some button down shirts, and a few knit/short sleeve sweaters to wear. i also have some lightweight sweaters and shrugs to wear. do you think i'll be ok?

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  Hey there TQC,
I  need a beautiful poem longer than 20 lines for one of my classes.

I would like a poem on the universe or about greek mythology, but if you guys can't think of anything related to those themes, I more than anything just want a poem with pretty really pretty images.
I'm not picky but I would prefer poems that aren't too simple and please no poems really well known (like "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" or "Why the Caged Bird Sings" etc)


What is your favorite poem?


Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. Really. They are all fabulous. 
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What's the most scandalous thing you've done in an elevator?

Inspired by the three teenagers who were in the elevator I got on with my parents that had been sitting at the ground floor for a little bit when I hit the button and the doors opened. They knew we knew something was up.
Kill Bill - Elle
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Are you in a bind?
What advice would you give to someone who is having difficulty finding a place to live, can't find anyone to room with that she knows, and is currently trying to find a place where she would be living with strangers?

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Apparently my friend's boyfriend is being quarantined for Swine Flu, he's working in Brazil. Do you know anyone who has been quarantined in a hospital, for any reason? What was the reason?

Are you afraid of needles?