May 22nd, 2009

devon ramen

slightly tl;dr

okay so my boyfriend is (in my opinion) a light smoker. when he was living at home, he only smoked about 3 or 4 cigarettes a day, more if he hangs out with his friends. 

whenever he goes overseas for uni, his aunt buys him cartons of cigarettes (behind his father's back because his father doesn't approve but his mum does) to bring overseas. of course this makes him smoke more than he usually would. 

so, do you think it's irresponsible/weird for his aunt to do this? or is it perfectly fine?

i personally don't mind him smoking but i find it weird for his aunt to supply with an endless amount of cigarettes :/

also: my uni has a website where all the lecture notes are put up, as well as tutorial slides, and lecture recordings/podcasts. does your uni have the same thing, so that when you miss a lecture you can still catch up? 
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TQC, in your infinite knowledge...I need help remembering a tv show and/or movie.

I distinctly remember a tv show/show segment/movie scene/something with the song "Swinging on a Star". I'm assuming it dates to sometime in the late 80s/early 90s. It featured a classroom full of kids with a teacher that was singing the song as different interpretations of the lyrics showed up...a jar with "moonbeams", the teacher literally swinging on a star. I feel like it had lots of bright colors and shapes- like Mrs Piggle Wiggle? I was originally thinking something along the lines of the "Wee Sing" series, which I also remember from around the same time, but nothing is coming up in my intense googling.

Do you know what this is referring to? I'm going crazy trying to figure it out.

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On a scale from one to ten, one being the lowest and ten being the highest, how unintentionally funny is this poem?

The shock of the cool water

Hitting my body from head to toe

It is sort of like diving into you

Once the initial clash of masses

The rhythm is established quickly

Becoming one fluid movement

Suddenly an electric pulsating rush comes over us

Waterfalls  are weaving the blankets of oceans

That pour rivers out into my valleys

I surrender to the pounding  pressure of the waterfalls

You watch as I spill over into the pond

Water's changing from blue to green

The green in your eyes sparkles as you cum

Like stars in the reflection of a crystal lake

As the summer wind blows,

 the warmth sets in


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Say you visited a city for the first time and you wanted to go bar hopping and you had a variety to choose from.  What kind of bar would it be?
(sports bar, dive bar, pub, lounge, hole in the wall, etc)

If you had a different selection of clubs to hit.  What music would appeal most?
(house, hip hop, ebm/industrial, 80s retro, electroclash/indie, etc)

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Do any of you guys play online poker?
What site do you play on?
edit: How would you suggest a 20 year old girl go about starting to play poker online? Should I read books? Get more practice in real life?

I have an unpaid summer internship and kind of am desperate to make money this summer. haha

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I know you're awake, because it's like noon there or something.
Anyway, I have just begun watching the magnificent + hilarious glory that is Summer Heights High, and as such i have a few questions about the Australian school system:
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I thank you for your time :3
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If you waited 5 years to see a particular band and their set was only 45 minutes, how sad would you be?

Edit: They planned to play longer but the venue wanted them out by 10:45. The opening bands played much longer.
silent bob

The Weather Channel

I get my info about the weather out of Atlanta, Ga. For over a decade, late night meteorologists in front of the radar screen have been big belly pregnant women! I am NOT kidding about this! Is this a Ted Turner joke or what? WTF?
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I love Uematsu Nobuo's work, but I can't stand the Black Mages.
Is there an artist or band out there you enjoy who has a closely associated act that you don't care for?

I desperately need library work experience, and I'm looking to apply for a cataloging internship with OCLC that sounds really awesome. Thing is, they only want applicants who are members of a "historically underrepresented group."

As a white lesbian, do you think I'd count?
Have you ever experienced job/hiring discrimination?
If sou, would you tell us about it?
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Worst Birthday Gift Ever?

My friend, who has been in poor health for a while, turned 34 yesterday. For his birthday, his parents took him out to dinner. On the way there, they passed the cemetery and pointed to a spot that had been marked off with flags. "There's where you'll be spending eternity," proclaimed his dad, "right next to your mother and me."

What would you say if this were you?
Have you managed to receive a worse gift?
If not, what is the worst gift you've ever gotten?
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OMFG get outta my business

Do people constantly ask you to justify yourself or am I the only loser who never does anything to society's standards?

How do I tell my co-workers "none of your goddamn business"?

I am tired of their constantly asking me to justify every single little one of my actions. It's almost like any time I say anything they ask me "Why?" usually the answer is "because I feel like it" or "because I don't feel like it". It's none of their business! One of them invited me to a birthday party on Saturday, and I AM going. She said it was from 1-4 but "who knows how long it will go" and I said "Well, I have to call my mom at 5 anyway" and she was like "Why do you have to call her then?" and tried to convince me to stay at the party instead of calling my mom, or to call my mom from the party. It's my mother and we only talk to each other twice a month!! Is three hours at your party not enough for you? Geebus.
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Flash Games

What's your favorite flash game / flash site?

What flash game(s) can I play that will waste vasts amounts of time?

Do you prefer word games, puzzle games, action games, etc?

(no subject)

There's a 70% chance of rain tomorrow, and my ankle is STILL jacked up from spraining it Monday night. So, no more paintball plans for tomorrow.
What's the most recent thing to disappoint/frustrate/piss you off lately?

What should I spend a rainy Saturday doing when my fiance will be working, all of my projects around the house are caught up? Srs and non-srs, please.

I have to go grocery shopping tonight. What is currently on your "I need to pick these things up next time I'm at the store" list?
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Okay so I visited my Naturopath yesterday and he gave me these herbs that I'm supposed to take 5ml in water, every morning with breakfast.

This is what I did this morning. Now I feel so dizzy and light headed. It's a bit worrying.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is this what's supposed to happen?

srs and not srs.


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Good morning TQC!

I'm getting my hair cut today. Should I just get a trim and leave the style as it is now (long and flat and boring), or get an awesome "new" style (short and flippy with bangs; I had a similar haircut 2 years ago and loved it)?

In the time it took me to put a summer dress on this morning, the weather changed from sunny and bright to miserable. How much do the weather gods hate me today?

Do you own any fossils?

ETA: I got the short flippy style done. It's way more appropriate for summer and now I can wear all my old headbands again.

Follow-up on hair: I'm going to get it coloured next weekend. Does TQC dig purple/violet or dark red/burgundy more for hair colour?
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Quick question, gang - I have a bee (possibly a wasp) flying around between my screened window and the levelor-type blind.
Do I just let it die on its own if it doesn't find the window cracked open in the room, or do I kill it with the wasp spray I have available?


Does your pet do anything weird/un-usual?
What pets do you own?
Care to share their names?
Any pics??

Our kitten, Rat, will use her litter box everytime my husband or I go to the bathroom. And after we take our showers she will jump in the tub and play in the water.
Our older cat, Harley sleeps in out linen closet.
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What was this song/artist/video? There's a music video that was on youtube, most likely it was a genuine music video for a band. The whole video was shot in a bed, it was this girl dreaming and then she went out and had a day, but she never left her bed in the video. I think it might have been filmed using stop animation? Anyone have any idea what I am talking about?
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I'm getting a haircut today (shampoo, cut, and blow dryed), and I woke up this morning with gross, oily, dandruff-y hair. Should I wash my hair before I go get my haircut, or should I just wait for my hair stylist to do it? My mom always told me to never wash your hair before you get it cut and styled, but at the same time, I don't want to show up with nasty hair.
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I want to have fun, frivolous business cards made up, with a silly tagline and a fun occupation, like "adventurer and mischief maker" so that I can give them to people i meet at parties and such to keep in contact with them. I don't know what to put on them, though.

What do you think I should put on my business cards, TQC?
What is the most fun business card you've ever seen?
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For those who are into body modification, is there any mod that for some reason you really don't like?

I like almost everything except for split tongues... for some reason, they really give me the creeps.

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite piece of technology that you've ever owned?
2. Every lost it or had it stolen? Did you react better or worse than expected?

1. My laptop (Dell XPS M1210)
2. I had it recently stolen. I always suspected I'd absolutely freak out if anything ever happened to my laptop (as a proud nerd, my life is on that thing). Although i lost a bunch of music/movies/data, my emotional reaction was one of mild-irritance than a total freakout. Thank goodness I had backups of my really important stuff.
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(no subject)

Where did the question about praying shoes go?

Have you ever deleted a question here?

What are your plans for the long weekend, if it applies to you? If it doesn't, what are your regular weekend plans?
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Hi, home-savvy TQCers.

My kids flooded their toilet this morning. In an effort to make sure I didn't find out about it, they closed their bathroom door. I discovered the toilet overflow just NOW, when I stepped - barefooted, oh yeah - in a huge wet carpet spot. Obviously, it's leaked from the bathroom into the hallway. /sigh

I checked it, and there was nothing in the bowl (thank god) ... can I just let the carpet dry on its own?

ETA: Thanks guys, you're awesome. :) Now to devise a punishment for my children ....
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Dear TQC,

My son cracked the corner off of my marble fireplace with a plastic golf club. How should I kill him? What is a good adhesive that will work on marble? Krazy Glue does NOT work. Neither does pure rage.

(no subject)

is dyeing your hair at home something that is easy to fuck up if you've never done it before? i know literally nothing about the process. i'm sure instructions are included, but if it's easy for me to mess this up then i'll have a friend help me through it the first time.

also, have you ever had your hair cut by a student? i really need a haircut but i can't afford to go to a salon. there's a hair school pretty much behind my apartment and i am thinking of going there. nine dollars for a haircut sounds awesome.

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been to Belize/know people that have been there? Living there is a bonus! Any good stories/tips/comments?
2. From what I understand, you cannot legally work in another country with just a student visa. y/n?
3. I'm taking a trip to in June and will be spending 2/3 days in San Francisco. I've been there a couple of times before, but I'm traveling with someone who hasn't ever visited there, so, what are the most essential places to take him over this limited time?
4. I'm moderately hungry, and I brought soup with me to work. I work until 5:30. Should I eat it now or wait in case I get hungry later?
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My post office marked a package of mine as undeliverable and instead of giving it to my leasing office (if it didn't fit in my box, which is silly to begin with since it's a package with 1 bottle of BPAL from a swap...TINY!), my delivery confirmation says they "left a notice" for me to pick it up at the post office. Except they actually left no notice at all. And now the people at the post office can't find my package.

TQC, where the hell is my package?

And on a scale of 1-10, how much do you think a sticky-fingered postal worker is enjoying my Snow, Glass, Apples BPAL?

And if you like BPAL, what's your scent of choice? (I'm a Dorian girl.)

(And if you have any postal service horror stories, feel free to share.)

"ReadyBoost" on memory card

I have a 2GB memory card for my camera that has some stupid "ReadyBoost" BS on it taking up 1.8 gigs. I tried to get rid of it by just hitting delete but Mr. Computer told me I needed admin permission, even though this is my computer and I'm set as the admin. I futzed around in the ReadyBoost properties to try to lower the memory setting on it but it said I needed permission for that too. I'm going camping in an hour or so and I really want to bring my camera but I don't know how to work around this new memory card!

How can I get rid of this stupid program?
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Does anyone have a slow-cooker? I'm thinking about getting one. What kind do you have, do you like it? What's the BEST slow cooker I can get?

I'm a vegetarian- does anyone know any good vegetarian slow-cooker recipes? is there such a thing? Usually, I sort of associate "slow-cooker" with "grandma's nasty-ass cheeseburger casserole." Is there anything inherently unhealthy about slow-cooker food or could you dispute this myth for me?

Can you just tell me ANYTHING you know about slow cookers and your experiences with them?
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(no subject)

I need book recs.

I don't like mystery/thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, romance.

What's left?

Any recs, brief synopsis?

I tend to go for books about people being really fucked up and/or going on adventures, but not Indiana Jones type adventures.

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Hello everyone.
I am looking for a second job. Ive gotten some interviews, but nothing spectacular. Ive been applying face to face and online.

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If you dont want to read it, what is the most annoying habit that your mom/dad/best friend/SO has?

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TQC, I need your help.
I've just been told I'm running a kid's craft activity tomorrow and I have no idea what to do. I'm limited to supplies and preparation time so i'm looking for your help with ideas.
I will have the following:
  • Coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Small felt shapes
  • A4 sized sheets of felt (but not many)
  • Pencils
  • Little polystyrene balls

Help me please!

i have a delima.

actually i always have a delima. so theres really nothing new or out of the ordinary going on here.

my bf is a sweet guy he really is. i'm 18 and he's 25. (kinda big stretch i know). He's all i have besides me family. I had friends before him but now i don't even have any friends at all hardly anymore.

We've been together for eleven months now, it's been a rocky relationship (mainly because of me, not gonna lie.)

It just seems like things are always the same with us and I know it's because his money is really tight right now (unemployment check.)

THe schedule constists of
1) come over in the morning
2) Ride around while he smokes a blutn
3) come in have intimacy
4) Watch tv
5) Have lunch
6) Go home

I'm feeling bad that i'm kinda bored with it all. Why am I bored? He fixes me food in bed and treats me like a princess so why do i feel so bored?????
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Two questions this time!

1) What do you use to shave your legs with? How long does it take?

2) Does anyone here get any toenail cosmetic service (mm, if that's what you'd call it) besides a simple pedi? If so, what? What's it like?

Actually a THIRD question, since the internet hates me:

3) Are you Jewish and in Chicago? Do you belong to any Jewish communities. If so, which ones?

And if you don't care or can't answer any of the above, tell me about the last exciting thing that happened in your life.
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(no subject)

TQC, where do you get your layouts from? I haven't changed my layout in a long time and I can't remember where I got mine from.

If you don't care, does it bother you when people answer their own questions here?
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(no subject)

Is there anyone else going to see Mayhem and Marduk in Spartanburg, SC tomorrow night?
Has anyone seen either of these bands before?

It's okay if you think they suck, Black Metal isn't for everyone.
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Do all the Final Fantasy video games actually have different gameplay or is it just the same game with different plotlines? Like, isn't it all just people waiting in turn and then fighting? I'm just wondering why there needed to be so many/why they were so popular.

Should I get a stark white streak in my hair and be skunklike, or bleach everything white? I'm an Asian person with lightish skin. I am bored with my hair but I no longer want to dye it 18 infantile rainbow colors. It is mostly all healthy black now.

What is a good thing to serve a ham with? I have a ham from Trader Joe's that I just need to warm up. Does it need a sauce? I was thinking yams also on the side.
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(no subject)

For the last two or three months, some of my toes go numb out of nowhere.  When I lay on my left side in bed, my left arm goes numb.  Do you think that's bad?
My toes go numb no matter what.  I could be walking, laying down, or sitting.  Sometimes they twitch too.

(no subject)

How much of this do you think is my grumpy Nicotine withdrawls, and how much should I be legitimately angry for?:

My best friend recently got engaged. We decided that us three best friends would get together to toast and celebrate including champagne. We're holding it at my mom's house (in the town where the other two live.) My mom bought a bunch of stuff for the party. (Even though I told her not to.) I drove for 2 1/2 hours on what is normally a 1 1/2 hour drive to get here. I also took off a day of work and packing as I'm moving in a couple of days. The one best friend calls me to tell me that she's got a bunch of stuff to do and doesn't know when she'll be free. Other best friend (for whom this party is) calls and tells me that she's in a town an hour away.
We were supposed to have it from 2-8. It's 519 now and I'm here alone. I'm really pissed off and wish I had stayed home, and don't know how I'm going to handle this "party" if it ever gets going.

Am I overreacting to never want to set up a party for her again?

For the record the one best friend is usually very good about sticking to plans. The best friend the party is for has many, many, MANY times cancelled plans, shown up late, or left early.

* We also planned this almost 2 weeks ago.

(no subject)

TQC, what should I do right now?

Painting a portrait of my grandfather
Read a pre-historic romance novel
Go to the thriftstore to look for cat sweaters and wolf shirts
Play Okami
Cook lentils and barley, do laundry, wash dishes

TQC, what are you doing right now?
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(no subject)

Blockbuster called me back about some part-time work (after I applied in November) and the manager wants me to pop in tomorrow round noon to 'introduce myself'. He said it should only take about 10 minutes.

I've never had a job before, nor been interviewed or anything so - how dressed up should I be, d'you reckon? I know it can't hurt to make a good first impression.

I don't really have any nice dress pants. :( Will this matter terribly, as long as I'm otherwise well presented? What should I do with my hair?

If you do not care
, what is something you love, but which doesn't often come up in conversation? i.e., not your kids/family/SO/pets, something else.

(no subject)

Assuming you know what Jamba Juice is, what do you normally order when you go there?
For me, it's a mango metabolizer with energy and soy protein.

If you don't have a Jamba Juice nearby, but have a smoothie place you like to go to, tell us your order for there!

(no subject)

Dear TQC,
We have a Saint Bernard rescue named Baloo who we've had since January of 2008. He's probably about 5 years old, if we had to guess.

We have been looking for a friend for him - sort of half-looking. NOT necessarily a Saint Bernard, as our goal in general was to keep Dog #2 at 100 pounds or under (which is VERy rare for a Saint - ours is tiny at 125). And we were planning on an adult dog.

Today, right before I left work, I happened to click on Craigslist and at the top was a Saint Bernard puppy, 5 month old female. TEN MINUTES from my house. The guy is being relocated to Guam with the military and big hairy dogs don't do so well in 90 degree weather.

AKC registered which isn't important to me at all (and my current Saint isn't). NOT spayed which is a pain cause we need to get her spayed. BUT, a good "deal" at $200.

ETA: For "context"/cute, a 5 month old Saint:
Should I go look at this dog, TQC?

Pros: in my price range. St. Bernard. Likely to be the cutest thing EVER since I love saintsomg.
Cons: I'll likely fall in love with the dog and want to take her home. She's not really a "rescue". Puppy/not spayed.

(no subject)

if you have a sibling/siblings, do you know how many sexual partners they have had? (how many have they had?)

do they know that information about you? (how many have you had?)

(no subject)

Have you learned how to be patient?

I have wanted a puppy/dog for a long time now and I still haven't found the right little guy for me. I want a puppy soooo badddddd!!! :-( Why haven't I found one yet?? *whinewhinewhinebitchbitch*

Where is my puppy?

(no subject)

My friend and I are about to go on a road trip from Louisiana to Montreal (26 hours total). We will also be stopping at Niagara Falls, NYC and D.C. What needed and/or fun items should we have in the car with us? What are some cheap, must-see things in the aforementioned places? I believe the White House is a given ;)

I feel like hell.

Have you ever done a full-body cleanse?

On a scale of 1-10, how stupid am I for buying into this nonsense? Should I stop immediately?

Do you believe all of the "toxins" in your body belong just where they are?

I feel bad for throwing away most of a $30 bottle of pills, but I do not want to feel like this anymore.
Got Rat

Can you Identify this insect?

I noticed these weird insects on my garden fence this afternoon. On closer inspection, they have swarmed all over the trees and my chicken coop. They are EVERYWHERE.

Anyone know what they are?
I'm getting chickens tomorrow, so they'll probably eat some, but I'm hoping they won't harm the chickens at all (or their new coop!)
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(no subject)

This is a question for the guys:

How would you react if a woman complimented you on your facial hair?

I saw a man in a queue at my local shop the other day and he had the most fantastic beard and moustache. I wanted to tell him how lovely I thought it was but then I thought he might think I was a bit strange. :/

A question for everyone!:
My coworkers and I were talking about various celebrities we found attractive and I said I thought Tom Sellack and Burt Reynolds were quite sexy. They made fun of me internet and I need e-validation! Is there anyone else who finds them attractive?
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(no subject)

1)My back, shoulders and one of my arms and one of my legs all hurt. After I take this advil, what should I do to avoid a recurrence of this? [I didn't do any exercise, and in fact took a hot bath w/ epson salts to help fix it]

2)How do you leave someplace early in a non awkward manner?

3)what do you spend money on?

food, books, comics, craft supplies

Vacuum ?s

Do you (or anybody you know for that matter) own a vacuum cleaner that costs over $400


Without checking to see, do you know what kind of vacuum cleaner you own (if you have one)?
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(no subject)

TQC, I just broke my phone :( I had the EnV2, and dropped it (closed) and the interior screen won't work now, damnit. Should I try to get it fixed, or just try and get a new phone?

Do any of you have a blackberry? Did you get the blackberry plan, or just use it as your phone?

Any ideas on how I could try and fix it at home??

(no subject)

How rude is it to reveal your individual wage in an office environment?

What should I respond to the text 'lolol I just drove past your house x', this coming from some guy I had a date with two nights ago?

Have you ever been in a helicopter?

(no subject)

1) What name is a lot like the name Wesley?
Whatever reason it is, hit me with your best name. Maybe this phenomenon does not happen to you, but certain names are basically the same in my head. For example, sometimes I forget and call my friends/acquaintances named Kyle Ryan instead. You know...Sarah, Emily, whichever--right? You know what I mean?

2) Can you think of a name that is similar to your name, but still quite different? I mean in your same name genre. What is your name, anyway?
For example, obviously if your name is Samantha the name Krystal would be out of your category, but I think something like Jessica might work. Thoughts?

(no subject)

it's been really nice out lately so i've started riding my bike to get exercise. i usually bike for about an hour and i go about 6 miles. today i noticed that what i thought was a suntan might be petechial hemorrhaging? i push myself kinda hard and my leg muscles are worked and a little sore from it. can you get petechial hemorrhaging from too much exercise? i googled but i must be doin' it wrong because i couldn't find anything. halp :(

(no subject)

I have another q: I want to watch something before bed. Would The Green Mile be too scary/would I not be able to fall asleep? It's on Netflix Instant and it's either that or South Park.

I have baby fever!!

I have a manfriend in my life who would happily donate the sperms, but he is not a suitable father figure. I am a student with low income. There are also already too many people in the world and not enough air and stuff. But I still want a baby. I think it's because I've been playing with a little girl who belongs to a free-wheelin' single-mom type and they seem to do perfectly well on the surface.

Can you please dissuade me?

What should I eat with my Trader Joe's mini-quiche? It's the spinach & mushroom kind.

(no subject)

You're on a date  with this guy (who you've made out with in the past) and you ask him to watch a movie. He declines, citing tiredness at 10 pm.
In my universe asking a guy to rent a movie pretty much = wanna makeout?

Is that the case for you?
And is he just not that into me or actually tired?

(no subject)

If you were forced to give up either your cell phone or computer, which would you relinquish?


You can only eat fruits or vegetables for the rest of your life. Once you decide, you can never ever eat the other. Which do you decide to eat?


Doctor LJ...

So a few weeks back I was putting on make up for the first time in awhile and noticed when I got close to the mirror that around the top of my left eye (under my eyebrow, on my skin, not in my eye), it looked like I had some sort of rash. The skin wasn't bumpy at all and didn't feel irritated or itchy. Just sort of had that red dotted look.
I got a little worried but I had a doctor appointment and was going to make an eye appointment. By the time my doctor appointment came around it was gone and I figured it was just a weird result of lack of sleep (it happened during the last week of the semester when I was getting almost no sleep). Then I didn't make the eye appointment because jury duty came up.

Last time I looked, it's back again, despite me getting plenty of sleep.
I figure it's probably nothing, but now I'm starting to get a little nervous.
It'll be two weeks at least before I could get into the doctor.

So, anyone here have any theories on what might be causing this/what it is?
Jane Asher

Dear TQC,

1. Has anyone in here ever lived in a boarding house? If so, how many others lived there? What were the rules, if any?

2. What are you doing this summer? Are you going anywhere?

3. Read any good books lately?
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