May 21st, 2009

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And Away Go Troubles Down The Drain...

The outflow on my toilet has been running slow so my landlady is going to have the pipes rootered next week.

Have you ever had your pipes rootered? What did it involve?

I worry the rooter people will splash toilet water all over the bathroom. Is this the case, or do they have a way of keeping things neat?
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So I just heard about this youth rehab centre called Sisyphus. Does that particular choice of name strike you as odd?
To me it kind of reflects a general approach to the whole thing. It's a bit like saying it's a fruitless task, which doesn't really sit well with me.

Also, I need to pee. How often do you pee? Do you get up during the night to pee?

Me outside 2004 happy

(no subject)

1. If you use a dishwasher, do you check your silverware and plates very well after it is done cleaning ?

2. If you wash dishes, by hand, do you clean between the fork tines ?

3. Do you ever get called anal or clean freak ?

4. (random comments go here) (^:=
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(no subject)

What sort of incredible advanced technological invention do you hope comes out sometime in your lifetime?

Me, I hope that someone will find a way to allow thoughts to be instantly transmitted to a computer and then be arranged into papers, while the author is busy doing other things.

On the flip side, what technological advance do you wish had never occurred?

(no subject)

Would you consider it a one-night-stand if you were friends with the person prior to sleeping together?

If you had also madeout and cuddled with the person prior to sleeping together?

My best friend and I disagree, lol.

Ty :)
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(no subject)

I just bought a house and move in next week. What are things that I might need to transition from apartment life to homeownership?

I'm thinking stuff like a lawn mower, rake, outdoor trash cans, etc. Non-srs answers are fine too. :)

Several questions

I'm on this antibiotic for an ear infection called Amoxicilin and the dosage is 500 mg. Whenever I take the pill, after 15-20 mins I begin to feel tired, and if I take it at night/early morning it completely knocks me out. Is this a regular side effect or am I on the wrong dosage?

Why do people procrastinate with everything?

(no subject)

i guess the guy im seeing right now and i have decided to do the whole friends with benefits thing. basically, we concluded that a relationship would never work between us, but the sex is pretty great and we like spending time together so it seems to make sense.

ive always wanted to try it out, but never have, so this is new for me. i know the advice is always DONT DO IT, but of course i dont listen to reason and hes hot so fuck that.

tqc, have you ever had a friend with benefits? how horribly did it end? or was it awesome?
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Poll #1403282 What are your favorite (preferably dirty/vulgar) madlibs fill-ins?




exclamation/silly word


part of the body

if you want to enter more than one, just type in ___ or ___ i guess.

are there any funny madlibs phrases youve made that you will always remember and would like to share with us now?

lol swine flue

(no subject)

tqc, the following cat thinks he lives with us (probably because i keep feeding him and petting him). he's maybe a year old, and he's not fixed. he keeps sitting on our porch and meowing his head off, and i'm starting to feel bad. i think he just wants to come in but he might spray on stuff. i'm not sure if he has owners, but if he DOES have owners, i'm pretty sure i know who they are, and they don't fix their cats and they have a "free kittens" sign in their yard every spring, so i don't know if they'd even care. but then, he might just be a stray cat.

so wtf do i do with him?

Collapse )

eta: we have two female cats that are turning 11 in july. one gets along with james slightly better than the other.

(no subject)

Which is your favourite Terminator movie?

The Terminator
T2: Judgment Day
T3: Rise of the Machines
Terminator Salvation

The Sarah Connor Chronicles > T3

What???? no way.
meh. They're both equally terrible.
I've never heard of the sarah connor chronicles and am clicking just to click.

Best phrase/quote of the franchise?


My husband hates his job, I mean HATES with a fiery passion of a thousand suns. I won't go into the details but the job sucks. I have been offered a job with my mom making close to what my husband makes now. The problem is that it's only 5 months every year. It would be an easy job and my mom would be my boss so those are the pros.
Hubby has been wanting to go back to school and with his current job he can't because he works to many hours to do well in class and have time for sleep/work.
My mom has offered for us to come live with her so that I can work for her, hubby can go back to school so he can do what he really wants. When work season is up, we wouldn't really have any bills living with her so it wouldn't be a problem, and I could just any crappy minimum wage job to have spending money and to be able to pitch in with the bills a little. My Step dad maintains the homes in their neighborhood for the landlord as payment for the rent so hubby could help with that in his free time from school so that wold help with the burden of us living there.
and just so you know, we get along really well with my parents so that wouldn't be an issue.

We are having the hardest time decided if we should do this or not.
So TQC I come to you for answers!

Should we go through with this? Would you feel like a burden to your parents if you chose to live with them?

srs ans non srs answers welcome!

(no subject)

When good things happen to you, does it make you nervous that something bad is going to happen?

ie. I just got into a great relationship with a great guy, and all it's doing is making me nervous that something terrible is going to happen to him/someone/something to balance this strange event out. I had the same feeling when I moved to a new city and got a job right away, I figured I was either going to lose it or get hit by a bus walking to work.
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if i make ramen and leave out the flavor packet, i can use it like regular noodles, right? like, i could add butter and garlic and oregano and stuff and make it decided not-asian if i wanted, right?

eta: is ramen inherently unhealthy, or is it only unhealthy when you add the flavor packet?
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urgent question !!

Hey all - I just added this community yesterday, i just found it yesterday actually. And thank god I did because a massive question  has come up that I really need help with. This question arose just moments ago.

(just a tiny bit of background info - it actually is short so dont worry!)
Collapse )
Before we broke up we said even if we did break up we would still help eachother out a bit.. But does it still .. count... ?... I want to talk to my boyfriend about it but he is currently moving back to his house (across the other side of Australia...) so id rather not bother him with this crap during the epic drive....

So what should i do??
a) write back to my exboyfriend in prison, telling him id rather not talk to him or have him add me to the phone list (would he respond to this with abuse?)
b) write back and say that infrequent letters are ok but id rather not have him call me? (i wonder how my boyfriend would deal with this...)
c) ignore the letter and hope he has forgotten my phone number... and hope that he doesnt write again.... (last time it took him a few weeks/about a month to figure out that i was no longer responding.... .do i really want a lot of letters from him if each is going to make me feel guilty for "abandoning" ....?)
d) something else??? 

Please help! I really have no idea what to do!!

Thank you <3

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(no subject)

Do you have any annoying glitches in your electronics? 

I'm sure I'm just computer stupid but every time I upload new pictures onto my hard drive it also uploads like 30 pictures of my ex boyfriend. I could have 100 of the same image of him and it will still upload a new one as if it never has before. I check my files, I check my camera memory files. I can only assume it's HP Image Zone that keeps spamming me with not so appropriate pictures of my ex.

My fiance and I are getting really annoyed because when we load pictures of my son and us ......oh...there's my ex again! Arg! 

Does anyone have an inkling of what's going on here? How I can get rid of this problem?

(no subject)

im thinking about writing a strictly platonic ad on craigslist. all my friends left me and i need people to hang out and smoke weed with.

what should i say?

do you have any funny strictly platonic ad examples?

will you give me a hug?

(no subject)

So I just got promoted to E-6, YAY! However I am in the desert and therefore do not have access to any alcohol to celebrate with. :(

So tell me TQC, how should I celebrate? Non-srs answers preferred.
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It's Baaaaack!

Welcome to another edition of "Do You Has?"

Check the boxes beside the statements that you find true. What is true about you?

Poll #1403491 Do You Has?

Which of these is true?

I have used a post-it note today.
The weather is cloudy/rainy here today.
I know all of the words to Meatloaf's "Paradise By the Dashboard Light"
I have never used a karoke machine.
I am a pack rat.
I (had as a teenager/have) a case of acne that seems incurable.
I am taking summer courses.
I hate beaches.
I can't swim.
I stayed up past 1 am last night.

What else is true?

I am currently in love.
I am in an LDR.
There is a television in the room I am currently in.
I am a "20-something".
I am not good at card games.
I own (a) fish.
My favorite drinking game is Circle of Truth or King's Cup.
I think beer tastes repulsive.
I really should do some laundry today.
I like the temperature to be sub-arctic in my room/apartment/house.

What else is true?

I can recite a large portion of the script to a Disney movie.
I don't like musicals.
I use a roll-on or organic deodorant.
I don't brush my teeth as often as I should.
If nobody is looking, I won't wash my hands after I use the bathroom.
I harbor a secret (or not-so-secret) desire to play Dungeons & Dragons.
I have a permanent account.
I am single and proud.
I have cried at one point so far this week.
If I could eradicate Summer from existence and replace it with a longer fall or spring, I would.

finding suppliers

Would anyone know how to find out the suppliers for multinational companies in Costa Rica or Honduras? I can find out what multinational companies are found in the countries through the chamber of commerce. But how would I find out the reverse? And also if the multinational just has a distribution shop or a manufacturing plant? 

(no subject)

TQC, I have been awake since 4am (after going to sleep at 1am) and travelling since 5am, in various trains, planes and automobiles. I feel super gross and also exhausted, and I don't have anything to do this afternoon/evening before like 8pm or so. Should I shower first and then take a nap, or take a nap first and then shower?

(no subject)

Do you find the term "arrived safely" to be redundant when referring to traveling?

I do. Because assuming you got to your destination it's likely that you got there safely. Like as opposed to what, "I arrived just as my car exploded in a fiery blaze and landed me in the hospital for six months in a coma"?
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(no subject)


A woman I know had a baby with her bf short ago. She is 38 and he's 25. The circumstances under which it was decided if a baby was to come are to people who know them kind of unclear. Many think she just decided she wanted a baby because she was kinda getting old and losing her chance for one and he had to accept it once the baby was already on its way. This even though their relationship was very volatile from the start.

Now they're having trouble and it seems she's slowly thinking about getting sole custody and he doesn't really seem to participate on the life of the baby.

QUESTION: do you think it is ok for the father (in this case, or for the mother in other circumstances) to eventually leave and do like the kid doesnt exist? Or is this something unthinkable?
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(no subject)

I have 5 days free travel after visiting Rome and I don't know what to do. I have friends going camping in the Dolomites and friends going South to Pompeii, etc. Or I could fly to visit my friend who is working in Brussels and go on a day trip with her to southern Belgium and chill and such. What do I do tqc?

Should I go to...

The Dolomites?
Pompeii, Naples, Capri, Soreno?
Brussels/Belgium to see friend working there?

ETA: It should say Sorrento but idk how to edit polls.
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(no subject)

How long can fudge last (in the fridge) before spoiling?

I found some fudge from 4/25 in the fridge. It was such a small box that it was buried in the back. We barely touched it. They were all wrapped individually in saran press and seal wrap and in the fridge the whole time. I'm so paranoid about this kind of thing that I would naturally throw it away, but it seems like such a waste if it is at all still good. What would you do?

(no subject)

It's graduation night at my old high school.
I only graduated last year, and know a lot of people graduating this year, I almost feel obligated to go...

Should I go, or should I stay here and be on TQC all night and play guitar?

Also, we were the first class at our high school to ever have our graduation rained on. They were so unprepared, they just shoved the 667(they added one more person so it wouldn't be 666) graduates into the auditorium, and shoved the parents into classrooms, the cafeteria, and the gym, and had them watch on tv as they called our names. It was awful... and it looks like class of '09 might be rained on as well.

Considering it "never rains on graduation" and it has for the classes of '08 and '09, is this a bad omen for us? Am I going to die because it rained on graduation from high school? (srs answers only, plz. I am worried for real) Will I at least finish college before I die, or is this not happening since it will be 2012?

Should I bake cookies, or just eat a spoonful of cookie dough?
How much money do you spend on food?

(no subject)

Would you eat the body of the recently deceased if you would starve if you didn't eat it, or would you give the person a proper burial?  What if they gave you permission to do so before they died? Are you religious, and if so, would your religious beliefs influence whether or not you would eat the body?
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(no subject)

So, my province is having an election soon and one of the campaign promises of one of the parties is that they will enact a curfew of 1am - 6am for all children 15 and under. If they are caught out during that time the parents will be charged a fine of $500.

What do you think of that idea?
Don't you think the dudes at FTL would have a field day with that?
Did you see BRoses on their website?? Doesn't it make you want to make your own picture for them?
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(no subject)

which london museum should i visit? (i've been to them all before)

natural history museum
science museum
british museum (world history and culture stuff)
V&A (fashion and design)
national gallery
do not go anywhere

what museums do you enjoy visiting?
what kind of collections do you like seeing most?

(no subject)

It's been suggested that I lose 15-20 pounds to help with my sleep apnea. I'm super busy and don't have a whole lot of energy (you know, no exercise = sleep apnea = no energy = no exercise).

I've already been practicing portion control, but does anybody know any fun quick exercising-without-feeling-like-you're-exercising workouts?

(no subject)

How do you order your fast food?
As in, do you ask for it in a "Can I have a number 1?" or are you demanding of your food like "Gimme a number 1" or do you just say items? "Number 1 no cheese. Coke."

How about when you are altering the sandwich?
"Can I get that without onions?" "No pickles on that."

Do you order in a similar way in nicer restaurants, or are you nicer there?

Just to see if there's a demographic with this, what is your age, gender, and location?
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

(no subject)

has anyone else used the 'Rimmel London Nail rescue'? it's a 2 week treatment to harden nails apparently.

And if anyone has used it, did your fingers REALLY FUCKING HURT afterwards, even after you'd hastily removed it?
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(no subject)

Do you play games on

Have you ever tried playing for cash?

I think I want to put some money into it so I can play all the extra games and stuff, and maybe win some money too. But I wish I had some way to evaluate how good you need to be at a given game in order to get anything out of it. So if anyone here has tried it....can you think of any way to compare how well you do in the non-cash tourneys to the cash tourneys? Or...anything?

(no subject)

What kind of toothbrush do you use?

Convential with an angled head
Electric with an angled head
Other kind

What else do you use for your mouth?

Toothpaste (duh)
Mouth Wash
Braces or a retainer
Tooth whitening strips

What do you like on your hotdog?

Barbeque sauce
Something else
Ew I don't eat those nasty things

When do you like to take your shower?


Fill in the blank: TQC is ____

a disease
(write your own)

The fuck?

Yes please

Favorite memes evar?

Yo dawg we heard you like drinks so we put a drink in your drink so you can drink while you drink
U liek mudkipz?
Swine flu
Arethra Hat
Headset Vince (Shamwow/Slapchop)
Flying Spaghetti Monster
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

(no subject)

I sort of have a date planned for Saturday. The guy is more excited than I am. I actually would rather not go but I'm trying to keep an open mind.

If he asked you "Are you excited about Saturday?" would you lie or tell the truth (gently)?
Should I make him go watch a seal get released into the wild so that he won't want a second date?

What is the worst date you can think of or have ever been on? (wild animal release is not an acceptable answer)

(no subject)

Do your "fandoms" tend to be long-term or short-term?

I tend to get obsessed with TV shows, music artists, movies or whatever but then the phase ends up only lasting a maximum of two years or so, and after that I can't stand to watch/listen to that thing anymore at all.
SPN - Winchesters

(no subject)

Ok guys, I need to get a physical examination for a summer camp job I just got.  The thing is I haven't had one in years, and I don't remember what the doctor does.  Going to the doctor's gives me anxiety in the first place, and well the form I was given has a section for genitals >.< 

At any point in the physical exam, will I have to be exposed? 

Does anything in particular always make you anxious?


cooking question from a beginner cook

Okay so I'm making this casserole. I took the idea from a recipe but changed it a lot. It's a tomato and leek casserole with red wine vinegar, cheese and spices. The recipe itself was not very specific and it didn't tell me how long to cook it.

There is a healthy layer of cheese on top. The recipe called for bread crumbs on top of the cheese, but I didn't want actual bread crumbs so what I did instead was toast some bread and tear it into crouton-sized chunks. The recipe says to cook it until the bread crumbs are golden.

If I just baked it until the cheese melted and the bread chunks got brown, do you think that would be enough? I figure tomatoes and leeks don't need very long to cook but I'm not sure. Should I bake it or broil it? Should I cover the dish? The last time I made something with bread chunks on top I baked it uncovered and the chunks burned while everything else was fine. Any advice?
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(no subject)

OMG, I am at work and I was vacuuming and this giant cockroach attacked me out of nowhere*. I should just pretend I didn't see it, y/y???

*When I say "attacked", I really mean, it was chilling on the floor when I happened upon it. D: D: D:
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(no subject)

1.will you comment with an oxymoron?

2. is there a literary character that you were so excited to have brought to the big screen that you were totally blinded by it and loved them at first, but the more you watched the more you realized you HATE THEM AS GAMBIT?
night porter

Sick kitty

What would you do here?

My cat is sick (the same cat who last week was acting funny after her bath), extremely jaundiced with acute liver failure caused by either liver cancer or fatty liver disease. She is in the hospital on supportive care (IV fluids, antibiotics, forced feedings 3 times a day, regular blood work, x-rays...) There is no telling which one it is or if it is something else that is unlikely but possible without a liver biopsy. The liver biopsy costs over $600 and needs to be paid in full up front. Thankfully my vets office is letting me make payments for Bouvier's supportive care and my mom will help me out. Here is my problem:

If I spend the $600 and it is cancer then I can stop treating her and take her home and make her comfortable and let her die in peace and this is the last that I have to spend. If I spend the $600 and it is fatty liver disease then I keep doing what I am already doing (supportive care is the treatment for fatty liver disease) only I spent an extra $600 and she still might die. If I don't spend the $600 and it is fatty liver disease then she might be ok and I saved $600. If I don't spend the $600 and continue treating her with supportive care and it is cancer then I have spent HUGE amounts of money, more than $2,000 at least keeping a cat alive who was going to die anyways.

I have $20 in the bank and I still need to pay rent so that we all have a place to live.

I repeat, what would you do?

Right now since the diagnosis is most likely fatty liver disease I am keeping her on supportive care at the hospital and skipping the biopsy.

I went to visit her in the hospital today:

She is keeping all of her food down which is good but she is still very jaundiced and lethargic. The vet says that she is not in pain though. :| There is more in my personal journal as well if you feel like reading a real bummer of a story tonight.

(no subject)

What's your favourite emoticon?
If you don't use emoticons, what's your favourite acronym?

ETA: Gah, I totally forgot to mention. Thanks TQC for your voting and suggestions in my previous polls and posts. I profited about nine dollars plus today <3

(no subject)

Just out of curiosity...

When you're making pasta, do you let the water come up to a boil and then add your pasta or put your pasta in and let the water come up to boil?

I'd only known of doing it the first way until a friend told me he put it in and let it come up to a boil.

(no subject)

1)What do you think of Polaroid cameras?

My stupid brother and his hipster friends come to mind, but they are sort of cool.

2)What sort of activities that are interesting and don't require too much energy can you think of?

tv watching.

3)what was your favorite volunteer experience?

the community garden.

(no subject)

if you like getting high, what are your favourite things to do while you're high?
what tv shows are you following?
how many vegetables and fruit have you eaten today? do you try and get 5 a day?
have you ever been a ticket rep?
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(no subject)

TQC, how do you stay motivated to diet/work out/stay in shape when it's been a lousy, lazy day? I'm 5'2"/114 lbs and I'm trying to lose 14 of those, but it's a pain in the ass. I've tried encouraging Post-its, posting pictures of skinny people on the fridge, and jogging to "Viva La Vida" while pretending I'm in a Nike commercial, but I could use any extra tricks and tips you have to offer.

Huge thanks. ♥

Weird Formats

Is anyone else tired of these weird oddball file formats you find when you download torrents?

Does anyone think you shouldn't have to download a bunch of programs you'll only use once to decode a file just because some technophile thinks some open source format nobody uses is 'stickin' it to the man' or whatever they think they are accomplishing by doing this?
screw u

(no subject)

Has anyone had steroid/cortisone shots?

I have been told that I have patellofemoral dysfunction and the doctor suggested that I have steroid shots.  I hatehatehatehate needles under any and all circumstances.  I'm just wondering if anyone here has had experience with such things.

rebuilding my life...

right well recently i broke up with my boyfriend totally life shattering slowly trying to put my life back together. Im interested in getting my hobbies again not that i ever really had any i was commited too. Im interested in astrology, reincarnation and im a student of philopsohy and world reilgions so very interested in learning about hinduisim and things like that.

was wondering if anyone could suggest anything in that kinda field wanna work on my spirituality and such too?????????/
Or even just drop me a line to tell me your hobbies and how you rebuilt youself after a life shattering even???

Why do police...

sit in their car outside the house of an arrested person. In this particular case there's two houses in town. We had an 8 year old girl abducted and murdered. Two people were involved and there are police at their house 24/7. I'm curious as to why. Obviously, both persons are still in custody. Are they protecting the family/property? Or is it some sort of surveillance?
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(no subject)

My paycheck stub this week says "THD PRIZE" and gave me an extra 6 dollars. I work for a company whose initials are THD, so what's the prize for? (bonus points if you can figure out what THD stands for)

Earlier today my mother spilled white, oil-based paint all over the back of my car. A little on the inside of the trunk, a little on the trunk door, and ALL OVER MY FUCKING BUMPER. :(
Any tips on removing oil-based paint?

(no subject)

What's something you are a fan of that your friends don't understand or give you crap about?

For example, I like the band Garbage, Moby, Battlestar Galactica and am a huge Kevin Smith fan...while most of my friends wouldn't check out any of this stuff even if you paid them.
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(no subject)

my mum got a tattoo a week ago, and they said they were only doing the outline, and they scheduled her to come back two weeks later to fill it in. it's just basic single-color fill. why did they do it like that, and not all at once?

eta: it's not that big. here are pictures! Collapse )
Lucius Mic

(no subject)

What's the thing that you most wish you could unsee? Pic or link would be preferable, but if seeking that out would traumatize you further, feel free to simply describe.
MISC; Toooom and a lamp

Playlist website

Im looking for a website with different song playlists.
They have different themes, like a 'going to sleep' playlist that continously plays music.
I thought I had it bookmarked, but I guess not. Anyone know what Im talking about?
(not on boat)

(no subject)

my friend got really pissy with me at work Wednesday morning when i asked her why she was leaving early, like i was accusing her of being lazy or something(i wasn't, i was trying to express disappointment that she was leaving 15 minutes after my shift started). since she does this to me a lot i really didn't feel like finding her at the end of my shift today(we work in a call center). we car pool on Friday mornings. i haven't heard from her to confirm we're still on like we usually are, though sometimes her texts come around midnight.

do you think she's picking me up tomorrow or should i get the bus? bus comes before her, so.

(no subject)

Hi Dr. Internet,

Last Friday I got food poisoning. While that has since passed after that any solid food makes my stomach cramp, and I've put myself on the BRAT diet for a while until my insides calm down.

Tonight I was dumb and had some food at a friend's birthday party because I was feeling better, and shortly afterwards I'm now as violently sick as I was when I had food poisoning. I'm going to see a doctor either way, but how bad does any illness need to get before one considers going to the emergency room? The pain is almost unbearable. :/