May 20th, 2009


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so what video game systems do you guys own, if you own any? What games do you have for them? What games do you want?

ps3 & n64. For the n64 I have Mario Kart, Super Mario 64, Hybrid Heaven, Donkey Kong 64 and Goldeneye. I have even more for the emulator on my laptop.

ps3: Big Little Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Resident Evil 5, Bioshock, Mortal Kombat vs DC

I'd like to get Assassins Creed, CoD: Modern Warfare, Elder Scrolls Oblivion (zomg greatest RPG ever created) and Fallout 3 eventually. For the n64, a bunch of games nobody has heard of including Nightmare Creatures, Body Harvest, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and Hexen.

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You're awake in your room in the middle of the night, and you here an intruder enter your home.

What is the first thing you grab to defend yourself?

P.S. It has to be in your room RIGHT NOW.

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What is one of your pet peeves and why?

I personally get annoyed when people say that math is a bunch of memorizing formulas and equations. That's sort of what lower level math is, and I canunderstand why people think that because that is how we are taught math in school, but at the end of the day, math has a whole lot more to do with abstract relations between sets of objects than it has to do with numbers. Numbers just happen to be the sets we deal the most with.

I have to write a synopsis of Kierkegaards "Either/Or" due tommorrow morning at 11am. It is 1:30 am here. How do I motivate myself to do this?

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are there any actors/actresses whose character/s in certain shows/movies make you hate them irl?
I guess it's not that bad since it means they are good actors/actresses?

for example, I HATE Karen from The Office. so whenever I see Rashida Jones in anything (like the new commercials on MTV for the MTV movie awards), I fume a little.
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This will probably be controversial

I was recently staying at a hostel where there are ten people per room. On the last night I was there (thankfully not before) this guy checked into our hostel room. By the way he breathed and snored in his sleep, I could tell that he had some sort of major breathing problem - asthma, sleep apnea, SOMETHING. Also when he woke up he breathed really, really heavily.

I could not sleep at all that night, literally. He snored constantly, and it was extremely loud. And then every ten minutes or so he would make these loud growling and panting noises. Then he would go between snoring and exhaling extremely loudly. This went on for a good seven hours without stopping.

Now, this guy obviously has to be aware that he has this problem because it is so severe. Is it really fair of him to subject nine other people to this and cause them to lose sleep? I know hostels are less expensive than hotels but isn't it unfair to the rest of us?
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What was the last piece of music you finally managed to track down despite knowing pretty much nothing about it initially?
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I just found out that the computer I bought was a scam.
Goodbye, $400 )=

1. Have you ever gotten scammed?
2. What should I do to cheer myself up?
3. What should I do to get out ALL OF THIS ANGER I HAVE?

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Sometimes, I'll get an intense pain behind my right eye. Aside from the obvious (tumor, cancer, AIDS, hookers and blow), what could be causing this? Am I going to die, TQC? What do you personally believe will happen when we die?

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 I just ordered pictures that were taken professionally at my graduation as a surprise for my mom. She got laid off recently and I didn't want her to worry about spending the money, but I know she would want them. Now I am all worried that she would have spent the money and I ordered the wrong sizes/amount and she will secretly be sad.

What is the last thing you worried irrationally about?
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I sent my (pathetic & practically empty) resume through email for a job posting at my college's website. The postion is for an Area Director: An adult staff member of a Boy Scout camp who oversees youth staff in an area of camp.

This was the reply:

Hello Grisel,
I will be over in Logan Thursday and would like to sit down with you for a few minutes and discuss the position with you. Can you meet me at the scout office tomorrow at 4:30

I've never had a job before and needless to say, I don't know what to think of this.
Is this going to be an interview?
Should I bring my references?
Any advice on how I should prepare?

Would you ever work at a summer camp?

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For Californians, what're your thoughts on the special election results? Did you know there was an election yesterday?
For non-Californian Americans, do you think your state should or would do as California did? Why, or why not?
For non-Americans ... would you like to take this opportunity to comment on the functioning (or lack thereof) of one U.S. state's politics?

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What is the purpose of scabs?
(non srs only, please)

Do simple drugs like aspirin/Sudafed/Tylenol/ibuprofen do anything for you? They don't seem to have any noticeable effect that I can tell.

What was your first vehicle?

What are you doing this weekend?
(It doesn't really matter, 'cause it can't possibly be as awesome as my paintball day that's planned for Saturday.)

If I told you you have a nice body, would you hold it against me?

Other than that little piece of randomness, what's the worst pickup line anyone's every ACTUALLY used on on you?
("I used to hate you, but now you're pretty hot.")

where do I start?

I have sort of an odd question for you folks.

My boyfriend is buying a house.  We are going to move in together.  The house needs some minor repairs, painting, etc.  My father is going to do all of this, as he is very skilled and used to be a professional handyman.  And is also currently unemployed :(

My question is this: how do I find out what some local handyman rates are, so I have a good idea of what to offer to pay my dad?

some background info that might influence your decision:

I just recently moved back into the family fold, and my father and I have been estranged for 20 years.  We are carefully tiptoeing around each other, but are getting to know each other again.  So I don't want to flat out ask him what he is going to charge.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?
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Brain Chomper!

Ever notice that during the Alien series of films the creature tends to often catch a person at the absolute worst moment? So, for reasons I cannot begin to name, I was thinking on this the other day and it seemed to me the worst place one of those things could bust in on me would be if I were in a public restroom at one of the stand up stalls doing...

...well, what guys tend to do in that particular location.

Where do you think it would be really bad for one of those things to bust in on you?
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So, my Prof has canceled classes over the last two days due to squirrels. I feel the need to make fun of him for this.

Will you post your favorite squirrel related Macros/Gifs/Pictures?

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1. I saw a description of the forthcoming Just Cause 2 as a "sandbox" game. What's a sandbox game, anyway?

2. My son's PS2 has an internet hookup plug on it, I dunno, it's a USB or an ethernet port or something. What's it good for? Is there anything he can do online with his PS2 that's free?

3. I've got an HP all-in-one inkjet printer. Are the ink cartridges refillable? I thought they had chips in them that won't let them dispense ink after they've been run dry the first time. Is this no longer a problem? Does this mean that I should definitely hold on to my used up ink cartridges instead of returning them for "recycling"?


Like, what?

When was the last time someone gave you historically inaccurate information?

I was on a literary tour and the tour guide told us Bram Stoker came up with the name Dracula from two Irish words meaning "dark water" or something like that. I don't think this is even a tiny bit true?
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this guy i used to be good friends with until a falling out a few months ago (and who i was sleeping with last year) drunk texted me a few nights ago. since then, we've been texting pretty much every day. he's been sending me ~pics~, mostly unsolicited, as well. i've sent a few back, but when i suggest hanging out, he's just like "idkkkkkkk" but with more Ks. i don't want to call him out on it because it won't end well, so i'll ask you guys: wtf is going on? why doesn't he want to hang out irl?
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I just had a job interview for an on-campus job in the library that I really, truly would love to have. They said they should be making their decisions by the end of this week or the beginning of next week, and I know I'm up against at least two other people for this position. I figured I should write an email or letter (my only thing about the letter is that I don't think it would make it to them by the time they've made their decision) thanking them for their time and interview. What sorts of things does one put in a "thanks for the interview, now hire me" letter?
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 it's been constant rain and wind for 24 hours here (eta: AND THEREFORE, FLOODING). i have two lectures from 4-8pm (which starts in an hour). my lecture mate's not going and says i shouldn't bother because hardly anyone will be there. plus i don't have an umbrella! :(

should i go or not, TQC?

the first lecture is a pretty tough one, and i'm already slacking behind. 

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My doctor's office forgot to send in a referral today. I called them twice prior to my appointment to make sure my referral was sent but they didn't answer. When I got to my ophthalmologist this morning, they said they never got the referral. I finally got a hold of the woman in the doctor's office, she was blaming my opathalmologist for her mistake. I thought our conversation was over so I said "Thank you for being so unhelpful, I really appreciate it" and hung up.

She called me three times on my cell-phone leaving me voicemails about how she didn't appreciate being hung up on. She yelled at me, yelled at my eye doctor's receptionists and yelled at my mother...the woman yelling at us made the mistake to begin with.

Really unprofessional y/n?
What would you do in this situation?

Do you have any crazy doctor stories for me?

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Do the first few days at a new job always suck really bad? I always want to quit after the first or second day. I just got a new job and it just seems like I'm doing NOTHING right and getting nothing but negative feedback and it sucks. Will you tell me your first day at work experiences?

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Someone is a virgin if they...

have never had sex
dont understand sex/you are asexual
have had sex with less than 5 people
haven't done any sexual experimentation
idolize cheesecake, pinup girls, airbrushed girls, and porn stars etc
dont get most sexual jokes said in their company
have never used a tampon
have only exdperienced sex when raped
still have their cherry
behave like Elias out of Clerks II
have never looked at a vegatble and wondered...
other (please specify)

serious and nonserious answers welcome

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What's the last thing that REALLY pissed you off????

The order for TWO SHAKESPEARE BOOKS I needed by the end of last week was cancelled by the textbook order site, but they didn't email or call me to tell me, so I just found out that the books I've been sitting around waiting for aren't coming. FUCK. Do NOT shop at
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How important to you is it to have a branch of your bank in your city?

Do you think I should get a new bank since I moved and my bank (USBank) does not appear to be in Texas?

How often do you go to the actual bank and not just an ATM?
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1. does the skin start to rub off the inside of your toe/toes after wearing flip flops for a while(like a few days or a couple weeks)?

this happens to me every year without fail. all my flip flops end up having band aids around the tongs.

2. if you have a restraining order on someone and go to another country and it ends up they're there, too, can they get within x amount of whatever of you they're not supposed to?
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1) When you're getting dressed, do you try to match your bra and panties?

2) When was the last time you had sex?

3) Is there anything you've done that you would never do again?

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1)My ipod is sort of wonky. How do you decide when to replace your electronics?

2)What would you think if someone told you that they thought herbs and ionized water could cure cancer?

3)What are you allergic to?

the outdoors.

Chipped Tooth - To bond or not to bond?

A few years ago I accidentally chipped the corner of a front tooth. The dentist I saw at the time filed it a little bit so it wouldn't be sharp. When I asked about bonding, he said it wouldn't do any good since it was my front tooth and would constantly fall off. He advised best to leave it alone. Fast-forward to today. Another dentist I saw noticed my front tooth and said I should have bonding done to fix the chipped corner. When I asked him why, he said 1, yes for cosmetic reasons if I preferred. But more importantly, he said, because there's a small line of decay, a brownish decay on the surface that has started to form since there's no enamel there.

When I told him that the other dentist had given me a different opinion a few years ago, he said if I don't do bonding the decay can get worse over time. Now, I don't know if that is a sales tactic of his or what. I've heard of people who have done bonding and it fell over numerous times. This girl that works at the office had bonding done two years ago, same problem on front tooth, and she said it hasn't fallen off.

My mom thinks I shouldn't do the bonding because then it will fall off and they'll keep filing away more of my tooth, thus requiring more drastic procedures and make it worse. But then there's the question of whether the decay thing is true. I dunno what to do! Help! Anybody else been in this dilemma? Thanks in advance.

*EDIT: For those of you who had it repaired with bonding, was it for cosmetic reasons or other? Can a chipped front tooth actually decay more than any other tooth? I'm wondering if that part of it is true or BS.
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Ok, so I co-ordinate at a food co-op, and we do mixed veggie boxes. We distribute the vegetables into the boxes, but people are supposed to bring a bag and transfer them into that so we have boxes for next week. We even have some spare bags. PEOPLE KEEP TAKING THEIR BOXES, and then I don't have enough and have to run around trying to track down boxes and then they're all different sizes and ERGH!

What draconian measures can I impose to prevent people taking the boxes?

Failing that, what threatening signs can I put up?

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there is a creepy old house in the woods by a lake. your friends dared you to go in and spend the night in one of the rooms. as you're walking up the dilapidated staircase, you fall through. you hit your head. when you come to, hours later, what's the first thing you see?
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Have you ever answered a personals ad from someone you knew, not knowing it was them?

This happened to me today. I answered a craigslist ad from someone looking for a cuddle/makeout buddy, possibly more. It turned out to be one of my friends who used to go to my school. Ahahaha. I'm not sure if that's an FML, or just awesome.
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It's really bothering me how tight and sore my legs are (from weight training on Monday), this really sucks. Are there any OTC muscle relaxer meds? Would that help? What else could I do? =(

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Let's say you're in a public restroom, like at work, and the only available roll of toilet paper in the stall is sitting on top of the dispenser.

Do you grab the toilet paper by the sides of the roll or would you stick your fingers inside the tube in order to pick it up?
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I recently chewed/cut a hole in the top part of my finger nail, I think all the way through it.  I've done it to both thumb nails now.  TQC, I've alway chewed and peeled my nails, but this is new and unplanned.  Why did my teeth/new cuticle trimmer dealy do this to me?

Does that mean that my nail is going to fall out?  It IS going to grow back, right?  I don't think I pulled the whole root of it out, but it's really red and puffed up so it's higher than my nail, it bled, and it aches.  Oww.

TQC, do you mutilate your nails? or do you have nice pretty nails? pics?

Collapse )
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Dear TQC,

I just moved to a new city about a month ago and had enough money saved up for rent, food, and small odds and ends here and there. I found a cat at PetCo that costs 90 dollars to adopt. She's 5, super cute, has all her shots, is fixed, and I believe she gets a free health check up.

With the cost of a bed, food dish, food, litter box, and litter, I will probably walk out of PetCo spending 150 or so dollars.

I didn't adopt her a month ago when I saw her because I had no job and had to pay rent. I have a job now and I just started this week. Should I get her?

I told myself I would when I got a job but it only pays 8 dollars an hour so I still worry there may come a day when I have no money to buy her food. But, if I watch my money carefully, I should never be in that situation.

Should I save a poor kitty who is locked in a cage, or spend that 150 on things like groceries?

I could look on craigslist and get a kitten for free or for 25 dollars, but they are never fixed and never have their shots.

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fancy_sheets is half Chinese, half Persian. she recently introduced me to the term "fresh off the boat", or FOB, which is a term for Chinese people who have just immigrated to the USA. she keeps using it now and it makes me laugh.


ETA BONUS QUESTION: are you, someone you know or one of your relations FOB?
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I'm on my feet over fifty hours a week grooming dogs. I'm only 22 and already I'm getting spider veins and muscle pain because I work in crap shoes. I spent the day home today because I hurt so bad :(

Any recommendations for comfy, supportive shoes that AREN'T crocs? Those things are ugly as sin, I'm not going to lie.

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I made an *ahem* not very nice comment to my boyfriend first thing in the morning about his lack of wanting to have sexytimes with me. I think I actually kind of hurt his feelings a little bit. I apologized and told him I didn't mean it and it seems like things have smoothed over, however I feel bad still.

So, TQC, what should I do to show my boyfriend that I'm sorry? I don't think make-up sex is appropriate in this situation.
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My friend agreed to have lunch with me "later this week" on Monday. I told him I was free any day. (This was through FB messages). Now it's Wedenesday night and he still hasn't gotten back to me about what day is good for him. He's leaving to Spain on Monday. I texted him today and he never answered.
How long should I wait before deciding he's ignoring me/mad at me and confront him about it?

Probably a TL;DR

So, I'm looking for srs and non-srs answers (especially if they make me laugh, because I'm really needing that).

I get pretty depressed with college. I can't go to the school I want to (that has the program I want), or move to the state that I want. The schools that offer my program here are all private, and I can't afford the tuition.

I've actually made a game of it now, "How many schools can Erin go to", because I've transferred once, and I'm about to transfer again...because I run out of classes to take, without taking crap I don't need.

I've considered dropping out...but I really don't want to. The one thing that I've wanted for myself more than anything, I can't have. I feel my dream slipping away..but I'm trying to keep a grasp on it.

So, because the fact of failing is more likely than not...

what should I do with my life, TQC?

(oh, and what I wanted to major in was Bio with a concentration in Environ. Science [I love how the two get tied together, rather than doing two separate majors] a school in NJ [don't need to hear why I shouldn't move there])
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You're at a party and you're going buck-wild. Maybe you're drunk or just letting off some steam. You just feel good. You end up dancing with this incredibly sexy person towards the end of the night and that's all you remember. You wake up the next day in bed next to that sexy person. "Hi", he/she says awkwardly. "My name is Pat. This was my first time. You see, I'm amish. I'm on my rumspringa right now. I was having a pretty miserable time away from my family, and was all prepared to take a bus back to Pennsylvania in the morning, but after meeting you, I think I want to stay here. I'm so naive. I've never had a boyfriend/girlfriend before. This is so exciting". This person thinks that because you hooked up, that it's now a relationship and is willing to cast aside his/her community for you. This person seems really smitten by you, for you're the first person to give him/her a shot at love. You, on the other hand, don't remember any of last night after the dancing. What would you tell him/her?

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girls who are generally "one of the guys": how do you deal when your guy friends want to have a serious just guys night, like on someone's birthday, and not get your feelings hurt?

i've always had this problem. i know i shouldn't be offended and for the most part i'm not, and i really do understand, but there's still a part of me that feels like, none of you guys are dating me or want to, why wasn't i invited?
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Who has been your favorite American Idol runner-up? I'm still bitter Clay Aiken didn't win. lol.

Do you watch any talk shows regularly, no matter who the guests are? I try to watch Conan as much as possible, because I just love him.
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For those of you who make 550-600 every TWO weeks BEFORE taxes, would you mind telling me what your check is after taxes? What state are you in?
Still no creative fundraising ideas?

How have you been feeling lately?

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I am officially pissed off at google. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but for the life of me, I can't find out the information I'm looking for.

God damn it, can anyone help me out a little?

What were the first 10 human fossils found? (Who/When/Where)

Alternatively, what is the last thing you googled?

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Does anyone remember a reality show stunt that went bad where I believe the man almost drowned? It was either that or he was suspended in the air and he was hanging there limp. He didn't die but I believe it was some sort of neck/spinal cord injury.

recipe time

What are some good/cheap/easy dip recipes that my friend and I can make for her 21st birthday party this weekend?

We want to make guacamole and probably a french onion dip, but have no recipes. We also want ones that people personally recommend, not just the first result on google or in the first cookbook we find.
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cats + claws

I do not want to declaw the kitten/cat I'm about to get, but my mom wants it declawed because she's scared for her furniture. For those of you who have a cat and have not declawed him or her, what do you use instead/what methods do you use? Thank you.