May 19th, 2009


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So, I have bipolar disorder, or manic depression as it is otherwise known.

I'm not sleeping much, I can't stop moving, my thoughts are racing and going in all directions, and generally I just feel fabulous.

I know this is dangerous and left unchecked will just lead to tears, but I really really want to keep going until I crash. I'm really struggling to try to make myself do the responsible thing.

How can I convince myself to do what I need to to stay sane?
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long shot

Have you ever been to The Bell House in Brooklyn? It says it's in Gowanus, what kind of ~area~ is that late at night? How lost will I get?

I do my best to avoid Brooklyn because I always end up terribly lost, but I need to see Her Space Holiday.

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Is your account Basic, Plus or Paid? 
My fiance says he'll pay to upgrade my account's seems kinda silly. Is a Paid account all that great? 

Otherwise...what should I get off the interwebz? I'm allowed to get whatever I want..."within reason".
What are your favorite online places to buy things from? The only thing I've ever bought online is a "animal adoption" from WWF for my sisters birthday present.
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tqc, i turn 21 in like 3 weeks. my license says UNDER 21 in huge red letters next to my picture. HOWEVER, it doesn't expire unil my 22nd birthday for some reason. do i have to go get it renewed so the UNDER 21 is gone? or can i still buy booze with it?

i live in new york, if that's relevant.

if you don't know, did/does your license expire on your 21st birthday? is it supposed to? did the dmv fuck up my license?
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somato respiratory integration

Have any of you ever practiced somato respiratory integration? I have a lot of anxiety and emotional shizz all bottled up and reading about it seems like something I might need to try, as other things haven't helped. It's a part of Network Spinal Analysis, which I have a friend who was skeptical of but said it was amazing. So yeah, let me know if you've done either and how it went for ya, okay?
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 1. have you ever sent anyone a care package? if so, what was in it?

i sent my best friend (who's alllll the way in UK) a photo frame with photos of our past inside jokes, chocolates, biscuits, a disney princess light up pen, a little miss sunshine book, nail polish and hair ties. she sent me victoria cakes, a tutu skirt, a tiara and bubble liquid. 

2. would you prefer getting a bunch of random shit you'd never buy yourself or one specific thing you've always wanted?

dressing anyone?

My husband says that I don't give other salad dressing a chance because all i eat is either BlueCheese Italian or Ranch.

What is your favorite dressing?
What brand would you recommend?

On another note...

WTF are you doing up at 5 am?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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 I'd been having minor problems with my mp3 player, so I downloaded the MP3 Recovery Program off their website. Since I've done that, my computer and my mp3 player don't recognize each other no matter what I do.

When I emailed the company about the problem, they informed me that my device is no longer under warranty so all I can do is pay to talk to a technician. I wrote them back, saying that my mp3 player worked until I followed their support site's advice. I think that they at least owe me instructions on how to get my mp3 player back to the way it was before their faulty software broke it. How do I get them to listen to me and fix this?

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Do you read books?
What genre?
Can you recommend to me an author?
Can you recommend to me a novel? (not Twilight)
Do you buy your books?
Or do you use a library?
If you buy at a bookstore, do you have a membership card?
What do you do when you are done with books you've bought?
Do you borrow books from friends?
Do you lend your books to friends?  How do you ensure they'll return it?
Do you know what the website it's called where you trade your books with other readers and all you pay is shipping?

I buy my books ar Borders, yes I have a membership card, and sometimes at my library book sale where I can get books for under $5 in pretty good condition.  Sometimes I will borrow books from friends and/or my bosses at work (I am a domestic worker).  When letting other's borrow my books I am always asking them how they like it and to remember to return it when they're done.  It took about 3 years for me to get my Bridget Jones set back.  Conversely, I still have my best friend's copy of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.  When I'm done with books I've bought, I keep them if I liked them, and if I didn't like them I usually donate them.  But, I want to use that website where you can trade your books with other people.  I don't remember what it's called. 
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We reserve the right to make changes to your itinerary...

I booked a few flights a couple of months ago so that I didn't have an official layover, but that the two flights were separate from each other. One of the flights was scheduled to land in Boston at noon, and I scheduled the other flight to fly out of Boston at 7:55 p.m. just to be sure I didn't miss it in case there were delays.

Well, now the airline e-mailed me and they changed my itinerary in a MAJOR way. Now instead of getting into Boston at noon I don't get into Boston until 6:38 p.m.! WTF? I MIGHT catch the other flight, but it's doubtful...

Do you think because they changed my schedule by so many hours I could call them and get them to put me on an earlier flight for no additional charge? And has something like this ever happened to you?

Resume Question

So this is slightly tl;dr...

I have been working as a nanny, and I have recently given my notice because I will be moving out of state. I gave a full 30 days notice, as specified in my contract.

Things have mostly gone very well in this nannying gig, except for the fact that one of my bosses (the mom) is super mad at me for quitting, and even though she has given positive feedback on my job review, and things have been going very well with the kids, I'm worried about what she would say to future potential employers.

My question: what do you do with a job reference or previous employer who has a personal problem with you, but no work related problems? Can I give a lot of other evidence of my nannying experience (like all the photos, nannying journal, things the kids made for me, etc.), and say "please do not contact"? Or is that bad form? What is the best way to handle this?

This is a serious question, but if you don't know, I don't mind non-serious answers.

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For penis owners who have kept fish as pets:

Have you ever, at all, while cleaning your fish tank, decided to go pee while holding one of your fish? Even if it was just a little one? (fish, that is)

Because this guy makes me boggle.

So, penis-havers, what have YOU stuck up there? Non-penis-havers, and penis-havers who haven't stuck anything up there, do you know anyone who stuck something up there that they shouldn't? What was it? Do tell!
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so my landlord denied my request for a kitten this morning. i should just get one anyway, y/y?
(yeah, i know, bad idea...)

it's dumb, but this is so disappointing! will you post cute pictures of kittens to cheer me up? :)

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Any recent injuries?
- I sprained my ankle last night.

What are your pets' names? Why?
- Ted (beta fish); named after my friend who is an engineer because, like engineers, "beta fish are 0% fun."

Who do you live with?
- Alone for another 3 months; my fiancee will be moving in after the wedding.

Do you live in a house, apartment, trailor, tent, tree house, condo, etc?
- House

If you went/are going/want to go to college, where did you go and what did you/are you going to study?
- Mississippi State (aerospace engineering)...transferred to West Florida (accounting)

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Dear Penthouse TQC:

We just hired a new girl at my yogurt shop who is incredibly fine. She has an awesome personality, is fun to work with, and a kickin'  rad body. However, I have heard that it is ill-advised to dip your pen in the company ink. Regardless, I may just go for it. Oh also, I'm 18 and she's 21 if that makes any difference (PRO: booze. CON: is that creepy?)

TQC, should I go for the new girl?
If I go for her, how should I go about it?
If/when we break up, If I tell her that I don't want it to be weird, what are the chances it'd still get totally fucking weird?

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1)What unusual things make you nervous?

cleaning. there's always so much of it, and I worry I'll do it wrong.

2)what things do you mess up that people say 'that can't be messed up'?

3)I feel a bit sick, but I want to see Star Trek. Stay home typhoid mary or eh, it should be fine?

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So, this girl I haven't heard from in about 4-5 months is at the movie theater last night and yells 'hey what's up' as I'm leaving the theater with my friends and I ignored her, since like I said she hasnt spoken to me in months and the last time we spoke she made it clear she didnt really care to remain friends.

Anyways, a few hours pass and I start getting texts from her complaining that I ignored her and calling me shady, etc etc. This goes on for an hour or two and finally I reminded her about her 5 month silence and she responds 'It's the guys place to talk to the girl'. Fair enough, except that's for playing 'the game' so I took it upon myself to remind her that she said she wanted to remain *quote* strictly friends *end quote* back when we did talk. She couldn't argue with that and said 'Yea, I hear you on that'[ and hasn't said anything else.

What the fuck was up with this whole thing?

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1. Does Robert Pattinson's awful "American" accent bug the shit out of anyone else???

2. If you're driving in a turn-only lane, do you put your blinker on?

3. What are your biggest driving/on-the-road pet peeves?

4. What's your favorite kind of flower? Pics?

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I submitted a resume through Open Office to MY SCHOOL for a Summer job. I just got a call back from a woman who basically bitched me out that it wasn't in the right format and that I NEED to do it in Word. I don't have word, so I asked if I could put the information into an email and she screamed that it was impossible and that she needed to print it out.

*By format, I meant the header wasn't there and she didn't like how I set it up. Not that it wouldn't open

Does this make any sense?
Would this make you reconsider working with her?
Why couldn't she just print up the email?

*I would totally understand if this was a serious job...but this is for students who are IN NEED through my school, at my school.

if you don't care:

Will you tell me about bad bosses/managers?
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1)Is A4 the same size as letter paper? If not, what's the difference?
2)If you or someone you know voted for Pres. Obama in the election last November and have since lost your (or his/her) job, do you (or the someone you know) regret voting the way you did because you think Pres. Obama has not done enough/done too much/not done what he should have as far as the economy is concerned? Or if you/someone you know just regrets voting for him at all, why?

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My mom just went to the doctor and came back saying she had two weeks to live.
Then she said "just kidding!"

On a scale of 1-fucking awful, how horrible of a joke was this?
How should I retaliate?

How's your day going so far?


 A.) Do you use a planner?

B.) If so which one do you use? What made you choose this one?

C.)How long have you been using this type of planner? Do you use the same one every year, or switch it up?

D.) How reliant are you on your planner?

A. Yes
B. Dayminder ay49, Weekly academic. I like being able to see my week spread out in front of me, the monthly one doesn't have enough space.
C. Since high school, about 6 years or so 
D. I would have no idea what to do without it. 

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Do you write it Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year?
Does it even matter? 

I'm kinda bored so will you post pictures of your furry, scaly, or slimy friends (pets from the past count if you don't have any now) and your kids? I'm in need of some cute!

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My wife's birthday is coming up, and I'm ordering a Chia Obama Head for her from Shipping is nearly six dollars, but if I add something costing $6.01 or more to the order, I'll get free shipping, so that would be the way to go.

What should I buy from Amazon that costs at least $6.01 (but not much more)? It could be for my wife, for me, or for our 11 year old son. It has to actually ship from Amazon and have the notation "eligible for free super saver shipping".

Links to specific items appreciated.


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I'm going to an unfamiliar area later this week and according to Wikipedia it's full of factories, shipping warehouses, and housing projects. Does it sound like it might be kind of ~shifty~ really late, from 1am - 4am? That's probably the time I'll be walking back to the subway.

I'll be alone so I'm just kind of concerned. There is also a very good chance that I'll end up very lost.

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Ladies, how do you feel about your male friends flirting with you? I'm sure the answer is "it depends", so what does it depend on? What do you do to encourage or discourage it? Answers about guys in whom you'll never ever be interested, as well as guys in whom you could potentially some day be interested, are welcome.

Guys, why won't you quit flirting with your female friends, can't you tell they hate it and it makes them uncomfortable?

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1. I have an uncooked beef roast that I need to use up. Should I slice it up and make a delicious stir fry? Or should I make a roast beef dinner (mashed potatoes, etc)? Any other ideas? It's not really an expensive cut of meat, so cutting it up wouldn't be a travesty.

2. When you call your doctor's office to make an appointment, does the receptionist ask you what your appointment is about?

3. I've got a funky looking mole on my thigh that I want looked at and removed. Have you ever had a mole removed? What should I expect? The thought of someone digging around my skin with a knife or something makes me want to puke. Is that what they do? Am I going to feel it?

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Can you speak the language of your birth ethnicity(ies)? If you don't for some reason know your birth ethnicity, what can you speak?

I can only speak English, a fact that severely disappoints my grandmothers.

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Your 18 year old daughter is bringing her SO home to meet the family. Which of the following would be the MOST bothersome?

SO is a woman
SO is a 55 year old man who buys her things and seems very much like a Sugardaddy
SO is a skinhead with a Swastika tattoo
SO is a male porn star
SO has what looks like a crack pipe hanging around his neck
SO is a born-again christian
SO is unemployed, lazy and you suspect may be a thief
SO is a booster of the opposite political party as you
SO is 400lbs.
SO is a scientologist
SO has 4 other kids with 4 other women
SO is on antipsychotic meds. Three different kinds
SO is only recently a free man. He was in jail for 5 years for a crime he doesn't want to talk about
SO's name is Lord Mandrake, High Priest of the Satanic Society
SO is Flava Flav

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HP is refusing to replace the battery on my less than 6 month old mini laptop, even though its still under manufactor's warranty. I never, ever dropped it, nor have I dropped anything on it, it looks more like some sort of stress fracture directly in the center of the battery casing. They will replace it, but for $300 (It was a $400 laptop).

This is shitty - Anyone have any tips with dealing with these asses? Or am I going to be SOL? I've never really had to bitch at a 'big' company before.

If you dont care, post your really shitty customer service stories please?

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How often do you have to resist the urge to just strip naked?  My clothes are making my skin crawl today.  I'm at work, and it's not a strip club, so that might cause some problems.

How often are you naked?  Are you comfortable naked? if not, why not?  If so, why?
Her Space Holiday Book!

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Does your state/whatever have different license layouts for people under and over 21/whatever the legal age is?

Here when you're under 21 it's vertical, and then it changes to horizontal. I want to keep my vertical one forever.
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Have you ever had problems with your gall bladder (gallstones or the like)? What were your symptoms? Did you end up having it removed?

What are you like when you are sick? Is there one thing about being sick that you absolutely cannot deal with (fever, headache, throwing up, etc.)?

vector/cutco receptionist question

I posted the other day about having an interview as a receptionist and needed some help. Well now this interview has lead me to a new set of questions.. I just interviewed to be the receptionist at Vector/Cutco marketing. I have done my research and read lots about them being a scam and read lots about them being legit. And I don't really mind if they're a scam honestly. I just want to know if I'm going to get paid. The guy is calling me tonight to let me know whether or not I got the job.

So, TQC, have you or anyone you've known ever been the receptionist (not a marketer) at Vector/Cutco? Did you get paid hourly or was it based on how many people you get to set up an interview? Is there any more information I should know about this job before taking it?

Thank you for any help!!
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You didn't hear what someone said and want them to repeat it. What is your response?

Pardon (me)?
I'm sorry?
Excuse me?
None of the above.

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Has Bisexuality become a fad?

Theres been more and more people 'becoming Bisexual' all-of-the-sudden. Has this become the 'popular' thing to do or is this just unique to my area? Or am I just crazy?

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Do you consider yourself to be well-mannered? If you could make one thing that is currently just considered common courtesy into a law, what would it be and why?

Do you write thank you notes? I want to start but I never know what to write besides "Thank you for X" or whatever.
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is there a way to work in experience as an office assistant to a cover letter if the experience was only for a week, on a temp basis?

i'm applying for office assistant positions but haven't had any long term experience. but I have subbed for a receptionist friend and done some filing elsewhere... So it's not like I'm completely inexperienced, but I haven't ever interviewed and been hired to be an office assistant and can't put it on my resume.

or should I just stress my transferable skills from the jobs I've actually had?

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I'm done with my first year of college. It was exhausting and as a consequence I am 100% in summer mode to lazy around all day, doing absolutely nothing. I do have some things I want to do over the summer, just no motivation to do any of them. I haven't left the house for more than a few hours in the past two weeks.

How do I get over this being lazy phase before it becomes detrimental to my health?
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When someone posts a question that leaves some ambiguity as to their gender, age, location, etc, do you look at their profile to try and understand where they're coming from, or do you just start shooting your mouth off like you know what you're talking about?

Do people always trick you with letmegooglethatforyou?

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Do you have any favorite Art Nouveau pieces? I'm trying to get inspiration for this art project I'm working on!

If not, what time did you wake up this morning? how do you feel? how much water do you drink every day on average?


How would you represent yourself?

I'm starting a new job in September as a teacher at a brand new school. We will all be meeting on Friday for our first get-together since we were all hired. We're doing a "getting to know you thing" where we are all supposed to bring an object that's smaller than a softball, wrapped in newsprint. I'm so stuck! So I figured maybe I could get inspired by you guys:

If you had to represent yourself by an object that's smaller than a softball and can be wrapped in newsprint, what would you choose? And why?

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1)What advice from TQC did you take with good consequences?

I saw the Star Trek movie. Only 4 people there, so no worries, typhoid mary!

2)My bones hurt lately. When should I call the real dr?

3)How are your books organized?

They aren't.

eta: do you like reboots of long running series?

Yes...I love origin stories.

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How can you tell if Fruitopia is expired? There's no date on the bottle I just got from the vending machine, but there is a code, and there is a ton of little - I'll describe it as pulp. I've never really noticed this before so I'm guessing it's old, yeah?

Should I drink it anyway? My boyfriend says I should.

edit: ok I'm going to drink it. ):
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What do you think of having Kitty Thunder Cat Cat Cat as a name for a cat?

ETA: This is my brother's cat, not mine.

ETA#2: This is what my brother says: "Why the fuck should I care what you people think of my cat's name?"

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I have a few of those spaghetti strap tank tops with the build in bra and after a few wears, the underwire starts to poke out on one side near my arm pit.
Do you ever have that problem?
How can I fix it? I've tried sewing but it breaks through again. I was thinking of just cutting the underwire that pokes out so maybe it'll stay in then.

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Do you study alone or do you have a study group?

I don't really like study groups because somehow, it'll ended up as a chat fest. I'm pretty sure I'm going about it the wrong way.

So, do you have any tips on how to have an effective study group? What exactly do you do in a study group?

Alternative question:
What do you put or don't put in your salad?
I like my salad to have lots of olives but less tomatoes.

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After a divorce, how long, if at all, do you think it's normal to wear your wedding ring?

I ask this because on The West Wing there are two characters who wore their wedding rings for years after their divorces and I always thought it was weird.

If you don't care, do you have a comfort show that you like to watch somewhat frequently on DVD?

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My eighty-year-old aunt just added me as a friend on facebook. Apparently she just opened an account, has about two friends, and this is what her status is:

What the hell?  What do you think could have been going on to cause her to have this status?

Kissing Parts

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Do you like Green Day?

Have you heard their new album? If so, what did you think of it?

If you don't care, what's the most ridiculous modification you've ever seen on a car/truck?

HELL YES. They're my favorite band, tied with Bad Religion.

Absolutely. It's fantastic, IMO.

I saw a Ford Ranger with a spoiler on the back of the truck bed that was taller than the cab of the truck. WTF.

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Should I rinse pool water out of my hair before my friend comes over?

A ladybug landing on you = luck, right? What if that happens, it sneaks into your house and it put it outside on a nice plant. And then the next day you save two ladybugs from your pool, both of which survive. Does that mean lots of luck? Or is that bad?

can has motivation plz?

I have to finish this history paper by tomorrow, TQC. I've made a fair amount of progress, but it is nowhere near done and I can't stop procrastinating and wasting time on the internet. How can I make myself sit down and finish it? What is the best way to motivate oneself?

WestWing CJ/TobyDroughtConditions

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How many living grandparents do you have? How many of your grandparents were alive when you were born? How old, if applicable, were they when they died?

All of mine are dead now, but 1 lived to be 92ish (paternal grandmother, she had my dad when she was in her 40s and her husband was more than 10 years younger than her) and both my paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother lived into the late 80s. My maternal grandfather was killed by a drunk driver when my mom was in college so I never met him.

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My boss wants to take me out to lunch tomorrow because it's my last day of my internship.  She said I get to choose where we go. What is an appropriate price range for a restaurant when it's her treat?

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what are some sports or high active things i can do to get in REALLY good shape?
no team like sports, bicycling, running, martial arts, swimming, or lifting weights i really want to try something NEW and fun.

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Has anyone here been diagnosed with social anxiety?

I think I have something like that. I get extremely anxious when I know I'm going to have to be in a place with lots of people or somewhere I haven't been before. Every morning before I go to work, I start feeling really nervous and I throw up. But when I have the day off, I'm fine. Every time I go to Walmart or another crowded store, I start shaking and my heart starts beating real fast and I feel like I'm going to be sick. When I got pregnant, I had to go to family services to get medicaid. I sat in the parking lot for an hour, hyperventilating because I had never been in the building before and I was afraid I was going to go to the wrong desk or something and they'd laugh at me. I finally called my best friend and made her come and bring me inside. These are just some examples of some of the stuff I deal with every day.

Does anyone else ever feel like this?
Do I go to a psychologist for this or what?
Will they give me happy pills?

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What class/classes did you have the hardest time with in high school?

Anything math related. Geometry actually wasn't much of a problem it was Algebra I and II. :(
I'm currently failing, and if I don't pass Algebra II, I won't receive my diploma at graduation. The thing that really makes me upset is that I have all my other credits, I passed all my proficiencies, and i've been accepted to my first choice college, I think it's riddiculous how this is the only thing holding me back.
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Decide dinner for me

What should I eat for dinner?

Egg Salad Sandwich w/ bowl of cabbage soup (the red kind)
A 10 inch, thin crust pizza with half jalapeno half pepperoni & xtra cheese
If you don't like cabbage soup, then I don't like you! j/k. it's good, but I know someone will comment "ewww"! All my cabbage soup lovers, holla!
Edit: C'mon, someone here has to like zee cabbage soup?

Kill Bill - Elle

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Do you know of any creative or unique fundraising ideas? Care to share?
(This is for my department at work and I'm currently uninspired)

Based on personal preference, are there any animals that are actually kind of ugly but their behaviors are so cute it makes you love them?

(no subject)

I'm trying to learn as much Polish as possible within 6 weeks.
Can you recommend any good online foreign language resources that might help me?

If you had the chance to instantly become fluent in any language, which one would you choose?

(no subject)

Have you ever taken a break from working just because?

I have a crap internship and when it's over I'll go home and I have no idea what to do next. I have no career path, no qualifications for anything other than minimum wage jobs, and I'm sick of life. I have saved up enough money that I probably could take at least a month off without looking for a job.

What should I do that is constructive while I'm unemployed?

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What, to you, constitutes a heavy smoker/a light smoker?

If you don't care, do you want to get married? Have kids?
No marriage for me but I do want kids.

If you already are/have them,  what's something that pissed you off today?
I dropped my (heirloom) watch and have to shell out 60-90 quid to get it fixed.

Julia Murney

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I just made two batches of taffy, one was a miserable fail because my thermometer is not labeled right, or something, but the second batch I did not use the thermometer for turned out fantastic.

When was the last time technology failed you?

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do you know of any female classical composers? particularly those who wrote for piano?

one of my students asked me this question tonight, and i... honestly didn't have an answer for her, but i said i'd find out.
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 Why did I agree to go camping for the first time ever when it's going to be in the 50's and raining all weekend, and I hate being cold?

Edit: I just ordered 3 tickets to see Green Day in concert. What was the last thing that made you insanely happy?
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Let's say you get a new house or office space or something like that. And you decide to get a fish (or a few). What kind of fish do you get?

How many of you have betas? What kind? What other fish are there to care for for a beginner?
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clearing off my post it of the day!

TQC, are there certain people you just do not like? Why don't you like them? Is it their personality, their attitude, something they did to you?
Yes, and I can't explain it.

Tomorrow night, my church is having a graduation service, and my brother is a part of it. One of the things he will have to do is pick someone to come up and speak about him for 5-7 minutes, and I'm his person. I feel like all of our best jokes are entirely inappropriate, so what the hell can I talk about for five minutes?? I will mention his school successes of course but that will take a minute and a half, tops. What are some major events that I should include?

How do you clean your space? (room/apartment/suite, etc.) Do you let it get to pigsty level and then clean it, or do maintenance cleaning?
Pigsty then clean.

Do you wash your dishes in the sink or in the dishwasher? Ever mistaken dishsoap for dishwashing powder? How'd that go for you?
I prefer sink, but will use the dishwasher after a big event. No, but one of my best friends did recently. HILARIOUS.

TQC, I'm taking you all to The Varsity! What'll ya have, what'll ya have???
Onion Rings and a Frosted Orange!

Of the following spelling/grammar errors, which bothers you most (and yes, you have to pick one of the three):
A) ect. in lieu of etc.
B) your in lieu of you're and vice versa
C) to, too, two switch ups?
B), A & C could be typos, whereas you're/your are hard to justify as such, with the apostrophe and all

Do you shop at department stores (eg Kohls, Macys, JC Penny, Belk, Dillards, Parisian), chain stores (American Eagle, The Limited, etc.), boutiques, or other types of stores?
All of the above

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TQC, my Mom is an emotional wreck. Her coping method has been alcohol but today she has agreed to get help. Aside from going to meetings, she wants to find a place online where she can just talk to others about her daily problems and I could direct her to some random google link but i'd rather get suggestions and feedback from others. So, do you know any sites or online communities like this?

srs answers only please. TQC is not a srs answer.

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Star Wars or Star Trek?

Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

Backstreet Boys or Nsync?

btw my answers are Star Trek, HP, and Nsync.
I just got back from the Star Trek movie and it was AWESOME. Fo realz.
Cadbury Creme Egg

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Do you like those Funniest Home Videos shows?

What's your favourite kind of video on them? (Pet videos, cute kid videos, trampoline videos, old people falling off jetski videos, etc...) Care to YouTube us an example?

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I hate my life right now. I had a four hour nap and  I won't be able to go to sleep tonight.
Should I get a bottle of wine and rent season 1 of Mad Men or meet my friend for a few beers come back and drunkenly tqc?
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Low-cut blouses

What constitutes a "low-cut blouse"? The dress code is supposed to be casual, but on the conservative side. Will the top be okay if you can't see any cleavage when I bend over?
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TQC, I am having dinner tomorrow here.  I love the hell out of that restaurant.  So much, that one time I was there I filled out a comment card and left my street address and email address.   A few days ago, I got a coupon in the mail for a free entree in celebration of my birthday, which is Sunday.  The coupon is good for up to $30.

My question is this:
Will I seem like a total whitetrash cheapskate if I use this coupon?  It's a nice place but it's also pretty casual (lots of people in jeans, but still a pretty steep foodie atmosphere).  I don't usually use coupons beacuse they're a pain in the ass.  

The reason I ask is this: I was a server for about 10 years at a popular seafood chain who dropped coupons about once every six weeks.  The coupon tables were the bane of my existance.  Before I could even approach the table, they'd be all "I HAVE A COUPON AND DON'T TRY TO RIP ME OFF BY NOT TAKING IT!1!"  Obviously, I know how to handle myself in a restaurant, but I'm kind of lost about the protocol of a coupon in a place that isn't a grocery store.

Tim onstage!

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A few weeks ago, in a community here on LJ (it might have been in randompictures, but I can't rightly remember) someone posted a link to a nifty little Flickr tool. You could choose colors from a panel on the side, and whatever color(s) you chose, Flickr would bring up a selection of pictures that featured said color(s). If you picked only yellow, it'd bring up pictures with that yellow, if you added a blue, it'd bring up pictures that had that exact yellow and that exact blue, etc. I think you could choose up to ten colors.

I found this one via Google, but it only lets you pick one color at a time. Does anyone happen to have the link to the first one I described, though?

EDIT: Got it! Thank you, thedisassociate.
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Do you swear in front of your mother? Do you swear good heartedly at your mother?

Do you have dimmer lights in your house or regular ones?

Out of ten, how scared of you of spiders (big ones)?

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Why is my flash player sound not working, tqc?

It doesn't work in firefox but works great in ie. I've updated and reinstalled java and adobe flash player. I updated and reinstalled firefox. I have ran virus and registry scans. I restarted my computer. I've turned off my computer and left it off for ten minutes. Nothing is working. I've googled til I can't google any more.

Will you please help me fix my computer?