May 18th, 2009


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my housemate's parents had all 6 seasons of the sopranos on dvd, and they lent them to me and i love it! i have two more episodes to watch of the sixth season, episodes 11 and 12, and i just imdb'd it and found that there are 9 more episodes to the season??

is this right? why aren't they on the dvd?

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My dad just lost his job and we've been close to getting kicked out of our apartment twice in the past 6 months. and this was when he had a job!

I can't help but stress out a bit cause I know they expect me to help them more but I can't. I barely get paid enough for my own bills.

Can you tell me about how this economy has screwed you in the ass, and how you managed to survive?

I need to relax.. How can I do that?
Skyler White

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What are you currently procrastinating on?

I have a fifteen page math paper due tomorrow [well, today I guess. It's 2am where I live] on linear algebra and a short [1500 words] paper on Waiting for Godot that I haven't started also due today. Yet here I am, on TQC as well as Facebook.

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My boss asked me to come in an hour early for work tomorrow. I get paid time and a half, and it's 10 rather than 11 am that I would start.
I'm really tired and it's 2:00 am already so should I do it or not?

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so a homeless man came to my frat house today and said "Hey, I am black so don't worry. Could you lend me some money?" I have him a dollar because that made me laugh, but he told me I would have given him more if he were white so I laughed more!

What funny quotes have you heard today?

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So I've just started watching Supernatural (from the beginning), and being the impatient person I am, I skipped forward to the last plot synopsis on Wikipedia. It looks like Sam and Dean end up going seperate ways? I mean, they have a fight or something? Is this true? I don't really want to carry on watching the season if they end up hating each other :(

Hello, TQC.

1)How do you keep track of things you want to buy?

amazon wishlist, etsy favorites,etc.

2)Will today be productive?

Hopefully more productive than yesterday.

3)Does your city have a free local newspaper? What do you think of it?

Yes. I like it. You read the events and the size is convenient as a tv tray. The Commercial Appeal[the regular paper] has to be folded...
Formal Dress
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IT Help, please?

What do you do if the computer acts dead and all you get is a blue death screen that says:
"The registry cannot load the hive (file):
\system root\system32\config\software
or its log or alternate
It is corrupt, absent, or not writable
Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete
Contact administrator or tech support for further assistance"

It's not my computer, it's my roommate's. She tried reloading the WIndows XP CDs that came with the computer, but the blue death screen prevails.
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HP_Knights who say Ni


Is anyone as frustrated with gmail as I am? It's so slow lately (as in, the last couple months) and acts all wonky. When I hit reply, it doesn't do anything. What email service should I move to?

Yeah I think it's firefox for whatever reason. I have firefox at home and work and the same issues in both places. I don't care for Opera, but no issues with gmail in that. Boo firefox!
h/w batman and robin

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I can't log in to facebook or myspace. According to, it's just me. I have a few emails on my facebook account I need to check about things going on this week, and it's irritating the hell out of me that I can't get to them.

Anyone else having difficulty logging in?
What's frustrated you today?
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Hey TQC, when I go to get my tattoos touched up for the first time, do I tip my artist afterward??

I know you tip after the original work is done, but I'm unsure about touch ups. If so, how much would be reasonable? The tattoos were originally $100 and I tipped him $20.

They're about a year and a half old, he's moved cities since I got them, too. But I think that might be irrelevant.

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My LDL has increased since moving to the south. Hello, Biscuitville. On the flipside, I have a much happier relationship with my mom since I moved out.. she tended to be negative all the time, and being away from that constant negativity has made for a lot less stress.

How has your health been affected by where you live?

sonido de la nariz

Okay so you know how guys will make this sound when they have a sinus infection/stuffy nose so they suck mucus back into their throats, and it sounds like a cross between a long sniffle and pig snorts/snoring? Just my personal opinion but I think it's one of the most annoying sounds I've ever heard and I have NEVER heard this sound come from a woman. Do you suppose there's a physiological difference between male and female sinuses that makes them make this noise? Or am I totally missing out on hearing the women who make this sound?

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Do you generally open packages as they are meant to be opened?

For instance, cereal boxes are meant to be opened on the end with the closey tab/slot thingie and I use it. But gum packs have little tab/tape thingies but I just pick a corner off and tear. Lindt giant chocolate bars have a tab on the back of the box but I just take the box apart. Canned bread has a tear and smack combo that I usually fuck up and just yank open with my fingers.

EDIT: canned bread - bread in a tube?

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TQC, what is causing my apartment to smell?

I took out all the trash and febrezed the whole living room. We've established the the smell is indeed in the living room, but frebreze only helped for a night.

Is my dad going to help pay for the wedding? My fiance's parents are footing most of the bill. My mom is doing my dress, maid of honor's dress and the cake. I have a feeling my dad's wife will find something she doesn't like about the venue or something and make it so he either can't pay, or has to pay in secret so he can still feel like a good dad but not get chewed out by his wife. (Writing the email for help with money was really awkward. I don't know if his wife checks his emails or not. We've actually used snail mail so he can help me with money without his wife knowing.)
Isobel Mahariel

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TQC, should I:
-Close my window and possibly melt?
-Leave my window open and possibly freeze?
-Partially close my window and let the wind creepily howl at me all day?

(The wind is seriously going, "OOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOoooooo.")

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What TV show do you wish there were more seasons of?
I wish there was another season of Tommy Lee Goes To College. It could be Tommy Lee Gets Honours!

In other news, I am so screwed, do you have a copy of northanger abbey oh god help me?

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TQC, what the fuck am i going to do here?

I graduate from college in june. I will be living in an apt i will no longer be able to stay in because the asshole school load makes it entirely too difficult to work and go to school and get school work done, AND PASS.
S.O *was* going to move in with me, we told the super christian parents, and they were disappointed. first two options were from them. the rest are mine.

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I'm bored and have no work to do, so I need email to read.  To that end:

Do you say ice tea or iced tea?

Are theme weddings silly or sweet?

I just rolled a new shaman in WoW.  Should I go resto or elemental?

Do you like windy days?

How many different kinds of mold are growing in the nasty tea left on my desk from last Friday?

How do I put the money tree plant that I've been rooting in water into a pot with soil without killing it?

I think that's enough for now.  I'm horribly bored at work.

Edit: I love that everyone is answering all the questions!  I <3 you all.....
Pretty Marilyn

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I had a job assessment last Tuesday, and I got offered the job by email later that afternoon. I had to fill out a separate application & do the paperwork for the background check. How long should I wait to hear back from them to call and ask?

How's your Monday going so far?

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i started a gym membership in march, and due to monetary reasons and the fact that i'm just not satisfied with the gym & hate going there, i want to stop my membership. it's a year plan, by the way. i called there and they basically said since i didn't give them any good "reason", they're not cancelling it.

has this happened to you? *stuck in a gym membership

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What is a good dessert/sweet type food I can bake when I don't have a lot of extras in my cupboard, but I do have things like: sugar (brown and white), flour, and vanilla extract. But I do not have things like: chopped nuts or chocolate. I do have some fresh fruits right now, strawberries, bananas and apples. That's pretty much it. Any help?

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I finished making my resume and I think it sucks. =/
I've put down my work experience, and my education and I have a whole page. Should I incorporate my volunteer experience and skills? (skills would be a short section that would say something like "Good with computers, with both PCs and Macs" and "Good people skills" or some bs like that)

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Another question! Sorry it's so soon after my last post.

When do you think English will acquire a gender neutral pronoun?  What would be a good one to use?  "They" is grammatically incorrect, yet it is seeing popular usage when the gender of the person is unknown.  When responding to a comment, for example...
malcolm giggle

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Say you're happily married to someone with whom you share a strong, loving bond. You have children, and a home. Then, tragically, your beloved husband/wife dies, and you are left a widow.

How long do you think it would take for you to feel comfortable dating again? Would you ever?

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My boyfriend has a descent sized collection of rocks that he's obtained from various places that mean a lot to him. He has always had them arranged across the top of his dresser. However, in my opinion unless you're looking straight down on them it tends to look cluttery, especially when he piles lots of other stuff on his dresser too. I want to build him a little box to keep them in, with a picture frame on top of the box so you can see in to all the pretty rocks.

My question: How should I go about this? I'm thinking maybe a cardboard box with the frame glued to the top. Also, how do I attach the rocks so they don't slide around inside? Is there a way to attach them so I could maybe hang the box on the wall?

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Do you consider tattos in hierogylphics/egyptian symbols stupid?

I'm considering getting a tattoo(and yes, it does have personal meaning) of hieroglyphics, I told this to two of my friends and they told me how dumb that sounds and said that the only reason why I was going to get this tattoo is so I could look cool/fit in. :(
「mythbusters」★ I reject your reality

Two questions

What are some good methods to reduce eye swelling? Sometimes I end up crying before I go to bed, and I wake up with my eyes swollen, and I've always wondered if there was a way to reduce it, other than waiting it out.

What are some things to put in a care package? My boyfriend's going to be working at his school over the summer, and I'll be away from him for a month during that time—I was mostly thinking food or things that can be redeemed for food, as his board isn't covered, but other ideas would be great, too! Preferably things that are relatively inexpensive.

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How many people have or are dating people they met through TQC? I ask because thanks to tqc I found out there was a tqc_romance community.

If TQC didn't exist, where would you spend more of your internet time? Or do you think you'd spend less time on the Internet?
Blue Manhattan Group

Movie Quote time

Poll #1402037 Which movie are these quotes from?

"You have to find your own penis-showing game"

Boogie Nights
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Animal House
Fight Club

"Attention passengers, we are now departing Nun Central, on our journey to Hell and beyond. The Captain has turned off the "No Smoking" sign, and you may now move about the cabin freely. Thank you for being Catholic, and for choosing the Saint Gabriel school bus"

40 Year Old Virgin
Airplane II
Bachelor Party
Fight Club

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except the four assholes coming in the rear, in standard two-by-two cover formation.'

Army of Darkness
Matrix Revolutions
Time Cop
Die Hard
Fight Club

"[B]een hitting it awful hard, haven't ya?" "Nonsense. I have not yet begun to defile myself."

Die Hard
Tropical Thunder
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
Fight Club

"I had it all . . . even the glass dishes with tiny bubbles and imperfections, proof that they were crafted by the honest, simple, hard-working, indigenous peoples of . . . wherever"

The Reader
Raging Bull
Fight Club
Japan: hide

Lies, lies, lies

Scenario: Two people are in a 5-month casual but exclusive relationship and have discussed getting more serious. The girl has a drunken one-night stand with a guy she doesn't care about and ends up telling her dude a couple of weeks later only because she finds out the one-night stand might have an STD, so she informs him so he can get tested, too. A few weeks later, the girl finds out her dude has been seeing someone else the entire time he's been with her, despite his many assurances that he hasn't.

Is one lie worse than the other or are they equally bad?

They both cheated. His cheating involved emotions, while her's didn't. Is one party more wrong than the other, or are they equally wrong?

I kind of want some validation, but I'm also genuinely curious to know what people think about this. My friend disagreed with my point of view, so I'm wondering how others see this.

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My bf will be turning 27 (his golden bday) I want to get him 27 gifts, ranging from a penny with his birth year to... something grand, haha.
What are some good ideas, little or big, for a golden birthday?
cheesin&#39; for Disney

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i know i've asked some incarnation of this before...
Poll #1401980 old tv

which darrin do you prefer?

dick york
dick sargent

which do you like more?

i dream of jeannie

which do you like more?

the flintstones
the jetsons

which do you like more?

murder, she wrote
the golden girls

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Were your parents pretty respectful of your privacy and personal space?

I ask because my seven year old son has put a, "Don't Come In" sign on his door and is in there blasting "Welcome to the Jungle".
im french

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1. Do you think that public schools have a duty to serve its students a nutritious lunch and/or breakfast?

2. Do you think that public schools should be required to serve Kosher, vegetarian or vegan meals?

3. What was the food like in your elementary/middle/high school? Do you think it was nutritionally sound?

Thoughts on this, please.

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My bangs are in this awkward all-in-my-eyes phase and I have no clue what to do with them. I don't really do a whole lot of styling with my hair besides washing and drying it so I'm kind of at a loss, but I've been needing a haircut anyway so I figured I'd take care of my bangs too. (A semi-recent pic for reference, my bangs are quite a bit longer than that now.)

They're usually just over my eyebrows, but this time since I'm going to go for something a little messy but not too out there, which one would end up being cuter: growing them out (long bangs that go around my face), or just straight across my forehead (short bangs that go above my eyebrows)?

Images of scary ladies compliments of Google and poll compliments of me being super bored.

Poll #1402003 Can has bangs?!

Long or short?

Other (Explain)?
  • mere

Please help me. :(

OK, I'm about to go to Aldi/The Co-op. I have £6 to spend. What should I get/make for dinner? I want something reasonably healthy.

I'm thinking salad, but what should I put in it?

What are you having for dinner?

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What is your name? Full name/middle name? Nickname(s)?

Jonathan Daniel. I go by Jon (friends/some family), Jonathan (parents, grandparents), and Jonny (mom's brother's side of the family).

tell me about your skillz

Which of the following do you possess?

fluency in a foreign language
a college degree
the ability to play a musical instrument well
a black belt in some form of martial arts
lots of illegally downloaded music
a scar on one of your knees
your favorite television show on DVD
photographic memory
a large vocabulary
a good singing voice


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If you had to pick a villiain in a movie that you resembled most, who would you pick and why?

I'd say Gordon Gekko. I would be most likely to commit the sorts of "crimes" he commits. Plus I'm all about the benjamins and can be an asshole.

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My boyfriend and I are totally awesome but we have come to the realization that we don't have any couple friends who we can relate with. The only friends we have are either single or couples who are religious (which we are not), into sports (which we are not), or in their early fifties (which we are not).

TQC, how can BF and I make awesome couple friends without being creepier than we already are??
The Receptionist Classic

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I realize that the general consensus is that Crocs are the evilest, most foul shoes on the planet. However, they're really comfortable and I can stand in them for 10 hours a day.

I'm interviewing for a job this week that I'm really hoping to get. They need to hire me, it's in their best interest to do so. Anyways, should I get said job, I'll need to wear real shoes again (flip flops are not allowed). The Crocs I already have I wouldn't be able to wear because they are not technically close-toed and they just have a back strap, not a heel. So that in mind, which is the lesser of two evils:
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If the thought of Crocs being purchased makes you vomit, what do you like in your chili? Beans, meat, veggies, whatever.
Evil Me

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1. Do you have an unused Chia Pet you want to send me?

2.If you use Lush's powder stuff (deodorant or dusting powder) what is your method for applying it?

3. What is your favourite Lush product of scent?

4. I really want some flambed bananas, but they're super bad for you (lots of butter and sugar). Should I make them anyway? They will have ice cream on top.

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Did you read or watch Goosebumps as a kid? What was your favorite story?

I didn't really have a favorite, however, The Haunted Mask greatly influenced my life. Thanks to that story, I am STILL afraid to wear Halloween masks. I will not put one on.

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Horsey QC:

I just started english riding classes at a barn and i found the people generally dismissive to me. When, if ever, are they going to be nicer? When I get my own horse in 5 years and bring them more money? When I know what I'm doing? I know I'm going to be the odd man out for a bit but they didnt have to treat me like I wasnt there!


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Do you do anything to make your room/home smell nice?
I'm pretty much obsessed with Febreze meadow and rain on almost every fabric covered surface. Also, I love glade "angel whispers" scented candles for my room. Sometimes I spritz a little perfume on my bed pillows.

Who is your favorite person in the whole world? Has it changed from 5 years ago?


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So Lost fans - what are your predictions for the final season? Anything you really want to happen, or really don't want to see?

Who is/was your favourite and least favourite character?
cabaret voltaire

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What would you rather smell like? (the smell will be pungent, not faint)

An ashtray
Rancid Piss
Cough Syrup
Burnt rubber
Rotting meat

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What kinds of nice things do you do for your SO to show them how much you love them?

Last night was my night up with the baby. My fiance went to be around 2am and I woke him up around 10 to sleep. I slept until 4pm. Should I stay up with the baby again since I know I got a way better sleep or should I be greedy and sleep again?

Should I clean (this place is a mess!) or should I draw?

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I have nothing to eat in my kitchen at the moment (I'm moving out this weekend). 

I will be pulling an all-nighter to study for finals and I need fuel.  What should I pick up for a quick dinner? 

Options are: Carls Jr, McDonalds, Wendy's or something from 7-11. 
lol swine flue

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if tqc were a commune, what skills would you bring? what jobs would you like to have?

i can sew, so i could be in charge of mending people's clothes. i could also produce some of our commune's bread.

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I got a nice lump of money for my birthday and I have been directed to spend it frivolously!

Aside from the standard hookers and blow, what should I spend it on?

Have you ever owned a designer handbag/purse? Which kind? Can you post a picture of it?
new face

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Do you karaoke?

What's your favorite song to sing, orrrr what song would you want to sing?

I do a lot of Madonna, and generally love singing any 80's music. I'm going with the bf on Wednesday, and I'm very very excited!
suits - mike

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What was the last movie you saw?

Any upcoming movies that you are anticipating?

If you've seen Angels & Demons, do you like it? Recommend it or not?

1. Star Trek
2. Transformers 2
3. I haven't seen it but I might see it later this week.

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I worked at a different store for today and will be going back Wednesday. They asked me to come back next week for the same shifts and wanted to keep me on call for whenever they needed it. However, it takes me an hour each way to get there. They will not pay for my transportation funds. It takes me about three gallons of gas to get there. I don't make great money, I'm just a barista.

Should I keep on-call? Do you think it's worth it? They would apparenly be calling them all the time, since they really have a sucky crew there (they told me this themselves).

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Would you rather be called hot or cute? My fiancee says she's always been called cute but not hot and it pisses her off.

How do you personally define the two?

I think hot is more.. generic. If you say a girl is hot, you sort of know what she's going to look like, and it kind of objectifies her. It's like a movie star or singer that's not accessible, real.

I think cute is like a real person who has unique qualities that make them attractive rather than maybe just having generic 'hot' features. I think cute implies maybe they also have personality where as hot could be some dumb bimbo who happens to have a nick rack and tight ass.
back corset

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This is a question for people who know about Kate Spade stuff. I searched for a good hour or so trying to find a a picture online of this wallet to find out more information but I didn't find anything. Any info or links would be helpful. Thanks!
Is this real or fake?

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Quite a long post underneath this cut, but would greatly appreciate any input you could possibly give might be helpful.
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Short version: Anyone know of any Rx or healthcare help? My mother is uninsured and needs a bunch of expensive medication.

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I am a graphic design major, and over the past few months I have been going to a local print shop to print out all of my work. The guys who work there have been really nice and helpful to me, and they are also really reasonably priced. Because my semester is now over, I want to give them some sort of thank you gift to show my appreciation, and to keep on good terms with them, since I will be going back a lot in the future.

What should I give them? Though I have been there a lot, I do not know them that well, and so if I were to give them something edible, I wouldn't want to prepare it myself. However, I would not be opposed to buying some sort or baked good. I am just looking for suggestions on what would be appropriate in this situation.

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Say you're in a hotel and there's an envelope in the room specifically for giving the housekeeping staff a tip. Would you? How much would you put?
Is this a new thing? Or do you think it's chain specific?

Do you steal the little shampoos/soaps from the hotel before you leave?

(no subject)

Okay, so now I'll add housekeeping to my Tip List.
So far, I've got:
Waiters/Waitress (this is just duh, but figure I'd list it anyways)
Cab Drivers
Tattoo Artist

Am I forgetting anyone else? Mechanics? Salesman?
Who the hell should I tip?

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Do any of your scars ever hurt?
How about tattoos?
Both scars and tattoos, if pressure is applied or a receive a slap or a punch to have a dull pain. Is that weird?
What song/sound do you hear right now?
Do your animals make a lot of noise, or are mainly silent? Were they always like this, or has it changed since you first got them?
What type of device are you on right now?
What is your type of OS?
Are you real firm on your choice of OS?
Why is that your preferred OS?
Do you do anything to try and brighten up strangers days? Like Free Hugs or something of the sort? What do you do?
Is there anything that is causing you emotional pain right now? How long as it been bothering you? Why can't you get past it?
My answers in the comments.

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TQC, I am sad and lonely. :( What kinds of movies do you like to watch when you are feeling sad and/or lonely, sad movies that allow you to wallow or happy movies to try to cheer yourself up? Specific titles for either/both I can look for to watch tonight?

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1. What's the sexiest Halloween costume in your opinion?

2. When you don't wash your hair for a few days, does it go dry or does it go greasy?

3. Will you please share the name of one of your great grandparents?