May 17th, 2009


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I was in Target tonight and they basically had a Jesus Barbie doll. He spoke with a Southern California accent. They also had a Mary doll and plastic figures depicting assorted bible stories.

Would you pay $20 for a Jesus Barbie?
What do you think Jesus thinks of his Barbie doll?

What was the last weird thing you saw?

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What is the most unusual/bizarre music you listen to on a somewhat-regular basis?

I have weirder stuff in my collection, but Man Man is probably the most bizarre band that's in heavy rotation.
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)


Which character from the Princess Bride did you relate to teh most?

Buttercup. Independent, principled, subject of many weird love triangles
Wesley. Witty, competent, intelligent and let's face it, you're not the real Dread Pirate Roberts, you filthy poser
Inago Montoya. Amiable, loyal, dedicated, and holder of endless grudges
Prince Humperdinck. You're not very brave and let's face it, you're kind of a dick
Fezzik. Nice, not extremely bright, used to angry mobs
Count Tyrone Rugen, the man with the 6 fingers. Pompous, badly coifed, and a cheapskate asshole type. People tend to hold grudges against you
Vizzini. You think you're more intelligent than you really are, destined to die while drinking
Miracle Max. Bitter crank, living with someone who thinks you're a loser. The only thing that makes you happy is hearing about other people failing
Grandfather. You're reading a love story to your 10 year old grandson. You just don't relate to people that well
Grandson. You're kind of a ungrateful brat. You grow up to be a forgotten has-been
Lisping clergyman. You try and do your best, but most people secretly laugh at your many defects behind your back
That movie sucks
Evil Me

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It's 1:17am. The first half of this weeks' Grey's is .7% away from finished. Should I stay up and watch it, or go to sleep now?

Pls to be not spoiling me, even though I already know some big news because my stupid cousin put the spoiler IN THE FIRST LINE OF HER MOST RECENT BLOG ENTRY!!
Ignore this, it's actually the SECOND half that's finished... this will never fully download, I'm fucked.

Won't your talk amongst yourselves?

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okay, so most of you who live in th the states have heard of the carrie prejean/miss california fiasco. spurned by that, if you were legitimately a judge t miss america or miss usa, what questions would you ask the contestants? srs answers please, but pretty much everything is fair game.
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I have these little black ants in my house. What is a safe way I can get rid of them? I have 3 kittens and a preschooler so I don't really want to use poison.

It's not an infestation, just a few here and there.

i need caffeine

tqc you only have 20 mins left to live what do you eat?

[edit]: not hungry? what do you do instead? 

also, has anyone here ever had both a ZUNE and an iPod? which one had a better overall performance? did your ZUNE ever stop working for no reason whatsoever?
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Is it fashionably acceptable to wear stockings with sandals today to a wedding I'm going to? If it matters, I'll be wearing a dress.

What are your plans for the day?

Thank you all for correcting me on my horrible fashion sense!

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TQC, I have been in a long-distance relationship for the past 10 months. My boyfriend and I live about a thousand miles apart and I'm supposed to go stay with him this summer (I get there June 6th). But over the past few weeks he has been really pissing me off. He ignores me for days, is extremely selfish, tells me he HATES me for ruining his "social life" (even though he never had a social life), calls me a disgusting bitch, and two days ago he told me he wishes I would die.

having a boring summer at home is better than spending it with someone who wishes I would die, right?
What should I do instead this summer? (serious and non-serious, I need to laugh)

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What was the last thing that surprised you?

I guess I should post what surprised me last, haha. It was my grandmother sending me extra money for my trip/burning the asparagus I was grilling because I'd called her to thank her :|

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i've tried every trick that i know of to find the youtube video of the sketch on SNL, the sisters who sing on the lawrence welk show with eunice? i can't find last night's video or the original. do you have any magical youtube powers? i've tried the following search words: SNL, eunice, sisters do as sisters should, skit, sketch, original. no luck. :(

do you know of a good way to crack your back by yourself? i've tried leaning off a bed or backwards over a chair, but neither seem to do the trick. do any of you have an idea of how i can remedy this tragic kink in my back?

Georgetown SCS College Prep Program

Has anyone ever attended the Georgetown SCS College Preparatory program, the summer program for highschoolers, or know of anyone who attended it?

Just curious how many students usually do it, and if they're mainly juniors, and if it's FUN. I just got accepted and have no idea what to think of how it's going to be socially. Thanks!
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Do you ever go out and do things by yourself? Things that are normally associated as "social" outings, like, going out to eat, seeing a movie, going clothes shopping, getting a drink at a bar, etc.

I sometimes do, but I always feel so self-conscious. I always think everyone is watching me and judging.

Finals, studying and snacks

On Tuesday I have a ridiculously hard biology final. This class is so tough, on the last test, the average was a 40 and a 60 was an A. I'm having that hardest time concentrating on the notes so I decided a study snack will help me focus. TQC, what is your study snack of choice?
If studying is not your thing, what are some tricks you use to better focus on your task?
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What's the best way to dope my kid up so she'll sleep in til 6am? She's under the illusion that 4:30am (or earlier) is the right time to start the day. I figure blow is out because that's just gonna hype her up too much. Pot might do it, but I don't want her playing with matches just yet, and she doesn't have the fine motor skills required for using a bong, joint or pipe. Pot cookies? She'd probably like those.

If you were a giraffe, what would your name be?
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The Dreaded Question

How many people have you slept with? Did you know the exact number, or just a rough estimate?

M/F? Age?

The last two guys I've dated have not been able to give exact numbers, just rough estimates, and I found that sooo strange because I can definitively name all of mine in chronological order. Am I weird or are they weird?

My answers:

7. Exact number. Female. 24.
Sammy doesn't fucking know

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A few days ago I posted a question about a bird flying at the outside of a window in my kitchen. Well, it is four days later and the bird is still doing it. It comes back every single day (I can hear the thumping on the window right now). It isn't just the kitchen window anymore either. There are scratch marks on the kitchen window and the same marks on the huge picture window at the front of the house and the glass part of the storm door. There is also bird shit all over the driver's side door of my car (and in various places around the outside of the house).

TQC, why does this bird (birds?) have it out for me? What did I do to make it (them?) hate me? Is this an omen of some kind? Should I be worried? Am I going to die?
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Can somebody help me list all the plz faces from deviantart? y'know, hornyplz and all that.

Or you could post the images themselves and I will love you forever give you internet-cookies.

ETA: MAJOR FACEPALM. stuff like this

and this

only I don't know all of 'em

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What's stopping you from doing something, that really shouldn't be?

I work sunday's, 6-11pm in a food shop, and it means I never do anything on sunday, as it's hanging over.

What have you done recently that you haven't done for years?

I'm playing the Sims! I'm usually on a mac so i've got my old windows laptop out, and have them side by side, I feel geeky =]

ETA: Should I use the money cheat on The Sims, or should I make them actually earn their money?

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Say you have an Amazon gift voucher worth $25, but you live in the UK and so none of the US manufacturers will send anything to you (as you can get it on amazon uk) is there a way you can change the $25 amazon gift voucher into the equivalent in pounds?

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IMO, everyone saying they "probably wouldnt" donate bone marrow should still do the mouth swab & register to be put in the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry- they only contact you if you're a match, you most likely would never be called and even if you are you still have no obligation and can decide then. Seems worth it to be registered just in case- also makes it easier if a family member ever DOES need you to be screened, if you're already in the bank they can do it immediately.

Did you know the above information? Will you think about getting put in the registry now? Are you already in the National Marrow Donor Program registry?

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I love to cook but I have a hard time coming up with recipes that don't involve pasta or mashed potatoes, because I'm good at both of those. What are some recipes that don't require much prep that don't have pasta or mashed potatoes?

Super bonus points for pics.

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Why does my face get greasy when I eat greasy foods?

I don't touch my face while I eat, so is a microscopic spray of grease splattering on my face when I take a bite? Is my skin a chameleon trying to camouflage itself by also becoming greasy just because I am near greasy food? Does ingesting greasy food immediately pump sebum out of my pores?


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I'm a tutor but I could definitely use more students. Should I mail my current students a flyer with some coupons on them if they refer a friend or is that totally tacky?

When applying for a job and you're given the option of calling, emailing or faxing your resume, which do you think is the better option?

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If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you like to have with you?

(You get no cell phone reception and no boats--you wouldn't be stranded if you had a boat now would you?)
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Y'all got tips on putting in contacts?

My eye doctor gave me a practice pair of soft lenses when I was wee, like 14 or something, and he made me also try on a pair in the store, and I just cried for like half an hour and blinked and flinched and couldn't get them in. I finally managed to get one lens in and I immediately took it out because it felt scratchy. That was like the worst day ever.

I want to try contacts again but I don't know if I'll be any better at it :(

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My cousin is supposed to graduate from high school this year. On the last day of school everyone has to take a test to determine whether or not they will graduate. Is it common to have tests like that on the very last day of school? Something seems off to me.

We needed to pass a test to graduate but we took it well before the last day of school. I think we took it junior year even.
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What are your thoughts on much older men dating much younger girls? (You can apply this to older women and men, if you must.) Is it weird? Gross? Totally normal and cool?

What is your age, and the age of the oldest person you would consider dating? Why is this age the cutoff?

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What are some good books about werewolves/lycanthropes that are not the chick-lit romance-style genre we see with Laurel K Hamilton, Patricia Briggs, and even Jim Butcher kind of falls into that category? To me, while they can be entertaining, they're light entertainment and the sort of thing I would have enjoyed as a teenager. I'm really interested in darker, more adult books that aren't about super-dooper Mary Sue sleeping with every kind of supernatural out there or Gary Stu being Too Cool For You.

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Will you comment with your favorite icon (that is not your default) and tell me why it is your favorite?

How many user pic spaces do you have?

How many are currently taken?
hate pimentos

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I'm moving to Tucson, AZ from Pittsburgh in about 2 months.  Almost every piece of furniture we have is beat to hell and I refuse to spend thousands of dollars moving it across the country.  We're going to be buying almost everything for our apartment (new bed, new couch, new chairs, new dining room set, etc.  The only stuff we're taking is the collapseable bookshelves and my dresser).

I guess what I'm trying to ask here is this:

Would you buy upholstered furniture (like a sofa or chairs)  off of craigslist in a city you're unfamiliar with?  I am NOT buying a used mattress, because I've heard too many horror stories about bedbugs/fleas/other nightmares.  Would you suppose couches and chairs would have similar issues?  Obviously, I'm not going to buy this stuff without seeing it first and requesting pictures, but still.  Should I quit even looking at craigslist and just buy new furniture, or used stuff from a store?
lead me

underwear shopping!

ladies: where do you shop for bras? if you shop online, will you link me there?

i'm thinking about getting two bras from, but i want to see if i can find what i'm looking for elsewhere before i commit. they're kind of pricey.
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I'm writing my resume. Should I have my references on it, attached or separate altogether and include them upon request? What do most employers like these days?

What's your favorite song of the moment?

What are you craving?
Cats pawing at mommy's face

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Is there a movie that you haven't seen, but are terrified of?
I've heard a lot of people say that The Exorcist is too scary to even try to watch. Personally, I feel that way about The Strangers.

If you take a nap and dream, are the dreams far more intense than nighttime dreams for you?
I just had an incredibly vivid nightmare, it was unpleasant.

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Will you tell me about your experience volunteering? Specifically where (what organization) and what you did?

I've just sent the American Cancer Society's office in my county an email expressing interest in being an office volunteer this summer. It'll be my first volunteer experience. :)

Both movies about fictional books

So I was talking to a friend of mine(A christian) about how I can't wait to see Angels and Demons(Loved the book) and he said he didn't think he'd see it because it was too controversial.  I retorted with "No more controversial than The Passion of the Christ".

Boy that was the wrong thing to say to him lol.

So I ask you TCQ, do you think Angels and Demons is more controversial than the The Passion?  Why or why not.
anontang DA

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Hi TQC! My dad and I are toying with the idea of planning a mini-vacation for our family. We plan on taking a long weekend [Thursday to Monday] and driving to our destination. Problem is, we don't know where to go. We wanna go somewhere far enough to be considered a vacation, but close enough that we can drive there and not waste an entire day. We live pretty much smack dab in the middle of IL, and we don't wanna go to St. Louis, Indy, or Chicago. Where should we go?

He is suggesting the Wisconsin Dells. What's so awesome about them?

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Let's say Jigsaw has captured you, and you are now forced to play his game (or die, sorry).  If you have seen the Saw movies, which of the traps do you think you could complete to stay alive?

Or if you don't like Saw:
If you were put into a situation where the only way out was to inflict excruciating pain on yourself, could you and would you do so?


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1)Would you eat something that had been in the freezer for two months?

2)Should this week's field trip be 'let's eat food and buy things', or 'let's enjoy culture' or 'let's enjoy nature'? Last week was 'eat food' and 'be a giant geek'

3)Do you think the odd increase in seasonal flu and the swine flu are connected? Show your work.

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what are some websites that are good for boredom zapping?

what is in your right pocket?

ETA: i have been locked out of my facebook account for a month, and they won't send me the effing email with my reset instructions, so f-book isn't an option :[
barbie dominatrix

men and their relationships

I have a guy pal who dates pooly..

As in he keeps breaking up with and getting back together with the same two girls, over and over.. mainly the just one, but he has the three ex's he rotates and sleeps with on the regular, dating or not dating someone.

Like the first one we will call "princess" who hes been dating off and on for over 3 years now. They break up, take breaks and get back together at least 4-5 times a year. Princess doesnt like him having any friends except her.
The other one we will call *red" hes gotten back together with probably  4 times in the past 4 years. They always break up over the same shit- just like princess and him.
the third one we call *3* and hes just always sleeping with her- regardless of his relationship status.

Hes my friend and I care for him- but Im so sick of giving him advice when he just keeps doing the same shit to himself over and over. Im sick of watching him get hurt- but then act like its none of his fault though.

Why do guys act like this? I mean really? Hes 29 years old now!

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Are you queer?
If so, do you find it difficult to form friendships with straight people?

Unrelated to the first set of questions, what would your reaction be if you were to find out that your girlfriend has a penis/your boyfriend has a vadge? Pretend you haven't seen their ~areas~ yet.
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Where the fuck are my keys?

I can't find them anywhere. My fiancee had them.. she went out, came home.. changed her clothes for some reason I think and then I had to go to work and we couldn't find them anywhere. They're not in the couch, under the couch, behind the couch, or entertainment center, my desk, the fridge, microwave, they're not in the bathroom, on the bed under the bed in her giant mound of clothes, they're not in the baby's room.. She didn't change her pants I don't think so they're not in her jeans in a corner somewhere, I looked. I've gone over almost every inch of the apartment.

Luckily we had a spare car key so I could at least go to work but obviously we need our house keys, and others on there.

I already tried going over her steps when she came home and she's clueless.

What do you do when you absofuckinglutely cannot find something?

I lost my phone this morning too but I found that in the car under the seat somehow. The keys are not in the fucking car either.
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Pro tip: Women HATE Axe body spray.

How many Britney Spears songs can you name without looking?

What was/is your favorite Crayola color? (Mine was the now-discontinued Green-Blue.)

Are you watching the Survivor finale tonight?

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I have some leftover Downy that I got from someone else that I haven't used in two years. I don't know how old it was when that person gave it to me. I just decided to put some in a Downy ball tonight and throw it in and it poured out all thick like milk that's gone sour in the fridge and it seems like it smells a little bit like paint. Does fabric softener have an expiration date?
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This may be a silly question, hence why I am a bit embarrassed to ask the people at the blood bank. Is it okay to go out drinking after I've donated blood? (Like, an hour or so later?) My mind is saying no, but I've had blood taken before and I've been totally fine, so some part of me (clearly not my liver) is telling me I'll be a-okay.

If you don't want to answer that, will you tell me about a time you were drunk (or hungover, I guess) in a place where you really shouldn't have been? What was the place and what happened? Mine in comments, because it made the post look really verbose!
anontang DA

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TQC, the university I'm attending is making me want to hurt someone. I auditioned for entrance into the music program a couple months before the end of the semester. When I auditioned to be a music minor, I knew within two weeks that I'd made it into the program. I still have not heard from the director whether or not I have made it into the program as a minor, and the semeter ended two weeks ago. He says his reason for not having a decision is because he's not talked to the head of the music education department and is having trouble getting a hold of her. I can't register for any classes, and I need to know ASAP if I should choose another major, provided that classes have not already filled up. He said he would let me know when he'd get a hold of her, but it's been quite awhile. If I should, how long should I wait before I contact him again? Or, what other course of action should I take? I'm not registered for classes yet and I need to register for something before our first payment is due in a few weeks. Thanks guys.
Julia Murney

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Ladies, why do you stop wearing a certain bra? Does it stop fitting right? Washed too many times and got loose? Your boobs got too big? You realized the rhinestones and glitter were rubbing off onto your shirts?

Both of the bras I wear regularly have had the wire pop out, one on just the right, as that one is bigger, but the other one both have popped.
All my other bras were from when my boobs were still growing rapidly, and I gave them to my cousin.

Edit: !! Some people are setting off their fireworks! Do you know anyone celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday with fireworks tonight?

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1.) What's a good, fun cardiovascular exercise?

I'll run if I can't find an alternative, but I'd rather do something I enjoy that doesn't involve getting up before the sunrise to avoid heat stroke. I used to do colorguard in high school, so that was always my cardio. Any way to incorporate dancing as a cardio-workout on my own?

2.) What was the last thing that made you smile?

3.) What was the best choice you've made in the past 24 hours?

Well, hello.

Why are there more 29 year old lj users than any other age? Weird.

What are some methods for removing rust stains from clothes? After googling, I have tried bleach, lemon, and cream of tartar and the rust won't come out of my Eazy-E shirt. :(

Where should I go on vacation this summer? I don't have a ton of money and will likely be traveling alone.

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When you go to see one of your favorite bands in concert, do you and your friends typically listen to them on the car ride out there?

No, I don't want to tire myself out on them before the show even starts.
Of course! I have to practice the lyrics to every song!
I won't skip them if they come up on my iPod shuffle, but I don't have a ritual of listening to them before the concert.
Depends on the band. If they're someone totally legendary, like Aerosmith or NIckelback, I might. Otherwise, no.
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TQC, have you ever considered a radical hair change???
Right now, I'm light blonde, but am considering going a dark, chocolate brown. I've never been anything but blonde, ever, and am kind of nervous.

As someone very very pale, but with a slightly rosy complexion (constantly blushing), could dark brown work? (for reference)

To go to sleep, do you listen to music, the tv, or a noise machine? Or does it have to be totes silent for you to sleep?
I prefer classical music.

Aaaaand: in a person, what type are you most drawn to?
I'm finding quite a weakness for tattooed men with Irish accents.

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Sunday is a good night for TQC game night, right?

Will you post some song lyrics but write them in different/fancy words? TQC will guess what it is.

"I prefer large rear ends and I feel compelled to tell the truth."
"I like big butts and I cannot lie."

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what's your opinion on push-up bras? are they hot? do you get pissed because the girl's boobs turn out to actually be smaller than they looked because of the bra?

females: how often do you wear push-up bras?

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 I'm bored out of my fucking mind. How are you? Will you make me unbored? For chirsts sake, please?

Also it's been like 3 months since I got a comment notification, anyone else just stop getting them completely? It's super annoying.

geo in a box

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What is your biggest regret purchase, something you spent money on because you liked it and still like it but it is just worthless to you because it's not something you've used or would ever actually use?

I have this really pretty colorful painting of a gas station that I liked and still like when I look at it now, but it just seems totally wrong/not me to actually hang it. Maybe it's the frame :\
A Masked Eldritch
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How can you tell if you have a fever without a thermometer?

I have chills and warm spells, and out of three members of my family, only one said my forehead was warm. We don't have a thermometer. Any other way to tell?