May 16th, 2009


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are you a runner?

have you ever ran in a marathon?

I've recently seriously considered running long distance not because of the competitive aspect, but for the journey. anyone have any tips? I can run about two miles straight right now, but I'd love to build up and see how far my body can go.

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TQC, I turn 19 in less than a month, and my mom and dad are already questioning me for gift ideas. I don't know what I want. So, if it was your 19 birthday coming up, what would you ask for?

Alternatively, if you don't care, I'm looking for some good books to read. I'm pretty much open to anything in the fiction category, like a little sci-fi if it's well written, and find fantasy amusing. Any suggestions?
(For reference, I've liked books like Uglies, Pretties, and Specials, The House of the Scorpion, The Host, Harry Potter, and am going to start reading City of Bones)
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What is more amazing than outer space?

My dad was telling me about what people really saw in Roswell whenever the aliens allegedly landed (a weather balloon and the equipment that goes along with it). Have you ever seen a UFO? Do you think "the government" covers up authentic UFO sightings?
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TQC, I've just now decided i'm going on a trip tomorrow. It's 2:30am and I need to wash my favorite jeans, shirt, and hoodie so i can get up at 6am and take off. My roommate has four finals tomorrow and has to get up at 7am. Am i going to disturb her by doing laundry?

if you don't know or care about that.. where do you go to run away from your problems?


When you go dancing in clubs, who do you dnace with? I mean dance in general, not slow-dancing but that can be included.

Do you dance with just people you know? your friends? your SO only? Anyone who comes to you? Everyone who is cute? Only people you intend to sleep with? No one? Some other specific criteria?

THis brought to you by a 2-year long argument about specifics of dancing.
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Ummkay. I have two apartments to look at in five and a half and six and a half hours, respectively. I haven't gone to bed yet and I'm afraid that if I do I'll never wake up. However, I have work at 6pm AND ALL I FUCKING DO IS WORK so I'm pretty exhausted to start with.
Tqc, advice?

What classes are you taking next fall?
Who else thinks it is silly that you could register four months before classes started?
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1. In your opinion, is there a difference between flirting with someone and hitting on them? What is the difference?

2. I have a HUGE crush on one of my coworkers (I'm married and the coworker is gay, so nothing will come out of it anyway). BUT, I had a dream about him that we were making out. And now it's so awkward to be around him all the time.

How do I get over the awkwardness?

Have you ever had dreams like that about your coworkers?

Long time no post, tqc!

Okay, so I'm going to England for about two and a half weeks starting Friday, and I was wondering whether any of you had tips re: disposable cell phones or where to get them?

Verizon's a betch and I can't get service for my Blackberry Curve in the UK ):

Also, any (relatively inexpensive) restaurants/pubs/etc in London/Portsmouth/Bath worth visiting?

If you can't answer or if you don't care, where was the last place you traveled? Are you traveling at all this summer?
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What do you call it when you don't have time to bathe/shower, so you put on a clean shirt, are generous with the deodorant, and put on some extra perfume/cologne/body spray?

I've heard Irish baths and ho baths. I was wondering if the fine folk of TQC had other terms for it...

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Do you "sweat the small stuff"? What do you consider "small stuff"?

Has your boss ever farted in your presence? Was it hilarious?
Mine did. We laughed our asses off.

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What should I get from Trader Joe's and the Asian market today?

So far from Trader Joe's I am getting raw pizza dough in a bag, beef, frozen quiches. At the Asian market (which is mostly Chinese/South Asian + a bit of Japanese) I will be getting some Indo Mie and tonkatsu sauce. Oh and dumplings.

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Will you tell me how you accessorize?

I wear bracelets on... left wrist
23(25.6%) right wrist
...both wrists
25(27.8%) ankles

I wear a watch on... left wrist
35(32.1%) right wrist
...neither wrist. I don't wear a watch.
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Does it ever make you angry or frustrated when some sexy time is promised to you and when it comes to that time something happens and no sexy time? :/

Have you ever read Naked by sedaris?

What's the worst thing you've ever yelled out of frustration?

Cat Questions

Why does my cat bite my chin when she's snuggling? She doesn't do it frequently, so it's always a painful shock when she does.

What is one thing that your pet does to make your heart melt? For me, it's the way she delicately comes over, purring, and curls right up, sticking her head under my chin (so my heart melts until NIP).

What else can we do to get my boyfriend's dog to stop chasing the cats? We don't leave them alone, but she's a 70 pound lab. I'm terrified that one day she'll get out of the kennel or they'll get out of the 'cat room.' when I'm not around and I will find my cats with broken necks :(. We've done the whole introduction on a leash, and the dog is getting better, but if she sees a cat run, she'll chase.

Will you post a picture of your pet doing something heartwarming?

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TQC, I have a five year old dog who about two months ago, started peeing on everything. He had done this as a puppy, briefly, but eventually stopped. It started up again and I took him to the vet just to see if there was anything medically wrong with him that's making him pee everywhere. There is not. It is simply a behaviour issue. I ended up buying a few diapers for him so he would at least stop peeing on all my stuff, but now he just soaks through the diapers and I am washing like four or five of them a day. I keep waiting for this to just go away, but the vet has told me he doesn't see this ever being resolved. The weird thing is, he always wants outside and he pees out there too.

What the hell do I do? I can't keep doing this. I love him to death, but this is ridiculous.

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TQC, Ever since getting really sick and becoming completely dehydrated, I have had cracks at the corners of my mouth. They are not horrible looking, but it hurts when i open my mouth too wide and they stretch, and they haven't gotten much better: its been two weeks.

Ive tried chapstick and oil...

TQC, what will make these stupid things go away? Cold sore medicine? Has this ever happened to you?

EDIT: I dont think its thrush as google says its white patches and often inside... these are tiny and just feel like it was rubbed raw/dry and so is cracked.

thanks for the great advice so far, guys, you rock :)

EDIT # 2. THANKS a million Doctor TQC!
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What term do you usually use?

something else (comment)

When is the last time you used a unisex bathroom? How did that work out for you?
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tqc, it's my 21st birthday.

What did you do for your 21st? Alternatively, what did you do for your last birthday?

What has been your best gift ever, and the worst? (That you've received, not given)

What annoying thing should you be doing, but aren't? I have a 2000 word paper for my Israel and the Middle East class on the Camp David Accords, but instead, am on tqc.

P.S: birthday greetings also to screamatmyself, who is turning 18 today!

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What is the best health advice anyone has given you?

What is the worst health advice anyone has given you?

What do you like most about your body?

What do you like least about your body?
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I'm having my graduation ceremony in less than a week (BSc). I'm excited, but at the same time it's going to be at least a few hours of sitting around that I'm not looking forward to. What can I do during the ceremony that will keep me entertained? Srs and non-srs answers both appreciated. Any funny stories from your graduation ceremony (like tripping on the stage, awkward moments, pranks, etc)?

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i'm constantly being put down by my boyfriend.
i weight 125 pounds and i'm 5'7.
I'm very self-conscious about my weight and he knows this.
When he gets mad at me he calls me the following names "fat bitch" "slut" prostitute" and other names.
He makes me tell him when I go somewhere, who i'm with, and what i am doing. If I don't tell him where I am he won't tell me where he is.
It's becoming ridiculous he is almost 25 years old and is acting like a control freak. I am only 18 and havn't been in that many relationships in my life.

So basically the question is "what is he doing to me" and why?
He won't even let me talk to my friends sometimes, he goes through my phone and looks at my body for "marks".

What the hell is this shit? It keeps getting worse, we've been dating for 10 1/2 months.

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yesterday was fucking horrible. i went to work, puked all over myself, got into the biggest screaming match with my boyfriend, sobbed a ton, and went to sleep super late.

at 3 this afternoon i have to model in a professional photo shoot. i'm all puffy-looking and dead tired. should i call the photographer and ask if we can reschedule or is that too shitty of me to do?
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What is up with my lawn moving guy?
How do I get him to stop mowing my lawn?

About a month or so ago he came to my door and was like "hey i'll mow your lawn once a week for $15". I was like "I don't need it mowed once a week". My allergies go crazy when my lawn is mowed, so at most I do it once every 2 weeks....We finally settle on every other week, Wednesdays, and he will clean up the grass when he's done, for $18. Everything was going okay until about 2 weeks ago. He came on Tuesday and didn't clean the grass up, so I called and asked him to do it. He came back on Friday and didn't clean the grass, but mowed my lawn again. He mows a couple lawns in my neighborhood, including my neighbors who live on both sides of me. I figure he got confused and I said "hey dude, you already mowed my lawn and we agreed on once every 2 weeks". I don't need my lawn mowed twice a week and I don't want to pay him $18 a pop to do it.

I thought we had everything figured out.
Then he mowed my lawn on Monday, Wednesday and they just mowed it again right now. Plus they aren't picking up the grass now, which really kicks my allergies into high gear.

It seems like everytime I talk to him, he just mows my lawn again.

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my sister is 11 and about 150lbs (68kg). i've tried motivating her to eat healthier and do some exercise, but it doesn't end up working. she gets tired after like a minute of jogging.

so, TQC, how would you go about motivating someone her age to lose weight?

i'm really concerned for her because she has such low self esteem and no child that age should be feeling insecure about anything! 

eta: thanks for all your advice and comments guys! they were all so helpful and it means a lot that you guys would give me constructive feedback. my sister is like the person i love most in my life and having all you guys help me and her is amazing! tearing up a bit, lol :)))
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It's the long weekend. Should I spend the majority of it getting stuff done around the house or should I waste it away?

It's my husband's birthday tomorrow. He hates his birthday. I got him lots of scratch tickets and lottery tickets. Even though he hates the day, should I still surprise him with cake, or let the day slip by uneventfully?
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If you don't mind sharing, I would love to know:

1. What type of education do you have? (4 year degree, high school, master's, etc.)

2. What is your job?

3. What is your annual salary? (Or whatever you know?)

4. Are you happy with where you are now? What would you change?

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What university did you attend/do you attend/plan on attending? Was it your first choice?

For me I go to University of Toledo. Not my first choice, but I'm satisfied now that I've been there for a year.

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I'm going to see Peaches tonight! The Naked Cowgirl (Sandy Kane) is opening. Google tells me she is a "professional stripper" but her myspace has some of the shittiest music ever. It also says she is "New York's Breast Comedienne" I doubt it.

Should I get there early enough to see her?

This is not a cat show, with prizes at the door.

Firstly I openly admit this post is part pimping.

I'm setting up a music trivia game to be played over numerous weeks at my LJ. If you are interested in playing, or want to see more details before deciding, please click this link as more the merrier :).

Along those lines, what area, if any, would you consider to be your strongest in regard to music trivia? Mine is undoubtedly New Wave '80s, followed by Real Punk.
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i am currently in the process of transferring from a community college to a state university... the university has a bad reputation for losing transfer students' transcripts all the time and i am witnessing this first hand. i have had to turn in my transcripts THREE TIMES. the first two i mailed, the third i dropped off in person a little over a week ago.

how long should i wait to hear back from them before trying again?

if it makes a difference, i am in nevada and we have a policy where if you attended a state school for x amount of years and you have a certain GPA, you can transfer to another state school and you are guaranteed to get in. so it's just a matter of processing my application and transcripts and blah blah blah whatever else they have to do.

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For those of you who shop at Asian markets or eat Asian food:

Do you think there is a general sense (among Americans at least) that Japanese products are more trustworthy/higher-quality/better than Chinese or South Asian products?

I get that sense a lot, and I see it reflected in pricing, as well. Average not-too-awesome Japanese food at a restaurant is still much more expensive than an authentic Chinese restaurant. I've seen the same product in the same packaging, one distributed through a Chinese brand and another through a Japanese brand, and the Japanese one three times more than the Chinese (plum wine).

I think it may have to do with Japanese marketing tactics/package design and recent Chinese product scares, but it still confuses me.
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hey guys,
i remember someone commenting on a thread, and gave out a link to a website where you can make and keep all sorts of lists eg shopping lists, to-do lists..
does anyone have any idea what that website was?

oh also: thank you to everyone who gave amazing advice & tips about my sister!!!! i'm really happy and excited now :D

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So who have people said you look like?

Me: In no particular order, a burn victim (I have the most lovely gigantic red birthmark on the side of my neck), herpes (once again because of the birth mark), the guy who played spider man, and my dad. OH yeah and Mikhail Gorbachev, because of the birth mark once again (although ours are in different areas and I"m not bald).
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I bailed out of my dad's planned birthday celebration because my father excluded my younger brother.


Because Shon (younger brother) didn't wish my dad "Happy Birthday" when he (Dad) wanted him to.

Of course, he (my father) caught a case of the butthurt and cancelled the plans to stay home and sulk.

Should I have cancelled? Or should I have just sucked it up and gone out anyway?

Edited for clarity. :3


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If you wear glasses...

How long have you been wearing them?
Do you ever buy the *extra pair* that they tell you to buy?

Will you show us a picture of you in your glasses and you without your glasses?

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Following a routine teeth cleaning, my dentist recommended that I try Invisalign, saying that "maybe then, you'll have a perfect smile." In my mind I dreamed of punching him in the mouth and saying "yeah but you won't"; in real life I just not-smiled and nodded.

Has something ever happened to you where you envisioned reacting to it much differently? What was it? How did you really react?

Another good example would be this scene from High Fidelity.

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How do you manage ADHD, or if you don't have it, ADHD like impulses?

I'm prescribed adderall, and while it helps, it certainly has its negative side effects. I turn into a complete asshole and feel like shit after I come down so I avoid taking it as much as possible. But when I don't take it, unless something really interests me, I have a lot of trouble sitting down and doing stuff. So what do you folks do?


What store do you think would carry Scrabble?

Things that are near: Stop n' Shop, Walgreen's, Wal-mart, Benny's. A bit further: Target, a bunch of malls.

I can sort of visualize Stop n' Shop (a basic large supermarket) having games but then I become unsure...they might only have like crappy action toys.

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I'm looking to buy a used car, and have found a really nice 2001 Renault Clio with only 19k miles.
However, it's been in an accident, so the bonnet and 'wing' (I think he meant door mirror) have been replaced, but apparently with no damage to the structure.
Is this fine or a no go?
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I know we get questions like these sorta often, but I'm about to re-do my room, so I'd love inspiration/motivation. Will you post a photo of your favorite room in the house?
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Poll #1401001 Lets talk about sex, bay-bee!

Would you rather be a virgin until you're 25 and in love or lose your virginity at 16 in a one night stand?

25 and in love
16 in a one night stand

My friend was talking about some girl she works with that is 23 she was like "ugh, she's a virgin" as if it were disgusting. I was floored. To add to that, the friend that said this is 21 and lost hers a few months ago to some random drunk guy.
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my boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend do not live anywhere near each other. they don't have any common friends, and they've never met. I just found out that my boyfriend used to fuck my ex's current girlfriend.

On a scale of 1-10, how hilariously awkward is this?
how should i best exploit this situation to make everyone feel as uncomfortable as possible?

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Have you ever had surgery?

I'm having my second surgery next Monday on my eyelid. They're cutting a piece of it off & sewing it all back together to get rid of eyelashes & scar tissue that didn't grow back in right after the first surgery I had from a car wreck :[
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I made banana pudding but I forgot to get Cool Whip to go on top! On a scale of 1-10, with one being "ew! Cool Whip?!" and 10 being "OMG, Why bother if no Cool Whip?" how vital is Cool Whip to my banana pudding?

Do you remember the following, and if so which do you remember most clearly?
1. The Challenger Explosion (January 28, 1986)
2. Baby Jessica (that fell down the well) (October 16, 1987)
3. Amy Fisher & Joey Buttafuoco (1992)
4. The OJ Simpson trial (1994)
5. The Oklahoma City bombing (April 19, 1995)

Or: what's the earliest major news event you can clearly remember?

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In the expression "tall, dark, and handsome" what does the "dark" refer to? I always took it to mean tall, tan, and handsome, but my mom is telling me that it refers to hair color. A tall, dark haired man.

What do you guys think?

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What will you name your children?

If you don't plan on having kids, or you just don't know yet:
Inspired by Inside the Actors Studio. What is your favorite curse word?

Also, it is Saturday night. When my husband gets off work, should we go see a movie? Go drinking? Stay home and watch Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?
What are YOU doing tonight?

Should I be concerned?

I found this teabag. It was in a canvas bag my wife had been carrying about, and I picked up the bag to move it and this teabag fell out of it.

The teabag envelope says Organic Mother's Milk: Promotes Healthy Lactation. My wife will turn 51 years old in 10 days, and she had her tubes tied nearly 12 years ago.

So I texted her to tell her that I was confused by the teabag, and she called me to tell me that she isn't lactating or trying to lactate, but the teabag makes her breasts more sensitive and gives her better orgasms, and she won't be leaching off my Levitra's anymore, and I should be happy because it is all good.


so drunk :(

I just bought a Scrabble board. What are some other non-Scrabble games or themed Scrabble games I can play on a Scrabble board when original Scrabble gets boring? i.e. dirty Scrabble or ghetto Upwords, I was also thinking phonetic Scrabble


My husband and I are going to Frankfurt, Germany in October for a week.  Has anyone ever been?  What do you suggest we do?



I forgot my second question....

When do you plan to have kids?
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 So for the past 4 weeks or so I've been doing a whole bunch of drinking, smoking and just fucking around in general.  My sleeping patterns are even more screwed than normal. I woke up an hour ago. It's 11 05pm.  Also I'm moving to Europe in 10 days. Should I just stay the course until the big move, seeing as I'm pretty much on European time anyway? Or should I attempt to spend the next 10 days in the world of living and sort myself out? 

Why aren't I nervous or sad to be leaving my friends/family?
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I have a problem!

Okay... so I'm a bit drunk. SO. My problem is that my boyfriend gets off work at 1am and we're going out wiht friends then. But right now I'm predrinking and I was with my frineds but they just left because they work tomorrow so anyway SHOULD I KEEP DRINKING ALONE? or should I wait for the bar? I still have like 5 beer lefT!

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I have this sketch from my figure drawing class, and I really like the pose and I want to turn it into a finished drawing/painting with clothes and a background and such, but idkwtf I should make it into! The only thing I can think of is some guy getting his shoes shined, and that's really, really boring. TQC, will you give me a suggestion as to what lulzy and fun thing I could turn this sketch into?
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If you dgaf, how are you tonight? Any drama, or are things going smoothly for you?
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On a scale from one to ten, how lazy/lethargic/exhausted are you?
I have reached astronomical levels and am so tired I don't think I can move from this chair.