May 14th, 2009

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TQC- I had a fairly graphic dream that I was a hooker. Another hooker and I were out at (a really fucking cheap, what the hell) dinner with this old guy that was our client. When we got back to his place somehow the other girl disappeared and I was giving the old dude a lapdance and straddling him completely naked- he kept playing with my tits and we were like dry humping I guess, he didn't want to take off his pants. Oh, and he told me to call him daddy so I was.

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My mother's workplace sponsors a two-week trip every spring and she usually attends. They're led a by a rabbi and usually have a religious focus. Last year they did a tour of Italy, hit all the major cities, plus the Vatican, and this year they did Israel. Next spring they're doing the British Isles (Ireland and Scotland I think...I'm not sure what the religious significance would be) and my mom wants me to come.

-Two-week vacation w/ my mom
-I've never been to any of the British Isles aside from England, and I would love to see Ireland and Scotland

-The trips are super structured so I wouldn't get a lot of free time to roam
-I only get two weeks of vacation per year, so all of it would go to this trip
-It's expensive, pretty much all my disposable income between now and next April would go toward paying for this trip

Would you go or no?

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On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you feel violated by upskirt shots?

1- not at all
10- the most of anything ever

I have...

never noticed being upskirted
noticed being upskirted and not reacted
noticed being upskirted and reacted negatively
noticed being upskirted and reacted positively
been upskirted as some sort of consensual sex act

I can say with 100% confidence that I have never been upskirted because:

alligator? miss p

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Do you think amaretto and coke/diet coke tastes like dr pepper?

I've tried it with diet coke like 10 times now and it's never tasted anything like dr pepper. People keep saying it does and I feel like I'm missing out.

Edit: How should I get rid of the rest of this amaretto?

For women:

 Do you/would you have sex with someone if they are only wearing a condom and you are not on birth control? (I know condoms are 98% effective but what is YOUR personal feelings on the matter?

Ah, and to add on to what I said--

I have birth control with me and I want to have sex with him in about 3 or so days (we're leaving for the summer in a week so this is it until August). Is there any point on starting it now (I'm pretty sure i started my period about two weeks ago), or should i just wait until the Sunday after my first period or whatever they recommend? 

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How do you handle the news of death?

(I feel a bit silly that I start crying whenever I think about my grandma dying. She has colon cancer, and I feel when she goes, nobody could be as close to me as she was.)
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1. a) On the tattoo note, has anyone here gotten a tattoo and then lost weight? b)If so, how did this effect the tattoo?

I'm concerned that the areas I wasn't to get tattooed will suffer from my fluctuating weight (5-10kg max) and they would get distorted. I thought perhaps if I got the tattoo when larger it would be less of an issue when getting it when smaller and it stretching.

2. What do you consider a significant weight gain/loss?
My friend got back from her honeymoon and seemed to think the 2kg she put on in two weeks was significant, but I might put that on or lose it in a week, not too infrequently.
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Is there any reason why I can't use a new "Music CD-R" that I found when I was cleaning for regular file burning? I am out of plain CD-R or CD-RWs and need to turn in my web design class documents tomorrow for the final.
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time for What the Fuck is That Animal???

my boyfriend is in a bit of a pickle right now. he went outside to his car to talk to me on the phone (it's 2am, people are sleeping) and he is now trapped.
a very strange animal is having a stand off with his large house cat.

it's all black, doesn't have a tail (or not a long one, at least), walks like a raccoon (as in puts most of it's weight on it's front feet), and resembles a black bear cub (but there aren't any bears around...). he said it kind of looked like a black koala bear, but in feline form. he says that it appears to not be full grown, but is slightly larger than his quite large housecat.

i realize that these are all really weird descriptions...but does anyone know what it could be? it wasn't light enough to take a picture with his all i have are his descriptions...we wanna know what the hell it was!

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what websites do you know that have good quizzes on them?  (preferably quizzes that the website makes rather than quizzes that users make)

ok ALSO: i'm taking polls on a site i found and one of the questions is: "Have you ever kept a memento of a sexual encounter (panties, shirt, boxers, dark blue dress)?"  is there some significance to the dark blue dress thing? it seems oddly specific. is it a monica lewinsky reference? or is it a reference to something else?
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Have any of you met anyone who or experienced yourselves had/having no ambition, no desire for things out of life, just someone who wants to hang around until they die?

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1)Post a quote that amuses you,please?

Bears in your backyard? It's more likely than you think

2)What makes you morally superior to everyone else?

My brother works 30 hours a day. It's contact moral superiority, like a contact high.

3)What are some interesting superstitions in your area?

4)what do you think about people who believe that angels are instrumental in helping them find parking spaces?

Unusual. Really, supernatural beings have nothing better to do than help you find a parking space?
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I went out with my sister last night and ended up buying Arabic for Dummies and Teach Yourself Sanskrit.

What was the last thing you bought just for yourself that you had zero need for?


if you know how to ride a motorcycle, did you know how to use a manual transmission first? Or did you learn the basics of using a clutch and shifting gears at the same time you were learning to handle a motorcycle?

eta:  Also, helmet hair is sexy, y/y?

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What are you frustrated about right now?

The computer network admins for our company, who are located all the way on the other side of the country, decided to block Gmail this morning. What? Paintball forums still work, LJ still works, still works. But I can't use my email? That's screwed up.

After doing some looking online, it sounds like Gmail is down all over the place. It's not's broken.

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1. What is the best wedding gift you can think of for a couple who is already co-habitating comfortably? My brother and his fiancee have a crapload of cooking stuff on their registry even though they only cook like once a month with already good cookware, and crazy expensive stuff that I wouldn't feel comfortable paying that much money for and getting barely anything for (i.e. $40.99 butter dish, $100 for a tiny vase, or a single cereal bowl for $59.99 -- really?). They're asking for a bunch of stuff they already have, and I want to get them something original. Any ideas?

2. If you are/were married, what is the best wedding gift you received?

3. If you are/were married, what is the worst one you received?

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My cat has what appears to be an open sore on what would be his lips, if he had any. It has been there for at least 1-2 weeks now. It does not seem to be bothering him at all, though I thought by now it should have healed. I am not sure what to do about it. Pictures under the cut.

Collapse )

Does anyone know what this is? I have googled a bit, but all information I've found featured no pictures and was kind of vague.
Do you think he needs a trip to the vet? I love my cat to death and will gladly take him and pay for it if he needs it, however if it is something that could heal on its own, I can't afford to spend that money. :( What to do?

Edit: Thank you for answering (and so quickly!). I am taking him to the vet right now.

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My boyfriend is in a big fight with his sister and he is understandably pissed at her. Today is my birthday and I'm going out for drinks later on.

Here's my dilema: His sister and I have become close and I'm close with her friends too. I want to invite her friend because she doesn't work tomorrow and I know she'll probably come out which is awesome but I can't invite her without inviting my boyfriend's sister. (I just feel it would be incredibly rude, since I met the friend through the sister) It's highly doubtful that his sister will even show up because she does work tomorrow and she has kids and stuff. I ran it by my boyfriend and he was all "IF SHE COMES I'M NOT GOING!!!!111" He's basically acting like a big baby but I respect the fact that he doesn't want to see her. I just wish he'd put it to the side for one day. So anyway, is there anyway around this where I can invite the friend and have a nice birthday without pissing anyone off? :(
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Vegas Photo Hunt

An extension of this post.

A couple of people recommended taking funny pictures. So, TQC, give me my photo scavenger hunt requirements. So far, we have:

- Picture of myself with someone that just won a game
- Picture of a flamingo
- Someone wearing a cocktail dress with Doc Martins
- An old rich guy with girl 40yrs his junior hanging off his arm
- A group of cougars with yard drinks
- A family: parents sloshed out of their minds with 3+ kids in tow, out after midnight
- Someone dressed as Elvis (mandatory but relatively easy to find)
- A series of different pictures of the uniforms/costumes of the drink/waitress/change girls in casinos around the slot machines...Each hotel has a different uniform for them, and they are all really ridiculous and short and skimpy and weird.
- a picture of a drunk group taking a picture in front of a statue, in the pose of the statue
- someone playing a giant slot machine
- a drag queen
- drunk party-bi-curious girls making out due to attention from and egging on by random drunken guys

What else would TQC like me to photograph while in Vegas?

Because what happens in Vegas will appear in tqc_updates.

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When you are driving, and someone driving the opposite way flashes their lights on and off, what do you personally think that means? Anything?

ETA: I removed "or flash high beams at night" because I realize that if you see a cop at night, you turn your lights off and on, not flash your high beams.

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What is the etiquet for tipping at a buffet?
Does it differ from country to country?

Should one tip at a buffet?

Depends on the service.
Only if it is a pay-by-the-dish buffet.
Only if it is an all-you-can-eat buffet.
I dont get it.
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My roommate and I are throwing an Anything But Clothes Party next weekend, and people keep asking me for ideas of what they should wear.

Have you ever been to an ABC Party?
What did you wear?
What is the most creative thing you have seen at an ABC Party?
how would one make a duct tape corsetlike top WITHOUT grommets? Everything I've found on the internet involves grommets.

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Howdy! I'm going on a trip! What am I going to forget?

Yesterday was my birthday, and my dad is taking me out to eat anywhere of my choosing. What am I in the mood for?

Lastly, How can I make sure my friend and I don't die of boredom on the drive through desolate eastern New Mexico?
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Bad UPS, bad!

So on monday UPS delivered a package to our home. But it wasn't for anyone in our family and it was actually a different address. I called UPS and told them to please come pick it up and deliver it to its proper owner. They never came. I called again, same thing happened. So i have this package that isn't mine that UPS won't pick up. What the fuck do i do with it?

And i refuse to go searching for the address my self. It's not my damn job to be doing that. I looked on my block that is as far as i will go.
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You see someone running down the street totally nude, screaming random things. You decide that this person looks deranged, maybe even rabid, or something. You frantically call 911, and tell the operator:

"There's this crazy guy running down the street and he's ____ naked!"

Do you say buck or butt?

ETA: You cannot say anything else there. You have to choose buck or butt for the blank.
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There is a bird (a Robin, I think) outside that keeps flying at the kitchen window. It isn't flying head first into the window or anything, but keeps flying at it so that it's stomach and feet scrape the window. Then it turns around and flies back to the banister of the deck. It'll sit there for a couple minutes and then fly at the window again. Every time it sees me it flies away, but when I go back to the kitchen later there it is again, flying at the window.

Why is it doing that? (srs and non-srs answers)

What was the last strange thing you saw an animal do?
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Scenario! (For ladies, but guys can play too.)
You're in a theatre waiting for a movie to start, munching on some popcorn, when a piece of popcorn falls down your shirt and gets stuck between your clevage. You look around and your aisle is full of people you don't know, and there's a stranger sitting right next to you.

What do you do?
Do you reach in and get the popcorn?
If yes, do you eat the popcorn?
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Here Goes Something....

Here's the thing: I am approaching the end of my high school career, and I've recently heard that the music director of our school is transferring for another job, and thus won't be around next year. I was in choir in my sophmore year, and I didn't make a very good first impression - *bleh*. The following years I was in a couple of musicals, and we seemed to get along ok, though we didn't really chat much, nor did he work with me for an extensive period of time. I was thinking of making him a card saying my best wishes for him and all that stuff.

So my questions are: What should I say in the card? If you were in my position, what would you say?

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Babies and marriage...

If a friend/acquaintance of yours were to announce that they had eloped and gotten pregnant, which of the two would you assume to have happened first?

Would it depend on how long the couple had been together?

If a friend/acquaintance of yours were to get married to someone they had been dating for only a year, and who had gotten divorced just before that, what would your initial reaction be?

How soon would you personally think a person should wait after divorce to remarry?

If a friend/acquaintance of yours were to get pregnant/get their SO pregnant while one or both of them were students or freshly out of college, would you assume it were an accident? That the couple was irresponsible?

What do you think are prerequisites to having a child (in terms of money, housing, relationship status, etc...)

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I was told by my best friend today that her father had taken it upon his radical-fanatical-Christian self to burn the movies that she had borrowed from me, along with some movies that her brother left behind when he went to college. Everything over pg-13 was burned. The movies my parents owned that were burned consist of the following: "Conspiracy Theory" , all of the "Austin Powers" films, and an "American Pie" film. At first I was angry about the movies, but now I'm enraged and upset at the man. He has forbidden her to come to my house, and I wouldn't go to her house if you paid me to, though I'm also banned from there. We're not allowed to hang out with one another either. I'm almost eighteen, she's seventeen as well, and we make intelligent decisions. We could be tried as adults for committing crimes, What is the big deal with the movies?!

Next year is our senior year and we're busy people anyway, but now I won't get to see her because I don't do the whole "let's sneak around" thing. I'm devastated and confused..  What are your thoughts and what should I do question club?...
       P.S. We're being reimbursed for the films by her mother, so that's not an issue.. And I've always been so respectful to her parents.. I don't understand what the problem is. I can get the problem with American Pie, but it's not like I forced any of the movies on her. She ASKED to borrow them. He doesn't like the fact that I'm different and have piercings on top of everything. Which is nothing, but what he considers to be everything.. Ugh.
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My best friend got engaged recently, and while she's in town next week we're going to have some champagne to toast it. It's only going to be me, best friend, and our other best friend but I'd like it to be kind of nice.

Do you have any ideas of cheap, (hopefully things I can make/do myself) fun things to do?

I've found some good poems to give me ideas on what to toast her, but do you know of any really awesome poems/quotes for an engagement?

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I brought a cat home from the humane society today, and I spooked her and she ran off. There is no way out of the apartment aside from the door, obviously, and we've looked everywhere. It's been a few hours and no cat.

Should I be worried, or did she find an amazing hiding place?

found her.

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(Influenced by the "do you like rap?" question and thread)

Why are Rap and Hip Hop often considered two different genres?
I always thought that Hip Hop was the music form and Rap wasn't really it's own music form at all, rather just an element that came from hip hop but can be used with any genre, and just how most hip hop musicians choose to perform over their music.

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I should just go for it and dye my hair something ridiculous regardless of needed upkeep or difficulty y/n? Life's an adventure right?

If you don't care about my hair, what artist should I use for a good Pandora station?

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Would you say that "Every Day while not paying back your debts means a loss of money" is a construction to use? With and without the "while"?
I need to know for school, my teacher told me to do it, but it just sounds damn strange to me.
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hey hetero exclusivity

Females who have experienced sexual activities with males:

Over the span of your entire sexual experience (not just with one particular person) how often have you experienced orgasms during sexual activities?


Over the span of your entire sexual experience, how often have you failed to orgasm during sexual activities?


Over the span of your entire sexual experience, how often have you faked orgasms?


Do you fake orgasms with your current sexual partner?

[Merlin] - Gwen

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my friends and I are starting a softball team for the local league (girls, 13-18 years). we're all 17-18, and some of us have never really played softball very much ever, but we think it'll be a fun way to spend the next couple of months, especially since we won't be seriously playing in a competition or anything. what advice would you give us, since we've never played before? :P

what sports do/did you play in school?

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TQC, I really want a dog. I live right near a dog park, and every time I walk by there, it makes me want one more and more. But my dilemma is this: I work full-time, and will soon be living by myself. If you're in a situation like this, what do you do with your dog? Do you put them in a crate/gated off area, paper-train them, or what? Are dogs really OK being alone by themselves all day, or do they get too lonely? I had dogs growing up, but my mother was a stay-at-home mom so the dogs were rarely alone.

Also, has anyone ever had a small dog (chihuahua, yorkie, pom, pug, etc.) and rabbits simultaneously? How did that work out for you?
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multiple choices

I just noticed that my breasts were even more uneven than I thought they were. Do you think they changed? What's my prognosis?

I realize my life is small with the first-time-not-having-a-job-since-I-was-far-too-young-to-have-one-and-now-running-out-of-money, but why do I care so much about Lost? How can I stop giving a shit?

Am I the only one who cares about characters to the exclusion of plot? (I like plot and puzzles, but I find them meaningless without consistent characters) Am I the only one who feels cheap after the season finale of Lost?

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to inexpensively broaden my life right now?

Seriously/nonseriously, whatever floats it for you. And yes, I am aware I am a freak; I'm okay with that.

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Should I create a fic journal?

other- elaboration in comments

yes: it's easier to collate my fic, people can navigate my fandoms easily and I can put my original and fanfic together, but I would need to get a new email, I'd have to check that once in a while and I'd need to switch accounts to post a new fic.
no: I don't need to switch accounts to post a new fic, but that means that I would have separate posts in different comms of the same fanfic, and if I make these posts fake cuts to my journal instead of cuts to the actual text on that comm, that means people I know who aren't interested in my fic will be inflicted with all the slash I write.

Edit because I fail at LJ.

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What would be the best glue to use to stick metal to metal?

I have a large gold-plated pendant that I want to turn into a broach by sticking a pin-backing to it. I tried hot glue, but it peels right off both metals.

Is it possible to take it to a jeweler to get the backing welded on or something?
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When was the last time you were disappointed?  Why?
My friend made mini rocky road cheesecakes in cooking class and gave me a couple.  But y'know what?  They were DISGUSTING.  They did not look nor taste good.  Ugh.  I was craving cheesecake too.

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What kinds of uncommon expressions do you use in everyday conversation. not necessarily big words that few people understand. Like I say if I'm excited about something that I'm "jazzed" or "super-jazzed", and if I'm saying goodbye, I say things like "Peace out, rainbow trout."
What kinds of sayings or expressions do you tend to sprinkle into everyday life?
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Do you ever drive by dealerships and boggle at how having such an excess of cars on the lots can be sustainable?

Will the United States stay in a deflationary period long enough to get both vehicles and home prices to something a bit more reasonable than having a mortgage for 30 years?
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I have a jack russell terrier puppy who is a little more than 2 months old. Because the weather is finally getting nicer (stupid Ohio!) I'd like to be able to take him to the park. I don't have a leash for him now because we have a fenced in backyard. I tried googling but there are so many different opinions--would it be better to get him a harness or just a regular old collar and leash?

Will pictures be necessary to decide? :)

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Are your parents annoying, among other things?

My mom hid my pack of Simply Sleep because "I shouldn't be taking pills" & I'm obviously a drug addict for taking these. It's my second night on them & I'm 20 years old.

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So okay, fic journal. Now I just need a name.

Which username should I use?

none/I prefer the ones in the next bunch/I'll comment

(part two)

none/I prefer the previous/next bunch/I'll comment

(part three)

none/I prefer the previous bunch/I'll comment

If you don't like any of these, would you suggest one?

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I have really straight hair that never wants to curl. I tried it a long time ago in high school, with curling irons and those roller thingies, and used a ton of hairspray and they didn't stay for more than 5 minutes before falling out. I'm not too much of a girly girl and I don't know anything about styling hair. Do you have any good tips on how I can get curls like these?

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Do you use any words in your normal everyday life that are considered 'too fancy' by many, or even not understood?

For instance I say 'tantamount' a lot which confuses many people, but in my head I find it correct for everyday use! Haha and this girl I know refers to glass cabinets as 'vitrines'.
Spelling Contest

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Most exciting thing you last had down your pants?

Ferrets (ye olde ferretlegging)
Ants (in your pants)
Cellmate's hand while you were asleep
Lover's caressing fingers
Gynocologist's speculam
Proctologist's fingers
Spare change running through a hole in your pocket
Fife (I was in band camp)

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Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

What is your favorite single off of Whitney Houston's self titled album?

Do you like Phil Collins?
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