May 13th, 2009

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Have any of you every slept overnight at a rest stop? Did it feel wierd? Or did everything go fine?
I'm thinking of doing so this weekend because I have a long ass drive on very limited funds and will only be able to afford a hotel room for one night. I figured the other night I'd just crash at a rest stop.
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Have you ever seen the episode of Tyra Banks where this girl tells both of her parents EVERYTHING about her sex life? What was wrong with her?!

It's on right now and I can't look away. It's terrible.

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TQC, I have been going mad this evening looking up info and doing research on something that hs been bothering me and I need your input.

To make the long story short, my brother commited suicide this past August. He was also and lj user dakyon and he wrote about his med adjustments and his med Dr. After looking into it, he had NO suicidal thoughts, or bouts of writing about depression or death until about a month after seeing this new Dr and her uping his meds.

She put him on 30mg of Lexapro, 15mg of Abilify and 5mg of Ativan while weening off Remeron dosage unkown. My mother chose not to do have an autopsy done since cause ofdeath was evident.

I understand some people may say let it be, nothing can change it but I seriouly feel as though the med change had something to do with is choice and we could have found out more if autopsy had been done.

Getting on to my question: What are you opinions on the medicines alone? Have any of you ever taken any of the drugs mentioned? Am I with in my rights as his sister to contact his med dr and confront her with this? It could just be that its hitting me and I have been thinking about him more with his b-day coming up. Sorry for the long drawn out story here but I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases so you had all the info.

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Would you describe your co-workers for me please?
Your significant friends and lovers?

Using only language, no pictures. PAINT ME A PICTURE WITH YOUR MOUTHWORDS

P.S. Especially your weird or scandalous ones


Does anyone know if you are allowed to bring a 12 pack of beer in glass bottles on a plane?  It would be in my checked luggage.
I've checked the site of the airline (Southwest) and it mentions wine and liquor, but not beer. 
I'm going to a wedding in another state, and want to bring some beer from New Belgium Brewery with me for the reception.

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Have you ever suspected that someone on your f-list was using a fake "lj identity" to gain access to your locked posts?  DId you ever find out for sure?  What happened/how did you catch them?
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EDITED: for glasses-wearers: did wearing glasses long-term make your eyes smaller?
i used to have really huge eyes but they became so tiny when i had glasses.

for non glasses-wearers: what was the last thing you regretted?
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I just sat up in my bed and discovered this little worry doll thing under my knee. I have never seen it before.

Where do you think it came from?

Do you think it's a good sign or a bad sign?

Has anything odd happened to you lately?

You know, I just remembered that my cat was really abnormally interested in going under my blankets a couple minutes ago.
...will someone plz come sleep with me? D:
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What would you call a very admin, cost/benefit type management place as opposed to a people-caring approach (and what do you call that)?

How do you feel about caffeine?
I don't like it, it makes me annoying and later really sad, but it keeps me awake when I need it.

Has your falling asleep ever been dangerous?

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Oh.... OOoh... I'm having one of my writer's block modes.
Edit: It's for a short story exam on Friday. :(
Where do you get your inspiration from when you need it? What generally inspires you? What possible twists can I put in a story without having the character wake up from a dream?
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For the beer drinkers:
What's your favorite style of beer?

For the non-beer drinkers (or omni-drinkers):
What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

What kind of drunk are you?

When's the last time you were drunk?

Most everyone who gets drunk regularly eventually has their "Never again" night, where it's so bad that you swear you'll never do it again. Describe your's?
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Does anyone know where I could get 40s ish style undergarments? Collapse )
EDIT: (Yes I am aware it is a swimsuit, it's just the general style of high underpants, somewhat pointy bra that I'm after)

Do you think that model is a healthy weight? (another picture here.)

How can you hand an assignment in before it's due date?
I just don't understand; I'm never satisfied with what I have, just I run out of time so I hand it in. If it was early I'd be beating myself up for not using that extra time to make it better.

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What do you think of this list of favourite books chosen by the five children's laureates?

Do you disagree with any of their choices?

If you were going to read these and wanted to read them all how would you do it? In date order, in a random order, in catergories of who chose them or some other way?

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GAH!! My leg is STILL killing me. Must have been one of those genetically-mutated, government-weaponized, super enhanced killer wasps afterall.

I should just amputate the leg and get one of those kickass running prosthetics. Y/N?

For those of you who workout on a regular basis, what kind of exercise makes up your regimine?

Mine's all running, swimming, boxing, and the workouts from and (I'm only on Week 2, though...long way to go).

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 What was the first e-mail you ever signed up for, TQC? When did you do it and what was the username? Is it still active?, in grade 7. I used "h_garfield" for some reason. It doesn't work anymore.

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TQC, I'm graduating college on Friday and my grade (well.. it's one grade but 12 credits worth) is not up yet. WTF, what are they waiting for? (eta: I finished April 24.. that was like a million years ago)

Also, I got a pimple and the forecast for Friday is rain. ~What else will go wrong??~

What are you doing Friday?
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My left ear is ringing very badly this morning. I've tried all my usual tricks to make it stop, but to no avail. How do you make your ears stop ringing, TQC?

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Let's say, for the sake of this question, you do drugs, even if you don't in real life.

If you could invent a designer drug, what would it be called?
What would be its intoxicating effects?
Any negative side effects (for realism's sake)?

Also, isn't TQC TRIVIA's trivia of the day really hard today :(

EDIT: TQC Trivia is located at here, go to it.

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Why does my boyfriend's puppy dog go batshit-crazy/barking when we blow raspberries on each other? Even if you make it look like you're about to, she goes off, tail-wagging and the "ROO-ROO-ROOOOOO" kind of barking.

Doujins, copyright, and IP

Can anyone here properly explain for me what the deal is, I mean legally, with doujinshi? I'd heard that people in Japan can sell doujinshi, even though they'd be making actual money using copyrighted characters, because the intellectual property laws aren't quite as strict in Japan.

But then Square Enix keeps being a dick and sending cease and desist letters to fans trying to make derivative game demos or rom hacks that aren't even being sold, so I must have it wrong somewhere.

Online poll?

What online service can I use to conduct a poll of my friends?

I'd like something as close to LJ poll as possible, but does not require people to register for an account (I understand that LJ poll requires this).

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My professor said he was giving us a final but refused to tell us what was on it. He gave us the test yesterday and it was basically something that would have normally taken us at least a week to complete, so we had to think off the top of our heads. He just emailed us a bitchy letter that we used the same book for our project.

Should I forward this to the department chair with a note saying that we had no idea what this was going to be about?
Are any of your professors total assholes?
Will you tell us what makes them so bad or if you did anything about it?

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Wedding gift question!

A couple with whom we are good friends is getting married in a couple of weeks. They haven't, to my knowledge, registered anywhere, since they were just hoping for gifts of money to put towards a honeymoon.

Anyways, we gave them a substantial amount of money for the honeymoon at the bridal shower. So, my question is this:

Should I opt for a more personal gift or just give more money?

Part of me wants to give them this lovely Cookbook for Newlyweds which is beautiful and sweet, and which I feel is more personal, but another part of me wants to give them more money so they can go on a great honeymoon.
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what should i do before work at 6pm (long ways away but still "limits" my day in a sense) so that i feel more accomplished, as opposed to sitting around hitting the refresh button?
i was thinking maybe some kind of craft.. any recommendations?
what are some remotely little things you do that make you feel accomplished (if different from the first question)?


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What do you like on your sandwiches?

I'm sitting here munching on my veggie sub with lettue, spinach, onions, bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, and teriyaki sauce, and it's pretty friggin' amazing.

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Today was my last day of class, and the end of two years with the same class. We're basically a little family and a lot of them are graduating, so we won't see each other on a daily basis any more. We'll still hang out and stuff, but only sporadically. A couple of us (including me) had tears in our eyes, and it was really sad.

Have you ever cried in a class?
have you ever had a little family unit in a class? Wasn't it sad when you all disbanded?

Is there a word that always reminds you of a movie? What word and movie is it? When I typed out "sporadically" it always reminds me of Clueless.
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I hate my job. It brings me unwarranted stress and anxiety to a level I have never experienced in my life. My boss is a complete twatwaffle.

My question is: how wise of me is it, in this current economic state, to quit my job without another lined up?

My rent is cheap, I'm rather frugal and my savings is cushy enough. However, my current job is helping me pay off my college and car loans. So, I'm torn.
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I just got some of these. Have you ever tried them? If you have, did you like them? Did they work well? If you haven't, would you ever want to? Why or why not?

I need some ideas of what foods to try this with. Will you give me some suggestions?
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I went once to a cafeteria reunion to discuss help for my lactose intolerance. One of the guys there found me on something similar to facebook, sent a friends request, and a message. I answered saying I was there just once and wasn't planning on going back. He's poked me like 3 times already. He wrote again and after a few days once more. He's now kinda complaining because I haven't answered and is kinda challenging me to call him creepy.

I do think it's weird he pokes me all the time, insists on me being his friend and writing him. Heck, I don't even remember him! How on earth did he find my name and my account?

Am I exaggerating?
Is this creepy to you?
What would you do in my place? (srs and non srs welcomed)
In case I should write him how creepy it all is and how I don't welcome creepiness or stalkers, what should I write?
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Given a choice, would you a) download the most recent season of your favorite show on iTunes as soon as it was available, or b) wait to buy until it comes out on DVD, probably with special features and Easter eggs and all sorts of fun goodies?

I.e., do you prefer instant gratification or delayed gratification?

I still can't make up my mind between the two!

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So what's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

Today I went into anaphylaxis and passed out while presenting my thesis. Luckily my boyfriend was there and injected me with the epipen, but the last thing I remember was looking down and realizing that there was mold in between a tile and then begging my professor to let me re-do it. He ended up just excusing me from the presentation and I'm quite glad because I think I would die from embarrassment if I had to face that class again.

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let's say hypothetically about 6-8 months ago someone in TQC went into a local comic book store and broke something worth upwards of $100 and didn't have a snow ball's chance in Hell of paying for it, so they bailed. now they've got a little money saved they would like to go in and say, "Hey, I broke this and I felt really bad about it, but I didn't have any money at the time. I do now, though, and I'd really like to pay for it."

1. would they stone/kill/call the cops on said TCQer or would they be like, "Cool, of course you can."

2. is Friday Night Lights a completely insufferable show? it's my friend's favorite show and now that i've got a big crush on Taylor Kitsch 'cause he's Gambit she's trying to get me to agree to finally watch it. but my answer to her is always, "That show is the preview I always skip when I watch my 30 Rock DVDs."

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Sorry for posting so soon again, but I need to ask this for my own sanity.

This morning I was on the train. It wasn't totally horrible, but it was full, and I get on at the second stop. Over the next few stops, one person got on and had a large bag next to me, and there was people both in front and behind me.
A woman comes in and stands at the pole next to mine. She's about my height. We start to move, and all of a sudden, her hand squirms in under my shoulder. She has decided to hold onto the pole I was squished between. I look over, since it's not normal for this to happen. She doesn't say anything, so I'm like, alright, this is weird, but I can't really move, so whatever. It hurts her more than me, I bet.
So the train starts to move and she goes "EXCUSE ME", so I look over. and she starts moving her hand around more under my shoulder. I say "I'm sorry, I can not move." So she goes on her merry way.
Now, if you've ever been on the T, it jiggles a lot, so I am trying to find my balance, and every once in a while, I'll be pushing on her hand.
She then says to me, really loudly so the whole train looks "IS IT REALLY DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO NOT SQUISH MY HAND?"
I just said "I'm sorry, I've been in this spot the entire time. I can not shrink, nor can I move."

I wish I had said "move your hand up if you're that uncomfortable" since if she had moved it up about two inches, she would have not had to deal with my shoulder being jostled around and hitting her hand.

Was I wrong in this situation? Is this chick just crazy?
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kinda weird, kinda sad

Monday I posted a question to many asking who was their favorite naked person. Most of the answers were boyfriends, themselves, or some celebrity or other.

Not one person said their girlfriend.

That's very interesting.

Who is your least favorite naked person?
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So I had a major allergic reaction on Sunday, into Monday. I had to call out of work because my eyelids were soooo puffy and swollen. I texted a few of the kids I work with to see if they'd cover the shift for me. One of my friends, who I work with, whom I didn't text asked me today if "my eyelids and vagina were still swollen?". Apparently a hoe-bag I work with told her that I said my vagina was swollen .WTF.

Please share some crazy co-worker stories. Make me feel less bad. So tell me TQC, how do your co-workers drive you nuts?

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I got lazy and stopped working out this past semester so I'm out of shape. In conjunction with eating healthier and drinking more water, which exercise regime do you think would work best?

- Brisk walk for 1.5 miles and run another 1.5 miles 5 days a week and then play Wii Fit over the weekend
- Alternate walking and running w/ Wii Fit throughout the week
- Do just the walking and running, 7 days a week
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For those who don't watch Lost or those who want a second question, what language(s) do you want to learn?
I am learning Russian. I can say "Niet pa Ruski" and "Spah-see-bah" and "Pah-jal-ee-stah" because I live in a neighborhood that is made up of mostly Russian immigrants, so I needed to learn something. But I want to be able to tell the old lady that sits outside of my building what time it is. She always asks! Well, points at her wrist and speaks to me in Russian like i know what she's saying.

Okay, I just wanted to use my new icon...
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I get to register for summer classes next week, and I'm thinking about signing up for the pilates class. I've never done it before, so I don't know what to expect. I'm also not in the best shape, and I don't exercise all that often. Is this class going to completely kick my ass?

If you've done pilates before, did you enjoy it? Is it hard? What kind of results did you see?

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I asked for this Saturday and Sunday off in February. They gave me Friday and Saturday off. There is no way in hell I can (safely) make the drive from Denver to Alamogordo in the allotted time. I've told my boss this, and she said basically 'whatever, you absolutely have to be back.' How can I tell my boss to stuff it? I've already put in my two weeks, so I'm not really worried about my job safety.

Ever had a really shitty job?
Will you tell me about it?

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1. Would you ever agree to participate in something that you're not allowed to know the details of until or after you've done it? For example an experiment or a blind date, where you don't know what it's for/who you're meeting, etc.

2. What's the strangest thing someone you don't know has ever said to you? It can't be something they've said because they thought you were someone else unless you can't think of anything; preferably it'd be something someone said directly to you, the crazier the better.

3. What's the most 'unconventional' animal (or ingredient for vegetarians/vegans) you've ever eaten? That'd be something other than your standard beef, pork, chicken or seafoods you can get at a store... unless you live somewhere where you get other things.

4. What's one question you wish TQC would ask just so you can answer it? (ex. If you want someone to ask what people are wearing so you can show a picture.)

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Sorry for another sappy post, but TQC was so helpful yesterday =]

So i've decided I need to make some big changes in my relationship. I'm SERIOUSLY considering ending it, because we are very different people. 
Is it stupid to suggest we have a bit of fun for the last 4 months I live nearby (am going to uni and dont want to do long distance) or should I just bite the bullet and end it now?

Also, he's said if i'm going to break up with him he doesnt want to do it face to face. What do I do about this? I dont want to hear 'She dumped me on the phone, what a bitch'
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This afternoon I met a friend of a friend for lunch. It was a networking kind of thing, since I'm looking for a job and she has some connections.

Should I send her a thank you e-mail, a thank you card or both?

For those that just don't care, how the hell are ya?

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Hi All,

I'm taking my finals on Friday. Two weeks after that, I have three certification tests to take (A+ Ess, A+ IT Tech, Network+). Needless to say I've been studying like mad. I'm deciding to treat myself to something after my final exams. Should I:

-Purchase a $35 50 minute massage from my college (it's performed by students, hence the discount)
-Go clothes shopping

Note: I'm on a diet, so I can't do anything majorly calorie heavy.

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My little sister and her best friend are traveling to Europe for the first time this summer.

I've been to Europe several times, and even studied abroad there for 4 months, so I'm sending them a list of things to keep in how if you don't specify that you want tap water, servers will bring you expensive bottled water.

In case I'm forgetting anything...

What are some things you wish you knew before leaving for Europe that you know now?
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I'm 5'9", and want to order a dress online from a shop in the UK (which means there's no way for me to try it on in the store ahead of time). My measurements (bust/waist/hips) are 34/32/39.

The sizes I have to choose from are A) 40/32/44 or B) 42/34/46

They say it's a snugly-fitting dress. I'm fine with altering as needed.

Would it be better to go with option A and hope that I'll fit their "snug" 32 (because frankly women's sizing is always a little iffy in my experience), or go with option B and try to alter a hefty amount of extra fabric into something that fits my small bust area?

Is it even possible to alter something that much? I more I think about it the more I think I should go with option A.
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for those of you with dogs, what do you use to treat fleas?

i have a pomeranian and i've tried frontline plus, comfortis, and even wal-mart stuff like hartz and sergeants. we've sprayed the yard with some flea killing stuff from home depot. none of these things seem to work. i vacuum regularly, wash my sheets regularly (especially since he sleeps on my bed with me)... i clean practically everything on a regular basis. i'm going to the vet next month because he's due for shots, so i'll ask the vet about a capstar and some other type of treatment, but i want like ~real people~ opinions too. i'm thinking of trying advantage. does anyone here use it?

idk what to do. :(

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I got a new phone today. Is the Blackberry Storm that much better than a Curve? Touch screens make me mad, so I got a Curve instead. I get my phone tomorrow, so I don't know if I regret it yet. WWJD?
Baro Bitch Stare



Other-both-neither-something else



Favorite body part?

Other body part not mentioned

Eta: fav body part on your preferred sex.
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Someone asks you how far away something is.

Do you answer in terms of time ("Oh, like an hour away") or distance ("About fifteen miles")?

What kind of area did you grow up in (city, suburbs, rural, etc.)?

I grew up in a city and always answer in terms of time. My boyfriend and another friend of mine (both grew up out in the middle of nowhere) answer in terms of distance.
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Fed up-edness

My husband and I let his best friend move in with us, provided that he stop smoking and pay us $400 a month.

He hasn't stopped smoking. To make matters even worse, my husband suffers from a seriously nasty genetic respiratory disease, and that fact doesn't seem to bother Jeff at all either. He keeps smoking, and my house keeps smelling like shit.

He's also a general douchefucker who has warrants out for his arrest due to failure to appear to court for DUI charges, can't drive, is lazy as fuck, doesn't do anything around here, and I'm starting to get sick of him.

How do you politely kick somebody out of your house, TQC?

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What was the last thing you read that made you laugh out loud? Please quote it if possible!

I was reading the intro/preface/whatever to Derren Brown's "Tricks of the Mind" and loved this bit:

"Derren went on to study law and German at Bristol University and fell in love with the city. This was a time where marriage between man and city was still frowned upon, so rather than face public derision, Derren decided just to live there forever instead."


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If your semenal/vaginal fluid had to have a flavor, what flavor would you want yours to be?

Mine would be spearmint
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TQC, what history class should I take over the summer? My options are:

1. Civil War & Reconstruction
(Forces making for increased sectionalism in 1850s; rise of new parties; military engagements; society and institutions in North and Confederacy during wartime; attempts to restructure Southern society after war, and why they failed.)

2. America 1900-1928
(Emphasis on political and cultural history. Major topics include early 20th-century progressivism as an intellectual movement and its manifestations in state and local politics; presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson; impact of World War I; ambivalent character of the 1920s in American culture and politics; origins and effects of the affluent society.)

3. God & Science in the Modern World
(This course examines the relationship between religion and science in Europe from sixteenth until the late nineteenth century. It will consider a range of topics on the relation of religion and science, including astronomy, alchemy, witchcraft, natural theology, evolution, and creationism, and a host of individuals, including Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.)

I'm leaning towards #2.
Note: all of the classes will be offered online.

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Did you have glasses or braces as a kid? Was it awful?

Did you want glasses or braces as a kid, but didn't get them? Are you still disappointed?

ETA an unrelated Q because I don't feel like waiting. Americans, is it normal to go to a community college when you don't live in that county? Someone I know plans to attend CC 2 counties over even though there is a community college 3 miles from her.


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So, my friends and I are having a drunken movie fest on Saturday night. This entails watching some truly terrible movies and taking shots at key parts. Last time we watched "True Lies," starring everyone's favorite California governor, and "Suburban Commando," starring Hulk Hogan. All we have lined up so far for this weekend is that terrible Dungeons and Dragons movie that came out in 2000.

Can anyone think of any more really just awful movies that would be hilarious to drink some beers/do some shots with?
Kissing Parts

I'd appreciate your input

You know I'm never srs bzns, guys. :D

Can you die of sexual frustration?

Have you ever thought that you were going to, however illogical that is?

If you had to go out gettin' some, who would it be with? (Don't feel you have to limit yourself to one person.)



I've been thinking so for awhile now, though.

Taylor Kitsch, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pine, and Zachary Quinto, pls

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I serve at a family run sushi restaurant that is fairly popular. The boss has asked me to give him 300 songs that will be used as the stores music.
What are some songs that I should include?
Thanks in advance :D

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I could be an atheist and just know about religion because of a condition I have, but it's a choice I make. That said, I would still like to approach things rationally, even religion.

So, can you tell me why there isn't a contradiction when a Christian says or is taught to be Christ-like but at the same time enjoys a juicy Christmas ham?

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Anyone with a HCH or VCH piercing?
I've recently been fascinated with it, and am thinking of getting one myself. I've just started to research, but wanted to ask you guys too..

1) Do you have a HCH or VCH, and why'd you choose that one, instead of the other?
2) How much did it hurt compared to other piercings? (or on a scale from 1-10, 10 being PAINFUL)
3) Did it benefit (for you) for pleasure/sex?
4) (For those who've had it for a long time) have you lost sensitivity over time?
5) Would you recommend this piercing?
6) How difficult was it to heal; any infections??

And if anyone would like to; could you explain the whole procedure of getting it pierced? Was it awkward?
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If you could go to school for something, and have money not be an object, what would you study?

Alternately, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Another alternative, if you are too mature to answer the previous question, what is your dream job?
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1. My husband tells me that the officially accepted term for a splash/squirt/measurement of hot sauce is specifically a shot. Can you help me substantiate or disprove this?


2. Female-identified tqc: Do you feel old enough to be a ma'am? Do you feel young enough to be a miss?

Male-identified tqc: How do you address a woman of youngish indeterminate age when, "Hey you," would be impolite?

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So I'm going a powerpoint on breast augmentations for my anatomy class.
On of the requirements is to list what medical instruments are used in the operation, i.e. scalpel, needle...
Any ideas on what all medical instruments are used?

Album art?

I believe this painting is an album cover. It featured a city in the background with a mob of cops and, um, ordinary people I guess swarming at one end of a rope bridge over a canyon. On the other side were some counter-culture hippie types, one cutting the rope bridge while giving the finger. Does anyone know what album this is or who the artist was?


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TQC, I just got a filled prescription for Concerta, a time-released Ritalin, and the psychiatrist prescribed taking 1 18mg pill for two weeks in the morning, then moving up to 2 18mg pills from then on.

Are you ready for a stimulated yahvah?

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Does anyone have experience with being in a serious relationship with someone of a different religion from your own (and religion was a very important aspect of this person's life)? How did you deal with this?

Do you think it's possible to really be with someone that is of another religion, and still be completely happy? Get married? Have kids?

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im french

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1. Do most companies have policies about dating/coworkers spending r-rated time together after work? How would I find out about such a policy without ruining everything? Do you have a personal policy about this? Alternately, remind me that it's always a bad idea to consort with coworkers, because I know better and I need it.

2. Recently I've had a food awakening. Like, food suddenly has flavor, and is absolutely delicious and fun. I don't know what I was doing before, but food used to be boring. Boring enough that I used to eat boring food but now I'm like I WANT EVERYTHING and it's making me fat and I'm eating shitty things. Is there a medical explanation to this? How do you, like, put down the cookie?

Chicken and dumplings!

When you've made chicken and dumplings, do you have the drop dumplings (i.e. bisquick plus milk or flour + whatever + milk dropped in by spoonfulls and sort of fluffy) or biscuit dumplings (i.e., drop in a can of pre-made biscuits and let them cook)?

If you don't like/haven't had chicken & dumplings, are you sick right now? I have strep throat and misery loves company

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Have you ever worked at Dunkin Donuts? I just got a job at one at a gas station. Will you convince me that I'm not gonna be suicidal by the end of the summer by telling me it's not that bad of a job? ...Or is it that bad of a job? D:

I start my job orientation tomorrow, 9-2. The woman told me my pay rate directly after telling me this, on the phone. Was she simply telling me what I'll be getting paid per hour, or did she imply that this is paid training? Sears paid me for training last summer but Sears is not Dunkin Donuts. I don't want to assume anything.

Alternatively, have you ever played through Twilight Princess? Specifically on the Wii? I finally got around to beating it today, and I wanna play through it again. I really liked it.

Also alternatively, are there curtains in the room you're in right now? What do they look like? Pictures are always welcome.
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I have this older cousin (33) who I only see when I'm also with my dad. I see him maybe once every 2 months even though he lives next door. Every single time I see him he inquires about my drinking habits. This makes me really uncomfortable. It probably shouldn't make me so uncomfortable but it does. It's just not something my dad and I would ever talk about and I'd like to keep it that way. What can I say to get my cousin to just shut the fuck up?

Edit: "I don't drink" doesn't work. He keeps pushing the issue. "Well didn't you go out drinking on your 21st birthday?" followed by "oh, so you've NEVER had a drink?" or something similar.
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so i'm in a long term relationship right now (3 ish years?), and ever since we started uni in the same area, it's just been... dull. we've mostly done long distance so everytime we met it was blissful. now it's like o ok. the romance is dead (i didn't get anything for my bday, we didn't even step out of the house or do anything special for example).

two questions:

1) do you think it gets better with time? or is it better in the beginning?
2) if you are in a relationship but a cute guy asks for your number, what do you do? this hasn't happened but i'm curious cause i'd be tempted to give it just as friends.
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For a week in August, everyone in my house will be on holidays (I'll be away for three weeks; my parents and my brother will be away for one). For one week, our cat will be unsupervised.

Should we: book her in at our local cat holiday home, where trained veterinary professionals will feed her and take care of her; even though she hates hates hates being there and will likely claw their eyes out from inside her toilet-cubicle-sized cage; OR should we leave her locked in the house and have our neighbours check on her and feed her twice a day? At least that way she's in familiar surroundings; but she'll hate not being able to go out in to the yard and she might also miss us and wonder why we're not there... we also have to hope that our neighbours don't, like, forget about her or anything (they are dedicated pet lovers, but I will worry anyway).

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Do you ever feel guilty for going into a store and recieving great customer service, trying on ten of everything and then not buying anything because you looked at the price tag and realized you can't afford it?

I feel a tad bit guilty because I went into a store today and ended up being waited on and trying out about five different pairs of jeans. And then I realized I couldn't afford any of them. As I was walking out the guy was like, "Wait you're not going to buy anything?" I just said, "I'm still looking around" and quickly left.

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Under what circumstances will you

give a stranger a quarter?
give a stranger a ride?
give a stranger a handjob?
give a stranger your telephone number?

What do I need to do to qualify to teach high school art or art history? All my Googlings lead to multiple different claims.

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I have a meeting with an Avon rep tomorrow. I decided to take my friends advice and sell avon for some extra cash on the side.

Have any of you ever sold Avon or any other make-up line?
If so what did you like best/least?

If you don't care about that. How was your hump day?
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I haven't even watched the episode yet (it's on my DVR), but I did find out about the results of ANTM because people fail at spoiler alerts. How do you feel about the winner if you watch the show?

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So, my friend and I were smoking pot in his car on his street. This is normally okay as his street is fairly secluded and cops have never been an issue. We were done smoking a bowl and having a cigarette when I see a car pull on his street and I knew it was a cop. She turned her lights on and we were fucked. First she asks what we were doing there then says the car smells like pot and threatens the canines. That was when I knew I had to give up the pot in my pocket and the chillum that was covered by my arm on the front door. After sitting in the back of the cop car for half an hour she has me smash the paraphernalia and lets us go.

When was the last time you thought, "OH FUCK!" and the situation ended up as ":D!" as it could be? Details. Bonus points if it involves hookers and blow.

ETA: My friend had his friends bowl and bubbler in the car too, as well as a pending felony conviction of a controlled substance (ecstasy).
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When you think of Catholics, do you tend to think of them as more or less educated than Protestants? Do you tend to think of them as more or less liberal than Protestants?

What currently inactive community/ies are you a member of that you would love to see more activity in?
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Hey TQC, quick fashion question!

I have a ball on Friday, 'Old Hollywood Glamour' themed, and I am wearing this dress. Tomorrow I'm getting my nails done and the lady who is doing them has given me a few options.

One is a bright red colour, another is slightly darker red, and the last one is a sort of goldy colour.

My question - which would go best with the dress if I'm trying to recreate an 'Old Hollywood Glamour' look?

What do you think guys?
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Please look at my desktop. I have had this nice piece of meat on there for awhile, no idea where I found the picture but I WOULD LIKE MORE. I *think* he's gay, I have a vague memory of finding this pic in some sort of gay modeling shoot, but IDK. So.... WHO IS HE?

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For all you college tqcers: what do I do if my advisor is out of the office for the next 3 wks, and I have a hold on my account saying that I have to see him before I can register? Can I contact the registrar or something/one and ask for it to be removed? I have to register before midnight tomorrow night.

If I took Survey of Chemistry (1151) and did okay, but didn't learn the very end of the semester well, is taking 1152 a bad idea, or can I kind of "catch up"?

and non college-y questions:

1) What's one thing that people always say to you (strangers/people you know, doesn't matter?)
They always ask if I've been out in the sun. No, everyone, I just have very rosy cheeks!

2) Do you believe that you can be addicted to a person? (Romantic, platonic, or both) Why?

3) What is your favorite way to wind down at the end of the day?

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me and my friend are watching the old X-Men cartoon on youtube right now and we started talking about how Cyclops is a total dick. so i'm wondering

what do you think of Cyclops?

he's cool
dude's a dick

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What tattoos do you have?

If you have no tattoos, what tattoos would you like (assuming there is no reason you wouldn't/couldn't have them, like parents, physical condition, fear of pain etc)?

Some elaborate wing design down my back.
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There are four people in my house. I live on one side with Ghai, and we share a bathroom. Pete and Scooter share a bathroom on the other side. I just finished watching a movie, but when I went to the bathroom, Ghai was in the shower. I'd been holding it for a while so I entered the other bathroom for the first time in probably months.

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Do computers/your computer in general when you first got it make REALLY loud noises from your CD/DVD drive? Is it possible the drive can get "broken in" and stop being so damn loud over time? I just got an iMac and it works perfectly but the disc drive is like WHIRR VROOM VROOM WHIRR.

What is better than a kitten and why?