May 12th, 2009

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A very weird thing just happened.
My friend Nick sent me an image via text, graphics he's been working on for his assignment. It came up with 'Nick' in the inbox as usual. I had a full inbox so moved that to 'my folder' as not to accidently delete it. I just checked it now, and though the image is saved, the name in 'my folder' inbox says 'Sophie H'- Sophie H is his ex girlfriend. 
 If he sent me the text from her phone in the first place then it would have shown up as being from her originally, but it was definitely, 100% from him. I saved another of his texts in the same folder to see what happened, and that said 'Nick' as you'd expect, stil the other one was showing 'Sophie H'.

How is this possible?

If it's just my phone going mental, then is it a sign that the contact it chose to replace 'Nick' was that of his ex?

It is not good news if they get back together...
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Hay, TQC!

1. I've been away from the intertubes and being burnt into a multi-tonal lobster at the beach :( on a mini-vacation for 5ish days. What have I missed here in TQC-land? Anything epic? Will you link me to the drama/lulz?

2a. In what way(s) do you take after either of your parents?
2b. In what way(s) do you absolutely NOT take after either of your parents?

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3a. This evening at a rest area, I pulled down my pants to pee and a mosquito flew out of them. How many bug bites will I wake up with tomorrow?


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My mom and I are going on a spontaneous trip this weekend somewhere. But we can't decide where to go.

TQC, where in the USA should me and mother go for the weekend?
(Can't be the states on the West Coast because it's too far away and too expensive for us to get there.)

We are looking for adventure!
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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I'm going to New York City on Monday for a week, so lots of walking.  I want to buy a new pair of comfortable walking shoes, since I don't really own any shoes that really hold up for all day walking around.  I want something that will look good with jeans, shorts and casual skirts.

I don't really like the look of 
tennis shoes/sneakers.  I prefer sleeker looking/less clunky shoes, like most of these or something like this.  I would prefer a pair of super cute, super comfortable flats, as I really hate wearing tie-up shoes if possible.

Does anyone have an recommendations?  My price range is $60 or below.

Edit: I'm planning on buying the shoes tomorrow, so there will be lots of time for me to break them in.

I just bought those ones today for the trip.  They're SUPER comfortable and I feel like I'm walking on heaven.  Thanks, everybody!


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i has sewing question.

i just made a gorgeous dress that i'm in love with (although it's not yet hemmed and has no straps). it's very form-fitting, so i'd like to add boning to smooth out my figure. what's the best way to attach the boning? the dress itself is just basic quilter's cotton, and i haven't decided if i want to use cheap plastic boning from joann's, or something more substantial.

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Have you ever wrongly misinterpreted the meaning of a word, and then used it without checking the meaning, to disastrous results?

Example: Boy hears the term 'jiggaboo' at school and thinks it is synonymous with 'boo' as in significant other. He tells his girlfriend that she is 'his jiggaboo', and she smacks him.

Any that involve language barrier quirks are vaild also, and will you share?

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Why is it that I can run 3 miles with relative ease on an elliptical machine (avg speed=75) but I can't even run a full mile outside?

My throat burns insanely when I run outside, but not on the elliptical.
And I felt sick to my stomach and had to stop.

Could it be an altitude adjustment issue?
I just went from 7,000ft to 1,500, maybe my body's adjusting? I don't know, but by the looks of it I never want to run outside again.

Stupid Ex-BF stuff

OK, so here's the deal (and i'll try to make this as brief as possible):
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Totally rude thing to say to me, considering his fear of commitment and the way we ended things, right?

So now I have to find something witty to say back to him. Because I'm sleepy and not smart enough to think of anything, and you guys are some funny motherfuckers, I was hoping you could come up with the perfect reply.
What would YOU say to this inconsiderate mother fucker?

ETA: The "need to get my family off my back" is a lame attempt at a joke- I TOLD you , it's early, and my wit levels are low.  I was just trying to say that I'd been single for a long time, I was ready for a relationship, he wasn't.  And I'm not sitting around, crying over this- I just want to say something smart ass to him, and wanted some help.  I've been around here long enough that I'm not going to make any more excuses,  or get butt hurt over the comments, so I'll just leave it at that.


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for people with glasses:

what do you do in the sun? go without vision correction, use clip-on sunglasses, take the free second pair and make them sunglasses? anyone have transition lenses? i'm thinking of ordering a pair with transitions from our bff zenni, because i don't want to be changing glasses all the time, but i don't know if that's going to get annoying or not. do they get darker if you go in some brightly lit place like wal-mart?

i've been sucking it up because i'm -5.75 and that "free" second pair costs me $300. :S

for people without glasses:

how's your hair lookin'?
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If you had a 14 year-old homeschooled kid at your house for the week, what would you do to distract them?

*Edit - He's basically on summer break, so no schoolwork*

If you had a choice to sleep in or go to bed early, which would you choose?

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 Say you are friends with a couple in the middle of a nasty divorce. 

You give the typical, ' you are both my friends but I'm not taking sides ' .... etc etc. The husband continues to try to involve you.

Do you continue to reiterate your previous comments? Or fall of the radar for awhile, so to speak, until things have somewhat calmed down?


1. i'm sending my friend a birthday card and i have no idea what to write in it. she's one of my best friends but i don't want to get super gushy. what do you usually write in cards?

2. my other bff has a birthday coming up a week from tomorrow but he's cracked and doesn't like people getting him gifts. i'd like to do something for him other than a card(i put a homemade gift card for $15 to anywhere in my other friend's card. inspired, i know) but i'm not sure what. ideas besides taking him out for coffee or just getting all mushy about him being born and making him really uncomfortable?

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After bills such as rent, electricity etc is £4500 enough to live on for 40 weeks of the year? Mainly with regard to food and socialising.

How much would you estimate your food bill is a year for just you?

Yes, I will be a student =]
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Help?  I've seen a pink t-shirt that reads something along the lines of "I wear this shirt when all of my black ones are dirty".  Of course, it's for a guy and I can't find it anywhere.  Have you seen it online?  Thanks!
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hate going to the gym...

Has anyone purchased a home gym in place of renewing a gym membership? Did you find that you worked out more or less? I'm thinking of doing that but wanted some opinions before I spent the $$$.

If you don't care about gyms and working out, will you describe your place of residence in the form of an ad?


Downtown Toronto - 3 bedroom/1 bath house on residential street off Queen West. Approx. 1250 sq. ft. Open-concept living/dining, large kitchen w/ dishwasher, ensuite laundry, central air, 1 parking space in back. Near shopping, entertainment district, Kensington Market, Chinatown, Little Italy, U of T.
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The end is nigh...

...ganked from Beauty's DestructionMalice

So, let's say the end of the world happens. Society is thrown into complete chaos. Your home is destroyed/looted/whatever, and all you have is one hiker's backpack full of gear and whatever weapons you can wear or strap to it or carry.

Assuming that somehow you had planned for this occurrence and packed your bag with everything you could both think of and could reasonably carry, what does your pack contain?

What are you wearing?

What weapons do you take with you?

Again, this is all that you can reasonably carry on your secret caches and no video game-type inventory management!

Assume that a tent/bedroll/equivalent can be rolled up atop your pack, though you may specify which type you choose to carry. Also keep in mind that you can rely on nothing from modern civilization (e.g. clean water, sanitation, or food sources) and that everyone else is in the same situation as you.

And last - where do you go now?
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There is a "a softer world" comic with the dialogue  "When we die, we come back as something different.  Like, with greener eyes, or as some far off star."

I have been Googling with different keywords for far too long and I;ve been looking through the comic's archives but I CANNOT FIND IT. GRAGH.

Could someone who has it on file/is more Google-effeicient than I post it in the comments,  please?
Found! Thank you muchly.

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what happened to google? :(
my boyfriend says they must have gotten hacked!
did the rapture come and take all the google employees away?

Why is everyone talking about google?
What'd you eat for breakfast?

EDIT: Why would one website suddenly stop working for only one household?
Caffeine.  Now.

coffee halp

TQC, I would like to get a coffee maker. BUT I am the only one in the house who drinks it. I don't want to spend a ton, but are there any decent mid priced (i.e. non-cheapass, and not Keurig) single cup coffee makers out there? It's not like I can't make 1 cup in a 4 cup pot (or can't I? I'm such a coffee noob...) but I don't want it to eat my already-limited counter space either :/

My mother drinks the instant stuff, so she is no help at all. Google does not seem to understand that I am switching to coffee because Starbucks is overpriced, not because I have a burning need to spend a hundred bucks on a coffee maker >:o

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I have a mouse in my room. How do I get rid of this wee, cowering, timorous fucker?

(I have a nonlethal trap out already, and am in the process of cleaning out and spraying the place I last saw it with cleaning-fluid. Lysol, specifically.)
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My wisdom teeth are coming in! My mother had hers but didn't get all four and my older sister doesn't have any.

TQC, when did you get your wisdom teeth (if you had them already)? Did you need them removed?

More importantly, is it going to suck? :(

Discovery Channel

Do you watch "Dirty Jobs?"

Do you have a favorite job?

What channel do you tend to watch the most?

*edited for another question, since I'm still an LJ 'tard*

How do I set up my Friends page so that all the TQC entries don't show up on it? I want it to just show people's journals.

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Have you ever made an art portfolio for an interview?
Should I take pictures of my paintings/drawings and put them in a binder or ...bring my actual stuff?

if you don't know or care
Ever have a "charlie horse"? HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IT TO GO AWAY?!
I woke up and my calf muscle was in the wrong spot

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Is there anything you would like to get off your chest but can't?

I would like to tell this one bizznitch that she is a spinless prick but she doesn't live around here and it seems pointless to write her a msg via internet. Which pisses me off even more!

Good, bad or downright ugly...let it spill.
zombie baby cede! :D

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TQC: as of six tonight, I will have nothing to do for three days, I have little to no money, so I plan on watching TV and movies (which  I never do)
what TV shows should I watch/ catch up on? (assuming I don't watch any regularly) 
what movies should I watch? 

what else should I do?

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- Council Bluffs police said the Mall of the Bluffs was evacuated and locked down on the report of someone with a gun inside the building. After investigating, Pottawattamie County Sheriff Jeff Danker said the person with a gun was actually carrying an umbrella.

Officers from several agencies were called in to look for the person involved and assist in the evacuation of the mall around 12:45 p.m. Tuesday.

After a 40 minute search, the mall was reopened and the all clear was given.


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What hurts on your body right now?

I have two raspberries (or strawberries...or whatever the hell kinda berries) and a sprained ankle on my left leg from last night's ball game, and a wasp sting on the inside of my right thigh.

How 'bout you?
gaslight anthem - old white lincoln

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I've seen my favorite band, the Gaslight Anthem, four times since first hearing about them last August. The most recent show was just last Saturday. Now I'm going to be studying in Paris for all of June, and I just found out that Gaslight's playing a headline show there on the 11th. Tickets are under $20USD. I should go, y/y?
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TQC, i have a huge amount of books that I need to get rid of. What do you think I should do with them? would any of you be interested? Should I donate them? Offer them on ebay? Some of them are very well-used. they're mostly fiction, but there are some textbooks, essay collections, etc...

can anyone suggest a good place to donate them?

srs answers preferred, non-srs answers welcome. :3

here's the list, for those who are interested.

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Say you go into a local pet store and you encounter some animals in really bad conditions. Of course you call the Humane Society. Do you take any other measures about this place?

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i've taken two oxycodone and i feel absolutely nothing, like i've taken a tylonal, i thought they were suppose to fuck u up but they didn't do anything for me.

Why is this. I've been takin them for three days now ( 2 a day) and can't feel nothing good about them.
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Air Miles

Do you belong to a frequent flyer club where you get points towards flights? Which one?

Even if you don't, would you rather use the points you get for actual flights or would you use them to buy stuff from their online shops?

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If you were planning on redecorating your bedroom (moving some stuff around, hanging new frames. no painting.) but found out you and your family are going to be moving within the next year...would you even bother?

What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Did you like it?

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1. a) Is time you enjoy wasting rally wasted time?
    b) Ever feel like you're wasting your life?
    c) Ever think it would be neat to relive elementary school with the knowledge you have now and be a smarty-pants?
    d) Would it be worth the loss of innocence?

2. When is it appropriate for someone a young adult to call other adult by their first names?  Is it ever not appropriate for someone over 21 to address another adult by their first name?

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i was just walking around campus and a guy (about 26 years old, maybe) came up to me and told me he locked all of his keys in his car and asked if i could give him a ride to his property manager's house.

would you have given him a ride?

then he told me that he needed $26 to pay for a new key, and asked if i would give him the money if he wrote me a check for 36 dollars.

would you have given him the money?

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My car is shaking when I drive it (no matter what the speed). I'm going to see if the tires need to be aligned or rotated, but do you know what else it could be/have any idea on the cost? Obviously I have googled this, but I want to see if any of you have had the same problem.

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Recently, I cleared out a ridiculous mass of junk. I want to have a sale of sorts, but I work 5:30 am on the weekend, and as I have gathered from the sheer number of yard sale signs in town, 5:30 am on the weekend is the time these things go down!

So, my question to you is this; would people come buy my junk on a weekend afternoon?

If you don't care/don't know, can you tell me why everyone digs these slush puppy beverages? I can't figure it out... They taste like cough syrup.

If you also can't/don't want to answer that one, where are you right this instant? I'm hiding out in the back room at work
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Does anyone know who I could call to have someone come and hook up a DVD/VCR player to my TV/Cable box? Apparently this was so complicated, not even the FIOS tech could set it up, and all the instructions I get from the forum need a degree from MIT to translate. I've tried calling the Geek Squad, and they came over here when I was not home. My father was home and he was the one who dealt with them. They gave him a complicated explanation with a series of buttons he had to push in the right order in order to get the DVD player to work with FIOS. My father doesn't remember any of it and he didn't write it down. All further phone calls to Geek Squad have gotten us nowhere. The local Best Buy store tells us to call the main office, the main office says to call the Best Buy store. I am deaf and cannot do these calls myself, so I'm depending on my father to do this. He does not want to call them back again. It's been 8 months without a DVD player and I'm going nuts. Does anyone know of any place that's not the Geek Squad that would do something like this? Verizon also says they don't send people out on these kinds of calls, either.

All I want is to be able to turn the damned DVD player on and press "play". Is that so hard? nooooo, I have to press no less than 6 buttons in the right order to get everything to work correctly. I actually lost the picture on my TV for hours because I pressed the wrong combo of buttons and it took forever and pressing random buttons to get it back.

Sorry, this is just half rant/half question. My question is: Does anyone know of any place that's not the Geek Squad that can hook up a DVD player?

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Have you seen the new Star Trek movie?


Are you as in love with it as I am?

Yes I am.
I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure I will.
Haven't seen it.
Don't care.

Did you like Star Trek in general before you saw the movie?

I did indeed.
Zebra cakes.

Kill Bill - Elle
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I just e-mailed this guy back about renting a room from him and realized his e-mail is "cthulhulives". This is destined for greatness, y/y?

What fun and exciting things did you do today?

Ride To VA

I know this has been asked on here before -     If you have a drive for 6 hours for a trip -

How do you stay awake? Energy Drinks? Coffee?

How can I stop drivers ASS CRAMP SYNDROME? 

Besides rest stops, what other places should I stop to get food/drink?    I  ...hate...driving.

Edit :   My drive will be 2 AM till when I arrive.

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As a spinoff from pickathelitter's post:

Will you post a picture of your MOST favorite hair cut/style/color?

So now that we've established that I fail at seeing very obvious things.  How old were you when you hit puberty?

(no subject)

What do you think you smell like?

(my friend thinks I smell like bread)

Do you know certain people who smell like certain things?

(I have a friend who always smells like laundry detergent)
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has TQC ever helped you make a decision?

did you follow it? did you regret it?

TQC has advised me on:
- not shampooing my hair everyday (no regrets, my hair is fab now)
- not scrubbing my face dry with facial products (no regrets, my skin is much better too!)
- my shoe dilemma (went with the black one, as most suggested. no regrets either!)

so thank you TQC :D
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In the past two weeks, I've had several people add me, including people I've known since elementary school. They knew me before puberty hit. Yikes.

How long have you known some of your friends on Facebook? (Just to make things fair, family doesn't count.)

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How do you react if someone hangs up on you? (Intentionally, when you're arguing for example)

My dad will refuse to talk to them on the phone again. I just think it shows weakness and bad manners, and they're lucky if I pick the phone up to them again

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TQC, what was the highlight of your day?

My boyfriend and I drove down to Gilroy (bumfuck nowhere for you non Bay Area-ites) and took his dogs and their new puppies swimming and walked around the gaming reserve with them. I could have cried from how happy I was.
Evil Me

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Assuming you had a decent job and could be approved for a mortgage, would you buy your parents' house so that they can rent from you? (basically they get the cash but you win in the end with the equity in the house and you don't have to pay anything yourself, they continue to live there and pay all the bills just as they would if they still owned it)

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So tomorrow I'm heading over to a friends place to watch the LOST finale. I originally thought it was just going to be a friends thing, but I gave her my phone number today and she text messaged me asking what kind of food I like/my favorites deserts, etc. Now I'm getting vibes that this is more then just coming over to watch TV together. We've met a few times around campus, but I don't really know her all that well. She's really cute, but I never even though that she would be interested in me.

Am I just over-analyzing this situation, or should I treat this like a date?

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What have you bought that you've yet to make use of?

I've recently gotten a bunch of books that I've yet to wade through. I really shouldn't be going to the library until I'm done with those...

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Do you like my icon?

What's your favourite main stream song of the moment?
I think mine's "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" by Ida Maria

Does it bother you when you're singing and someone asks you a question?
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I'm making a "Neeeerd Nerdy Nerd Nerd"  playlist on my iPod, and I want all the songs in it to be sufficiently nerdy and awesome.

I'm a gigantic HP fan,  love sicence & language, a few animes,  and Dungeons and Dragons.  also Guild Wars. And all kinds of books. xD

Songs that I already have:  'Why The Sun Shines' by They Might Be Giants,   most of Hank Green's work, all of the Remus lupins' that I can find,  and Harry and the Potters  "Our Weapon is Love".


Peyton sig

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 I actually have some alone time tonight, which I NEVER get. Only problem is, I have no idea what to do with said time. Dear TQC, how should I spend my evening?
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What are your suggestions for a healthy, filling lunch to bring to the office? I generally can only accomplish one or the other. Bonus points if it can be made quickly in the morning before I leave, but I'm also willing to make stuff the night before.

(no subject)

say, hypothetically, that one had been looking at porn on a work laptop running xp. Aside from firefox's 'clear private data' menu choice, where would one look to be sure all traces were wiped?

(no subject)

1)tell me about a comic you have read lately.

2)what sort of unpleasant things do you have to do tomorrow?

Talk to the bureaucratic lady of doom.

3)what's the worst part of graduation?
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Here, TQC, I have an activity for us to bond with.

Under the cut is a list of 30 re-worded song titles. These songs come from a list of the Top 5000 Songs of the Rock Era found in the fourth edition of Billboard's Hottest Hot 100 Hits. Each song title is an overcomplicated form of one of the aforementioned songs' titles.

Can you guess these titles? The ones that are still unanswered have been bolded.

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(no subject)

how can you tell if a person respects you?

(please make the distinction that treating you nicely and respecting you are not the same thing. for our purposes, the definition of respect is: to have esteem for or a sense of worth or excellence toward a person.)

(no subject)

 I'm house sitting and the garage door remote (they also left keys, so I wasn't locked out) the owners left with me was lost/broken. The clicker was in my purse which fell off a x-ray belt in a government building and subsequently crushed from being stuck in the belt.

I do still have the broken remote. It's an old style, 3 button, brick size genie remote.

Obviously, I'm going to tell the owner about what happened so they don't think someone random person has access to their house.

My question is:

A. Do I buy them a replacement prior to their return?
B. Should I just give them money and allow them to replace it?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Guys, I miss my boyfriend and my best friend. They're both six hours away from me right now. :(

Will you tell me something wonderful about your SO? How about something your SO does that you think is really cute?

And what's so great about your best friend? Does your best friend do anything cute/awesome?

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The fact that i'm writing a list of reasons why I should end my relationship (of 11 months) shows that its already over, yes?

Whats the best time and place to do something like this?

And how can I assure myself that i'm doing the right thing?

ETA: It's my first very serious relationship, so I haven't done this before, nor know what the fallout will be like.
ETAA: sorry! He lives with his parents who are always in the house. I think this would make it quite difficult.

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Help. :/

How do I make tofu? I need yummy recipes, please and thanks.

eta: Okay. Recipes that involve tofu. I didn't think you guys needed it spelled out. I apologize. I also want recipes that people here have personally tried, but thanks for giving me the obvious answer of google.
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Is there some sort of connotation with satin sheets?

I only sleep on hot pink satin sheets and I'm sick of getting laughed at by anyone invited in my room.

What kind of sheets do you sleep on that make you so great?
Flaming Sikozu

What to ask, what to ask...

Tomorrow I am going to see my endocrinologist, dietician and psychologist.
I have a few questions of my own to ask but was wondering if you had any other knowledge I should be seeking.

What should I ask them? The weirder the better! =D
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What TV show do you think people should get into (if they aren't already)? It doesn't have to be currently on-air.

I don't care how long it takes to catch you up, I want everyone as obsessed with House as I am.
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Hypothetically Speaking...

You have an idea for a story.  You know with absolute certainty that you can get it published, and it will become a highly popular novel with a fanbase that is fiercely loyal, easily pleased, and willing to buy anything that the merchandising department can come up with.  You know that if you write and publish this story, you will become rich and famous almost overnight.

The problem is, you despise the fanbase that you would be appealing to, and you know that if you wrote the story, you would end up with something that appeals to them, but which you personally hate.

1)  Would you do it?
If you did it:
2)  Would you use your own name or a pseudonym?
3)  In your interviews, would you try to hide the fact that you hate the story and your fanbase, or would you admit it freely?

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bowie bright

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My upstairs neighbor's bathtub apparently overfilled, and now water is leaking through the light fixture in our bathroom.

What are the odds of me getting electrocuted by this new development?

ETA: Maintenance guy called my 1st floor neighbor, it wasn't them but rather the 2nd floor (I'm in the basement). She forgot to tuck her curtain in the shower. That must've been an epic shower...