May 11th, 2009

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so, i've been broke (college student, medical issues) for a while and have finally budgeted enough money to treat myself after a tough year, and spend in the $150 range without feeling omg guilty.

i don't really NEED anything currently, and am going to browse at the mall, sephora, and target tomorrow.

so, inspire me. what would you do with $150? (links for online shopping encouraged!)

What is worse:

What's worse?
  1. When you have to sneeze but you can't  vs. an itch on your back that you can't reach
  2. Getting caught cheating  vs. Catching somebody cheat (S.O.)
  3. Going blind  vs. going deaf
  4. Nauseous/stomach pain  vs. horrible headache
I forgot to pay my taxes. $40. What is going to happen?
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when having sex with a man (or if you are a man), is his/your shirt always removed? does it make a difference to either of you?

how many positions do you go through every time you have sex?
do you feel that it's better to change positions a lot of times or to just stay in one that's working out pretty well?
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Ladies, if you keep an agenda book, do you mark the day you started your period? If you do, what marks it?
I circle a big "P" in the blank space for the day.

What do you do when you're so upset, you can't sleep?

Does anyone else have a mom who they don't get along with too well? Did you still call her for Mother's Day?
Yes, and it was awkward, but... yeah. Whatever.

Where can I buy cheap shoes that won't fall apart? I'm looking for a pair of black ballet flats that will last me more than a month.

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1)What do you think about authors who write series and have more than 3 years between books?

2)Your thoughts on homeopathic medicine?

3)Do you watch more tv on your tv or on your computer?

food food food

TQC, I am retardedly hungry. I won't be able to eat until 11:00, and have class at noon, so I'm gonna have to go somewhere to eat (ETA: It's nine-o-clock where I live). I have the following choices:

-Panda Express (awesome chinese food)
-Steak Escape (Hot Sandwiches with meat in them and barbeque sauce)
-Sbarros (Pizza place)
-Daphne's (Greek food)
-Rubio's (Fish Tacos)
-Poopy Grill (Overpriced on-campus food place)

Where should I eat?

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Good morning.

Would you please recommend some really incredible techno songs for me? Something really intense, like the kind of music you can have incredible sex to? If you don't like techno, any type will suffice.

thanks! :)

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If you listen, what radio show do you listen to in the morning?

The place I listen to was just talking about the Rihanna nude photos, and I told them how OhNoTheyDidn't confirmed that it was Rihanna and Chris Brown in the hotel rooms and they HADNT heard of it! They asked on air if anyone had heard of it and everyone was like "yeah, no" and it took me out of my little livejournal world.
My question is, do youe ver talk about lj like people should know about it? Do you talk about it irl or is this your secret thing?

Ideas wanted

I need ideas.

At my job we have had the same mailman for 20 years. He is a super guy and is retiring.

We want to make him some sort of fake certificate for years of service and I am trying to think of some catchy phrases to put on it... perhaps involving the "Neither rain nor..." quote or not. His name is Stu if that helps with rhyming. Will you give me ideas of catchy phrases to put on the certificate?

Srs and non srs for sure :)

And if you don't give a damn. How do you fix your coffee?
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1. If you had $20 to spend here, what would you get?

I'd have to choose this.

2. You just found out you got all A's this semester. How do you celebrate for little to no money?

3. Have you seen the new Star Trek movie? If not, are you going to?
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You know how you hover over links and that little window comes up with the website inside?

How do you turn that off? It keeps coming up with stack overflow errors and is just generally a pain in the ass.

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So about 2 months ago, I contacted this company to express interest in a summer internship. 2 days later, I got a response from a woman saying that she would be interested in learning more about me. I sent her more info, but I didn't hear from her for a week and a half. She finally responds by saying that her response was so late because she and everyone else at her firm were swamped with work. She then went on to say that I would make a great intern and asked for my availability. I immediately wrote back and included responses to all of her questions.

2 weeks have gone by and I still haven't heard anything. Exactly a week ago, I followed up by kindly asking if she could get back to me soon so that I could finalize my summer plans. I STILL haven't heard back from her.

Should I send a follow-up email again, or just forget about this internship and make other plans?

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What does "shacking up" mean to you?

to get married
to have sex
to live with someone
to live with someone and have sex
have kids
two or more of these options
building a friggin shack. obviously.
i dont know


I was in a "hurricane" on Friday! In effing Southern Illinois!!!!!

How crazy is that? I don't know if anyone has talked about it in the last few days because I've been without power. I'm at work now and thankfully my boss has internet!

I won't have power at home until the end of this week, beginning of next week. How bad does that suck?

My husband won't let me use the chainsaw. He's a douche, y/y?

job advice, I needs it

So I worked at Petco for a year. Last May, I quit the job after getting fed up with them changing my hours last second and not asking but telling me what my hours would be changed to.

I was in a few months ago, still looking for a job after quitting them, and one of the managers asked if I wanted to work there again. I both loved and hated this job, but it was money which I am in desperate need of. So I said sure. I did the online application, and called in when I was supposed to.

H, the manager that has to rehire me, went to another store for like 3 weeks before I could be hired on. J, the manager who offered me the position answered the phone when I called today to see if she was in. He explained to me that I would be taken on, but that I would be the on call girl, and be doing mornings since I live so close to the Petco.

Thing is, I don't anymore. I now live 40 minutes away from the Petco. And I need a job not one half shift per week and then be on call whenever someone calls in sick or they are swamped. I don't know how to explain to them that I have moved, and that I think it's shitty that after a year of great service (Over 3 customer compliments and zero customer complaints. And those customer compliments were the written ones, but I had several people ask for a manager to praise me to them. I did my job well, and I honestly cared about helping people decide their pets.) that I get stuck being the lowest level of the ladder. Particularly after H talking to me about being a head of animal department and telling me how much she needed someone like me in her staff since she has all new people except for herself, J, T, K, and L. And all but one of those people is in a manager position.

So, what the fuck can I do? J didn't let me get a word in about where I live or what they wanted from me, and I am so beat from looking for a job. Should I just take it? Should I decline and try to find something else? Should I try to get a different position/negotiate? Are they taking advantage of the fact I obviously haven't found a job so they think I'll be vulnerable?

Where are some good places to look for a job? I've tried PetSmart, Pet Food Express, Best Buy, IHOP, Applebees, a shit ton of office places, Comcast, Verizon, Target, K-Mart. God knows where else. I just ran around and threw my resume at places. But I need a job, and I'm at wits end. Halp!

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Suppose you were knocked on the head and lost your memories for the past 5-10 years.
When you wake up, what kind of person would you be? How would you be different? WHY? How would you be the same? WHY?

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So I took the wrong exit on the Beltway today and ended up being beyond late to a job interview. I called and left them messages letting them know but they claimed not to have gotten them, and when I finally got there they outright rejected me. FML, right? :(

If this happened to you, how would you cheer yourself up? Or if this has happened to you, what did you do next?
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for bad skin: proactive or birth control? idk if proactive even works.

the pill didn't make a difference in my skin before, but without it, i wasn't having a cycle most of the time. well, now it comes every 6-8 weeks and my skin is worse than ever. perhaps these events are related!

i don't have a drug plan or planned parenthood, so i can't do both.
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If you don't want to speak to someone but they keep calling, is it better to just not return their calls or call, hope they don't answer, and leave a message telling them to fuck off?
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Busty ladies: Where do you buy your bathing suits from?
What are some websites where I can buy cute dresses? (I already hit up ModCloth, Forever21, and Old Navy)
What are some awesome summer tunes?
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Assume that you and your sex/showering partner have not showered yet, nor have you had sex. You plan on doing both of those things.

Which is the proper order in which to do them?

Shower together, then have sex.
Have sex, then shower together.
Flip a coin.

Also assume that having sex IN the shower is not an option.

No srsly it's not an option IT'S A SMALL SHOWER and also it's slippery. >:o

Am I just being a jerk?

I recently posted an ad seeking an intern. While this intern will be charged with a bunch of relatively non-taxing administrative stuff, he or she will also be expected to do quite a lot of writing. I guess I have pretty high standards for this sort of thing (I write for a living), but I'm trying to figure out if I'm going too far by refusing to call the one applicant I've received an application from on the grounds described below. You tell me, TQC: Am I going too far?

Her writing samples contain multiple cases of one of my grammatical pet peeves--the misused apostrophe. She's missing several apostrophes in plural possessive structures (for example, writing "Americans" where it ought to be "Americans'") and, in one particularly shocking instance, seems to have formed a nominative plural with 's.

Just as irritating to me, she's used "they" as a singular form--essentially, as a synonym for "he or she."

I recognize that the apostrophe mistakes would likely slip through an automated spell check. I also recognize that the second mistake is really, really common nowadays. But it's still wrong, and it hurts my eyes to look at it. In my book, either of these mistakes is enough to make me conclude that her writing skills are not strong enough for the task at hand.

What do you think--should I call her anyway, even though it gives me a bad feeling that I'm going to have to copy-edit everything she writes for me?

ETA: I'm going to wait a week. If I don't get an applicant with flawless writing samples, I'm going to bring her in for an interview. While I have some lingering concerns, and will tell her not to use singular "they" in anything she writes for me, her work experience, enthusiasm, and good recommendations make her a strong candidate apart from these relatively small glitches. Wish her, and me, luck.

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so if i wanted to create a forum for my graduating college friends where we can all like post updates for each other or just funny stories or whatever spontaneously........ what is the best site to do that with? 

its going to be hard to get them to create accounts or wahtever (theres 25 of them), so the simpler, the better. i thought about doing it on livejournal with anonymous posting or something. any suggestions would be great.
now this is a story all about how my lif

it truly makes my soul sad deep down inside


I have this friend who loves the TV show Friends intensely and I cannot understand why. I decided that I'd try to turn him onto something better, which in my opinion was Battlestar Galactica.

His complaint about the show was "homo's, robots with feeligs, religious stuff, there's a bunch of stuff"

After finishing it, he decided that Friends is still the better show. Why is this? :(



Also, I am still obviously very upset that people are allowed to have different opinions than me. Someone needs to do something about this and quick.
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sam bullshit

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I changed my account settings to US Mountain Standard Time but on my friends page, it still says retrosoup's post was at 10:53 instead of 2:53, and so on. How do I fix this? Am I just an idiot? Or does eljay hate me?

I have tried refreshing. And I did click "Save Changes".

ETA: Does it go by the poster's time zone? If so, why does the Account Settings call it "viewing options"?

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It's 4PM, do you know where your capo is?

Well, where is my capo?

Last thing I remember, I put it in some kind of bag whilst in a hurry, and thought to myself "I'll never remember that it's in here," and sure enough, I don't know where it is.
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i'm leaving soon to buy high top pumas. i have two choices:

1. black with gold lining
2. white with blue/yellow/pink patterns

which pair should i get TQC? both are the same price.

ETA: I BOUGHT THE BLACK ONES! thank you TQC! it was easier to follow your advice than my boyfriend's lol.
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guys, i go to a pretty small community college in the middle of nowhere. i frequently see cars from ontario in our parking lot (maybe one every few days, all semester long). we're about an hour and a half from the border. why are there so many canadians here?

eta: if you don't know or don't care, do you ever post to tqc because your flist is dead and you're bored?


Is jogging in four 15-minute intervals with rest breaks in between just as beneficial to your body as jogging for a solid hour?

If you don't know, will you tell me about you hair? Do you like its natural texture, color, etc? How do you typically style it? How does your hair make you FEEL?
hate pimentos

Ok, TQC. Validate me, plz?

Collapse )

TL;DR: My friend who I have known for a long time but am not particularly close with is having a wedding reception the same weekend that I already have other plans which I cannot "cancel and do some other time." The wedding reception has a lot of pain-in-the-ass stipulations on it and will be populated with a bunch of people I don't quite care for.  Should I go?  Do I have a right to be annoyed with all of this bullshit?


What's the most fun you've ever had at a wedding? What made it so awesome?


mmm donuts!

ok so there are 2 Dunkin' Donut donuts on my kitchen counter. One is vanilla creme filled (yumm) the other is chocolate creme filled (double YUMMM) should I eat them? or should I leave them for my husband?

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How do you feel about people using old illustrations from books (of people and such) and putting them on t-shirts to sell? I think its a cool idea, but insn't it copyright infringement?
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how does facebook determine who shows up in your "people you may know"? i thought it was just people you have a lot of mutual friends with, but my aunt keeps showing up and we have NO mutual friends. she has my mother added, but i don't have any mutual friends with my mother, either. THIS MAKES NO SENSE (and is also kind of creepy).

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Ever had mono? How was your experience with it?

I was diagnosed on exam week, and the worst part is the exhaustion that's kept me in bed all day besides an hour at the doctor's, and the pressure from the swollen lymph nodes trying to push my head off my neck. The doctor had me cancel all my exams so I could stay in bed, so now I have to make those up next semester. Ugh.

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Any words of wisdom?

I need some new music to listen to. Something raunchy or dancy, but just rock-and-roll enough. Any suggestions? God, just anything that's not about being in love would be fine.

How is your day going?

English Pub in Atlanta

Can somebody a recommend genuine English-style pub anywhere in Atlanta or the surrounding areas? Not any of that Fox and Hound rubbish either, but a genuine English pub with fish and chips and other traditional pub foods prepared exactly as they would be in England.


Edit: Yes, I accidentally the whole post.
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Did you ever have to work with or deal with someone that had the worlds most annoying voice?

How did you keep from either strangling that person or losing your damn mind?

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 Passive aggressive or no?

"Just shows what kind of person you really are."

- In summary, I found out a former co-worker was saying untrue things. I gave her the opportunity to come clean, she then proceeded to hurl insults at me via email with the last one stating this. I stopped responding about 2 messages in and left it with ' ok take care'.


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Are there any shows you plan on going to soon?

I am going to see Camera Obscura in June and Death Cab/Teagan and Sarah/The New Pornographers in July.  Yay!

Who played the last show you went to?

Harvey Danger, although it was a 20 second glimpse due to a night of catastrophes.


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What's the last great non-fiction book you read that you would recommend to your friends?
    The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court

What's the last non-fiction book you finished that you wouldn't recommend?
     Devil in the White City. Seriously, a dozen people recced it to me, but I thought the structure of the book was incredibly annoying and some parts were so unnecessarily long winded. I'm not that fascinated by serial killers either, so I guess that's a part of the problem.

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Srs question: Other than pregnancy, why would a young, healthy woman with incredibly regular periods randomly STOP menstruating (3 missed periods in a row)?

Non-srs question: If you were my period, where would you be?

And I already asked the vagina community. No help.

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Is there a game show more stupid than "Deal or No Deal"?

To win the million, you would have to go all the way to the end. No skill involved, no strategy, just dumb luck. And the odds are ALWAYS against the contestant.
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U Guys, I just learned how to wiggle my nose. I could already wiggle my ears, but this is a new talent!

Can you wiggle your nose?
How about your ears?
(without any help from your fingers or anything!)
What's your most useless talent?
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 Is there a way to salvage old disposable razors? Like get the rust off them if there is any? It's supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow, so I REALLY don't want to wear pants, but I'm flat broke and can't go buy a new damn razor. :-/

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Do you ever just sit around and click things in your browser (the same bookmarks, refresh, boring links) because you're feeling so inert you don't even care to find something you'd find interesting on the net, yet alone do something productive?

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How much, if at all, do the following things gross/creep you out?

1) feet
2) bugs
3) nails on a chalkboard
4) roadkill, seen from a car
5) spoiled/moldy food

What is something else that you really dislike, and why?

Stupid human tricks

TQC, what are your stupid human tricks? Could you post pictures? I have had a shitty day (or six months) and could use some lolling.

Edit: Wave that abnormal flag! Can you touch your tongue to your nose? Turn your feet around backward?

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I myself have no preference, as all colors are equally beautiful to my eyes, but what color of highlighter is your favorite to use?

On my desk is a Pringles can that's labeled in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and appears to have been meant for South American markets, but ended up here in the U.S. by mistake; I use it to hold spare change. Do you have a container that you dump spare change into? What kind is it?

Are you imagining how much it would hurt to put a toothpick under your big toenail and kick the wall as hard as you can? Are you curling your toes at the thought?
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Where do fruit flies come from?

Better question, how do I get rid of them in my apartment??? They're gross and won't leave me alone and I cleaned about 50 times!! (OK, more like twice, but still.)

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Have you ever had the strange experience of learning about something completely new only to have it appear in your life very shortly after? 
Ex: you learn an obscure word that you've never seen before, only to read it later in a blog.
Is it just because you are aware of the information that it now seems to occur in your life with increasing frequency?

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I have a job interview tomorrow and I realllllly don't want to work there. I applied to a bunch of places today. If they give me the job tomorrow, would it be in bad taste to say that I'd like to think it over for a few days?
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What would you do?

As I don't have a Magic 8 Ball, I thought I'd ask TQC...

I have a class that I have achieved a C- in (just barely). I could take an optional replacement final (ORF) and that score will replace my lowest score - but - this ORF will replace my lowest score even if I do worse, and the ORF is harder than all of the other exams. I need a 3.0 GPA so every class counts, but if I do worse and end up not passing the class I'd have to take it a 3rd time and it sucks.
What would you do????

Would you take the ORF?


For those who are above scholastic queries, Grape Ape or Magilla the Gorilla?
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What websites do you have in your bookmarks?

mine: yahoo email, cascade email,, tqc,, google calendar, library,,,
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1) for you australians out there - any idea where i can get a cute little thermos? i tried target, coles and kmart, no such luck :(

2) for uni students who are not working part time - what's your weekly budget? minus rent and all that boring stuff. i can't figure out how much mine should be.

3) what is your favourite Benefit product?


My friend was tanning the other day (in a tanning bed) and noticed that 2 of the six diamonds in her wedding ring were reflecting (glowing?) a greenish color. No matter which way she turned the ring around only those two diamonds were green, the rest were clear. Her earrings (swarovski crystals) were even clear.
What would cause only those two diamonds to show as a greenish color? If it matters the six stones are inset and the two that happened to be greenish were on the same end.
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