May 10th, 2009

Bandit Driving

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My roommate's brother just turned to us and said "You know what would be really pointless? To get your nipples removed and then get tattoos of nipples in their place."

What was your last WTF moment?
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If my lease doesn't specifically say I can only one pet, can I be held to that?

If it's not written, can they enforce it?

They are trying to verbally tell people in the complex there is a one pet rule, when it isn't in the lease.

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if someone told you to imagine animals in the wild having sex, what species of animal would come to mind?
what kind of habitat would they be fucking in?

what color should i paint my room? i want something earthy but dramatic.

why did it take me over an hour to notice i said "habit" instead of "habitat?"
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 for all you tqc techies,

my iPod shuffle (2nd gen) died today.  i used up all the battery and it shut off on me.  no big deal, right?  I put it to charge and my computer's not reading it.  Fandangled with it a bit and the light turned red, green, and steady orange for about 5 seconds and then turned off.  i've changed chargers, it isn't the charger.  plugged in my husband's iPod, and his works, so i can't blame it on the charger or my pc. I can't get it to turn on because like I said, the battery's toasted.  I've left it here at the computer all day, but nothing.  i checked apple support to see why my pc isn't picking it up, but it's no help because it's telling me to make sure my battery is fully charged but obviously, that isn't possible.

any ideas as to what's wrong or what to do?  i've had it since xmas and it's died like this before without having this problem.
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What size bed do you have?

Do you sleep with fitted/flat sheets? (I find most boys don't in my experience)

How many pillows?  Soft or hard ones?

Do you have a human/animal/stuffed animal bedmate?

What clothes if any do you sleep in?
 full - soon to be queen
sheets are a must
one hard pillow for elevation, two soft pillows for wrapping around my head
share with boyfriend named mike and stuffed bear named herman
usually a sleeveless mid thigh length nighgown (not the granny style!), if it's cold i put sweatpants and a t-shirt over/under it and sleep socks
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So my roommate is refusing to pay her third of the van rental from moving in today. Because we moved beds (i.e. personal items) as well as communal stuff (tables, etc) she said that she is only responsible for the stuff she's going to use, and the cost of moving only those items.

Her parents came a week ago, unexpectedly, with a full bedroom set for her and lots of kitchen supplies. The other roommate and I are paying for everything ourselves: beds, dressers, kitchen and bathroom supplies, etc.

So not only does she not have multi-hundred-dollar expenses, she is making a LOT more at her job than either me or roommate 3. She did not help move (I did most of it alone). When her parents came she helped them, but I personally schlepped a car full of her stuff to the apartment out of the goodness of my heart and did not ask for payment, and she only helped move HER PERSONAL stuff anyway.

Should she pay for her third of the moving cost? If so, why? If not, why not?

Give me srs and non-srs, I want a laugh.

ETA: The van cost $105 total, I want $35 from each roommate.
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Last night my roommate and I made a batch of the Wallaby Darned drinks from the outback. They have frozen peaches in them and they're suppose to be blended but we didn't do that. So i have a pitcher of this stuff unfrozen sitting in my fridge with no clue what to do with it. I don't want it to go to waste but I won't be drinking any of this until at least next weekend. Should I somehow find some type of bottle, pour, and freeze? something else that i'm not thinking of?

I really don't want to throw this out!

What do you do when someone posts something in a community that OBVIOUSLY is a lie but everyone else believes it?
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What are some of your SO's attributes that might commonly be considered a deal breaker but you overlook because you care about them? (such as smoking, drugs, bad financial habits, obesity, bad breath, lol, idk)

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For those of you who like Jimmy Johns, why? I mean, it just seems like I could go to the deli, buy the ingredients and make the same sandwich for cheaper.

At least when you go to a place like Quiznos, they're at least somewhat of a higher quality than most people (including myself) can cook using the shit in their home/apartment.

sorry if this grosses out the vegs

Meat eaters of TQC, do you eat the other not-strictly-meat bits in your meat dishes? Like the fat or cartilage. I know some people who are sticklers for eating only muscle, whereas I am eating a pork rib stew right now and the marrow and nubbly bits are also super good.

Favorite Indiana Jones movie?

What was your bravest moment?
lol swine flue

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NEW QUESTION: what's the last thing you lost? did you find it?

guys i have another stupid question. i'm trying to make a circle skirt. the waist is 30" and i want it to be 25.5" long. it is also going to have six panels. how the hell do i figure out the width of the panels at the bottom?

eta: it's 16". i tried figuring it out before and i got like, 44" or some crazy shit.

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my ceiling fan keeps making this loud scratching sound and it is so fucking annoying but i can't turn it off because it is hot. it is like a second of scratching and a second of silence. there doesn't seem to be anything stuck in there. would anyone happen to know how to shut it up so i can sleep?
lol swine flue

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GUYS I NEED YOUR OPINION. i am making a pretty dress very similar to this, only it'll probably be a solid or faintly printed light blue. i'll have a bit of trim going round the waist and more trim for the straps. the question is this: should i make the trim round the middle and the straps interchangable? that is, make a few in different colors and make them button on or something, so i can change the color.

these are some of the colors i'm considering: Collapse )

what color should the straps etc be?

oh and one more question: what color of dress would go well with this color of hair?

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I feel like going crazy in the kitchen today. You know, cooking and baking TONS of shit.

What should I make?!

I can google the recipes, so don't feel obligated to post those.

ETA: Any like meal or savory things I could cook?

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my mother and i dont get along pretty much at all and she hasnt given me anything since i was 14.
anyways she told me she expects to take her out for lunch today but i already have plans with friends around noon. even though i really dont like her and how shes uses me i would still feel bad if i didnt do anything for her. should i ask her if i can take her out for breakfast instead or should i just tell her no?

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I'm making banana pudding (with Nilla wafers & bananas) for the first time ever. Jell-O says I should use banana flavored pudding, but I've seen people use vanilla pudding. Which one do you like best?

What's your favorite dessert?
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When you wake up in the morning, do you wake up refreshed and ready to go? Or are you sluggish?

Do you eat breakfast in the morning? What is your favorite everyday breakfast? What's your favorite breakfast overall?

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In high school, TQC, which foreign language did you take: Spanish, French, other, or *gasp* none?  If you are in high school, which language are you taking or will you take?

Do you know what lemon curd is?
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Am I an asshole/way oversensitive for being upset by this statement?

On the blog of a parent whose child has a brain tumor:

"I feel like this should all be happening to some crackhead on the street."

Yes, I know people in stressful situations say shitty things. And I'm not going to judge or confront this person, because I can only imagine what he's going through. It just hurt because I have some friends who've been homeless. One of my friends who has been homeless twice is seriously one of the sweetest, most compassionate people you'll ever meet. And, while I've heard some nasty things said about the homeless, I've never heard anybody wish cancer on them.
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For reality shows that are supposed to measure some type of skill (Hell's Kitchen, ANTM, Top Chef, Groomer Has it, etc) do you generally think the person with the most talent wins, the person who's best at 'playing the game' or some other criteria?
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Is it a bad idea to reply to a Craigslist personal ad if the person posting it is 18, you're 17, and the age of consent where you live is 16?

(It's not in the "casual encounters" section, by the way. And the person posting sounds totally adorable.)


which of these MOTHER songs have you ever enjoyed?

Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys - willie nelson
Tie Your Mother Down - queen
Motherless Children - eric clapton
That's All Right Mama - elvis presley
Mother - pink floyd
Mother and Child Reunion - paul simon
Take Your Mama - scissors sister
Mama Mia - abba
Mama Im Comin Home - ozzy
Stacey's Mom - fountains of wayne
Mama Said Knock You Out - ll cool j
Does Your Mother Know - abba
Mama - spice girls
She's a Bad Mamma Jamma - funk it
oh suzer, you mofo, i just don't know many of these songs.


I am considering applying to this tea shop that probably will pay no more than $7.00 an hour, and they want me to supply 3 references that are not former employers. Whom am I supposed to site? I have absolutely no professional references outside of people I've worked for, and why does an entry-level tea shop job want me to supply them with references?
Ken loves Tubagirl jeffwannabe

Perfumes vs. Eaux de Toillettes

When I was in the South of France in the summer of 2007, I bought some perfume from the Fragonard perfumerie in Grasse. I got a 30ml bottle of their perfume Miranda, and it's my favourite perfume. I've been rationing it so I don't run out, but pretty soon it's going to be gone. I would wear it every day if I could, though. So I'm considering ordering some perfume from the Fragonard website. With shipping and conversion to Canadian dollars, though, it will end up being pretty expensive.

I noticed, though, that they have an eau de toillette version of Miranda. It's considerably cheaper. I could get a humungous bottle for around the same price as the teeny 30ml bottle. Would it be worth it, though? In terms of smell and lasting power, how do eaux de toillettes compare to perfumes? I know the eau de toillette is a lot more diluted than perfumes.

Alternatively, do you know of any perfumes available in North America with the same scent profile as Miranda? Here's what the website says (excuse the cheesiness. Fragonard's words, not mine): Miranda has the gentle warmth of the trade winds, wafting sweet-smelling vanilla and smooth coconut from distant isles mixed with amber and an echo of brilliant flowers. A harmony with an exotic resonance, like the wide blue yonder beckoning.

Alternatively x2: If you know anything about Fragonard, you will know that they manufacture perfumes for other designers, and sometimes they put out their own perfumes that are identical to the designer perfumes. Do you know what the commercial version of Miranda might be?

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Recently my friend forwarded me this invite to the birthday party of someone I don't know. She said guests could bring friends and she thought I'd enjoy it-- apparently it's a costume party for a fellow theatre kid-- but I felt awkward because it was still for a total stranger, so I replied with 'maybe.' After that the birthday girl in question friended me and we started talking. She's nice enough, but I don't really know her that well.

Should I go to the party, or would it be weird/inappropriate/otherwise uncalled for?

Has anything like this ever happened to you (meeting someone you didn't know through a networking site)? What did you do?

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In honor of Mother's Day, Adam and Eve is having a sale on their MILF porn! Well, I'm not stupid enough to buy any porn, but does anyone have recommendations for MILF video downloads? Non-MILF? Mother's Day is a time for celebration!
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I'm thinking of giving my mom a cappuccino maker for Mother's Day, however I won it, she helped me pick it up from the post office last month and she has seen it sit in my living room since. Is this lame? I do think she'd like it either way...

Will you suggest a great non-fiction book?

My husband has been complaining for days that his eye sockets are very painful, we Googled but there's really only stuff on headaches behind the eyes and he says that's not what it is. What could make his eye sockets hurt?
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I have long hair. My hair cut is just even at the ends, no layers of any kind, I don't think I've ever had layers in my hair, and I am considering getting layers.

For those that have them, what are the advantages and disavantages of having layered hair?

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If you live in American/another country that lets you write in vote for candidates, and you have voted before, have you ever written in a candidate? Who did you write in?

For a couple of the judges only one person was running so I wrote in mickey mouse, goofy, and donald duck. I was also halfway tempted to do that for President because I didn't really like anyone.

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How many laptops/computers have you gone through?

I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 a year ago on April 27th.
By August, the charger stopped working, but I didn't have time out of my busy college schedule of my freshman year to take two hours to call Dell, so I dealt with it. In March, my harddrive decided to crash. Dell sent me a new one, and it was working fine. In April, my laptop started shutting down in the middle of my House watching episodes and I called Dell on a free Saturday afternoon, and determined my motherboard needs replacement. Dell said this would take 3 weeks, and I had a month left of school so I never sent it back.

Should I send it back and patiently wait while my motherboard gets replaced, and then wait a few months for something else to go wrong?

Should I buy a Mac and forget my laptop?

I've been looking at investing into a Mac, because I've had my share of painful experiences with PC's...My family has gone through a Compaq and two e-Machines, and Toshiba, Acer, and now Dell for laptops.
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1. What term do you use for sms/text message things?


2. How many messages do your text conversations go on for?

3. Does anyone over 16 do text rallies any more?

I realised recently that I generally ignore messages unless they need an immediate reply, and at most my text conversations have three messages. Eg. "Do you want to meet at the train station or the restaurant?" "Train station - I'll get in around 7. I'll bring that shirt." "Cool, see you there at 7:10 or so".

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I'm upgrading my video card from the 8MB card my PC came with to something that can handle some of the larger 3D games coming out this year. The minimum requirement for one game in particular is 128MB.  But after googling different ATI models, I want to make sure I'm doing this right.

Video cards are the one thing I dont really know much on, so before I google and shop around for good deals I need to ask... is more MB on a video card going to mean better speed and game play? I've always wanted my gaming computer to have flawless, high speed movement. Any tips are appreciated! 
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I am really curious, in the last few years I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of people chewing with their mouth open (I first noticed it extensively in the U.S. and now it is happening more and more in Australia too.)

To those of you who can't, or refuse to chew with your mouth closed, please tell me why?

To those who do chew with your mouth closed, do you react to seeing others chewing with their mouth open?

To me they look like an 6 year old who has bad table manners and it turns my stomach.

pick my pie!

I want to make a pie for my husband as a surprise, but don't know which kind to make. I've never made any of these three recipes, and since it's a surprise, I can't ask him which he wants. So, TQC gets to pick!

Which would you rather have?

-Turtle pumpkin pie (pumpkin pie with pecans and vanilla)
-Chocolate peanut butter cream cheese pie
-Apple pie (with crumble on top instead of another pie crust)

Thanks :)

ETA: What's your favorite kind of pie? i could be convinced to try something different.

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have you ever been turned away by an eye doctor because you ordered contact lenses online? have you ever heard of this happening to anyone?

some guy on the something awful forums makes eyeglasses and fits contact lenses for a living and he says that ordering lenses online is stupid and that a good doctor will turn someone away if they buy their contacts online.
Jane Asher

Dearest TQC,

1. I'm buying a 1968 Beetle as soon as I have enough money. Problem is, the car has no airbag and only lap seat belts. Is that legal? Illegal? Would my insurance, especially as a young drive, plummet?

2. I'm supposed to be reading Pygmalion for English, which is due tomorrow. I haven't started. What are your horror story tales of procrastination (to help me feel better :3)

3. What'd you do for Madre's Day?
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I'm staying over my friend's tonight, and I have a full day of classes tomorrow. I don't have time for lunch which blows. What food/snack things should I bring for the school day tomorrow to either store in their fridge overnight or keep in my bag?

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In the spirit of sci-fi geeks everywhere this weekend; 1. Who is your favorite alien?
A. Spock
B. E.T.
C. Yoda
D. Q
E. The Doctor
F. The Predator
G. The Alien (from "Alien")
H. Garak
I. Gul Dukat
J. Stitch
K. Someone else. (if so, who?)

2. How many aliens in the question above did you know already without having to look them up?

3. Do you think the new Star Trek flick could have used a few more lens flares?
a. There was a lens flare in the ice cave but there wasn't a light source anywhere. Where did the flare come from?

Stone Pony

Have you ever been to the Stone Pony in Asbury Park? Is it as dumpy as I imagine it being? Could you compare it to another venue?

It's quite close but I've always avoided it because I worry about running into someone from high school there. Peaches will be there next month and I don't want to miss it.

I'm kind of picturing it like the Mercury Lounge mixed with the Bowery Ballroom but kind of gross.

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1)What does your city look like from above?

Like a forest that someone built houses in.

2)Would you tell me about any interesting pets you know about?

3)Would you wear laminated paper earrings?

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What actors and actresses did you "discover" way before they were famous?

I was thinking about how when I was 8/9/10 I watched so many people on Nickelodeon and Disney who were just starting their careers back then and now they're pretty big stars. It's funny to go on YouTube and look up their old stuff, and I feel nostalgic and then I read some other people's comments and they're like "Oh man I had no idea so-and-so was on this show 12 years ago!"
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I am experiencing one of those "high on life" scenarios after going on a bike ride just outside the city, through the Scottish countryside. Oh my goodness it was so beautiful, perfect weather, and just a perfect day. Will you tell me something you've done recently that made you feel the same way? What left you grinning for hours?

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This is a really narrow question that I'm sure is not going to include a lot of people so I'm sorry in advance.

I'm three days into knowing that I have Asperger's. If you have AS, when you found out did you feel an odd sense of belonging like I currently am?

Also, TQC, you are the first people I am telling. If you found out at a late age how did you tell people (if you did)?
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I've got darkish hair right now and want to add purple streaks to it. I plan on bleaching the sections that will be purple-ified first, but I don't know any of the good brands for the purple... what works well for funky colors?

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my phone was stolen and i need to get a new one... am i going to have to pay out the ass for a new phone or will i get it at a discounted rate? i don't have insurance on the phone and i use at&t.

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Scenario - Person is complaining about not being able to afford a new cat carrier because it was $50. Then they got a new cat.

Would you say something? Should I just smile and nod or speak up about their stupidity?

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k guys, I'm getting this lil guy for the start of my anime sleeve. I'm wondering how good a "watercolor" tattoo will turn out. Will it look intentional or just look like the artist did a horrible job or didnt use enough ink? halp!

cross my fingers that the cut will work, havent done one in ages.Collapse )

wall art

I have one blank wall in my room, about 4 sq. feet. It's right above my desk. I don't feel the need for a bulletin board or white board or anything. I'm trying to make my room less childish, so no cheesy posters.

What should I put on this wall?

non srs answers especially welcome.

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I have a problem. If I want to pick English as advanced course in grade 12, I will have to choose French as my "basic foreign language", which means I'd have to have 4 hours a week. I don't have any other option available because these two are my only foreign langauges. I have alternatives, but I love English a lot and would like to seize this opportunity.
Problem is: my French has become pretty bad because I'm lazy. What would you advice me to brush up on it so I can speak it on a high level? Of course I already know all the basics. I have 1,5 years.
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Cookbooks for College Students

Can you recommend any good cookbooks for college students or otherwise broke people? I'm specifically interested in making things that use a small number of tools and appliances and maybe don't take a lot of prep time.

I'm planning on going to the bookstore before I buy anything but I'd really appreciate it if you could point me to some of your favorites :)
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Has anyone ever worked more than ten hours a day for an extended period of time? How about twelve hours a day?

I'm seriously thinking about taking another job that would make daily work day go from 8:15 AM to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday. I really need the money, plus the other job will count for my required hours for graduate school. I would be doing this for 2 years (maybe 3 tops). The only thing that sucks is I will have to be "on call" one weekend day for the new job and I hate working weekends.

Bad idea or Good idea?

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Let's say your birth control pills are really pricey. Do you think your doctor would give you a few free samples if you asked?
What if you had a friend who worked at said office but you weren't super close? Would they take some for you?

What if I run in and just rush the front desk and take them? :(

Does anyone else have a paper to write tonight?
What is it on?

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TQC, I don't feel good. Rather, I feel like a stomped on piece of shit. I think I might feel better if I throw up.

Should I make myself throw up? Is that really bad?

(I don't have any medicine or means to get any)
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My World.

Besides FARM TOWN and SIMS 2, what other games are out there they let you create your own little world and watch it for hours?(Life is great being bored)

If its a game I can buy I'll track it down. Sims is good but I want something else - but similar.

I <3 TLV

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A guy I went to high school with and have only talked to once or twice since then posted very personal and private information about me on his facebook page. I am FURIOUS! I have no idea why he did this. He also posted it on my own wall, but I deleted it.

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Inspired by the below Q

What is something really nice and unexpected that has happened to you recently?

I lost my library book like a weekish ago and it was from the public library. I'm pretty sure I lost it at school and I was really sad because I wanted to finish reading it and I just felt Mom is kinda uptight about this kinda stuff also and would get mad at me. I was kinda stressed about it for a while, and then I went on the library website and checked my account and somebody had returned it for me! So I'm sending good vibes your way, mysterious-library-book-returner!
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Have any of you ever gone to college as an adult?
How hard is it to get scholarships/grants/loans when you've been out of school for 7+ years?
Have any of you ever gone to RN school?
How hard is it?
Was it worth it?
Community college vs. Private College: Which is better and can I attend a private college without an SAT?

I'm thinking of going to school to be an RN but I don't know if I can afford to.