May 9th, 2009


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I just fell up the stairs again. There are thirteen of them, and were I the superstitious type I might think there was something to that. As I was inspecting myself for damage, I noticed my right sock has a hole in the heel. I can't say whether this is a recent development or if I'm not very observant when I dress myself, but I do know that when my socks wear out, it is, without exception, in the heel. Where do yours usually wear thin first?

How many sticks of butter do you have in your fridge? Fractions and decimals in your answer are acceptable.

Are they salted or unsalted?
zombie baby cede! :D

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Have you ever ate the same thing for every meal of the day?
(for example, I just had dinner, which was spaghetti, as was lunch, as was brunch)

Is there a meal you would willingly do this with?

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So between now and around 2:00pm tomorrow, I have to finish a paper, study for and take my bio final, and literally pack up everything I own to go home for the summer [including many pots and pans, a microwave, etc]. The paper is due at 5:00pm tomorrow, but I'm getting it done before I leave no matter what. My final is at 8:00am. It's 12:30am now, so going to bed right now would mean being asleep by maybe 2:30. Keeping in mind that I don't run well on not much sleep, how would you suggest I go about doing this?

ETA: The final is just a test, and I'm not worried about doing badly on it at all. I run better on no sleep than little sleep, it's weird. I'm not driving myself home, my dad's coming to pick me up. And I know I should've written the paper already. xD

What should I do...

Stay up working on the paper and packing some, study before the final, then come back and finish packing, and just sleep when I get home
Go to bed right this second in hopes of getting sleep, get up early to work on the paper and study, take the final, come back and stressfully pack like a mofo

'Damn Yoouuu'

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I would like to wind up and give the savagest bitch slap the mongrel who stole my motorbike.
He went joyriding on it, then dumped it in the creek.

There would be no damage done and no grudges held, so no revenge taken.
Is there anyone you could bitch slap just because you think they deserve it?

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i just had a horrible fucking nightmare that my sister had green laser eyes (like the lighthouse in the great gatsby) and that she was in the bunk under me speaking in tongues and she was paralyzed and staring a hole through my face. as she was speaking, she was jerking me around via laser eyes and demon talk.

what's the last really scary thing you encountered?

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so today i have to get out of my comfort zone for 4 hours. interacting with the public and giving out booklets at a busy supermarket by myself. i am so not looking forward to it.

when was the last time you had to get out of your comfort zone? what did you have to do? did it turn out well?

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What's the last totally awesome and unexpected thing that happened to you?
Some dude just brought me a box full of 8-track cassettes!

What's the last totally uncool thing tha t happened to you?
My manager completely disregarded the time off I asked for four months ago...

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1. Have you ever had a tick bite?
2. Where do you live?
3. How long was the tick attached?
4. How long did it take for the mark to go away?
5. Did you freak out like I did? :)

I think I am officially initiated into the South because I had my first tick bite two weekends ago. I moved down here from MI and back up there didn't spend nearly as much time outside, and to my knowledge nobody in my family or group of friends had ever encountered this. The good thing is that very few ticks cause disease, and those that do have to be attached quite a while, so I'm in the clear, but... ew.

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I'm not sure if this is normal or not, so please, let me know.

I just got an email from my sister. I thought she was asking me to go to a store with her. No, she was asking me to go to a store for her to buy something.

Does your family do this?
Is this sort of weird or normal?
I was really excited to go with her but I really have no desire to go to a baby store, alone, wasting my precious gas on a Saturday :(

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Any Lost watchers in here?

If so, do you know why the hell Sun, Locke, and Ben landed on the island in 2009 and Hurley, Jack, and Kate landed in the 70's? I mean, I understand why Jack's crew is in the 70's, but if they were all on the same plane, shouldn't Sun, Locke, and Ben be in the 70's too?

Sooooooooooo confuuuuuuuuuused.

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Do you have a learning disability?

Do you or have you ever laughed at someone with a disability? (ie wheelchair) Do you laugh when the media makes jokes in movies and television at the expense of people with disabilities? (I'm thinking of the Jimmy/Timmy type characters).

What color was your poop this morning?

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I'm in college, bought a textbook for one of my classes at the beginning of the semester, and I want to make photocopies of about 10 pages (the book has 350 in it) to study from for my final next week (so I can re-highlight, it's a memorization thing).

I just told my roommate and she said "I wouldn't do that if I were you, that's copywriting, you could get in trouble" I was planning on going to my college's library to make copies.

Is this illegal, or not? what do you guys think?

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What's your favorite board game? What's your least favorite? Why are they your favorite/least favorite?

My boyfriend's mom died when he was 17, its a very sore subject for him and mother's day is always kind of a rough day for him. He normally spends the day with his sister and her family but they got in a fight and I think he's going to be forced to spend the day with me (we live together and my family is coming over). Any tips on what I can do to make it easier for him?

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O HAI TQC. How should I maim the guy in my store that is walking around whistling along to the radio? It's a really shrill, grating whistle. >:O
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Someone asked a question about a dog earlier which made me wonder people opnions of one of my dogs..

I own a Pit Bull..had her since she was 8 weeks old and she will be 5 this July. Towns around me are putting up "Bully breed bans" and most specific reagarding Pit Bulls due to their bad rep. I have 3 young kids and plenty of frinds with kids that come over and play and pick on her and she loves it. Not once has there ban any idicator of worry regarding her "viciousness"

So, here are my questions
1)What are your opinions on Pit Bull's (good or bad) and why
2)Do you think its fair to put a ban on the breed b/c some people still raise them to fight therefore give the entire breed a bad sterotype.
3)If you had/have a Pit Bull and they put a ban in your area would you get rid of your dog or try to hide her (esp if you have had him/her for 5 years or more)

Sorry for the long winded question but this is what I am dealing with right now. I can't just get rid of her if the ban is passed, she would probably end up in a shelter and put to sleep.. :(

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Does it affect you in anyway if people close to you or people you love forget your birthday?

Are you good at being aware of birthdays of the people you love?

Is there any smell that makes you sick when you smell it?

I personally can't stand the smell of gasoline. I can't go to gas stations because I get really indisposed.

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I drove home from Austin at 5am and didn't get to bed until 7:45am, and just now got out of bed even though I didn't really get any good sleep.

What do you do when you feel like a zombie and don't have a coffee maker?

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If you had a gift voucher for a spa, and it says Expires: May, would you assume you would still be able to use it now? Does it mean it expires at the start of may, or the end of may? How vague.

I have noticed a lot of customers yelling at people in customer service lately. Have you ever thrown a hissy at someone in customer service? Or had one thrown at you at work?

I was once told I was racist because I forgot to ask someone if they had our store loyalty card. :(

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My Earth Science professor is giving us two options of how we want to take our final. One is the format we have been doing all semester: short answers questions. There are usually 10 questions worth three points, but the final is FIFTY, each worth one point. I usually write at least half a paragraph because she tells us to put details/be specific and some of the stuff is just hard to explain in just one or two sentences. The other is a multiple choice. My friend that I met in this class said he took the MC test last year and bombed it. I think I am generally doing better than many people in this class (BTW- this class has a fifty-percent fail rate) and I am not looking forward to writing fifty short answers,but I dont want to rock the boat since I have been scoring high on the short answers tests...

TQC- which test do you think I should take?
im french

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So, I want a tattoo of a Flemish/medieval unicorn. (Some examples in case you aren't familiar.)

THIS, is probably my favorite work of art, ever, and I really enjoy the unicorn in that position.

But where the hell would you put something like that? I don't want anything on my arms, and want it on my torso somewhere. *Pain is not an issue.

I need ideas, criticisms (that's awful, works), tips. I've never gotten a tattoo before so I don't know how any of this works. So, ideas?

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Is there any way to hook up a laptop to a desktop so that you can use the desktop computer but with the keyboard of the laptop?

What is your favorite snack food?

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Starting tomorrow I'll be MIA from the intertubes ;___;

Will you recommend some books to check out?
I enjoy humor (think Bryson or A.J. Jacobs), fantasy, some sci-fi, classics, Hemingway, Spanish Lit, general fiction...

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Does anybody have any advice on where to get nice, affordable diamond engagement rings? I only know of the stores with the cheesy commercials, but some googling results in crazy opinions either way. Can you name some good places to look at?


hey tqc,

i'm heading off to college in the fall and am in need of a laptop. i've only owned a desktop before, so bear with me if i'm a bit technologically ignorant hah. i'm leaning towards the white, $1000 mac. thoughts on the different mac models or pc vs mac in general? i'm primarily looking to use it for the internet and word documents, not so much computer programs.

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when you borrow clothing from your friends, do you give it right back as soon as you're done with it, or do you hold on to it as long as humanly possible?

i never give it back, unless it is expensive or begged for.
im french

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Okay people who bake things:

I have to make something chocolatey for someone who loves chocolate.

What is the most delicious, chocolatey thing I should bake that I could transport with relative ease (so, like, no cake)? Recipes, etc.?

**This person is my boss, and someone who will be grading me for my 12-credit internship. He is a man in his 50's.

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I have to write a research paper about "a topic about government and politics in Asia". No other parameters. When given this sort of assignment I tend to fail horribly because it's extraordinarily difficult for me to narrow down such a broad topic. So out of desperation I am asking you, TCQ, what is the most interesting or juicy topic about Asia (yes, anywhere in Asia) that you can think of?

ETA: Thanks for the suggestions, Thailand's current situation looks rather intriguing. I think I'll be going with that. 

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Did/do you have to write a thesis to graduate college?
How many pages? What did it have to be about? How many sources did you need?

Did/do you need to write one to graduate high school?
(same questions apply)

30 pages on a novel with 100 relevant sources

High School:
20 pages on (my chosen topic, Birth Control) with 20 sources
Monty Python hmm, Hmm - Graham Chapman

Sprechen Sie Latin?

I have a question! I'm watching The Da Vinci Code, and the scene where the Silas (Paul Bettany) is on the phone (like five minutes into the movie) he's not speaking English, but it's not subtitled. Is it supposed to be subtitled? Did i get a bum copy of the movie? Or is it actually not meant to be subtitled in that part? I'd hate to watch more if it turns out i AM supposed to know what he's saying. Maybe i accidentally picked up the copy intended for linguists.
self titled

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There is a man walking around a field, playing the bagpipe just down the street from me. He does this pretty frequently. I should go play something along with him, y/y?
(jk, too shy. would not want to mock him. :*/)

what are some odd things about your neighborhood/neighbors?

what's your favorite makeshift and/or minimal-talent-required kind of instrument? (ex. blowing on a bottle/jug, tambourine, triangle, kleenex box banjo, etc.)


validate me?

So just had a discussion with my mom about Netflix. I gave her a coupon for a 30 free trial, and they wouldn't give it to her because when I lived there, I had Netflix, so they didn't see her as a new user. Long story short, they gave her 14 days, but she canceled it because she wanted the 30. I got her a NEW coupon and she tried again. They said they'd give her 28 days free (now that she'd canceled the other account, she acutally technically wasn't a new user), and she refused, because the coupon was for 30.

Now I say that's a little much, just take the 28 days- yes, it's a little lame, but it's still free movies. She says it's "Poor customer service!" and she won't take it at all. Who is right?

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tqc, when i commented here, i got a page saying "Your comment has been added. According to this community's settings, it was marked as screened, and will be visible only to you and the community maintainers until they choose to unscreen it. You can view your comment here."

what the hell? is my comment actually screened?

eta: PROBLEM SOLVED. new question: can you suggest movies for me and this guy i'm seeing to rent/download/see in theatres? we recently rented the plague, quarantine, and shrooms, and he's obsessed with superman.

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I just applied for a job at Target. I could not want to work there any less.
Given the state of the economy and failing job searches, have you applied to any places that you wouldn't apply to otherwise? Where?

What was your worst job? What made it so bad?


So I worked in an optometrists office for a over a year. They hired a new girl 6 months after I started and suddenly deposits started going "missing". After 6 months of on and off missing deposits, the office manager (who has a grudge against me... why? I don't know.) decides that it is either myself or the new girl stealing deposits, and tells the Dr. that he should fire both of us, unless one of us admitted to it, then the other would keep their job. I didn't admit to it cause I didn't do it. The new girl didn't admit to it... maybe she didn't do it? I know that the deposits were left in the mall, unattended for over 3 nights on the final occasion. I have no idea who took them or "lost" them.
Anyway, the Dr. fired us both, but took me aside (with my husband present) to give me back some CD's he had borrow from me. His exact words were "I have no proof on either of you. If you look, and can't find a job in a month or two, come back and I'll see what I can do.".
I got evicted about 2 weeks later and had to move home into my parents house. I filed for unemployment and have been recieving it since February. Just today I got mail from the employment security commission. Apparently, my previous employer is now appealing my case. Stating the facts just as I told them to you, and now I have a hearing via telephone on the 20th. I read in the letter that they deposits have stopped dissapearing.

Should I worry even though I didn't steal anything?

Any advice?

And if they already approved my case, then why does this change anything?
Castle - dramatic sky

I have discovered Time Travel!

Didn't really discover time travel. But if you'd just had your very own time machine delivered to your door, where would you go first? Let's assume it's a space machine too, otherwise you'd just be stuck in your house until it wasn't there anymore.

I'd go to London in 1993 and see the original production of Arcadia.


I just took my Smirnoff vodka out of the freezer and IT IS ACTUALLY FROZEN. Well, it's slush. I thought alcohol doesn't freeze very easily? What happened here? How cold must my freezer be???

The vodka was for predrinking before I go out tonight...with a guy I met for 15 minutes in a club last weekend while really, really drunk. And some of his friends. So pretty much I'm going out with a group of complete strangers, and I am a shy girl. How often do you drink before going out to "take the edge off?"

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To follow up with the engagement ring question earlier --

Do you know anyone with a non-traditional (traditional as in diamond) engagement ring? If so, can you tell me more about it? What does it look like? How much did it cost? How did they/you/their families like it?

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Inspired by thedastardfunk who was inspired by tessibean (:

What are your views on shopping in charity-run stores (say, Oxfam or Red Cross as opposed to an actual thrift store) ?

Even going into charity shops is very 'unheard of' around here, which is rather sad considering the amazing things people can find. I personally don't like shopping on my own and now that my sister's moved out of the family home I don't have anyone who would find it fun to shop there.

On an odd side-question, when doing a spell-check have you ever had any weird suggestions come up? A suggestion for 'Oxfam' was 'Orgasm'.
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TQC, my good friend wants to go see a movie tonight with our respective partners. I have seen both XMO: Wolverine and Star Trek. She hates anything that has any blood or gore. I don't think I can sit through something like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and I really don't want to waste my money seeing a movie that only 1/4 of us will enjoy. Should I suck it up and let her pick the movie even though her boyfriend asked us to? Should I convince her to go to the nice theater 40m away instead of the craptastic one 5m from my house?

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Am I a total creep because I found and friend requested someone on facebook that I danced with at a wedding when I was 8 or so and then never saw again?

We fell in love, I swear. It was magical.


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I need your opinions.

My best friend and I had plans to hang out tonight. We made these plans for last night, but yesterday he told me he couldn't last night, so we would hang out tonight. We've had these plans since Wednesday. I haven't heard from him all day today. I texted him, but he never wrote back. I wrote him again saying "Are we hanging out tonight? Will you text me back & at least let me know?" Still nothing. Then I find out he has plans with someone else through Facebook.

My question is: Should I text him saying something along the lines of "It would have been nice if you let me know you had other plans." Or should I simply leave it alone? WWTQCD?

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I am downloading the movie Rob Roy atm. Is it worth watching?

If you don't know/don't care, what is the last movie you watched?

ETA nevermind, I watched a bit of Rob Roy and it seems pretty boring so I'm not going to watch it.

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Why won't Travelocity let me book hotels with my flights under their multi-destination menu? 

It's a damn shame, because if you book a round trip flight, and hotel together, you get an additional discount on the hotel.  I want to fly to London, stay 3 nights, take the train to Paris, stay 4 nights, and fly home to the states.  What is the best way for me to book this online for the least amount of money?
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so fucking confused

i'm 18 years old, "dating" and 24 year old. We've been on and off for ten months now.

The first 6 months were wonderful, i was even tricked into believing i was gonna get married to him. But now we just sit around his house every day of the week.

We go no where...he fixes me food in bed but it's like livermush and easy to make food. We use to go out to eat all the time, we use to drink, we use to go around his friends but now we do fucking nothing except have sex and watch TV. He keeps telling me we are gonna go out and do things like we use to but we don't. We have been doing this for 2 months straight.

i'm wondering why i'm thinking he loves me. I'm not a stupid girl, but what the fuck am i doing???
and what the fuck is he wanting with me anyways,


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I returned home last weekend and someone had stamped 666 on my hand inexplicably. This morning I woke up with KILL stamped on my hand and no one else who went out with me had it too, or could explain where I got it from.


Also, for those 'who cares?' people, what are your preconceptions on the whole oldest/youngest/middle child thing?
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What are some movies you think are requirements for someone to have seen by the time they're 21?

I'm showing my 22 year old friend 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' because she's never seen it. WTF.
Hobo With A Shotgun

Oh man, before I forget:

What's the name of the song that plays on this promo Cinemax got of their latest lineup of movies? It's some guy, and he has like this kid chorus, and it goes something like: ♪ Got nuthin' to worry about..! ♪

Call me lame but it's catchy, who's singing that?

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what's the last thing you tried to figure out that should've been really easy but somehow wasn't?

i'm trying to figure out how far away my birthday is in days. my birthday is june 5 and it is may 9. WHY IS THIS HARD?

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When you're saying the name of a consonant that begins with a vowel sound, do you say "an" or "a"?

For example would you say "an MA" or "a MA", "an FM radio station" or "a FM radio station"?

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So I was watching the Million Matchmaker, and the matchmaker woman was trying to teach one of the guy's etiquette. She explained to him that he should find out what his date wants to eat/drink, and then order for her. He told her that some women don't like that, they like to order for themselves. She told him, "Well that's not a woman you want to date" and "Well, if you want to end up with a shrew..."

Because, apparently, this is a sign of someone who will want to be the dominant party in the relationship. Women should step back and let men take care of them, or it causes conflict.

TQC, is this the way of the world?

I40 Drove

For those of you who've experienced it, how long does it take to drive from Amarillo, Tx to Otto, NC (granted that the road's are good and the traffic is equally good at a rate of 70 mph.)?

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I want to write a zombie/monster/virus-type story (just for fun; nothing serious).

Will you give me suggestions on storylines?

I don't mean plan the whole thing out, I just mean maybe suggest an awesome ending or scene or something.

Do you think the best ending is everyone dying, or them finding a cure? Or something else?

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Next month I'll be going to a country where livejournal is blocked. I won't be able to browse communities and journals, but if I respond to comments and post to my LJ from my gmail account, will those responses and entries go through?
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Do you have any advice for someone who may have a hard-to-diagnose condition with very common symptoms (like nausea, diarrhea/bowel issues, fatigue) and can't really find a doctor to listen?

What kind of day did you have?

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For those of you who have moved to a different city/state/country/whatever, what restaurant/store/whatever do you miss most about your old city?

I've got a mean hunger for Jimmy John's, but the nearest one is in Fresno. D:
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Have you traveled abroad as a student? I'm going to Germany next year for a semester and I'm (REALLY EXCITED) trying to gather some tips about studying abroad. Can you give me some? Or just recount some anecdote from the experience?

If you haven't or you don't care to talk about it, are you planning on watching the Fringe finale on Tuesday? Because I can hardly wait for it.