May 7th, 2009

Veggie Sushi

How much would you expect to pay for a vegetable roll?

Considering it's fish-free, would you go to just about any sushi place for a vegetable roll? Or would you still go to a good quality place?
TS - Howdy Howdy

Weird clicking sound, buffering videos on youtube...

I've had my MacBook for about a year now, and recently there has been a weird clicking sound.

I would be watching a youtube video, then the audio would cut out, and the video would pause. It would start to play a few seconds later and do it all over again. I'm thoroughly confused, and wondering why it does that.

When I go to put the volume up or down, it lags as well, when Its going through this moment. I can't play music or anything, either when it happens, because the weird (low) clicking sounds make it stop.

I've tried re-starting my computer, and sometimes that works, but not all the time. I just don't understand, and would like to know if anyone knows what might be wrong?

...assuming, of course, that I don't need to bring it to the Genius Bar at an Apple store. I'm trying to avoid that for now.

Thank you in advance! ♥

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(no subject)

There was some crying this evening and now my head is starting to hurt from being congested.
Should I take some tylenol in hopes that it will stop me from having the mother of all headaches when i wake up?

What are your plans for tomorrow?

I have a meeting about my thesis, then shopping and lunch with my friend.

Modern Day Slavery Questions

First question post, please slap me if I'm out of line.  I like questions, they help us learn about ourselves and the universe.  Here are some difficult ones.  Think carefully before answering.

1.  Do you believe you are free?

    1B.  If you do, what would it take to prove otherwise?

2.  Is it possible that slavery never really went away, but instead only changed form?

3.  Is is possible that much of what you have been taught is misinformation designed to keep you fearful, docile, and obedient?

4.  If you've ever realized you're a slave and concluded that everyone should be free if they aren't harming others, then what, if anything, have you decided to do about it?

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(no subject)

I was invited to a bridal shower in June (it's a surprise party if that makes a difference), but I am not going. Am I still required to buy a gift for it? ( My mother is going, so she could bring it for me) I have only been invited to one other bridal shower in my life and I went to that one, so I don't know what you are supposed to do gift-wise if you are invited but don't attend.
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(no subject)

when hooking up with a guy, do you fondle or bite his nipples?

do you think it's weird or awkward to do this to a guy? or if you are a guy, does this weird you out? do you think nipple-play is strictly a female thing? opinions please?
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(no subject)

have you guys seen the show 'wildboyz' starring chris pontius and steve o? what did you think of it?

personally i hate jackass but thought wildboyz was interesting, informative and funny lol. who knew ay?

(no subject)

TQC, I remember reading a website a few years back. It had content that was quite old (late 90s) but it was pretty interesting. It was forum-based (I think) but it still had normal webpages, like guides. It had a whole variety of guides on how to do things like picking locks, hacking computers, getting a new identity, so on and so forth.

Any idea what this website might be?
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(no subject)

I haven't received a single LJ comment notification since last Friday.

1. Any one else in the same boat with me?

2. Where do you think all of the notifications are going? On a spiritual journal to the great cathedrals of Europe? That spot on the Island on LOST where all those notebooks went to? Carnegie's Deli for a pastrami on rye? Or is it some place else?

3. Favorite mad/eccentric scientist;
a. Doc Brown (Back to the Future)
b. Walter Bishop (Fringe)
c. Daniel Faraday (LOST)
d. Dr. Strangelove (Dr. Strangelove.)
e. Other (If so, who?)
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

What was the last conversation you had with someone that made you nervous/want to puke?
The word "serious" coming from the guy I'm seeing. Oh boy. Which sparked the whole "what do you want?" conversation.

ETA: Since, apparently, some of you don't have those moments, can you describe who is in/what's going on in your default icon?
Simon Amstell from Never Mind the Buzzcocks imitating Donny Tourette from Towers of London ("Cause his helmet turned blue?") and protecting himself from the swine flu.
missy&me - carlos gave me a blender!

(no subject)



I need to find more pictures of this girl

What do I google to find her?
Where can I find more of her?

Any other terrible pictures like this you can share is greatly appreciated.

Nvm, he sent a picture of carrot top to win the bet.

What is the worst internet picture ever?

(no subject)

You guys...I'm sick. My nose is stuffed. I'm afraid of nasal spray. :O

Every time I try to use it it burns my head or my throat. I never fucking do it right. Do you have any tips for me? :'(

(no subject)

My phone is a flaming piece. It's just mine, as my husband has the same model (Vu) bought the same day and his is fine. It likes to restart and then act like it's frozen on the load screen, only to keep flashing the load screen until in some awkward gesture it literally GIVES ME THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH, even though I'm not even running mobile Windows.

Tomorrow I am going into Best Buy (where I got it) and try to get them to give me a new one instead of trying to referb a death dealing hunk of shit. I've heard they'll want to send it off (for up to 30 days) and if I try to send it back to LG, they won't even give me a loaner and will have it up to 14 business days. I bought it on 2.18.09, so it isn't even 3 months old (also, I have the receipt, box, etc and their Black Tie Plan).

HOW CAN I CONVINCE THEM TO JUST GIVE ME A NEW ONE INSTEAD OF TRYING TO PLACATE ME WITH A LOANER AND THE PROBABILITY THAT THIS PHONE WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE MY LIFE HELL? So far my thoughts include a pipe bomb to the face of anyone who tries to negotiate with me, but I don't know how effective that would be.

(no subject)

If any of you get, or have gotten, health insurance through United Healthcare (typically through employers, I'm guessing), how long did it take to receive your ID cards? They started taking deductions from my paycheck last pay period -- so, last Friday -- and I still haven't received my ID cards, despite the website saying that my benefits are in effect the week after deductions start. I plan on calling them once they open at 8, but I was just curious if any of you used them.

If that doesn't apply to you, what did you/will you have for breakfast?
What are you currently saving up for, or what have you recently saved up and bought?
How's the weather where you are?

Collapse )
aw jack.

(no subject)


(AKA Dom De Luise)

1) What is your "classic" movie tagline? ("Classic" is up to you, if you feel like it, you can use whatever the hell was on the poster for Bride Wars, just be honest.)

2) What famous line from a movie prior to 2005 do you think describes you very well?
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(no subject)

Those of you who drink alcohol, if you could have a drink or two while on the job, would you? Assume that your job is something that you can do safely with a drink or two in you. Said drink could be taken at any time—during your lunch, toward the end of your shift, whatever.

Why or why not?

Sorry for a vaguely morbid question, but...

If you had to die in a city other than the one in which you live, where would you choose to pass away? Assume a peaceful rather than violent end of days--I'm not talking about getting machine-gunned in the slums of Rio. No, passing in your sleep at home at age 90 is not an option.

I wouldn't mind passing on in Paris, Bangkok, or Istanbul, personally, ideally in a chaise longue under an umbrella on some rooftop or balcony with a nice view, or in an old wooden house along a canal.

(no subject)

I need meal planners, TQC.

Tonight I'm cooking up some chicken breasts in red pepper & garlic marinade, with "Italian seasoned" oven fries (olive oil + basil and thyme), and a salad with tomato/oregano vinaigrette.

What kind of wine would go with all of that? I don't like dry wines with a lot of tannin in them (my bf and his brother will drink "whatever").

If I buy a loaf of bread for dinner, which should I get: walnut-currant or apple-beer bread?

What is your favorite episode of The Twilight Zone and/or The Outer Limits?

ETA: My doctor asked me to get some ["routine"] bloodwork done today or tomorrow, "whenever [you] have the time." Should I get it over with today after lunch, or put it off until tomorrow afternoon?

(no subject)

Have any of you guys ever enjoyed being at work with your co-workers more than being outside of work?

I used to be super social and have lots of great friends, but due to some slow changes in mah life that has changed. Now, I look forward to going to work for my social interaction. It's stress-free because you can kind of deflect any awkwardness in conversation by actually focusing on your job. I totally love being at work more than being at home when I have to worry about bills and problems and stuff. Is that very weird?

I am getting Spore (the game) in the mail today! Is it so awesome?? DO YOU LOVE IT???

(no subject)

At the moment I am working on a three minute radio documentary that I have to edit (i.e. split and put together pieces of audio that I've recorded, maybe include sound effects and have underlying music). At school we use Pro Tools, but I'm a lot more comfortable with Garageband and I can do it from home without doing the 40-minute commute to university. So my question is, is Garageband sufficient enough to make a good radio documentary? Are there any other good FREE demo versions of any other programmes that I could use? I' almost downloaded the Reason demo but then I read that it quits after 20 minutes and you can't save or export.
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(no subject)

If you were randomly paired with a stranger on a game show, won $50,000 or more, and were told that you could either keep it all yourself or split it with your partner, what would you do?

ETA Inspired by MTV's "The Phone", but it's not a new concept.

(no subject)

have any of you worked or have friends who have worked for Clean Water Action? i've heard that it's a biiiig huge scam and if you don't meet the quota that you're supposed to have donated by the people you pester daily that you have to come up with the difference out of pocket. the person who told me this was a little unreliable, so i don't know how true that information is.

do you have any idea?

ETA: i'm watching court TV and this couple is disputing their relationship. apparently the woman cheated and he knew it because he "smelled sex in the air". have you ever smelled sex in the air? if so, what's it like? do you think this is as hilarious as i think it is?
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(no subject)

Oh internets, how do I become more famous on thee?

How do I become more popular in TQC?


(does it bother you that my last question doesn't have a question mark?)

it sucks...

Are the Dyson vacuums as good as they claim, or is it all a bunch of hype? I don't want to shell out that much money for something that sucks...or doesn't, as the case may be.

Personal experiences? Know a friend of a friend of a cousin of the aunt on your mother's side who has one?

Will I accidently suck up a pet with it?

(no subject)

A couple months I bought my boyfriend a pair of cargo shorts from Old Navy, 'cause they were cheap and he really likes them. When I brought them home, he tried them on quickly to made sure they fit and that they looked good, then took the tags off, and put them in his drawer until spring.

He just put them on, sat down, and the seam split down the thigh. They're the right size, it was just crappy stitching. They've never been washed.

Do you think Old Navy will let me exchange them? The closest store is half an hour away and I'll go out there if you guys think the odds are good (awkward internet girl doesn't like using the phone). I don't have the receipt, or the tags. Or even the bag.

ETA: Problem solved. They'll exchange on the spot if they're defective, or send me a merchandise credit in the mail if not. Either way they will take them back. The question still stands, though:

Don't you hate when you buy something and it falls apart?
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Poor communication skills and shady jobs

Have you ever had a day where you felt like you sucked at communication?
I totally feel like everyone is misunderstanding what I'm saying today and it's driving me nuts.

I started a job the 20th of April, and the place seems mildly shady. Our pay periods are the 1-15 and 15-End of month. It's the 7th. I haven't been paid yet for the 20th-30th (nor has anyone.)
Does that seem like a really long time to run checks for anyone else?
How long does it usually take you to be paid after the pay period?

Speaking of being paid, I haven't filled out a W-4, two and a half weeks in.
What would you say the chances that they're withholding taxes are?
What would you guess are the chances I'm being paid under the table?
(I'd say 1:1000 that they're withholding taxes, and about 100:1 that the check is just a handwritten check that they give me, or worse.)

Why do I think it's Friday?
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(no subject)

I am doing a make up artistry course.
The only tests are OPEN BOOK.
There is not enough make up to go around.
They teach me a lot of shit that I don't need to know. for ex. braiding
Because there is a shortage of equipment it's constantly being stolen.
The play the radio stupidly loud ALL THE TIME.

so...should I stick with it anyway and just deal with the crap (it is only for a year)?
Or should I give up and just learn this shit from books and forget the certificate?
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(no subject)

If you were an aggressive despot with a standing army of 100,000 and a reserve of nearly 300,000, what nation (or territory) would you invade first?
What international city would you raze to the ground as a symbol to the world of your might?
Who would you praise in your victory speech (or suicide note)?
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

Can some of you join tqc_ditl so it can be active again?
Yep! I'm making mine today. And it would be fun!

What was the last thing that you got really excited about, then something changed and it couldn't happen anymore?
I found out there was a class for doula certification in Brooklyn next week. Only it costs $600, so I have to wait until November when I have that sort of money saved up. :*(

What email program do you use?
Yahoo Mail!

(no subject)

Do you think communities that showcase people who are ugly, weird looking, obese, etc. are more mean than they're funny or more funny than they are mean?

Are you in any communities like that?
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(no subject)

John Oliver (The Daily Show) is going to be in Atlanta one day and Nashville just a few days later. I can't go to the Atlanta show (21+admittance, it's two weeks before my 21st birthday, lame), but I CAN go to the Nashville show.

Here's the scoop on the shows:

Atlanta: I can't go, but my friend can, and whilst I have seen John perform live, she has not. And she can pick her own seat on the website. On a weekend, so we can stay the night in ATL. It's about five bucks more expensive than the Nashville show.

Nashville: We can both go, but we can't pick our seats on the website, so we might be sitting in the way far back. On a Monday, so getting home for work the next day would be a pain. It's about five bucks cheaper than the Atlanta show.

What show should we choose?

Never mind, we're going to Nashville. lol.

So uh, what's up?

Dirty Job

(no subject)

I have a job interview Tuesday that requires knowledge and experience of "query and report writing".

What is it and how hard would it be to BS my way through an interview on it over a weekend?

Google has failed, and only tries to sell me things.

(no subject)

have you ever called a customer service line and the people on the other end were rude or pushy toward you? i just called GEICO to get a car insurance quote and when i didn't jump right on buying insurance through them, she reminded me of the rates they were offering and said "ma'am, can you tell me why you're not taking advantage of this offer?" it was strange and turned me off of them instantly.

if you don't care about that, what's your favorite TV-court show?
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(no subject)

in the office where i work, we have a kitchen that everyone uses. the kitchen gets really dirty sometimes. for example, one time there was a pile of dirty dishes in the sink that were left there over a long weekend, and we had to return to work to a sink full of dishes with moldy food caked onto them. there are tons of old stains from spilt things in the fridge. one time, someoen left some food in tupperware that got moldy and just really really stinky.

so now, HR has made up a "cleaning duty" list, where every thursday, someone from the office is assigned to clean the kitchen.

is this normal?

is this fair?

why should i have to clean up someone else's mess? i clean up my own messes. it's not my fault other people are not capable of cleaning up after themselves.

-edit- they posted up a list of the schedule of when everyone's clean up date is. would it be immature of me to post an annonymous note voicing my concerns about this?

(no subject)

a) Is it the boss's fault or the employee's if the employee has no work to do?

b) How do you know if someone is reformed?

c) What, besides sex, is the difference between friend-love and romantic-love?
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(no subject)

Is it safe to assume that someone who includes something about their religion (or lack thereof) in their username is (more likely than not) going to be an asshole about it when the topic of faith comes up?

What kinds of assumptions do you make about usernames? ETA Or icons? I'm interested in your generalizations.
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(no subject)

Is there a program that will do batch resizing of photos? I accidentally set my camera to take 3mb pics and I don't want to go and individually resize all 100 of them.

How important is desire in a relationship?

What did you do today?

(no subject)

Does anyone know where (on what channel) I can watch the 2009 Ice Hockey World Championship on TV, in the US? We have cable and dish.

If not on TV, maybe anywhere online where it's free and somewhat decent quality? Thanks! :)

(no subject)

do you know of any website that will allow me to make my own font for free?
ETA: do you know of any software?
i bought a writing tablet and was on and wrote everything out, and realized after all that, that i had to buy it. :(

what are you obsessed with?
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(no subject)

Did anyone here attend the cinema event of "This American Life: Live!" in April? Can you tell me what it's about? I just noticed there's an Encore tonight at 8 in my area, due to popular demand. It sounds intriguing, but I don't know anything about it, 'scept that it's a radio show? How did this turn into a 'stage show'? What should I expect if I see it?

life questions- tl;dr

I live in Indiana where jobs are scarce. I want a job for the summer. I have the option of either staying here in indiana with a somewhat low chance of a job, or I can go down to San Antonio, Texas for the summer, where ill have  a much better chance. It would be a vacation in and of itself, because ill see old friends, plus a good chance at getting a job so i can save up some money. Also i would most likely be able to stay where i would stay completely free in exchange for watching kids. the only things that makes me unsure are 1, that my boyfriend of a year MIGHT be moving out to California this fall and I would like to have time with him, and 2, if i dont get a job down there it would be quite a waste of money to get myself there and back.

what would you do?
Manga Me
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Polo or no polo...

Would wearing a tucked in polo shirt, black slacks, leather belt and leather dress shoes be "professional" enough for a retail interview?

I ask because when i went to the first interview i wore a sport shirt, which is a long sleeve, button up, no tie kind of shirt. And the rest of the guys that were there had polos. I felt over dressed.

Edit: Made my decision, thanks for the help.

(no subject)

For those of you who have a dreamwidth account or are planning to get one, what will you use it for? Will it become your primary journal or do you have another big plan for it?

For those who don't care: Isn't subtlesphinx gorgeous?
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(no subject)

I saw this ad on tv for 3-D CHALK!
I was really jealous of all the children who got to play with this.
What toys on the market today do you wish were there when you were little?
What toys are kids today missing out on that you used to play with?

Security Clearance Query

I have a friend whose husband is in the military (Army) and has a clearance. She says that if someone who has a clearance is having financial difficulties, one can have one's clearance revoked. Is this true? If so, how would one report such a situation if one knew about it?

(no subject)

So supposedly there's this big Fred conspiracy to mass-unsubscribe from youtube. The spam message most always says "If this is succsesful, then it will make the news, cause controversy, and best of all, destroy fred!"

Do you see any fucking point in doing this?

(no subject)

1a. did anyone else's stations switch to digital back in February instead of waiting until June?
1b. are you actually able to watch tv anymore?

ours did and nothing comes in anymore. it's like network television is a severely scratched DVD. i haven't watched anything besides DVDs and Hulu in months and i hate it. i hate watching TV on the computer. i want 30 Rock on my tv, damnit :( and fuck me if Batman Returns isn't on tv right now, too. blurgh.

(no subject)

My cat had four kittens. I'm going to keep them all. =]

What should I name them?

There are three boys and one girl.

I want all the names to relate- like the Ninja Turtles, but I already have a Venus Fly Trap named after those. :D

(no subject)

I accidentally hit a crazy key combination that removed my internet toolbar.  Like, I can't close the internet, can't go to file/edit/tools, etc.  As it stands, the top of my internet starts with the LJ toolbar where it has your username and the links for your account, help, logout, post, messages, friends page, invide and mobile.

Also, I just noticed that I can't scroll because there isn't a scroll bar.

How do I get my bars back?

I would Google but I can't obviously.

ETA that I'm on Windows Vista.

Crisis is over.

Are there any key combinations or F buttons that you use instead of using the mouse?

(no subject)

TQC my tonsils are so huge they are almost touching, if they get any bigger should I go to the hospital?
I went to the doctors today and they gave me antibiotics but they keep getting bigger.

If you dont care, what is your favorite color?

(no subject)

Which is worse; someone who votes for a political party with awful policies ( for instance, British National Party), or someone who can't be bothered to vote at all?

Also, I've eaten like a pig today and I'm still hungry, what's wrong with me?
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driving me crazy

Why is everyone so whiney/freaked out about stuff? Can't travel on their own, meeing people, scared about the dentist, etc. etc. How do people not know how to be an adult? blah.

ETA: what is mean is this: you want to go somewhere? DO IT. You need dental work/a visit to the doctor? GO. Sure, it might suck, you might get a little freaked out, but if you're an adult, you DO IT.
(different story if you've got an actual disorder or whatnot.)
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(no subject)

What should a headline on a resume be?
I already googled. I can't figure out what to say.
It's for a job at ChuckECheese :|

ETA* I haven't worked since '05, so there's a huge gap in employment history on my resume. Should I put that I was in school & now doing the full-time parent thing on my resume somewhere? (Where?) Or should I just wait & see, if I do get the interview, if it's asked?

decide my life

Should I:
a) Go to medical school in Oregon so I can be with my boyfriend?


b) Go to my first choice which is 20 minutes away from my house?

I've lived in the same city my entire life, never even considered moving until now. HAAAALP.

(no subject)

Do you hang around a post after you've answered the question to see if anyone responds to your response, or do you just move on to something else?

Do you hang around your own post after you post it to wait for responses, or do you just move on to something else?

ETA: You people act like I'm asking because I'm too stupid to know there are email notifications. Eugh.

So suck it.

(no subject)

I was trying to park at target today. Three separate times these kids on bikes rode right in front of my car and as I was pulling into the spot, they rode through it and took their time. One of them gave me the finger as he was leaving.

...would you want to kill these kids too?
Were you an asshole when you were a kid?
What kind of asshole things did you do?

(no subject)

so I'm moving to Germany on the 21st of May. I'm going to live on the countryside near the swiss border, with this great hippie women and her three young kids in a huge villa built in 1802, which I'll have my own apartment in. I'm staying for a year.

but heres the thing; I don't speak any german. none. at all.

should I study like crazy and see how much I can learn before I go? or not worry about it?

once there, should I; take a german class? or get a private tutor? or not worry about it? ya been?

(no subject)

My neighbor's speaking voice is the same volume as the average person's yell. All day long, I can hear him talking! He doesn't even live above me OR beside me... more like kitty-corner (diagnolly up). I'm scared to say anyhing because they don't speak english. What should I do? How do you deal with loud talking neighbors???
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(no subject)

I was born and raised in Bolivia. I moved to the US when I was 20, so pretty much everything about me culturally has been Bolivian.

In my country is not rude to ask someone's age when you meet them in person,  why do Americans consider it's rude to do so?
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(no subject)

TQC, my roomie is getting ready to go clubbing. She's all tarted up and she just invited her friends into the room and I'm sitting at my desk wearing my shabbiest and most revealing pajamas because it's hot out and I'm exhausted and finals are next week and I'm pretty much planning on sleeping through the weekend. Except... her friends are over. And I'm feeling outrageously hostile. If they don't leave soon I'm going to end up stabbing someone.

So, TQC, should I climb up into bed and hope they get the hint, or politely ask them to leave, or just start stabbing people? Other suggestions also welcome. Srs/non-srs!
im french

(no subject)

Depeche Mode is coming to my city in mid-August and really wanna go because zomg they're like my fav band 4eva.

But I don't have anyone to go with :(

None of my friends really listen to them, and aren't willing to shell out $85 (or something like that) to see them on a weekday night. I'm not seeing anyone seriously enough to forsee a future in August.

Should I go alone? Is that lame?

Any Depeche Mode fans in NYC? I'LL BUY YOU DINNER!
Archangel Raffaele

What defines "cultured"?

What does one have to know or do in order for you to consider that person cultured? I have given it some thought, and I'm not sure what the answers should be. Each list I come up with tends to define "pretentious" instead.

However, one certain element is the ability to speak one's own language correctly. In America, this would mean speaking English with little or no accent, displaying mastery of such intricacies as subject-predicate agreement, having a broad vocabulary, and using minimal slang.

This is only one element of being "cultured" ... what are some others? What books does a cultured person read, what music do they listen to, etc?
Ruth Etting

(no subject)

I rent out rooms in my house mostly to college students. It's the time of year when people are leaving, so I have ads advertising the rooms in several places, including craigslist which I have had good luck with in the past.

This time, though, the only responses I have had have been from robots. They all claim to be well-educated American or English women currently living overseas and planning to move here. The funny thing is, they don't ask for anything. One of them asked for our mailing address so they could send us a money order, but that doesn't seem very sinister. They could get that from Google if they really tried. The rest of them didn't even ask.

What the hell, TQC? What do these bots want from me? I just can't imagine what kind of scam this could possibly lead to.
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help me decide my life, TQC

I just polished off a bottle tonight and have a bunch more.

This poll is closed.

Which shower gel scent should I use next?

Enchanted orchid
Melon mania
Sweet pea
Velvet tuberose
Warm vanilla sugar
Wild honeysuckle
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(no subject)

If someone said you were like a god to them, what are they saying about you?

They worship you and think you're perfect
They don't believe you exist
You're vengeful and tend to demand human sacrifices
You look like James Caviezel
You're all-merciful and all-forgiving, especially after they tell you they totalled your car


My hair is annoying. It's neither curly nor straight. On a good-ish day, it will either do nice, even waves or these half barrel curl things. On a bad day it's uneven and very frizzy and puffs out. I wish it would just choose one way to be, but it has a mind of its own, and it won't let me straighten it without freaking out, either.

Based on this, do you think getting a perm to try to get some shape in my hair would be a good thing or a very bad thing? It's either that or attempting thermal reconditioning again (which worked once but didn't work the next two times I tried it), because I need my hair to be either straight or curly, dammit!

(no subject)

How did you discover Live journal?
on your own, friend, google...

Is there anyone you have talked to on here that you would want to meet IRL?

My brother told me about LJ right before he died

There is 1 person I would meet if given the chance and she was a friend of my brother. They also met on LJ.

tqc, make my choices for me

TQC, I have a 2000 word paper due tomorrow at 5:30pm for my political science class. I have collected all of my data/research, and have written my introduction. At this point I feel like it will be a fairly easy paper to write.

I am bone tired- finals are next week. I have been working really hard all week, getting up early and going to bed late. I studied intently all day today until the evening, then I went and played soccer for 2 hours. I am beat.

I could finish my paper tonight, but it would require an extraordinary amount of effort and it may not be as good as it could be if I just did it tomorrow with a fresh mind. I could do it tomorrow but if I come across any bumps or blocks, I will be extra pressed for time (but I don't think this will happen). However, I don't have anything to do tomorrow so I could devote the whole day to writing it. I've written papers the night before they were due before, and I usually do well, but never have I written a paper ON the day it was due, so the thought of doing that makes me feel weird.

If you were me, what would you do?

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Have you ever gotten injured while doing something so mundane you wouldn't have thought it would lead to you getting hurt? walking, sneezing, coughing, whatever.

I keep getting minor whiplash from turning my head to sneeze so I don't get phlegm on my monitor and keyboard.

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How do you feel about an older (like 30+) stranger calling you, "sweetie" or something like it?

I mean it in the sense that you do something polite, and they say, "thank you, sweetie." Or you make a mistake, and they say, "That's okay, sweetie". Not in a patronizing or perverted way at all.
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do you puke in the shower?

when i'm really sick i poo in the toilet and puke in the tub

p.s. lmfao i just posted this to twatlight by accident. they must be like WHAT
Beauty and the Beast
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If you found out that your SO was on webcam with a girl/guy, would you be mad? Is it cheating, even if it was innocent? What if it isn't innocent?


ETA: This girl/guy is a good friend of your SO.

ETA2: By not innocent, I mean.. showing each other private body parts..


Rocking the Boat

Why are people so afraid to rock the boat or disturb the status quo, even when they are fully aware that things need to be changed or a policy is silly? How is it that as soon as you decide to create some waves, most people abandon you?

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So a few years ago, a girl was getting out of a train and fell between the train and the platform. She didn't listen to her friends or the conductor when they told her not to move and she was hit by another train as she tried to climb up the platform.
She was 16 and so drunk she was nearly three times over the legal limit.

Is the railroad at fault for having a large gap?
Is it totally fucked up that the newspaper didn't mention this girl was drunk until a few months into the investigation?
If you saw this happen, would you contact the newspaper or police about it or mind your own business?