May 6th, 2009

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Dear hair stylist TQC:

I am a natural blonde. For the past year, though, I've been dying my hair a reddish-brown color. I have recently started to wonder if I would look better letting my roots grow back out and becoming blonde again, or if I look better/older/more mature/professional with its current color?

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i got a massive burrito(well, normal sized but i usually get the half sized one) when i went out for drinks with my friend after work tonight around 9:30. i just finished it but while i was my dog was staring at me the whole time pleading and i didn't give her any because she's already overweight and i know he definitely doesn't need dairy because she pukes it up but i still feel SO GUILTY.

how can i stop feeling sad and guilty for not giving my doggie leftovers and bits of my food even though i know she doesn't need them? i'm afraid she thinks i don't love her :(
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What currently airing TV shows do you watch every week (not necessarily when they actually air, but that you at least record/watch online and keep up with?)

Which one is your favorite?

What is your favorite lj community?

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how much do you treasure your life? define and elaborate if you can.

my friend's dad died yesterday. it was so sudden and surreal to see his body just lying there. i felt like crying but i held it back and i didn't know how to comfort her.
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TQC, I have to write a five page paper that is due in the morning. I have yet to start it. I'm not even sure what the topic is supposed to be. However, my teacher will have more than 35 other papers to read over the course of one day, and is a rather lazy woman.

What are my chances that she's going to just glance over it for major flaws and not content?

What's your favorite energy drink?
Rockstar Juiced, Guava.

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Okay I'm sorry for the seriously dumb question, but I am a pharmacy noob.

If you drop off prescriptions at a pharmacy and 1) miss the call from the pharmacy to tell you it's ready and 2) don't go get the prescription when you said you would, does anything happen, or can I just go get it tomorrow and it'll still be there? It's a CVS pharmacy if that matters.

ETA: Answered, thanks guys! I figured it probably would be, but I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I was sure, lol.

Also, how are you doing?


is it more economical to just buy a box of cookies or a cake than making them from scratch?

what's your favorite thing to bake?

what food are you craving right now? for me it's gotta be cookies - chocolate chip - i'm a cookie monster! lol

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i'm signed in to my meebo account and i can't seem to find where i can look up my IM history/chat logs. do you know where they are? srs and non-srs welcome.

never mind, figured it out. i just now was able to access IM history because now i have a meebo account. i wanted to see if a friend of mine threw a little "love you!" in there before she signed offline. now i'll never know... WAH WAH WAHHHHHH.

for those of you from a state who gives you money .05 or .10 when you return pop bottles or cans, how freaked out do you get when you visit people out of your state and they throw them in the garbage? i'm always like, "oh hey, i'm at a barbecue blha blah OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU DO THAT THAT WAS TEN CENTS ARE YOU CRAZY?!" they just don't understand, man.

Punctuation q

"Jason has a family of four grown sons all established in varied careers and one beautiful granddaughter."

Do you think this sentence is missing some punctuation or is it okay on its own? It was written by Jason himself and I don't want to change unless it I absolutely have to.

roy ten

rain rain, go awayyyy!

What is everyone's favorite thing to do while it's raining outside?
I like to leave the windows open and turn off the TV.  Maybe read a book or take a nap.  I'm tired of all this stupid rain anyway.
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1. What, in your opinion, is the best video game console ever? What is/are your favorite game/s on that console?

2. Do you have a Nintendo DS Lite or DSi? If y, what are your favorite games for it?

1. N64, hands down. Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart and Goldeneye were the best. Duh.
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Do you doodle when you're waiting, or on the phone?

What do you doodle most often?

If so, what do your doodles mean/represent?

-All the time. My work notes are covered in doodles.

-Flowers and grass, most often.

-"Doodles of flowers indicate a gentle personality, a love of nature, sometimes childlike innocence or wistfulness. They represent the feminine, passive aspect of the universe. Some flowers, with a starlike structure, represent the sun/son. Roses with sharp thorns can indicate betrayal of love."

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1)Tell me something you are a miserable failure at.

2)what can I do about my anxiety attacks? alcohol would not help and would give me secondary problems.

3)what is your opinion on dogs in clothes?
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TQC, for my birthday (MAY 23) I am going to Disney World for two days. I'm spending half of one day at the Animal Kingdom, the other half of that day at Epcot, and the next day in the ~*Magic Kingdom*~ or whatever the main park is. I'm staying at the Animal Kingdom lodge thing.

If you've been, what are some things I absolutely have to do/see/eat/ride while I'm there?

Alternatively, or additionally, what's the best hotel you've ever stayed in? Do you take and collect the little shampoo and conditioner bottles and stuff?
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Have you ever had sex with a virgin while you were sexually experienced?

What's your favorite kind of pop tart?

How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

How long does it take for you to shower, on average?

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I'm ordering some cheques online through my bank, and the form is asking me for a preferred honorific. Should I be Ms. Smith or Miss Smith? Ms. sounds more professional, but Miss is so charming. I can also select "other," which would more than likely leave it blank.

Unmarried women, or married women who are anti-Mrs., which do you use if prompted? Ms., Miss, or do you just go by your first and last names?
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Poll #1395889 Reality Show buffet

Who do you want to win on the Amazing Race?

Tammy and Victor
Cara and Jaime
Margie and Luke

Who do you want to win on the Biggest Loser?


Who do you want to win on Celebrity Apprentice?

Joan Rivers
Annie Dukes

Who do you want to win on America's Next Top Model?


Who do you want to win on Make Me a Supermodel?

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What's the last insulting thing someone said to you?

I was at my local yarn shop and the woman working there told me that it looks like I'm due any day now. I still have 8 weeks left until my baby's due. :(

She was obviously pointing out how fat I am, y/y? *krikutkri*
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dum de dum dum

September 28th is "Ask a Stupid Question Day". One of those odd holidays you can find listings for on Wikipedia if you've a mind to look.

With the exception of this one, what is the stupidest question that's ever been asked of you?
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Is there a polite way to get AE employees to leave me alone when I'm picking out underwear?

The last few times one of them has decided to stay with me the entire time, making recommendations and saying stupid shit the whole time. Last time the lady kept saying "get something sexy for your man!" I wanted to punch her in the face.

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can anyone tell me where to find this website?

i just remember it was a guy's personal site, and he was fairly young. he had OCD and/or other mental disorders and made computer games and stuff. his website was really long and i feel like it had a lot of lists. it was simple, just a black(?) background and text mostly. i just remember it was really weird/interesting and he lived at home and like never left the floor or something? he was on the computer all day and i think he was afraid to leave. i also remember it had something about chairs? WUT WAS IT?

Blame? Responsibility? Dumb senseless loss of a young man?

This question is about my cousin who died a few days ago. The Fathers side of the family seems enraged thinking that the Mother is at fault. I don't feel that anyone is to blame and that the Mother now has her own personal hell to deal with, losing a child. My Uncle is the 17 year olds Father (I have a hard time writing victim or deceased and want to keep his name out of it).

A 17 year old without a license is given a SUV by his Mother who has not been around much of his life, rehab and being a professional barfly. The Mother tells the 17 year old to go have a drive in his new car. The 17 year old rolls the SUV and dies at the scene. Aside: The Father arrives at the scene as his son is being extracted and the police do not allow him to go to his son, who dies shortly thereafter.


A)Is anyone at fault?
B)Have you known any teenagers who have died in a car accident?
C)Did you know that car accidents are leading cause of death for teenagers?

Question for Gamers

I'm sure some of you on here are avid gamers and might find this interesting. There's this really cool site. It's got tons of free and abandonware games as well as retail stuff. There are all sorts of genres to suit different tastes. There's even a magazine devoted to games which has been running since 1996. The catch is that almost all of the games are strictly audio. Only a few have graphics and some are pure text adventures in the interactive fiction style.

So how many of you would be willing to try out an audio game? If you'renot, then why? Since so many games today rely heavily on visuals, I'm curious about the reactions of a sighted person while playing one of these. Btw, the site is here.
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How often do you fight with your SO?

If you don't have one, how often do you work out in a week?

If you don't work should! (Just kidding)
I just started up again and am aiming for 3-4 times a week.

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How safe is it to join the US Air Force, currently?  What are the chances of being in combat?  My friend is joining the Air Force and I'm pretty clueless as to what goes on.  What exactly does the Air Force do?

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Alright, so I hate going to the gym, but I do it anyway. I haven't gone in the past week, and last week I only went once. ALSO, I only go to the gym when I can watch Stephen Colbert. He is going to be on at 2:30 and it's 1:49 now, but I just ate [apparently that matters?]!! Should I go?!

Be back in a few hours, going to the gym. BYE!
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What do you do to take your mind off of something?

Read a book? Take up a new hobby? Go out for a drive?

I'm looking for some ideas and I feel like I am going to go bury my head in a book for the rest of the day.

It's specifically something that is making me extremely worried and I feel like I am getting sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I just need something to take my mind away from it.

should I....

...babysit from 6-10 and make $40 or stay home get takeout sushi and watch a sappy movie with my dog?

 I spent all day yesterday at the beach and then went out last night...only to babysit today from 7:30am-4pm. If I went to babysit again, I'd only have an hour and a half break. The extra money would be nice, but I'm exhausted.

EDIT: I guess I should have explained it better, it's not like typical babysitting. The mom is home, I usually cook the kids dinner, help with homework, give them baths, make lunches for tomorrow and put them to bed around 8:45. If it were channel surfing and ice cream eating, I would have no hesitation.
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1. I called out of work today because I was so tired and couldn't go. I don't really know why I did, because I love where I work. I also have to be there very, very early (7 am) and I'm there for 8.5 hours a day, 5 days a week. I've never worked this long and hard! it's making me stressed and anxious, and I feel that I'm not performing to the best of my abilities. Why can't I handle normal shit? How do I learn to deal with shit?

2. I sort of have a random collection of bottles of my favorite beers. They are mostly Belgian. I have them lined up on my dresser, but I'd like to display them in a way that is cool and doesn't make me look like I just have a shitton of beer bottles around. Is there anything cool to do with them? (Bottles like these.

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 So I received an envelope but the contents are missing and there is a rip in the bottom.  I emailed USPS to see if they had found anything (longshot, I know) but they need to know the "label number" but I don't know what this is.

TQC, what's a label number?

And for those of you who don't want me to find my sweet Harry Potter necklace, peanut butter & crackers or cheese & crackers?
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Yesterday was the last day of one of my classes. This girl walked around and handed out "Let's Be Friends!" cards. It had her interests, email address, phone number and myspace info on it.

Is this cute or weird?
Would you ever do this?

Everyone thought it was really sweet of her, but I think people would get totally creeped out if I ever attempted it.

puke in my mouf.

Probably asked before, but:

Suppose you're trying some new food and it doesn't taste all that bad, but then you find out what's in it and it's something that'd normally freak you out (ex. eyeballs, blood, testicles... that is, unless that doesn't scare you). Would you continue to eat it, or would just knowing what's in it gross you out too much, despite that you didn't dislike the taste before you found out?

Bonus (imaginary) points if you've had that experience before and are willing to share!

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Say there are two identical images hanging on a wall side by side. The images are of overlapping circles.

Upon closer inspection, you realize that Image A is an ink drawing drawn by hand while Image B is done by printmaking (which is a more time consuming process).

If you had to buy one, which would you buy? Image A, or Image B knowing that its creation entailed more arduous process?

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You've just been given the awesome-scary responsibility of Assistant Dictionary Editor for the Universe. In face, you have your very own page of the Dictionary to oversee. When you add a new word, something else has to come out of the dictionary to make room for it, and it has to come out of the SAME PAGE, so it doesn't mess up any of the other pages.

Because this is the Dictionary for the Universe, when a word leaves the dictionary, the thing the word describes leaves the universe, and no longer exists. That's what makes this a very awesome yet scary power.

You've successfully lobbied to add the word CRAPTASTIC to the dictionary, and now you have to pick a word to remove to make room for it. Your future career as editor depends on making the right choice, and of course the world will be a very different place with one of the traditional old words missing from it.

The politics going on in the Dictionary of the Universe editing offices are way over your head. Every word has its own special interest group, and no matter what word you suggest getting rid of, you find that high-powered former Administration officials have got there before you and cemented their word to the ground.

There really are only two words left that you think you might be able to displace. They are CRAYON and CRAYFISH.

Which word will you remove from the universe, and why?


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when was the last time you attended a fancy-dress party?

what was it for?

did you have fun?

tomorrow i'm going to my schools aiche end of year banquet and i get to be all dressed up. hopefully it will be fun!
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What is the nastiest thing to find in your food at a restaurant?

1. A pubic hair
2. A fingernail
3. A bug
4. A scab
5. Mold

What is the nastiest thing you have ever found in your food?
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1. When you think of designer jeans, what's the FIRST name that comes to mind?

2. Eating a pizza means I have to leave the house. Staying in my jammies means I have to cook. Which of these two evils is the lesser?

3. Why did I find it necessary to capitalize FIRST in q.1?

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what's the best thing that's happened to you in the last 24 hrs?

can you do a cartwheel?

if you burped right now what would it taste like?

how close is too close?

ED: my answers

1. got a house for next fall with my friends.
2. no. i'm bitter.
3. mint gum, i ate it by accident.
4. 5 cm.

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dear tqc, i just bought an old blackberry 7200 off ebay and it just came with the charging cables. i have a usb chord that fits it so i plugged it into my laptop but i need an actual blackberry software to be able to transfer pictures onto it. is there anywhere i can download this software online? or is there a way to transfer things without getting the software?

thank you!
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Has anyone visited (or lived in) the Outer Banks in North Carolina?

Any suggestions of cool shit to do there? I'm planning on going there next week and want a loose itinerary.
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I'll be moving into my dorm as a college freshman this June, so I'm looking to start the shopping process. What are some cool things I should get for the room? Suggestions of anything from "the basics," to posters, to nifty odds and ends, would be much appreciated.

If it matters, I'm female and will have one female roommate. Room space is a bit tight.
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who do you think the worst casts on SNL were/are?

i'd say like... 2000 to pretty much now. i wasn't a fan of the Will Ferral gang that much but after the late 90s it just totally went to shit. it seems like only in the last couple years it's started to to get funny again. but boy, is it slow goings. they need to fire everyone except Bill Hader, Kristin Wiig, Kenan Thompson and Seth Meyers and go find funny people. i wanna punch that fat, curly haired douche in the face all the time.
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Does anyone know about the John Lennon art show in Georgetown this weekend? I can't remember the name of the exhibition, & my google-fu is on failmode.



Moe's or Chipotle?

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Does anyone know the name of this website where people (of various countries) post pictures of them in their clothes and have to sign up and be accepted before they can do so. Specifically, on this website you can navigate through the posts using keys like 'j' and 'n' (I think).

It's one of those tip of the tongue things that's really getting to me (:

Question answered (: Thanks

cedar point

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I coach high school speech & debate, more the speech part than the debate part. I'm looking for new pieces to cut for next year's seasons so I'll post the description of some of the events that I'm looking to find material for and you give me some suggestions, ok?

Oratorical speaking- you take somebody else's speech (such as a commencement address, motivational speech, presidential address, etc.) and perform it from memory as if it were your own. The speech needs to be about 8-10 minutes long, but I think it can be cut down a little if need be.

Dramatic/Humorous interp- Acting event. Scripts from plays or movies are cut down to a 10 minute performance. This is a single-speaker event but can have either be a monologue or the speaker can take on several characters. Other things that can be used are books, for example, we've cut 'The Lovely Bones' into a dramatic piece.

Duo Interp- same as humor/drama only with two people.

Some things that I already have are Bill Clinton's commencement address to Ohio State from 2007, The Jungle Book for duo (but I'm saving it for a senior duo team) I was thinking of cutting Chicago for a girl-duo group but they have to have the personality for it, I'm thinking of Marley & Me for duo, Lovely Bones for drama (we used it in a different district before) 'I Hate Other People's Kids' for humor, I was thinking of the Memory Keeper's Daughter for drama... then I start hitting a wall.

Any suggestions for books or scripts that could be cut down into a 10 minute performance? It's high school kids, so they can have a little bit of swearing (no fuck or shit or goddamns) but it needs to be tasteful.

If you were in speech in high school, what event did you do, if it applies- what cut did you do and how well did it do in your district?
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Question one: My entire friends list was taken up with posts to whatwasthatbook. Since when is everybody and their mother looking for books?

Question two: I'm getting my first ever manicure/pedicure tomorrow, thanks for a gift certificate from my boss. My nails (hands and feet) are decently long and have clear nail polish on them. What do I need to do to them to prepare?
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When going to a job interview where you are required to look classy and polished,

Do you wear tights/stockings with a skirt?

Flats or heels?

Diamonds or pearls (minimal jewellery)?

thx :))

editted to clarify: I will be wearing a knee length black skirt (pencil skirt), cream short sleeved shirt, with a matching black jacket to the skirt. I was told by the interviewer over the phone that this business caters for upmarket clients. I have done regular job interviews before, I have some black shoes that are heels, some that are flats, but i'm 5 ft 2 in and I'm thinking I'll need some height. I don't normally wear skirts but I think this interview calls for skirt wearing - that's why I wasn't sure if I should wear stockings or not!!

saving money versus the environment

I try to limit the number of flights I take in a year but when its £25 to fly from belfast to london compared to well over a hundred for the boat and train its hard to be kinder to the environment.

Do you care about the environment?

Do you go for the expensive option if you think it is better for the planet?

What about a one hour flight versus a 12 hour boat/train combo?

Is the planet doomed anyway?

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I'm tutoring a kid for a state exam that he's already failed twice.
He really has no idea in the world what he's doing. Out of 30 questions, he got 10 wrong. He didn't remember ONE vocabulary word that we went over for an hour last week.

I told his mom that he NEEDS to double up his tutoring but she says when it gets closer to the test (June).
Would you tell the mom that the son is most likely going to fail unless they seriously up the tutoring? How can I word this so she understands?

Who was the last difficult person you had to deal with?
What was the situation?
narry twirl

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What are you stressed out about? If you are not currently stressed out about anything what was the last thing you were stressed about?

I just checked my grades from the spring and they knocked my GPA just below a 3.0, so I've lost part of my scholarship for next year.

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1:  If you go out to eat alone, do you chat it up with the wait staff when they come to your table or do you let them do their thing and say nothing more than "Yes/No" and "Thank you"? 

2:  If you are or have been a waiter/waitress or busperson, how did you feel when people chatted it up while you were working?

I see mixed reactions when I see it happen.

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i'm a female and was born with a relatively boyish shape. this has continued all my life, up until a few years ago. based on the fact that i'm a female who has a boyish figure,you could say that i was destined to be a lesbian, right?

edited to catch everyone up.
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Wake/Funeral Question

I've been at my current job for 2 months. Just recently, my bosses mother died, and the wake is tomorrow.

Basically, do I go, or not? I've worked WITH my boss about 15 times, and she has been super great to me, but IDK what I should do.

So TQC, what would you do?
TAPS - Jason and Grant

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I'm considering a nipple piercing, but I'm a big fat fatty. This means my nipples aren't exactly in the "normal" (for lack of a better term) place.
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My actual question is this: Do you think my nipple placement would cause extra healing troubles? Obviously I intend to ask my piercer, but he's a guy lacking enormous moobs, and I'd like some first hand experiences, too.

If you dgaf, are you watching Ghost Hunters reruns, too?

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Can my damn wishes / prayers come true that the power goes out here at work in the next 45 minutes? (Thunderstorms coming)

How do your wishes and dreams come fucking true?   Do you pray? Or do you think its all luck.     Luck here.
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Question about Female Toilet Habits

This question is only for women. Also, I know that most of you will want to answer, "It depends on the restroom," but I want to know what you end up doing most of the time.

Poll #1396055 Female Bathroom Habits

When you use a public toilet, do you:

Sit directly on the toilet seat
Put toilet paper/seat protector down, then sit on that
Hover above the toilet seat, but don't sit directly on it

If you do the hover-thingy, do you clean up after yourself if/when you accidently pee on the seat or floor?

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You are presented with a magic mirror that lets you see what your life would be like right now if you had made all the choices and done all the things you know you should have done (applied yourself in school, ditched that loser, taken chances that could have paid off, etc.).

Do you look?

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Lucius Mic

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What are some songs you would consider motivational? Things that might be played over a montage of someone getting in shape. "I'm going to go out there and kick ass" stuff. Et cetera.
Kill Bill - Elle
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Laaaaaaaaaaaadies, I need a new straightening iron. In an attempt to be a cheap ass, I would like to use this 60/70 dollar gift card someone gave me to Walmart D:
Which straightening iron do you recommend or should I just dish out the 100 on a GHD or Chi?

What do you do to your hair when you get ready?
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What brand is your vacuum cleaner?

What small appliances are on your kitchen counter right now?

What broad type (cola, clear, fruit flavored, etc) of soda do you like best?

Fanfic/other authors: if you sit down to write a drabble, does that mean you write 100 (or 150 or 200) words, or just that you write a reasonably short piece?
anontang DA

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TQC, it's 10:15 PM, and I'm packing/cleaning my dorm room so I can move outta this thing tomorrow. Being that it's finals week, it's 24 hour quiet hours, but people have been loud and no gotten in trouble. Should I vacuum now, while everyone is either gone, sleeping [this is the least likely option], or studying, or should I vacuum around 9 AM tomorrow while everyone is either sleeping or gone?

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why do SO MANY PEOPLE get ecstatic and wet themselves when twilight is mentioned? it's about time i understood. the movie was sub-par and boring, is there something i was missing? there are SO MANY nutty fangals out there.

ED: in addition, when was the last time you peed your pants?
logan lynn

I'm fat and I can't dress myself.

I finally found a dress I like that does not make my boobs look extremely unusual!

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The angle is making the cardigan look much longer than it is. The dress hits at my knees and the cardigan a teeny tiny bit below my waist.

If the dress isn't hideous but the cardigan does not match/go, what color/style of cardigan should I wear with it?

Should I just return it? I'm 21, do you think it's too old womanly for me?

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TQC!! Make my decisions for me, please?

I have at least one hundred expendable dollars, a working car, a place to stay, and two days off from work, should I drive (two hundred something miles ) to Albuquerque tomorrow?


If you don't care, what's your favorite Nat King Cole song? Mine's Mona Lisa.

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you guize, my sister is planning on becoming a TQCer. her name is Liz and she is very new to LJ and I'm having her learn the virtues of TQC the hard way. I'm getting her to post a total failpost. what else should i tell her to put in her first post?  I already told her to share some poetry, and ask an iPod question.
Or am I being too mean? I'm still kind of high off of the free live talk thing.

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Have you ever found a sand dollar?

I've been going to the beach for twenty-one years. I have never found a sand dollar before up until last month. I've found at least ten since.


For you bloggers out there, what is your platform of choice (other than LJ, of course) -- Wordpress, Blogger, or something else? What do you like about the site you use?

For everyone, when was the last time you felt relieved?

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is the length of your palm (from the heel of your hand to the tip of your middle finger) the same length as your face from chin to forehead?

men: is the length of your palm (same measurement as above) the same as the length of your dick (when it's hardest)?

which is biggest and which is smallest?

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I have an important meeting tomorrow and I am not certain if I should wear black slacks or a black skirt. My slacks are not the greatest because the hem is ugly, and though my ass looks fucking terrific in it my legs look like hams in the skirt. However, I will be sitting at a table most of the time so no one will really see the hems, the hammy legs or the terrific ass (and terrific ass isn't very professional is it?). Which do you choose?

{wow} sin'dorei pride

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Is Barnes and Noble an okay place to work? Anyone know any information about their application process or what kind of pay they offer? Would you even suggest working there?

Secondly, you have the chance to get the new blackberry or the new iphone. Which do you get?
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I'm moving to my fiance's parents' house for the summer and maybe a little longer until he finds a teaching job and we have the money to move into an apartment. There's going to be 5 adults living in a 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom house. Right now, we're trying to clean the room that we'll be living in (a very small bedroom) by getting rid of the clothes that he doesn't wear and stuff that's just been sitting in his closet collecting dust. We both have a lot of clothes and a lot of 'stuff'. His closet is big, but that's the most of our storage space. We're putting my small appliances in his grandma's basement for the time being, but I also have two big tv's and a computer that I would prefer not to leave in a basement, but I need to buy a router if we want to use my computer (it's a desktop with a 22" monitor)

1. What are some affordable, yet good routers?
2. Do you have any tips/tricks for storing stuff in small quarters? They have a basement but there isn't a lot of space for us to actually store stuff in it since it's a finished basement.
3. Any good tips for organization in a small room with two very messy people?
4. What are some tips for saving money that worked when you were saving to move out?
5. Any hints on not killing each other during the hot, air-conditioning-less summer? We get crabby when it's hot...

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I am in a relationship, which I thought was well known, but a guy in my class just asked me out. Obviously I have to say no, but how do I do it so it's not awkward Friday when I have to see him in class? This would have been much easier if he would have asked after finals!

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someone is on my sn right now pretending to be me..WTF.
has this ever happened to you?
this happened to my friend once and someone pretended to be her on her sn. how are ppl doing this?! it's freaky.